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Phil Jackson, Andrew Bynum, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest and Shannon Brown discuss Lakers' 112-57 win over Cleveland

Coach Phil Jackson

Center Andrew Bynum

Forward Lamar Odom

Forward Ron Artest

Guard Shannon Brown

-- Mark Medina

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I cannot stay silent when some people here still questioning PJ as best coach in NBA history by labeling all his accomplishments a just the luck to having superstars playing on his teams. And when I say “some people” I didn’t mean pfunk36, God forbid I’m not arguing with head cases. But let me put couple points, as old as this discussion..

1. Neither MJ/Pippen or Shaq/Kobe duo won anything without Phil or playing for some other coach. Yes Shaq won one ring in Miami, we all know only by riding DWade coattails and very questionable refereeing in 2006 Finals.

2. On the flip side no coach ever won any ring without at least one superstar on the team. Greg Popovich had Duncan, and 2 perenial ALL-Stars in Manu and Parker. Exeption probably can be a Detroit team of 2004 but with Malone out and open war between Shaq and Kobe, one can say Lary Brown had a best starting 5 in NBA at that time.

3. Phil as head coach it’s like a CEO of the company. He is not suppose to get involved in every small detail. Like a good manager he’s delegating responsibilities to his staff. His only task – to maximize the returns and deliver results to the ownership (Dr Buss) and us, fans. And boy, he delivered, don’t we all agree?

We can be disagree with his methods or believes, but all the reasonable people would agree with me – Phil delivered results, which is another ring at end of the season, and this is an ultimate measure of success. Does he made the mistakes? Obviously, yes, after all he is human. But we also should agree, Phil one of the greatest motivators in professional sports. For example, when Lakers got Bynum, he was a raw kid, with potential, and only interested in scoring points, and look now. Drew turned into defensive anchor, obviously adopting veterans mentality of his older teammates, which is “Defense wins championships”. Yes, they played yesterday a very weak Cleveland team, but I see something that I like, the defensive intensity of very good defensive teams of the past, C’s of 2008 or even Bulls of 1996 season, when players played with genuine interest to shot down opponent on every possession. And even if Chuck Person indeed responsible for installation of the latest defense of our team only blind can't see Phil’s fingerprints all over the place.

And when I say “some people” I didn’t mean pfunk36, God forbid I’m not arguing with head cases. Posted by: LAL_Fan | January 12, 2011 at 08:02 AM

Was that really necessary?

At least lebrons keep it real.


Until brother Mamba24 comes back with our game day Roll Call...This 3Peat Bus will have to do...

Anyone who wants to submit a game day prayer would be greatly appreciated...

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Game Day Roll Call...

LEWSTRS present and accounted for...

Let's keep the ball rolling and do back2back beat down on the Warriors tonight...

We are gelling and "getting our groove back..."

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!


Yes, Gilbert is no angel. But I thought that LeBron left some friends on the Cavs. Guys like Gibson, Williams, Hickson and Varejao. I'm surprised he takes such delight in their misfortune.

Posted by: bronxlakerfan | January 12, 2011 at 08:13 AM


I don't think he's taking delight in his ex-mates suffering...but is taking delight in Gilbert suffering. Gilbert is the one that mentioned karma following Lebron to Miami. Thus, when Lebron says karma he's referring back to Gilbert's statement.

I feel Gilbert's statement played a significant role in ignited the vitriol toward Lebron. That hate is clearly evident right here on this board.

Two wrongs don't make a right and I'm not saying Lebron doesn't deserve criticism. But I am saying Dan Gilbert's behavior was far worst than Lebron's.

@HOBBITMAGE... Excellent post. I think we finally had a game where the Lakers played great inside-out basketball and great overall team defense. We can argue all day about whether defense or offense comes first but I think we both can agree this is how the Lakers need to play.
@NEWMEXICOLL... “Laker Tom... That Bynum is a BEAST!!!He looks refreshed and ready to 3-peat.. And nobody looks happier than Pau to have the big guy back.”
Thanks for the shout out. I actually think Drew is playing better right now than ever before. His anticipation and quickness in blocking shots has never been better and his low post offense has been dominating. Would you believe a bigger, better, and badder Beast?
@PLG... “I'll give credit where it's due: liked AB's stat line - 7/9 - that's the % I like to see when you are @ the basket... I was thinking about going to the game tonight but I think I will stay home and listen to the very lame GSW announcers heap massive amounts of praise on the purple and gold.”
Great game by Drew and the entire team. What a tune-up for tonight’s game at Oakland. My boss gave me two tickets for the game tonight against the Warriors so my grandson Nick and I will be there in person rooting for the Lakers to continue their dominating play.

