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Lakers girl profile: Melissa loves to read Harry Potter books

Laker girl Melissa

This is the fifth post of a weekly series that helps you get to know the Laker Girls (who, by the way, officially go by one name only).

Laker Girl name: Melissa

Hometown: Oceanside, CA

Years on the Laker Girls squad: 1 year

Area of Residence: Northridge, CA

College/High School: Oceanside High School, Graduated from CSU Fullerton, Currently doing graduate work at CSU Northridge.

What prompted you to want to become a Laker Girl? I wanted to become a Laker Girl because I wanted to be part of the premier dance team in the NBA! Most importantly, I wanted to grow as a person. I wanted to be more involved in the community and also improve my social skills, dancing abilities, and public speaking skills.

What do you think stood out to the judging panel, about you, regarding your audition? I think my confidence helped me stand out to the judging panel during my audition. I tried to show my confidence through my presence, my dancing, and the way I spoke to the judges. When trying out for the squad, for your first year, I think one needs to work extra hard to catch the judges attention. Gosh, there are hundreds of other girls competing for the same spot! So, confidence is very important when it comes to auditioning for the Laker Girls.

What do you think makes a good Laker Girl? There is not just one thing makes a good Laker Girl……I think it is a combination of many things. It consists of a whole package, which includes: excellent dance technique, great people skills, confidence, talent and enjoys being a philanthropist.

What is your dance experience? I started dancing at 5 years old. Since then I have studied ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and contemporary. My favorite styles of dance are jazz and hip hop! I have also danced for the Disneyland Resort, Los Angeles Clippers, several professional artists and television specials.

Favorite dance routine, while being a Laker Girl? My favorite dance routine is to the Red Hot Chili Peppers' song "Higher Ground." It’s a fun and up beat routine that gets our hearts pumping!

Favorite uniform? My favorite uniform is one of our newest ones this season called the "Gold Metallic." It’s my favorite because, under the lights at STAPLES Center , the material it is made out of adds a great shimmer while we are performing on the court!

Favorite Lakers Player? Derek Fisher and Steve Blake!

Favorite Laker Girl memory so far? Getting the call from our Director, Lisa Estrada, saying that I made the 2010-2011 Lakers Girls Squad!!

What do you like most about being involved, as a Laker Girl, at local charity/community events? I love that as Laker Girls we have the opportunity to make a person's day brighter at our charity events. It seems that when we spend time with people at community events, we make such a positive difference in their day……at times, maybe even their whole lives! I am very appreciative to be in this position and able to do that for others!

What would you say is your beauty secret? SLEEP! Being a Laker Girl and a full time student, I'm always on the go! So, for myself sleep is key to re-energize. It helps me maintain my health as well! (inside & out)

What diet/workout tips do you have? My Diet tips: Eat daily servings of fruits and veggies. Most importantly hydrate - Drink lots of water! Water and healthy nutrition is what gives you energy to work out and get through your day. Also, while working out, one major tip I go by is to sweat! Sweat is a great indicator that you are getting a beneficial work out.

What are your hobbies? Other than dancing, I love to read! It may sound dorky, but I love Harry Potter!! I am re-reading the last book in the series before watching the final movie. Other hobbies I have are….. going to the beach, kick boxing and spending time with my family & friends.

Career aspirations? I'm currently studying to be a teacher. I have a passion working with kids and look forward to starting my career in education!

--Mark Medina

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aighht. Hey, Melissa, nice to meet you.

I'm over at the RC until the end of the Fiesta Bowl or thereabouts.

I hope everybody enjoyed a safe and sane New Year’s Eve and are celebrating last night’s year-end win over the 76ers. To me, Kobe’s heroics, Drew’s performance, Pau’s resurgence, and Lamar’s All-Star play trump the adjustments the Lakers still need to make to their game focus and perimeter defense. Undefeated since Drew returned to the starting lineup, the Lakers finally have their full team intact.

Kudos to Doug Collins and the 76ers. Their 2 young guards were on fire. In a way, the 76ers may be a better team without Iguodala in the lineup. Holiday really impressed me with his quickness, sure ball handling, excellent passing, and sweet shooting stroke. The 20 year old played with veteran poise and under control last night. It’s easy to see why the 76ers have been playing well the last 20 games.

