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Lakers blog profile: justanothermambafan regrets not attending Kobe Bryant's 81-point performance five years ago against Toronto


This is the 25th post in a series that helps you get to know members of the L.A. Times Lakers blog community. Feel free to send submissions to

Screen name: justanothermambafan

Story behind your screen name: I lurked on the blog for a VERY long time before I ever started posting. Of course, most everyone on here seemed to be fans of Kobe Bryant, the Black Mamba, as am I. But I also saw that everyone absolutely loved Mamba24. As a matter of fact, his energy, enthusiasm, poems, roll calls, etc was one of the main reasons I stopped lurking and started posting myself. The blog was more than just a place to get a Lakers fix. It was also a community thanks, in part, to the efforts of Mamba24. So ‘justanothermambafan’ partly represented my being a fan of his for what he does for the blog, but mainly because I’m a huge fan of the Black Mamba and what he does for the Lakers.


How I became a Lakers fan: Growing up in Canada, I was a hockey fan. I knew the teams, the players, and of course pretty much lived at the local arena in the wintertime watching my brothers play. (One of my brothers now has a son who was recently drafted out of high school to play for the N.Y. Islanders). Anyways, basketball was an occasional summer pastime for me, nothing more. Once I moved to attend the University of Toronto, other things took up space in my life and I never really followed any professional sport, although I played them all (not professionally of course)! Then when my now-hubby and I moved to California, I ended up making friends with a huge Lakers fan and started watching the games because of her.

I was hooked right away, and I couldn’t get enough! Once I found this blog (much, much later) WOW -- all bets were off. Hubby knows that when there’s a game on, the flat screen hi-def TV is MINE and the world around me ceases to exist until the final horn sounds, the fat lady sings and the post-game show is over. I watch every single minute of pre-season, regular season, post-season, interviews, reruns, classics, etc. Sometimes twice when there’s time. I’ve also developed a seething hatred of all things green. I’m a Lakerholic through and through and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel bad for my poor hubby. He’s not a fan of watching sports on TV at all. He won’t even watch more than a few minutes of the Finals with me. It’s crazy right? But he’ll go to a live sporting event with me, whether basketball or hockey, and completely enjoys himself so there’s still hope LOL! Meanwhile though, he’s a Lakers season widower.

Favorite Lakers memory of all time and of the 2009-10 season: Favorite all-time memory? Too many to recount: The Kobe-Shaq alley-oop against the Jail Blazers was electrifying and got the dynasty rolling! There are no words for Kobe’s 81-point game against the Raptors, although I’ll have more on that later. Kobe’s 62 vs. the Mav’s 61 through 3 quarters will forever be an unbelievable feat. Fish’s 0.4 will always be legendary. Horry’s big shot against the Queens -– an IN YOUR FACE moment if ever there was one! So many memories ... . They are all my favorites! We are truly blessed to be Lakers fans, for so many reasons.

My favorite memory from the 2009-10 season? Of course it can only be Game 7 -– winning Sweet 16! The play of Ron Artest that game was unbelievable. I was so nervous -– especially during the 3rd quarter. I couldn’t even pace around in front of my TV like I usually do during a close game. I was stuck in my seat on my couch with my laptop, tuned into the live chat and anxiously typing in “GO LAKERS!! LET’S GO YOU GUYS!! YOU CAN DO IT!! WE GOT THIS!!” As if that would help, and all the while freaking out thinking they’d better prove me right or I was going to have a heart attack!

(Of course my BFF Rick had the vodka shots and defibrillator on stand-by). When Fish tied it up in the 4th I knew we were going to win the Larry O. I just knew it. Then Fish ties it up -– and Kobe hit a shot (finally!) -- and Ron hit that 3 and blew kisses to the crowd -– add in truly stellar defense by Pau and Lamar –- and then the final rebound by Pau out to LO out to Kobe at the far end of the court -- and I was screaming and jumping around BUT only in my head. LOL! I still couldn’t move. I was just overcome by a huge sense of relief and an unbelievable joy. I was grinning from ear to ear like an idiot. I still am, just thinking about it! I have to say, though, that a very close second to that, maybe even tied for first, has got to be Ron’s postgame interviews both on the court directly afterward and then later in front of the media. Have you ever seen such joy?? “I’d like to thank my psychiatrist.” Have you ever heard anything so hilarious??!!! It was honest and unreserved and one of the most amazing reactions I’ve ever been privileged to witness. I’ll never forget it. I was laughing and crying the entire time. Even now I can’t stop smiling while I remember it, and I feel the exact same way every time I see it replayed -- every single time. By the end of it, I found I loved Ron for his sweet, almost childlike innocence and personality and honesty, much more than I loved him for his defense!

