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Lakers and Kobe Bryant each share a nuanced view on his scoring tendencies

This issue will never reach universal agreement. This issue will always spark heated reactions from both sides of the argument. And the validity of those arguments will be based on the details surrounding each game.

We're talking of course about Kobe Bryant and his scoring mentality, an issue that has remained prevalent throughout his 15-year career, but one that has softened the last three seasons because of his supporting cast. Still, the never-resolved debate on when Bryant's ability to score at will becomes a team necessity, or something that just hurts the team in the long run, typically reaches conflicting viewpoints. The issue has popped up recently with the Lakers (23-11) entering Tuesday's game at Staples Center against the Detroit Pistons losing four of their last six games, a stretch where the Lakers have mostly lacked an offensive identity and a stretch where Bryant has taken 103 of the team's 384 shots and made only 45 of them.

The Lakers welcomed the debate after Monday's practice at the team's facility in El Segundo, a day after Lakers Coach Phil Jackson shared nuanced comments about Bryant scoring 17 of his team-high 28 points in the third quarter of the Lakers' 104-85 loss Sunday to the Memphis Grizzlies.

"We get behind early in the third quarter on some stupid plays, poor passing and poor transition defense," Jackson said after the game. "Kobe has to screw up the game and start energizing the team by going one on one. It takes the rest of the guys out. As a consequence, that didn't bring us back in. It did give us a little bit of run. But we couldn't sustain it. We came right back and made the same mistakes again."

Jackson clarified his comments after Monday's practice, aware that the term "screw up" threw out the wrong connotation and made it much easier to take his quote out of context.

"When the game starts getting out of hand, rightfully so, Kobe will crank it up, not screw it up," Jackson said. "I use that term screw it up but not in terms of being an error or mistake, but crank it up and he'll go to another notch to try to get us back in a ball game. That's something we do in the fourth quarter. That's our fourth quarter action. That's how we win ball games. We have to crank it up and do it in the fourth quarter. We didnt have much in the gas tank after that."

Before you conclude Jackson and Bryant are having behind-the-scenes turmoil, take a deep breath. Jackson's comments above and Bryant's comments below characterize the same view in that his scoring spree certainly takes others out of the game offensively, but becomes a necessary evil when the Lakers' game plan in running the triangle and finding shots for Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom isn't working. Bryant scored 15 consecutive points and cut the Grizzlies' lead to 58-56 with 5:33 remaining in the third quarter, but the team allowed Memphis to end the period with a 79-62 lead. Bryant hadn't tried taking over the game earlier since Bynum, Gasol and Odom scored 16 of the team's 18 points in the first quarter. They only scored seven the rest of the way, as the team became plagued with poor ball and player movement while committing 20 turnovers. The fact the Lakers' offense also collapsed after Bryant's hot shooting wasn't a byproduct of his scoring spree because it wasn't there in the first place.

"I've been around Phil for as many years as I have, we all understand that he likes coaching publicly," Bryant said. "I think it's important for the new guys to understand that -- Ron, Pau, guys have issues with that. You see myself, you see Fish, we understand that's how he coaches. It's fine. Let him do his job and you go about your business. But he was right. I totally broke the offense. But I did it intentionally because we needed to get something started. We were doing it and it wasn't working. I tried to kick-start it. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't.  But that's my responsibility. When it works out, great. When it doesn't, take the criticism for it but I have thick enough skin to be able to do that.

"I was trying to win the game," Bryant continued. "We were playing like. . . . We all were. I was trying to get something going and pump a little energy to us and get something going. It just didn't work out. Phil doesn't care how many shots I take. He just wants me to take it inside the offense. Yesterday was one of those things where it was [get away from] the triangle, I need to get something going and try to save this damn game."

What adds more intrigue to Bryant's scoring mentality is the other four games revealed other tendencies regarding his scoring spree. Very little of the offense worked against Miami and San Antonio, but his combined 15-of 43 shooting shows his unwillingness to make changes when his shot didn't fall. With Bynum, Gasol and Odom combining for 53 points in the Lakers' 103-88 victory Wednesday over New Orleans, Bryant gladly took a backseat and scored 20 points on an eight-of-14 clip. And with the offense again out of sync last week against Philadelphia, Bryant scored 10 of his game-high 33 points in the fourth quarter to secure a 102-98 victory. Clearly, the appropriateness of Bryant's scoring sprees are based on what's happening in the game, a sentiment Gasol acknowledged.

"We all are familiar with his game and ability to score and ability to take over games," Gasol said. "Sometimes it's a double edged sword. It can keep you in the games and sometimes win you games, but it can also lose you games. We're more effective and more successful when our offense is balanced and everybody is contributing. We all know that.

"We're in good shape when everybody is scoring 10-plus points and getting good looks. The offense will do that for you. Everybody should be responsible for that. We all have to be aware of our advantages and strengths. From our perspective, maybe because I'm one of the inside guys, we should be pounding guys every night. No matter what. Then play off that. I don't think me and Andrew have the need to shoot and get over 20 attempts a game. But if we set the tone early and keep getting the ball in there, it creates penetration and defenses have to adjust. We put guys in foul trouble, That's some things we want to continue to and focus on."

