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Lakers break down 102-98 victory over Philadelphia 76ers

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers forward Pau Gasol

Lakers center Andrew Bynum

Lakers forward Matt Barnes

--Mark Medina

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someone should check on phred today,

I'm not sure, are phred's posts art? I read, them, I enjoy them, I feel they have changed me as a human being, but then I'm not sure I really understand them.

Art -FL Lakers Fan,

Glad you found my response interesting.

Mark G - Phred's posts are Faulkner-esque. If you drink more bourbon, say more "keer's" and "juggernautish's" you'll be okay.

Art -FL Lakers Fan,

I just thought of something and I thought I'd share. [ It made me smile. ]

re: not being a team player/ not making his teammates better.

How about these dynamic duos?

Kareem & Magic.
Magic & Worthy
MJ & Pippen
Kobe & Fisher ???????

Can you name any other superstar who has done so much for one with so
little talent?

[ note: I heart D-Fish. ]

A win is a win, I guess. I was busy celebrating the entire day with Mrs. DBDH, so I'm glad I only watched the highlights.

Happy New Year everyone!



Interesting take on Kobe/Fish and I'm glad you threw the word "heart" in there because Derek Fisher's heart is as big as everyone you have on that list. He is so respected by his teammates, opposing players and opposing coaches that the only thing you hear from them is that Fish is a "winner." That trumps everything, including talent.

I would submit that Fish has done as much for Kobe as Kobe has done for him. It is easily one of the most successful backcourt tandems in NBA history. So much for talent, right?

Happy New Year Crew!

It was a typical uninspired Laker win last night, but at least we won.

I don't understand why they didn't get it to Bynum down low- only 6 shot attemps??? He was being guarded by Elton Brand most of the night, who gives up five inches.

Also, I don't understand why Phil didn't put someone longer on Lou Williams who looked like he wasn't being guarded at all.

First and foremost, I want to acknowledge Malcolm McDowell,
Werner Erhard, Ghandi, Spider-Man, Ralph Nader, Alexander Berkman,
The Beatles,
and of course, Larry the Mamba, Mike Teniente, Edwin, Arthas,
Helo-man (where the heck are you?),
and many others for their contributions,
all of whom helped to shape my own views, feelings, and comments.

And too, taking into full account that being a Laker fan, in itself,
poses several moral conflicts which would be difficult
for anyone with a conscience to reconcile,
I submit the following to the good people of La La Land:

Go USA, GO!!!
Go USA, GO!!!
Go USA, GO!!!

Firstly, as we mark time, and move into a new calendar year,
here’s best wishes to all, in hopes of a more healthy and prosperous New Year,
including you little No-mo.

It is also hoped that most of us will begin to take responsibility for how we live,
rather than pretend we have limited say in the matter.
We all share this responsibility, good and bad,
including you Jon boy!

As I see it, where there is a problem, more often than not,
we either fail to acknowledge it,
or we view others as the source of it,
when in fact, none of us, repeat, none of us should be casting stones;
not you, not me, and definitely not Justa.
We all pee in the same pool.

(Just funnin’ wid ya)

I’m not suggesting that oil, chemicals, junk-food,
junk from China, bad television, lumber and mineral harvesting, nukes, automobiles,
NBA shadiness, hair spray, crispy creams, hot water, stupidity,
porterhouse steaks, good weed
(oh, and rap, can’t leave out rap),
and many other things that we consume daily are either good or bad,
especially when consumed in moderation.
Not making a judgement on that. In fact, I love a lot of it.

I’m only saying that we have essential ultimate control
over the balance and condition of our lives, mother nature notwithstanding,
even though it often seems we would rather piss-and-moan about it,
rather than truly assume control in our own best interests.

When you consider all the ‘terrible things’
that so many of us are concerned about,
just remember one thing:

They (whoever ‘They’ is)
wouldn’t be producing and selling ‘terrible things’,
if We (That’s you and me),
weren’t buying and consuming these things, by the barrel,
across the board, every minute of our lives, from the day we are born,
and then raising our children to do the same.

Many would say that making the desired and required adjustments
are more easily said than done.

I beg to differ.

