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Lakers' 109-100 loss to Mavericks demonstrates inconsistency in carrying momentum


In almost a single-file motion, Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Steve Blake, Pau Gasol and Shannon Brown trudged their way toward the locker room in American Airlines Arena with different expressions on their faces.

The Lakers were just minutes removed from a 109-100 loss Wednesday to the Dallas Mavericks and the varying movements, ranging from Bryant, Blake and Brown staring straight ahead, Odom wiping his face with his jersey and Gasol looking at the ground revealed the unanimous frustration the Lakers currently face. That's expected after a loss, but the reasons why the team's frustration level remain high point to their seemingly inability to capitalize off any momentum they build during stretches of the season. Instead, any morsels of progress come crashing down into a head-scratching loss that makes the Lakers feel they lost the little ounce of momentum they once had.

The Lakers' latest setback isn't as devastating as what the Mavericks faced, entering the contest losers of nine of their last 11 games, including a six-game stretch, in no small part to Caron Butler's season-ending right knee injury. but the latest loss could feel equally as frustrating. The Lakers have been down this route before, returning to Los Angeles in late December off a 6-1 trip only to lose to Milwaukee, Miami and San Antonio by double-digit margins. The Lakers overcame that adversity with a seven-game winning streak, only to throw those bad habits away with a loss to the Clippers that featured the Lakers getting outworked and overwhelmed against a speedy and youthful team. No doubt, the Lakers experienced similar issues Monday against Oklahoma City, but the team's collective unity resulted in the Lakers' most impressive win to date.

That they couldn't carry that over to Dallas wasn't just disappointing because the loss drops the Lakers record to (31-13) and their mark against winning teams to 5-6. It's that it continued a pattern of where it failed to carry over momentum. The Lakers inability to do that all season serves as the primary reason Lakers Coach Phil Jackson gave his team a B grade at nearly the halfway point of the season, and laid out a pretty detailed expectation on what would warrant an A.

"I'd like to see us put a string of games together," Jackson said. "I think that's really important to gain the kind of confidence you have and what you're doing out there regardless of your opponents and go through a space of time in which you get a certain sense of a winning streak and keep it going. There's going to be bad games, games that are close and tight or whatever but you find ways to win and those are the kind of things that send you over the top in the season."

The Lakers didn't do that, with various factors negating several areas of progress, including Bryant's continued efficiency (21 points on 10-of-18 shooting, 10 assists and four rebounds), Gasol's willingness to fight through slow starts with increased aggressiveness on defense and renewed confidence on offense (23 points on 11-of-16 shooting), the continued consistency from Lamar Odom (20 points) in hitting timely shots and leading runs and Blake beginning to finally hit shots (three of four). As the Lakers saw against the Dallas, those areas may not amount to much if other variables aren't as sharp.

Allowing Dallas to go on an 11-0 second-quarter run and committing seven-third quarter turnovers en route to a 15-4 lapse further exposed the Lakers' weakness in remaining trigger happy from the outside and failing to get back on transition defense. Jason Kidd notched a season-high 21 on eight-of-12 shooting after going 28 of 109 (25.6%) in Dallas' nine recent losses, and Jason Terry's continued success against the Lakers (22 points on nine-of-15 shooting) revealed the Lakers' unwillingness to fully commit to perimeter defense. And Jackson kept the Lakers' reserves in a game they couldn't maintain a lead, demonstrated most notably by Luke Walton's two ill-advised jumpers that resulted in the Mavericks jumping out to a 90-77 lead with 9:04 remaining.

Just like the Lakers' recent setbacks, they valiantly reworked their foundation with Odom (12) and Bryant (nine) scoring 21 of the remaining 23 points, but poor defensive communication resulted in zero stops.

Surely, the Lakers can and will rebound from this loss. The only uncertainty is whether they can reach Jackson's goal in compiling a significant winning streak against significant opponents, an effort the Lakers have shown all season still needs more work.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, left, takes a shot as Dallas center Tyson Chandler tries to stop him during the Lakers' 109-100 loss Wednesday. Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images.

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Gasol,Walton,Artest for Melo,K-Mart,Afflalo!!!

