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Caught in the Web: Reactions to Lakers' 104-85 loss to Memphis Grizzlies


Game stories

--The Times' Broderick Turner chalks up the Lakers' 104-85 loss Sunday to the Memphis Grizzlies to being outworked.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding details the Lakers getting booed off the court.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's David Lassen called the Lakers' defeat to the Grizzlies the team's worst loss of the season.

--The Daily Breeze's Elliott Teaford says the Lakers' effort was "unbearable to watch."

--The Memphis Commercial Appeal's Ronald Tillery credits Rudy Gay's contributions.


--The Times' Turner details the Lakers' dip in three-point field-goal percentage from November to December.

--The Riverside Press Enterprise's Lassen also focuses on the Lakers' poor three-point shooting.

--The Daily Breeze's Teaford documents Steve Blake's shooting struggles.


--The Times' Mark Heisler muses about Kobe Bryant's joking request that the press writers negative stories about the Lakers so that it might motivate the team.'s J.A. Adande notes the Lakers have no answers for their poor play against Memphis.

--The Orange County Register's Ding calls on the Lakers to follow the Bryant's lead.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi explains how Bryant is self motivated.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz explains how Aaron McKie played a vital role in the Lakers' success. Witz also notes the fans' displeasure with the Lakers.


--Pro Basketball Talk's Kurt Helin argues the Lakers need to understand the regular season is about building good habits.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' loss.'s Sekou Smith wonders if the Lakers should feel worried about their current struggles.'s Mike Trudell breaks down the game through a running diary.

--Silver Screen and Roll's DexterFishmore notices it's fairly easy to beat the Lakers these days.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano notices how the Lakers' losses point to the same problems.

Tweet of the Day: "MEM coach Lionel Hollins: "It doesn't matter. ... They will be there when the season is over, competing for a championship." -- KevinDing (Orange County Register's Lakers beat reporter Kevin Ding)

Reader Comment of the Day: Why should I bother setting aside 2-1/2 to 3 hours 82 days of the regular season at $0 pay when 13 players making from $300k to $21 million a season won't set aside 48 minutes a game to focus and play as a cohesive unit? What's my return on investment? Sure, you won two championships in a row. It still doesn't trump the chumps you're looking like when you get beat down by sub-500 teams. Hell, Beat Down By Any Team! I'm going to use my time more wisely. I'll DVR the games and if the outcomes start turning around more consistently I'll start watching again. It'll be no different then back in the days of tape delayed broadcasts of the 60s and 70s. Until then, I'm taking up chess..." -- The Triangulator

Photo: The Lakers' starting unit stis on the bench as the Grizzlies pull away for a 104-85 victory Sunday at Staples Center. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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Damn it, STOP this CRAP NOW. If I got to DEFEND the Lakers against theses Lakerholics I will.

Theses BANDWAGONERS have lost their FREAK IN MIND, this team will get it together, BELIEVE IT.

I can't understand theses so called Lakers fans going MEAT CLEAVER on the TEAM and COACH. Back off this $HIT, and take a DEEP BREATHE.

The Sun will raise in the morning, and the LakeShow will be FINE in the evening.


Your Friendly HATER/TROLL



Posted by: There can be only One | January 03, 2011 at 08:49 AM



"We're looking too far down the road instead of the game in front of us" Kobe said. Sounds like these games matter and it's not just about the playoffs.

The end of the first half and the beginning of the second half epitomized the Lakers game. They both ended and began with a turnover. You couldn't tell that the team with back to back games was the Grizzlies, they played with more energy and hustle defensively and in getting after the boards. The Lakers, the fans and Phil Jackson know that this is a whole new season and that they can not rely on the past. Not even the success they've experienced against a team this year is enough to believe that they can succeed again. They have to play to their potential and ability all the time.

Phil Jackson's comments about Kobe were a cop out. He is the coach, he could have called a timeout, or he could have substituted for Kobe. Instead, he sat there and enjoyed the show while getting to within two points of Memphis. It's only after the game that he takes issue with that. He's certainly not taking responsibility for what happens on the court under his watchful eye.

Dude....Where all the Die Hards? the Mamba Clan. The Greatest Lakerholics fan base on EARTH, everyone's on VACATION?

