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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 109-100 loss to Dallas Mavericks


Game stories

--The Times' Mike Bresnahan faults the Lakers' defense in their 109-100 loss Wednesday to the Dallas Mavericks.

--The Daily Breeze's Elliott Teaford believes the Lakers lost their composure.


--The Times' Broderick Turner explains what got Phil Jackson so upset at Lamar Odom over a missed defensive assignment.

--The Dallas Morning News' Eddie Sefko examines how the Mavericks ended their losing skid.

--The Daily Breeze's Teaford notices Jackson remaining mum about Dallas owner Mark Cuban.


--The Times' Bresnahan notices the Lakers have allowed leads to slip away in the second half for three consecutive games.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding details the Lakers' poor defense.

--The Dallas Morning news presents a pretty extensive photo gallery from the Lakers-Mavericks game.

--Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix devotes part of his NBA midseason report to Tyson Chandler's progression.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin explains what's ailing the Lakers' defense. McMenamin also highlights the back-and-forth between Jackson and Cuban as well as a medical assessment on Andrew Bynum's hyperextended right elbow. 

--It's a telling sign that no Laker appears on any of Sports Illustrated's list of mid-season awards.

--The Daily Breeze's Teaford hands out mid-season report cards.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz examines the exchanges between Jackson and Cuban as well as Derek Fisher's play.


--ESPN Dallas' Jeff Caplan credits a team effort in the Mavericks' victory.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' loss.'s Mike Trudell details the game in a running diary.

--Silver Screen and Roll's Dexter Fishmore faults the Lakers' perimeter defense.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano breaks down the Lakers' poor defense.

--Lakers Nation's Ramneet Singh details the game with quarter-by-quarter analysis.

Lakers guard Kobe Bryant appears in a Nike Kobe Zoom VI movie trailer with Bruce Willis


--I talk all things Lakers (prior to the Clippers game) to The Lakers Nation's David Brickley and Gregory Small.

Tweet of the Day: "In NYC and missing my boytoy Phil! Hahaha (thanks Mark for his new nickname) good luck in Dallas tonight babe." -- JeanieBuss (Lakers executive vice president Jeanie Buss)

Reader Comment of the Day: ""Just being lazy," center Andrew Bynum said. "I'm quite sure if you look at the tape, everybody's kind of stagnant, standstill. We were just playing lazy 'D.' ============ Ok, next question is why? If they are aware of this, then maybe a solution is to stop doing it. Have they lost the athletic ability to do so or do they just not want to do it? Guess they're just waiting for the playoffs to commit to expending that kind of energy. ============== So now the Lakers are 1-6 against winning teams on the road. That does not bode well for any playoff series where the Lakers don't have HCA unless they can improve in that area over these last 38 games. I hope they do. I think they can. I'm not sure they will." -- Art - FL Lakers Fan

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, right, tries to work his way past Dallas guards DeShawn Stevenson, center, and Jason Kidd during the first quarter of the Lakers' 109-100 loss Wednesday. Credit: Matthew Emmons / U.S. Presswire

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Edwin, a little known fact is that Hitler's scientists invented methamphetamine for his Blitzkrieg strategy. However, in the end, who ultimately won the war?

We don't need the Lakers burning out mid-season, but a little more consistency shouldn't cause a burn out. Lack of concentration causing unforced turnovers and failure to communicate on D is unexceptable.

As for me, I've continued my tape-delayed 60s-70s boycott. If the Lakers come to play, I'll come to watch. But, if they mail it in C.O.D., I'll return it to sender. You can quote me on this: "No Play, No Pay!"

Dean Wormer quote of the Day: "Fat, Drunk and Stupid is No Way to Go Through Life, Son."

Congrats Art on the Friedman.

The one silver lining to the loss... It gives the Luke haters a game to complain about Luke that's legitimate. He wasn't the only reason for the loss, but he did stink it up with 0-for-5 shooting.

Yes, we can blame the bench's lack of offense for the loss, but ultimately they couldn't guard five potted plants last night.

Matt Barnes would've supplied more offense and individual D, but then again, so would've Caron Butler for Dallas.

Team D is what's missing...

@Art - congrats on RCOTD. It's not good when your team is using the words lazy, terrible and stupid to describe its defensive "effort".

@Triangulator - I like your "mail in it/return to sender" philosophy. I wish I could practice it also, but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. Anyway this is for you.....