Most heartbreaking Lakers experience: Chick’s death, and Rick Fox crying during his eulogy. Kobe’s live announcement (Vanessa at his side) following the Colorado incident, with that horrible look on his face. The 2004 loss to Detroit, and having to endure the sight of Kobe and Fish crying on the sidelines. The 2008 loss to the Celtics, and that punk Paula dumping Gatorade on Doc while still on the court before the game even ended. I can’t write any more about these memories (more like nightmares). They still hurt like I just got sucker-punched. Favorite Lakers player: Kobe is my favorite player hands down. The determination and stubborn WILL to be the best, the focus and desire to do whatever it takes to win, are qualities that you can’t help but admire. He is truly old school, and yet he goes about his business with class, style and a dash of panache! He’s amazing. He is Mozart in sneakers. He is the daVinci of the hardwood. I know when that inevitable announcement comes, when he’s hanging them up for good, it will be an extremely sad day for me. I really hope he remains with the Lakers organization in some capacity, because as far as I’m concerned he needs to remain a Laker for LIFE, not just on the court but off. I also hope it’s in the public eye as I can’t imagine not seeing that smile anymore. However, that being said, I’ve got a special place in my heart for Lamar and Ron. The Queensbridge duo. They’ve been through so much in their lives, and to see them overcome adversity the way they have makes me so very happy. A part of me is uplifted when I think about that, and I smile.

Greatest all-time Laker: Chick Hearn. Who can deny how much he’s meant to the Lakers organization? Who can estimate how many people out there became Lakers fans because of him and his ‘words-eye view’? Forever Chick -– it’s in the refrigerator and the door’s closed.

Last time you went to a game at Staples Center and at the Forum: I’ve never been to the Forum for a Lakers game, and I can only imagine what it must have been like back in the day. There are days when I wish I had that hot tub time machine! I’ve been to a handful of games at Staples, and it really surprised me the first time I went how much different the experience was than what I expected. I can’t explain it. When you watch professional basketball on TV, you feel that it’s a big deal -- men taking on men in battle. That somehow it’s larger than life. Then when you get there, you find that it’s really just a great big echo-y cavernous kind of place with a bunch of kids duking it out on a tiny court. LOL! Is that weird? But of course I was enthralled with every play, every layup, every dunk. I couldn’t get enough even though I was in the nosebleeds, but the experience did teach me to never sit that far away again, as it was hard to distinguish who was doing what! Later, I was able to get seats for a couple of games about 10-12 rows up from the floor –- behind the visitor’s bench both times. One game was against the Clippers (who won. Meh) and the other time was against Dallas (who also won. Double meh). These were the Smush/Kwame years, so of course hardly any celebrities were attending the games.

I did, however, see Marge Hearn being escorted to her seat, and I also saw Jack Haley hustling to get on-camera to do the pre-game show while hubby and I were hanging at the bar before the game having a little snack. I also saw Paul Sunderland and Stu Lance on the court doing their thing. Also, since we had come early to that Dallas game I mentioned earlier, I walked all the way over to the Lakers side of the court and just plopped myself down 2 rows back from the court, still on the floor. Lamar, who was alone on the court warming up, looked right at me and smiled. Of course I smiled back! I stayed to watch the rest of the guys warm up and was totally amazed at how huge they are in real life. I just don’t come across guys that big on a normal day. Does anyone? I’m surprised the ushers didn’t give me the boot, although they did the next time I tried that. But of course the next time I was carrying some memorabilia to try and get autographs, so they saw me coming from a mile away and sent me back to my seat. I was so mad.


Opposing team, player you dislike the most: Easy. 1) Anything green. 2) Anyone who refers to themselves in the third person (yes princess -- that means you). 3) And of course anyone whose initials are MJ. Of course by now you know I didn’t see Michael play in his day. So then why the hate you ask? Well let me tell you a story about that. But I can't write it all here. But that story caused me to REALLY hate him. Still do, and even more so since that now-infamous Hall Of Fame speech. I’d love to give him a wedgie with his own freaking Fruit of the Looms. Punk.

