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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 99-95 victory over Phoenix Suns

58617643Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan details the various contributions in the Lakers' 99-95 victory Wednesday over the Phoenix Suns.

--The Arizona Republic's Paul Coro focuses on the Suns' late-game rally falling short.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding credits Kobe Bryant and the Lakers' defense against Phoenix.

--The Daily Breeze's Elliott Teaford explains how the Lakers survived a test.


--The Times' Bresnahan explains why the Lakers were OK with Lamar Odom filming a reality television show with wife Khloe Kardashian. No, it wasn't because Coach Phil Jackson wanted airtime.

--The Orange County Register's Ding notes that Jackson considers the situation involving his practice confrontation with Ron Artest to be fully resolved.

--The Daily Breeze's Teaford also focuses on Odom's reality television show.'s Mike Tulumello breaks down a few nuggets from the Lakers-Suns game.


--The Times' Broderick Turner credits the Lakers' balance.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Ramona Shelburne reports that Magic Johnson's longtime agent Lon Rosen will work for him at Magic Johnson Enterprises.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz explains why Odom believes his reality show won't be a distraction. Witz also measures Artest's value to the team. 


--Ball Don't Lie's Eric Freeman pokes fun at Odom's reality show.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' victory.'s Mike Trudell dissects the victory with a running diary.

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore notices that the Lakers have done well this season on the second night of back-to-backs.

Tweet of the Day: "until the next loss. haha AK RT @bholmes011: @ESPNLandOLakers All is better in Laker Town" (ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky)

Reader Comment of the Day:"LO sacrificed his summer to play in the World games and he's having an exceptional year thus far. So if he wants to have a film crew follow him around when he gets home...and he believes he can handle it....more power to him. I'm sure this is something Khloe wants to do. And making the wife happy is a good thing." -- LRob

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Kobe Bryant enjoyed an accurate effort, going nine for 17 and finishing with 24 points to lead the Lakers past the Suns, 99-95, Wednesday night in Phoenix. Credit: Christian Peterson / Getty Images.

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LRob the winner...congrats bro...(yes I'm one of those congratulaters for the RCOTD)...I agree with LO getting all he deserves, as long as it doesn't conflict with a great year he is having...

LRob - this is from Lamar himself on the show...

"As an athlete, you've got to take advantage of your opportunities because when the ball stops bouncing, it stops bouncing," he said. "For me, this is just an opportunity to kind of expand a little bit and get some other things going."

Can't blame anyone for that reasoning...

LO & SB for Melo. We don't need that Kardashian bs disrupting the locker room. Plus, Vanessa B. Hates Chole. Let themcdo their show in Denver.

LRob congrats on the Friedman. Troll Man, congrats on the "I talk about diversity but I don't happen to practice it myself" Award. You deserve it, dude.

Lewstrs, I'm a bit surprised that you're going along with the idea that Lamar can do this reality gauntlet gig and still give the Lakers the Super-6th-Man effort he needs to give them. I understand that you love the team and Lamar, and you want to show your support for him, but seriously, you're in the biz, we both know the ridiculous grind and random hours it requires, and there's NO WAY...none, zip, nada...he can do it and still perform at optimal level for the Lakers. I love the team and Lamar too, but those of us who know first-hand what his gig is about to do to him need to speak up. I hope it's not too late.

My opinion on the Lamar reality TV is similar to my opinion of his summer play. LO usually takes the summer off (instead of actually improving), and this season he's kicking tail and taking names from day 1... coincidence? No. I also think having the camera crew following him is a reminder of what my college coach would frequently say: "the lights are always on and the camera always rolling"

In other words, being an athlete is a 24/7 responsibility. People are always watching, and everything you do impacts performance... and besides, who wants to look like a buffoon on their own TV show because they're playing like crap? No one. This is why I'm okay with the show (assuming it doesn't take him away from his duties)

A win is a win...I'll take it. But still too many bricks...The Lakers played a well balanced bball, perfect...but we strogled a bit because there was simply too many bricks.

I hope our guys are able to get their shooting back.


Everything's cool until it isn't. Reality shows take time energy and focus. Once the ink is dry on the agreement you don't bail to take extra shooting practice. Sure his basketball comes first and that's probably in the contract but if things start to go south for LO in this three peat year, it ain't cool no mo'. His life is already a reality show so it's not as disruptive as it would be for non famous folk but it is another log on the fire of a life that's about to heat up to a boil till June.

LRob - congrats on the Friedman (I laughed when I first read that of yours):

Lew: Yeah, gotta market yourself in this biz, and time is short.

Tim-4-Show: hadn't thought about the fact he might try HARDER because he doesn't want to look like an idiot. Hope that's so.

Vman - I agree: he's already followed around by cameras, this shouldn't be too bad (he said, knocking on wood). I mean, didn't Kobe get followed around by Spike? Didn't Phil get followed around by Jeanie? Aren't I being followed around by the NSA? (Oh, wait, that could just be paranoia... or not.)