The Lakers did just that against Memphis, as indicated by the front line's strong start. But with Gasol committing five turnovers, Bynum acknowledging he lacked aggressiveness and Odom falling into the same trap, Bryant took matters into his own hands. That doesn't absolve him of blame from his three turnovers or his poor effort on defense. But as far as scoring? Bryant played the right card and put the Lakers in the best position to win. The rest of the team just didn't respond.

"I think we call it Kobedar," Bynum said. "Everybody just gives the ball to him and watches. When we play like that, it's tough for everybody to get into a rhythm."

Clearly, the whole team, Bryant included, agrees in theory on the mechanics over when it's suitable to take over games. But he poses an additional challenge. How does a team measure that in a game that's often based on feel and momentum? Jackson argued last season that Bryant's scoring sprees become warranted when he shoots at least 50%. There's the Lakers' 18-3 mark when he shoots fewer than 20 shots.  And Jackson and Fisher have argued in past seasons that teammates shouldn't pass Bryant the ball if his scoring spree comes at the expense of a productive offense. The Lakers have shown a mixed bag in that department.

But at least the Lakers agree in theory on how Bryant should run the offense. The next step entails ensuring consistent execution.

"There've been nights when I've done it and nights where it worked and everything is fine and nights like the other night," Bryant said, referring to the Lakers' loss to San Antonio. "You take the good with the bad. That's part of the job in the seat that I sit. It is what it is."

--Mark Medina

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GG wrote: I'm sick and tired of people defending Kobe!

and Phil Jackson said:

Jackson clarified his comments after Monday's practice, aware that the term "screw up" threw out the wrong connotation and made it much easier to take his quote out of context.

"When the game starts getting out of hand, rightfully so, Kobe will crank it up, not screw it up," Jackson said. "I use that term screw it up but not in terms of being an error or mistake, but crank it up and he'll go to another notch to try to get us back in a ball game. That's something we do in the fourth quarter. That's our fourth quarter action. That's how we win ball games. We have to crank it up and do it in the fourth quarter. We didnt have much in the gas tank after that."

my response: so ... maybe now we can stop trying to bury the one who's
trying to save us?

Nah. Kobe sucks! I'd rather have a team player like Smush or Kwame.

2010-11 $24,806,250
2011-12 $25,244,000
2012-13 $27,849,000
2013-14 $30,453,000

Kobe's salary over the next 4 years; he'll be almost 36 when his deal expires........Yikes and double Yikes.

Last season they would trail to inferior teams and comeback to win these kind of games; Phil just referred to it as their "4th quarter cranking it up." This year we are having problemas with this approach; time to coach them up a little bit there Phillip;

Jolly Joe is becoming Cranky Joe over this

I'm encouraged by the comments made by Kobe on the clips you post MM. Thanks for that. I love his attitude - do what it takes to win. Get something started. Save the game. Who doesn't want your superstar taking it upon himself when things aren't going right?

I'm also intrigued by the brief comment he made about doing new things on the defensive end. Saying they're correcting things, learning new ones, and that they'll be a better defensive team when they get it down. The best defensive team in the league at the end of last season becoming a better defensive team going forward into this new year. Nice.

MM - question - I'm hearing good things about Ebanks' output in the D-league. (The guy tweets like crazy). Any news on DC? I'd love to hear our rooks are picking up the system and would be ready to contribute if/when called back up to the Show. Thanks in advance.

At the start of the season there was so much talk about the Lakers’ “length” advantage. But as Mark Twain once said, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” And of late I sure haven’t seen much fight from this team.

I like the response from least no finger pointing this now they have to put these words on the floor and win....we need the 3 peat--take a break next season ....go lakers

Hey Cranky Joe - what' s Kobe's salary got to do with anything? You would have preferred they traded for someone else instead of resigning him? Kicked the best player in the league to the curb to save a few bucks? Hell no - that's why they got rid of Sasha. (Ok - that was cold, but you catch my drift).

"I'm encouraged by the comments made by Kobe on the clips you post MM. Thanks for that. I love his attitude - do what it takes to win. Get something started. Save the game. Who doesn't want your superstar taking it upon himself when things aren't going right?" Justa...


Justa: some folks just don't get Kobe. He's all about:

45 out of 103 isn't bad... that's 44 percent shooting. Now if Gasol and the big men can actually make more than 50 percent of their shots, that would average out to a decent percentage. Which isn't happening at all.

Hobbitmage -

I apologize for not offering my condolences to you. I should have made time for that, and I didn't. I am sorry for your loss (even if this is a bit late).

I have been critical of Kobe on some occasions, but I felt he was justified in trying to force the action. How do you think the Lakers will be able to "right the ship" (so to speak) for the rest of the regular season? I suggested improving their defensive intensity, rotations, and rebounding, but I wonder if that is an oversimplification.

Justalakerfan -

I would suggest names to be added to the roster, but I don't know enough about the D-League and who would be a good fit for the team.

Sean -

From my gleaning of the comments, it sounds as if you had a family situation. I won't try to dig for details, and just hope that things will be better for you and yours in the future.

This entire hullabaloo over Kobe not staying in the offense is no big deal. It’s just the price you have to pay every once in a while in order to have the greatest offensive player in the league on your team. Most of those who criticized Kobe taking over the game understand that. You cannot be the offensive force that Kobe capable of winning games all on his own without his efforts sometimes failing.

