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Lakers break down 101-97 victory over New Orleans Hornets

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson

Lakers center Andrew Bynum

Lakers forward Lamar Odom

Lakers forward Pau Gasol

--Mark Medina

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A win is a win!

Lakers are taking care of the ball and defending better. Three straight wins. Their defense will really be tested against the Knicks pick and roll, drive and kick offense. Hopefully Matt Barnes will be back.

Hey guys. I started getting sick last night so I'll upload the rest of the video shortly. Unfortunately didn't get the chance to write a postgame wrap and there's an early Saturday morning practice so we'll have to call a mulligan for now

Hope you feel better MM...please give us any updates on Barnes and his MRI...

There is only one guard in NBA history who has scored more points than Kobe Bean Bryant. Perhaps it is time that we start referring to Kobe as "His Heirness."

Get better MM.

Lew (or anyone else) – Time for a quiz. What’s the common thread here?

Elvis Presley – Don’t be cruel

Little Anthony and the Imperials – Going out of my head

David Bowie – Young American (check out Luther on the background vocals…I think he co-wrote this one with Ziggy)

R. Kelly – Your Body’s Callin


Did you hear Phil mention Dan Issel yesterday when talking about the players ahead of Kobe on the scoring list? Good to see Phil recognize points scored in the ABA.

Lamar should be in the All Star Game...

Not even a sore shoulder slows him down...His 'suck it up" attitude reflects Kobe's warrior demeanor...

This is dedicated to LO...maybe he can use the theme for his new

Hey guys. Thought I felt better, but still a bit sick. Either Brez or BT will get the news up on Blake and Barnes from practice today. But other than that, we'll just call it a mulligan and hopefully I'm just listed as day to day!

Or for the more modern...and less 'old school'...

It was a good win, but I hate it when the Lakers let up in certain stretches of the game.
I want them to play the same level of energy for a LONG period of time.

But nevertheless, a win is a win!


A month and three days until the Lakers come to NYC to play the Knicks, and I'm going to be there! Hopefully I can meet Kobe!

LRob - not the same writer, not released by the same label...

I would have to say they were all Top 10 hits in their time...


Get well. It's only the practice season anyway. We need you healthy for the playoffs :)


Get well. It's only the practice season anyway. We need you healthy for the playoffs :)

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | January 08, 2011 at 09:28 AM

******** funny man...


Good guess but Young American didn't crack the top that's not it. It has something to do with "the King", Ziggy, Lil Anthony and R. Kelly....

You're right about Lamar. He's definitely All Star worthy!


Dan Issel. Talk about an iron man. The only thing I will say about that is that while his 27,482 points in his 15 year ABA/NBA career should be included on the all-time list, the ABA upped the ante in terms of style of play and volumes of points scored. Also, not that it applied that much to Issel, but the ABA had the three point shot until the merger in 1976 and the NBA didn't adopt it until Magic's first season, 1979-80. Issel's ABA/NBA points should be included with an asterisk. Do you question that the 1975 Kentucky Colonels would have given the NBA champion Warriors all they could handle? Hubie Brown called it hands down the greatest team he ever coached in "Loose Balls."

For that matter, Moses Malone should be ahead of Shaq because his actual ABA/NBA point total is 29,580. I maintain that Moses is the most underrated center of the NBA's all-time great centers.


Good guess but Young American didn't crack the top that's not it. It has something to do with "the King", Ziggy, Lil Anthony and R. Kelly....


Hmmmm...I'm guesses:
They were all influenced by Little Richard...
They all had a drug charge...
They were all uncircumcised...

Juste be sure to re-hydrate with Fluids, MM, we don't want you losing your electrolytes.

Hmmmm...I'm guesses:
They were all influenced by Little Richard...
They all had a drug charge...
They were all uncircumcised...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | January 08, 2011 at 09:47 AM

Lol. Drum roll please.....Elvis, Lil Ant, Bowie and R....were all born on January 8th! I thought I'd get you back from some of those tough quizzes you gave :-)

Damn!!! Good one LRob...