Drew's okay - the only good news from yesterday's game.

Haven't posted in awhile. Initially because the blog was becoming unreadable and then recently just haven't been able to get excited about this season. I think the main reason is that I had so much hope for the season coming in and it just hasn't met my expectations. Oh well, doesn't mean they won't win the championship, but I do wish they this team had a little more fire under them even during the regular season. Kind of like what Kobe was saying about Lamar taking offense at Blake Griffen still trying hard in the waning minutes of a game that had already been decided - you have to play the game until the horn sounds. I feel like Kobe's bringing it each and every game even if he has a bad game, it's not for lack of effort. Can't say the same about the rest of the guys.

Those tweets from Jeanie Buss to Phil Jackson about boy toy this, babe that
Just puts a gross disgusting picture in my head.

Congrats on the Friedman!
As I said before, they are playing bored ball.

great first selection of the day- I'm gonna keep it going with one of the best songs ever written and recorded:

As for the Lakers, I went off a bit last night, so I will refrain from saying anything negative this morning. since I don't have anything positive to say...

I sure hope our guys decide to play with some heart come playoff time so we call all be singing this one together:

Spurs 36-6

Celtics 32-9

Lakers 31-13

Miami 30-13

I can think of 5 or 6 games off the top of my head that the guys should've won... especially with the lower tier team they played against. Those 5 or 6 games could be the difference in April, not just today.

I'm okay with making mistakes in January. Just don't make them in June... if you can make it that far.

The sky isn't falling, but morale sure is. The Denver game will prove to be the catalyst for a reawakening, or another deflating, trade-prompting, inexcusable failure. Choose now!


Maybe the Spurs, Celtics, and (Gasp) maybe even the HEAT are better than the Lakers!
Trade Gasolft and Bumyn for Blake G. or Kevin L. and please release Fish,
Posted by: Mr. Laker | January 20, 2011 at 08:34 AM're MR.LAKER, I been saying all along the HEAT will be the new NBA Champs. Man the bandwagoners come out after a tough loss, TROLLS and HATERS don't have to say a WORD. You guy's butcher each other, where is the LOVE when you need it? I'll sit back the rest of the day and read the MENTALLY ILL hate directed at their TEAM.

@G. Money

Once again, the Meat won't even make it out of the East.

The Septics are deeper, longer, and more experienced.

The Magic are deeper as well, just as athletic as the Meat, and have D Howard.

Even the Bulls have a better TEAM when fully healthy.

Don't beleive the hype!

Just watched the latest "Black Mamba" trailer- LOL!

What is a Robert Rodrigues flick without Danny Trejo? I knew he would make it in there somehow. Just priceless!

Congrats on the RCOTD, Art! Nicely done!

I lost hope in the game after Walton missed those two threes. The Lakers were looking good, but things just fell apart.

The only slack I'll cut the Lakers is due to the fact they were playing their third game in 4 days. But there is no excuse for such poor defense. None at all.

Mornin' crue!

The entire game didn't suck last night. Just the part in the 2nd half where they forgot it was the balance of a 48 minute basketball game and proceeded to play like some kind of weird schizoid cross between matadors and volleyball players. Lots of "OLAY - let that guy blow by us" and "tap tap tap at the net...bummer the other team got the rebound". Sheesh.

Oh well - tomorrow's another day with another game to play where they can make it up to us and give us a good solid effort, and come away with the W - like they did in OKC.

RIGHT - they won in OKC - with effort and focus. How soon some people forget. This team is built for the PO's. They WILL lose a game here and there in the regular season. They WILL look like a bunch of scrubs on occasion. They WILL lose interest and/or focus here and there until the end of April. You guys know this. Sure it's irritating, but it is what it is. You'll be happy in June.

It's a slog through 82. It won't be the same when it's "win or go home".


Meant "versus OKC" - not "in OKC". Same point.

It seems like the Lakers mentally give up when they're down this season. In past seasons, I almost always got the sense that they would claw back from a deficit and eventually win the game, but not this season. by: boynamedsue

That's bullseye my man. When the Lakers lead by 12 (against the Clippers in the third) and against the Mavericks (by 10 in 2nd quarter) you can be sure that lead will disappear in the matter of minutes. But if they are losing (by 8 points in the 4th quarter against the Clippers and 13 pts. against Dallas early in the 4th) you can be sure that they will not recover anymore. That's how this Laker team operates this year. When the opponents is ahead in the fourth quarter or even in the 3rd I turned the t.v. off because I know they won't make any rally late in the game at all. Mind you, I'm 95% right in not wasting my
time watching them when other team is ahead. Unlike the Magic, Worthy, Jabbar era wherein you have to watch until the last seconds because you never know what will be the final score until the fat lady sings. With this Laker team of 2010 you just have to look if the other team they're playing against is leading then you can just say to yourself "they will not recover anymore" thereby saving your time and energy in rooting for this pathetic team.