To me, the significance of the conflict coming to a head is that Phil finally has put his foot down and basically said we need to play inside-out basketball. And like the great leader that I think Kobe has become, he gracefully owned up that Phil was right. Contrast that with how most other super stars in this league would have responded if their coach made the comments that Phil made about Kobe.

The difference here is the mutual respect that Phil and Kobe have for each other and understanding they share of what it takes to win a championship. Phil knows Kobe plays with a fire and passion that is second to none and he gives Kobe great freedom to create offense when he thinks the team needs it. All Phil is doing here is reining Kobe in a little and reminding him of what he already knows.

Dude...It's nice to see the blog back to some NORMALCY, Man it was commandeered by the TROLLS and HATERS this morning. It was like walking in a mind field, BOMBS everywhere.

The Heat are playing great ball on the road, wonder if the run out this string the rest of the SEASON...just sayin.


re: condolences. Thanks. Everything is just gray right now....

you asked and answered: How do you think the Lakers will be able to "right the ship" (so to speak) for the rest of the regular season? I suggested improving their defensive intensity, rotations, and rebounding, but I wonder if that is an oversimplification.

my response: If they committed to playing great defense & rebounding
we would be undefeated. We have two 7-footers and we got 6 offensive
rebounds. That's just sad. There is no way we'll win a championship
without playing better defense. The cliches focus on defense and rebounding
for a reason.

this was written: To me, the significance of the conflict coming to a head is that Phil finally has put his foot down and basically said we need to play inside-out basketball. And like the great leader that I think Kobe has become, he gracefully owned up that Phil was right. Contrast that with how most other super stars in this league would have responded if their coach made the comments that Phil made about Kobe.

my response: That is not what I got out of those interviews. The Lakers
have been playing inside-outside basketball since 2008 when Pau joined
the Lakers.

Phil *specifically* said that Kobe did not screw up, as in do something wrong,
but crank it up as in going to another level. Something which no one else
on the team seams to be able to do. Furthermore, Kobe has specifically
tried to get the rest of his teammates involved. However, D-Fish &
Artest must be shopping at the same store because neither of them can buy
a shot. FYI, Kobe took 20 shots last night.

this was written: All Phil is doing here is reining Kobe in a little and reminding him of what he already knows.

However Phil said: "When the game starts getting out of hand, rightfully so, Kobe will crank it up, not screw it up," Jackson said.

He took his shots in the 3rd quarter when we were down by 10. How one gets
to "Phil is reining Kobe in" from "rightfully so, Kobe will crank it up" is ...
interesting .....

Well, didn't get to see last night's game but, I'm certainly not surprised at the outcome after that poor second half effort on Friday against the Sixers.

So far this season, the team's performances have been baffling. Sometimes they look great on O and other times they don't seem to be able to throw it in the ocean. The defensive performances have been subpar all season, thus far.

I have no idea what the problem(s) are but, of course, it's still early in the season and hopefully they'll figure it out and get back on track.

One thing I'm curious about is what has been the team's points scored in transition vs. their opponents. If anyone of our statistically inclined fellow bloggers has the numbers, please do share.

I bring this up only because it seems like opponents are scoring in transition at a greater rate than the Ls, which makes me wonder if the team is lacking the energy to keep up with the quicker teams who like to get out and run at every opportunity.


@LRob: Sorry to get back to ya so late...still doin' catch up on these threads. I see your point about Teena Marie and agree with you that 'Sapphire' prolly was her best release during the 2000s era.


Here's one more of my favs by her. Enjoy!

Teena Marie - Harlem Blues -


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Well, just stopping by for some evening reading. Really interesting post piggybacking and building on the previous one and a lot of diverse comments as well. LT puts it all in perspective - fine writing as always.

Justa - do you tweet? I'm @davem1234 - say hello sometime, same to any of my other old friends on here who find yet another way to scroll across the cyberverse.

We need to get this free throw thing figured out;

The last six games free throws attempted by Lakers and opponents, the only game we didn't win when we shot more free throws than the opponent was San Antonio

Mem-20 Lakers- 18
Phi- 16 Lakers-19
NOH-20 Lakers-22
Spurs-21 Lakers-22
Miami-20 Lakers-15
Milw-18 Lakers-13
Total 115 109

This really illustrates a key point, we need to get to the line more and more often than our opponents do. When we get 20 more free throws like we did in game 7 last June we are hard to beat; it totally disrupts the flow of the game and nobody is guarding us when we are shooting and nobody guarding us when we shoot really helps our guys a lot.

@JAMF - Sorry for the delayed response. I was in the gym getting a workout. DC is expected to go to Bakersfield, but as far as exactly what date? The Lakers aren't saying. But I think it's safe to presume that it's sooner rather than later. I plan to try to catch at least one Bakersfield game to catch up with Ebanks and Caracter (assuming he goes down there), but it's hard to match their schedule with the Lakers game and practice schedule. We'll keep you posted

Regarding Kobe, as I stated in the post, I'll defend him for the Memphis game. But the common theme throughout the post is this is really a game by game situation where sometimes Kobe is at fault for disrupting the offense; sometimes the teammates; sometimes both. That's what makes the situation trickier. I'm going to disagree though with LakerTom's assessment that Kobe showed grace in respecting PJ's comments. He should've taken more of that approach after Miami where he scolded teammates without owning up to his own defensive and shooting lapses. He owned up after San Antonio for shooting a bad clip - but after the fact. So sure Kobe should be credited for learning from his mistakes the past week. But I wouldn't call it graceful so much as it's him finally owning up to them

@Jolly Joe: You raise a very good point. I too would like to see the team get to the FT line more often, of course, that means they've gotta attack the rim more often and not settle for perimeter shots.

