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Highlighting Mark Cuban's memorable exchanges involving the Lakers

Mark Cuban

Should he run into Mavericks owner Mark Cuban at American Airlines Arena Wednesday night, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson faces a number of options.

Will he scold Cuban for describing him two weeks ago as Jeanie Buss' boy toy? Or will Jackson thank him for the compliment? Will he remind Cuban that his prediction that Caron Butler's season-ending right knee injury has proven right so far with Dallas entering Wednesday night's matchup against the Lakers with a six-game losing streak? Or will Jackson flash one of his 11 championship rings to remind Cuban what he doesn't have? Will the two remain silent and keep the trash talking through the media? Or will Jackson just hope the Lakers' play takes care of it all?

History suggests neither of the two will back down, which certainly has made it fun for the media and fans alike. Below the jump are some of the memorable exchanges between Jackson and Cuban.

Phil Jackson

October 2000: Cuban suggests the Lakers spend like the Clippers

In what amounted to be a slow off-season for the Lakers, Cuban found that as evidence that the Lakers were increasing their profit margins at the expense of the team. Mavericks Coach Don Nelson also bragged that the organization acquired Christian Laettner before the Lakers could. Those comments didn't sit well with Jackson, who said Cuban "should keep his mouth shut" and suggested Cuban was breaking league rules by simply trying to buy a title. Lakers owner Jerry Buss also suggested new owners, such as Cuban, go through a learning curve in overseeing a franchise.

In turn, Cuban tried inserting a wedge between the Lakers' front office and players.

"As far as Phil telling me to keep my mouth shut, I will [when] he answers why the Lakers haven't signed a single player above the minimum this year, why they still haven't extended Shaq, and why they were trying to dump every multiyear contract they could other than Shaq and Kobe [Bryant]. I'm listening, Phil, because us new guys want to understand that strategy," Cuban said. "And while you are at it, Phil, could you also help this new guy out and tell me what you plan to tell those big-salary [players] next year when they ask where the 10% that is being deducted from their salaries for escrow is going to go? It won't be in your players' pockets. Where will it be? Us new guys really want to know."

Cuban's tweaks toward the Lakers and Jackson made team officials "incredulous," reported The Times' Tim Brown, who summed up, "it's officially a feud now."

"The thing I always remind myself," Cuban told The Times' Mark Heisler, "it's a business on the court, it's a business off the court -- but it's not world peace. These aren't real bullets that are flying."

November 2001: Cuban makes fun of Shaquille O'Neal's free-throw shooting

No one has ever praised O'Neal for his free-throw shooting, but few ever described it in these terms -- that he shoots like a 10-year-old. The Times' Brown reported that remark didn't make O'Neal happy one bit, but e-mail exchanges between Brown and Cuban showed the Dallas owner backtracking while adding another dig toward Jackson.

"Feel free to write any of this," Cuban wrote to Brown, "as long as you say that I think he is the best of what makes the NBA great. Few people in this world are able to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously. Shaq is the best of them. He knows I don't take myself too seriously at all, and that's why we can have some fun."

"Infuriate him? The Big Aristotle?" Cuban continued. "You don't give Shaq enough credit. Unlike his coach, I think he plays hard all the time. I don't think he gets mad to take it to another level. Talking about his free throws is like him talking about my money. It's part of the media game and he has fun with it. So do I. Shaq and I are friends and I can assure you he always is out to beat us as bad as he can, regardless of anything else said. We have talked in the past and he knows I am going to do what it takes to win, just like I know he is going to do the same. By the way, any idea what his free-throw shooting percentage is since the Phoenix game, when the refs said something?"

October 2002: Cuban accuses Jackson of misrepresenting a rule

O'Neal's tendency to stumble into the lane as part of his free-throw mechanics became a topic of conversation during coaches' meetings in Chicago, a topic that The Times' Brown reported also dealt with Anthony Mason. But that didn't stop Jackson from bemoaning that the league approved another "Shaq-rule."

Upon hearing about Jackson's gripe, Cuban accused him of misinterpreting the rule. "There's nothing worse than someone who thinks the rules should be different for them," Cuban told Brown. "This is a game where it's at its best when everyone plays by the same rules and the best players stand out. When people complain that they can't get special treatment, it's usually because they need it. Shaq should be on his hands and knees, thanking me. No one else seemed to want to stand up ... about his stepping over the free-throw line. I did. He knew he was wrong and fixed it. That's what great players do. If no one had spoken up, he would have gone down in history as the big guy with three rings that wasn't strong enough to get a free throw to the basket without stepping on the line."