The Triangulator- Congrats on RCOTD, OUTSTANDING BLAST.

Hey GHFers ....

[ That would be LakerTom and KobeMVP888 & some others ]

Y'all are *really* quiet right now. What's up?

Someone said that we had dominant bigs & I asked, "How do you define
dominant? " Did I get a response from y'all?


Pau Gasol said: For Pau Gasol, it's puzzling how the Lakers have lost four of the last six by an average of 17.2 points per game.

"I don't understand why and how, basically why it's happening now and how we lost four of the last six games by 20 points of margin," said Gasol, who finished with 10 points, just four in the second half on two-for-four shooting. "That's something that my head is not processing right now, the motives. But there's got to be some, for sure."


So ... I'm just trying to understand why our strength [ the frontline ]
got outplayed by Zach Randolph, Darren Arthur and Marc Gasol.

FYI, Bynum played 27 mins. If I recall things ..... Bynum's mere presence,
his length, his wide body was supposed to change things wasn't it? Pau
going back to PF was supposed to change things, right?

Because I have never played the game of basketball, I know nothing & y'all
were graciously going to educate me, right?

Aren't we supposed to have 3 all stars in our frontline?

Does anyone know what happened to Andrew S. and Mikal Thompson's radio show?
This Max Kellerman is on at 10 am now.

Hey Laker Fam.

Bummer game. Anyone else at Staples last night? I kept hearing some DieHards up in the nose bleeds with me, screaming at the court for the Lakers to wake up. Just curious if it was anyone who posts here.

1,2,3 Ring.

What's up with RON RON? Appears to be completely LOST out on the court, No Confident, No Energy. Maybe burn out from his mental health Fundraiser, or maybe A.D.D. Brother man needs to call sister Doc IMMEDIATELY, need some anwsers. Just Sayin...

I'm not happy about the lack of effort.

I'm not happy about the lack of focus.

I'm not happy about the losses.

However, I have no doubt this team will get it together. If y'all think the 2-time defending champs are done - with the same core and the same coach - you're the ones who are delusional.

This team has what it takes to 3-peat. And they will 3-peat. And then you chicken littles, haters and trolls will vanish back into your mama's basements, or your caves, or the Wal-mart store-room - wherever you call home - and hide out during the Lakers march down Figueroa while hoisting the Larry O. Again. It's your M.O. - why should we exepct anything different from you? You're so predictable it's hilarious!

Why didn't Staples Center sound like Cleveland when LeBoob returned? OK, so there were some boos but this team deserves a poop storm hailed at them.

Btw, anybody keeping score of Ron Ron's blown layups? We got another "highlight reel" from him in this game.

Baby Drew is still looking good but that's about it.

So when will the story break on Kobe's new secret injury? Has he broken all of his fingers or something? I've never seen such stupid looking turnovers from him before. *Sigh* I deeply lament the fact that our basketball god is no longer inhuman. He will never again be an MVP, at least not the regular season one...

So, I watched last night's game with my dad, and just didn't understand why there was a lack of defensive effort in the 2nd half. We were watching the football game as well, and when we changed the channel the lakers were down by 10...and when we turned back, they were down by 19.

The only true defensive effort was in the last 2 minutes of the game, when the bench was emptied. That also seemed like the only time there was real offensive movement and spacing. It seemed like Kobe kept putting up shots because everyone was in a fog. He had some tough shots, but I didn't find them to be out of context, or out of control. I'm pretty sure he's not one to sit there and let things happen without trying to do something about it.

It should all start on the defensive end - I think as a group we know what this team can do collectively on offense, but I have yet to see a defensive identity that this team is able to put forward. I'm not too sure that there will be a lockdown performance against Phoenix. I'd prefer one, but that may be asking for a bit too much.

If the Lake Show wins 70% of their games this month, I will be pretty satisfied. My worry level is still hovering around 50%, but I can foresee it going up a bit if this level of effort on defense continues.

Derek Fisher's failure to defend the perimeter, slowness afoot and shooting inconsistency is a problem. Kobe's advanced mileage deterioration prevents him from compensating for Fisher inadequacies as he has in the past 3 years.


Start Shannon Brown at PG.