Of course, it would help if they got a few calls when they do decide to venture into the paint...especially the Black Mamba. I said last season...I can't think of another superstar player who receives less luv from the refs...and it still applies this season.


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Free throws are key; imagine game 7 last June without those 20 more than the Celtics shot; we would have been watching them celebrating on Staples with Red blowing smoke down from the sky.

The Black Mama should be going to the line about 12 times a game

keep up the good work kobe dont back down keep shooting.
some one need to lite a fire under fisher a;''; you know
what i mean.go lakers

Hiya davem - yeah I tweet, but mostly in response to a Lakers tweet. I actually got a tweet back from Joe Smith once LOL! I'm @jamambafan.

Hey troll - you really need to learn how to post with some common courtesy. Name calling is not acceptable. Get it together.

MM - thanks for the info. Looking forward to anything more you can glean.

Hey Justa, you gonna be on a while?

DJ - be on what? Here or the RC?

"Bryant has taken 103 of the team's 384 shots and made ONLY 45 of them. (emphasis mine)"

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times... for a sports writer, this guy is an unmitigated moron. A 43.7% field goal percentage for a shooting guard is not only not bad, but it is actually pretty solid. The weak premise destroys the point and credibility of the post. Try again tomorrow jackass.

Here? Or where?

DJ - the Renegade Chat.... But I'm here for a minute - what's up?

OK, so sometimes Kobe's jacking up shots wins games and sometimes it doesn't is the word we are hearing.

Well most of those games they lost would have been lost anyway, so really is it Kobe's fault? No, because this is a team. As I described in another earlier post (hard for me to keep up with the machine gun posts here), the Lakers need to give an open man to pass to otherwise Kobe can't get them the ball. Many times when he is double teamed, he has no outlet teammate available anywhere. They are just standing far away and not moving to an open spot on the court nor coming to the ball where he can pass it to them ---- so he jacks it up. Now I used to throw it off the opponents noggin when that happened, but the new PC femi-Stearnized NBA would throw Kobe out for that.

Remember, this is a team game and Kobe can play team ball when he has a valid outlet to pass to. Ultimately he gets more easy points on his stat line when other teammates are getting the ball in position to score (their responsibility) thus making his man and others play off him a bit and even cover their man instead of double and triple teaming Kobe!


I agree, but perhaps in a softer way, ha, ha. If Kobe hit 7 more shots, that translates to over 50% (perhaps he should stop shooting those last second desperation shots he's often forced to take, ha, ha). The only team members that
are out shooting him are our big three and Matt. So much for sharing with anyone else, ha, ha. If you prove you can hit shots over and over, Kobe will pass. By the way, Kobe leads the team in Assists Per Game!

Justa, too much panic going on. I'm not real happy, but we just need a couple guys to pick up their play and Drew's gonna help, takes a while. It's hard to be patient though, ha, ha.

So you treat Phil Jackson like he's the worst coach in NBA history and you expect people to sit still? That was the most rude, DISRESPECTFUL, uncalled for, disgusting and obnoxious piece of garbage I have ever read anywhere.
Posted by: KobeMVP888 | January 03, 2011 at 05:04 PM

SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE.. new YEAR same old HAbits.. anal retentive self imposed blog cop is still reporting ON DUTY now taking the afternoon and night shift... still strongly imposing his will and writing people tickets around the clock he cant cash... oh boy.. is that a phil misdemeanor or phil felony cause i'm scared... let me know when my court date is and i'll be sure to show up!

First of all, I or NOBODY else owe kobemvp or this blog an apology... this is a damn blog for goodness sakes and last i checked the whole point of a blog was an interactive social network so that EVERYONE can freely voice their OWN opinions regardless of what kobemvp says... But i did go back and re-read my last post for kobe mvps sake and i guess we have completely different views on whats disgusting.

DISGUSTING to ME: phil jackson writing a SAY ALL TELL ALL book for financial gain to himself and in the process violating one of the most sacred CODES in sports of keeping what happens in a locker room behind the lockerroom... TO ME that was wickedly cowardly and when i lost all respect for that man.. attacking phil the person and phil the coach is entirely different. one can still respect the coach and NOT respect the man... i definitely do NOT on the latter but remarkably still think i DO on the former.

DISGUSTING TO KOBEMVP: anybody not UNCONDITIONALLY sucking up to phils 11 rings

DISGUSTING to ME: phil jackson coming out of retirement and crawling back to kobe and the lakers with his tail between his legs knowing full well playing with KOBE is perhaps his ONLY and BEST shot at a ring.. and we all know of course PHIL was NOT kobes first choice probably not second or third either but i guess bygones will be bygones.

