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Kobe Bryant on his pick for BCS championship game: 'I tend to stick with the family'

The Lakers showed some love for various other teams after their victory over the New York Knicks on Sunday, 109-87.

When Lakers guard Kobe Bryant entered the locker room he was met with playful jeers from several Lakers personnel about his hometown Philadelphia Eagles losing to the Green Bay Packers, prompting him to yell a few phrases not suitable for print. Lakers forwards Ron Artest and Devin Ebanks waxed nostalgic about their hometown New York Knicks going through a resurgence. And Lakers Coach Phil Jackson fondly reflected on his playing days with New York's 1970 and 1973 championship teams.

Bryant also talked about Monday night's BCS championship game between Auburn and Oregon.

"I'm a big Cam Newton fan. Chuck [Person] is a big Auburn guy and dear friend of mine," Bryant said. "That being said, Oregon is a Nike school. I tend to stick with the family" referring to the Lakers' star's endorsement deal with the shoe company.

-- Mark Medina

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MM is too quick! lol...

The dreaded re-post:

LakerTom: As usual you are spot-on with your Drew comments. You've endured a lot of attacks over the years because at times you were one of the only ones with the vision of what our young center could/would become and the strength of conviction to stick with your position through the various Drew injuries.

I just hope that those with lesser vision and/or biases are man enough to come out and give Drew and yourself props for his play. Yes, it's only been a couple weeks, but only blind 'Laker fans' (not physically, but throse with slants and biases) could not come out and give him his well-earned props.

As you point out, Drew absolutely dominated Amar'e on both ends of the floor. The Lakers look rejuvenated with their re-emerging post dominance. The team is coalescing around the offense, the inside-out game. They look a lot better than they had a few weeks ago - and it's not a coincidence. As Bynum has started returning to form, so has the Lakers.

- - -

KobeMVP888: Unfortunately, there are some simple-minded people who merely look at and point to stats to illustrate how good or bad a player is. D-Fish is one of those players who has never been defined by stats and numbers, so a lot of people overlook his value.

The fact is that D-Fish has been starting PG on as many championship-winning teams as Magic Johnson (now I'm not saying they are comparable in skills - so hatas, don't even go there!). Phil is the finest coach in NBA history and has coached 11 title-winning teams and throws Fish out there as starter. Fish runs the offense beautifully. He has a Horry-like knack of hitting big shots, making big-time plays. He is smart and a winner, bottom line.

Some will never get it, sadly for them. Is Fish a fantasy-league starter? No. But the NBA isn't fantasy league, and the intangibles that Fish brings to the table help make the Lakers into a championship team. A lot of people though think the NBA is like the fantasy league, and each player should rack up stats. Luckily, they aren't coaching the team nor are they GM...

Tom & 888, it's a pleasure to see you guys on the blog, keeping things real and having the cojones to take sometime unpopular views and receive a lot of flak at times. You guys are always fighting 'the good fight' and helping make this blog into what it is - the best Laker blog out there! (thanks to MM too!).

Props to you guys for telling it like it is, sticking with your views and not succumbing to the 'the dark side'. Much love!


Does that mean Kobe views his Nike family closer than his Laker family?

Just sayin' lol...


MM- You are posting too quickly, can't keep up!

Wow, okay my post was cut off.

I've been reading some of the comments about Fish, and I am LOVING THEM. I love when people notice his defense. It's something that is often over looked. He is a great team defensive player.

How many charges has Derek Fisher taken over his career compared to other point guards? Gee, compared to Kobe Bryant! (Who seriously couldn't take a proper charge to save his life, you know it's bad if Luke Walton is laughing at you!)

Whether bloggers like it or not, Fisher is here to stay. And why not? He sets up the offense every single time. He gets in on steals, takes charges, knows when to pass Kobe Bryant and when to plain ignore him. And yes, he does have turn overs and sometimes forces the pass, and sometimes jacks up shot. But I would honestly like to know of ANY players in the league who DONT have turn overs or who dont jack up shots.

If you can find me one, then I will commend you.

Say, does anyone know what Hotel the Lakers stay at when they are playing in Memphis? Trying to talk my wife into going and staying at the same Hotel. Thanks!


I like your pro-Fish take. He's the heart and soul of this Lakers team. As one of my favorite friends says, "If you don't like Fisher, you don't like yourself." We'll see where all the anti-Fish talk is when the Lakers are down by 2 in a game 7 during the playoffs... and Fisher sinks a 3-ball at the buzzer.

Go Lake Show!

It's very cozy and sweet to come back writing after a certain extended hiatus, and doing it under a Kobe's post.

Hi dear family...

Hope the 2011 started amazingly for you all (well, I read much of things while away for the holiday time, so I know pretty much what you've done anyway... at least what you did that appeared on these pages).

Why didn't I write for so long?


It was for a series of concurrent reasons.

First my time and commitments during holiday time were insane, and really to find time to write I would have got to use an elapsing time machine...

And then when I was trying to find something to say, I was realizing what I was about to... weren't really good words to say.

