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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 109-87 victory over New York Knicks


Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan credits the Lakers' physical play in their 109-87 victory over the New York Knicks.

--The New York Times' Jonathan Abrams details how the Lakers shut down Amare Stoudemire.

--The New York Posts's Marc Berman criticizes Stoudemire's play.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding documents the Lakers' dominance.

--The New York Daily News' Frank Isola details New York's struggles.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen explains how the Lakers' exploited the Knicks'

--The Daily Breeze's Elliott Teaford credits the Lakers' size advantage over New York.


--The Times' Bresnahan focuses on Ron Artest's increased role during Matt Barnes' expected eight-week absence because of a torn lateral meniscus in his right knee.

--The Times' Broderick Turner details how the Lakers' used their height advantage against the Knicks.

--The New York Post's Berman explains why Artest remains impressed with New York.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Lassen highlights Devin Ebank's stint with Bakersfield of the Development League.

--The Daily Breeze's Teaford details Matt Barnes' surgery.


--The Times' Mark Heisler highlights the Knicks' improved play.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin remains disturbed at the high volume of technical fouls the Lakers are compiling.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz believes the Lakers beat the Knicks at their own game.


--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' victory.

--ESPN Los Angeles' McMenamin highlights 10 nuggets from the Lakers' game.

--ESPN New York' Jared Zwerling breaks down the Knicks' loss.

--The700Level reveals Bryant gave an autographed jersey to Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore highlights Bynum's progression.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano credits the Lakers' hustle.

--Lakers Nation's Michael Goldsholl breaks down the Lakers' performance by quarter.

Tweet of the Day: "Bandwagon. Lohan just put on Lakers hat after wearing Knicks all game. Lohan put on the hat. Texted somebody and now the hat is gone. Now Im looking at just bad blonde hair that's fried" -- DuranLA (710 ESPN's Beto Duran)

Reader Comment of the Day: "Speaking of the Refs: Are You Serious?!! Are You Serious?!!! Just checking to see if MM tosses me from the blog. Come on Refs! Drew didn't even use one expletive and didn't flail his arms. If that's the criteria, then Amare should've been tossed 5x's over! Good overall win though..." -- The Triangulator

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum puts down a dunk over Knicks center Amare Stoudemire in the second half Sunday at Staples Center. Credit: Alex Gallardo / Associated Press

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The dreaded Re-Re-Post:


So it's okay for me to go to the games now, right? :)

As for our beloved leader and little tough man, Derek Fisher, he has had back-to-back stellar TEAM defensive performances. CP3 was only 3-6 for 12 pts, 10 assist and 0 rebounds. Felton had 12 points on 4-14 shooting with 7 assists and 6 rebounds. (Derrick Rose torched Rondo for 36. How did that possibly happen?)

One thing people don't grasp is the fact that the only kind of plays that are run for Fish are jumpshots, typically out of timeouts like last night. The last time I remember any screen-rolls run for him was in Game 3 of the NBA Finals when Kobe set those screen for him at the top of the key to spring him loose around the left side of the key. That was something that Brian Shaw saw in the Chowds defense and Kobe and fish exploited it to perfection. Otherwise, he's the Lakers fifth option and rarely gets touches after he passes the ball to get the offense in motion. He took 4 shots last night. What is it about that and his TEAM defense that people don;t understand.

One blogger made the false observation that Artest is out ONLY tough player. Is there something not tough about Fish? Bynum? Kobe? I'll match their toughness with any NBA player at their respective positions.

The Triangulator

Superb post and congrats on the Friedman! I'm glad that everyone saw on television what I was able to observe from my seat about Amar'e last night. He should have been T'd up and warned very early in that game, but remember this is the NOW RELEVANT New York Knicks we're talking about. Not only is there an obvious East Coast bias with the officiating in the Association, but David Stern is from New York. Add the fact that Leon Wood is a Laker hater and the result was that we were deprived of a 40 point blowout!

40 point blow out.... 20 point blow out..... I don't care. The league has been put on notice.