And speaking of point guards, another tough game for Fish raises the real possibility that his play may ultimately force Phil to make a change. While I love and respect Fish, the only reason he has not been replaced is that our backup point guards have been Smush Parker, Jordan Farmar, and Steve Blake. What worries me more than the poor shooting has been the frequent bull-headed dumb plays. It’s starting to look like a tired old bull foolishly challenging and being humiliated by younger stud bulls.

Despite the struggles, I think Phil has the Lakers perfectly positioned as we head into the back stretch of a long NBA season, where the Lakers should start to hone their game and separate from the pack. With a healthy Andrew Bynum, the Lakers will show the rest of the NBA and the remaining doubters that the road to the NBA championship still goes through LA. Lakers win 2011 NBA championship.

The leading scorer for New Jersey tonight with 22 points was some guy named Sasha Vujacic.

Never heard of him.

waus - they lost.

Nice profile Melissa. You represent Laker Nation well.

no mo' platitudes - okay, that was frickin' funny!

Melissa, nice profile. Watch out for the TROLLS, they can get BRUTAL...just sayin.

Did anyone click on the image? It is seriously high resolution.

Melissa is beautiful. We have one of the best looking Laker girls squad the last couple of years.

The most disrespected superstar in the NBA....drum roll please....

Dwight Howard by a landslide.

Consider, DHoward has 13 technical fouls thru 33 games. We know that after his 16 tech he'll get suspened one game. Plus another game after techs 18, 20, 22, etc. At this rate Dwight could miss as many as 7 games due to technical fouls.

Last year Dwight got his 13rd technical in the 70th game and played the last 12 games tech free. This year he most certainly will miss several games. Of course, this is a byproduct of the NBA's riduculous "respect the game" policy.

Others tech leaders:

Amare 10
Melo 9
Capt Jack 8
Rip 8
Kobe 6

We know Kobe will take use all 15 of his techs but won't hit 16. Matt Barnes has averaged 10 T's the last 3-4 years. With 4 techs already it looks like he's on pace to surpass that total.

Ooops that should have said last year Dwight got his 15th tech in game 70 and played the last 12 games tech free.

And after further review Matt Barnes is NOT on pace to surpass his avg of 10 techs (the last 3yrs). He's right on target to finish with 10 again. Now that's consistency.

LRob... staring as.... "Tech Cop!" The man, the myth, the statistician. Watch Tech Cop calculate technical fouls to within a one-hundredth of a percentage point of a season. Be amazed by his ability to predict the dreaded double-tech mid-game with nothing more than his uncanny 7th sense and his television remote control. Look on in awe as he breaks into David Stern's office in the dead of night to "liberate" the very memo sent out clandestinely to the league refs that orders them NEVER to give Lebron a tech... on pain of excommunication and a severe river dance. Tech Cop! It's not just a technical anymore....

63 Footer,

Tech Cop is not a finished product yet, but we're working feverishly on it. We can only hope it ready for unveiling before Dwight's 16th.

Melissa's favorite player is Derek Fisher...she must know a lot about basketball !!!!

Gotta love a diaphoretic girl with golden shimmers.

Go Kings!



Thanks for taking one for the team and spending the time doing these Laker Girl profiles. Must be awful.

Tom D.

Could Kobe play with Magic? Of course. As 63 Footer so wisely says, they both just wanted to win. And Magic would have loved Kobe on the wing on a fast break. Kobe would have developed into a slightly different player playing with Magic, but like Worthy and Scott and Kareem and Coop and Doo, he would have appreciated the way Magic set him up.

This brings up another topic, one which is a sore point with me. Kobe is so often referred to as SELFISH as a ballplayer. I don't think he is. I don't think he does things for Kobe. I think he does them for his team.

1. Kobe is hyper-competetive and needs to win.

2. Kobe has a a lot of trust in his own abilities.

3. There are times when, looking to get a win, Kobe gets a mindset of taking over a game, doing things himself, but it is because, in his mind, it will help his team win, not for his own glory. It is his competetive instincts taking over.

Whe the Lakers won game 7 and Kobe stunk it up, he was as happy as could be with the win. When Fish was the hero of game 3, Kobe was thrilled for the win and for Fish. He doesn't care who the hero is, he just wants to win. And he happens to know that he is the best guy on the team and sometimes he needs to step up.

I'm not saying he is always right. Sometimes Kobe's competetive drive leads into poor judgment. Sometimes he tries to do too much against too many defenders on a night where they aren't falling.