It is much more easily done than said,
besides, more than enough has been said already.
Getting over ourselves is the difficult part, it seems.

And to identify specific things that individuals can do to shift the paradigm...
well...that's a discussion for another time...if anyone is interested.

For now, the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Americans
don’t know how good they’ve got it.
Even some of the poorest among them, by comparison,
have got it great, believe me.

Only laziness and dishonesty about what needs to happen,
and this morbid, obsessive American fascination
with their own prophetic destruction will change that...
and that too may come to pass.
The rest of the world is watching...and scratching their heads.

As for me...

I am a member of the National Basket-Ballaholic Association.
There is no better distraction. You folks are at the center of it...
Without it, life would be, well, just too damn meaningful.

Hang in there America.
You’re still the best by far.
Everyone else knows that, even if you don’t.
But you’ve got em’ wondering. some simple solutions for the woes of the world,
but I'm afraid the Troupe from Hollyweird is beyond reclamation.
There is just something about old age.

Go Sacramento Kings of Basketball!



The thread was on "Kobe being a team player/elevating the play of his

In an earlier post, I had argued that the character has to be in the person.
You obviously feel that D-Fish has the character and I don't disagree.

So when you talk about Magic making his teammates better, a phrase that
I completely disagree with, does anyone *EVER* say that Magic's teammates
made "Him" better? Seriously?

In light of that context, I don't think you can argue that Fish has done as
much for Kobe as Kobe has done for Fish. All of the commentary on Kobe
before the NBA says that he was ridiculous and had the obscene work ethic
before he met Fish.

If you want to go with "as iron sharpens iron ... " , ok. I'm a big believer in that.

5 out of 7 Championships won, with corresponding MVP awards.

At least 2 HOF entries secured in the future, plus possibly a third (depending on how Pau finishes his career). Not to mention honors already bestowed to Magic, Worthy, McAdoo, Sharman, Riley, PJ, Chic, and Dr Buss.

Overall, another successful decade by the Lakeshow.

I suspect if this type of play continues, we may begin hearing rumblings from the "bigs" to get the ball inside more often and sooner. It reminds me of when "Snaq" was in town; there was a reluctance from Kobe to get the ball inside.

Now, maybe the team realizes that AB isn't 100% healthy so they don't want to rush him while he's on the floor but that's me just trying to pinpoint the "method to the madness." We "squeaked" by another team last night so all we can do is hope the team continues it's winning ways with improved execution in all facets of the game leading up to the week of the 17th where the Thunder, Mavs & Nuggets await us. All of the teams prior to that are "beatable" so let's pad that column with more "Ws" becasue we need them while we can get them.

Happy New Year!

@Sonny, that post kicked @ss. You're a deep and talented guy (just like our Lakers). You speak with so much negativity about Hollywood but the fact is that Hollywood for all it's faults and shortcomings is a National Treasure. Part of what the whole world sees about the US is filtered through it (some embarrassing and some not).

In any event, I wanted to say I loved what you said and I appreciate you being here on the Laker board. I hope you take Larry/Mamba24 up on his invitation to join us. At least until the Kings can regain their competitiveness.

Happy New Year!

so let's pad that column with more "Ws" becasue we need them while we can get them.

Posted by: frmkt | January 01, 2011 at 11:30 AM're the defending 2X champs and they need to claw for any type on WINS. Is this what you've been reduced too? The Lakers need to just SPANK some @ss, to get some much needed RESPECT. This is getting RIDICULOUSLY EMBARRASSING.

Reading some of you're comments from the last thread, smoking CRACK all night all night is just WRONG, not a smart way to CELEBRATE the New Year. Put down the PIPE... you know who you are.


Well, Sonnybelfast, that was quite an interesting and reflective New Year's message. And I might say, for me at least, it provides more of an insight into you and your motivations for visiting among us and sparring with us. Your sincerity in your expression is well received, and those of us who spar with you wish nothing but the best for you and your loved ones. May 2011 be a year in which our better aspirations are realized.

One more thing, since you specifically raised a Euro-centric perception of America. Allow me to offer a first-hand alternative characterization. I am an immigrant to America. I and my family fled from a former satellite of the Soviet Union and made our way through Western Europe to eventually settle in the United States.

