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L.A. Times' Mark Medina on Lakers' 109-87 victory over New York Knicks

--Mark Medina

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FCM- I had a little time tonight to actually watch your postgame video summary tonight, which I haven't done for a while. Pretty good delivery. But i was sort of surprised. Based on just the still pictures from your video that you always put on the top of the thread, I was sort of surprised that you haven't always been doing the video with your eyes closed for the whole thing.

this is why we need RON RON in this team.

the enforcer... our only muscle guy... one of THE toughest mofos in the league.

dont ever forget it!

and MM.. i see ur goin for the rebel look with the top button down today.. much better. =)

Quiet as kept, Fisher is playing a strong defensive game.

Posted by: bronxlakerfan

What game are you watching ???? Fisher stunk up the court. I can find zero reasons to have him on the court period. He has zero skills. He is no longer shooting the ball. Most nights at best has a couple of assists and can't stay with anybody. Probably the least talented and least skilled guard in the entire NBA.

Watching the film of the Lakers' 1972 Championship Game 5. I always remember the 3 to make 2 free throw rule (the league implemented it due to Wilt's poor free throw shooting), but had forgotten about tip-off jumps at each quarter.

Kinda like that rather than tip-off jump at start of the game only. Not sure why the league stopped it. Refs would be much more proficient at tossing the ball if they had to do it a minimum of 4 times a game.

Speaking of the Refs: Are You Serious?!! Are You Serious?!!!

Just checking to see if MM tosses me from the blog.

Come on Refs! Drew didn't even use one expletive and didn't flail his arms. If that's the criteria, then Amare should've been tossed 5x's over!

Good overall win though...

I like the emotion level from Bynum and Artest...

That level of emotion sends a good care factor message to stressed out fans,sitting down watching the game on a 34 degree(c) day drinking beer.....

Thank You.....................

S Perkins....

Every time I read one of your posts, it has some variation of a bash Fisher theme. It's tiresome. I get it. You don't like Derek Fisher. However, tonight Fisher helped to limit Felton, who has been on a roll, to 4-14 shooting along with 3 turnovers. Fish played good position and team defense tonight.

I thought that Fish played a good game tonight, and I don't give a hoot or a holler what you thought.


I thought Derek Fisher played a good defensive game

Shannon had nearly a point per minute played, and may lead in this category. With injuries, he's looking at a more prominent role for 6/8 weeks.

Go Spartacus!!!!

i agree with the other gentleman fisher is not playing
good ball his production is poor he should be benched
no other coach in the league would let him stay on the
floor as long as pj,he should benched himself because pj
want he need some one on the floor who can coach for him
let brown and blake play more start brown instead of fish.
give some of the rookies some more playing time.pj coaching
style discourage the developing of new players.why have them
on the team if you are not going to give them some playing
time cant do any worse than fisher or luke.cant wait to see
pj retire and see a new coach come in and develop thes players

It is getting hard to read these posts from so called Laker fans. Even when they win the idiot writers find some shortcoming, fear, problem with the victory. Repeated stupid criticisms from fans who obviously know nothing about basketball yet spout off about trading members of our championship team because of 2 or 3 consecutive losses. Fisher, who has been a leader in so many championships becomes the target when they lose. All those speedy guards who seem to score at will haven't won any championships lately. Basketball, for the ignorant is a team game. The team doesn't win or lose because some guard blows by Fisher. His job is to channel offensive players to our twin towers. If the opposing guards score 40 points every night, but our teams wins, then the defense was effective. Then there is the stupid criticism of Pau and Ron Ron. This is basketball not football. Pau has developed into the most talented big in the NBA. He frequently grabs over 10 rebounds a game. But his 'toughness' is questioned, as if he needed to be brutal and mean.

He arrives in a trade, that everyone in the league is envious and angry about and suddenly the Lakers are repeatedly in the finals. Drew is injured most of the season as Gasol carried the post to the finals, yet this entitled, spoiled fans continue to whine. Want to trade him? Every team in the league would kill to have him. Then there is Artest, the defensive tough guy. Doesn't score enough, must be having a bad season. Everybody in the line up doesn't have to score 20 points to have a good game and contribute to victories. There is only one ball. Our goal for success is to feed the great post players we have. Then there is Artest. How can Ron score 20 pts. to satisfy the fans when he gets less shots than the post players. How can he rebound double digits, when Drew, Lamar and Pau are grabbing up every loose rebound? Usually the opposing teams get one shot. How many rebounds are left for Ron to get? After the Lakers lost Magic and went into a winning slump most fans just turned them off. Win a few championships, and suddenly the band wagon grows. How many other teams have been in the finals the last 3 years? After being spoiled they nit pick every aspect of the team, demand convincing victories every night. The sports writers, looking for a story always inject some flaw, some fear, even when they win.

Grow up fans, no body is entitled to championships every year. No one is entitled to expect blow out victories, every night. No one cares who you think should be fired or traded. Experienced experts are paid big bucks to figure that out. You don't like a particular player, who cares, you don't pay his salary. You don't like to spend big time bucks to watch a losing game, hey no one forces you to spend your money. The game is televised for free. You want to rub shoulders with the celebrities, they are rich. It is going to cost. You whine if your taxes are raised a penny to pay for good teachers, but are willing to spend your money to be entertained, and then complain about the team, not performing to your expectations. You deserve the Clippers, not the champions, get over yourselves. How would you like it if your boss criticized your work on television nightly? Fews people would.

phred - Haha I should change the settings on YouTube. I'm absolutely honored you took the time to watch at least one of my videos. Now I know it's not just my relatives watching these...



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