Interactions with Lakers players: Well, the Lamar smile moment counts, right? Also, a few years back I got in line at a new Circuit City that was opening across the street from my house. The main attraction was going to be Big Game James Worthy! Hubby wouldn’t come due to lack of interest on his part (unbelievable I know) so I had to stand in that stupid line alone, with my neighbor and his little kid. The neighbor was too busy drinking to watch his kid, but not too busy to try and chat me up. Eww. I finally get to the front and to my dismay no Big Game James. However, A.C. Green was there and was so very nice to me and everyone else too. He signed my hubby’s throwback warm-up that I had brought along (a gift I had got him -- Minny blue) and a Lakers basketball for me. (After I got what I came for I couldn’t wait to get home and shower –- stupid neighbor LOL)!

Another time hubby and I were in Vancouver, Canada, a while back working on our visas. We’re from Canada and this was before we became U.S. citizens. Anyways, we were walking down some random street, just hanging out and doing a little sight-seeing, and who comes lumbering in our direction but Wilt Chamberlain. WILT FREAKING CHAMBERLAIN. Yup. And he recognized hubby because they had previously met at a bar in Toronto (The Copa) and had got to chatting. (I have a picture of them together at that bar. Hubby, who is 6-foot-1, looked like a little kid beside him. It’s hilarious!) Anyways he was very nice, and as I said he stopped to chat for a bit, although I have no idea what he said. I was in awe. He was HUGE. I mean -– VAN huge! When he shook my hand, my entire forearm almost disappeared from view. I was a total geek.

Most cherished piece of Lakers memorabilia I have: I have the signed A.C. Green warm-up and basketball. Of course I’ve got assorted Lakers gear, plus my Chick Hearn, Kobe Bryant and Shaq jerseys, but nothing I especially cherish. I really need to get some good stuff -- help me out people!

Memorable stories about being a Lakers fan: OK, you’re gonna die. No really -– DIE. Of course you remember Kobe’s 81-point game, right? Who doesn’t? I mean it was historic, so of course y’all remember it. Well –- that particular day I really wanted to go to the game because I hadn’t been in a very long time. I had gotten a bonus from work, so I had the money to get some pretty decent seats for me and hubby, and we even had the time as neither of us had to work. So I’m online looking for the best seats I can find, and I find a couple about 10-12 rows up right where I like to sit. They were perfect! And you guys know those seats -– close enough to see the sweat but not close enough to get hit by any of it. Excellent!

Anyways, I’m looking at the price, and looking at the stack of bills on my desk, and looking back at the price and so I start thinking to myself: It’s the Raptors. They’re terrible. The Lakers are going to win. It’s just regular season. I can see the game better on TV. I won’t have to fight traffic. I won’t get home late. I’ll be more comfortable at home. I won’t be tired tomorrow. I’ll be able to watch all the replays, AND I’ll be able to pay off a couple of bills. So yeah, I decide not to go. And Kobe goes off for an historic performance that will never be repeated in this era of modern basketball -– and I get a couple of freaking bills paid. I throw up in my mouth every time I think about it. I’m still pissed off too. Can you tell? ARGH.

And so there you have it. My name is Marina AKA justanothermambafan, and I’m a very proud Lakerholic. I’m just as proud to be a member in good standing of the LAT Lakers Blog –- the best blog in the world thanks to MM giving us our regular fix! We have such an amazing, diverse community here, and it’s truly a pleasure to be associated with all of you. (Well, most of y’all, trolls excluded of course). I can honestly say that it’s much more fun hanging with you and watching a game than I ever thought possible. Thank you all, for making my Lakers experience that much more enjoyable, and my life that much richer. Special thanks to phred (my editor), wes, LakerLass and 63 -– and the other main-stays of the renegade chat. As phred says, it’s all about the love.

-- Mark Medina

E-mail the Lakers blog at

Photos, from top: Kobe Bryant stands on the scorers' table at Staples Center after the Lakers defeated the Celtics to win the 2010 NBA title last June; from middle: Bryant stares down the Golden State crowd after hitting a three-pointer in the final minutes Wednesday in Oakland; from end: justanothermambafan features a mug shot of a "Silly LeBron, Rings are for Kobe" T-Shirt as her avatar during Lakers game chats. Credits: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times; John G. Mabanglo / European Pressphoto Agency; justanothermambafan

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There it is!