When told of Cuban's comments, O'Neal grinned and said, "tell Mark I said, 'Thank you very much.' "

August 2003 - Cuban suggests Bryant's sexual assault case would boost NBA ratings

In a statement that sparked ire from the NBA, the Lakers and Jackson, Cuban suggested that Bryant's pending sexual assault case, which was eventually dropped, would help the league's rankings.

"From a business standpoint, it's great for the NBA," Cuban said on "Access Hollywood." "It's reality television, people love train-wreck television and you hate to admit it, but that's the truth. ... "I'm not saying it's a positive reflection of who we are as a country," he said. "It's just reality. It sells papers, it increases TV ratings. The NBA will benefit from that."

Cuban, who had been fined numerous times for criticizing officials, instead received a strongly worded statement from Commissioner David Stern, something The Times' Thomas Bonk simply described as Cuban getting his "wrist slapped."

"Any suggestion that there will be some economic or promotional benefit to the NBA arising from the charge pending against Kobe Bryant is both misinformed and unseemly," Stern said in a statement. "That idea does not reflect the views of the NBA, NBA owners generally or others associated with our sport."

October 2003: Lakers at fault for O'Neal-Bryant feud

The outcry over Cuban's remarks about Bryant's pending legal case didn't stop him from commenting on the Lakers' star. This time, Cuban cast blame on the Lakers organization for not solving the problems surrounding the O'Neal-Bryant relationship.

"If the president and the CEO of a corporation were speaking publicly like that, you'd have to say the board of directors was doing something wrong," Cuban told The Times' Steve Springer. "By the time a problem grows in an organization to where the most visible figures are venting publicly, it means ... people are not doing their jobs. The organization didn't deal with the problem. If you don't recognize it in advance, it's going to come to a head. If someone has to vent publicly, it's probably not the first place they looked to vent. You would think they first tried to deal with it internally."

It wasn't clear, however, whether Cuban was specifically blaming Buss, General Manager Mitch Kupchak or Jackson, though Cuban added, ""If anybody can repair the problem, probably Phil Jackson can."

"It's not a backhanded slap at anyone," Cuban told Springer. "If we had two players who feuded publicly, I'd be mad at myself because none of that should happen on its own. Rare is the time you see us nail a player in public.... I can't speak to the Laker organization, but if there's an issue with the Mavericks, I may not be the best person to communicate with the player, but I'll make sure the person who is is involved."

December 2006 - Jackson accuses Cuban of intimidating referees

Jackson asserted that Cuban's public comments are nothing more than a ploy to intimidate referees. That inspired Cuban to write an eight-paragraph blog post headlined "I Own Phil Jackson."

"For whatever reason, I have gotten to Phil so completely and thoroughly that every time he comes to Dallas he has to offer unsolicited comments about me to the media," said Cuban, who also described Jackson as his "bucket boy." "I wonder if he dreams about me the nights he spends here in Dallas. OK, I don't wonder. I'm curious about it. How can the NBA coach with so many championship rings find me so intimidating? I really don't know."

Jackson in turn also said the referees turned into "nervous Nellies" at Dallas home games because Cuban sends tapes of questionable calls to the league.

"Of course the officials weren't intimidated," Cuban wrote in response. "Maybe, instead of being so concerned with Mark Cuban, Phil should be worried about the new rule in place that causes a player to be suspended a game after he gets his 16th technical foul of the season" - a clear shot at Bryant, who led the league with Rasheed Wallace at the time with 11 T's.

Jackson responded, as reported by The Times' Mike Bresnahan, that Cuban is "easy to tweak" and that he promised to "copyright myself" so Cuban could indeed own him.

January 2007 - Cuban gives a rare compliment to Bryant, Jackson

For once, Cuban decided to say something nice about the Lakers while the Mavericks enjoyed the NBA's best record (27-8).

"Kobe [Bryant] is one of the top two or top three players in the NBA, if not the best, and he's got a top coach," Cuban told The Times' Springer. "So that's a combination that works well together. There is the perception sometimes that it's Kobe's game to do what he wants. If that were the case, there would be no need for Phil Jackson. Phil earns his money and does a great job."

Don't mistake this for a sudden love fest. Within moments of complimenting Jackson's coaching, Cuban then took a mild dig at the Zen Master. This was in regard to Dallas signing former Laker Devean George.

