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Lakers Chat: Lakers vs. Pistons

--Mark Medina

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Would you get Fisher off the court !!!! He is HORRIBLE !!!!!

No D...can't hit a shot. Can't finish at the rim. Blah Blah Blah

Phil wake up and dump him !!!!

Fish a non factor once again. No wonder the Lakers stink with this clown on the floor !!!!

Can somebody tell me why Fisher swings the ball and makes an extra pass when he is wide open and the other guy has a man on him ? Why won't Phil tell him to quit doing this. He does it at least once or twice a game !!!!

Let's not get too excited Faker Faithful...the Pistons suck.

my comment is awaiting moderation.

what's the deal, FCM?

Our bigs played excellent tonight.


Pau 7-11
Kobe 6-18 FG, but 7 boards and 8 assists...nice
Luke Walton 2-2 3-pt, 100%...way to go.

All this with only 6 turnovers...


Bynum with a +30 in 22 minutes. Nice.

our starting point guard fisher is zero assist tonite in 24mins in the guard..fisher is the worst starting point guard in the nba today ave 2-3 assist per game and tonite ZERO..lucky lakers playing piston thats why we about the elite team...?fisher need to step down...

Dude...what's so good about 6-18 fg? Man you're looking for anything..PLEASE.

What's up with you're boy Ron Ron....looks like somebody busted the dude UP. doubt, ALLSTAR performance.

And what's up with this LOVE fest on the blog all day? I can't wait till tomorrows when the Suns open up a can on the Lakeshow.


heat fans are so lifeless, i bet the twenty yr olds still go to elemtary schools and beat up 3rd graders and then brag about it, thats what happens when most miami locals were raised illegally in this country, by the way you're welcome. the heat are boring, lebron and wade demand a double team. of course they win alot, look at the rest of the teams averages, bosh 16pts a game, arroyo 7pts a game, chalmers 7pts a game, im sure you get it, its not team ball you idiots and you better hope you can survive 7 a series in june g castros the way you do know we're on to you, you're a laker fan but you're afraid of your exposure because you know how sharp the show fans are, its ok ruka, we'll use the outer parts of our hands, wont leave as big of a mark.



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