DISGUSTING TO KOBEMVP: anybody NOT cheering and NOT screaming after YELLLEADER kobemvp chants and wearing his phils POM POMS

DISGUSTING TO ME: phil jackson continuously attacking kobe during losing streaks SINGLING kobe out as the scapegoat and NEVER ONCE assuming responsibility HIMSELF like a true leader... it has always been about pointing fingers and i honestly do not ever recall an instance where phil said ITS MY FAULT.

DISGUSTING TO KOBEMVP: anybody NOT deferring to phil...but its okay for trolls to attack KOBE BRYANT the true franchise but NEVER attack sacred cow PHIL.. kobemvp will even stoutly and unconditionally defend DFISH and GASOL before KOBE.. EXHIBIT A: he even said a few days ago in HIS OWN WORDS "I would submit that Fish has done as much for Kobe as Kobe has done for him"... this has to go down as one of the MOST DFISH HOMER STATEMTNS OF ALL TIME

DISGUSTING TO ME: reading all of kobesmvp posts... and his hunky dory SUCKING UP to phil i have a strong moral need to get on my high horse and regulate this party

DISGUSTING TO KOBEMVP: reading all of yellofever posts... guess what we have something in common!!... cause i too can give a RATS ass about kobemvps strong opinions so somebody please tell him to go shove it where th sun dont shine.. cause guess what ITS A BLOG PEOPLE!!!

DJ - it'll be fine, but yeah - not too many are happy right now LOL! Socks is getting his rhythm back, plus he's still working his way into game shape. He's already making a difference, changing some shots and blocking others. It's good to have him back for sure.

Kobe said something very telling about how the pressure - be it from the media or the fans - is a lot for new guys to not only accept, but deal with and thrive on. They're Lakers now. It's a lot more pressure than they're used to. But I have not doubt our guys will get it together. They're working on some new defensive wrinkles too. There are a lot of things to keep in mind that can focus you on the positive.

Of course if none of that works, you can always down a vodka/percoset!

And now for some lighter news...

Looks like Snoop just went Eric B & Rakim and got "Paid In Full" for his Laker love to the tune of 20 large. Shout out to Puddle....guess you're in good (FYI...I'm not endorsing gambling...just reporting the news)

All I can say about this whole Kobe Bryant issue is how much I miss Magic Johnson. I wish you were here Earvin "Magic" Johnson in this Lakers 2010-2011 roster.

How sweet it is to see Magic throw a no look pass to trailing Lamar Odom for an easy lay-up. How Magic would tower everyone to give Bynum an easy dunk and Gasol an easy mid-range shot. I wanna be like Magic!

Magic smile alone is priceless.

Posted by: yellofever | January 03, 2011 at 09:40 PM

Looks like I touched a nerve.

Let me reiterate, for the poor and downtrodden, if I make a post that references "trolls" or "haters" or "chicken littles" - without naming anyone by handle - and you apply my post to yourself - then that's on YOU, not on me. You obviously view yourself as such - whoever you are. Maybe you need to 'borrow' Ron's psychiatrist? I know she can work wonders. You may need to make the investment.

I think this is a fair assessment on our players:

Kobe A-
Pau B+ (need a little more)(get mad, get a "T")
Drew B+ (early though)
Derek C (I like DF, but need way more)
Ron C- (really has gone downhill)
Blake C (thought we'd get more)
Barnes B- (fair enough)
Shannon B- (could help with more PT and control of his game)
Luke C- (I like Luke, but can't help much)
Lamar A- (Playing well, just don't let up)

Others NA

I took the write up from bleacher report about Trey Johnson. I know about about him because he was the last cut on Lakers preseason. He almost made the team. He knows the triangle and as you can see he can score. He would help out immediately. Next is to bring back Ebanks to play and not sit. Glad to hear from you.


Magic was absolutely magic!


Posted by: There can be ONLY ONE | January 03, 2011 at 09:47 PM

One of you two can't spell. Who the FRU anyway? :)

I think we need to remember that Pau is a skilled Forward, not a Center. He is who we thought he was, or at least we should have. He's helped us win 2 straight titles. However, I'm thinking he should be shooting better than 52%.

Enough of the Kobe shoots too much garbage. His teammates to get aggressive by establishing themselves in the post, demanding the ball and getting it into the hole. Other players need to come to the ball rather than stand around and when he is able to pass out of a double or triple team, then stop settling for a 40 footer and create a shot driving to the hole. Now, if you're open for those long range shots and time is running out, then hit the darn thing otherwise, Kobe is going to try and win the game. Unlike others on this team, he has an urgency and desire to win games now, not later!! GET OFF OF THE MAN'S BACK ALREADY! Kobe doesn't $uck, his teammates are smelling it up right now. The dude is playing with a surgically repaired knee and a bad finger on each hand. The least his teammates can do is hustle and stop jacking up playground J's!

what about that KOBEMVP888 comment @10:04pm

Posted by: There can be ONLY ONE | January 03, 2011 at 10:27 PM

What about it?

Why do not people notice all the turn overs and bad and forced shots Kobes makes and takes. He plays no defense as the person he is supposed to be guarding is all by himself in the corner for a clear 3 pointer. Kobe is getting old and he is getting slower. He is not a team player and surely not a leader.


