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Caught in the Web: Lakers preparing for New Orleans Hornets


*A housekeeping note: The Times' Mike Bresnahan will be hosting a live chat at the Lakers blog today at 1 p.m. using the Cover it Live interface. Bring your questions then!

--The Times' Broderick Turner details Lamar Odom's sore left shoulder.

--The Times' Jim Peltz explains why it's possible the Hornets will leave New Orleans.

--The Orange County Register's Janis Carr looks at how former Lakers are doing on other teams.

--The Orange County Register's Kevin Ding argues Lamar Odom's reality show won't be a distraction.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Brian Kamenetzky wonders if Lakers forward Pau Gasol really deserves an All-Star bid.

--Hoops Hype's Roland Lazenby reports there's people within the team irked that Kobe Bryant hasn't practiced for most of the season with the Lakers and that has hurt team chemistry.

--ESPN Los Angeles' Arash Markazi breaks down the Lakers' schedule.

--The Times Picayune's John Reid details the tall task New Orleans has tonight in playing the Lakers.

--The Daily Breeze's Elliott Teaford details Odom's injury and the latest NBA All-Star returns.'s Mike Trudell details Thursday's practice.

--The New York Posts' Peter Vecsey reports Kobe Bryant's statement to him that he has very little cartilage under his right knee cap.'s Michael Wilbon believes there's nothing to worry about surrounding the Lakers' recent struggles.

--Fox Sports' Billy Witz compares the Lakers' health to other NBA teams.

--Silver Screen and Roll's Dexter Fishmore details what the Lakers' new shift in defense has done for the team.

--Forum Blue and Gold's Darius Soriano breaks down the play between Odom and Pau Gasol.

Tweet of the Day: "yal know how i always got something new up my sleeve? this next ronartest (which means stunt or idea) yal will be inspired. all star break i will reveal" -- RONARTESTCOM (Lakers forward Ron Artest).

Reader Comment of the Day: "Everything is going according to plan... Lakers playing schitzophrenically? Check. Diehard Laker Nation freaking out? Check. Doubters coming out in droves who earlier predicted that the Lakers would cruise? Check. Enemies gaining confidence? Check. Puuuuurrrffect. We're the Lakers. This is what we do: "Give them hope... and then take it away." It's our way. Everything is going according to plan." -- Jon K.

--Mark Medina

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Photo: Lakers' power forward Lamar Odom is fouled by New Orleans Hornets' center D.J. Mbenga during a game in New Orleans on Wednesday. Credit: Derick E. Hingle / U.S. Presswire

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I know it's not the same as Mamba24's Roll Call...But till my brother comes back...We have a 3Peat Bus that we can post...Maybe someone can post a Game Day prayer before tip off...


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Good morning Lakerholics,
LEW my man...what a great bandwagon you have there! Glad I got in there.

I was thinking about the Hornets situation...Is it possible for a city to have NFL and NBA at the same time?

@Lew - I only got three words for you......You Da Man!

@Jon K - congrats on RCOTD. I love it. We give them hope and then take it away. Like Red said in Shawshank, "Hope is a dangerous thing".

@Magia32 - Janet...yes that rhythm.

@Keifo - The Songtress definitely got the rhythm.

Hey Guys,

Hope everyone is doing great.I would like your help in assessing the gravity of the most worrisome thing I have heard in the season thus far - "Kobe has very little cartilage left in his right knee...It is almost bone to bone".Thanks


Jon K - congrats on the that bar stool doing...

LRob - Seems I see Mich St. Spartans all over ESPN...You got blown out in the bowl game...But Sparty BB is rated high this year, and I see they pulled one out the other night...Dedicated to Spartan Green...

All posters - please let me know if you want to board the 3Peat Bus, so I can add you handle to the list...please add your designation...

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation....

#17 Coming Up!!!

Greetings and salutations to the Laker family and haters alike!

@LEWSTERS-Thanks for the Roll Call my man.

