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L.A. Times' Mark Medina on Lakers' 120-91 victory over Utah Jazz

--Mark Medina

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@27 and @ S Perkins are now banned. I've had enough of their constant personal attacks and needling. You guys aren't here to talk basketball. You're just hear to try to make people upset. This is now being back onto moderation until further notice

FCM- 're' banned, i think.

and i was being so nice to them.

OK, FCM, that's a couple more of your game summaries i'm got under my belt, and I really am seeing some (and it's not just the accent, whatever that accent is) Tom Brokaw in you, which means- yup, Kent Brockman.

You are doing the Kent Brockman voice.


Another good win for a regular season game. As a fan, I'm satisfied that the team did not "let up" after gaining a significant lead because no team in the league shows mercy for the 2x Champs. Just a great, all around game against a struggling playoff contender. We know DW despises the Lakers so I can only imagine how he's feeling now!


Jazz are in disarray and do not provide barometer of Lakers long term capacity to win NBA championship.

Celtics will be much better gauge.



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