I'm at lost for words...What did PJ see in Luke to warrant significant minutes of play in the 3rd quarter. He couldn't keep up with Marion on the defensive end and couldn't hit shots when needed. .Come back soon Matty, we miss you!!! And what is going on with UPS? He doesn't have the confidence in his shots any more..sad, very sad. Like MM said, Kobe is adapting the role of the playmaker for the team but we're lacking an offensive threat from the perimeter...Gian one, loss one!!!

"The only uncertainty is whether they can reach Jackson's goal in compiling a significant winning streak against significant opponents, an effort the Lakers have shown all season still needs more work." FCM


And that pretty much summarizes how the first half of this season is going for the team. We'll have to wait for the second half to begin which will give the team the required time to pin down their game. There is no need to panic; it's OK to be disappointed but it's not the end of the season. This is the team that has been to the Finals for the last 3 years and like it or not, they're late season studs.


Give credit to Dallas Mavs for the victory after losing 6 games, they need a win at home or else they'd lose face perhaps employment from the billionaire. However, this is not a good bail out excuse for the Lakers demise or SYMPTOMS that others often dismissed because of the PERCEPTION of b2b Championship experience. Every season is different from the others, history could repeat itself only if the players are willing to will it and play consistently. the point is, it is a pick and choose effort from game to game and tonite from quarter to quarter. Lakers can be good only for one segment of the game and then go on R&R on autopilot for the rest of the game.

Sign of old knees, I see those type of runners at LA marathon who would sprint at the beginning of the race but at the middle part, they can't keep up with the pace at the lenght of 26 miles, so they intentionally would walk than run. They try to preserve energy but the Kenyans don't have any other objective but to run to the finish line at a consistent pace.

Unfortunately, our Laker fans have the burning passion to win it all or else they get the highest blood pressure reading when they lose. This is no longer the 80's but 2011, our Lakers today do not have the passion of Magic or Jerry West who feel embarrassed if they lose to a miserable team. Today, our youth would be gloating in celebrations with some valid excuse in advance. They are even proud of losing and always point at being the Champs for two consecutive years without even trying harder. That was the attitude of great conquerors like Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Hitler's blitzkrieg army. They impregnable and can't lose to anyone. That is the Lakers mojo and we just have to bear with it and see if it works three times in a row....wait until the fat lady sings in May or in June or if the stars and planets are again aligned, reserve another day for the parade.

Hey MM,
What is it gona take for the Lakers to get focused? I think they are still overconfident and "waiting for the playoffs." I'm not sure that's such a good idea. As much as I hate to say this, the Celts and Spurs are playing with a lot of energy and fighting for every win. Lakers will need homecourt in the playoffs! It just seems like the Lakers don't care. Just from watching the game, it seems like Kobe and Odom are the only ones who seem to be playing with a sense of urgency late in games. Your thoughts?

And can you ask Phil why he doesn't play Odom, Gasol, and Bynum AT THE SAME TIME in the 4th quarter? The three of them could dominate the paint.

I'm getting REALLY bored watching these guys this season.

Kobe and Lamar are the only guys out there who actually seem like they are interested in 3-peating.

I want to watch guys out there on the floor competing for 48 minutes, not for only the first half, or the first quarter, or when they have the lead.

I know these guys are bored with the regular season and that's why I'm bored with them.

I know you never trade big for small, but right now, I would welcome a Bynum/Artest trade for Melo.

I would trade big for small when that "small" is Carmelo Anthony. This guy is HUNGRY for a RING. He play slike he wants to win every single game, not just the ones "that count." He would infuse this slow and boring team with some new life and energy.
He would also take a lot of the scoring load off of Kobe when the rest of the team doesn't show up(which happens a lot).

I'm tired of waiting on Drew to show us that he can play at a high level for more than three games in a row. Ron-Ron is still playing lost out there. His balance on his jumper is still bad and most of the time when he dribbles the ball, he either loses it or breaks all of the offensive continuity.

I know Kupchek is not going to pull off any drastics trades before the deadline, but I wish he would.

Wake me up when the playoffs start. Better yet, someone wake this sleepwalking team up before the playoffs start!!!

Well said Edwin!!!

"...our Lakers today do not have the passion of Magic or Jerry West who feel embarrassed if they lose to a miserable team."

This is precisely why I am bored with this team. Their attitude, minus Kobe and Lamar, reminds me of Shaq's after the first three-peat.