Andrew Bynum staying healthy and elevating his game to beast mode.

Didn't Phil want to nickname the bench "renegades" earlier in the year?

I just couldn't figure out why he would want that for a nickname, but maybe he was wiser than everyone thought. It looks like an entire team of renegades at this point.


1. a person who deserts a party or cause for another.

2. an apostate from a religious faith.

3. of or like a renegade; traitorous.

1. traitor, deserter, betrayer, dissenter.

There can only be one -

I don't find Justa's comments to be boring. If you don't like them, I think you are able to just scroll past them.

Hope you are having a good year so far (besides the Lake Show loss last night).

Hey, Justa, I'm here too. Shoulder to shoulder. We're like the "300" standing up to Xerxes, G. Money, and the rest of the invader hordes. "Root, root, rah, rah"? Hell yeahhhh, babeee. That's what real Laker Amigos do. No matter what.

I've read everyone's post so far, I have to say, Laker Nation has to show a lot of concern now, about, the way things are going, especially at home!!!

3 losses in 4 home games, those losses, have been by 19, 16, and 19, respectively. This isn't road losses, these are home losses. The lack of focus, lack of energy and lack of pride is really telling, at this point. The fans should have started booing this team off the court weeks ago, it's pathetic, from my perspective, that the fans pay huge $, for tickets, only to see these guys waffle.

Don't get it twisted, this is a sign of a team, that while, has championship aspirations, are being lazy, inconsiderate, painfully stupid and worse of all, just about everyone is apathetic except Gasol and Phil. At least, they're showing, that they care, even if, Gasol is a primary example of what problems persist. He doesn't know what problems they're having? Hmm, he will realize he's one of them when they watch the film.

To be perfectly blunt, with everyone, Magic would never, ever had let this happen. At home, no excuses for a lack of energy, lack of focus, 20 turnovers.

Kobe looked very disgusted at Shannon, and it wasn't wrong of him. Shannon has improved this year, I didn't watch the game, from the highlights, Brown played terribly bizarre, even my terrible for him.

Anybody read, the scouting report on Gay: Decent Defender, long arms, gets into passing lanes.

Justa - Look, you've got your own troll again! Just how do you do it year after year? Isn't there a limit on the number you can take?

As to last night's game, what a stinker! I am amazed how these losses keep getting pinned on Fish. I didn't see Shannon taking good shots, making passes or really holding onto the ball that well, yet it's Fish's fault everyone came out with no energy and quit playing half way through the second quarter.

Will this team come around? Sure, they always seem to, but it would be nice if they would do it soon. I would like to watch a full game without nurse Ratchet coming along a sedating me for yelling at the screen.


I nominate the head "cheerleaders" on this blog to start kicking some Laker butt.
Enough with the nicey nice good wishes of the bandwagon, the Lakers need a good butt kicking.
So, I say start with the genius and then follow with Mambrika.

I take no pride in receiving the RCOTD in this manner. It was a blast from my heart that needed to be said. I truly wish the circumstances were different.

There is no joy in Muddville!

Until then, Knight b1 to c3...

If I were a season ticket holder, I would at least ask for some of my money back.

This is beyond ridiculous. At least at home, I was able to fast forward through the fourth quarter.

After last night sloss, anyone not named Kobe or Andrew needs to take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror and figure out if they really do care about winning during the regular season.

I still am a Lakerholic, but this season seams to be the toughest one in a long time to get through.

Ah, what's that smell?

Oh yeah, fresh troll droppings.

Not to mention the stinker of a game the Lakers put in last night.

We've been playing like crap recently.

Time for Kobe and Phil to earn their money because this team is playing like it lacks leadership.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Here's a question for the trivia crew: Has an entire NBA team ever been ejected for confronting the refs on bad calls? One-sided calls?

What would Darth Stern do if it happened?

Every so often there's a game that makes me yell out "Show some life! Get up off the bench everyone! Get ejected! Show the Refs that fans don't come to the games to watch them!

Last night was NOT one of those games, but it brought back memories of those games based upon the final score...

Does 5 Hour Energy make a 48-Minute Energy Drink?

How about Artest, Gasol, and Walton for Camelo and Nene??