We lose a game like this, look at the blog, and it seems the Lakers are all messed up. Then I take a look at the standings and we're 31-13, an excellent record. I think it's amazing that the Lakers have been facing all of this so-called 'adversity', and we still have a good record like that.

The bottom line is that the Lakers are right where they want to be at this point in the season. They haven't played anywhere near to their best ball on either side of the court. We're on pace with Boston to challenge for HCA in the Finals. I'm really not worried at all right now.

Last night, Jason Kidd had a good shooting night and it proably caught the team off guard. Not a big deal. Get back on track in the next game.

Go Lakers!

Justa summed up my feelings pretty much. I just have one thing to say about Nets owner Mr. Prokhorov, whether it's the Ruskie in him or just the way he handles his business, I applaud him taking the high road in this whole mess. He wasn't going to let some athelte try and strong arm into anything. He's way too smart for something like that. I think if he didn't already, earned brownie points for telling Melo to shove up, basically, in a polite way. Now, what does, Melo do afterwards, so apropos, tries to do the same thing, this guy is so hackneyed and dry, it's pathetic at this point.

Thanks MM and others for the acknowledge.


I agree about Prokhorov and the Nets killing that deal.
Nuggs are really getting themselves between a rock and a hard spot now.
You never really get equal value in this type of situation but Denver may have played this a little too tough.
When it's all said and done Melo will probably be the biggest winner. He'll go somewhere he wants to be and get the big bucks.

Sean - (Thanks!) Also - can you post a link or sum up the whole Melo-gate? I missed pretty much all of what's been happening with that... Thanks again!

The funny thing is that the OKC game was considered a good defensive effort but if you look at the tape, you'll see the same defense. Oklahoma City had wide open looks from the 3 point line all night long and missed them. Dallas had the same looks and capitalized.

I think that they have just played and won against so many bad teams so far that they don't see any problems with their defense. As the schedule gets tougher, they'll have to start making adjustments or the results will be ugly.

Posted by: Bay to LA

Bay to LA
You are one of the only bloggers that actually writes anything truthful and logical !!!!

Enjoyed the analysis of Darius Soriano over at Forum Blue and Gold. It is linked above. Very insightful.

CornerJ reporting for duty from Provence...the views and the wine here are good, really good...Slingbox viewing of the Laker games, bad, really bad...but it just keeps getting better with an increased consumption of wine...keep the faith...I'm still going to watch them even when they're unwatchable (sober)...and I'm still going to believe...

Laker Amigos, LET'S RIDE!!!

Blake Griffin should have been a Laker and can still be a LAKER.

Atleast he is in LA!

Jordan- anchors the defense little like Bynum in size.
Griffin- scoring skills like Gasol but with power.
Aminu- a young Loul Deng.
Gordon- scorer/closer like mini Kobe
Bledsoe- stud more athletic than a young Fisher

Trade chips:
Chris Kaman
Ike Diogu
Ryan Gomes
Rasul Butler
Baron Davis
Randy Foye


1. Phil Jackson have 11 rings already and he surpassed Red so he got nothing to prove to anyone before retiring.
2. Kobe have 5 rings and he already prove to the world that he can get a ring without fat Shag. What else does he want another ring for?
3. Gasol have two rings, Barkley, Malone, Stockton, Ewing etc. great players without a ring. Two rings is enough better than none.
4. Fisher got 5 rings. Third tier PG getting 5 is not bad.
5. Bynum got 2 already and very young why do I have to have another one this year? Maybe later in my career.
6. Odom the way he played all his career (night & day) does'nt even deserve to get one but he got two, what else does he want another one?
7. Artest he does'nt care for a championship ring. He even have it raffled.
The seven reasons is enumerated above. If they don't care to win this year why do have to care too. ENOUGH SAID.