They expect to just sleep-walk through the regular season and be able to flip the magical switch of invincibility come playoff time. There is no pride. There is no heart. There is only apathy for a long and grueling 82 game regular season schedule.

This is why I welcome a shake-up. Kobe's knees aren't getting any younger. The time is now to go for that last RING before Kobe loses that extra gear. Next year we'll probably have a shortened season, maybe we won't have one at all. I'm ready for a little change.

The time is now to go for that last RING before Kobe loses that extra gear. Next year we'll probably have a shortened season, maybe we won't have one at all. I'm ready for a little change.

Posted by: mclyne | January 19, 2011 at 11:15 PM
Well said. That's how I see this season!

"Gasol,Walton,Artest for Melo,K-Mart,Afflalo!!!"

I looked upon this for a moment and frozen in shock.

I skipped a breath.

Really? REALLY?

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Hey Edwin:

Good hearing from you on this difficult evening. Yes, deep in my heart I know that the Lakers fans are indeed spoils by the past success of this team. They're in the Finals for 3 consecutive years and won back-to-back championship. In a way, they deserve a benefit of the doubt during the regular season. But you hit the nail on the spot that nowadays the players are not taking the loss as hard as it used to be. I remember the day in the Showtime era when magic would literally down at himself after the loss to the mediocre teams. I was not in US when Jerry anchored the Lakers in the late 60s and early 70s. Like Mclyne said in his post, only Kobe, Fish and Lamar seem to care when they are on the floor. These three played hard tonight. Our bench is a big issue now after Matt Barne got injured. Blake is improving but others that PJ inserted during the game have not contributed as expected especially Luke and UPS.

I might need to go away for a month until after the all-stars game or before the playoff. Can't stand watching these skill millionaires monkeying around any more. It doesn't bother me when they lost to the good teams that playing well such as the Heats, Spurs and yes, the Clippers. But to loose it to the struggling teams like Memphis, Suns, Bucks and injury depleted Mavs do show that this team have a way to go before they earn the right to go to the Finals for the fourth straight year. Right now something is missing!!! I'm not sure what is it and that's frustrating. Defense seems to be on top of my list today. Mavs shot almost 60% today. Marion and Kids went 18 for 25 tonight or 78%. This is inexcusable!!! We're not playing defense as the defending champion should. It's like watching the globetrotters game tonight, all offense, no D.

Jon K,

For all its worth, the trade scenario mentioned by IBPG is not far fetch at all after the lost tonight. It can't hurt this team at this junction. Except for Kobe and Lamar, our guys are playing like zombies!!! Affalo would address the poor perimeter shooting that our team has at the moment. Kmart would give us the toughness we wish Pau has and, Melo would definitely carry the offensive load left by Pau's departure. I would think the combo of Melo, Kmart and Billups would suit us better. We can throw in Blake to sweeten the deal. Well, it's just my wish. This deal would never happened! But Denver will be forced to do something instead of losing Melo for nothing in return after the season. At least they can rebuild the team around Pau. But if Mitch can pull it off, our chance of threepeat this year would increase exponentially.

I don't care what the Lakers record is so far. This season is an embarassment !!!

Terrible defense - agree.

Shannon is struggling - definitely.

Tough to watch the Lakers play like this - you betcha.

Time to make drastic changes - disagree. The Mavs really needed this game and played like it.

Magic and West would've have lost like this - disagree.

Summary - Just another disappointing lost in January to a very good team. Get a good night sleep and go back to work tomorrow.

Just watched the first half of the game. I don't care what you blind Fisher lovers say. His man to man AND team defense is totally PATHETIC !!!!!!!!

The Lakers use to get behind against many teams and hope that the other team would choke in the 4th quarter the last few years. This doesn't seem to happen as much anymore !!! Most teams are not afraid of the Lakers like they use to be.

Walton is just following his captain's lead. Fisher jacks up shots all the time and is not reprimanded so Luke thinks it's okay.

As much as I love Kobe, he cost us this game....and several others this season.

