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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 107-97 victory over Denver Nuggets


--The Times' Mike Bresnahan credits the Lakers' balance in their 107-97 victory Friday over the Denver Nuggets.

--The Denver Post's Chris Dempsey highlights the Nuggets' inability to limit the Lakers inside.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding credits the Lakers' attention to detail.

--The Daily Breeze's Elliott Teaford looks at why the Lakers' chemistry clicked.


--The Times' Broderick Turner explains why Phil Jackson agrees with Jeanie Buss' views on contraction. Being in a relationship is a start.

--The Denver Post's Dempsey provides a medical update on Kenyon Martin.

--The Daily Breeze's Teaford provides a medical update on Theo Ratliff.


--The Times' Lance Pugmire examines the betting patterns surrounding the Lakers.'s Ken Berger gives a blow-by-blow account of what led to the Nets canceling their meeting with Carmelo Anthony.

--The Denver Post's Benjamin Hochman explains how the Melo Drama would make for a compelling book.

--AOL Fanhouse's Chris Tomasson highlights Kobe Bryant's contention that players don't control their own destiny.


--Fox Sports' Mitch Lawrence predicts the Lakers will three-peat.

--The Denver Post's Woody Paige details how laughter has proven to be the best remedy for Nuggets Coach George Karl in dealing with the Melo Drama.

--Sports Illustrated's Ian Thomsen believes the Lakers will fare well in the second half of the season.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz wonders why the uncertainty surrounding Anthony's future still looms this late into the season.


--Ball Don't Lie's Eric Freeman muses that Bryant's hand and footprints won't be on permanent display at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' victory.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Dave McMenamin lists 10 things to take away from the Lakers-Nuggets game.'s Mike Trudell details the game in a running diary.

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore calls the Nuggets' victory a quality road win for the Lakers.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano notes that Bryant's fingerprints are all over this win.

Tweet of the Day: "Reporter to Carmelo Anthony: 'No questions about the T-word.' Melo's response: 'That's because ain't say.' No trade, means nothing" -- BA_Turner (L.A. Times Lakers beat reporter Broderick Turner)

Reader Comment of the Day: "The Lakers showed both why and how no team can beat them in a 7-game playoff series. While they can be caught napping during the regular season and embarrassed, the more often they play a team, the more focused and playoff-intense they get...and that includes Phil. Size + focus + intensity + playoff DNA = #17 " -- Corner J

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant holds his defensive position against Denver forward Carmelo Anthony during Friday night's game in Denver. Credit: Rick Wilking / Reuters

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Really astute comment!

I would have liked PJ to let Kobe play in that 4th Q when he had 60+ in the first 3 quarters. I was hacked when he never returned. If Andy Pettitte had a Perfecto going through 8 innings and we're up 14-0, take him out, I THINK NOT!

You know, Coloradoans are kind of weird people, but Denver is a nice city to live. I think Carmelo Anthony's trade demand is extraordinarily egotistical and childish.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I liked those predictions:

And Melo? He really wants to go to NY, but NY GM needs to find a deal with a 3rd team to get it done. That's what Melo wants.

@HOBBITMAGE… “LakerTom, How about Bynum? Nice game for him.”

Hola, hobbit. I was happy to see Drew have a strong game, especially after the shaky start worrying about his elbow. He really does a great job of intimidating and challenging with his shot blocking. I wish he would avoid the silly outside fouls since the refs won’t cut him any slack. I don’t mind the hard inside fouls. That’s one of the reasons why teams avoid coming into the lane against him.

And what a masterful game by Kobe. I loved his quote that this is the time of the year where it’s important to get everybody on the team involved before taking over the game. I’ve always said that you never really have to worry about bad Kobe taking over because good Kobe is too damn smart to let that happen. By the way, ESPN Classic has Kobe’s 81-point game at 2:00p today. In retrospect, we ought to thank Shaq for breaking up the Shaq/Kobe Lakers. Otherwise, we might never have seen Kobe pour in 81 points in a game or outscore the entire other team with 63 points in 3 quarters.
@LAKERHOLIC… “Kobe is so impressive lately. He has given up on worrying about p.p.g. and is focusing on the win column. Just when you think you are safe, he strikes - like a lightning fast, deadly snake... ;-)”

Well said, Lakerholic. That’s exactly what his performance last night clearly showed. Yeah, Kobe took over the game in the 3rd with a masterful offensive onslaught but his continued attention to facilitating and getting and keeping his teammates engaged was the leadership of a great champion. The Lakers are slowly waking up and starting to get their mojo back, which is bad news for the NBA.
@SEAN… “Who says he's not worth 6.3 Million dollars? When that man puts his head down and goes in that foxhole, he worth every penny, in the pinch.”