First of all, I never named a poster by handle and made my comments to them. If you count yourself as a chicken little, hater or troll and applied my post to yourself - well then that's on you, isn't it?

Secondly, what's wrong with cheerleading? With being optimistic? I never said I was happy with the way the Show is playing, did I? I specifically said I wasn't happy about it. That said, I believe that this same core, with the same coach, has exactly what they need to 3-peat, and that I fully expect them to do so.

Third - if my optimism bothers you, why bother reading my posts? Why bother responding? You so crazy.

Fourth - I take having my own personal trolls as a sign that I have made it. That I have arrived. That my opinion matters to all of them. You're just encouraging me, and I thank you!

Fifth - for my amigos on here - yeah the game was icky. Still there were some positive signs. Socks is coming along and rounding into form quite nicely. His presence in the paint changed a lot of shots and his blocks were great! Also, Kobe can still take over a game at will. I'm not worried about his effort or will at all. I'm more concerned about his fingers than I was previously though. Not sure how, but I know he'll adjust. Also - Kevin Ding's article highlights what PJ meant by Kobe "screwing up" the game. And it's not what most are taking it as. All in all, the game was 'meh' and I'm irritated, but all is not lost. Not by a long shot.

Time for Kobe and Phil to earn their money because this team is playing like it lacks leadership.

Posted by: Jon K. | January 03, 2011 at 10:15 AM

No doubt.
Um, Fisher?

There can be only One...nobody said that you can't speak out and criticize the team's play. FYI, all of us "optimists" have done so on many occasions. But someone has to rally the troops when times are bad. And there's no disputing that times are bad right now and the team's in disarray. It's just that we optimists don't want to wallow in perpetual negativity, heaping abuse on players who have gone to war for us and come back with many rings, demanding absurd trades and the firing of the coach, etc., etc.

Sure there are plenty of thoughtful analyses and criticisms offered by many who are true fans . But there are also the instigators who have an obsessive hatred of Fish/Kobe/Pau/Phil, take your pick, or who hate our history of success and their pet team's lack of same. So when that kind of rabble starts rousing, we're not going to sit here and take their trash talk in our house.

Somebody at some point has to jump up on the ramparts and pick up the flag taking fire. And if it's only a couple of us who do, fine. I'm in.

"Dude....Where all the Die Hards? the Mamba Clan. The Greatest Lakerholics fan base on EARTH, everyone's on VACATION?

Posted by: G.Money | January 03, 2011 at 09:07 AM "

A lot of the regulars don't come around here too much after losses. It's unfortunate but that's how it is.

How about Artest, Gasol, and Walton for Camelo and Nene??
Posted by: King J | January 03, 2011 at 10:22 AM

I've been saying that all along.

DUDE....It's not much fun around here when Lakerholics are BEATING Lakerholics, not much for the HATERS & TROLLS to do, but WATCH.

"Dude....Where all the Die Hards? the Mamba Clan. The Greatest Lakerholics fan base on EARTH, everyone's on VACATION?

Posted by: G.Money | January 03, 2011 at 09:07 AM "

Yeah, well Dude, your boys are going to be on vacation a lot sooner than our boys will...AGAIN.

How about Artest, Gasol, and Walton for Camelo and Nene??
Posted by: King J | January 03, 2011 at 10:22 AM

Interesting trade idea, King J. The Lakers will not get Melo, it's Knicks, at this point, whether Denver trades him to NY or he signs there as an FA, it's merely a matter of dotting I's and crossing T's, his mind is made up.

As far Nene goes, he wouldn't really be an upgrade at the PF/C, his low post game isn't any better than Gasol or Bynum or Odom, scoring or rebounding.
His defense has been suspect, his entire career, so, we wouldn't have a world beater. However, your idea, in theory, with Melo, as improbable as that trade would be, balances out the offense due to Melo's potency.

Nene will be traded, I doubt, he's included in any Melo deal, Harrington and/or Billups would be the most likely candidates to have in a Melo trade.

A team like the Thunder, will have more need for Nene or Anderson Varejao, than the Lakers would. Oklahoma City has the bodies and picks to make a splash for a PF or C, that they desperately need to sure up their Rebounding and Defense in the playoffs.

"Dude....Where all the Die Hards? the Mamba Clan. The Greatest Lakerholics fan base on EARTH, everyone's on VACATION?

