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L.A. Times' Mark Medina discusses Lakers' 104-85 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies

--Mark Medina

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One screwed up team from coach all the way to the last guy in the team. I don't care how many times they've been champions. This is the most ridiculous team in the lakers' history. They have no respect for people and the fans. Some of us spends lots of money, outrageous money to see this bozo-the-clowns. If the owner doesn't start making some changes his lakers' legacy will be in big trouble.

The Media should ask Phil why he is calling Kobe out so harshly? It’s actually Kobe that got the team close in the 3rd. plenty of blame to go around, starting with PJ.

Seems to me if you have a strategy that’s working, you stick to it (1st half of game). Or perhaps it might be best, to put players in who will implement your strategy properly.

While I appreciate PJ’s resume; I’ve always been less than impressed with his coaching style. IMO sometimes as a coach you have to be the motivator and bench people if you have to; in order to get their attention.

“Calling People Out” is not a sound coaching tactic or motivator IMO.

You are not going to win when:

You are outrebounded, 44-37 and 12-6 on the offensive glass.

You have 13 assist on 33 field goals and your opponent has 30 on 41 FGs.

Your opponent has 19 more shots than you.

You have 20 turnovers including 14 steals by your opponent.

Your starters are outscored 74-52 by the opposing team's starters.

Your starting small forward takes 2 shots and scores ZERO pts.

You're not going to win when combined with all these negative factors, your team plays with ZERO heart, spirit, energy or intelligence.

@mike I feel you buddy. It’s painful to watch this mess, and embarrassing to admit I'm a Laker Fan lately.

Man......this team hurts my soul.

To KobeMVP888 & LakerTom,

I'm very interested to hear from y'all ....

Mark Medina

The only thing worse than the game.............was your analysis of it. You sound like a talking parakeet that went into the post conference and came out and regurgitated everything you heard Phil Jackson say.

Where is organic thinking anymore? The groupthink line out there is as follows:

We got the ball into the bigs and then we went away from what was working........................HELLO IDIOTS!................We were losing by 9 points at the half trying to establish our bigs.............Is it within the realm of possibility that the game plan on offense is flawed??

These are the Questions that an overblown ego will not allow you to ask yourself............but these are precisely the questions Phil should ask himself.

Phil Jackson has FINALLY reached the conclusion that lineup changes may occur.............way to go deserve a standing ovation for that revelation.

Phil Jackson should realize that finding the right combinations is a constant quest and is the job of the settle on "units" is the sign of a lazy coach.

Phil even suggested another bright idea.............."more practice".................Hey Phil,.......if you're stuck in the snow will reving your engine harder get you out...........or .................further entrench you?

More practice isn't the answer if you're practicing the wrong gameplan.

Pray this is Phil's last year

@ pfunk36- We got the ball into the bigs and then we went away from what was working........................HELLO IDIOTS!................We were losing by 9 points at the half trying to establish our bigs.............Is it within the realm of possibility that the game plan on offense is flawed??

I hear you, but Kobe had 22 shots and the rest of the starters had 25, combined. So, I feel that they were hardly "established". When your two 7 footers have only 17 shots between them all game and they make 9 of them, we should probably at least try and get them a few more shots. I watched the game, and I think I saw Kobe shoot literally 10 times in a row in the third quarter, and that was followed by a D-Fish three.

Phil saying that Kobe "screwed it up" is akin to when he threw Kobe under the bus with that book he wrote after leaving the Lakers. I understand that PJ has to be able to criticize his best player if he wants the respect of his team. But, the other Lakers were more than happy to stand around and watch Kobe go off in the 3rd Q.

Kobe was hot in the third. Since when has basketball changed so much that you do not feed the hot hand? Instead of throwing your superstar player, who is playing with mangled hands, under the bus, how about standing up and taking a technical foul on his behalf when he gets butchered game in and game out?

Phil plays so many mind games, that I sometimes wonder if he isn't beginning to confuse himself. Like today when he said something to the effect that the Lakers didn't want revenge because the Griz had beat them in their previous game. But they (the Lakers) were going to try to learn from it. Maybe he should have said, yes, some payback is in order. Sometimes you can't be above the fray. You've got to get down and dirty if you want to win. I'm not sure if PJ can do that any more. Maybe he's preparing text for the book he's sure to write next year.

Well, it was just another lost opportunity to pad the "W" column. So many things right and yet, the team was so wrong. Ay Caramba!!


I want to put this respectfully so we can reason together.............and that is the spirit in which I'm about to address your question.

You said "Kobe had 22 shots and the rest of the starters had 25, combined. So, I feel that they were hardly "established". When your two 7 footers have only 17 shots between them all game and they make 9 of them, we should probably at least try and get them a few more shots."

Instead of reading a stat sheet and looking at "what" is happening...........I implore you to ponder.................."why" this is happening.

The reason there is uneven shot distribution is hold onto your hat..................THE TALENT ISN'T EQUALLY DISTRIBUTED.........SORRY BUT THAT'S THE WAY GOD MADE IT

Kobe gets off more shots because in an offense WHERE THERE ARE NO SET PLAYS OR ISOS FOR INDIVIDUALS...........the player who can create his own shots...........will shoot the most. That's why Micheal Jordan averaged more shots than say ..............Luke Longley.