RE-POST (with addenda): These days the Lakers’ opponents surround the 3-point line like gluttons at the Thanksgiving table. The turkey is now so fat even OKC, with its sub-par 3-point shooting, took 22 stabs at it. And last night it was Dallas, going 12 for 26 from beyond the arc. What ever happened to the Lakers vaunted perimeter defense?? The Celts, Spurs, and all the rest with superior outside shooting must be licking their chops at the prospect of their next meeting with the Lakers. And when they’re done feasting, the vultures will surely be waiting for THEIR 3-point share of the carcass.

In the spirit of sharing music around here. Here's a good tune to just chill out to, if you take regular season losses to heart {I don't personally} and need to take a timeout from the stress of Laker ball or your life. One of my personal favorites right now. Lyrics are kind of weird, it's a good chillin song.

I went into these 2 games hoping for a split and I remain hopeful of a split, although the Nuggets have actually been playing pretty solid basketball and we lose there more often than we win in recent years during the practice season. Of course we won 2 there in 2008 in the playoffs and 2 there in the WCF in 2009, so it's far from impossible to win in Denver. At least our players will have a day to adjust to the altitude, just like they do in the playoffs. I hope Philip plans a practice today because he didn't have one before yesterday's game and hence the main reason for the predictable loss and second half complacency.

Thank you Lakers for helping me decide to keep my money in my pocket when you visit Orlando next month. Your poor performances against competitive teams squashed any chance of spending my hard-earned money to watch you play. I will just take the hit on the $189 I spent on NBA League Pass and lower my expectations for the remainder of the season.

Hey- Justa, here's the link.

What a mess. Like Art said, you have to feel for Masai Ujiri, guy is probably losing sleep over this whole thing.

Sorry if this has already been posted, haven't had a chance to read the comments or anything yet.. lucky for me poli sci was cancelled, thanks snow :)


I called it early that we would lose. You know why? We got confident in our 3pt shot. I HATE the 3pt shot. It's great when we make them when we need to. But when we have anymore than 15 seconds left on the shot clock and we are throwing up 3s and making them (or missing) It just gives the team a huge confidence boost.

You knwo what this leads to?


The amount of times I saw players jacking up shots from behind the 3pt line last night was RIDICULOUS. I was not impressed. We SHOULD have won last night. But we didn't. We jacked up unnecessary 3pt shot attempts even when we were up 3 or 10 points.

Shannon Brown has got too confident in his shot, it's a disaster. He needs to hit the gym again. Even Luke Walton who hardly shoots was jacking up stupid shots. No idea what the hell the team was doing but when you have 3 guys that are close to 7'0, or are over 7'0.. thats where you need to go first.

Thats how the Lakers 3peated last time, and that's the only way they will do it again.

btw ART! congrats on RCOTD - always enjoy reading your posts.

"It's a slog through 82. It won't be the same when it's 'win or go home'".

Posted by: justanothermambafan | January 20, 2011 at 10:02 AM


Yes, history hasn't proven otherwise. It's all about the series. Can the team win a series and that's when it's "win or go home" time. I don't see anyone in the West beating the Lakers in a series. The only competition in a series is going to come from Boston. I still see those two teams as the last ones standing. Jason Terry was all "puffed" up yesterday claiming they'll be the last team standing. It's amazing what ONE win will do for a team that was on the skids! He was motivated, to say the least.

"It's a slog through 82."

I agree, but with the talent and depth on this squad, why does it have to be?

There should be at least one guy a night playing great that usually doesn't. I haven't seen that at all this year. Our bench was supposed to be one of the best in the League and except for a short period at the start of the season, it hasn't. This of course excludes L.O., since he is having a banner year.

It's tough watching these losses when you know that the team, as a whole unit, is not giving it 100%.

I think we'll bounce back in Denver, or should I say I hope...

Thanks LRob. I think you may have hit on the problem with the Lakers' losses this season. Elvis keeps leaving the building far too early!

From what I can gather from all the sources I've read, here's what basically happened:

Joe Dumars, was told, by Billie King, that they were about to finish the deal, do the I's and cross the T's, I'm sure, Dumars, not wanting to queer anything, told Kuester to sit Rip, so he wouldn't be injured. Masai Ujiri, went to Melo, and filled him in on the details, after that, it was up to Melo to decide whether or not he would sign off. Now, here's where things get really, really, really cloudy. Melo and his people, inexplicably didn't speak with Prokhorov or Nets Management, who knows? If Melo had his mind made up, than there wouldn't be any point, however, he's not made that public knowledge, who knows if Masai Ujiri knows what Melo's thinking. Ujiri has done his due diligence and asked. Melo seems like a waffler, he doesn't have the right people in his ear telling him what to say.