Kobe's man or who he was covering when the Mavs scored had 30 points and counting when I gave up keeping track! I posted this problem a month ago about his man/men getting more than he does consistently and this Mavs game was epic in demonstrating it. He and the Lakers have no 3 point defense at all. The opponents (wide open by 10-15 feet!) just sit out there and adjust the ball seams until they feel like it is shooting practice! Lakers are making All-Stars out of every pathetic team they play! The energy they generate in the opponents is palatable, in reinvigorating teams that now know that they can get well on the Lakers and show up to do just that!

Kobe's horrific defense can only be counterbalanced by Kobe going off for 40+ points and we all know what wrath that brings from PJ and the pundits and the pouting from the rest of his team. A no win situation. He has lost more than a few sideways steps this past summer. You can always see it when he lets anybody he guards, including slow forwards around him and then he tries the behind their back swipe at the ball as they start lifting off for their layup! PLAY IN FRONT OF YOUR MAN FOR ONCE KOBE!!!! It is not funneling to a big, when you do it every play, and even if that is the intention, then slide over to cover the inevitable pass out to the other open man at the 3 point line! Too much standing around by all Lakers!

At this rate the Lakers will be lucky to break 55 wins and probably will end up 4th seed. Either PJ puts his foot down and starts benching some of these Laker no-shows, or MK must do it via trade. This Lakers team has no chance of getting to the Finals. It is sacrilege to state the obvious, but this team needs someone else if we are to get past round one of the playoffs! I don't know if that is a coach or a different set of players who actually want a ring! Kobe's rant about some on the Lakers sitting on their laurels may be very true, but he is not helping with his horrible defense either.

If Kobe is going to let other teams go off, then for my money, I would rather quit pretending this is a defending champ and see him go back the trying to score 30-40 points every game ala 2005. THis 'water-torture' of a pathetic effortless season is making me wish it was July already!

Bring it on PollyAnna's!!!

BTW, 82 divided by 2 is 41 games. We are already in the second half of the season! All-star break is 2/3 of the way into the season! So it is well past time for somebody on the Lakers players, coaches, or FO to take a reality pill and make a proactive move to put this team back in contention for this year. I suspect the FO will wait for the off-season and an early Laker playoff exit to blow this crew up somewhat. I wouldn't be surprised to see LW, RA, and one big (take your pick between PG or AB) gone before the year is out.

who is guarding kidd..i guess no other than fisher...why not giving blake more time to play not the time when the opposing team lead by more than 10...i remember sasha said im playing when the lakers lead by 20 or the opposing team lead 20...give chance to blake when the game counts..blake when his playing in denver..admit that fisher is old and cant play consistent game..dfish last nite bbut pathetic today,means inconsistent...

When I sleep during Laker games I expect to wake up to a win. And when I wake up and see that that win never materilized...I don't feel optimistic about humanity's chances on earth.

What hope do we have?


@Wes lol.... great post I agree with ya 100% your post,but you know what,except for the scoring part you can add any other laker starter's name in that scenario..btw Kobe had 21 and 10 and was 10/18 btw...dunno what more he can do except go off and score 40..but according to the rest of the blog(27)lol had to put that in there,balanced scoring is what we need and more games like this from Kobe..So my problem is aside from the bench which besides odom sucks of late,who can step up their game,or is it the coach,or is a trade really needed???Again I would like to here something different than how old Kobe is or he sucks.I'm not even going to mention Fish,or a
Artest(hint,hint) but please how can this loss be onKB24??wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW how many LA fans were fans b4 2009???? Lots of peeps acting like the lakers giving up leads and sleep walking is something new. Was the 2008 finals so bad that everyone forgot? Game 4 was it? Leading by 20 plus and not only gave up the lead but lost the game. I wonder who was at fault there? i remember guys on the bench celebrating like they won the chip,and a coach that kept the bench playing and his stars resting like he was saving them for the rest of the season. As it turns out that game would cause them the entire season right there. So again it's in the dna of the team from coach down..BTW what did the coach say about guarding the 3 point line???What did that guy say in the crow??It can't rain all the time... Well guess what the Lakeshow can't turn it on all the time, nor sleep walk through the regular season all the time, and expect to win a championship all the time!!!!!!!! Just my lil 2 pennies.............


Trolls, we've been here before last year weren't we?