"I don't know how you guys [the Lakers] let him get away, I swear," Cuban told Springer. "Just looking at the offensive stats, OK, maybe [George] wasn't a big impact player. But Phil, in the past, has called him his best perimeter defender. He was right. Phil got that right and we thank him.

October 2009 - Cuban believes Ron Artest will destroy the Lakers' chemistry

There were plenty of concerns -- Laker fans among them -- about how Artest would fit in with the Lakers after signing with them to a five-year, $33 million deal in the 2009 off-season. The uncertainty went beyond his reputation, stemming from his role in the brawl that spilled into the stands in Detroit in 2004. Many also wondered how Artest would fit in on a championship-built roster and handle a depleted role.

Consider one of those skeptics to be Cuban, who voiced his concerns in an ESPN Radio interview.

"Could you imagine? Ron Artest has got the ball and Kobe's standing there, 'Throw me the ball.' Thank you, Ron Artest."

Prior to the Lakers-Mavericks game on Oct. 29, Cuban then told The Times' Bill Dwyre that if Artest didn't work out for the Lakers, he'd hire him to work at Dairy Queen, a place he worked at for a day in 2002 after saying NBA refs couldn't manage that franchise.

"I could teach him how to make those neat swirls," Cuban said to Dwyre.

The Lakers shared mixed reactions. Artest played along: "It's important that Mark Cuban says stuff like that. It's great for the fans. It's something to read and it keeps it interesting. Nobody is really getting hurt. It's just words. I think the fans like that. That's why I love this game." Jackson wasn't amused: "I like a lot of Mark's comments. He's done a lot for the league, he's done a lot for that franchise. But when he attacks players, that does get to your family and you just don't want to have him talk about your family."

September 2010 - Cuban argues the Mavericks have more depth and size than the Lakers. Apparently forgetting that the Lakers have two 7-footers in Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum as well as 6-foot-10-inch Lamar Odom, Cuban argued the Mavericks have more size and depth because the acquisition of Tyson Chandler will help complement Brendan Haywood. I explained in detail why Cuban's contention was wrong, so no need to regurgitate what's already been said.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Dallas owner Mark Cuban has been known over the years for making bold claims to the media. Credit: Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

Photo: Lakers Coach Phil Jackson disagrees with an official's call during the first half against the Nets on Sunday. Credit: Jim O'Connor / US Presswire

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Mark Cuban: The poster child for my phrase HE HATE US CAUSE HE AIN'T US

That's funny, basically everything Cuban has said the Lakers are or will be, has been wrong. It didn't matter that the Lakers weren't spending big in 2000, they ended up with the championship. And Ron Artest did not mess up the Lakers chemistry, but instead was very instrumental to the team's 2nd title in a row. Keep em' coming one is really listening to you anyways.


Dear Lord, let us rise past our enemies - both the ones on the court and the one who owns the team we're playing - and play 48 minutes of Laker Basketball...the kind of Laker Basketball that got us back to back championships. Nuff said. Thank You for answered prayer...AMEN!

At the end, I just want Lakers to be #1, no matter who's PG.
So here's to my Lakers, Fisher, and all the Fisher loyalist here.
This track describe how I feel word for word.

As a PG myself in organized leagues and local gyms, Pg is my favorite position.That's why my all time favorite player will always be Magic Johnson (Magia32).
I don't mean to belittle what Fisher has done for the Lakers in the past. But I believe as a PG, even if it's not the most important position in the TRI, he still needs to pull his weight.
Having more bad games than good games during the regular/practice season and one or two clutch/lucky shots in the playoffs, is not pulling your weight.
I'm not even saying Fisher shouldn't start anymore (he shouldn't), what I'm saying is Fisher should stop being stubborn and pull a Luke. He should tell Phil to play Blake more. Even up the minutes between them.
Fisher is a smart veteran player, he's smart enough to know when he's hurting the team. C'mon Fish, do the smart thing and tell Phil to split your minutes and help the team.
Fisher needs to do this to lessen the blow that's coming next season as well. Next season when the Lakers get a new coach, the new coach most likely won't let Fisher touch the court. No matter how much Kobe loves him. STOP LYING! You know darn well you bit Justa's name. Trying to change your identity to fool everyone. We ain't stupid.