Phil Jackson doesn't call out plays because he doesn't want the responsibility that goes along with it....................If you really wanted more shots for Gasol...............just isolate him on one side of the floor.........and have him post up ...............and give it too's really that simple.

This is the fundamental problem with the triangle offense and the reason why NO OTHER COACH WILL EVER RUN THIS OFFENSE ONCE PHIL RETIRES.

Phil's problem is not with Kobe per is really with himself. Deep down inside Phil resents he resented MJ...........only he couldn't voice that against MJ because MJ was established when Phil took the reign in Chicago. Phil feels like he will not get the credit he deserves with these mammoth talents on his team.

In the past Phil has been very clever at covering it up but now he's at wits end...............and he continues to throw the best player in Laker history under the bus.............he's losing it...........literally............and it's only going to get worse for him because he is ill-equipped to make the proper adjustments.

The goal shouldn't be "equal shot distribution" the goal is to win the game............and the distribution of shots will be the RESULT of how the other team defends you.

I say if Kobe has the advantage in the post against a smaller player and the opposing team doesn't send another player to double...........Kobe should keep shooting until the defense adjust...........if they never adjust...........Kobe should shoot the ball 40 times or more if they never double. Do you agree?

So where is all this equal shot distribution coming from? If you have a football team and you intend to run the ball and you happen to have a Jim Brown, or a Gale Sayers or an O.J. Simpson or Walter Payton in your backfield................should anyone else run the ball as much as these guys?

Talent determines where the ball should go initially.............and until the defense makes it adjustments it should continue to go there..............unless you as a coach have an issue with the way God distributed talent.............which means your problems start with yourself.............which is why you never hear Phil accept responsibility for anything because he doesn't want to look in the mirror..............the man is sick

Phil and a lot of the media refuse to even consider that the reason the team doesn't get the shots Kobe gets on a nightly basis is because they are not as good as Kobe is....................Gasol can't even hold his position in the post most of the time..................Kobe only shot the ball 6 times in the first half..............why didn't Gasol shoot more? Why didn't Bynum shoot more?

Why should I bother setting aside 2-1/2 to 3 hours 82 days of the regular season at $0 pay when 13 players making from $300k to $21 million a season won't set aside 48 minutes a game to focus and play as a cohesive unit?

What's my return on investment?

Sure, you won two championships in a row. It still doesn't trump the chumps you're looking like when you get beat down by sub-500 teams. Hell, Beat Down By Any Team!

I'm going to use my time more wisely. I'll DVR the games and if the outcomes start turning around more consistently I'll start watching again. It'll be no different then back in the days of tape delayed broadcasts of the 60s and 70s.

Until then, I'm taking up chess...

Rook to Pawn Bishop 4...

Look, in 2008 when they went to the Finals against Boston, the Lakers were the second youngest team in the league (a team which, mind you, was 3 years younger on average, e.g., Kobe, Pao, Fish, Bynum, Odom were all three years younger). The Lakers, despite their core players getting older, have only gotten older. Instead of re-signing Mbenga (who filled in decently for Bynum during his injuries), they let him go and sign a rickety 37 year old center. Instead of letting a 26 year Sasha play point ( a guy who, by the way, has delivered in EVERY playoff series from 2004 thru 2010 except for the 2009 Finals), they sign a 30 year old tweener too slow to play point guards and too small to guard two guards in Steve Blake, who has never proven that he can even perform in the playoffs (see Jordan Farmar). Why? Then they let Ariza go and sign Artest (which paid dividends last year), but Artest is a halfcourt defender that is a liability against quick teams, so during the regular season, you have to play Barnes. Bottom line is that the Lakers are older, slower, arrogant and too proud to recognize that past rings don't equate to future rings. Instead of sticking with the younger guys they've had in past Finals runs, they've decidedly ditched them for older players. What's wrong with the Lakers? It's not a lack of talent, effort, heart or defense. It's just a lack of youth and athleticism. That's what happens when people get old. Their thought process gets stale and they lose sight of what made the team successful in the first place. The Lakers have turned into a bureacracy of players and not a meritocracy of talent. With the team as constituted, they have ZERO chance of beating the younger, hungrier Mavs, OK City or even the ever-adapting and brilliantly coached Spurs.

@pfunk- Again I hear you, but Jordan never played with a Shaquille O'Neal, or a even a Pau Gasol. He played with a Luc Longley. And no, I do not believe that shots should be rationed. I do believe however, that this is a team game and Kobe and the rest of the team does better when he is in 09-10 mode, as opposed to 06-07 mode. Having played basketball at a collegiate level, I can tell you that no matter what offense you run, guards dictate distrbution.You have to play to your strengths, and Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum are far to talented to only take about 8 shots a piece.