I usually check BDays...but I didn't this time...

Great Quiz for a Saturday morning...


[Get better MM. Flu and cold season gets even the best of people!]

ARROGANCE ~ Win back-to-back championships (on the heals of a loss in The Finals) and a team will justifiably develop a huge sense of confidence. The fine line between "confidence" and "arrogance" is sometimes razor thin. The Lakers pendulum tilts toward arrogance from the start due to both of their leaders, Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant, possessing generous egos. Their names rank high in the GOAT arguments. So this team faces multiple dimensions of arrogance that are simply human nature. We have seen the fallout of this arrogance since the fast start to this season.

HARDSHIP ~ Losses,,, injuries,,, losses,,, self-doubts,,, dissension,,, and did I say losses? These are elements that will dissolve arrogance and bring a team back down to earth. Ironic that it sometimes takes losing to foster a greater commitment to winning, but we all know it is true. A team has to respect their opponent; respect the reality that they could lose; respect the game itself, no short-cuts to success.

IN THE MIDDLE ~ At this point in time, our Lakers appear to be somewhere in the middle between "Arrogance" and "Hardship". Only time will tell when and if they learn their lessons and are rewarded with championship success. I for one believe this is all part of the process. Another point in history where my "Like Fine Art" perspective is brewing.

THE PAST ~ Previous years' successes fuel Laker confidence that success can be obtained now. But those successes also fuel opponents drive to dethrone the Lakers. Until the Lakers better respect this reality, they are vulnerable to being upset.

THE PRESENT ~ Within the month (by the All-Star break), we will witness evidence as to whether or not the Lakers are growing together in arrogance or respect. Hardships will confront them. Keep a watchful eye on the tone of their response, reflecting either more arrogance (on no!) or respect (I hope so!).

THE FUTURE ~ Anything ranging from a first-round playoff exit (no chance the Lakers MISS the playoffs) to another championship run awaits this team. That result will be directly proportional to which side of that razor-thin line between confidence and arrogance this team walks.



I think the 75 Colonels (Gilmore, Issel and Dampier …the all-time ABA leading scorer) would have definitely given GS a run for their money. Also Dr. J’s 76 Nets vs. Boston would’ve been interesting.

Yep, Moses is ahead of Shaq by 1,000 pts. I don’t think Shaq will catch him, unless he plays the 2012-2013 season.

Also Dr. J is #5 all-time behind only Kareem, Karl Malone, MJ and Wilt.

That’s a good point about the 3pt shot. Although Issel only made 10 in his ABA career, so no asterisk is really necessary. And of course, it was no factor for Dr. J and Moses.

R. Kelly – Your Body’s Callin

Posted by: LRob | January 08, 2011 at 09:10 AM

Laker Mike,

I enjoyed your random thoughts. However, I don't think a first round exit is possible. Really, I can't see this team losing to anyone in the Western conference. And if healthy I would still pick them to 3peat. But I'm not as strong in my conviction as I was before the season.


That's right! How could I forget about Julius Erving? While all the talk about the teams in the 80's is about the Showtime Lakers and the Celtics, the 1982-83 76ers, featuring former ABA greats Dr. J, Moses Malone and Bobby Jones, not to mention the stellar backcourt of Mo Cheeks and Andrew Toney, could have been the best of them all. That team had tremendous chemistry.

That’s a good point about the 3pt shot. Although Issel only made 10 in his ABA career, so no asterisk is really necessary. And of course, it was no factor for Dr. J and Moses.

Posted by: LRob | January 08, 2011 at 10:18 AM

Asterisk not for the three ball so much as for the fact that it was a different league with a wide open style of play which gave rise to today's NBA. I can live with no asterisk!

Am I the only one worried about the Lakers? I know they're winning - but look at how hard they are playing. Look how close the games are against bad teams. I think they're in big trouble, (and btw I love the lakers), but I can't see them being able to flip a switch and be a championship team - they look tired and worn out - esp Kobe. btw, Bynum looks better every game - I love his aggression - but I think his knee is still bothering him. Anf I think Kobe is injured but isn't saying anything about it. Having said that, I hope they make it to the finals this year.


