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Chat: Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks

--Mark Medina

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Update for the haters -

Nyets beat Utah tonight:

Sasha had 15 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists, and 3 steals

Farmar had 11 points, 3 rebounds, and 8 assists.

Russian Mark Cuban was right to acquire the Lakers castoffs.

Good half. Need to play better D in the second half.
Go Lakers!!

Like the game to night bryan brown and fish

I'm so happy that Kobe is doing his best to make the Lakers lose. Stupid Kobe.

Go Mavs.

embarrassing..thier defensive collapses are going to get them a first round blowout...eyesore....jesus...if they had half the pride as us fans they would get it right

All Laker fans, call it a day and go to sleep.

Kid outplayed Kobe. Nuff said.

Kobe is your problem, Lakers, not the solution.

The Lakers starting 5 should be drawing Social Security. They play slow than a sloth.

Go Mavs.

hey god damn heeb..when the bench is getting slaughtered take them out...hey terry the mavs suck...go back to dallas with the rest of the drags and choke on some popeyes...

the mavs are and always will be just not bquite good enough to win it all

Kobe got game ... during garbage time.

Enjoy Lakers.

Lakers will be eliminated in the first round. That is if they make the playoffs. That's a big if by the way.

I hope this season will force Kobe to retire. He's an embarrassment to the game of basketball.

Go Mavs, or any other team than the Lakers.

I hope the Lakers fans enjoyed their team getting beaten up. I get a kick out of it, especially when they torch Kobe.

Lakers playing desperate Basketball. Well not basketball, but playing something desperate.

Go Fakers ... I'm so happy Kobe "The Old Far" got beaten.


This should end all MJ vs Kobe discussions. Kobe is MJ's bitch. Nuff said.

its easy to talk when u get a win..finally..what was it six in a row...trash..hey terry talk it all only have until march...your season will end as it always does..EARLY...hey remeber when the havericks won 68 games and then got smashed by golden state..or, or what about having a 2 game high on the heat..then got swept...i still watch that to this day..i get as stoned as your parents were when u were concieved and i watch that finals re cap...clown

WOW - Lakers need to make a move during the free agency best make a move for Melo...coz this shit aint working.

The bench aint shhhhhh

how bout packaging artest, walton for Melo will that work?? In fact why play "no game" Walton over the rook whos got more game in his pinkie that ol man Luke those missed 3's killed us dumb fckr

the lakers just can't win against quality teams,
no way are they winning a championship this season.

This was Phil and Kupchak's fault ....Phils done with coachin take a time out you fckin twat if u see yr bench gettin torched take a fckin time out DUH!!

The bench aint shhhhhh

Posted by: semperfimamba | January 19, 2011 at 08:29 PM

You are wrong! It is!!!

Kupchak....if u listening better talk to ol money bags Buss and make a move for Melo....coz Kobes need some help,

Pau = soft
Bynum = who knows what its day to day
Odom = night and day game
Artest= what game?????
Fisher = perfect backup pg not a starter...and its obvious
Brown = a deer in the headlights
Blake = needs to start be more agressive
Walton = WTF is he doing in the NBA


Yet another tough loss at the office, most of us knew it wouldn't be easy. Well get the next one, no matter how bad things are right now, it's my team.

It hurt's to see then have major issues on D, everyone’s a step to late, they got about 35 plus games to get it together.

Just like what I expected to happen Lakers lost to the struggling Mavericks, a team who lost 6 straight including a lost to Memphis and the awful Pistons. Suddenly a struggling team became a championship caliber one when it face a Laker with a defense comparable to the Wolves defense. I don"t remember Lakers beating a playoff bound team except for the Thunder and the Hornets. This team will be gone by the second round. If ever they made the Western Conference Finals (w/c is very remote) they will swept be by the Spurs. I will bet my bottom dollar that this team will not be three-peating. They stink!!!

First of all 'Terry' you need to get out of here with that kobe sucks talk. You are on a lakers blog talking that nonsense. Nobody cares about a January game against the Dallas Mavs of all people. The funny thing is we go through this SAME DRAMA every year. Fish is done, Kobe is no longer the best, Phil doesn't coach, Pau is soft blah blah blah. Last time I checked Kobe was working on his 6th with 8 finals appearances. Phils 11 for 13! Shut the h double hockey sticks up! When the Lakers are no longer the face of the NBA you'll have an argument. Until then close your mouth while grown folks are talking!

I hate personal blog attacks. It's MLK week for crying outloud. Look, I don't hate Lebron, Shaq, Michael Vick, nobody! But I think we all hate ignorance. Speak with intelligence, facts, and passion. Please.

jayden24- ON POINT

Nobody cares about a January game? LOL

Kobe sucks, and those Lakers fans defending Kobe, get your heads out of that dark place.

To put it bluntly, get your head out of your arse.

These are Losers (not Lakers)

Oh, Jayden24 and 2PHATT, this is for you. STFU

The Lakers should trade Pau,Artest,Walton for Melo,K-Mart, and Afflalo. Pau plays no defense like Melo but Melo is a better scorer and can give us an offensive lift!

I saw the shot that made the Lakers lose last night. Derek Fisher left Jason Kidd wide open beyond the arc to double down on Dirk, who was being defended by Kobe because of a switch. Dirk kicked it back out to Kidd and he buried the 3. Kidd needed a boost and that gave it to him. He rolled from there. That shot was in the late 2nd Q., when the Mavs made their move. It cut the lead from 9 to 6 and gave them the momentum that carried them through the rest of the game.

I've seen that so many times from the Lakers that I have to feel it is how they are taught to play defense by their coaching staff. It doesn't make sense to me, but what do I know. All I know is that even if Dirk shoots over Kobe and makes it in that scenario, it's only 2 points, not 3. And the possibility of Fisher blocking or disrupting Dirk at that moment is not that great. So, why not play honest defense and stick with your man (Kidd)?

The Lakers simply allowed too many open shots. They let Kidd shoot his geezer set shot with no challenge. When you're allowed to catch the ball, rotate it to the seams and read the commisioner's name on the ball, you are not going to miss. Dallas had all day to shoot in too many instances. A lousy defensive effort by my team. That type of effort will win few, if any, games.

@Terry - Grow Up Buddy!

Trade Gasoft!

Trade Pau Gasoft for Marc Gasol!

Pray out loud we maybe seeing what started last year. Remember our Team in 1989 when the pistons laid a butt whipping on us. Can you see it coming it started last year with the eggs we laid. Time has finally caught us. The other teams seem to be playing just like they did last year other than the spurs. We just have not improved that much and we have some bad habits. Slow plus lazy and from the look's of it not following instructions either from PJ and staff. Bunch of over paid over the hill bball players. Old age has grabbed Kobe and Pau cannot carry us mentally he is a #2 not a 1. Next year maybe some trades will help us and good drafting of young players. Nothing to be ashamed of, we have had a outstanding run. Though we could turn it on and off, but we have nothing left. Maybe playing the big green will motivate us but it's hard for me to think in those terms. Okay pray out loud for a turn around.



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