Couldn’t agree more with you on Ron, Sean. His value will soar come in the playoffs when no opposing superstar in their right mind ever wants to have be guarded by him for 7 straight games. Ron is slowly starting to get interested again. Remember, this team is built for the playoffs.
@BRONXLAKERFAN… “I thought that last night was a good blueprint for the way the Lakers should play all the time. Sharing the ball. Spreading the scoring. Pounding the ball inside. Dominating the boards. Not backing down when the Thuggets started their act. Kobe efficient and facilitating. Low turnovers. Good defense. A lot to like.”

Agree 100%, Bronx. That was classic inside-out Lakers basketball, running the Triangle Offense to perfection with high assists and how turnovers that resulted in superb transition defense that limited the Nuggets to measly 4 fast break points and a game defining 20-board rebounding differential.

This is from Silver Screen & Roll's Fishmore (I was thinking about that the whole time):

"Do you agree that in the first half, they failed to take proper advantage of the Lakers' tendency to leave shooters open from long distance? To me, it looked like Billups could've had about eight open three-point looks in the first two quarters, but that extra pass from Carmelo or the bigs rarely came his way."

hahaha you guys think that game was well prepared last night, yes they got the w but it was a good time too to do it becasue that team going thru Melo's drama there was no focus on that, there own crowd boo him like crazy that being say they don't care if they win that game or not.. there player are play poorless becoz of everything going around.. so let's see if they 3 peat nottt they would have to deal wiht the 3 big guy from celtic not the same last year if you think.. Kobe his getting old yes he got his moment but I am telling u it's not the same anymore.. wen the age got got up there is nothing u can do about the hehehehe

@CORNERJ… Congrats on another Friedman. That is exactly what analysts mean when they say this Lakers team is built for the playoffs. There will be times during the regular season when our engine will sputter and cough here and there at being forced to idle in meaningless traffic in practice battles, much like 63’s Ferrari in an LA freeway gridlock. But when the playoffs come and it’s one team at time, win or go home, that’s when it’s going to be hard for another team to overcome Phil’s coaching, Kobe’s willpower, Ron’s defense, Fish’s clutch, and Pau, Drew, and Lamar’s length in a 7-game series.


Yes, I thought the Laker balance was way too much for Denver to overcome. Too many Laker weapons. And I just love the way Andrew played. Nene was so flustered, he tried to goad Drew into a confrontation. Drew wasn't having any of it and let Nene know that he wasn't going to be intimidated.

CornerJ with the well-deserved Friedman!

CornerJ...good job with the RCOTD!!

Congrats on the Friedman Award, CornerJ. Well said!

LT: I always think about your analysis when I watch Andrew play. He's been doing a great job around the rim, really skying for boards. I like it.

Go Lake Show!

Any thoughts on this? Did anyone here thought the same? This is from Silver Screen & Roll's Fishmore (I was thinking about that the whole time):

"Do you agree that in the first half, they failed to take proper advantage of the Lakers' tendency to leave shooters open from long distance? To me, it looked like Billups could've had about eight open three-point looks in the first two quarters, but that extra pass from Carmelo or the bigs rarely came his way."

OK MM time for the Laker Girl profile now out with it.

OK MM time for the Laker Girl profile now out with it.

Posted by: God | January 22, 2011 at 02:49 PM
You'll be suprised with the next post.

And yes, it will be a Laker girl...