Good point LRob.


Back in the spring of 1972, I sat by my radio listening to Chick call the Lakers game. They were playing the Golden State Warriors that night. My teenage mind was filled with delightful images as Chicky-baby described what I will never forget, the Lakers utterly destroyed the Warriors winning by a then league record 63 points! I will never forget that night. But last night, , , WOW, , , how sweet to have those memories recharged with a similar experience.

I only had two regrets last night...
1. Chick wasn't there calling the game.
2. Mrs. LakerMike actually rooting for the Cavs to score late in the game. (She is such a merciful softy!!!)


magia - princess is keeping it real? How so? By once again proving she'd be better off with her mouth duct taped closed and access to a phone denied? Then gotta say I agree!

I actually tweeted back: Are you trying to stay relevant by being in a conversation about Kobe? HAHA! You're such a loser.

Oddly, it made me happy to say that. :)

So - the D last night was a thing of beauty. Very few lapses and played with such an intensity and focus that the game truly was a joy to watch. I'm so happy the Lakers have found their way back to the floor recently. Those other guys.... yeesh LOL! I was more impressed with the win against the Knicks though, but a good old fashioned shellacking of a weaker team never hurts!

I'm looking forward to the game tonight. Another high octane offense led by a quick guard might be a challenge to these guys to remember how to keep them out of the paint. Then again, it might not - nothing like waiting with anticipation to find out!

Let the hunt for 6 begin - D.Fish
Nothing but another title will suffice - K.Bryant
WE GOT THIS - justa

LRob with the great Bill Withers and Grandma. So, another Granny song:

Intense D
Passing and running the O
Concentrate for 48 minutes.


Mamba24......... It's time for you and Utz to come back and celebrate with your Lakerholic friends!!! You've been gone tooo long. Posted by: New Mexico LL | January 12, 2011 at 07:36 AM


I agree 1000%.

Byron Scott to the Cavs...

"You are playing the world champs, and instead of look SCARED..."

Yes Bryon...the rest of the Association should be too...

Mamba24......... It's time for you and Utz to come back and celebrate with your Lakerholic friends!!! You've been gone tooo long. Posted by: New Mexico LL | January 12, 2011 at 07:36 AM


I agree 1000%.

Posted by: LRob | January 12, 2011 at 09:00 AM


I also agree...and this is the last day I post a Roll Call...

I too remember listening to that 63 pt blowout in 72. Chick couldn't believe the drubbing. That's when you knew Jerry and Wilt were going to kick butt and take names in the playoffs.
I think Chick would love to call the games thus season.

Btw Props to the Brown Mamba, Shannon Brown!

I find it sad that LeBronze felt compelled to rag on his old team last night. That's like taking pleasure in hearing about an ex-girlfriend getting fired or dumped. C'mon, man. Let it go. Kaptain Karma can swing the other way, Ringo (Heatles reference).


Mamba24......... It's time for you and Utz to come back and celebrate with your Lakerholic friends!!! You've been gone tooo long. Posted by: New Mexico LL | January 12, 2011 at 07:36 AM


I agree 1000%.

Posted by: LRob | January 12, 2011 at 09:00 AM


I also agree...and this is the last day I post a Roll Call...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | January 12, 2011 at 09:05 AM


I also agree. Mamba24 & utz both need to come back asap. BUT - lew - you gotta keep forging ahead until they do. I know I'm appreciating your efforts, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

dbdh - RINGO!!!! HAHAHHAAHA!!! That's what I'm gonna call her from now on!!!!!