By Kevin Ding for the OC Register
Here’s a great follow up to my earlier post about Drew being THE DIFFERENCE MAKER.
So that everybody would actually read this great article, here is the complete content:

The Lakers lost the 2008 NBA Finals to Boston without Andrew Bynum. He watched from afar and got the message for the first time in his career that the greatest lift he could give his team, if healthy, would be on defense.
That revelation changed the Lakers' world. They are now 2-0 in NBA Finals with him. Although gimpy both times with more knee problems, Bynum stood up to Dwight Howard in 2009 and hung in there against the Celtics in 2010.
And if the Lakers get there again in 2011, it'll be because Bynum has become their defensive backbone more than ever before.
The Lakers' midseason defensive redesign is maximizing Bynum's presence in the paint, and he is taking pride in having new responsibility.
Yes, Bynum was overly emotional in getting ejected Sunday night early in the fourth quarter. Yes, he must have those NBA whistle-blowers in New York pondering the true definition of unacceptable public criticism of referees after likening Leon Wood to a scolded puppy. ("He kind of like put his head down like a bad Lab," Bynum said.)
But beneath all that crap is the fundamental fact that Bynum got all fired up while playing defense – playing what he was sure was great defense to get a clean block on New York's Amare Stoudemire.
Even without that block or any others he might've gotten by continuing to play Sunday night, Bynum is averaging 2.6 blocks since 2011 arrived – 13 blocks in five games. That's after entering the season with a career average of 1.5 blocks. And that's while still in a learning stage with this new defense that is still just weeks old. ("I don't think we're really used to any of the principles we're going over," he said.
The upshot of the principles is that Bynum has been repositioned permanently as a 7-foot goalie.
"I basically guard anyone who is on the block, anyone coming into the lane," Bynum said. "Anything that goes away from the basket, we just automatically switch. So it just kind of keeps the guys who are supposed to be outside, outside – and the guys who are supposed to be inside, inside."
The strategic tweak should put an end to opposing guards repeatedly breezing all the way to the rack. It should help the Lakers be as dominant in defensive rebounding as all mathematical logic suggests a team with such size should be. And it should prevent embarrassing moments such as happened on Nov. 28 at Staples Center, when Pau Gasol was pulled way out of the paint and chased in vain with no one back to help him as Indiana's Roy Hibbert lumbered all the way for a clinching layup.
"The influence of this defense is definitely working for us," Bynum said after the Lakers held New York to 87 points – or 21 points fewer than its average. "The more that we commit to it and understand that somebody's always got your back, the better we're going to be."
It is also a tremendous opportunity for Bynum to show how much better he can still be.
"It actually requires me to be more active," he said. "But in doing so, I feel better and I'm more a part of the flow of the game."
(And because nothing with Bynum means anything if he can't stay healthy, let's interject here that Bynum has finally turned the corner with his reattached knee cartilage after all that rehab and all those twinges. He said Sunday night: "I haven't had any pain or incidents.")
Phil Jackson describes the change in defensive strategy as "small," and it certainly is compared to Jackson's decision that preceded the Lakers' recent championships: to break from his long-held belief not to double-team unless absolutely necessary and be more aggressive.
This is not that kind of radical makeover, but if you don't believe Jackson has been doing any coaching here in his farewell season, let's just stop and look at this situation:
Jackson took the mess that was Bynum delaying his offseason surgery and all the in-house resentment building up from the team's entire training camp and first 24 games being derailed without Bynum ... and has come up with a way to solve what ailed the Lakers most (defense) while getting Bynum to take newfound ownership in the team. It's a firm step in the Lakers' long-term future away from depending on Kobe Bryant and toward trusting Bynum, 23.
That, even if 11 rings as an NBA coach hadn't been won before, is some serious chicken salad.
The Hibbert layup and that home loss to the Pacers had left Bryant furious. After it, he scolded a reporter: "Stop asking about offense. It's ignorant. Talk about defense. Defense wins championships."
But with Bryant, 32, no longer playing defense with the same fervor as previous years, there is now even more opportunity for Bynum to serve the team best at that end of the court.
There is the risk of foul trouble with so many more people coming at him in the lane, but Bynum will be in better position without having to worry anymore about extending himself to the perimeter. When he does encounter foul trouble, the Lakers have the uncommon luxury of Gasol and Lamar Odom anyway.
Yet the more Bynum plays defense this way, the better he'll get at standing tall and challenging shots without having to twist a body that has reached a career high in mass. Bynum said he usually plays between 279 and 285 pounds and is holding steady for now at 285.
"I kind of like the size," he said.
That's exactly how the Lakers want to play with Bynum – big and strong and requiring the opposition to adjust to them.
Adjusting to their own new defense has been one reason for the Lakers' recent struggles. But Jackson said Sunday night after a fourth consecutive victory: "We're coming together a little more on our defensive ideals."
Said Bryant: "As of late, we've been doing a really, really good job. We're just getting better at our system."
Hmm, when's the last time anyone ever talked about the Lakers actually getting better?

i was hoping the tweet about lindsay lohan switching to a lakers hat after wearing a knicks hat all game was going to be the tweet of the day

(Re-post due to MM warp speed thread posts...)

