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Chat: Lakers vs. New York Knicks

--Mark Medina

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where do i go now?

Hey everyone. Sorry for the troll there. I've contacted the G Snap administrators about the problem and hopefully we can rectify this for future chats. Feel free to chat in the comment thread below

heat and blazers into OT shame Miller couldn't get the basket...


bynum showed 0% maturity there

Have a chat here

How can you get a technical for sayin "Are you serious". I mean its just unreal. What a gift to the Knicks.

I mean to get kicked for saying that is crazy. I guess the tech was for touching the ref but seriously its like players cant even talk.

Leon Wood is an awful Ref! Makes a bad call and then compounds by T-ing Drew twice. He should be reprimanded by the League!

Pure BS from these refs. No calls for the Lakers when they are shootimng! Total nonsense and unprofessinal conduct from the refs. Leon Wood is horrible!!

This is a terribly officiated game.

Damn, Drew! I'm seriously pissed at him right now. He should know when to let go. >| Still immature... sigh...

What happen to the chat room?

Kobe's hurt. Laker defense and rebounding are winning this game for them.

Nice pass from Kobe to Odom for free throws.

I hate to say this, but I must be realistic about it. Lebron James is, by far, the best player in the NBA right now, bar none.

Kobe is ready to smack somebody.

MM - No problems. G'Nite!

These refs let this game get out of control from early on. They are a disgrace.

Probably the only time Amare didn't foul and they call it, ha, ha?

Quiet as kept, Fisher is playing a strong defensive game.

Refs are tryiing to fix this game, but we will still prevail but we are champions

And the link I was watching the game on has been deleted... great


Yeh Fish. Lets put these clowns away.


I am going to watch the replay of this game and count how many times Kobe has beeen fouled without a call...I'll guess at ten. It's personal with Leon Wood and Kobe. He will not give Kobe a call.

I can't remember the last time Miami lost. Please, Boston, don't let them get to the Championships.

Bynum showed what he's all about tonight. He busted Amare. Amare can't play bully ball on Drew.

I'm with you Bronx!

Poll question: was more irritating tonight? (i) the Blazers folding like a cheap suitcase to the Heat (ii) Leon Wood throwing out Socks for asking a question (iii) the hacker/troll?

Each of those refs should be fined. They were absolutely horrible and reffed the game as though they had a score to settle.

People will say that Felton had an off game. I say Fisher played some good D. on him. I hope all of Fish's detractors take note.

Thanx, DJ!! I know that Derek Jeter is always with the Bronx!!

I came here for my chat fix but there was no chat. The troll(s) won today. Dang it!


my answer is 2...the ref. That type of display is totally uncalled for. This guy refused to send the Lakers to the line when they were fouled. Either he's blind or being vindictive. There is no other explanation. And the two clowns with him weren't much better.

One more rebound for RonRon and the Lakers would have had 4 guys with double figure rebounds. Ron 9, Kobe 10, Lamar 18 and Pau 14. Lakers with a 61-42 advantage on the glass.

Wow, Artest with 9 rebounds? Those are the stats that I love to see.


Yeah, Ron was strong on the boards, even though he shot poorly. More importantly, in a game that became chippy and very physical, he provided a strong presence out there for the Lakers.

That was a really impressive game by the Lakers. Bynum was truly a beast tonight. He completely overwhelmed both ends of the court. And he's still not back to 100%. If he keeps playing like this, #17 is ours.

When Bynum plays with that kind of passion and energy, the entire team really plays with some serious swagger. Kobe, Ron-Ron, Fish, and especially Pau. And Shannon regained both his perimeter shot and his mojo for flying to the rim.

Oh, and I almost forgot...G Money...paging Mr. G waiting for you to return and eat crow. You predicted a beatdown by the Knicks, and I predicted the reverse. Am waiting to hear from you. Admit it, G, you really don't want to see THIS Laker team facing your boys in the finals. Your Heat are playing well now, but they have absolutely no answer for Bynum. In fact, nobody does.

Ray Felton is a true pro. Not only does he laugh off the flagrant by Ron, while talking to him. He tells Tony Brown, to back off while they're talking it out. Hell of a player and a true pro to boot.

Just got back from Staples. Our old, slow team, which included a slower replacement at small forward, somehow dominated this fast team, limited their transition points and defended the perimeter. Leon Wood should be kicked out of the league, but I am VERY proud of young Andrew. Enough is enough already. Stoudemire should have been T'd up at least twice and committed at least 6 fouls against Bynum alone, if not more.

This Lakers defense reminded me of what they did to confound the Chowds in Game 7 with a pure switching man defense. It's the most effective defense the Lakers play and, frankly, it involves the least amount of energy. Well, Mr. Heisler?

It's a game we should win and we did. It was the 48 minutes of basketball that was nice to see for a change.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

Hey, i got off work late. Does anybody have a link to Ron clotheslining Amar'e and was it deliberate or did he just 'get lucky?'

No wait, that was Lamar. Well, does anybody have a link anyway?




Nah, wasn't intentional. Although if it was streetball, Shawne Williams would have to have emergency Surgery, prying Ron's hands off his throat. That was intense. Last year, it took a February standstill of Melo, to get Ron into defensive lockdown mode. This year, we can thank the New York Knicks.

Dang, Leon, you are at it again. Why do interject yourself into the action? It wasn't enough?

I would rather have the Lakers play the Beast from the East for 3peat and that is Lebron James...I really think he's in it to win it...but he has to beat Kobe in the Finals to erase any doubts than he's a better all around player than Kobe. As for now...he has to keep proving it. Heat are definitely scary...But I believe the Celtics are still the team to beat. They are mentally tough and they can easily get to into Lebron's head. But damm, there's Wade to back him up...scary.



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