People: Carmelo is not demanding a trade; he's not renewing his contract and by informing the organization of his intentions, he is giving them an opportunity to cash in while they still can. Now, it doesn't mean he should sign with a team that he doesn't want to play for just because it works for the Nuggets. That is completely insane! He told them where he would like to play so it's up to the Nuggets to try and make it happen while he is still under contract. If they can't find what is acceptable to them, then they don't have to trade him and he will play out the remainder of his contract and sign with the team of his choosing when he can. Personally, I think this kid has done everything right and I'm no fan of Denver or the Nuggets. That being said, if he wants to play for NY regardless of his reasons why and he has fulfilled the terms of his contract, then what is this "Melo Drama" all about? This "drama" is just another choreographed "story" by the sports media to create additional attention. The fact that he didn't sign the extension and his desire to play for his hometown NY Knicks stands on its own.


The Lakers will take out Boston this season in the Finals and then they can have next with the Knicks! Bring It On!! Yes, Miami will still have to wait their turn.

"Denver or the Nuggets" should be Melo & the Nuggs

I made the trip to Denver last night and it was worth the drive and money. I took my 13 year old daughter and we met Joel Meyers and Stu Lantz. Interesting how Stu never said one word during the few minutes that we met them. Joel was very pleasant and we took a picture with them.

I'm a transplant here in Colorado and it is a great place to live (Colorado Springs). There was a great amount of Lakers fans as usual. It was great to beat them at home since last time I went we got beat down.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

But, what about Jerry West's recent comments that he didn't think "the Lakers will be good for much longer," and that many of the Lakers' current players are "getting long in the tooth." Maybe this great former Laker Player and GM from Cabin Creek tried to wake up or shake up the Lakers with a bank shot and maybe Lakers paid attention as some during last night’s game went after loose balls -- including Kobe going to the floor with 4:15 left in Qtr 3 -- contrary to West’s assertion.

"Why don't we just put an asterisk next to last year's championship.

In fact, how can you possibly explain the 2009 championship after we lost both practice season games to the Magic and then they were able to only get one from us in a 7 game series?

Let me save you the work.

Bay to LA: "We lucked out again because Pau Gasol goaltended Courtney Lee's layup at the end of regulation in Game 2, so we won that game because of a blown call by the refs. In Game 4, we REALLY lucked out because Dwight Howard missed 2 free throws at the end of regulation which would have sealed the deal for them. This is not to mention D-Fish lucking out twice after that, especially after he went 0 for 6 before then in that game. The Magic should have gone into Game 5 in their building up 3-1, not down 3-1, and then they assuredly would have won the championship. Therefore, it is very consistent with them beating us twice in the regular season."

So let's put an asterisk next to that one, too.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | January 21, 2011 at 02:10 PM "

LOL I don't know where you're coming from with the asterisk talk but I'll answer your questions anyway.

The Magic BARELY lost those 2 "practice season" games against the Magic. Both were only by a few points so it wasn't like the Magic were simply in another league. Who was the catalyst for the Magic winning in both of those games? Jameer Nelson. Do you think the Magic still win those games with Jameer Nelson limping around as a spectator/role player like he was in the finals? Because I sure don't. And before you jump the gun on this one, NO I am not saying that the Lakers won because Jameer was hurt. I think they win the series anyway but it might have been a little closer than it ended up being.

These aren't the Shaq days anymore where someone can just wake up and decide to play hard on a given day. The Lakers I see in the playoffs are the same ones I see in the regular season. Look at last night. If that game was in May, you would have said the Lakers "flipped the switch" when as it is, we're still in January and the Lakers made adjustments, played better ball, and got a win in an arena they lost in last time. All for a practice season game! Who would have thought, right?

"The Magic BARELY lost those 2 "practice season" games against the Lakers"

My eyes are playing tricks on me, I meant to say LAKERS at the end of the quote above.

To all who feel Gasol interfered with Lee’s layup at the end of regulation play of Game 2 of the 2009 championship (by the way I contend Gasol didn’t) and should have been called for goal tending, I submit the occurrence at about 9:24 of Qrt 1. D Howard got away with a real goal tend of Gasol’s reverse layup. After a break in the action, ABC showed a slow motion close-up replay of Howard’s hand extending into the hoop, entangling with the net and interfering with the ball’s path by ejecting it from the basket. The Officials’ miscall cost the Lakers 2 points. A correct call likely would have negated the necessity for overtime. Perhaps this particular miscall contributed to the NBA deciding to use replays to review potential situations at the end of quarters or breaks in the action (e.g., timeouts) and award, subtract or let stand points accordingly.



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