Laker Tom, I second the thanks for the Ding article. Rather than piling on with the (spot on) comments about Bynum's improvement and importance to the team's quest for #17, I want to comment of Ding's very insightful mention of Phil's adjustments to the Lakers' main defensive strategy.

I noticed those changes too, and they're not minor, as Phil typically downplayed in his quotes. They completely remake the defensive identity of the Lakers from this point forward (assuming Bynum stays healthy). And I think it's going to be devastatingly effective in shutting down teams that previously and repeatedly abused our middle "porn defense". Phil has always gotten a bad rap as a coach who doesn't coach, and who keeps winning because he's just a lucky SOB who happens to get the best players. Well, this defensive change, and his careful handling of how his injured players "re-enter" the mix, and how he adjusts the mix as they get healthier, put a lie to that bogus rap.

Phil's peers (i.e,, league coaches), the sports media, and many fans are loathe to give him due credit for being a brilliant coach, both strategically (offensive and defensive schemes) and tactically (mid-season and mid-game adjustments, as well as player handling). It's time to be more vocal in challenging such assertions. Phil's a brilliant coach. His success confirms it. And he deserves open praise for it.

Laker Tom,

I was watching the game last night in Downtown L.A. and the subject of Bynum came up. The person next to me said that he knew multiple people who had met Bynum and that Andrew came across as a big, self-important jerk.

And then he got thrown out of the game shortly thereafter.

So... there may some maturity issues here that need to be dealt with before he can truly become our backbone.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


i remeber in the first quater when ron artest got a shot blocked by stoudemire who shouted quite clearly, "get that shit the f""" out of here" how does that not get a technical while andrew bynum saying "are you serious" three times get a technical

Random Thoughts:

- The Beast is emerging. In the past few years, Bynum has had a history of slowly getting his timing back. Once he finds his rhythm, he starts to dominate, and as a result, defenses begin to focus on him more. When this happens, Bynum goes through a struggling phase as he faces more double teams. (i.e. The next time the Lakers face the Knicks, D'Antoni will NOT be guarding Bynum one on one with defense-allergic Amare). Right now, Drew is in the 'starting to dominate' stage. Once he starts dominating consistently, he will have to adjust for the increased defensive attention, and it will be up to Bynum to learn to pass out of double teams and make the right decisions on offense, which is currently the weakest part of his game (aside from pick and roll defense).

- I've watched plenty of Heat games, and Wade and Lebron (especially Wade), get almost EVERY borderline call. If there is ANY contact in the slightest when Wade drives to the basket, it's an automatic whistle. Compare that with the treatment Kobe gets whenever he drives to the basket, and something fishy is brewing. I would not be surprised if Darth Stern has an agenda to insure the Heat have a successful season. The generous officiating that this Heat team receives is eerily similar to the last Heat team that won the ring.

- There is a HUGE difference between the Gasol that hustles and the Gasol that takes games off. Hopefully, he will be hustling for the rest of the season. He is the James Worthy of this team. Whenever Worthy played well, the Lakers seemingly always won. When Pau plays well, the Lakers win. Period.

- With Barnes out, I expect the emergence of Ron Ron in the next couple weeks. Phil was obviously referring to Artest when stating that some of his players had too many distractions off the court. Look for a re-dedicated Artest in the coming weeks.

- Lamar better make the all-star team!

- Denzel Washington must have Lamar on his fantasy team, if he's asking about his rebound total.

- There is a HUGE difference between the Gasol that hustles and the Gasol that takes games off. Hopefully, he will be hustling for the rest of the season. He is the James Worthy of this team. Whenever Worthy played well, the Lakers seemingly always won. When Pau plays well, the Lakers win. Period.
Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | January 10, 2011 at 11:10 AM

Never thought of it that way. You are "spot on!"


