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L.A. Times' Mark Medina discusses Lakers' 100-95 loss to Sacramento Kings

--Mark Medina

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I hate to say this, but Cousins out played Bynum.

I couldn't believe it.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


It was odd watching Bynum try to out-muscle Cousins and Cousins not having it. Strange. It made no sense.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Well, Lamar talks about how Basketball is entertainment and that they are "entertainers" so they better entertain on Sunday and "whup some chowda!" They owe it to the coaching staff, the Buss family and the fans for having to smell the rotten "eggs" they've laid in the past!


OK, so I broke my tape-delay rule and watched the Prime Ticket court side broadcast.

From the start, they didn't just mail their D in, they emailed it in (not even bothering to pay for the price of a stamp).

On offense, the bigs played small. If it wasn't for Kobe, they would have lost big.

Let's face it, spotting a bad team 20 points with 15 minutes to go (while sporting) is a recipe for disaster. They obviously were looking ahead to Sunday's game. They did the same thing against Milwaukee and then lost big to Miami. Hopefully that won't be the case this Sunday...

Needless to say, I am back to tape-delay...

I cannot believe they paid this guy for this analysis of the game. I think about 5 percent of what he said was actually discussing the game tonight. I will sum it up for you really quick. The Laker bigs tonight did not come to play at all not on offense nor on defense. Bynum got outplayed by Cousins which can happen Cousins isn't without a degree of talent but what was really bad was Gasol no show again against Dalembert. Add to that Lamar Odom staying in the locker for the entire game and you can see why the Lakers lost this game. Oh! Ron Artest has really got to look in the mirror and ask himself if he really wants to play basketball.

People PLEASE ! I keep reiterating the same thing,(KOBE BRYANT)will he ever get it,we've been winning at a much higher percentage when he shoots less,he took the whole team out they're game by taking 11 shots in the 1st quarter,so what he was hot,the Lakers just don't play well when he shoots like that,look at the stats,he took 27 shots,the next in line was gasol and Brown with 11,where's the balance. Did we really need him to come out firing like that(NO). Anybody else can come out starting 4 for 4 or something,do they turn into a ball hog,shooting everytime they get the ball until they miss one. Kobe had a great game but he has to learn that he does have a team and he can't do it himself anymore,say what you want about the Bigs being outplayed which they were,but if you look at the shot attempts from our bigs,Cousins took the same number of shots as Gasol and Bynum which makes no sense to me cause our Bigs are our biggest strengths,until Kobe let's them steer the boat LA will sink before it reaches it's final destination !

PLEASE TRADE ARTEST. what is he? he is a momentum deflater. he got his ring and he cool. PLEASE trade Artest. the lakers will not repeat. the spurs will rock them this year. the players are comfortable with Phil and Kobe. their tirrades dont scare anyone in that locker room anymore. maybe kobe started off hot because he saw how flat they were in the dressing room. Also, has any considered may they should gone after Amare' Stoudamire last year. he's a man down there nightly. So, he's a knick, so how about a young, hungry, MELO... someone how bring energy and hunger for a ring. or even kevin love? They need a major trade, and i also would even consiser pau because he's soft again. his play has dropped considreably... they will not repeat. the need a package trade gasol, and artest... trust me. it will wake them players up..


You're wrong! Have you ever played ball. Our bigs sucked cause they sucked. If they played last night with half the passion and energy of Sac's bigs we would have won that game. I wish people would stop making excuses for our bigs when they play like they did last night. Kobe didn't just shoot the ball, he passed the ball. He had 7 assists and at least 10 passes that should have been assist but Pau nor LO could put the ball in the basket and Andrew didn't rebound. Enough blaming Kobe already, he more than did his part as a scorer and a passer. Get outta here with that crap! The Bigs need to grow the hell up and stop acting like babies, crying about touches like that's all basketball is about. Rebound the damn ball and play defense, if not that's on them not Kobe!
Drew's defense has been the difference in recent games not offensive touches, he didn't bring that last night and they lost. Based on how they played last night it would have been a worst loss without Kobe!

Fact is Gasol is as soft as a cube of butter left out in the sun. No point tryin to make excuses or explain it away anymore, the guy is a typical Euro player..great skills, great Basketball IQ, and the tenascity of Floyd the Barber. He's our current Vlade. He avoids contact like it's anthrax, hes 7 feet plus and seldom takes the ball to hole with authority, has weak hands and lives on the pretty jumper. I think he really tries to man up but he just cant do it. And when Bynum is in foul trouble, and Artest is off in physco land, its a parade of dunks and lay ups thru the paint. Lets hope Bynum can play 40 minutes Sunday , otherwise Gasol will get tossed around like a rag doll and humiliated by that fossill Shaq.



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