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Chat: Lakers vs. Memphis Grizzlies

--Mark Medina

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Lack of ... leadership?

This team is a complete joke. They don't look like they are coached at all. Zero motivation, zero pride, zero passion, zero discipline. Jackson seems more interested on reminding the press that he's retiring than this current season.

That cheap attempt at stirring the pot and creating controversy in South Beach really is coming back to bite mr. Psychology's you know what. What a coincidence that every time he opens his mouth like the retirement thing, like the XMas game etc. HIS players lay an egg.

this curent lakers team is a disgrace to all lakers fans.
you have no leadership from the coaching staff pj sits on
the bench half out of the whole staff.and bring
in new leadership who willmotivate the players or bench any
players who is standing around not hustling.
the players are like the coach laid back.bench
brown,blake more.get rid of luke.



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