Posted by: G.Money | January 03, 2011 at 09:07 AM "

Yeah, well Dude, your boys are going to be on vacation a lot sooner than our boys will...AGAIN.

Posted by: CornerJ | January 03, 2011 at 10:37 AM

CornerJ- It's nice to see a regular standing up after a SAD performance, my hats off to you. But to be honest, the Lakers may not make the post season. go sister.. you can't win some times..if we stand behind our team.. we're wishy washy and delusional, if we say they played like ish, we jumped off the bandwagon. We are just fans who rally our team thru the good, the bad and the ugly. Fortunatly we do come around in June and that's why we NEVER give up and WE ARE LAKERHOLIC'S for life!!

Oh yes, this is a familiar subject or topic! Lakers in a funk and how everyone is ready to throw the team from bus. Come on fans, even basketball players have weaknesses and ways to improve individually and collectively as a cohesive unit or team.

Too many turnovers for one. Lack of caring when turnovers happen is what irritates me. "Oh well", seems to be the reaction as players jog instead of running to defend the basket. If we turn over the ball, there has to be transition by all players on court.

Rebounding flat footed is another eye opener and big irritation.

What will Phil Jackson do to right this ship, one that is listing almost mast on the water? Come on Phil, use your zen and plenty years of experience to ignite a lasting fire beneath this lack luster purple and gold team called the Lakers.

Clearly, I don't have the answers but I do care as a devoted fan ever since the Lakers came west. Not one season have I wavered to the point of abandon. I am too proud to say, "To hell with it"... It's time for the Lakers to dig deep and bring their inner gut feelings to "To Win" back onto the court. Not just during the finals but now, during the regular season which defines which seed we take in the finals.... yes, I looked pass the conference finals for a reason, positive energy will create the wisdom to not fold as we may have to win on the road this season in making the finals.

We cannot rely on other teams to dictate where we play come playoffs. It's our destiny to support your comeback, and comeback you will as defending NBA Champions. Okay, enough said for me...

Hang in there purple and gold and realize you have many supporting cast members here in "Fandom Land"

Go Lakers

no more talking about trades,i mean ANYTHING is possible but these are the guys and no one is going to resue them but them. one thing keeps on happening. pj had this same problem with mj in that he would try to take games over , take a large number of shots and they would win if he was on and they would lose if not so much. kobe did that for a number of years until he got pau, but this ugly habit is on the rise again.this results in this double bind. kobe says "i'll get back into the triangle when you start making shots" his teammates say "we won't be making the shots until we start playing triangle with inside/outside flo" people get inpatient and start taking shots and missing kobe can't stand this mess and awaywe go. look they are still pretty much at the bottom of the moutain

The Lakers can still play with,
and probably beat almost any team in the league, on a good day.

The problem is, I watch a player like Steve Blake, a solid player,
get faked and then fall full spread on his face trying to defend,
I am reminded why the show is over in Los Angeles.

It's not for lack of focus or effort.
You can try as hard as you want to...
but if ya ain't got it anymore, ya ain't got it anymore.

Oh, you'll get some might even slide into the playoffs...
after all, the league gave you every opportunity...
and you've still got a decent record...

But in a nutshell, you're out of gas, running on fumes,
and the pumps ain't pumping like they used to.

Good days for the Laker clan, I'm afraid, are going to be
few and far between
for several years to come.

And as your victories become fewer and fewer,
learn to savor them more and more.

What's it going to be...7th, maybe 8th seed?

And by all means, some of you need to get back on your meds poste haste!
The party is all but over. Who among you ladies shall sing?

Am much looking forward to playing you again.

Go Kings!


My problem with the current Laker squad is, Phil Jackson's insistence on making Pau the go to guy. He's not that guy. It has totally screwed up the team.

Maybe I'm just seeing it wrong but from my point of view, Phil needs to stop putting Pau in with the second unit and either use Andrew, Kobe or Lamar.

The last few games Pau has looked winded, tired and has played in a lack luster fashion. Phil needs to recognize and cut his minutes because for whatever reason he seems to need it.