I suffered pretty heavily our slumbering period and someway I hate that I couldn't be lighter about it.

Don't get me easily wrong... or that naive: I still not really recognizing my Lakers yet.

Even thought yesterday game was one of the closest to my former team look (and i mean the look we used to have at the start of the season), I am way too burnt from the above mentioned slump to not fear a relapse.

I feel a bit schizo about our Lakers these days: from one point, I know we are an incredibly put together team; from another point of view, I can't avoid to see how difficult is this year to find the right impulses in us.

It's very difficult... so much do dig from psychological side (and I don't wanna bore you straight) and then there is the constant threat of physical damages that keep swhirling around us like a way too annoying winter wind.

But in the end... all I keep tell to myself is this: we are the best team.
When/If we don't do what we are meant to do, we lose.
So if we lose, it's really our fault, more than other people's praise.

I will try to keep my composure and stop whining and stop fearing (because yeah... at times these past weeks I truly felt fear... not from others; I felt fear about US, which trust me is one of the most awkward and horrendous way I can feel, sport-ly speaking).

Ultimately... I trust that my Lakers, our Lakers, CAN STILL DO IT.
Better... they (we) MUST do it.

I don't know anything that rings truer to my heart than that.

And yes... this man above still the one which knows still how to lift my heart the best.
My hopes the highest...
My spirit, the fullest.

I'm very glad to be back writing to you fam.

It's a luxuriously warm and beautiful sensation.

Happy 2011: let's make it again a very merry Purple&Golden Year ;)

Luv, Z. :)

Song for today is a wonderful and recent italian one... too bad you cannot understand words... I should translate it because it speaks of the greatness of love and passion, and it fits Lakers so much as well...but at 10 pm... I guess I have to pass the translation for another time ;):

Jovanotti, Tutto L'Amore Che Ho (All The Love That I Have):

The outlaw- I've been pro fish for years now. Wish I had wrote a better take on it in my profile, but whatever! My passion for Fish is strong!

****** REPOST******

Thanks Everyone re the Friedman. Just proves that every once in a while I can hit the broad side of a barn.

Leon Wood needs to be sent down to the NBDL!

Hey MM, do you think you could start a Development Blog to send the Trolls to?

Go Lakers!!!!!!

Zaira- welcome back! Don't fret Lakers are starting to shine through again now that our big guy is back!

Happy New Year Zaira! It's good to have u back. We need every able body. Trolls have been driving the congregation away.

Go Lakers!!!!!!


Posted by: OldHippy


The fans had to come out eventually! The caves were getting too crowded with all the trolls lounging around waiting for the Lakers' premature demise.


LRob- The Heat will be their at the end, it's that Drew is some what imtimadated by Shaq. It has something to do with a few years ago when Shaq had to BUST him. Drew's never forgot, that's why Shaq bully's him and Pau with rough play. It is what it is.

DFish is like an OLD DOG, every now and them, they get up and BITE the HELL out of you. That's the way he plays DEFENSE.

I'm very nervous about the Miami Heat's success as of late...

Posted by: troy | January 10, 2011 at 12:17 PM

A Lakerholic that really gets it, the Heat are on a MISSION. You can see it in their SWAGGER, they will not be STOP until.....the RING is with the KING.

OldHippy- The Old Dog aka DFish has lost all but two teeth and their hanging on the side.

Let's put it this way, if Amare objects to a call and goes over and gets in the official's face, gets a technical, then continues to follow the official and continues talking, then gets tossed, will you be crying to the league that it was unjustified? I think you, me, and everyone else here will be saying it served him right and that he should have learned from the first technical, even if he had a valid complaint.

Tyreke Evans and Rip Hamilton got ejected against the Lakers for similar behavior and none of the Lakers media people were complaining about it. The rules are pretty clear that you can't do what Andrew did and we all know it.

No one likes to see the officials taking over games and ejecting players. In a perfect world, there would be no fouls, no complaining, but they're necessary to maintain order in the game. The person who should have "walked away and shown restraint" is Andrew Bynum.

Posted by: Bay to LA | January 10, 2011 at 12:38 PM

Well technically you are correct, but you make it sound so robotic. Amar'e was chippy as hell all game and got right in Artest's grill after the clothesline, but he didn't get T'd up. In fact, if anyone should have been tossed from the game last night, it should have been Amar'e. His behavior was a lot more thug-like all game than Bynum's and he was squawking at the refs all night to boot with no repercussions.

I also disagree with your characterization about "continu[ing] to follow the official and continu[ing] talking." He said: "Are you serious?" twice. That is hardly stalking, complaining, tech-worthy behavior for ANY player. If you didn't notice, the first tech was a meager, weak hesitant tech. The second one was more like "wait a minute, I have to show this player up!" Leon Wood should have walked away. If he had done that, everything would have settled down VERY quickly.