I think that the Lakers making short term goals is a brilliant move by Phil Jackson. If we win tonight we could really start gaining momentum going in January and possibly for the rest of the regular season. Even though we really have a complete team, I can't help but be excited about the trade deadline, because it always seems like Mitch has a little move up his sleeve, and usually does it in dramatic fashion. I guess Mitch is clutch like Kobe in that regard.

Lew, baybeee!

Way to bring it! Leave to a true "homer." Thanks.

Regarding Kobe's lack of cartilage in his has to wonder what the future holds for him. That doesn't sound very encouraging. Although it does explain a lot regarding his reduced playing time and lack of explosion.

@Jon K.
I think you might need to build an exra room in the house for all of your Friedman Awards- way to go!

Thanks for bringin back the Roll Call! Mamba would be proud!

I'll give it a go for the game day prayer:

Father in Heaven, thank you for blessing us with the greatest sports franchise in the history of mankind. Thank you for this venue to which we can come and not only share our appreciation and amazment for out team, but also a place in which we can voice our frustrations. Please put your healing hands on Lamar's aching shoulder and let him know that it's okay to sit out a game or two until he heals. Let this battle of modern day gladiators tonight be filled with wonderment, passion, and competition at the highest level. In Jesus' name we pray, AMEN!


Well, if it's rhythm you want, then rhythm is what ye shall get, in 3peat format:

once again, I forgot to add my first selection of the day:

This RealGM article by Daniel Leroux of 1/06/11 was also "Caught in the Web" and I think it's brilliant. Enjoy!

What's up everybody!

Congratulations to Bean, you're officially amongst Basketball royalty as a top ten scorer, not like you weren't before, now, we can brag that you're in the top ten officially. Next up the Big O. Wow! I'm stunned, we're talking about him just cruising past legends in the scoring race.

You deserve it, Kobe!

@mclyne - Awesome game day prayer...Thanks for adding Lamar and a quick healing...A BIG AMEN!!!

@63 Footer - your music knowledge knows no bounds...I am a little more modern...For rythym...this was the first thing that came into mind...

@MVP888 - in the words of a famous sailor..."I am what I am....


I'm rooting for Sasha and all, but in that game in which he made the winning the basket, he committed a really dumb foul on a Bull's player who was about twenty five feet from the basket- sending him to the line for two free-bees.

I'm glad he is getting some playing time and producing- it's just too bad that he's on the second worst team in the League.

Wow with the Vescey article - that's all I can say!

Can't they shoot some silicone into the area and help create some cushion? Docs did that to my 82 year old Aunt who had bone on bone in her kneecap. Hmmm.

If that is really true - I am sure the Lakers have taken out a hefty insurance policy on old Kobe. No wonder Kobe's contract calls for him to front load his salary.

I can see how this adds to chemistry issues. But it's just another wrinkle in a season that will be full of them. As long as the Lakers are standing tall with 16 wins in the post-season, I am okay with all this drama.

For tonight, I just want to see another solid W for the purple/gold. It creates more momentum and helps get us geared up for the second half.

And BTW, does anyone else think maybe PJ doesn't mind these losses and seeding right now because he won't have to coach the ASG? Given all his complaints around that, I think he is just happy right now being a 2 or 3 seed this month.

Things will be cranked up fully after the ASG craziness in LA.


The Andrew Transition

Sounds like something starring Matt Damon, but no, it's the AB factor, taking it's time, lumbering into position.

His tempo picks up a couple months into things. His end of December brought the promise that broke spirits when he went down in January. Given his layoff, right about now, the positive plays we've been seein' in spurts are about to become consistent. Teammates are adjusting, staff is scheming.

The ball will move, the interior D will rock, Purple and GOld will reign... a week at a time.

I'm so happy for Sasha...makes me use to go there...what's done is done...

I pulling for Sasha to have a phenomenal rest of the season...

*LOL* Good one, Jon. Congrats on RCOTD.
Thank God, it's game day. See y'all later in the chatroom.

thanks for the respect!