Posted by: utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER | January 19, 2011 at 12:50 PM

Homeboy...I don't recall anybody inviting you inn, and for you're INFO I choose that handle just to push the buttons of the Lakerholics. It had nothing to do with QUEENIE, there are a few justa on board. And i dropped it because it created a negitive Energy after so long.

DUDE... you come out like some COP defending her honor, you need to sit back and say a little PRAYER for youself. Ask for FORGIVENESS for putting you're foot in you're MOUTH.

Posted by: | January 19, 2011 at 01:28 PM

Cuban is absolutely nothing and deserves no media attention.


@magia - I knew you bled purple and gold deep down...I totally see where you are coming from, but Fish is not the reason for our current woes...I agree there are tons of upgrades out there, but none on our current roster...

iheart - I'm trying to make it to LA the last 2 weeks of Feb...any good games at Staples during then...even we can't arrange to watch a game live together, no reason we can't set up a Council Meeting and watch at some sports bar...we probably can get a bigger group of Blog Members that way...

why would you have jackson stoop that low just to taunt cuban. it ain't work jackson's time to even wave at cuban. he's a joke!
go lakers!
fellow bloggers don't forget to include me in your roll call.
sami here signing off, gotta get my reindeer back home.

Hey all, been lurking for a few days now but resisted posting as I've been taking time to research computer hardware for a new system build to finally replace the aging Alienware sys I've been using for 3 years now. =P

lol @UTZ. That's so true about Cuban.

Love the MM breakdown of the ever-ongoing Cuban/Lakers feud - at least wannabe feud. Cuban would love to be on par enough with the Lakers to even call it a feud. PJ always winds him up like a toy robot with those little comments he drops every now and then, Cuban though does pretty well in holding his own. A lot of what he says have some truth contained within the mud he is slinging.

Kupchak though really messed up the Shaq trade when he dismissed anything the Mav's had to offer-up to get him. They reportedly offered a Nowitzki/Nash trade for him (Nash would have been a sign-and-trade). It still boggles my mind as to why he said at the time that Dallas had nothing the Lakers wanted. The fact was Nash and Nowitzki combined to win the next 3 MVP awards...

Yesterday someone mentioned that the Heat trade for Shaq was messed up by Mitch too in that he didn't insist Wade be part of the trade. I totally agree. I don't know if Brian Grant was known to have parkinsons symptoms at the time but the fact is Kupchak had long coveted Grant from those gutty performance he'd put up against the Lakers in his Blazers days. He focused on getting Grant to round out the trade instead of telling Riles that no Wade = no trade. Wade hadn't blossomed yet but he still did real well as a rookie and showed a lot of potential.

Riles later said that he insisted that Wade could not be part of a Shaq package but the fact is that Kupchak seemed to have been afraid to play hardball with his former coach. Kupchak had all the leverage as Shaq was the key to the deal. He was still a dominant player in '04 and Kupchak held all the cards. Rather than dictate the terms, like the Nuggs are doing now in the 'Melo rumored trade scenario's, he weakened his hand dismissing the Mav's as a trade partner and relented to Riles not wanting to throw Wade into the mix.

Not Mitch's finest hour to say the least. However, I'd say he's done more than redeem himself since then. Turns out that trade gave us Odom and Gasol (as Caron for Kwame for Pau) - but had they had acquired Wade too, well, we'd be talking about a 6-peat right now...



Give it up already. You're embarrassing yourself. Fish isn't even a POINT guard, so quit calling him one. THERE IS NO SUCH THING IN THE TRIANGLE OFFENSE. Get it? So your strategy is to "lessen the blow" for NEXT season? That's makes a whole lot of sense. Why not destroy the championship chemistry that has gotten us this far. Do you think benching Fish would result in a three-peat? Whatever.

I have a better idea. Read Tex Winter's "The Triple Post" and maybe you will gain a simple understanding of the triangle and why Fish is the Lakers' LEAD guard in it. This way you might wake up and quit seeing him as someone who plays the "point guard" position like yourself. You are all wrapped up in all the wrong things.

Oh, and don't try to BS us. You ABSOLUTELY mean to belittle Derek Fisher in every possible way.

@LEW - they're playing Atlanta on 2/22 and Clippers on 2/25...I will check with him if he has tickets for these games...I plan to go back when they play the Magic on March 14 or April 12 against San Antonio...hopefully he hasn't sold those tickets...

I'd rather ask for an English Tutor to help you distinguish the difference between YOU'RE and YOUR.