Having done so, and having a first-hand knowledge and experience in the cultures, beliefs, and personal practices of Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the United States, there is nothing that anyone anywhere can tell me that will convince me that there is a country anywhere on the planet that is kinder, more caring, more compassionate, more ethical, or more fiercely protective of basic human freedoms and the worth of every individual than the United States of America.

No country in the history of Earth has done more selflessly for others, no country has sacrificed more of its wealth and more of the lives of its people to protect others, and now, no country has been so unjustly and so incorrectly vilified by those whose lives and freedoms it has fought to protect.

The day may indeed come when those forces aligned against America may yet destroy it. I would suggest that in your New Year's reflectiveness, you reflect on that possibility, and on what the world will look like if and when that happens.

Those of us, like me, who have lived under the alternative already know, and that is why we thank God that in our lifetime there was such a place as the United States of America.

Happy New Year to you and yours, Sonnybelfast.

Johnny V,

Thank you for the very kind words.
I too, agree that Hollywood is a National Treasure.
Sorry, can't take you up on your offer though.


G. Money,
Firstly, I'm so appreciative that you changed your moniker from Justa hater. Secondly, many of us here have been through many championship seasons. Point being that it's a long journey and it's a mistake to project what happens in the regular season and think that it holds water during the playoffs.

Yes, home court advantage means something.

Yes, poor play is an indicator that something does in fact need addressing.

HOWEVER, as I learned last season while we were all crying "The Sky is falling", and people like Corner J just kept saying, "Just contain your panic. None of it matters until the playoffs. (paraphrasing here)).

So, the Lakers have some "Work to do". They must learn how to play as a Group because the pieces have changed (dramatically IMO).

I watched as The Celtics stunk up the league last year and limped into the playoffs. Then they came within a quarter of winning it all "On the Road!"

So you can talk smack all you like (to some extent that's what this board is I guess). But you will learn if your Miami team can keep it together that while they bring an impressive array of talents to every game, it doesn't mean much when the games begin to really count. (Witness last years playoff Boston/Cavs).

Of course, you know all this. Maybe you're just excited about your team doing well and talking smack. But don't think we don't know better is all I'm saying. It's just talk and it doesn't mean much.

With our deeper lineup, we will enter the playoffs with healthier bodies. Rotations will shorten and minutes played increase for the key players. None of that is happening now. So, see you in the playoffs, if you make it that far.

you have to be kidding me if you feel fish has done more
for kobe thisis is one of the most overated player in history of the league and i have been playing and watching basketball for over 50 you fisher fan must
be living in the past or feel sympathy for fish. you have
to be a family member if you think fish is playing good right
now.once jackson retire and another coach take over i dont
know if fish could even make the team.oh i forgot kobe would
demand that he be kept on the team.

Bob T...

I would expect a man of your years to take a more mature view of Derek Fisher's value to his team. He's a starter on the 2 time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. If you've been watching as long as you say you have, think of Fish of something like KC Jones of the old Celtics. Never impressive with the stats, KC was a glue guy on those dynastic teams.

Fish has value. Has he lost a step? I guess. He was never that fast to begin with, and nobody can stay with any of the elite points in the league. Fish is a winner, plain and simple. You're more than entitled to your opinion, but I think it's a little one-sided. The Lakers can't have an All Star at every position.....not even Dr. Buss can afford that. Role players are an important, vital part of any championship squad.



You've got it all wrong.

Fisher is awful, terrible, useless, and untalented.

Just like Bob T said.

He should know.

He used to scout for the Miami Heat, until they go his report on D Fish in the off season.

They fired poor Bob, but what do they know about signing quality free agents......

fisher is wash up as a point guard.he would make a great advantage of having fisher start is this allows
kobe to shoot more because fisher sure cant.therefore kobe
can take his shots.jerry sloan mention that bob was fired i have never been involed as a agent or involved with any
pro ball club.i have been retired for over 20 years.

the only ones who think fisher is skillful are those who
are stuck in the past.i challenge all bloggers to just watch
fisher and how he plays against the top teams and if the
consensus is fisher still can help the team.i will accept it
and move on happy new year everyone.go lakers.



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