1. Kobe is old.
2. Phil Jackson should be fired because he let's the bench play extended minutes, thus, they screw our lead- which resulted in a loss.
3. Derek Fisher is slow.
4. Pau Gasol is soft.
5. Ron's shooting is awful.
6. Drew is not 100%.
7. Bench isn't enough.
8. Lakers will not even reach 2nd round, worse, they won't even make the playoffs.
9. Lakers are too damn inconsistent.
10. Lakers can't turn it ON in the playoffs.

Same old, same old.

BTW, thank you LEWSTRS for putting me back in the ROLL CALL.




It seems like the Lakers mentally give up when they're down this season. In past seasons, I almost always got the sense that they would claw back from a deficit and eventually win the game, but not this season.

No HCA means that in a game 7 we don't get 20 more free throws than our opponent; Yikes, we better start beating some of these upper tier teams or we are done in the second round.

"Just being lazy," center Andrew Bynum said. "I'm quite sure if you look at the tape, everybody's kind of stagnant, standstill. We were just playing lazy 'D.'

Ok, next question is why?

If they are aware of this, then maybe a solution is to stop doing it.

Have they lost the athletic ability to do so or do they just not want to do it?

Guess they're just waiting for the playoffs to commit to expending that kind of energy.


So now the Lakers are 1-6 against winning teams on the road.

That does not bode well for any playoff series where the Lakers don't have HCA unless they can improve in that area over these last 38 games.

I hope they do.
I think they can.
I'm not sure they will.

So Tyson Chandler was sick to his stomach during the game? Well, that was nothing compared to me watching my beloved Lakers displaying their "new and improved defensive scheme". Man, I was blowing chunks all over my apartment, spewing up items I've never even eaten! Seriously, we could all see this coming miles away. A broken and depleted Dallas team on a losing skid, a Jason Kidd out of form and a sick Chandler. A great, or even good, team would step all over a team like that, murdering them and then enjoying some laughs on the bench. Well guess what, out Lakers isn't a great team, just a bunch of punks without brains. Not even if we plastered the walls of their training facility with LED-screens showing the reactions of disappointed fans would they muster up enough fighting spirit to play to their potential. It is utterly disrespectful to the fans to only start playing decent basketball in the 2nd or 3rd round of the playoffs. Where's the pride? Were's the strive for greatness?? Shame on you, you lazy millionaire bums!

Just LAZY Effort again!!! Play like this against Denver and they blow us right out of the building on Friday.. IMO management should go after Steve Nash before the trade deadline. There comes a time when you need to just cut ties, and do what is in the best interest of the team.


I saw the shot that made the Lakers lose last night. Derek Fisher left Jason Kidd wide open beyond the arc to double down on Dirk, who was being defended by Kobe because of a switch. Dirk kicked it back out to Kidd and he buried the 3. Kidd needed a boost and that gave it to him. He rolled from there. That shot was in the late 2nd Q., when the Mavs made their move. It cut the lead from 9 to 6 and gave them the momentum that carried them through the rest of the game.

I've seen that so many times from the Lakers that I have to feel it is how they are taught to play defense by their coaching staff. It doesn't make sense to me, but what do I know. All I know is that even if Dirk shoots over Kobe and makes it in that scenario, it's only 2 points, not 3. And the possibility of Fisher blocking or disrupting Dirk at that moment is not that great. So, why not play honest defense and stick with your man (Kidd)?

The Lakers simply allowed too many open shots. They let Kidd shoot his geezer set shot with no challenge. When you're allowed to catch the ball, rotate it to the seams and read the commisioner's name on the ball, you are not going to miss. Dallas had all day to shoot in too many instances. A lousy defensive effort by my team. That type of effort will win few, if any, games.

Posted by: bronxlakerfan | January 19, 2011 at 09:52 PM

Looks like a bit of Phil's mind games rose up and bit him in the arse. Didn't he recently make some disparaging remarks about Shawn Marion? Something to the effect that Marion couldn't replace what Caron Butler does? Marion played like he was on a mission. Providing bulletin board material is not always a wise thing. Other teams have pride. Just like disrespecting JKidd by leaving him wide open. Kidd only has the 4th highest total of made three pointers in NBA history. He is not going to continue to miss WIDE OPEN shots!

I'm angry about the poor perimeter defense last night. The scheme and effort were poor IMO. Too many wide open looks from three. Not good at all.