AS YOU ARE WELL AWARE, someone used that moniker fort he specific purpose of insulting me a week or two back. "There can be ONLY ONE" has a remarkable similarity in his style as does yellofever. That's all. Why are you whining about me anyway? I never address "you."

Oh Lakers Oh Lakers, why are you giving me so much pain.
No pain, no gain!!!

Dude...this is getting GOOD.

I can't wait for another LOSS, all HELL'S going to break UP IN HERE.


For those who wanted the Lakers to sign T-Mac this off season...he's starting to be a productive player again. The Pistons have been using him as a pg of last few games since Stuckey got injured and he's done a good job distributing and running the team. He's avg 33 minutes/13pts/6 reb/7 asst the last three games.

He doesn't have much of his old explosiveness or athleticism, but he's doing a good job of using his smarts and running the show. I didn't want the Lakers to sign him, but I'm glad he's playing and contributing again.

@sean – My condolences go out to you and your family on losing your loved one. May God comfort and strengthen you.

@GDub – Oh Yeah…l always like the jazzy Teena.

All of you guys blaming Kobe I don't know what game are you watching? You have barely moving, handicap pg, sleepwalking two 7 footers, sugar pumping power forward, mentally challenged retarded small forward, and a full of crap bench plus the coach that doesn't give a damn anymore. What else you expect Kobe to do? When I pay to watch the game, I do it only to see Kobe play not the rest of the garbage.

@no mo - Justa is the center of attention...imho! Her charm and positivity is a beautiful thing and she's one of the reasons I started posting here initially.

I also enjoy the variety of knowledgeable female bloggers we have here. Whether its Zaira, Psyched Laker Girl, East Coast Jessie, New MexicoLL, Diandra, Laker Lass, Seely_Iggy, IheartKB24 or Lakergirl1...who posted earlier today...It's good to get a woman's perspective on things...and there's nothing like a woman that knows her hoops.

justa getting preferred treatment...LMAO...

What happened...did she get her ASG tickets...

There can be ONLY ONE -

Me? Smug? About what?

And why do I need to read the book "Philosophy for Dummies"? I'm doing plenty of academic work, so no need to read something that I already know about.

Me? Arrogant? About what?

I'm just pushing to be the best that I can be in the professional path that I have chosen for myself. Ironic how American society holds those who are elite in their field as exemplars of a superlative nature, and yet those who are on the path of being an academic in philosophy are held as being "arrogant", an "intellectual snob" or an "elitist". I'm not at the elite level *yet*, and I do have my swag game going (when it comes to analytic philosophy), so much so that you could use an inglewood musical metaphor and say that nobody is messing with my dougie (cf.

So...if you are doing something like Continental Philosophy, and you're hating on me because I'm doing analytic...well...I don't know what to tell you lol. If you are doing analytic philosophy, then if you want to *virtually* get together and discuss something (underdetermination of physical theories like Pierre Duhem; Rational Reconstruction like Lakatos, or Paradigm Shifts like Kuhn), just let me know.

Hope you have a good Tuesday!

JustaLakerFan -

I didn't know Trey was doing that well, and I thank you for providing that information. Since you are knowledgeable (and since it's a bit late), would it be possible for the Lake show to both call up Ebanks and Trey (do they have enough roster room)? If so, what are the implications on the luxury tax?

If new blood is needed to infuse this team with a stronger sense of urgency, I'm all for it. I understand the thought behind pacing a team during an 82-game season, but I'm worried about reinforcing bad habits.

I hope you are doing well, and it was great hearing from you too. Maybe I can catch you on the blog later (it has definitely been a while). Have you had a pleasant new year so far?

I have a scary thought for the Lakers faithful. My thought is for the lakers to win it all Kobe will have to change his game and get his teammates involved. Kobe is the most gifted basketball player since MJ. But he is consumed with selfishness. I saw it clearly at first when he had to miss a few games due to injury last season. When star players are injured you will see them in a nice suit cheering their guys on. Not Mr. Bryant. He stayed in the locker room like he is not apart of the team. I was shocked to say the least. How do you build chemistry and trust if you can't be bothered to cheer for your teammates. You will see DWAde, LBJ etc etc cheer when they are injured but Kobe is too much above that. It is a good thing that LO and Gasol are so diplomatic because if they had an ego this team will implode. Why the only way Kobe can take over the game is to jack up shots? Why can't Kobe taking over the game produce a stat line of 12 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds. I saw a game when Pierce took over he points but he had assists as well. Kobe is all about himself first and foremost. I think the greatest play Kobe has made was in the Finals against Orlando. He dribbled the ball down court, leaped in the air doing a 360 and no looked to Gasol who flushed it while Kobe boxed out Pietrus. The man is a gifted passer and he should use this skill to get his teammates involved.

I haven't written much since we lost the last game - too disappointed, too annoyed. I just couldn't watch the Memphis game beyond the first half since the next day is the first day of work in the new year and gotta get up early. But more importantly, my eyes hurt from watching anyone not named Kobe, not trying very hard to fight back.