Justa's profile.


I echo Magic Phil, awesome profile Justa!

justa, baybeee!! What a great profile. We MUST catch a game soon! I'm quite impressed with your effort. As for missing that 81 point outburst, I blew it, too. My buddy and I had tickets, but we both had prior obligations and he gave them away to friends. Uggggh! Kobe was flat out robbed of the MVP that season. Who cares.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

JUSTA!!! It's obvious you put a lot of thought and effort into your profile. Thank you for sharing and yes: YOU HAVE THE POWER!!

@JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN… Thank you for sharing your profile. I loved the stories, especially meeting Wilt. How totally cool. I just taped Kobe’s 81 and now I’ll have your bittersweet memory to go with it. I also loved your bow of appreciation to Mamba24, the heart and soul of this blog. A true pleasure to finally know you name, Marina. Mrs. LakerTom and I must find a way to share a drink someday with you and your hubby. I’m justanother…justanothermambafan…fan.

Lovely ! Kinda heartwarming too . Pleasure getting to know you a little bit Justa.

Stay crazy..Stay awesome girl :)

Hmmm....when Jerry West speak we listen. Here's his thoughts on the Lakers.

Posted by: LRob | January 22, 2011 at 11:18 AM

Here are my thoughts. First of all, I am a huge fan of The Logo and read Roland Lazenby's superb book, "Jerry West: The Life and Legend of a Basketball Icon" this summer. I have nothing but the utmost respect for him and, yes, when he speaks, I listen.

HAVING SAID THAT, wasn't this a direct challenge to Kobe Bryant? Wasn't it just last season when he challenged Kobe by saying that LeB'roid had surpassed him as the game's best player? Didn't we see Kobe dive for a loose ball last night unlike we have seen him do this season and also actually try to take a charge (the worst part of his game)? Isn't it curious how he said that we're old, yet the team he chose as the NBA's best starts 3 core players who are older than our core players?

Let's face it, those remarks were all for motivation. The Logo is getting a little "long in the tooth" himself, so comments like this must be taken with a grain of salt. He still has nightmares about the Celtics, so what's he supposed to say? I'm glad he offered his opinion.



Hi Justa. Nice profile…YES!!!!!! So where to start? First let me say, Canada’s loss is the Mamba Clans & Laker Nations gain. Thank you God!! Since we are both of the Mamba Clan, it follows that we have the same favorite player, Kobe Black Mamba Bryant and also share some of the same favorite Laker moments. For greatest Laker I say Kobe, but if you say Chick, that’ll work. We both had the same reaction to Ron’s game 7 press conference, but the fact you met Wilt…WOW!! But then - you poor dear - you had a chance to go to Kobe’s 81 point game & passed on it? THE HORROR!! Sorry... Paying bills is also good. ;-)

If I was among one of many reasons that you started blogging on Lakers Blog – and boy am I flattered – then you are the main reason I remain on Lakers Blog. Your humor – You Are Funny Damnit - keen insight of the game, intelligent spot on comments and steadfast Laker loyalty is AWESOME. You helped make this Blog the 2 time award winner that it is. You also helped make it more than just a blog, but a FAMILY. RC Chat, The Mamba Clan, Lakers Nation & the World itself are better places because of you Justa. So I confess – to no ones surprise - that I, yes I, am also a Justanothermambafan Fan. Well Marina thanks, for giving LakersBlog a slice of the life of Justanothermambafan, a true Lakerholic. You have all my respect, admiration & love my Sister. Oh one more thing & yes I truly have to say it…OUT FREAKIN STANDING MA’AM!!!!
HIT IT!!: _ I Love L.A.

Whoo-hooo! justa's profile: justified wait, justified reward. Who knew you looked so much like Kobe? The similarity is striking!

@OUTLAW… Thanks for comments about Drew. He definitely has a quiet calm and confidence right now that he can handle anybody. Offensively, the Nuggets could not keep him out of the deep post. Defensively, he made so many players miss shots at the rim in the first half that few challenged him in the second half. Now he just needs to stop picking up silly fouls away from the basket.

Justa - GREAT PROFILE! I've had a hard time getting on the chats and posting these days - work is just kicking my butt - but I'm so glad I had a chance to tune in today and pay my respects!


Great profile. Fun stories. It was well worth the wait.