So as between the proper code of conduct, Bynum's was more typical of any player who clearly got reamed on a call after he worked his tail off to make a great, clean play. Leon Wood is the one who broke from the proper behavior of an NBA official in the same or similar circumstances and I haven't heard one thing from the so-called experts that disagrees with that assertion.

the RING is with the KING.

Posted by: G.Money | January 10, 2011 at 02:08 PM

Nah, the King needs a Ring, to call himself the King, that's the way it works.

The Laker Blog, the by far Best Blog, evidently. Even non-Laker fans blog here and they are welcome, just can't figure out why they show up here. Envy, perhaps? I've never been to another team's Blog site (not enough time to waste). Not sure why I would want to go to the Heat or Magic or Celtic Blog (do they even have one?).

I'm not sure anyone would be the King with one Ring? If we are talking King of Rings, I guess that would be Russ (not a Celt fan, but gotta hand to him).

There's no honor left in people, anymore DJ, for example, that G. Money, if he were a true, heat fan, or whatever fan he is, the real bloggers and trolls, can dish it out and take it. This is an example of someone, I suspect, runs away from a real fight in real life. Not saying for sure, but, this particular person, runs away from conflict like his life is dependant upon it.


I really enjoy your posts. It sounds like you are from the LakerTom, CyberCosmiX school of thought and I really enjoy reading your astute observations on a player who has earned a spot on my All-Time Role Player Team .. Derek Fisher. I remember when Fish was a rookie and Nick Van Exel played ahead of him, yet the Lakers seemed to be better when Fish was in the game. It was puzzling to me given the obvious disparity in talent between the two players, yet in the end talent didn't mean everything. When you hear words like leader, heart, soul and winner, you think of D-Fish. Unfortunately, the talent-purists view him as old, slow, a poor shooter, a guard who can't finish, defenseless and useless. When your offense is run through Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol/Andrew Bynum, you don't need more pure talent at the lead guard position, you need a guy with a brain, a heart, toughness and experience. Thank God for Derek Fisher!

All this Fisher talk, well, sure I would like to have Rose or Paul or Rondo or Nash or DWilliams, etc. We don't, we have Fish and so far Blake hasn't out played him. I think Derek is a good person, very hard worker, only Laker I know that consistently puts his body in harms way to draw O fouls. Do I complain and grit my teeth often, well yes, but I loosen up after he makes one great play to help win a game. Sort of Like PJ, I get upset with him to, until we somehow get those Rings, ha, ha. I would like to see UPS get more PT. And, would I trade Fisher for any of the above tomorrow, well yes, but that's not gonna happen either.

There's no honor left in people, anymore DJ, for example, that G. Money, if he were a true, heat fan, or whatever fan he is, the real bloggers and trolls, can dish it out and take it. This is an example of someone, I suspect, runs away from a real fight in real life. Not saying for sure, but, this particular person, runs away from conflict like his life is dependant upon it.

Posted by: Sean | January 10, 2011 at 02:25 PM

Dude...I can take, as I give it out. Never, EVER run from a fight in LIFE. And not about to start in a virtual world either. Now is there something you want to discuss? DUDE.

Hmmm....with the Cavs game coming up tomorrow I was just thinking they have lost 10 in a row and now Varejao is out for the season. It's still way too early, but it doesn't look like the following statement by Dan Gilbert's is coming true thus far....

"The self-declared former "King" will be taking the "curse" with him down south. And until he does "right" by Cleveland and Ohio, James (and the town where he plays) will unfortunately own this dreaded spell and bad karma. I PERSONALLY GUARANTEE THAT THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS WILL WIN AN NBA CHAMPIONSHIP BEFORE THE SELF-TITLED FORMER 'KING' WINS ONE"
The sad part about it is if Gilbert wanted to send a player gift wrapped to one of the Heat competitors, I'm not sure they have anyone a contender would want now that Andy is out for the year.

I'm gonna stroll out 'til we get the trolls out.


After a loss, I never see your posts, G. Money, that's why I said what I said, you made it clear you can dish it out and take it, thanks for responding, there's absolutely no beef whatsoever. Keep Posting.

"I'm gonna stroll out 'til we get the trolls out.


Posted by: Don't Blame Del Harris! | January 10, 2011 at 03:07 PM "

A lot of the real fans abandon this place when times are tough. That's the reason the trolls are able to prosper.

DBDH - I've got 2 words for you: Renegade Chat.

Dude...I can take, as I give it out. Never, EVER run from a fight in LIFE. And not about to start in a virtual world either. Now is there something you want to discuss? DUDE.

Posted by: G.Money | January 10, 2011 at 02:56 PM

Nah, dude, it's free speech, I wasn't treading on anything, and frankly, there's nothing to get hostile about, it's cool, I'm not trying to crowd you or your opinion. I get frustrated with people, who dish it out and then runaway. If you say you're willing to go back and forth, great, I just haven't see you take it, I've seen you dish it out. I'm cool. Those weren't fighting words, by the way.

Sean- Thanks for the quick respond, so when I come at you, I expect you to come back. Peace

i like Dfish defense......We need him to win 2 more rings......



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