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A look at the Lakers' poor perimeter defense in 109-100 loss to Dallas Mavericks

January 20, 2011 | 12:18 pm


4:55 - 4:43, second quarter

After posting up on Lakers forward Lamar Odom on the near side and noticing all of his teammates collapsing in the lane, Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki kicks the ball out to guard Jason Kidd at the top of the key. Kobe Bryant, Ron Artest and Derek Fisher immediately close out on the perimeter, with Bryant marking on Kidd, Artest guarding Brian Cardinal and Fisher matching with Jason Terry. After he received a pass from Kidd, Cardinal drove right past Artest while Terry cut baseline. Fisher denied Terry penetration but then moved away from him, apparently expecting Cardinal to drive the lane. That left Terry open for a far-corner three-pointer, which gave Dallas a 47-40 lead.

4:05 - 3:57, second quarter

Nowitzki this time operated on the far post against Andrew Bynum. The sequence caused Odom to shift down into the paint to keep Nowitzki from attacking the lane and Fisher to cut toward him to deny the passing lane. Terry cut into the lane, causing Fisher to follow him and Odom to get distracted by the fact that Kidd remained wide open at the top of the key. Nowitzki kicked the ball out to Kidd, who drilled a three-pointer for a 49-43 advantage.

3:07 - 2:55, second quarter

Fisher cut baseline and flashed toward the near side of the court after Pau Gasol set a pin down on Terry. That gave Fisher an angle to drive left into the lane, especially after Kidd decided to remain on Bryant at the top of the key instead of sliding over to the free-throw line to help. Fisher angled himself pretty well on a drive to the lane, but he didn't use the backboard on a leaner and the ball rimmed out. Dallas then received the ball, as Kidd pushed the ball in the open floor. Before Bryant could mark up with Terry on the near side, he drained a three-pointer to cut the Lakers' lead to 49-48.

7:57 - 7:39, third quarter

As he posted up on DeShawn Stevenson, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant created a sliver of space for him to drive the line. He did so successfully, but he didn't account for Stevenson sticking to his right as Bryant blew past him. That allowed Stevenson to swipe the ball out of Bryant's hands. Kidd picked up the loose ball, dribbled left past Gasol and immediately passed on the far side to Stevenson after Fisher cut off Kidd's driving lane at the top of the key. Fisher ran out to contest Stevenson's three-pointer, which rimmed out and went into the hands of Tyson Chandler because Gasol and Ron Artest failed to box out. Chandler tipped the ball over Gasol, grabbed it and kicked the ball out to Kidd on the near side. No one was there to contest the shot, which cut the Lakers' lead to 62-57.

4:06 - 3:53, third quarter

Bryant weaved in the lane past Terry, through a double team between Terry and Kidd and avoided a blocked shot from Chandler. There are positives and negatives to Bryant's jump passing. He has the ability to dish on a dime, but sometimes teammates aren't ready for that to happen. Bynum didn't anticipate Bryant's pass, resulting in a loose ball, which Chandler picked up. After Kidd received a pass at the top of the key, Artest marked up on him. That left Terry wide open on the near side, though Artest slid over once Terry received the ball. No one accounted for Kidd, however, and Fisher's late reaction toward a close-out allowed Kidd to drain a three-pointer and take a 70-69 lead.

1:12 - 1:02, third quarter

After Shawn Marion set a pick on Steve Blake at the top of the key, Terry drove left but was denied an open lane thanks to Odom's help defense. With Brendan Haywood setting a down screen on Shannon Brown, however, there was no one to account for Kidd on the far side. Brown had trouble fighting through the screen, allowing Kidd to drain another three-pointer to widen the gap to 79-71.

:36 - :31, third quarter

As Terry flashed toward the far side, Marion set a screen for Blake. While Blake tried curling around the pick, Gasol's pick-up on Terry proved pointless considering he blew right past Gasol and Odom's help defense remained spotty at best. Luke Walton confronted Terry in the paint, prompting him to pass out to a wide-open Sasha Pavlovic on the near side. His trey extended Dallas' lead to 82-71.

6:26 - 6:09, fourth quarter

Nowitzki set a screen on Brown for Terry, although Odom immediately switched on him as he drove on the far-side perimeter. Nowitkzi then received a pass on the left block while still matching up with Brown. He forced Nowitzki to lose his handle, but he immediately fired a shot to Terry on the far corner. Despite Odom marking him, Terry drained a three-pointer to give the Mavericks a 97-81 cushion.

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers forwards Luke Walton, left, and Pau Gasol right, try to contain Dallas guard Jason Terry during the first half of the Lakers' 109-100 loss Wednesday. Credit: Larry W. Smith / EPA