My song dedication for you is one that’s all about how people choose there friends. Thanks for being such a great friend to the blog. And for letting me be down with you. :-)

Erykah Badu – Apple Tree

(snippet of lyrics)

See I pick my friends like I pick my fruit
Granny taught me that when I was only a youth
I don’t walk around trying to be what I’m not
I don’t want to waste time trying to get what you got

And if you don’t want to be down with me
You don’t want to pick from my apple tree


Sweet music/video selection for justa! Loved it!!

sweet profile Justa, you're the bomb!

@Corner J – Congrats on RCOTD.

@frmkt – Excellent take on the “Melo Drama”….I concur.

@MVP – Jerry is correct that the Lakers are getting long in the tooth, but they’ll make the necessary moves to stay championship contenders. They always do. As far as the Celtics beating the Lakers did year…let me put it this way…I WILL NOT defer to Jerry on that one!

We need more profiles people. If Justa can submit hers...then no one is off limits.

WOTS is that everyone that has submitted a profile name will go in a drawing for playoff tickets :-)


Just freaking awesome. Thanks for sharing!


Just fricken awesome.

Radical beyond the bounds of radicalness in all its radtacular forms!

Top notch, girl! Top notch!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



Have you noticed that Drew looks a lot meaner recently? He doesn't look like the lovable kid I used to cherish.

Though it concerns me a bit, his play on the court has been a lot more aggressive. I guess one needs sometimes to develop a bit of an ego to play that way.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Very Nice Marina. I wish I had more time to chat...


Justa...Thanks for sharing that awesome profile!! You truly are a Lakerholic.. Wish we could have seen your picture though.
@Mamba24.. In case you're lurking, Good luck to your Bears and Steelers!!

Actually NewMexicoLL I'm on my honeymoon, but thanks for the best wishes for the Bears.

@JAMF - Thanks for your valued presence on this blog!

Whoo-hooo! justa's profile: justified wait, justified reward. Who knew you looked so much like Kobe? The similarity is striking!

Posted by: 63 Footer | January 22, 2011 at 03:44 PM

Justa (aka: Queen of the blog & RC):

Congratulation, you did it! I will look forward to see you in person after we won #17.

And again, your love for the team is quite infectious. When I think about LAT Lakers Blog; two names pop in my mind immediatley, you and our brother Mamba24. And yes, it's all about the love as 63 said it (And Stoli 1000 too, right 63?).

@KobeMVP888, thank you my brother. Only justanothermambafan could cause me to interrupt a honeymoon to give her, her just due...Carry on!
@LakerTom, thanks for the kind words my brother and Idol!

@Wallace, one bottle of Stoli in the mail sir. Lol! You know you are too kind.
OK duty calls, Love ya Lakers Nation!! And Justanothermambafan, you are nothing short of ...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Packers!!!

Go Steelers!!!

Regarding the future of the Lakers AFTER this season...

There are two factors we need to remain dominant next year:

1. The team needs to become Andrew Bynum's team. He needs to become our go-to guy with Kobe taking on a greater facilitator role.

2. Assuming that Phil leaves, we need a coach who can instantly take the reigns of a veteran team who already have a set dynamic.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Laker Amigos, thanks for the kind words on the RCOTD. I'm in Provence on some R&R and just happened to check the blog in the middle of the night here. My posting will be limited for another week, but I'll be back in time for the one we're all waiting for...the 2011 Finals Preview...Lakers vs Septics...Mortal Combat. Man, I can't wait. I'm guessing the Lakers are going to be seriously ready for that one just to shut up everyone (Logo, say it ain't so!) who's been yapping that we're too old. I guess logo forgot to use his age calculator on his pick for top team.

justa, baybeeee, we all loved your profile, but...where the heck is your picture...the one in your favorite outfit ("Purple Mesh") and your favorite saying ("moisturize, moisturize, we frappe the Septics")???

Laker Tom, our shared view that Bynum is the key to #17 was there for all to see in Denver. He's finally at a point where he's confident out there and is just beginning to enjoy dominating the other teams' kinda-sorta-bigs. I expect him to do a "demo" of coming consequences for the Septics. If the Septics aren't feeling old by then, they will after Bynum and our Lakers get through with them.

Au revoir, Laker Amigos...LET'S RIDE!!!