Fellow Lakers fan. Whatever.


Great stuff! I've been telling people that they have had the wrong impression of Jerry Buss for years because they always thought that money was no object to him and your first story lays it out. His goal was to be able to field a team that could compete for a championship each year and he felt he could do it without breaking the bank. It turned out that he really did need fresh players around Kobe and Shaq and the spurs surpassed them in 2003 and the Lakers got old the year Buss had to sign Shaq to a huge extension and Kobe to a max contract. In the summer of 2007, Buss finally relented and broke from that philosophy and gave Mitch the green light to do whatever it took and it;s been that way ever since.

Just when you think that the Lakers will win handily that's the time they always lose big time. Against the Clippers (who just lost big against the lowly Warriors the previous night)and having a 7 games winning streak what happened? they lost even after leading by 12 points late in the third quarter and by six points with 6 minutes or so left in the fourth. Now, against the Mavericks who just lost six straight (two against the Memphis and awful Detroit) I have a feeling that they will lose again because of "overconfidence" and "cockiness".

That was a really interesting article MM. I liked it a lot. I've always thought Cuban was the second best owner in the NBA next to Buss, and nothing in recent years has changed that opinion for me. He's not won a ring, but I really blame David Stern for that. He's smart, funny, willing to pay to bring players to his team, he cares, he's involved but not in an overbearing way...yep, if I were a player I'd make a bee-line for Dallas or LA.

The only fault I find with his regime is that he let a fued with David Stern wrest a championship from him in 2006. And I'll never be convinced that David Stern's will wasn't imposed by either black magic or crooked refs that year, and I don't believe in black magic. That was a fix if I ever saw one. That was as much of a fix as when George Forman's girl-slap on Michael Moorer's forehead won him a championship belt.

So, though I blame Stern more, I do also fault Cuban a bit for letting things get to the point where Stern would do whatever he had to to keep a ring fr0m Cuban. But I still really respect the guy. Imagine if he owned the Clippers.


@Wesjoe: Naaaah, bro. I saw that fight live. Moorer got knocked THE BLANK out! way...that was a flop if ever I've seen one. You were there, or did you see it on TV? I only saw it on TV, but it sure looked suspicious to me.


Lets look for ourselves:


@MM – Excellent recap on Cuban’s comments. I had forgot about some of his craziness. Thanks for the reminder.

@iheartkb24 – very good. You know your Biz Markie :-)

@magia32 – Nice Animals selection. I think it explained your position well. I have no problem with Fish splitting minutes evenly with Blake. That would save his legs more for the playoffs. Right now Fish is playing 27 mpg…so we’re only talking 3 mpg difference.

FYI...the new coach will more than likely be BShaw...and he believes in Fish

That punch at the 1:12 mark used almost no body, no legs, just forearm and wrist. Maybe Jorge is that strong, but I don't know...



I know Fishers not the whole or only problem, but I believe he is the biggest piece in the problem pie. Like I said earlier, I'm not saying bench him
I'm just saying cut his minutes back. Let Blake have more burn with the starting unit. Who knows maybe Fisher will even help Shannon settle down in the 2nd unit.

Brian shaw the next head coach, maybe your right.
If that happens then ya, I see Fisher still starting.
But being a rookie coach, you best believe he will be under alot of pressure.
Pressure from Buss and Kup and when things start going south (which prolly will, under a new coach)
Shaw will be forced to make moves.
and I see that move being, Fisher to the bench. The weakest link.

Here's the 1st of 8 clips on the making of "Raging Bull," for movie and fight fans:


1. Mark Cuban is the pentultimate Laker Hater.

2. He's pretty much always wrong... which is hard to do.

3. Mark Cuban is the Patron Saint of Doucebags.

4. Mark Cuban's eyes are creepy.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mark who?

I just want to butt in on this Fisher debate and say something. You may or may not like it but consider it is either a vitamin or a germ of thought.

Jon K was right that everyone has freedom of speech but it carries along with it some responsibilities. However, when he equated our freedom loving bloggers to this Tucson nut, Jared L. free speech by shooting people, that would also be unfair and far fetched. In the first place, under the scheme of things who determines who is a troll? Remember there is a human element in every post, therefore it could be YOU who is the ultimate troll.