What I am saying is that Kobe is not a SELFISH player - he is a hyper-competetive player who sometimes lets it gets the best of him, but more often drives his team to greater success.

What I am saying is that Kobe is not a SELFISH player - he is a hyper-competetive player who sometimes lets it gets the best of him, but more often drives his team to greater success.
Posted by: Tom Daniels

Perhaps stubborn is more appropriate than selfish. Stubborn can be both a positive and a negative quality.
His stubborness has helped drive him to be the best, but may sometimes lead to poor judgement.

I hope for his sake Caron Butler is alright. Judging from what you see last night. It's not looking good. He was in seething pain, I think, he broke his kneecap, which would be unfortunate for him and the Mavs. If they miss him for the playoffs, they're going to miss his steady D and the ability to make a shot when Dirk and Terry can't.

Game day check in for our first win of 2011...

Another good practice game wearing our Sunday Whites...

I'm looking for more fluidity in both 1rst and 2nd units...

AB will continue to progress his game and get back his stamina...

LO will continue to dominate, and hopefully Blake, Artest and Fish find their shots back...

One game at a time...We will get back into our old form like the beginning of the season...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation

#17 Coming Up!!!

Melissa is a very lovely Laker Girl. She almost appears to be a computer generated simulation of the amalgamation of the genetic codes available in Los Angeles. Thus, the perfect LA Laker Girl.

I posted yesterday that I think The Spurs should be the team we are worried about:

1. 2nd best coach in the league
2. Best record in the league
3. Just creamated a young, strong Thunder team
4. They are saving Duncan - playing him less minutes
5. Manu is playing as well as he ever has - the years we have beat them he has been injured
6. They are younger and faster than we are
7. Parker is on fire shooting close to 52 percent and averaging 7 assists a game
8. The last time we played them they beat us by 15 points
9. They have beat Denver twice - we lost to Denver
10. They beat Dallas - the current second best record in the west
11. They beat Orlando and Miami!
12. Over the last ten years they are our biggest rivals and have won more championships than any other team besides the Lakers.

Sasha can play! I wish we had kept him. Hopefully, I will eventually get over it. At least when we lost Ariza we got a great defender. Does anyone think Joe will play this year?

I am a Lakerholic

I've always said that minutes can help a player's performance. We really never gave Sasha a real chance. I fear we won't let Shannon play 35 a game either to see who he really can be or not. I like Derek, but there's no way he has the ability now of Shannon. I mean, we've lost 10 or more games already, why not find out the REAL Shannon Brown? Remember the point guard isn't so needed in the Tri-offense.

Keep in mind that Spurs are playing great, NOW. Let's see how well they are playing after the season's full grind. Just sayin.

As a reminder to all, Lakers finished last year 4-7 in their last 11 games. Oh, but they did WIN the NBA Championship. Just sayin.

The problem with Shannon is he still doesn't know how to run the to create shots for him or his team mates...

Numerous times I see him press the dribble only to pull up...looking confused and stalling the ball movement...

Only Blake has the capabilities to run the offense at point...let's hope his shot comes back, for it easy to defend, with guards pulling off him and instantly double teaming our big in the paint...

If Blake get's his shot back, that will open up the offense for our inside out side scheme...Shannon needs a lot more practice learning how to quarterback our offense...

Meanwhile we have to live with Fish what ever production he brings...

Tom Daniels - yeah, this whole "selfish" label is kind of ridiculous. I don't ever recall Kobe stat-jacking (which to me is the real sign of selfishness) except maybe once or twice when he was a point or two from a record or something and he stayed in an extra few plays, which is understandable. He's always the happiest guy to sit on the bench when the game's in the refrigerator. I've seen Lebron and others of his ilk stay late into the game to get those triple-doubles, etc. That to me is selfish playing. Not really Kobe.

As as you pointed out, he is the first one to congratulate another player's winning ways. But that's just it: Kobe wants to win, and he's the best on the court, so part of his DNA is to take over a game if others are not.

Art - stubborn he is at times, but most of that is when others aren't playing to the level they should. Also, he CAN do miracles, so I think he relies on that sometimes more than guys who miss the open J's (I'm talkin' to you Fish and Blaker last game!). It can be aggravating at times when those miracle moves aren't going down (but we cheer when they do). Still, I'd rather have him than anyone else at this point in the NBA.

I am enjoying watching AB's return. It is the most interesting positive thing to happen sine Shannon Brown 2010 was unveiled.