I always love a little Janet in the mornin' and the Popeys clip was sweet- love that movie!

You keep schooling me on some great old school songs!

my rhythm rebuttal, being a child of the 80s:

Interesting article by Roland Lazenby today.

Why should there be chemistry issues?
Kobe doesn't want to practice, Phil doesn't want to coach.
Artest and Blake don't get it and Pau is tired of being the fall guy.
Ahhh, controversy.
Now this is beginning to sound like the Lakers we all know and love.

As far as Sasha's concerned; a GROSSLY UNDERACHIEVER. He had his moments with the bench mob in 07-08', and he played well enough against Boston and to some he earned that contract.

He had a bad attitude, from playing time to the media to his mechanic(s). He finally dug his own grave, when he inexplicably pointed his fingers in B-Shaw's face and disrespected the coaching staff. Rather than apologize, he let in stew and stew until he made up for it by buying the coaches JACK 'N' THE BOX for Breakfast. Are you kidding me???? A guy who makes 5 mil a year and drives Italian Sports Cars, what a cheapskate.


Wow, he really deserved to remain in the dog house after buying them Jack in the Box. What a slap in the face to the coaching staff. There is no excuse for that utter lack of respect. Thanks for revealing the whole story.


"Popeye" (1980) is one of the most underrated comedies of all-time IMHO. Robin Williams nailed Popeye, Shelley Duval nailed Olive Oyl, Ray Walston nailed Poopdeck Pappy and Paul Dooley nailed Wimpy. I'm a huge Popeye fan. My 89 year old friend grew up in Chester, Illinois, where E.C. Segar, the creator of Popeye hailed from, and my friend actually knew some of the people who the characters were based on . They have an annual Popeye Day there every September. What a trip, right? Another good call!

IMHO, I think that the reason Kobe has been so angry is because Sasha got traded. They seemed like they had a close friendship, and Sasha was Kobe's biggest cheerleader on the team. I don't think it was coincidence that Kobe and Sasha were the first to embrace after winning the championship.

LEWSTRS: RE: roll call

I am never quite sure what the roll call entails for inclusion, but FYI, I have been a Lakers fanatic since I saw the Lakers in 1957 in Minneapolis where I grew up and Elgin Baylor before they moved to LA, and even later while I played semi-pro ball. Forever Lakers; and Kobe can't shoot too much for my tastes! 81 brought tears to my eyes!


Yes, that was a very good article that gave me another view on the chemistry issues that have plagued this team as of late.

I understand Pau's frustrations- he feels like the pack Donkey.

I understand Ron and Steve's frustrations as well. I would find it difficult to fit in with Kobe since he hasn't been practicing. Blake has a more substantial gripe in this category since it's only his first year with this squad.

I also understand why Kobe would want to limit his practice time until his knee is back to 100%, but saying he's gonna grind on the rest of the team in practice, when he hasn't been attending it all season, does seem a bit hypocritical.

As for Phil, he has 11 rings, so I can't complain about his methods. Allthough, If I were playing underneath his reign, I would get tired of his passive/aggresiveness.

"As far as Sasha's concerned; a GROSSLY UNDERACHIEVER. He had his moments with the bench mob in 07-08', and he played well enough against Boston and to some he earned that contract.

He had a bad attitude, from playing time to the media to his mechanic(s). He finally dug his own grave, when he inexplicably pointed his fingers in B-Shaw's face and disrespected the coaching staff. Rather than apologize, he let in stew and stew until he made up for it by buying the coaches JACK 'N' THE BOX for Breakfast. Are you kidding me???? A guy who makes 5 mil a year and drives Italian Sports Cars, what a cheapskate.

Posted by: Sean | January 07, 2011 at 10:37 AM "

He seemed very sensitive. When unleashed and allowed to play (Lakers in 08, Nets now) he did well. That leash tightened over time and he quickly became tentative on offense like Artest is now. Knowing any time he misses a shot or makes a poor play, he was going to be benched or ridiculed. People thought he just lost his shooting touch and that obviously wasn't the case.