Perhaps, what Jon is saying you have to qualify your opinion with some fair and square observations and provide constructive solutions to it. On the contrary, D. Fish should be aware that his time is coming up fast enough as far his mileage of effectiveness in NBA. All players undergo this stage, for that matter all living organism have their own life span. Fisher cannot play a PG forever nor a monarch can live forever. When your time is up, be honest with it and recognize such mortality. Who is honest enough to say that his time is up?

Therefore, when we talked of young PG's like D'Williams, D'Rose, R Rondo compared to our good old Fisher, the latter could not match their speed, dexterity and ability. Our Fish has the experience and wisdom but does not have the fountain of youth that brings forth quantum energy and dynamism.

So for other bloggers to keep on honing these criticisms, try to be considerate with your responses. Yes, you may be venting in frustration of a lost cause but give an allowance to your criticisms. One post is enough, two is too much and repeated cries could be a poison pill for the Lakerholics to absorb. On the other hand, Lakerholics should not also monopolize opinions and all conversations, they're not the only Laker fans in this blog.

Just my 2 cents.

1. Mark Cuban is the pentultimate Laker Hater.

2. He's pretty much always wrong... which is hard to do.

3. Mark Cuban is the Patron Saint of Doucebags.

4. Mark Cuban's eyes are creepy.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K. | January 19, 2011 at 02:39 PM

Succinct and to the point, as usual!

@LRob - If I remember I was in middle school when the video/song came out...hmmm, not so long time!

@iheartkb24 - it was that would make

@Edwin - What's up bro! I like it better when you participate instead of spectate.


Loved the write up- I really do enjoy the back and forth banter between Phil and Cuban.

sweet Run DMC track- You can never go wrong with the pioneers of rap.

good Animals cut

I dedicate this to Cuban and his assumption that his team has better depth when it comes to bigs:

my buddy just sent this to me:
It's a table designed for Jordan, which has 32,292 holes in it- the same number of points that MJ scored in his career. It wouldn't be that bad if "his heirness" didn't come up with the narcissitic theme himself.

@LRob - Geesh, why did I say I was in middle school when that song came out? everybody knows how old I's all good!!!

@edwin - great post, you always post something really insightful.

Also, looks like the whole trade with Carmelo to the Nets has been cancelled according to ESPN. This only means he will probably be in the West come all star game which gives both gasol and odom much less of a chance to be in the all star game.

Queen Bee
Miss High-and-Mighty
Drama Queen

Hmmm -

Faith's the Queen Bee, and Mamba24's the Drama Queen (well Drama Punk, but close enough for this purpose) so I think I'll go with Miss High-and-Mighty, thanks!


1 of 27

Sounds like little Markie has a serious case of championship envy.

heart - can you help it if you were a prodigy whose parents made you skip all those grades?


this is dedicated to you, since according to 27, you are untouchable:

sorry, I just couldn't resist posting this awful song.

LEWSTRS here...

one of justa's servants...a Haiku Ninja...


2 of 27

What? Wait - whoahhhhhh...

What's this thing going on with Justa and someone insulting her?

You obviously don't know her which is too bad for you. She's great, and she knows her basketball. For the record, I'm behind her as well. Can't believe some people.


I just don't like snotty little wang-wangs who wouldn't say a word of this in real life. Much less take it to the courts for money in a one-on-one.

28 of 27 (since I'm not good enough to be one of the 27)

since 63 mentioned the word "prodigy":

Oh, I gotta get on this 27 bandwagon thingie -

Any chance of that?


@FRMKT… “I'm with Diandra and others that Kobe is beginning to realize that it’s possible to extend his career by becoming more of a facilitator rather than the primary scoring option on the team. Personally, it's the part of his game I've been patiently waiting for. After his contract expires and the Triangle is still in play, he just might be the perfect PG for the system at that stage of his career.”

I’ve always believed that the role that Kobe played leading Team USA to the FIBA Gold, where he served as the team’s main offensive facilitator and game closer and designated defensive stopper who would shut down the other team’s best player, is the ideal role for him to play on this Lakers team, which like Team USA has so much talent and firepower they don’t need Kobe to score 30 every night.