@Lew – Out of all the Prince songs I guess we posted the same one….great minds….lol.

@Magia32 – That was a jam by Club Noveau. The Luniz agreed and sampled it on “I got 5 on it”. Your bros/sis did a good job of schooling you :-)

@63 Footer – Good one by Carlos. Why did I think of that Clapton incident you mentioned while listening to it…haha. Also good point about Kobe with Spike. And Phil does it all the time when he doing his books...right?


Hollywood and all of the opportunities it presents are part of the whole allure of playing for the Lakers. I’m sure the Lakers use it as a selling point, no matter how subtle. Thus, it’s unrealistic to expect the players to pass on these opportunities when they’re available. We can’t have it both ways.

Scrap the show and save it for summer. This team hasn't done anything significant - unless you call keeping your head above water a triumph - and just when they show a glimmer of hope, LO decides to bring the "circus" to town. It will be a distraction. It will remove intensity from the locker room and it will diminish the amount of time required from LO to dedicate himself even further in the sport.

I hate the "we're entertainers" mantra cited by so many "athletes" in order to justify their stratospheric "salaries" but if I want "entertainment," I'll tune into a Globetrotter "game." So, this is the problem with "athletes" who play in L.A. They get caught up in the "arts" FOR MONEY at the expense of the SPORT that makes their lives possible. GO FIGURE.

I think fans should begin getting paid because they seem more passionate about the sport than the "athletes" who participate in it. Let the Lock Out begin & the CBA bring an end to unearned contracts; performance and pay goes hand in hand.

LRob - Carlos, Carlos, Carlos... still the song was right for your win. I agree that the Lakers use the LA lifestyle and commercialism as a selling point. It's a lure, and LO did take a cut in pay. Besides, like you say, gotta keep the wife happy. And I've been surprised at what a diligent fan she seems to be for LO and the Lakers. It seems as if she really likes to watch him play... which I think is a VERY strong motivator for LO (it would be for me if my "other" were rootin' for me to do better: "Write better! Write better! Go! Take it to the page! Go!").

frmkt - I get the fear of lack of focus, but I think some cameras may actually be LESS of a distraction and more of a motivator than a lot of the partying that players do. It is WAY more than fans appreciate. In ungodly amounts and late nights before games. Cameras are nothing compared to the intake of "consumables" and the "fans" that throw themselves at the players. Still, we'll see.

Hollywood and all of the opportunities it presents are part of the whole allure of playing for the Lakers. I’m sure the Lakers use it as a selling point, no matter how subtle. Thus, it’s unrealistic to expect the players to pass on these opportunities when they’re available. We can’t have it both ways.

Posted by: LRob | January 06, 2011 at 09:34 AM

Also, remember that Dr. Buss took his offer to LO off the table in the summer of '09 when LO stewed a bit and his agent didn't respond to it (or something like that). While it is easy to complain about bad contracts (e.g., Luke), a player like Lamar Odom came at a relative bargain. Obviously, LO's a wealthy man, but perhaps there's a lingering foul taste in his mouth after Dr. Buss lowered the offer to him when the market dried up on LO. Hence, perhaps that is one of the reasons he's taking advantage of these opportunities. It is probably more likely that it has nothing to do with that given the strong character guy that Lamar is, but it entered my mind. Personally, I don't like it because it is both time consuming and mind consuming, but it is what it is.

Odom's reality show, bad idea.
Very bad, all marriages that have reality shows end with divorce sooner or later.

I agree with most of the fans echoing "save show for summer".... Lakers need not another distraction... why did Phil Jackson approve this crazy and potential game changing idea? Perhaps Lamar offered a percentage of his series salary! Just kidding ....

Lakers have a couple sour points of great interest for this devoted Lakers fan. Complacency and casual passing the ball top of key continues to give opportunities for quick defenders ... many times the "Soft Passing" is so predictable with anticipation and has burnt the Lakers many times this season.

Jump passing is necessary in this game of basketball but the Lakers tend to get caught up in the air more than they should and create turnovers, costly turnovers that often turn the tide against our ultimate goal of winning games. Mentioning names will not be helpful but to bring to TOM (Top Of Mind) will not hurt.

Once again... Lamar, don't let this crazy reality show distract your most important goal in your life right now.... winning the rare 3-peat championship. Nothing will compare to winning Phil Jackson's 4th 3-peat before retirement.

Go Lakers

888 - I'm not sure one needs a "sour taste" to take advantage of a commercial opportunity (God knows, even as a kid, if a stranger stopped in a car and offered me a few bucks to get in, I'd be there in a... er, um... maybe that's not a good example.) Besides, that's what his wife does for a living, so if he can help (and he feels it won't distract him), I understand. I think since Khloe came along LO's been being followed around by cameras enough anyway, I don't believe this will change much. In fact, it may keep him OUT of trouble and make him work harder on his basketball (certainly it would cut back on any drinkin' and partakin' on camera). But, we'll see.

tmohr48 - some good points. They have been "jump passing" an awful lot lately. Stupidly so at times. And they have been very predictable with lazy passes a lot of the other time. And rotate out on the perimeter shooter guys! Like last year!