@Laker Tom - enjoy the game. I agree Bynum's effort on the defense end is the best he's shown. Yesterday one of the articles you posted said Drew's dunk on Amare was the most aggression he's shown offensively. I disagree with that. I remember Drew's first game vs his idol...Tim Duncan....Drew tried to dunk on him. So he showed that attack mentality on the offensive end very early in his career.

@Laker Mike - Thanks for sharing that historic moment. Have you submitted a profile to MM? I'd love to read about your Laker memories.

And when I say “some people” I didn’t mean pfunk36, God forbid I’m not arguing with head cases. Posted by: LAL_Fan
January 12, 2011 at 08:02 AM

Was that really necessary?

Posted by: justanon | January 12, 2011 at 08:22 AM

Maybe you’re right and I should keep it civil, but when constantly dealing for a couple of years with an attitude “Phil is a luckiest SOB in professional sports” someone, like me, can be easily carried away.

From Jim Rome a few minutes ago...

"...everyone hates LeBron..."

WAR Lakers 112, Cavs 57.


Justa Sup,

Sorry did not have a time yesterday to be on the Live chat, to enjoy this game together with my fellows bloggers.

@MAMBA24 & UTZWORLD...Come on Larry and Chris. Get your butts back here on the blog. We need you to celebrate this team finally coming together this year. Forget any slights and put on your purple and gold glasses and join us for this season for the ages.


Until Mamba24 returns, keep doing what you doing

I have some questions for everybody

1.- We have right now a Dynasty?????
2.- Who´s the best dynasty, Kobe/Shaq or Kobe/Pau???
3.- Is Pau Gasol in the same Kareem´s level???????
4.- Is Pau Gasol in the same Shaq´s level??????
5.- If Pau GAsol is the current sidekick, who was the kobe/shaq era´s sidekick???
6.- Who was the Magic/Kareem era´s Sidekick???????



To me, the recent defensive adjustments that Phil made showcase the strengths of his coaching style, listening to ideas from his assistant coaches and understanding the problems that penetration was causing to the Lakers defense. The decision to have players switch on screens in order to keep Andrew Bynum from being drawn away from the paint is going to transform the Lakers defense.
Posted by: LakerTom | January 11, 2011 at 06:16 PM

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. YOU'VE JUST CROSSED OVER INTO THE TWILIGHT ZONE:

WROTE EDWIN GUECO.. blogs founder and wise man!

Fire all assistant coaches and replace them with new group who will bring new ideas and new energy as a support group to PJ. This is know as sacrificing one rook in chess to gain positional advantage, that will be the first salvo. In a way, what can those 4 really contribute at this time.

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | December 29, 2010 at 10:03 AM

Posted by: Rod Serling | January 12, 2011 at 08:43 AM


It don't matter what side of the opinion you stand on but that was funny.

Justa the Original

LAL - sup

Yeah - wondered where you were, but I hope you at least got to watch the game?

Hope to catch you on there tonight... :)

LEW,Until Mamba24 returns, keep doing what you doing Posted by: LAL_Fan | January 12, 2011 at 09:21 AM

Even after he returns.

It was a good game throughout last night against Manny Harris, Samardo Samuels, Alonzo Gee, Ryan Hollins, and Christian Eyenga. The Cavs really suck. Jamison is the only one out there who is a true professional for them. Mo Williams looked like a lost puppy out there who lost his owner. The rest of those guys are D-Leaguers.

So on one hand I'm very happy that the Lakers did not play down to the competition. They were focused. Plus, it's nice to see that the Lakers are starting to turn things up a little bit with the start of the new year. On the other hand, it is the Cavs.

Go Lakers!

@LROB ...

I love reading about the Lakers in the LA Times. I prefer the content here on the blog. MM does a great job (as did K-Bros). I don't read every post and comment, but if I had the time I would!

But after spending years here now with this blog-community, I sometimes am uncomfortable with the level of personal attacks, rude assaults, mean-spirited jabs, and mind-numbing debates with intolerant, inflexible, argumentative personalities. So to date I wince at the idea of submitting a profile that can easily become fodder for someone on the margin of human decency to use against me or my family. I could change my mind, but that is why I have hesitated up to this point in time. It is also why I withdraw from posting comments from time-to-time.