First of all, thanks JUSTA. For reasons to many to number, a collective cheer of thousands has gone out at the unveiling of your profile.

Secondly, for me it is a real "pick-me-up" to see so many of the mainstays' names appear in this thread. No doubt about it, JUSTA,,, you bring the best out of us all!

Lastly, THIS is why I am attached to this blog. Old regulars and new regulars able to blend our collective perspectives and passions together like cousins on the holidays.

Thanks again, MM
LakerMike (and MrsLakerMike too!)

What a memorable day...we finally get to read justa's profile...

It was worth the wait justa...Great profile and I enjoyed every word...

We have a similarity that we both were attracted to the blog because of Mamba24...

Well I consider it an honor to share this season with you...we can witness together as our glorious Lakers add to their Legacy...

Another coincidence, this is both our first year in Fantasy BB...and I love Vodka too...No wonder we are #1 and #2 in the

Keep on keeping on Marina...

phred - If I ever become a will be my editor...


"Old regulars and new regulars able to blend our collective perspectives and passions together like cousins on the holidays. "

This is when the blog is at it's best.

It's at its worst when we move from jovial discussions of basketball and life and get caught up with defending off trolls.

Unfortunately, to get to the point where we have a c0mmunity together, we kind of have to go to war together against those who would do little more than defile the group. It's a weird, seemingly unavoidable law of life in the cyberverse.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"He's finally at a point where he's confident out there and is just beginning to enjoy dominating the other teams' kinda-sorta-bigs."

I see that too. It seems that Andrew is developing his inner Kobe.

To quote Socks: "GIVE ME THE F'ING BALL!!!"

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mamba24 congrats on the nupitals!

Yes, Mamba24!


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mamba24 on his honeymoon...Congrats bruh...but what are you doing in front of the computer...go take care of business

Good Luck...Wishing you nothing but happiness...


Ahah! FINALLY, the profile I've been waiting for. Kudos Justa for a profile that's heart-felt, brimming with enthusiasm and love for the Lakers. You brought back so many great memories about my own experience as a Laker fan. I always thought you were here with the blog right from it's maiden voyage in cyber world. So, you lurked and it was Mamba24 who got you contributing regularly. I guess, you paid it forward, because for a long time I lurked here too, at least 3 freakin' years! It was your warmth and kindness when I first came to the chats that finally pushed me to participate in the blog.

Also, when I found out you are actually a woman, I was blown away. I was delighted to find a woman who knows what she's talking about when it comes to the Lakers and basketball and that the other bloggers recognized that too. That was the push that got me to 'come out of the closet' and contribute to the blog finally.

Mamba24 GOT MARRIED!!!!! Congratulations, bro. How exciting.....

I am a bit annoyed, having lived in Vancouver most of my life, that I have never met Wilt.

Great profile Justa!! Canadian pride wooooooooo


\o/ @ Justa Marina!
\o/@ Mamba on his honeymoon!

Ariza is KILLING the best NBA team...


Mamba24 got MARRIED!!!!!



Congrats Mamba24 - even better than the Friedman!

Until today, I dunno what to believe whether we continue with the charade of you as a man or a woman. You opened up to us with strong mantra with quizzical insights. I apologize for that misunderstanding but it's really hard to gauge the woman's touch in Justa. Your posts are just too decisive and challenging. Well, that perception is now closed. Thank you Marina for delighting us with your profile and sweet insights. Your profile is excellent and please extend our utmost gratitude to your hubby for sharing his beloved partner to the blog.

You referred to yourself as a 'holic which I do respect ( a close-knit association concocted by my friend). It would be unfair to exclude other Laker fans in general who have been around before this blog if you're exclusively a 'holic. Laker fans come from all ages, from many countries, from different generations, from different social strata who don't even blog. Justa, the original Canadian is part of them too, she belongs to everybody with passion that was inspired by the late Chick Hearn and carried along by the Laker winning tradition.

Mamba24, Congrats. Now continue the honeymoon before Mrs. Mamba24 gets mad at us. If you have time in between, can you please introduce Mamba12, which the half of Mamba24 to your blog family? Another profile would suffice.

Hello everyone. I thought it was about time to check in today. I was nervous having my profile up there - flapping in the breeze for everyone to see - but you have all made me feel so... loved. Thank you for your sweet, heartfelt comments. I truly appreciate all of you and the way you contribute to my happiness - even in small ways. There's nothing like a great place to share my love of the Lakers with friends. That's what we have here. Thanks for accepting me into your lives, as it were. It's always a pleasure to check in here and find you all gathered in one place - like family at the dinner table - sharing stories, experiences and thoughts. I love it here, and it's all because of you. Thank you.