Kobe is Kobe, you take the bad with the good. On days when he takes over and we win, everyone's happy and call him clutch. On days when the strategy backfires, then he looks like a villain. It is a good thing the man has a thick skin. But at least I see him trying to get us back into games and I can't fault a man for that. It's when a player gives up and stop trying, that's what makes me so annoyed. I looked at the Sixers two games ago and that young team was down practically the whole game, even down by double digits. They never gave up and fought back. They clawed their way back to even the score, but alas, the experience and talent of the Lakers prevailed. But they can truly claim, there's no shame in losing to the champions like that. Everyone could see how hard they tried.

Last couple of seasons, Lakers played close games to inferior teams but somehow find ways to eke out the wins. They somehow find that extra notch to close out games. When they fall behind, on most days (not all the time) they claw their way back. Currently, the Lakers seemed resigned to losing games. They fall behind by double digits, try to fight back, then Kobe-dar kicks in, and that's it. There's no more fight and most of the players appear resigned to losing - and not just losing, but doing so in a spectacular manner. If I don't know better, it appears like many of them are sulking when Kobe-dar kicks in instead of thinking, "Ok, Kobe is trying to get us jump started, let's give the man a hand, and see if we can get back in by riding on his energy". Start cutting and moving without the ball, hustle for lose balls, close out the 3 point shooters, etc.

The team is going through a funk right now and they are going to continue struggling for several more games. They need to get back on the same page and start executing as a team to develop better game habits. They know there's a problem, and now they need to find ways to fix it. At least they are no longer in denial with "every team has some bad nights", "it's still early in the season", etc.

I'm confident the Lakers will figure it out. It may take longer than any self-respecting fan would like, but it'll happen. In the mean time, stay cool, everyone. This blog is quite awful to walk into sometimes with some vicious postings being lobbed back and forth. It's like family - some crazy aunt, cranky uncle, lovable cousins, bros and sis. Yet, it's still where I go to for my Laker fix cause this is where the Laker family is.

P.S. LRob, thank you for that sweet posting about women bloggers. Most appreciated.

Someone made a good point that if you don't feed your big men they lose focus. All I've heard is that the Lakers advantage is that we have 3 7-footers. So we have to use them. Kobe cannot get to the hole at will anymore so he have to fire jump shots. Well he can get to the rim but the risk of injury is great. He need to save that for the finals. Pick your spots Kobe and don't look at young Dwade and even younger King James. Instead take UPS under your wings and tutor and guide him. He has the athletic ability and skills to do the things you could easily have done a few years ago. All he need is guidance from you Kobe.

kobe is a good player its that sometime he can like the game so much get in to it alot or his team is not makeing shots and he need to help

Good Morning Laker Fam,

Looks like we survived Kobe-gate yesterday. Kobe's the unquestionable leader of this team. (Something tells me that Phil and Kobe got a chuckle out of the whole episode).

It's time for the Lakers to follow Kobe's lead and step up their intensity and focus. It's time for Kobe to take care of the basketball and pay attention to detail on defense like he does on offense....

Uncle Kracker (Kid Rock's old DJ) - Follow Me

What's up Cali,

It little "Teach me how to Dougie" this morning....nice! Carry on!

Island Priest,

you wrote: Someone made a good point that if you don't feed your big men they lose focus. All I've heard is that the Lakers advantage is that we have 3 7-footers. So we have to use them.

my response: Have you been paying any attention to what's going on?

It goes like this: There's a few knuckleheads on the blog who say that Kobe
shoots too much. However, if you had paid attention to the last game
you could easily refute that argument by the boxscore which showed that he
shot the ball ~ 20 times. Which is what Jerry West used to do & MJ
used to do.

However, here's the main point:

Pau has been playing like a wet noodle since the second month of the
season. Bynum has been in the starting rotation for less than 1 month.
They're both slow and have been getting pushed out of position by the
other team's bigs. They have displayed less effort than a newborn
trying to turn over in a crib.

6 offensive rebounds in 48 minutes should make that really clear to you.
It's not like we were playing against Kevin Love who had a 30 rebound game.

BTW, Pau Gasol said: I don't think me and Andrew have the need to shoot and get over 20 attempts a game.

BTW, your blog moderator wrote: Bryant hadn't tried taking over the game earlier since Bynum, Gasol and Odom scored 16 of the team's 18 points in the first quarter. They only scored seven the rest of the way, as the team became plagued with poor ball and player movement while committing 20 turnovers.

In case you missed it, the last sentence is important. "poor ball and player
movement". Since you seem slow/unclear on the concept I will
explain it to you: Our bigs aren't fighting for position. Players aren't
moving without the ball. The spacing sucks.

What does this mean? Giving the ball to Pau when he doesn't have a good
shot leads to a turnover 50% of the time. [ assuming at the end of the shot
clock ]. Giving the ball to Bynum, when he's to far under the basket leads
to a travel.

So ... what part of "our team isn't playing with effort" did you not understand?
Or do you think that the word "team" does not include Pau & Bynum?

All Kobe is saying is that when the team doesn't shoot well, collectively, he will take over the game, opinions/criticisms be damned. In this way, he will get players agitated enough to start focusing in on their offense, and hopefully play accordingly.

Kobe's mindset on this is actually quite brilliant, particularly when you consider that the team has all but shut Phillip Jackson out, and no one else can stimulate the players to change their ways.

Good job, Kobe.

Finally, Phil was honest ....