I love this blog ~ but I just feel better about maintaining certain boundaries. If MrsLakerMike were to ever be hurt by something written here, I would be very upset. So I choose the highroad.

But let me be clear ~ I love this blog!


To La Familia:

Things are SUPER CRAZY in the World of Utz lately. For starters, the same cold bug that TKO'ed my kids during Christmas has TKO'ed me and my wife for the past 2 weeks. I kept logging onto the Rogue Chat to tell Justa to tell y'all but everytime I logged on, no one else was online.

Secondly, we are relocating from Inglewood to Torrance on 2/5. So we're in massive packing frenzy, U-Haul renting and all other manner of moving prep as well.

Add those 2 factors together and I simply haven't had time to post...let alone read any posts around here. I'm glad to see the Lakers doing well...and am GOSH DARN glad to see them move out of their own way and dismantle opponents both big and small! I honestly don't forsee coming back regularly till the beginning of March at the earliest. So if anyone feels led to takeover the GDP, go ahead. Incidentally, the GDP was never about was all about showing the Familia that we all have access to the power of prayer - we just have to use it. That's all. our arch-nemesis blogger from Boston: I crossed the line when I called you profanities. I was wrong and I sincerely apologize. Real talk.


Great post at 08:02 AM.

Nor should you stay silent. Why it is proper etiquette to rip into the professionals who give us such great joy, but improper etiquette to question those who lambaste them is something I will never understand nor agree with. Just like it is okay for these fans to express their opinion, it is equally okay to contest those opinions. A mean spirited post directed at Lakers personnel and/or management opens the door to an equivalent opposing opinion. But that's just my opinion. :)

By the way, all of the 2004 NBA champion Detroit Pistons starters except Tayshaun Prince became all-stars at some point after that 2004 championship season, and even Prince was selected for the 2008 USA team in Beijing. In fact, there were 4 Pistons on the 2006 all-star team and I distinctly remember them being on the court at the same time at certain points of the game as Flip Saunders, the coach of the Pistons, was the Eastern Conference coach. Ben Wallace was a 4 time all-star, Richard Hamilton a 3 time all-star, Chauncey Billups a 5 time all-star, and Rasheed Wallace a 4 time all-star. That team went to the NBA Finals in 2005 and then 3 consecutive Eastern Conference Finals from 2006 through 2008. So while you were trying to be humble, the truth is that the Pistons were loaded.


Is it possible to post a thread with links to all the profiles you have posted in the past?

Forget about waiting until Drew regains his pre-injury form, I submit that what we are seeing right now is a Bigger, Badder, and Better Beast. Offensively, Drew has never been more under control and is showing a low post power presence that the Lakers have not seen since Shaq. Defensively, Drew is patrolling the paint and protecting the rim a passion and athleticism that has even rubbed off on Pau Gasol, who played some of his best defense this year last night.
While he has to prove he can remain healthy for the rest of the regular season and playoffs, there is little doubt now among the Lakers media and fans that Andrew Bynum is the key to the Lakers three-peating as NBA champions. He is the difference maker, the player who elevates the Lakers above other elite teams in the league, the player for whom no team has the answer. And he is undoubtedly the catalyst that suddenly turned everything around for the Lakers.
The way Drew is playing right now not only restores the Lakers hopes for a three-peat this year but also brightens the Lakers long term future and gives the team genuine reason to believe that their great success will extend beyond the Kobe Bryant years. No more Superstar Interruptus. What we are watching may well be the true emergence of the Next Great Lakers Center.

justanon - Larry? Is that you?

utz - if you swing by the RC and no one's there, we WILL be there sooner or later so at least leave us a comment so we know you're alive and well, ok?!!

magia - to the right of the thread... where the box is that says CATEGORIES - just past KOBE BRYANT - it says 'lakers blog profile'. It's a link to all of the ones that have been posted.

Oh cool, thanks Justa.


Andrew Bynum is only 23, so assuming good health (big assumption), he will only get Bigger, Badder and Better over the next 5 seasons. No longer does he get pushed under the basket. His passing out of the low post is only getting better, too, and he's beginning to show signs of Shaqness when he backs down his defender. So let's kick back, relax and enjoy the show for now and pray for his good health.