@boynamedsue- I think Kobe was a lot more upset that Caron Butler, his best friend, was traded, Kobe and Sasha were close, Kobe and Phil and B-Shaw are even closer. I don't think Kobe was surprised Sasha was traded. Shannon Brown severly outplayed Sasha, I think you're message they were close is right, just not as close as you think.

NuggetsCountry: I saw Elgin as a rookie. 54 years and counting Lakers maniac!

Why should there be chemistry issues?
Kobe doesn't want to practice, Phil doesn't want to coach.
Artest and Blake don't get it and Pau is tired of being the fall guy.
Ahhh, controversy.
Now this is beginning to sound like the Lakers we all know and love.

Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | January 07, 2011 at 10:37 AM

Exactly. It gave me great comfort. It also reinforced my belief in the "practice season" and the importance of playing our best ball at the right time. Kobe's minutes are down now, but he'll be back up to close to 40 mpg in the playoffs. God willing, Bynum will be a beast by then and Pau will remind us that he is a champion as well.

HAVING SAID THAT, as much as I love Lazenby, he's as controversial as they come. Below is an example. So you have to take some of what he says with a grain of salt.


I too am still bummed that Caron was traded. He was my favorite Laker when he played for us and he was one of those guys that was really turning his life around by focusing on basketball and avoiding trouble.

Fresh off the press in Miami, they are talking about how now the Heat are closing in on a venerable Lakers record, most consecutive road wins.

The Heat are now on a 5 game road trip and if they win them all they will equal the old 71-72 Lakers win streak of 16 straight road wins.

They play Mil, Port, Clippers, Nuggets, Bulls, then home, then to Toronto a week later after 3 days off.

Heat players say yes, they want the record.

Be kinda neat if the other LA team knocked them off.


Glad you posted that What Buss Didn't Say link.

I stand by it. Jeanie Buss was beside herself last fall and winter with anxiety on the plans by her father and brother.

I reported accurately what was going on within the Lakers.

I wish I could bring only good stuff, but I can't.

And I'm glad their disconnect was averted, but make no mistake. It was very real.


Roland Lazenby

mclyne - great Angels & Airwaves... I forgot about them. And the DeBarge!

lew - Janet! I can do modern, just thought it might be fun to go waaaaay back to where the rhythm started (wanted a King Oliver track but couldn't find it on YouTube). But I'll do modern (well, withing the last 5 years):

NuggetsCountry - You da Man with the Elg! For a stretch, the most amazing player to play the game. If only they had the medicine then they have now.

Roland Lazenby,

Continue keeping us informed.
Bad or good, put it out there.
We have inquiring minds.


Glad you posted that What Buss Didn't Say link.

I stand by it. Jeanie Buss was beside herself last fall and winter with anxiety on the plans by her father and brother.

I reported accurately what was going on within the Lakers.

I wish I could bring only good stuff, but I can't.

And I'm glad their disconnect was averted, but make no mistake. It was very real.


Roland Lazenby

Posted by: Roland Lazenby | January 07, 2011 at 11:07 AM

I love you stuff! I read "Jerry West: The Life and Legend of a Basketball Icon." What's up with I follow you on Twitter, post your tweets often and I'm the guy who asked for your list of NBA books and have loved all your suggestions to date! (Breaks, Loose Balls, etc.)

But I still gotta take some of your stuff with a grain of salt. It's just that I can't quite figure out which stuff that is!

Two Concerns: Kobe's knee and the team's attitude or envy about Kobe not practicing.

Are those guys serious???? Why would you want the person who brings you rings to jeopardize his health at practice? Are you freaks? Pau - snap out of it. You're soft and the team is trying to "toughen" you up for the rough real NBA defense out east as dispensed by the Celts and Heat. The last thing you should worry about is if Kobe is practicing.