Class act Justa. Class act.

Justa - I'm late to the party but just wanted to say what a beautiful, heartfelt piece that was. Much, much respect, always.

Man, you don't check the blog for a few hours and you can miss all kinds of stuff:

Justa - excellent profile. Even more stuff than I've gotten out of you over the last few months!

Mamba24 - Congrats!, now don't come back until the proper newlywed interval expires.

Easy E - nice try, but go away.


Congratulations, Mamba 24, the straw that stirs this drink and

JAMF, go girl, excellent... but am I the only one a bit disappointed to have waited all this time and no pic?

Justa today you made my day with your profile! You could hang with me anytime because your just that cool. By the way you were saying somethng today. Keep your swag!! Your blog nemesis chuck23!!!LOL


Wish you the very best in your marriage. I'm happy for you, my brother! Have a great honeymoon...

And I mean what I say! Your uplifting spirit and penchant for the team give all of us the inspiration to wake up and proud to be the Lakers fans!! Day in and day out...Carry on, sir!


I have read very few of the profiles all the way through. With you, I eagerly hung on every word.

Why? Because, just as Mamba24 is the mainstay of the daily posts, you are the mainstay, in my mind, of the liveblogs. Your always being there makes it feel like a community instead of a random room of strangers.

If this blog is great (and it is) then that is largely due to your participation. We appreciate and thank you for your dedication. Despite what your name suggests, in my book, you're an exceptional mamba fan.

Thanks again and


What a day!!! Justa's profile, and Mamba24, who knew, Congrat's to you and Mrs Mamba and much happiness to you both! She is one lucky lady!! Now carry on! Justa, you are very eloquent with your word's, that's why you are a blog fave!!!!

mamba24 go enjoy your honeymoon!!!!! congratulations!

@JAMF-It is nice to meet a legend such as yourself! Nice profile!

Justanothermambafan, great profile. Thank you for sharing. Love you and miss you a lot sister.

JAMF- Finally, excellent profile lady. I've always said you've got game, you have madd game Marina.

Congratulation my brother Mamba24, marriage can be good.

Almost missed it, drinks on me.

Finally! the much awaited profile of Ms. H&M...

Hey Justa (Marina) - excellent profile...thanks for sharing your stories, I enjoyed reading 'em...

btw, where's your picture???

M24 - add my sincerest best to all the rest.

Here's a thing I'm concerned about...

{Jon K. prepares for pebbles to be thrown at him}

Opposing players are trying to hurt Blake Griffin.

Seriously. Watch the tape. He is making them look stupid and they are litterally trying to injure this guy... who will hopefully someday be the face of the league and a Laker because Donald Sterling WILL SCREW THIS UP! IT'S WHAT HE DOES!!! THE LAKERS NEED TO BE THERE TO PICK UP THE PIECES!!!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



AWesome!!!! :)

By the way, I am strongly convinced that "True Lies" is Arnold Swartzenegger's finest perfomance as an actor.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.



"I’d love to give him a wedgie with his own freaking Fruit of the Looms. Punk."

That wouldn't be possible. Michael Jordan rocks Hanes.



What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I'm prepping for the apocalypse... because justa actually sent in her profile!

Great to meet you officially Marina. You're a true treasure in this blog community and are a reflection of what every Laker fan should be: passionate, intelligent, and dedicated!


PS - As a hockey fan, do you ever attend Kings games? I'm a season ticket holder and love the Kings as much as I do the Lakers! We gotta talk some hockey too!


Your profile was worth the wait! MM, get this lady to the ASG!!!! She fulfilled her promise (finally!!!! lol...)

L.O.and Ron Ron are such great people, they both have something inside of them that shines. Big hearts. Glad to see they are your faves outside of the mamba (although I already suspected that... ).

Sad for you to have missed the Kobe 81-pt game. Don't feel too bad though, Joel Meyers missed it too! lolz...

It's a pleasure to share the blog with such an upbeat, pleasant and positive person such as yourself justa. You are a big part of what makes this place as great as it is!

One thing though, took you loooong enough..... =P

TO MAMBA: CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! Very happy for you. If I may...