Good evening everybody!!!
I am bummed to still being unable to blog/take part in chats as much as my feelings and will would love me too, but for a few days more there are adjustments in my schedule (and a very bad, bad working router adsl at home) that allows me only sporadic interactivity over here.

Be patient: my spirit is solid and so is my Lakers well wishing ;)

To be honest, I can't really speak about the CRabs game because man... that did not even seem a basketball team.

How have they fallen out of grace (and yes... this rings bells because we'd be blind or in denial in not picturing what has been detracted from them, which is re-enforcing someone else )!

But as I say always, I tend more to analyze MY own team instead of others, and what I am seeing is a slow recovering that has all good impulses in itself to me.

I just want to keep seeing our team getting tighter and tougher.

I want to keep seeing us being truthful to our potential.

Road is long... but we're back on track, finally.

A huge embrace to you all sweet family.
To your sweet words and thoughts and to your passion which keeps me company.

Soon I'll get allowed to be my usually active self enough again.

P.S.: organizing a marriage isn't a game, especially when it spans over three continents ;)
Be understanding please.


I luv ya all ;)

Kisses, Z. :) (battling with the worst home ADSL router EVER)... *sigh*

justanothermambafan, I think they call that projection.

@UTZ... Great to hear all is well with you, Chris, and it was only life itself keeping you from the blog. We’ll be patient until things settle down knowing you’re still with us. Now, Larry, where the hell are you. And Blitz, where the hell are you. Time for all Lakers fans to join together for this season of the ages. Edwin, you still out there lurking, my friend. Stop by and say hello.

Utz - So good to hear from you my brother...

Hope you feel better, and I know moving is one of biggest hassles don't really know how much junk you have...till it's time to

I hope you get some normalcy back into your life...and we are anticipating your comeback...


In short – AGREED… It’s still bugs me why every reasonable fan agree that we should stop bashing Kobe and just enjoy watching while he’s still playing, because after he retires we going to be damn proud to say to our kids “I remember Kobe’s 81…” But no one seems to treat Phil the same way especially when it’s almost certain this year it’s going to be a last stand for him.


I just had no time between watching and thoroughly enjoying the game and trying to accomplish something at home… I hope Lakers will continue drabbing today against GS, I can’t even tell you what I enjoy most, running triangle to the perfection or suffocating defense anchored by Drew on the middle. Probably both.

@UTZ . . .

Blessings of health on you and your family. Also praying your busy move goes well.


@MAMBA24 . . .

Thanks for everything!


LEWSTRS: Thanks for taking care of the roll call, and thanks for making sure that Baby Outlaw and I were included. Much appreciated!

Mamba24: I don't know what happened while I was away from the blog, but I miss seeing you here. I hope you come back soon.

LakerTom: I know you're one of the happiest men in Laker Land right now. And rightfully so. Bynum is the key.

Go Lake Show!

@Lew – Nice Maxi Priest cut….the groove is back indeed. But you’re torturing me with the island photos on the video…lol. Keep doing what you’re doing.

@63 Footer – I like your Move selection. You can hear the ELO sound taking form on that one.

@LakerMike – Thanks for the explanation. That’s completely understandable. I do enjoy your posts.

@Utz – Good to hear from you. Love the “real talk” comment :-)

@888... Sweet times for Bynum Boosters and all Lakers fans right now. Let’s enjoy the sunshine because with Drew playing like this, our future is only going to get brighter.
@LROB... It’s going to be so much fun going to the game with my grandson. And I do remember that dunk attempt on Duncan. The one against Amare, however, was really reminiscent of Shaq the way Drew backed him down under the basket. That was low post power basketball at its intimidating best. Now Drew just needs to stay healthy.
@LAKERMIKE... Understand your trepidation about submitting your profile but I have not seen any situation where trolls or negative bloggers have attacked anybody’s profiles, even those of the Lakers Girls. And you can always limit what personal info you provide. Just do it. We all would love to hear your Lakers stories and get to know you better.