Since when has basketball not been about effort. If Gasol and Bynum want to take more shots they should take more shots. It's that simple folks or are you telling me that Kobe comes down and shoots without starting any offensive sequence what so ever. If Gasol, Bynum or Odom wanted more shots they will have to work for them. I did not see the game last night but I imagine it went just like the rest. Kobe trying to play basketball and the rest standing and watching. Gasol is stealing Dr. Buss's money and Phil Jackson is letting him do it. Instead of sending Odom to the bench he should have sent Gasol and Artest but he won't do that he will keep offering up these lame excuses of why the team does not perform basic basketball fundamentals. The subject of should Kobe shoot or not shoot is so old it is boring. What has to happen is Phil Jackson do his job and remind the players of their roles on this team. Artest has just disappeared and Jackson has just let him slide out of sight. That demands an explanation. Gasol played reasonalbly well the first 10 games and he too has disappeared. That deserves an explanation. Fisher has just not performed at all offensively and defensively all year and what can be done about a 36/37 year old point guard that can no longer play the position. What we are suppose to wait until June for a miracle shot? There has to be more to his game than that. Kobe defensively has to perform better and it is up to Phil to get that out of him. Offensively Kobe is fine bad fingers and all, I think he should be even more assertive but hey that's me. Odom I think has done okay but even still disappear too much. Bynum I leave for now but the bench all 3 needs to improve on what they have given in this first 30 games. If I am Dr. Buss I am demanding more for my money than just a championship at the end although that is the goal. Plus at this rate they will lose the first round on the road. It is time for Dr. Buss to demand that Phil put this in order right now. It just that simple or he can just let this thing continue to coast along and see what prize awaits at the end.


Jordan never played with Shaq..........that's true..........but Shaq got up just as many shots as Kobe did.......until he started to slow because he didn't work as hard as Kobe. Actually overall Jordan played with better players and more talent than Kobe has..................Jordan didn't have a Gasol (who is a fringe all-star) But Kobe never had a Pippen, a Rodman, a Kukoc or a Kerr.

Despite Jordan having these players his last year with the Bulls Jordan averaged 23 shots a game while shooting 46% from the field.............I think just Pippen and Kukoc merit as much attention as Bynum and Gasol...........probably more.................yet Jordan still shot the ball. Any explanations for that?

The only reason Kobe's shots are an issue is because through the influence of Phil Jackson the 24/7 media makes it an issue. Quick........what was the Bull's record when Jordan took over 20 shots? Do you know? Does anyone know?

With Kobe ESPN will run this stat nightly about Kobe's shot attempts.............

Do you know what makes players great? Consistency is what makes players great. If Bynum and Gasol could perform at an elite level every night as Kobe does................they'd be great players............but they are not great. So some nights that's all the shots they can get up and usually the reason is a combination of a lack of effort and a lack of talent.

If that's not it then you have to examine the offense that's being run..............most people do not know what to look for when examining an they take the easy route ......................"Kobe is shooting too much" Which is bullshhhh....................Phil Jackson has never been a great X and O coach............but he will need to be if the Lakers are to make a resurgence

Someone compared Gasol to Shaq and I thinking get real. There is a reason Gasol was wasting away in Memphis and not making the playoffs. You can put Shaq on any team and there is going to be an improvement especially the Shaq at 29 or 30 years old and I never really like Shaq as a player but comparing him to Gasol is a disservice to Shaq. I know the comparision was done to try and say Kobe has had great players to play with but really Gasol is a nice pickup for the Lakers and the reason he shines if at all is because Kobe is on the floor. Take Kobe off the Lakers and they lose second role maybe first. For a team with the highest payroll in the NBA, these Lakers are not giving the fans their money worth.

you people buying Phil Jackson's throw Kobe under the bus tactic are wearing blinders,. much like the blinders Phil Jackson has had on through, this on going breakdown of a team he is suppose to be coaching.

It's time for Phil Jackson to start coaching and for cheerleading section to stop making bogus excuses for him. It looks desperate and pathetic; much like this team seems to be playing right now.

pfunk36 you are on point my man..

What is wrong with the LA Times web site, it takes a looong time to load a page. Has it gotten as slow as the Lakers, is the Times trying to stay in sync with the team?


I can understand getting beat up on the road, many teams just play a lot better at home.
Evidently, not this one though.

How can this be happening, losing and losing bad while playing at home against teams that have no business coming onto Staples and blowing out the Lakers.

Did the Lakers get blown out at home like this against the weaker teams the previous 2 yrs?

Something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark.
And in the city of Angels.

Rook to Pawn Bishop 4...
Posted by: The Triangulator

Umm, interesting opening move???

Though i think that jackson's comments on bryant are well deserved ( kobe tends to go on his own most of the time, kept shooting 3's even though he only went 1-7) is he not the coach? if someone is playing badly or not following gameplan, should not bryant be benched?

I don't get it , if you've got 3 , 7 footers on the floor and you get out rebounded by a team with 6 footers , there's some thing wrong with that equation? The coach sits there and looks lost just like the players - Blake was supposed to be an up grade, he loose the ball just like every body on that team. What's up.

they're good, very good, the thing is they become older, proud and not humble, so it is time for a change in the starting line up. new guard and new small forward (you know what I am refering to) so, go ahead, phil, you got the solution to this MESSSSS



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