They just played a another lazy game. they have no toughness, and teams are figuring out now if they hit the Lakers hard; they can't and won't hit back. nothing seems to be working to motivate this team. This is the time when a coach should make some changes to shake people up, but PJ is on cruise control.I'm not feeling very confident this team can pull it together, because of age, stubbornness, lack of motivation, etc.. As it is unless they pick it up; they will be playing in the post season without HCA. with out HCA I really don't see this team making it out of the playoffs.

zzzzzzzz. Predictable loss. Can't win 'em all!

Good Morning Laker Nation,

The Lakers played absolutely no defense and thus got just what they deserved. They gave up so many wide open looks that a little Tom Petty is appropriate this morning...

Tom Petty - Into the Great Wide Open

Offensively, we played pretty well. The D was not there. They looked tired - 3 games in 4 days. Hopefully, they will regroup against Denver. Dallas played like the season was on the line and we didn't match their energy. The Lakers have a target on their back. For us, it is 1 of 82 games. For other teams, it is one of the biggest games of the season. Many times, it is the only sell-out the opposing team has all year.

In the past, Kobe has been a defensive stopper. I haven't seen that this year. With Jason going off, Kobe should have stepped up and shut him down. Maybe he doesn't have the D anymore? Westbrook tore him up. We should have used our guard who plays great D on Kidd... whoops, traded him to the Nets... ;-)

Bright spots - We shot well (other than Luke, Ron, and Shannon). Blake was 3 of 4! Lamar! Kobe was efficient.

Low spots - Defense, leaving the bench in when things started going wrong in the third, lack of energy... Did I mention Defense?

When is Drew going to step up and be the best center in the NBA? He has the size, skills, training, and experience. His knee seems fine. He could easily be the most dominant player in the league. We have seen him drop 40 on people (literally drop - he dunks without his feet leaving the floor). The time has come! Unleash the hounds!

Thanks for the Reader Comment Mark!

I am a Lakerholic

Ho Hummm. I recall the blog panic last season...and the season before about the same time of year. "Trade everyone and rebuild mid-season!" seems to be the chicken-little mating call heard every year between mid-Jan and mid-March.

Have no worries, the boys will put it together again and come flying into April on the winning track. This is the guarantee of Mr. Rancher.

S. Perkins aka DFish...blah blah Fish blah blah Bad Fish wah wah wah wah.


Why, oh why, do the Lakers toy with my emotions so?

A "trap game" with a wounded Dallas team was a loss waiting to happen.

Remember when Ason Kidd had no "J"? Apparently he doesn't, either. Dude looked like old school Chuck Person out here, man.

Ugh, back to the grind...


@wesjoenixon – loved Raging Bull

@nuggets country – understand your frustration, but it was a total team collapse not just a Kobe thing.

@JovBatz44- Ditto

@mclyne - Enjoyed the Nirvana session…especially Love Buzz.

@Mark G – That Replacements was cool…haven’t seen you post in awhile I thought we might need to get a replacement for you…lol.

@ms – nice variety with Alan Jackson (country doesn’t get enough love) and of course Drake.

Pathetic performance, almost like the Mavs needed to break their losing streak, so the Lakers let them. No defense or offense to speak of. Luke needs to shoot more, points don't count for hitting the rim. Kidd was held scoreless at Detroit.

I want Phil's job, he just sat there, like it was all preordained. Was it???

I think everyone is ignoring the REAL question: When did Jim Carrey start coaching the Mavs?

The sky isn't falling. No drastic personnel changes are needed. The Lakers just need to wake up, talk to each other on D, and focus on their major strength: dominating the paint and the boards.

Go Lake Show!

kobe needs to play defense like the all-defensive player he used to be. needs to stop the reacharounds IMHO. westbrook went off for 30. both jasons destroyed us. jr smith/afflalo will demolish us on fri.

More on Drew - GO FOR IT! Play with spirit! Bring the crowd to its feet! Step up to your destiny and stand alongside the great Laker centers of old. You are 285 pounds and 7” tall. You can be the most dominant player in the NBA. You are bigger or much younger than every other player. Early in your career, you backed up into Shaq, spun around and by him, dunked it, and then gave him a shoulder bump on the way by. I would like to see that Drew again.

I am a Lakerholic.

That is what I am talking about!