This is the real reason why Kobe will never be as good as MJ ...

snippet: "[The challenge] is keeping them intrigued and immersed in what we're doing so they don't get bored," Jackson said. "We're a little afraid that some of the outside activity is an element that may be distracting them. I never thought that would happen. I thought we had professional guys. But, maybe it is."

Good morning crew! Game day and I am present. It's a new day and new attitude!

LRob - thanks for the Laker girl love!

I am going to provide the other perspective to FCM's thoughts in this post.

I don't think PJ used the wrong words ("screw up"). PJ is THE master when it comes to dealing with the media. None of his words are used lightly - there is always a double entrendre.

So, when he said screw up - I think he meant it to have the media pick up its attention on the Lakers (they have been 2nd fiddle all season to the lame in S. beach.). Personally, I think the whole team is kind of PO'd about the way the media is treating a 2 TIME defending champion and it's their way of spinning the attention.

Of course, losing games is not helping matters but taken in total - it's creating the Hollywood drama this team is used to having. There doesn't seem to be locker room discord so there needs to be a big smokescreen.

Taken in that context - I am laughing hysterically this morning because it's kind of working.

I give PJ credit once again. So, Thursday night when the TNT crew is dissecting Kobe's comments about changing up a golf swing - you will know it's working too. The Lakers have created their own media attention and it's all good. The Lakers will thrive because they get the spotlight back on them and will accept this challenge.

And when the new defensive schemes set in - watch out. We have been seeing subleties of it and questioning some of the substitutions. But there is a method to PJ's madness. And I am excited to see it all play out.

PJ (and Kobe) just got me back to psyched status again. The time is coming very soon for the Laker gauntlet to start being laid down. Are we ready???

Cheers - PLG

LRob............Thanks for the props to the women on the blog. G Money... I just have to say one thing to you...Your Heat will implode sooner than later!! LaFraud is already talking he won't win MVP this year. Really, should he be stewing about this in Jan? Also in the Golden State game.... any one can win when the freethrow difference is 47 to 16. Could be off on that a little, but you get the drift? LRob.. I have a feeling the Lion's will do pretty good next year. I really like Suh. We lived in Omaha for 9 years and still am a Big Red fan!!

@seely_iggy - Good post. You're right, its time for the Lakers to get out of denial and start playing.

@PLG - good to see you back at the psyched statuts.

FYI...the post I made about the Laker girl love was in response to "no mo" taking an uncalled for shot at Justa. It's since been deleted. I'm just trying to maintain a little civility up in here :-)

It's nice to see some of the regulars again. The trolls were beginning to outnumber the well-respected members of this blog community. I admire your tenacity.

For those about to blog, I salute you!


hobbit - that snippet (and the article) wasn't discussing why Kobe will never be as good as MJ at all. It didn't even mention the 2 players in any kind of comparison. Not sure I understand your point. Would you mind explaining? Thanks.

LRob - thanks for having my back, my friend.

Lew - nope. No ASG tix. I'm not getting any preferential treatment as far as I can tell LOL!

i paid lots of money to have cable installed in my mountainous house in lapland just to watch my favorite basketball team win games. so far i'm not getting my money's worth. i will miss work just to watch live coverage. work is hard to find around these place and herding a team of llamas is hard for an old man like me. so go LAKERS and make an old man happy.

This whole issue of to Kobe or not Kobe will be resolved with the way the Lakers attack the zone defense.
Look it up and watch the games. Every single team knows that the only way they're going to stop the Lakers is to play a tight zone and double Kobe as much as possible, make him either take a tough shot, or pass to the outside.
The only inside threat to the tight zone is Bynum, Gasol could but he doesn't have the strength to power up, instead he'll take his usual 7 foot shot, which he can make.
Kobe is currently the only Laker to be able to break the zone by penetrating it. He will dribble and drive but the majority of the time stop the ball movement. Odom can also take the ball hard to the rack, but for some reason he doesn't or won't do it more. I have always say the more Odom takes it inside the more the Lakers win.
The Lakers, as any other team would, will shoot jumpers to try and soften the zone, when successful the Lakers usually win, just happens as the stats reveal, that the Laker 3-point shots have decreased over the losing streak, in particular Blake who was brought in for that purpose. Fisher and Brown have not been that successful either.
Also, the obvious problem is that whatever the triangle offense scheme is, there is no use for a traditional point guard that would penetrate the zone defenses like Rondo, Paul, Westbrook, etc. Since the ball moves around the perimeter instead of penetrating it.
What's really killing the Lakers is their defensive "identity" scheme whatever, the helter skelter-scramble-man defense is easily broken down by the penetrating guards and screens, we have seen this many years already, and you will notice that when the Lakers talk about playing hard defense, they will employ some type of zone, but only when necessary, particularly during the playoffs.
You will also notice that tonight the Lakers will trump Detroit and everyone will start talking and writing about how they resolved their problems, as I said they have a very soft schedule for the next 8 games, and this blog will brim with the cheerleaders "optimism." However, once the schedule turns tougher we'll see the same problems return.
Whether or not the Lakers can three-peat with a 3rd or 4th seed in the west will be determined in May.

Laker Nation is on fire! Come down people. All will be well...that is if we trade Gasoft for his brother!



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