Whether this ever comes to pass remains a big question. It’s one thing for an offensive force like Kobe to dial it down for what is really just an All-Star tournament compared to his literally transforming his lifelong approach to playing game. That may be too big a change to expect from Kobe. It would be a case of his maturity and team leadership overruling his God given natural offensive greatness.
@CORNERJ… “Saw the Thunder game via my Slingbox. I saw it as a transformative game for the Lakers...namely, Kobe as our PG of the future. Yes, you heard that right, our PG. Diandra was right on in her post about how good Kobe was as our facilitator and distributor. If he wants to extend his career another 8 years, and extend the Lakers' championship run beyond threepeat out into unbreakable record territory, he, Kobe Bryant, should become our PG. Forget the quest for a PG, go find a blazing hot shooting, young SG that can knock down mid-range jumpers and 3s all night long with Kobe penetrating and dishing the ball.”

Ironically, Kobe taking over the point guard duties for this Lakers team immediately solves the conflict between team ball and Kobe ball. It also solves the dilemma of how do the Lakers replace Derek Fisher as the starting point guard. There are probably ten outstanding shooting guard prospects for every outstanding point guard prospect. Of course, Kobe has to be willing to step back and change how he approaches the game in general. Right now, he prefers to pick and choose when to be a facilitator and when to be a scorer. The great thing about Kobe becoming the Lakers point guard is that he could also devote more energy to being our defensive stopper and still be our closer.

I should have posted this "The Prodigy" track first:

@63 - i know there's a reason why I like, you left the renegade chat as soon as I logged on...what's up with that???

hey can I be 29 of 27?

@Justa - Miss likey =)

1 of 27? Sounds too much like the Collective to me Justa. We are the Lakerholics...resistance is futile...

Too tired to comment on the rest of today's Fish debate.


@Jolly Rancher - haha, not fancying being 7 of 9, eh?

Let's kick Dallas' boo-tay tonight and just shut everyone up.


heart - I was just heading off and saw you floatin' on. Nuthin' personal.

Glad I could help with the prodigy (like the choices).

Troll despise her so
Because she is fun

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Kobe facilitating the offense is nothing new to him. He did it throughout the 1st threepeat. The change this time comes about because with Andrew starting, Lamar is spending more time with the 2nd unit. Lamar was bringing up the ball and initiating the offense when he was starting, That allowed Kobe to occupy the pinch post and attack from there. With Lamar back to a reserve role, Kobe more or less has to facilitate for the starters. Who else among the starters can handle the role? Not DFish or Ron. Kobe has to do it. It just shows the versatility of his game.

Personally, I think the Lakers are best when he plays this role. Kobe is the Laker's most creative player, and contrary to the tripe the media puts out about him, Kobe does make his teammates better.

Clear sign of a Troll
Changes their name often
All alone. Lonely

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Troll hides in its cave
Pretends to be many souls
One soulless creature

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Mamba24 wannabe, lacks impartiality by deleting names on his surrogate bandwagon he doesn't like. Nice bus drawer. Great family man indicated by his profile.

Posted by: 27 Bloggers ruined this Blog | January 19, 2011 at 04:26 PM


1. Being compared to Mamba24 is an honor, not an insult...leave my brother from another mother out of it...It's people like you that chase him away...

2. I don't delete names on my Roll Call...I just add...if you made Roll Call it's an honor given to members...I noticed 27 Bloggers in not on the list...

3. If I have a problem with someone, I address them like a man , something you aren't...I don't use something like the Roll Call as leverage...apparently you would...for you seem like the kind of person that is too chicken to confront someone you have a problem with, so instead you key their car...

4. If this blog was so RUINED by 27 bloggers, why keep hanging one is forcing you to come here, and maybe you haven't got the hint...but GET LOST!!!

Troll. Unpopular.
Envies those who others like
Pleads for attention

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


NICE Haikus Jon K...

here is mine:

I'm guilty as charged
One of twenty seven here

Sunshine is darkness
To Trolls. Hates togetherness
Misery are they

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Dude ....most you CLOWNS that CLAIM to be 1/27 are just BOOT LICKIN TOLTIES. You know who you are.

G. money. No game.
Wonders why he is alone
Anger. Lashes out.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Tells others they are tolties
Because no one likes

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Our only hope is in trading Ga-SOFT. His value is at it's highest, and his demeanor is at it's softest. Him and Artest for Deng and Noah. Or get in the New Jersey talks and package Artest, Ga-SOFT, and Blake for Harris, Lopez, and Favors.

I am one of those people who love Cuban. He's just so much hot air, and it's refreshing to see someone give Phil grief. He makes things interesting. And, he wants his team to win. However, I didn't like the "boy toy" thing -- that was not up to his usual standards -- it comes off very 1950s-sexist. Like something Bob Knight would say ...



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