Until Phil stops screwing around and gets his act together the team is not going to flourish. The team is playing awful and it's not Kobe's fault. Although he is now being blamed. He shouldn't have to save the team and he's shouldn't be blamed for trying to keep the game competitive. Last night loss wasn't his fault. If any two Lakers would have had the same energy as Kobe played with last night, the score would have been different.

I would also say that from where I sit the team needs to stop trying to force the ball into the middle. Many of the turnovers in the last few games are due to trying to force the ball into Pau and now Bynum. Teams are just collapsing in the paint and deflecting or outright stealing those passes.

The team as a whole needs to work on their outside shooting because it's not good. Watching Memphis last night, they were banging it in from outside, the Lakers, except Kobe, not so much.

I'm sad for Kobe because he embraced Phil's return and now we seem to be headed back to Phil blaming Kobe and the team play sucking because of Phil's shenanigans.

Sonnybelfast - The best post of the DAY, OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!
Carry On.

I still read and enjoy your posts, Justa. Keep them coming!!!!

Sonnybelfast - The best post of the DAY, OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!
Carry On.

Posted by: G.Money | January 03, 2011 at 10:56 AM

Hey Easy,

Thanks, but no thanks.

Aren't you a HEAT fan, and don't you have homework to do,
or something?

Go Kings!


CornerJ- It's nice to see a regular standing up after a SAD performance, my hats off to you. But to be honest, the Lakers may not make the post season.

Posted by: G.Money | January 03, 2011 at 10:43 AM

You know that your best shot is that we get a low seed (4 or lower) in the West and get taken down before we ever make it to the finals. But what if we do make it through? What if this team comes back and makes the finals? Tell the truth, would you really want to see this team firing on all cylinders, feeling its 16 World Championship DNA, and facing your boys? Got money to put on that?

CornerJ- I think the whole Association would hate to see the Lakers firing on all cylinders. But at this rate, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN, party is OVER.

Oh how funny it is to read a post from a Kings fan regarding the demise of our team. When's the last time the Queens won a damn thing?

Oh yeah, NEVER.

Who is one of the worst team's in the legue right now?

Oh yeah, the Queens.

Who still have a chance of winning it all the year?

Oh yeah, it's THE LAKERS.

Sonny Boy- No school today.

Wow ...... crickets.

The Lakers don't really have any risk of not making the playoffs. Even if they only win 1/3 of their remaining games, they'll be at .500 for the season and that's probably enough to win their division. The problem comes in the playoffs where they may not have HCA in a single round at their current pace.

I hadn't read Kevin Ding's article or I would have plagiarized it (LOL). I think he's right on the money!

What would happen if during the next games the Lakers keep losing because Phil wants this and Kobe wants that?
Will Jackson quit?
Isn't obvious that Mambrika should be the player-head coach?
Then Mambrika "energizes" the team to three-peat glory.
Then we would know that Mambrika never really needed Shaq nor Phil to win a ring, total god-like.

CornerJ- I think the whole Association would hate to see the Lakers firing on all cylinders. But at this rate, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN, party is OVER.

Posted by: G.Money | January 03, 2011 at 11:09 AM

What do we owe this yardstick, hard nosed analysis, G. Money? A couple of losses in December and January? Please.

Hate to shatter your ego, I will not ever lose any sleep over a couple of defeats in Winter. At this point in the season, Magic & Showtime had their struggles and won titles. Shaq & Kobe been through the ringer, good, bad and ugly, still won, no quarter given, none taken.

We'll be going down Figueroa in June, while you and Miami & Friend, will be ballin' and huggin' yourselves in the Miami Covention Center.

...Who is one of the worst team's in the legue right now?...

Posted by: mclyne | January 03, 2011 at 11:11 AM

Actually, I think the Kings are the worst team in the 'legue' right now...
or at least, have the worst record...

But, we recently beat the team that spanked you in your own house.
(whattya want to bet that Memphis thought
it would be the other way around? Go Figure.)

We've won the last two out of three, including a 4th quarter,
14 point come-from-behind-victory over the Suns, the Cuz is starting to shine,
and things are starting to look up this beautiful New Year...
I'm willing to give our 20 year olds a couple years to develop.