Lakers: whatever you do, please do not fall alseep while playing the Clippers.

Finally, I love the way Drew is playing right now. He has a quiet confidence and is playing with great energy and passion while retaining composure and control. I can easily forgive his actions last night as it was obvious to everybody that great block on Amare was all ball and not a foul. As we saw last night, Drew is slowly regaining his explosiveness. The Beast is on his way back.

Posted by: LakerTom | January 10, 2011 at 08:58 AM

I concur my friend. I watched the game on the Knicks broadcast so I could hear Mike Breen and Clyde’s take on the game. They were very complimentary of Drew, saying the Knicks just couldn’t match up with him. They also didn’t feel he should’ve been kicked out.

@DBDH – Amen!

@MVP – Excellent post on DFish solid contributions. But I’ve noticed the last several games he’s starting to pass up open shots. Last night he jumped to shoot and changed his mind in mid air and turned it over. He needs to keep shooting to keep the defense honest.

@LakerTruth – very good point about the next step for Drew is passing out of double teams. And not just getting rid of the ball, but surveying the court and giving it to someone in position to make a play (ala Kareem).

Hey all, been off the blog for a few days - well, basically since New Years lol. Will dive in before playing catchup...

Bynum is an absolute beast. Anyone who can't see what he brings and adds to the team, or recognize what the Lakers were missing early-on this season are straight-up blind (more than that but I'll keep it civil).

The Lakers are a completely different team with Bynum on the floor, and he is still working his way into shape. What a beautiful team when they are integrating deep post-play and an inside-out ball movement - this is the championship-winning team we are starting to see emerge from their earlier-season struggles, the butterfly is finally emerging.

I wonder if those fools and clowns degrading Bynum now have the courage to stand up and admit their biases or state how wrong they were. Will they (or have they, I'm behind on the blog) man-up and come clean?

I just know that I am OVERJOYED that Drew is back, playing an integral part, showing he is a force in the middle. Much like he did in last years Suns playoffs, he chewed up and spit out Stoudamire, who happens to be most peoples top-choice for MVP this year. He looked like a boy playing against a man at times last night - and it was a beautiful thing to behold!

- - -

Was on a couple of the NY newspaper blogs, they are really ripping D'Antoni quite a bit. A lot of posts ripping his coaching style, saying they will never compete with the big dogs until they get a post-up center, a lot of people think D'Antoni is ill-suited to coach such a team. They say 'Melo might green-light a Nyets trade and extension is because he's not a D'antoni fan.

Gallinari is their whipping boy (their Luke Walton). They are questioning why Eddie Curry doesn't get some run. They are calling for trades, not for 'Melo but for bigs like Marcus Camby. They also mention Marc Gasol and Kendrick Perkins being free-agent targets next offseason.

Interestingly though, quite a number of them mention the Lakers great defense as contrasted by the weak defense they play.

I loved this comment:
"The paint was on absolute lock down and those guys were playing in your face defense where the refs until it got really physical were all but to happy to see. Artest, Bynum, Odom, Kobe and Gasol laid down some serious blows. I mean Artest just flat out clothesline Amare WWF style and put a chokehold on Williams. If I wasn't a Knick fan I would be LMAO."

Anyways, good to see some wins and a renewed energy by the guys. Now I gotta a start on some major blog catch-up... lol


who was the man of the match? my vote goes for drew

Great game!! Glad to see Bynum show some cajones{sp} He's really playing with a lot confidence. Ron will be given a chance to find his game again while Barnes is out and Barnes is the type of player that will fit right in again once he gets back. We all have to show Lamar some Laker Love and vote for him for All Stars. He is having a Super year!!!!

Bad Bynum?

Jon K sat next to a guy that knows some guys that have met Bynum and said bad things about him.

Well, I've met him and he was cool enough but it's all about how ya meet famous folk. If it's the right introduction, they don't feel threatened or bothered, most of them are nice enough. If you're lookin' for a normal exchange that isn't all about "them" don't talk to famous types, call your mom.

Kareem was an angry, awkward young man in public, but he could carry a team.

Andrew's got 60mil plus and Playboy Bunnies on his back, which can go to your head, which is meant in the best possible way.