Knicks or Bust? Art, you may be right about Melo getting what he wants. On the flip side of that coin, how's the old saying go, 'best laid plans (of mice and men) can go astray'. Drama sells papers.


You were so so right. Don't spend your hard earned money for an underachieving team which is the Lakers. You will just be so mad and embarassed when the Magic will clobbered the Lakers in Orlando, Florida next month.

@LFICT – good to read your post again. We all wish they played with more fire, but it’s a marathon, hang in there with them. I’ll have to disagree with you about Kobe bringing it every game. His defensive effort has been lackluster just like the rest of the team.

@mclyne – Don’t Come Round Here No More…nice. Allegedly that line came from Stevie Nicks giving Joe Walsh a piece of her mind. I hope we are singing Glory Days in June. Speaking of the Boss, the way the Lakers defended the Mavs shooters last night was reminiscent of this song by him…

@Bay to LA – I agree the Lakers defense was lacking in OKC also. Actually defense has been only above average in probably 10 or so games thus far.

@sean – you’re right. Nice song for chillin.

Peja is interested in joining the Lakers after a contract buyout. If it is the veteran minimum.... maybe, just because we miss Matt Barnes outside shooting a little right now. We lost to the Mavs, but we still can redeem ourselves by beating Boston and Denver this month. All is not lost.

The team has the 3rd best winning percentage in the entire league behind the Spurs and Boston. Would we like to see them win more games, especially the ones that are perceived as "winnable?" You betcha! But they didn't. It's OK because today is JANUARY 20, 2010. We haven't even had the All Star Break yet. So, it's OK to point out the team's flaws and discuss the various issues that have caused them to lose games but to throw in the towel and say the season is over, is well... Premature. Caution: DON'T BE A "PREEMIE!!"

Now, as far as Melo is concerned, what has he done that is wrong? He's under contract. He doesn't want to re-sign with his current team so now his team is trying to get what they can while they can. It's the team that is being "greedy," not Melo. The kid put in his time and is giving mngmnt an opportunity to cash in on his inevitable departure. Why should he sign and play for a team that he doesn't want to play for? He doesn't owe the organization anything and for "Prok" to go off on Melo is ridiculous. Now, if Denver is unable to make a deal that they can live with, then they'll just have to live with the prospect that Melo will play out his contract - and I don't see him holding back on the court, mind you - and leave if that's what he desires. I don't see a story here. Denver is trying to get something from an expiring contract that they have no chance of renewing. I wish every player wanted to play for their home state. Jeremy Lin comes to mind. LBJ blew his opportunity, but I digress.

Peja is interested in joining the Lakers after a contract buyout. If it is the veteran minimum.... maybe, just because we miss Matt Barnes outside shooting a little right now. We lost to the Mavs, but we still can redeem ourselves by beating Boston and Denver this month. All is not lost.

Posted by: TNTLakerFan | January 20, 2011 at 11:06 AM

No way, not even in the short term. Let the Mavs have him, there's already a logjam at SF, and when Barnes does come back, which is probably in another 5-6 weeks, Stojakovic will get 0 minutes, bad back, a swollen knee keeping him out of games mysteriously, he's on borrowed time, and not nearly the player he once was or needs to be, if inserted into the Triangle. One SF with a bad back is enough, now you want two. No way.

@sean-I hear you, but that is why I said maybe, he and Joe can share time when Matt comes back. I agree with you on the injuries to him though, but Luke just really is struggling shooting right now, and Artest is sporadic at best from the outside. It was just a reaction to a report more or less.

I don't think the Melo going to Jersey deal is done. It'll be revived in a week or so. Denver is not going to get a better offer and Melo could stand to lose a lot of $$$$ if he becomes a free agent with the anticipated new CBA.

@frmkt - I like your perspective.

@TNT - I say no to Peja. He hasn't played with a consistent effort in at least 2-3 years, probably longer.

L Rob, busy as a bee multi-tasking looking for honey plus baby sitting on the side. I can't post much like what I used to do.