So how are things looking for the Hollywood Troupe these days?
Are they old and tired?
Did you finally beat Pau down like I said you would?
Oh, and is Andrew still on his feet? (Tick, tick, tick, tick)
Matt didn't kick the crap out of Kobe yet, did he? (Tick, tick, tick, tick)
Kobe back up to his old tricks?
And such harsh criticism for Phillip? The man's got 11 rings. Nuff said.
Such harsh criticism, period?
It's getting nasty in here.

Ya'll don't self-destruct now.

This Chicago paper needs you.

Go Kings!


Yeeeeeaaaa!!! The Kings have won a few games! Time to celebrate! WOOOOHOOOOOO! Playoffs, 2015, here we come!!!

Sonnybelfast - The best post of the DAY, OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!
Carry On.

Posted by: G.Money | January 03, 2011 at 10:56 AM

Hey Easy,

Thanks, but no thanks.

Aren't you a HEAT fan, and don't you have homework to do,
or something?

Go Kings!


Posted by: Sonnybelfast | January 03, 2011 at 11:01 AM

Sonny Boy- No school today.

Posted by: G.Money | January 03, 2011 at 11:16 AM

Post of the week winner!


Go Kings!
Go San Francisco Giants!
Go Ducks!
Go Manny, go!
Go Cardinal!
Go Nevada Wolfpack!


Trolls are truly sad individuals. I feel sorry for them, sometimes.

Vagabonds without a home.

Love to stir the pot, and beg for others to listen to their drivel.

Just sad.

I, for one, am happy in knowing that my team still has the chance of winning RINGS.

Also - Kevin Ding's article highlights what PJ meant by Kobe "screwing up" the game. And it's not what most are taking it as. All in all, the game was 'meh' and I'm irritated, but all is not lost. Not by a long shot.

Posted by: justanothermambafan | January 03, 2011 at 10:23 AM

Hi, justa...

First of all, I must commend you for the way you stand up for our Lakers. And I can understand that PJ's comments about Kobe "screwing it up" can be interpreted in more than one way. But, that is exactly why PJ should have chosen his words more carefully. I understand that Phil has to be able to criticize his best player. If Phil can criticize Kobe constructively, then the rest of the tteam has to fall in line.

Just once,though, I'd like to see Phil go off on the refs when Kobe is being chopped with no foul calls. Players need to know that their coach is in the trench with them. Kobe said he can afford the fines for his techs. Well, Phil can too. PJ needs to get down and dirty sometimes. His actions last night came off, to me, like pointing fingers. PJ needs to accept some of the responsibility for the recent slide.

I'm not ready to jump ship by any means. But I'd like to see the Lakers band together and support each other fully. And that means everybody....coaches, players, waterboys.....everybody.


Yes, just like in baseball when sometimes the manager needs to go out there and kick dirt on the umpires shoes. I would like to see Phil get fired up either at the refs or his team, but then, that's just not in his DNA it seems.

@justa - That's why I love you so...You tell them...I got your back...

@hobbit - Just say "i told you so" and stop beating around the bush...I know you are dying to rub it in to Laker Tom, MVP888, me and all who agreed with us...enjoy your moment in the spotlight...just one cricket thinking you are a weird so called fan...

@CornerJ, mclyne, bronx, NewMexico and all the others who are defending the team and not bailing out...I salute you all...

To the die hard, the ones with faith...the ones who look through the 'purple and gold' glasses...stay strong...don't listen to the garbage...we will be rewarded at the end...

Always REMEMBER this...


To all these new posters I've never seen before...and to the ones I do recognize...I expected you all around...but where are you when the Lakers win...your stench is expected...but to those who I thought were fans, well now we know your true colors...So ENJOY your time and bask in your "so called' fleeting glory...

My Laker team has brought me an abundance of joy and celebration...even if they don't go all the way this year...They still have given me so much joy and happiness, rooting for my team since 1979...

What has your team given you in 32 years...

Art-FL Laker Fan....

Sometimes I think that PJ's age is the reason for his laid back atitude. The younger Phil, who was still trying to establish himself, was very much the screamer and referee baiter. I'm not being age-ist, but PJ's health concerns and lack of mobility have changed his approach. It may also be that he's just more mature and finds this the best way to coach his team. Sometimes, though, I'd like to see him try something new and shake things up.



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