On this vet team, maturity issues won't be issues. Andrew's back, great to see, it changes everything.

That was a nice convincing win last night but let me paraphrase Pulp Fiction's Winston Wolf..."Let's not start patting each other on the back just yet". It was only one game. When the Lakers start playing like this consistently then I'll be a "little" more impressed.

It seems as though some laker fans do not understand the triangle offense,the philosophy and the tactics of the Zen master of keeping Fisher in the game.And even though Phil has 13 rings and has been with the Lakers for years,has coach the bulls to 6 Nba championships and is the greatest coach in the game they wouldnt understand.Furthermore when Phil leave after this season(i hope he does not) the lakers will struggle(i hope not) but it seems thats the case.My point is Phil has every reason to keep fisher as a starter.Fisher is an efficient player even though he is getting a bit older,but he can be very much reliable.He hits big shots when he needs to and in important time of the game when lakers needs those 3s.He is a veteran on the team,a team leader,and remember he has 5 rings looking to get his 6th,leaving him on equal par with the greatest player to ever play the game of basketbal and that is MJ in terms of rings collected,he has even surpass my great Magic Johnson,Michael Cooper and Ac green in that area.What an achievement for Derick Fisher.I admired him since day one when he started on that great Laker team of 1999-2002,winning his his first 3 rings.Fisher he is the player to inniate the offence,he knows the triangle better as much as or even better than some of the player.As Tex Winter said in the triangle its very important to inniate it,and fisher is the player that normaly iniate this offence.He works hard,he is determine and finally he makes big shots just like big shot Horry.

Posted by: ninja


You are spot on. Fisher is definitely up there with the greats of the game. I might possibly give him the nod over Michael Jordan. He is probably tougher than Jordan and definitely a better leader. Why people keep knocking this amazing athlete is beyond my comprehension !!!

Jon K

Never mind the multiple hearsay information you got, how about Andrew sending a statement to the league that enough is enough? It took him long enough to stay in games past the 3 minute mark of the first quarter and now that he has learned how to hold his ground and play the game the way it's supposed to be played in the paint, shouldn't the refs quit picking on him?

The Andrew Bynum I have observed over the years is not the "self-important jerk" your source makes him out to be. Yes, he gets annoyed with bad calls against him as well as fouls which are legit, but no more or less than any other self-important jerk in the league. I couldn;t believe the number of times the Knicks whined after they were finally called for obvious hacks. It's about time that Andrew says "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" Good for him.

The byproduct of this was that the team rallied after his ejection and disposed of this overrated Mike D'Antoni team anyway, so I couldn't be prouder of him. He fired up his teammates and sent a message. While you see this as a lack of maturity, I see it as a young man growing up and telling everyone that he is now a man who should be treated with the proper respect that he has earned in his 6th season in this league. Do you want a beast? Do you want an enforcer? Personally, I am glad he did what he did. It won't become a habit.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

Wow, those Refs did everything they could to help NY out! I mean, Wood, come on!

Thats the way lakers must play if they have to 3 peat.Toughen up on defense and utilise the subtilties of the triangle offence.I was looking at some of the old films of Phil Jackson's coach Bulls and Michael Jordan,they were tough,thats what is called aggression and assertiveness.That was the best defensive team that I ever saw,you just couldnt compare that championship winning Bulls with other teams,they were of a class of their own.They ran the triangle offence with beauty and perfection let me explain to some of the young Laker fans,Luc longy to Pippen,Pippen to MJ,MJ back to Pippen,score.Rod man steel the ball,pass it to Longy,Longy to Pippen,Pippen to Jordan and Jordan to Jude buechler,score.That how the Lakers must run the triangle offence,with efficiency and assertiveness,not with the Kobe doing running his one man show.Kobe on receiving the ball must take the game to them(i mean his opponents),be aggressive and drive to the paint and when come under pressure by double team,dish out the ball to an open player for a dunk or an open jump shot,thats what Jordan,Pippen,Steve Ker and Kukoc did,and they pulverise many a defenses with the triangle offence.As a lake fan for many years I saw when these BULLS coach by Phil Jackson and led by MJ pulverise my great LAKER team in the 1991 Nba championship.And is the same triangle offence taught by PHIL and his coaching staff that brought success to the Bulls and this present day Lakers.

Congrats Tri!

