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Caught in the Web: Lakers offer rebuttal to Jerry West's criticism about their defense


--The Times' Mike Bresnahan offers a midseason assessment on how the Lakers have responded to the new technical foul rule.

--Bresnahan also looks at Kobe Bryant's and Derek Fisher's defense of the Lakers' defense.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding notices that the Lakers are eyeing the NBA's best record.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Andy Kamenetzky breaks down the Lakers' upcoming schedule.

--The Salt Lake Tribune's Kurt Kragthorpe expresses concern about Utah's fortunes the rest of the season.

--Sports Illustrated's Zach Lowe dissects Utah's recent struggles.

--The Salt Lake Tribune's Steve Luhm features Jazz point guard Deron Williams' belief that the Lakers aren't too old.

--Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix remarks that Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan has been disappointed by the team's effort.

--The Orange County Register's Jeff Miller takes Bryant to task for his claim that he's responsible for the Lakers acquiring Pau Gasol and Fisher.'s John Schuhmann lists the Lakers at No. 3 overall.

--The Salt Lake Tribune's John T. Smith highlights Williams' criticism of Utah's recent play.'s Mike Trudell details Monday's practice.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz wonders whether the Lakers have more title runs left in them.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano breaks down the Lakers' improved defense.

Check out Bryant as a senior leading Lower Merion High School to a high school championship in 1996 in the video below (h/t to HighSchoolHoop).

--Silver Screen and Roll's C.A. Clark argues that rest doesn't solve the Lakers' old-age problem.

Tweet of the Day: "I apologize 4 my comments made yesterday about Jay Cutler w/out knowing the facts, it was wrong of me 2 ASSUME that he really wasn't hurt ... The way he was laughing & his facial expressions through me off ...  Again it was wrong of me ... I was caught up in the emotion of the game, but as an professional athlete I should have known better.." -- Matt_Barnes22 (Lakers forward Matt Barnes)

Reader Comment of the Day: "I agree with Jerry West and would like to defend him. I think what he meant to say is that the Lakers are older and are not fast as younger teams. They have problems defending fast breaks and transition defense. It is true that they are older. Playing good defense takes up a lot of energy and effort. It is tough for the Lakers to defend against speed night in and night out, in the regular season I believe. However, this doesn't mean that they can't adjust playing great defense. They can play good defense against the speed by slowing down the game. Also, playing the team game and taking good shots are part of their defense (good offense is good defense). Taking good shots will go in most of the time, and this will eliminate breakouts. Even when they miss good shots, it is in the flow of their game and they are better at defending the transition. Also, come playoffs, I believe they will put in more energy and effort playing defense against the fast breaks and fast transition. I just can't see them doing in regular season game because it takes too much too on their body, especially Fisher and Kobe." -- T8kers

-- Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant beats Jazz point guard Deron Williams for a layup in the Lakers' 102-96 loss to the Utah Jazz on Nov. 26. Credit: Steve C Wilson / Associated Press

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Oh no! The Jazz is in a slump. We all know what that means...

That's cool that Matt Barnes fixed his statement about Jay Cutler. I really don't think Cutler deserves all of the criticism that he's getting because nobody knew how bad the injury was at the time. Even Ed Schultz chimed in on it on his political show, pretty much destroying Cutler with his words. I just think it's unfair.

LaDanian Tomlinson went through a similar situation when the Chargers were in the AFC championship. He hurt his knee and was seen pouting on the sideline, instead of being into the game. LT's reputaion took a big hit then, just like Cutler. It wasn't fair then, it's not fair now.

Go Lakers!
Go SDSU Aztecs! Beat BYU!

Good read on the DWill article discussing the Lakers.

@T8kers - congrats on RCOTD.

@ms - checking in early with Bon Jovi. Thanks for the article on TA.

Jerry West comments...more Laker controversy....imagine that! Jay Cutler criticism and now retractions. Hmmm...with that in mind my song for today is:

Prince - Controversy (I just can't believe all the things people say)

Jerry West is a Laker Fraud, traitor, and a raging egomaniac!
He is 'but hurt' because Magic got a statue before him and Kobe and Magic are widely considered the Greatest Lakers of all-time!

He is also steaming mad because the Lakers were going to retire him after 2002 because he couldn't control the infighting between Kobe and Shakfool and also his nerves were so shot he would not watch the playoff games and stay near the locker room and shake and wimper like a putty cat!

Every chance he gets, he throws jabs at the Lakers and especially at Kobe. Back-handed praise is no praise at all and that's what he does.

His first wife Martha Kane recalled that her husband often had difficulties opening up to her. After a big loss, the Wests would drive home and she would try to console him, but West would say "get out" at the home porch and drive away—an experience that "killed" her as a wife.

He has never been 'happy' and now that Kobe is having so much success it is literally killing him!!!

T8kers - great post, well-deserved Friedman.

Matty shouldn't have tweeted in the first place, but I think he went through the same series of thoughts about Cutler as a lot of people, and at least he came out at the other end and manned up. Him laughing and smiling and body language was kinda weird: your team is losing and you just got injured, what's to smile about? The money you're making I guess.

And as for Jerry - I made my comments yesterday, and think no less than greatness of The Logo whatever he says, off-the-cuff, or pointed at results. Still, I bet he wishes he could suit up again right now and play a little guard:

Wow, Jerry West speaks, Laker nation shakes, rattles and rolls.

Article By Turner, another by Bresnahan and three threads from MM related to West comment.

Meet mountain.

Wow, Jerry West speaks, Laker nation shakes, rattles and rolls.

Article By Turner, another by Bresnahan and three threads from MM related to West comment.

Meet mountain.

Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | January 25, 2011 at 09:28 AM

Blood in the water + negativity= Feeding frenzy.

It is very refreshing to see a response that is based on a rationale than 99% of the responses that are just pure knee jerk emotional responses.

All the information about Jerry West, getting "Retired" from the Lakers and that he is a fraud can be found!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Laker fans,

I know you cannot access anymore!

That is because Jerry West has an injuction and lawsuit against the owner/publisher of that website.

There are people who made copies of the material on the website before Jerry got it shut down.

If you have some of this information, please post it so the Laker fans can find out the truth about the Logo!!!

MM-please do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerry West is a man of integrity. Hes never been one to make comments about really anything at all. For him to say or even mention the Celtics speaks volumes to me. Jerry hates and i mean hates the Celtics. I believe Jerry is seeing what were all seeing. Bostons ripping it up in the east. Playing like they have vengeance on their minds. The Lakers on the other hand are playing very uninspired basketball. Their cruising and trying to get through a long season without major injury. (Phil by the way has done a great job of keeping Kobes minutes down). I really believe Jerry has taken a Phil Pill to fire this veteran group up. He created a firestorm and has actually embarrassed this group of veteran players. With Kobe and Fisher both having to make a statements about the defense I believe Jerrys message hit its intended targets.
Oh and isnt it interesting that Bostons coming to town on Sunday??

Wise Old Bull/Young Bull Joke & the 2010-11 Lakers
All the talk of aging Lakers remind me of the wise old bull young bull joke. Both bulls were standing on top of a hill overlooking a herd of cows. The young bull says, “Why don’t we run down there and get us a couple of cows?” The old bull replies, “Lets walk down and get them all!!” There is something beneficial to be said about being deliberate and methodical as the Lakers go for the 3-peat. As I’ve said before, it’s a lot easier to grade eggs than to lay eggs, so I ssuggest Laker Fans be supportive as the Lakers go about their appointed task.



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