That 83 Sixers team was so focused. They were not going to be denied. Here's what Earl Strom said about Doc...when he first saw him play in person. And he said this after having seen Wilt, Russ, Jerry, Big O and Elgin....


WHEN EARL Strom, then a referee in the old American Basketball Association, told a reporter that a skinny rookie forward was ''the greatest player (he had) ever seen in my life,'' ABA Commissioner Jack Dolph fined him $50 for voicing an inappropriate comment. The player was Julius Erving. Strom, in a story in this week's New Yorker, said he sent Dolph a check for $100 with a note saying, ''Here's an extra 50, because I'm telling you also that he's the greatest player I've ever seen.

Strom was a real character...the NBA doesn't have any showmen refs like that anymore.


Great post at 10:04 AM. I think it is still way too early to make any judgments about this team in relation to how it will perform in the playoffs. Health is always the #1 issue. Before last season I would have stressed the importance of finishing the season playing their best basketball, but then they swooned and flipped a switch. Arrogance is a key ingredient to success at this level and I think the Lakers channel that in a positive way. There are different types of arrogance and I don't thing that the Lakers will go into the playoffs overconfident or cocky, but I do think they will display the championship demeanor to their opponents that sends a message to them that they are not ready to be dethroned. If you want it, you're going to have to take it from us, i.e., win by a knockout! Except for the small forward position, this is a team that has bonded for 4 seasons now and these guys have a certain intangible know-how that, in my opinion, precludes measuring where they are now versus where they will be when every playoff team starts out 0-0 in Round 1. But excellent breakdown because you threw out what is important from a TEAM standpoint. You don't mention making changes or criticize certain players or talk about numbers which is really what impressed me.

Am I the only one worried about the Lakers?

Posted by: bluesberry | January 08, 2011 at 10:46 AM

Nope, you have come to the right place! You would be in the majority in here from my observations, although I think the better word is "concerned." Personally, I am in the minority. Too early to judge.

Interesting article regarding the possibility of CP3 making it to Lakerland:

I don't think this could ever work out unless the NBA wanted to punish the Hornets for some reason. The Lakers payroll is way over the cap for the next three years and who would NOLA take back in a trade? Fish? Artest? Blake? Brown? No, nope, nada, nyet.


Don't forget, if the three-point line existed during the 60s, Jerry West and the Lakers would've had at least one more Larry O'Brien trophy. The 63-footer of West would've won Game 3 and the championship in 6 games instead of losing to the Knicks in 7 games. Beantown would be sitting on 17 championships and the Lakers would have 17 too.




2.Mavs (3)
3.Lakers (2)
6.Denver (7)
7.NOLA (6)
8.Portland (Memphis) (Houston}

2,3 seeds, will change throughout the season. Along w/4,5,6,7 changing daily.

Given the Matchups and health, Spurs would take care of Portland, Houston presents an interesting challenge matchup wise, Houston doesn't have the Bigs to match up, they do have the youth, speed and athleticism to give SAS a scare.

Memphis is the darkhorse here, {nobody mentioned Lionel Hollins when speaking about the great Sixer teams; bad man.}they present a myriad of challenges for the Spurs, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol can have a huge impact as far as defense and rebounding are concerned.

I hope that Utah and OKC do end up playing each other. That would be a classic 7 game series for sure. It has the potential to even better than the Chicago- Celtic series a couple years ago, that was DRose coming out party.
Deron Williams vs. Russell Westbrook, KD vs. Jerry Sloan's flex defense, Scotty Brooks vs. Jerry Sloan. Very compelling Basketball.

I'm recalling back last March when it looked like the team was in complete disarray. It looked like they needed to just hang out together for a week and have the team leaders making the gestures to bring things together like they did before the '09 playoffs.

Suddenly they were hitting on all cylinders and playing hard for 48 min and boom Ring #2. I've learned my lesson on judging how early and mid-season play reflects on post season. Now I just hope for home court and leave it at that.




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