It's hard to defend Bynum's behavior to the official. It did look like there might not have been much contact on the play but when you get up in a referee's face like that, it's an automatic technical. He didn't stop after the first technical either so, again, it's hard to defend him much.

With a 10 point lead, you have to learn to state your case a little better than that. When you're lined up for the free throws, tell him you didn't commit the foul and ask him to review it after the game.


Initiating the triangle is very hard to learn. Fisher dribbles over half court. Stops fakes the ball to his right...and then passes to an open man on his left.
Then runs to the corner of the floor. It takes years of study to be able to do this maneuver.

LRob, i agree it was only one game, but i think it was able to speak to a number of concerns. first of all, they LOOKED LIKE THE LAKERS!, which we really haven't seen in a while.Just seeing drew NOT limp later in the game was in itself, reason to be happy.the defensive adjustment to have the wings play baseside to keep the bigs in the paint was not really possible without drew in there. without him you dont have not just the length but also the bulk.remember last week , people were concerned with his conditioning, which seems to be doing , although it is just a taste, it tasted very good!!

In terms of meeting famous athletes, two come to my mind: Reggie Miller and Kareem. I had always heard that Reggie was not nice and after a game in Indy as he was getting in his Jeep to leave, I waved to him to see if he would take a pic with my 10 yr old son. The security had just said that Mr. Miller was leaving, no more autographs, etc. When Reggie peered out and saw me point to my son, he stopped, got out and knelt down for a picture with my son! Very, very m nice if you ask me.
Once I saw Kareem walking down the corridor and I ask him if he could take a pic with me, he never even looked at me and walked right by, absolutely no one around but my wife to take the pic. Next year he did sign for me, so, you never know about people.

Leon Wood should be suspended. Three calls in 10 seconds, two of which were total garbage and resulted in the Lakers' best player last night getting tossed.

Love seeing all the regulars on the blog! What up guys (& gals)!

- - -

Triangulator: Right on. Like KobeMVP888 says, Wood always seems to be making any close call against the Lakers.

Even Smitty on NBA TV mentioned that Leon Wood walked right into Bynum's path. He said that Wood is a former player and should have a little more leeway in his judgment about T'ing up players, especially on a close call like that. Smitty also said that when he watches his call later he will not only regret the missed call but also tossing Drew...

- - -

VMan: Great observation about Kareem. Cap was surly as they come off the court - so was Wilt for that matter. They were beasts on the court though.

- - -

Jon K: Bynum is only 23. I'd much rather him be strong/aggressive and let up some than be timid and have to elevate his intensity. You are right, he does need to learn to tone down his displays after calls don't go his way, but that will come in time.

I remember a young player that wore #8 also having to adjust his reactions to calls. Actually, that same player still has some trouble keeping his protestations in check to this day. I also remember a couple other Laker greats #32 & 33 occasionally crossing the line complaining on calls too. Drew has got a long way to go to match Dwight Howards complaining-level though...



This team is finally getting close to being back to it's defensive intensity that it showed last spring.

I am really excited about the refocus of this squad and what they can do when EVERYONE is one the same page, not only on the offensive end, but, more importantly, on the defensive end.

As Socks matures, he is truly growing into his role as defensive stopper.
He is morphing into the BEAST UNDERNEATH right before our very eyes!

Just back from a southern foray to Baja, and I was *very* happy with what I saw last night.

Defending the paint with force. Initiating the contact (as opposed to reacting to it). Taking the ball inside, and kicking out for wide-open threes.

I don't care if Artest scores NO points/game. If he plays defense like that, I'll be happy every damn time.

Happy new year, blog family.

Go Lake Show!


"But I’ve noticed the last several games he’s starting to pass up open shots. Last night he jumped to shoot and changed his mind in mid air and turned it over. He needs to keep shooting to keep the defense honest."

I've noticed this too. I can live with Fish's lack of athleticism. His intangibles can somewhat compensate for it, but I am concerned about his decision making more than anything else. Fish can't jump and has a slow release, which makes it easier for defenses to rotate over to him. As a result, he seems hesitant to shoot unless he's wide open. Other times, he holds on to the ball and dribbles aimlessly (while trying to survey the floor), wasting precious seconds off the shot clock, even when there are open players in the perimeter. I would like to see Fish either QUICKLY shoot if open, or pass immediately when passed to. Even the Fish loyalists will admit that a Fish drive to the basket is a block waiting to happen. Fish is turning the Triangle into a pit stop way too often when he gets the ball. It's almost as if Fish is thinking "I haven't done anything in a while, so it's my turn to do something, so I'm going to drive to the basket no matter what".