Now I just want to see Kobe go off for 52 points to move into 8th all-time in points scored in NBA, passing The Dream. I don't even care if it takes him 52 shots! At least that is entertaining!

Until they fix their absurd slowness on defense in the middle (AB & PG) and perimeter, I want to see lots of shots and points by Kobe.

The bigs on the Lakers don't ever put someone to the ground with a solid base taking a charge (doesn't have to be a flagrant, just stand solid). Now sometimes it is a block, and sometimes a charge, but make a wall for someone driving the lane to smash into! Lean forward. Used to be done all the time in pre 90s and currently by Celtics, but Pau, LO, AB backpeddling is driving me nuts. A couple of hard falls to the floor into a WALL will make opponents think twice about waltzing through the lane regularly. No more backpeddling from contact!!!!

Exactly what I posted yesterday before the game last night, that just as you think the Lakers will win handily over the Mavericks (loser of 6 straight with losses to Memphis and awful Pistons) they lost. They can't beat any quality team except Thunder and Hornets and even those two teams are not championship caliber team like the Spurs, Celtics, Magic, Bulls and Miami. I don't think there will be a three-peat this year. Edwin C. be real this team does'nt have it anymore, and the only parade we will have here this year is the parade in Hollywood blvd.

Just like what I expected to happen Lakers lost to the struggling Mavericks, a team who lost 6 straight including a lost to Memphis and the awful Pistons. Suddenly a struggling team became a championship caliber one when it face a Laker with a defense comparable to the Wolves defense. I don"t remember Lakers beating a playoff bound team except for the Thunder and the Hornets. This team will be gone by the second round. If ever they made the Western Conference Finals (w/c is very remote) they will swept be by the Spurs. I will bet my bottom dollar that this team will not be three-peating. They stink!!!

Laker fan-

Who looks old now? LOL!!!


I guess I just dont understand the mindset of a Champion!!


Are the Lakers still busy wrapping and unwrapping Christmas gifts?

Caps Goggles-

Hows the crow diet coming along?


I miss all your dumb comments!

Speaking of Laker fan who doesnt show up when the Lakers lose ... Where is Putz? Im gonna need our new banner folded!

A few days ago I jokinsly told Lakers4Realz I'd rather lose to Dallas and win in Denver. Now I hope my joke materializes because losing in Denver is not a good sight. Nuggets fans act as if they've won the championship when they beat us in Denver. I'll be there with the masses of purple and gold. The last time I went I had to leave in the 3rd quarter because the game was a blow out and not good for us.

Tim-4-Show- WIll you be in attendance?

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

The Lakers do look old and tired out there. I wish Phil would play some of the young bloods more (DC, Ebanks, Shannon). We need some energy. We miss the energy and enthusiasm of Ariza, Turiaf and Sasha.

Lakers Suck!

The Sky is Falling!

Maybe the Spurs, Celtics, and (Gasp) maybe even the Heat are better than the Lakers!

Trade Gasolft and Bumyn for Blake G. or Kevin L. and please release Fish,


Hi all: Didn't get to see the game last night - but I guess I am glad I didn't.

But the sky is NOT falling. It's another game and a hit to momentum for sure. We need these to get through the season - up and down.

We have been very spoiled over last 3 seasons and have come to expect 82-0 seasons. That's just not happening.

The strategy will come together - I have no doubt. Just when the bandwagon folks leave, the Lakers will reach out and scoop them all back. Don't be tricked by fool's gold.

Cheers - PLG

The Lakers can score pretty well, but their overall defense is soft. They need to look at how teams defend them; tight and up in the grill. On the other hand,the Lakes give the ball handlers 6-7 ft of space most of the time. There's not a lot challenge as far as disrupting the guys rhythm and movement. Laying back like that also gives a guy time and space to eye the floor. They've got to disrupt the dribble/movement and get up on their opponents to pressure the shot. Make them rush things, dribble too much, make bad decisions and passes. This causes turnovers and frustration. The trick is, do this without sending them to foul line too much.

""Just being lazy," center Andrew Bynum said. "I'm quite sure if you look at the tape, everybody's kind of stagnant, standstill. We were just playing lazy 'D.'

Ok, next question is why?

If they are aware of this, then maybe a solution is to stop doing it.