It has come in fits and starts. He started off pretty disappointingly heavy and predictably tentative. But he seems to be in better shape each game. He is definitely making the effort to provide help and hustle on defense. Still a step slow here and there, but his size and defensive effort will be important over time. He is the only Laker big consistently protecting the rim. And his decision making has seemed a little improved to me, he is maturing as a player.

What I have been surprised at, again, is just how big Drew is. On the boards and in the low post there just aren't a lot of guys around the league who can hang with him. If he can get in shape, stay healthy (please) and get his basketball rhythm and timing back, he can be a huge boost to this team, a mismatch in the Lakers' favor most nights. He will also allow Pau to match up with PFs instead of Cs, which has already paid dividends in Drew's two starts - Pau has been much more productive being on the floor WITH Drew instead of having Drew sub for him.

Drew has been hurt a lot. There is real cause for concern for his durability. But when he is on the floor, he can be an impact player. Here's hoping we see a strong Drew from here through June for the first time. He may be needed to get through San Antone and Boston/Miami alive.

TD - great summation of the Drew Conundrum. I feel the same way: if he's healthy (knock on wood with a cherry on top), he's an amazing piece in the puzzle and a darn tough match-up either for himself, or in being matched up, for Pau.

Always a pleasure to read your posts.

For the morning demands on the Lakers:

Only Blake has the capabilities to run the offense at point...let's hope his shot comes back, for it easy to defend, with guards pulling off him and instantly double teaming our big in the paint...

If Blake get's his shot back, that will open up the offense for our inside out side scheme...Shannon needs a lot more practice learning how to quarterback our offense...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | January 02, 2011 at 08:49 AM

Steve Blake will be fine. It takes more than a couple of months to feel entirely comfortable with the Lakers' complex schemes and, frankly, I'm surprised that Matt Barnes has seemingly latched on to them quicker than Blake. Considering that he's more of an Ariza-type slashing small forward who is always moving without the ball, now I understand. His game is made for this system. I also think that Barnes' increased minutes (and Artest's decreased minutes) are by design because the triangle is not as easy to pick up with wing players. I think people need to remain patient with Blake; he not a "bust." In fact, he's the perfect compliment to this Lakers team and Phil Jackson's rotations. He's a pro's pro.

Of course Steve BLaker is not a bust...he just needs to get some sort of rhythm with his playing have to go with his career stats...and looking there, when he finally gets his confidence back...his numbers will kick in...

Maybe my point was missing Sasha, since we haven't seen one second of Joe Smith yet...

Bynum is definitely the key to our chances to Threepeat. So much so that I may be in the minority here in NOT wanting to see him play more minutes or start trying to dominate too soon. His rehabilitation and gradual working himself back into shape and game-rhythm should take precedence over our natural desire to see the team start squashing hated opponents. The fact is his type of injury was a serious one, and recovery from that type of injury can't be rushed, no matter how many flaming posts frustrated Laker fans write about him being lazy or worthless.

Phil has taken exactly the right path in bringing him along slowly. Stay the course. #17 is what we're after. Stay focused on that goal.

By the way, Lewsters, I share your view that Sasha got a raw deal and was prematurely discarded (sorry, Dr. Buss, this was one of the few bad poker moves you've made, undoubtedly for financial reasons). He was our ONLY pure shooter (like the Bulls' Kukoc) from the perimeter. The fact he never regained his shooting touch was, in my opinion, not so much due to his losing it as to the fact he never was given enough sustained minutes on a continuing basis to feel comfortable. Pure shooters need minutes and opportunities to get their stroke going. Sasha never got the sustained minutes or the opportunities. Period. So Phil, the coaches, his teammates, the fans, and finally, Dr. Buss gave up on him.

This move may yet backfire on us. The rest of the league, and especially the elite teams, now have the formula to stop us: collapse on the middle to muscle and frustrate our bigs (and especially Pau) and force us to shoot from the perimeter where now we have no really reliable gunner to hit 3s. Same deal on using the zone against. And so far it's working even for mediocre teams. Hopefully, the Killer Bs will soon regain their touch. If not, we could regret losing Sasha when the playoffs roll around. Or sooner.

Melissa sounds like she's very nice.

I wish her well with her career. Glad she's a Lakers girl.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Welcome to the blog and very nice to see you. You are beautiful and a very good Laker representative.



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