One thing about Phil is that he can be overly loyal to his players. This strategy has worked to perfection in most cases, as it gives his players the confidence to play their game without looking over their shoulders, but at times, it has backfired. He limited Bynum's because he was overly loyal to Kwame. He was overly loyal to Luke, when Ariza was clearly the better choice to start. He did it with Horry, who lost his shot in the playoffs against the Spurs, which basically cost the team the series. I just hope that Fish hasn't lost it, like Horry in his final year with the Lakers, and if Fish has lost it, I hope that Phil's loyalty to Fish won't end up getting in the way of doing what's best for the team.

Still too early to start blowing teams out again. I say wait till there's like 10 to 15 games left in the regular season.
If it's not this, it's that. I'm just never happy.
Actually, last night on the live chat before Medina is a weiner took over and won.
I posted "I can't believe I'm gonna say this but bring Fisher back in."
Fisher played well last night, hopefully the blue moons start coming around more often.

I don't hate Fisher, I hate his game.

I'm very nervous about the Miami Heat's success as of late...

Dude...Quit crying about the REF'S, nobody complained last year when the ref's were in the Lakers POCKET. So they missed some calls, everyone PLEASE. Let Drew play Shaq, as old and tired as he is, can still DOMINATE Drew. And you all know it, Just plain OVERPOWERS HIM.

It's hard to defend Bynum's behavior to the official.

Posted by: Bay to LA | January 10, 2011 at 11:54 AM

Other than "SCOREBOARD," actually it's easy to defend his behavior after that BS call. All he said was "Are you serious?!" twice. The replay shows Leon Wood making contact with him. The Knicks announcers said he shouldn't have been tossed and John Ireland threw a fit when he was interviewed on the postgame show, saying that "the fans don't pay to watch Leon Wood ref" and that Wood should have walked away and showed restraint. He was at courtside and out of his mind about the ejection. Very few people are defending Leon Wood's behavior today.

Bynum did nothing other than use three words twice that weren't even expletives. The call was DEAD WRONG and Drew's reaction was justified. Few other players in the league would have been tossed for that nothingness. I disagree wholeheartedly with your assertion and I believe that this will result in Andrew getting more respect from the officials from this point forward, not the other way around.


You are spot-on. I also think the league will rescind at least one of those technical fouls from Andrew's record.

Go Lake Show!

Hey guys sorry about the chat troubles. The moderator emailed me and said he fixed the glitch regarding the troll

Re Kareem not stopping to sign - dunno if you're a tall dude but I imagine that being over 7' tall can sometimes make you not notice the shorter people around you. hehe

Mark you're calling someone a troll?

MM - "Hey guys sorry about the chat troubles. The moderator emailed me and said he fixed the glitch regarding the troll."

Huh, I read that too quickly and thought it said the moderator "fixed the troll." That has a whooooole 'nother meaning. Where's a good vet when you need one?


He didn't stop to let my wife take a pic with me and Kareem. There was no one around, he had to have heard me. But the point I was making is we don't always know what's going on in people's mind. He DID sign an autograph the next year and was nice. That first year, he might have not have had time, and perhaps he didn't hear me. Like to give the benefit of the doubt to people.
I will point out that my son and I have met Kobe on a couple occasions, extremely nice, pics and autos! Same with Magic!

@Triangular - Congrats on RCOTD.

@G Money - Last time I checked Shaq wasn't on the Heat. Or are you conceding the conference title to Boston?

"Other than "SCOREBOARD," actually it's easy to defend his behavior after that BS call. All he said was "Are you serious?!" twice. The replay shows Leon Wood making contact with him. The Knicks announcers said he shouldn't have been tossed and John Ireland threw a fit when he was interviewed on the postgame show, saying that "the fans don't pay to watch Leon Wood ref" and that Wood should have walked away and showed restraint. He was at courtside and out of his mind about the ejection. Very few people are defending Leon Wood's behavior today.