I would be very embarass to Triangulator and Rafanico if I don't acknowledge their posts after mentioning my handle. Go for it TriG, that's a good mojo for JB no play, no pay, tho' the spoiled have recourse by going to courts and exercise their "rights" on the contracts as if fans don't have the rights for paying their dues watching a pathetic Lake Show for two quarters only. Rafanico, season is not over yet, so we have still faith, the problem our team is in charity mode. As fans, what else can you expect but talk,talk and go for wishful thinking. You can paint a rose in whatever colors you wish but there no substitute for a beautiful rose in full bloom.We can talk of Kobe, Lamar show and the goodness of Fisher and Walton but if they do go on full bloom on a real game, it's useless!

Last but not the least, it is way overdue to give due recognition to that Laker fan in Florida, what more can you ask from Art, LRob and 63, they have been the first responders by providing continuous entertainment and civility.

@TNT- no, thanks for the link TNT, always welcomed. Yeah, I'm troubled by a bad Luke game as well, while he plays up and down, he rarely plays that bad, I think Phil was even surprised by that. Peja was a great player, if this was 2001 Peja, I'd sign him in a hearbeat, no question, injuries really derailed this guy. No way he's signing with Lakers.


Good take on the Melo deal. I can understand the frustration of the Nets, and Denver too for that matter. But Melo did give them plenty of notice that he wants a trade and where he wants to go, the Nuggs just have to settle for what they can get.

If Labron had gone to Gilbert the year before his contract was up and told him he wasn't going to resign and to trade him the Cavs could have at least received some decent players in return and Labron would have avoided a lot of criticism.

In this kind of situation the player really has the upper hand though the Nuggs could say we aren't going to trade you and make Melo take his chances with the new CBA. But that's more of a lose-lose deal for both, though the Nuggs lose more than Melo in that case too.

So reportedly the big hangups for the Knicks trading for Carmelo are:

1. Denver isn't that in love with Gallinari or Chandler or any other Knicks prospects. With Chandler, the problem is that he's a restricted free agent. He makes 2 million right now, but next year his salary will go WAAAAY up. Gallo & Fields are still on their rookie contracts, so they're more appealing to Denver.

2. The Knicks don't have picks. Not enough likely good draft picks as the Nyets. A couple of Nets first rounders could be 2 late lottery picks. The Knicks are actually going to make the playoffs this year, so their picks aren't quite as appealing.

How about this idea...

What if the Knicks got the Clippers involved.

The Knicks send Wilson Chandler to the Clips.
The Clippers send Aminu and Minnesota's unprotected 2012 first round pick to Denver.

It could involve other picks or pieces for salary matching reasons, but the key is that the Clippers keep Davis, Gordon, Griffin, Jordan, and add a starting SF in Wilson Chandler.

The rest of the deal is between Denver and New York. It gets Denver a legit excellent draft pick in the Minnesota pick. They'd still get either Gallinari or Fields, they could probably dump off either Billups &/or Harrington - I'm sure the Knicks would go for that as long as they get Carmelo.

End result:

Denver dumps salary, adds Aminu and Gallo or Fields (plus maybe another young player like Toney Douglas or Bill Walker), plus they get a couple of picks, and they're on their way to rebuilding. They'd have everything they wanted: cap space, picks, and a couple of young talents (though maybe not quite as much upside as Derek Favors)

New York has two stars in Amare and Carmelo, plus Felton, Billups, Harrington, plus whoever of Gallinari or Fields stuck around.

And the Clippers trade their "young with upside" SF for a legit starting SF.

1. Denver isn't that in love with Gallinari or Chandler or any other Knicks prospects. With Chandler, the problem is that he's a restricted free agent. He makes 2 million right now, but next year his salary will go WAAAAY up. Gallo & Fields are still on their rookie contracts, so they're more appealing to Denver.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | January 20, 2011 at 11:36 AM

Not true. Denver, along with Toronto, Lakers, Houston loved Landry Fields. He scared people off with his spinal surgery. He's certainly making people regret passing on him. That's besides the point, The Knicks will not trade him now, not for anyone, he's protected. Kids got mad game.

LakerTom & KobeMVP888,

I'd like your take on something.

Bynum said: "We keep getting up by 10 and just say, 'Oh, OK. Well, offense is going good, we don't have to play D,' " Andrew Bynum said.


Didn't y'all say that lack of offense leads to bad defense?

Earlier, y'all have made comments along the lines of: "If I had played the game
I would know that offense leads to defense. " [ paraphrase ]

So ... Since it's Bynum saying this, and y'all are president and CEO of the, are y'all going to tell me that Bynum doesn't know
what he's talking about because he hasn't played the game?