On the post about all the 'controversy and criticizing posters' leaving due to too much pom poms and homerism...

What about Mamba24 and Utz leaving for being attacked by those same posters...

Thanks...Now we have no Game Day Roll Call, or Game Day Prayer...

Who is chasing who out!!!

63 Footer

I agree 100%. These were just thoughts that came to mind. LO is a class act in every sense of the word and even approached this situation properly. Never mind the time, I hope it doesn't occupy his mind too much. He needs to remain focused like he has all season.

What about Mamba24 and Utz leaving for being attacked by those same posters...
Posted by: LEWSTRS | January 06, 2011 at 10:10 AM


Lew- I hope Mamba and Utz come back. Leaving and division is what the "haters" want. Why let the get the victory?

I agree with the "Show as distraction" comments. But maybe having an extra self-awareness could make the Lakers more mindful and present during the game? They might act more as performers, unconsiously putting on a show for the "second audience" of reality tv viewers. They are on stage already in the fishbowl of the court. Now it will be two stages...

What about Mamba24 and Utz leaving for being attacked by those same posters...
Posted by: LEWSTRS | January 06, 2011 at 10:10 AM


Lew- I hope Mamba and Utz come back. Leaving and division is what the "haters" want. Why let them get the victory?

Posted by: LRob | January 06, 2011 at 10:28 AM


I third this emotion....


The Grateful Dead covering one of the greatest hits of Diana Ross & the Supremes:

@JAMF… I know I have been busy with work and not posting as often but when did Mamba and Utz decide to leave. I know Edwin is hopefully still lurking but no Mamba or Utz? That would be a serious blow to the blog. WTF. Hope they are just taking a break. And what ever happened to Blitz. Are the trolls and poor play by the Lakers killing the blog?

Congrats LRob on the RCOTD!! I"m one thats happy for LaMar. I always wanted him to get some commercials cause he turned down more money to stay with the Laker's. I think Kloe is good for him. He seems really focused this year. Maybe some FAMILY love is what he needed. Losing your Mom and Grandma so young is very hard to deal with. LRob.. agree with you about Mamba24 and UTZ. Don't let the Laker haters win!!!!!!! WE WANT OUR BANDWAGONS and GAME DAY PRAYER BACK!!

On the post about all the 'controversy and criticizing posters' leaving due to too much pom poms and homerism...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | January 06, 2011 at 10:10 AM


Lew, you and I both know that the same optimistic "homers" (i.e., people like us) who wave their pom-poms and who have a pragmatic, big picture view, also express their criticisms about the team albeit in a more tasteful, more constructive, non-insulting manner. However, the criticisms coming from us cheerleaders are rarely acknowledged or taken seriously because of our general approach of defending the team, which drowns out our constructive criticisms.

Personally, I prefer not to delve into the minutiae during these early dog days of the regular season; I prefer to evaluate the team around March. That's why you never see me breaking down the games this early in the season. I look for little things like Bynum's progress, Kobe's health and lift, the integration of Barnes and Blake, etc. I do get agitated with the poor play, but I try to keep that in perspective. Right now my main concern is Blake because even though he's a good fit, he doesn't give the Lakers a different style at the lead guard position. Plus it bothers me that he doesn't finish well, but Shannon Brown has improved so much in that area that perhaps it doesn't matter.

By the way, in the end the Haters always win. Regardless of the Lakers enormous success, they will always find ways to trash various component parts of the team. Despite that, Mamba24 and Utz will take their breaks and assuredly return.

The Lakers are already the biggest stars in a city filled with celebrities. How much more exposure does Lamar need? I find this whole reality show thing to be annoying. Me, personally? After not being able to go anywhere without immediate recognition, I'd rather go home with my life for some quality alone time than constantly have a camera in my face after already spending my day signing autographs.

I don't get it.

The only interesting reality shows (for people who are voyeurs) are the ones filled with drama. How can additional drama help Lamar to be a more focused Laker?

It can't.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I know I am not around as much but what is this ish about Mamba24 and Utz leaving? They gotta come back and contribute as they do. I suspect G. Money may be Mamba24 in disquise and if so come back as yourself as you are missed. You too Utz come back. And by the way G. Money in answer to you question a few threads back a Ruka is not Ebonics or Spanglish but Spanish slang for a girlfriend or female. Now that's a fine ruka means what that says talking about a female. Hey don't be talking about my ruka like that means don't talk abut my girlfriend like that. Hope that answers your question.

Mamba 24 & Utz. Please come back! The blog misses you!



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