Bynum did nothing other than use three words twice that weren't even expletives. The call was DEAD WRONG and Drew's reaction was justified. Few other players in the league would have been tossed for that nothingness. I disagree wholeheartedly with your assertion and I believe that this will result in Andrew getting more respect from the officials from this point forward, not the other way around.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | January 10, 2011 at 12:21 PM "

Let's put it this way, if Amare objects to a call and goes over and gets in the official's face, gets a technical, then continues to follow the official and continues talking, then gets tossed, will you be crying to the league that it was unjustified? I think you, me, and everyone else here will be saying it served him right and that he should have learned from the first technical, even if he had a valid complaint.

Tyreke Evans and Rip Hamilton got ejected against the Lakers for similar behavior and none of the Lakers media people were complaining about it. The rules are pretty clear that you can't do what Andrew did and we all know it.

No one likes to see the officials taking over games and ejecting players. In a perfect world, there would be no fouls, no complaining, but they're necessary to maintain order in the game. The person who should have "walked away and shown restraint" is Andrew Bynum.

LakerTom: As usual you are spot-on with your Drew comments. You've endured a lot of attacks over the years because at times you were one of the only ones with the vision of what our young center could/would become and the strength of conviction to stick with your position through the various Drew injuries.

I just hope that those with lesser vision and/or biases are man enough to come out and give Drew and yourself props for his play. Yes, it's only been a couple weeks, but only blind 'Laker fans' (not physically, but throse with slants and biases) could not come out and give him his well-earned props.

As you point out, Drew absolutely dominated Amar'e on both ends of the floor. The Lakers look rejuvenated with their re-emerging post dominance. The team is coalescing around the offense, the inside-out game. They look a lot better than they had a few weeks ago - and it's not a coincidence. As Bynum has started returning to form, so has the Lakers.

- - -

KobeMVP888: Unfortunately, there are some simple-minded people who merely look at and point to stats to illustrate how good or bad a player is. D-Fish is one of those players who has never been defined by stats and numbers, so a lot of people overlook his value.

The fact is that D-Fish has been starting PG on as many championship-winning teams as Magic Johnson (now I'm not saying they are comparable in skills - so hatas, don't even go there!). Phil is the finest coach in NBA history and has coached 11 title-winning teams and throws Fish out there as starter. Fish runs the offense beautifully. He has a Horry-like knack of hitting big shots, making big-time plays. He is smart and a winner, bottom line.

Some will never get it, sadly for them. Is Fish a fantasy-league starter? No. But the NBA isn't fantasy league, and the intangibles that Fish brings to the table help make the Lakers into a championship team. A lot of people though think the NBA is like the fantasy league, and each player should rack up stats. Luckily, they aren't coaching the team nor are they GM...

Tom & 888, it's a pleasure to see you guys on the blog, keeping things real and having the cojones to take sometime unpopular views and receive a lot of flak at times. You guys are always fighting 'the good fight' and helping make this blog into what it is - the best Laker blog out there! (thanks to MM too!).

Props to you guys for telling it like it is, sticking with your views and not succumbing to the 'the dark side'. Much love!


Posted more in the new post but congrats for a great RCOTD to the triangulator!

you could see in leon wood's face that he was not going to listen to drew and he used the power he thought he had inappropriately. this new rule change is a two way street and this is a pertect example of the ABUSE OF POWER!.both parties could have handled it better . the difference being that after it all, one person stayed on the floor and one was sent to his room. so what refs are going to be there tuesday so i can decide if i want to go to the game??

@KOBEMVP888... Thanks for the continued Bynum support, counselor. The jury has spoken.
@TOM DANIELS... Last night’s ejection notwithstanding, Drew is sure looking very beastly.
@CORNERJ... Great points about the importance of Phil’s adjustment to switch on picks.
@JON K... Sounds like you shared a drink with a Bynum Basher, soon to be rare as dinosaurs.
@LROB... I also watched the Knicks broadcast for the same reason. Clyde is a Bynum Booster.

KobeMVP888/VMan/ CyberCosmiX,

Points well taken.

Bynum doesn't seem like a jerk to me. He doesn't convey that body language, but I guess I wouldn't know unless I had met him myself.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Thanks Everyone. Every once in a while I can hit the broad side of a barn.

Leon Wood needs to be sent down to the NBDL!

Hey MM, do you think you could start a Development Blog to send the Trolls to?

Go Lakers!!!!!!



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