By Kurt Heklin for NBC Los Angeles
Great article by Kurt that every Lakers fan needs to read. Here is article:
Christmas slump? What Christmas slump? I don't remember anything like that.
The Lakers have won four in a row and six out of their last seven. Granted, they have not been beating up the NBA's power teams, but when you're slumping, you take the wins where you can get them. Like Tuesday night when the Lakers take on the NBA's worst team, the Cleveland Cavaliers (whose season just got worse with the loss of Anderson Varejao for the season).
What's the key to the Lakers turnaround? Andrew Bynum got his legs and timing back. He is the Lakers secret weapon. As much as a 7-foot, 285-pound person can be a secret.
Bynum returned 14 games ago but for the first seven games, he was rustier than the Tin Man when Dorothy first found him. It took a lot of oil -- in this case game minutes -- to get him going again. But in the last few games, he has gotten his conditioning and timing back, and with that the Lakers are a different team. A championship caliber team.
Most importantly, he along with Pau Gasol -- two 7-footers -- on defense change things. The Lakers have gone to a defensive system where the guards and wing players try to funnel the driving guards right at Bynum or Gasol, forcing them to score over some long arms. It also allows the Lakers to pressure teams more out by the three-point line because if the player drives by them there is a very stout second line of defense waiting.
The other defensive key -- Bynum makes the Lakers a much better rebounding team. As Zach Lowe pointed out at Sports Illustrated, while Bynum was out, the Lakers were 29th in the league in defensive rebounding percentage. Meaning only one team in the entire league gave up more offensive rebounds (per shot attempt) than the Lakers. In the 14 games since Bynum's return, the Lakers have been one of the best defensive rebounding teams in the league. His return -- moving Gasol to his more natural power forward spot -- changes everything.
Bynum also means a chance to exploit some offensive mismatches. Last Sunday, Andrew Bynum tore up the undersized New York Knicks in the paint (until he was tossed on a bogus technical foul, one the league rescinded two days later, which is as close as the NBA gets to saying "sorry"). Only a handful of NBA teams can match the Lakers length when they are healthy.
The real key for Los Angeles -- be healthy when the playoffs start. That means Bynum in particular, who has yet to be fully healthy for a playoff run. Because the road to the three-peat will be tough and the Lakers will need all hands on deck.
Including this Andrew Bynum, the healthy secret weapon.


1.- We have right now a Dynasty?????
If we 3-peat, YES WE DO!

2.- Who´s the best dynasty, Kobe/Shaq or Kobe/Pau???
I think Kobe/Pau

3.- Is Pau Gasol in the same Kareem´s level???????

4.- Is Pau Gasol in the same Shaq´s level??????
Hm, different positions...

5.- If Pau GAsol is the current sidekick, who was the kobe/shaq era´s sidekick???

6.- Who was the Magic/Kareem era´s Sidekick???????
James Worthy

LAL Fan,

"But no one seems to treat Phil the same way (as Kobe) especially when it’s almost certain this year it’s going to be a last stand for him."

Phil is obviously a great coach and has had the fortune of playing with the best players of ALL TIME in their absolute PRIME. So it goes both ways. He is lucky, as was Pat Riley (who inherited Magic, Kareem and Worthy) was Poppovich (who landed Duncan only because the Spurs became a lottery team because of David Robinson's injury that year). I think someone like Larry Brown is a great coach as well, but he was never as "lucky" as Phil, Pat or Pop as far as coaching the best player(s) in NBA history in their primes. So I think you and PFunk are both right. Phil is a great coach, and he's also had good fortune with his rosters.

That being said, are you suggesting that Phil receives more criticism that Kobe? Seriously?

Another example of a great coach with some star-power synergy at the right time was George Karl in 1996. He took "The Glove" and "The Reign Man" to The Finals and lost in 6 games to MJ, PJ, and Co.

Since then, he has done very well with Denver and Milwaukee, but he never had the star power that he had in Seattle ever again. Skill and luck (or good fortune) often go hand in hand.


Hi everyone! Yes, we want Utz and Mamba24! Lew, doing a great job! Basically we all need to do what our Momma's told us, "just ignore and they will go away!"
Good debate is a fun and learning time, but personal stuff, nahhh.

I like what I see from Ebanks. He's our slasher, Ariza style.
6mins, 3-5 FG, 1 3-p and 1 board.

This kid is a keeper.