There were also conversations about Kobe throttling back and passing more.
I'm curious. W/ 10 assists ... is that enough passing for us to win?

Maybe it would help if Kobe gave Pau his MVP trophy? I mean, he needs to
make his teammates better, right? So ... if Pau had Kobe's MVP trophy then
he'd be better right? Wait a minute.

I got that wrong. Kobe should give his MVP trophy to D-Fish because it's the

Ok. So Kobe gives his MVP trophy to D-Fish and one of his NBA finals
trophies to Pau and the other to Gasol & his scoring title to LO and we're
all magically better and invincible!

Man! Call Jake Stevens and tell him to give me Kobe's cell ph. I can fix this.
While I'm at it, call Dr. Buss and tell him to stake me for the next Poker
tournament. I GOT THIS!

I read somewhere Danny Granger saying that jumping to a bigger market, can backfire on you like it did LeBron and that the same could happen to Carmelo. To me, he is right. But Miami is not New York, and there are rumblings of Chicago as well. Those are BASKETBALL cities. Miami not so much.It is because of LeBron's "decision" and backlash, that I am of the opinion that any team that gains talent in the East will be more revered, because the Heat are so widely hated.

btw, I am not Bynum bashing.

I have not asked for him to be traded. I have not asked for him to come off
the bench. I have not said we don't need him.

Actually, I do need him to reach that bag of flour on the top shelf. I'm
baking cookies for the Kumbaya sing along.

I can't wait for the Nuggets to beat up on the Lakers. Maybe JR can knock that smug grin of of Kobe's arrogant face.


You kinda lost me in that post of yours addressed to LT and 888 with all the trophies and rings Kobe needs to give away. I'm just can't figure out what your point is.
Is it that the Lakers need to focus on defense?
Kobe should shoot more?

An inquiring mind wants to know...


Man, you do know A LOT of music trivia- I am impressed!
That Bruce track is fun!
I'll be back after lunch with more selections.

I think the Lakers are on par with the way they are playing.
It is so funny to read all of these crazy comments. However, i don't blame you. If you're a true Lakers fan then our team will make you crazy.
The matter of the fact is that they have gone to 3 finals in a row and are getting older. They're not going to put in the extra effort and play excellent defense night in and night out in the regular season. Occasionally, they will have the drive to do this and they will.
At this point, they are still the 2nd best team in the west. This is a good record. Comes playoff, they will put in the extra effort to play defense.



You said you're looking for honey?
Did your wife go missing?
Did you become a bee keeper?
Have you turned into a bear?

Sean - thanks for that. Melo's never been accused of being a rocket surgeon when it comes to media/public relations, but who knows? More to the point, do we really care? LOL! I've seen him play a few games (not a representative sampling by any means) but what I did see didn't impress me. My thoughts at the time were that he wasn't trying anymore. Like I said, I could be wrong about that. Regardless, he has the right to play for whatever team he wants, and he's not doing a TV show about it so he's already earned some brownie points from me for that. If Denver will dump him - then fine. If they trade him - fine again. I don't see him coming here, so his comments about potential teams including the Lakers seems like a case of wishful thinking on his part. He'd have a better chance of winning a ring with Kobe then anyone else in the West, and if he goes East who knows what will happen. It's gonna be a very interesting post-season out there for sure! I still see Boston winning the East, as of now, but injuries sure can take their toll so who knows?! All I care about right now is how the Lakers are doing. That's it. The rest is fodder.

We got no D..................

It's ludicrous to think Gar Forman would think even for a second, to trade Joakim Noah, he hung up the phone the second his name was mentioned. While Melo and Noah, have polar skill sets, Noah does more for the Bulls and Thibs than Melo ever could.

Chicago's problems aren't at the 3, they're at the 2. They need to make a deal for Courtney Lee from Houston or Josh Childress from Phoenix or Corey Brewer from the Timberwolves.

Chicago has adequate, not great, 3 pt shooters and in the playoffs against Boston, Miami and Orlando, they need a strong defensive 2, athletic, good cutter (Lee, Brewer) or a 2 not afraid to post up (Childress). They need someone who will make Ray Allen or DWade or JRich work on both ends.
Miami/Boston/Orlando do a great job of protecting the three point line in the Playoffs anyway, so, the return on a 2 that can shoot the three is at best, minimally negligible, and I'm being very generous with that assertion.



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