Now carry on with your honeymoon!!!!!

Had a couple of things to say 'bout the purple and gold, aw forget it. More important things happened round here today so I'll leave this post at that....

Cya in a day or two - still doin' the nerd thing and finishing up the new compu...


wow, still can't believe justa finallllllllllly turned in her profile! lol...

This was Justanothermambafan's party and I did not mean to barge in. I simply wanted to congratulate my closest friend on the blog about her outstanding profile, that I like most had been eagerly awaiting. Justa, I'm sorrrrrrrrry!! There goes that mamba24 again, demanding the spotlight when it's your day to shine. While I’m here I need to clear up a little misunderstanding. I was married January 1st, came back after 2 weeks to try to calm down the Blog & then left again. And this is not mamba24's 1st marriage, it's his 3rd...nooooooooooooo! WTH? Lol! Yes, kinda like my own personal 3-Peat and get ready...all 3 times to the same woman. LOL!! Yes sounds like that Mamba24 huh? She’s probably the only woman that would put up with all my Drama. LMAO! Again thanks for your good wishes Laker Nation. Marina my BFF...sorry for intruding on your party. See ya'll January 30 for the Boston game. And JUSTA...OUT FREAKIN STANDING MA'AM!!!! KUDOS!!!

Justa (Marina) - Thanks for your profile! I have always enjoyed reading your posts and agree that it is Mamba 24 that makes it inviting. I lurked for many years before writing anything as well. I always assumed you were a woman and probably a “hottie”… ;-)

Mamba24 – Congratulations! I hope you aren’t reading this… ;-)

I am a Lakerholic.


Very few things in life are worth waiting for...but your profile certainly was. Thank you for sharing and for your participation on the blog. You truly help to make this site a special place.

And...I must say that I really enjoyed your writing style. You have got a best-seller in you, somewhere! Seriously!!


It goes without saying that I wish you and your new missus nothing but the best and all the happiness the world can offer....but I'm going to say it anyway!!

Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!! OUT FREAKIN' STANDING!!


They say the third time is the charm!!!

*roflmao* Mamba24!!!!! Married 3 times to the same woman!!!! Well, at least you're consistent and this is a threepeat indeed. Three times a charm bro, if not, I'm sure there's no rule on how many times you get to marry the same person, right? If I were her, I'd be pretty pleased with the number of honeymoons I get to finagle out of the same guy. Just kidding ;)

Justa - I went away this weekend and missed this awesome post until now. Please know its been so great getting to know another female Lakerholic like you! Thanks so much for your insight and love of all things Lakers.

And a little spooky - but when I read this, there were 81 comments. Crazy! So, now I am 82.

Really great stories and fun memories about this last title. It seems we were both doing and feeling the same exact things.

Cheers to you!

Mamba 24 - congrats to you as well.
And was that an UTZ sighting on the post or is he still boycotting? Come back UTZ, we need your prayers!

Ciao - PLG

""I’d love to give him a wedgie with his own freaking Fruit of the Looms. Punk."

That wouldn't be possible. Michael Jordan rocks Hanes.
Posted by: never | January 23, 2011 at 12:31 AM"

Sometimes when inaccuracies such as this are made they are an effective method of expressing lack of care or interest....perhaps as far as to disdain. If Justa had correctly used "Hanes" would have showed that Jordan got the brand into her brain. Since she used "Fruit of the Looms"'s like sarcasm, whether intended or not. Personally, I spent many a moment wondering how much Tiger Woods enjoyed driving Buicks to his 'rendezvoulezvou's"....none, I suppose.

Justa, great profile sharing, some interesting moments, showing you are true Laker fan and a great person.

(Mamba24...has been quiet, good...congratulations)


BEAUTIFUL! Our Justanother Mamba Fan is a blog treasure and I'm so glad to read all about her. I love her passion and energy and undying love/dedication to our Lakers.

BANNER DAY on the Blog (yes I realize this thread was put up yesterday, but I was at a friends wedding!).

I'm happy and proud to know you Justa, well done!

Justa! I am glad to finally read your profile. How heartbreaking to have just missed out on number 81. What a magical night.

You are such an interesting and eccletic person. Now, I know for sure that I have chosen to proper person to be a disciple of. You come by your Laker love and knowledge honestly.

I dig that.

I will always follow you (on the blog).




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