Come back, Utz and Mamba24!!!!!!!

There has been major turmoil on the blog since the summer over Andrew Bynum...

There were clearly 2 factions...The Doubters and the Defenders...It was no secret that I was in the 'Defenders' corner, and never backed down in my support of the youngster...

I have posted numerous times, that Andrew would make immediate impact as soon as he returns, especially in the defensive end, even he wont be 100% in the beginning...and I also predicted a double digit winning streak...

Well no one can deny how much better our defense is since Bynum came back...Now AB is almost back to 100%, and we have seen glimpses of the domination with our new we are on a 5 game winning streak...halfway there on my double digit winning streak...

My point: I LOVE it when my forecasts comes to REALITY!!!


Wifey asked me why LA TIMES policy chose the age of 13 for the cut-off point for "participants". Do you know the answer? (I don't).


Can someone step up and post a Game Day Prayer...

Incidentally, the GDP was never about was all about showing the Familia that we all have access to the power of prayer - we just have to use it. That's all.

utzworld - THE BANNER HOLDER | January 12, 2011 at 09:46 AM

lucky IS good.

Utz! Mamba24! This is for you:

Inspired by Magic Phil, a response to Ricky:

1.- We have right now a Dynasty?????

If the Lakers win some more. 2 titles is not a dynasty.

2.- Who´s the best dynasty, Kobe/Shaq or Kobe/Pau???

Shaq/Kobe. Those teams were, at their best, more dominant. This team has done nothing as dominant as the 15-1 romp throught the playoffs Shaq/Kobe led in 2001. at their best no one in the league could touch them.

3.- Is Pau Gasol in the same Kareem´s level???????

Not close. Gasol is a great player. Kareem was one of a kind. He was the most successful college player ever (3 NCAA titles in three years, Most Outstanding Player in the NCAA tournament all three years). And he is one of the great NBA players of all time. All time leading scorer. 3rd in both rebounds and blocks. 6 NBA titles. 6 time MVP. I love Pau, but it is no contest.

4.- Is Pau Gasol in the same Shaq´s level??????

No, shaq was a unique and dominating player. His rep has been hurt by playing for 5 teams, his declining play and his sometimes ridiculous attitude and behavior. But at his peak he was the best player in the NBA for a number of years. There was no stopping him. And in teh playoffs he always got better.

5.- If Pau GAsol is the current sidekick, who was the kobe/shaq era´s

First Kobe was Shaq's sidekick, in later years they were equals.

6.- Who was the Magic/Kareem era´s Sidekick???????

There wasn't one. They complimented each other on the floor and played well together. Neither tried to dominate the other. They were amazing to watch play together.


you wrote: Well no one can deny how much better our defense is since Bynum came back...Now AB is almost back to 100%, and we have seen glimpses of the domination with our new we are on a 5 game winning streak...halfway there on my double digit winning streak...

my response: ummm .... no. The Lakers defense is better because they're
actually playing defense. Did you *NOT* read the article about Chuck Pearson?
Did you *NOT* read all of the player comments which say they're focusing
on defense?

I maintain that with a healthy Theo Ratliff and the same focus on defense,
the Lakers would still be winning. Would the defense be as good?

Unknown. Doubtful. I don't deny that 7' & 285 lbs can be a deterrent.
I don't know how much of a deterrent it is when compared to 6'10" 250 lbs.

I'm glad he's focused on playing defense instead of offense. I'm glad he's
playing well. I'm glad we're winning.

In a nutshell, the Lakers are rightfully taking full advantage of the schedule to "sharpen their skills" while racking up some much needed wins in order to move up in the conference standings. It's no secret that there's a new attitude in L.A. and I think they just got sick of losing to subpar competition.

Throw in the fact that AB is back on the floor and the coaching staff has made a few tweaks, it is now entirely up to the players to execute for 48 minutes without losing interest in the game. They have the skills and the schedule to get better leading up to the biggest game of the season against Boston on the 30th.

The team will be tested between now and then with games against the Clips, Thunder, Mavs & Jazz. As Artest said, they haven't beat anyone that matters during this stretch so it's difficult to gauge the actual improvement of the team. Nothing wrong with Ron “keeping it real” and in proper perspective. That being said, there's no denying the change in this team’s execution in all facets of the game including the "take no prisoners" attitude.