Have they lost the athletic ability to do so or do they just not want to do it?

Guess they're just waiting for the playoffs to commit to expending that kind of energy.


Posted by: Art - FL Lakers Fan | January 20, 2011 at 05:03 AM "

The funny thing is that the OKC game was considered a good defensive effort but if you look at the tape, you'll see the same defense. Oklahoma City had wide open looks from the 3 point line all night long and missed them. Dallas had the same looks and capitalized.

I think that they have just played and won against so many bad teams so far that they don't see any problems with their defense. As the schedule gets tougher, they'll have to start making adjustments or the results will be ugly.

Edwin, a little known fact is that Hitler's scientists invented methamphetamine for his Blitzkrieg strategy. However, in the end, who ultimately won the war?

We don't need the Lakers burning out mid-season, but a little more consistency shouldn't cause a burn out. Lack of concentration causing unforced turnovers and failure to communicate on D is unexceptable.

As for me, I've continued my tape-delayed 60s-70s boycott. If the Lakers come to play, I'll come to watch. But, if they mail it in C.O.D., I'll return it to sender. You can quote me on this: "No Play, No Pay!"

Dean Wormer quote of the Day: "Fat, Drunk and Stupid is No Way to Go Through Life, Son."

Nuggets are going to destroy The Lakers ,if they play like they play like they did last night. Also if Pau has his Mr. Softie game going, Nene will destroy him again. No Guts No Glory!!!

great first selection of the day- I'm gonna keep it going with one of the best songs ever written and recorded:

As for the Lakers, I went off a bit last night, so I will refrain from saying anything negative this morning. since I don't have anything positive to say...

I sure hope our guys decide to play with some heart come playoff time so we call all be singing this one together:

So the mavericks made a bunch of 3 pointers in a row. So what? Seems like just a lucky game to me. They won't shoot like that if we play them again, especially Kidd.

>>>Are the Lakers still busy wrapping and unwrapping Christmas gifts?

Hi Celtic troll.

Need I remind you that second best is still a loser? Like your Celtics.

Have fun whining about a game here and there in December or January. When it comes to June, the Lakers will smack that smile right off your face.

It seems like the Lakers mentally give up when they're down this season. In past seasons, I almost always got the sense that they would claw back from a deficit and eventually win the game, but not this season. by: boynamedsue

That's bullseye my man. When the Lakers lead by 12 (against the Clippers in the third) and against the Mavericks (by 10 in 2nd quarter) you can be sure that lead will disappear in the matter of minutes. But if they are losing (by 8 points in the 4th quarter against the Clippers and 13 pts. against Dallas early in the 4th) you can be sure that they will not recover anymore. That's how this Laker team operates this year. When the opponents is ahead in the fourth quarter or even in the 3rd I turned the t.v. off because I know they won't make any rally late in the game at all. Mind you, I'm 95% right in not wasting my
time watching them when other team is ahead. Unlike the Magic, Worthy, Jabbar era wherein you have to watch until the last seconds because you never know what will be the final score until the fat lady sings. With this Laker team of 2010 you just have to look if the other team they're playing against is leading then you can just say to yourself "they will not recover anymore" thereby saving your time and energy in rooting for this pathetic team.

Our team should call Stern and tell him they will be back next year. Why? Because we just do'nt have it this year what a waste. Most champs go down with a fight but these guy's just lay down night after night. Jump shot after jump shot the other team race off on another fast breake. The other team pick and roll for another jump. The other team shoot just find on the other hand we could not throw the ball in a pond. Turnovers man it's if we can not play basketball, do think someone is making tons of money on the lakers to lose. I just do not understand maybe the moves we made at point guard is not the one that should have been made. Blake look as lost as Artest. They did it last year but Kobe was hurt most of the season and into the play-offs. This year it seem that they do not have the eye or focus to win another championship.

Hi Celtic troll.

Need I remind you that second best is still a loser? Like your Celtics.

Have fun whining about a game here and there in December or January. When it comes to June, the Lakers will smack that smile right off your face.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | January 20, 2011 at 09:34 AM

Couldnt agree with you more.

Need I remind you ... 17-16!


get rid of pj,fisher and luke and you will see a team play
at a high level.pj is only going thru the motion remember he
really didnt want to come back.



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