The biggest concern is Andrew’s ability to remain healthy and as many have correctly debated, avoid bad luck on the floor. That young man is 7', 285LBs of domination and he does have the skills to “school” and compete against Perkins and Dwight.

Keep The Winning Streak Alive and Feed The Beast!!

No I’m just saying the same way as we’re enjoying watching Kobe playing, we, as a Lakers fans, should enjoy Phil’s coaching. After his return, the collaboration of those two, plus shrewd and gutsy moves of Lakers management (Mitch) produced 3 trips to the finals and 2 rings, and now while working on ring number 3, all the doubters should just live in the moment, while it lasts. It still fresh in my memory disaster season 2004-2005, and I hope we didn’t experience anything like that anytime soon.

Yes, you’re right about Larry Brown, but problem is, he is a nomad. He did not stay long enough anywhere to experience more success. Of course luck was a part of it too.

LakerMike - Lol I honestly couldn't tell you, but I'll ask the question to management and see if they know

>>>QUESTION............. can Kobe continue to share the ball?

Question: Can the rest of the team actually hit shots and defend well enough to keep the Lakers in the lead during games?

You didn't state it explicitly, but there are a lot of pundits who like to insinuate that the number of shots Kobe takes is a CAUSE and whether the Lakers win or lose is an EFFECT (e.g. "When Kobe takes less than 20 shots, the Lakers are X&Y, but when Kobe takes more than 20 shots, they're W&Z")

That sort of thinking is backwards.

The CAUSE is when the rest of the team starts flailing (e.g. when Pau shoots 0-for-7 in the first quarter, when Lamar carelessly turns the ball over & gets called for a couple of charges on fast breaks, when the "B" in Killer B's stands for "Brick", when Fish can't hit a shot to save his life, etc.), when opposing guards are blowing by 3 Lakers for layups and Pau and Lamar are giving up multiple offensive rebounds on possessions.

The EFFECT is that Kobe starts jacking up a lot more shots. When the rest of the team starts playing like Cleveland played last night, Kobe shifts into Superman mode. He thinks that he can carry the team to a victory all by himself. Sometimes he can. Sometimes he can't. Sometimes when he starts rolling, someone else will step up their game as well instead of just watching him.

Kobe has always been happy to share the ball. But he hates losing. And if he thinks the odds are better of winning if HE shoots more, then he will shoot more.

But then Kobe can't win public opinion on this issue. The last time he kept "sharing the ball" (as you claim you want) when his teammates were shooting bricks, it was vs Phoenix in the playoffs and the press lambasted him for NOT shooting more.

Personally, unless he's injured and not shooting well at the time or something like that, I'd PREFER to have Kobe take AT LEAST 20 shots in every game. If Kobe shoots in volume, he draws a TON of attention from the defense. It's much easier for Pau or Drew or Fish to get an open shot when four defenders are chasing Kobe.

>>>6.- Who was the Magic/Kareem era´s Sidekick???????

Actually, Magic was Kareem's sidekick at first. Kareem was the most dominant player in the league when Magic joined the Lakers. Later on, when Kareem's skills began to wane, Magic became the MAN and Kareem was the sidekick.

Justlakerfan aka THE ORIGINAL:

WELCOME TO TWILIGHT ZONE...where you will meet worlds finest acts at display and enter at your own risk............

Watch bloggers with swords get drawn over inconsequential comments posted; some bloggers constantly argue because it keeps them sharp in their day job as a lawyer, some like real estate folks are very social honing their show salesman skills; while some drama queens are constantly getting into hot waters so they always ANNOUNCE that they are leaving the blog but eventually come back with their tails between their legs; some claim that this blog is theirs and demand that infidels be thrown out; some exchange personal emails with MM and threaten others with the act of BANISHMENT; some are enamored by other bloggers and some are real lonely and find refuge in this blog while

Posted by: Rod Serling | January 12, 2011 at 09:57 AM

You hit it on the head because this blog contains all as stated and point to the truth. It also has knowledgable and reasonable bloggers as well. Excellant point.

Justa the original justa



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