If Kobe isn't practicing, it's because he can't. You have to chose your poison: Practices or Games. I'm personally disgusted with the team's attitude toward #24. I think it's more of an envy thing, a money thing an "un-focused" thing. Perhaps it is about the money. Perhaps they feel he’s the highest paid player on the team and league and he doesn’t have to practice. HELLO! It’s not that he doesn’t want to practice, he can’t! Dude has almost 47K minutes on his body of playing all out basketball. Not soft, loafing, gliding, doing just enough basketball but playing it like a MAN ever since he came into the league. “Stand by Your Man” instead of being envious.

Lamar - what did you do before playing with Kobe
Pau - same question
Artest - hello??? no one told you to go on a "bender" and auction off your ring. amongst your peers, you're a "tool."

I'm sorry, but as far as I can tell, no one on the team can match Kobe’s dedication, desire, commitment, focus and determination to win. I would think these guys would encourage him to save his knees for the game and that they would adjust their practices on their own to compensate for him not being there. I'm sure Kobe would be there with them if in fact they could find the time to put all of those dumb side projects on the shelf and FOCUS on the task at hand which is winning another championship.

But I digress because as I mentioned, that level of dedication doesn't exist with this team. If you're injured star player has to exert extra energy to energize his ungrateful teammates, then they really are delusional because no one would be champs if it weren't for Kobe and Phil. Time to wake up "Laker Girls" and deal with reality. Buck up or Shut up!

nuggets country, elgin "cork-screw" baylor, is still my all-time favorite lakers player! i love all of my lakers, BUT elgin is my man!

frmkt - preach! I'm with you all the way. Granted, we don't know what's really going on, but I swear: bunch of whiny babies these "professional" athletes are. Get a real job and see how this stuff flies!

You'd think that Kobe's "lesserness" would open up a chance for someone to step up and lead a little instead of complaining. Kobe not at practice? Take charge and be valuable in his absence. Swear ta gosh, bunch of "entitlement issue" whiners.

frmkt, right "freaking" on! i couldn't have said it better myself. ATTENTION LAKER SLACKERS, "if you want to get to the promise-land AGAIN, STOP WITH THE NONSENSE!if kobe could practice......he would practice. he's the MOSES of this team, don't you guys forget that! you're not going anywhere without the KOBESTER!

Roland Lazenby,

We really appreciate your insight.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Take charge and be valuable in his absence. Swear ta gosh, bunch of "entitlement issue" whiners.
Posted by: 63 Footer


That's a good point. It seems that tendency is there is all walks of life, regardless of the field worked in, money earned or status.

I have found that in normal life outside the realm of the rich and famous, most of the one's who would take charge as you say, probably already have and are in a different type of situation.

@Nuggets Country....

Elgin is the reason I became a Laker fan. One of the first NBA games that I saw live involved the Lakers vs. the Knicks at the old Madison Square Garden. Elgin went off on the Knicks and I've been a Laker fan ever since. I wish the Lakers would find a place in their org. for Mr.Baylor. He certainly deserves it.

Art - tru dat!

bronxlakerfan - I wish that would happen, but I don't think it ever will. Elg was the original to the Dr. J's and all that went after, and he never gets enough credit. He was truly unstoppable when he was on like few have ever been. And he'd just make shots up as he went along.

I only really saw the tail end of his career, but I've watched as much footage as I could of the early stuff. When him and West were hot, it musta looked like a freight train was comin' the other team's way.

I find it just a bit incredible that Kobe Bryant would deign to call Peter Vescey and reveal details about the state of his knee and rehab that have previously not been revealed to the LA media. But, then, I'd find it hard to believe Peter Vescey if he told me water was wet.

Kobe's not being able to practice, to me, explains a lot about how the team has been playing. It's tough enough to incorporate all the new personnel, and even tougher without full team practices. I also think some of his struggles with turnovers and shooting might be attributed to lack of practice time. It's hard to be sharp if you can't practice. Yet, some sacrifices have to be made. Managing an aging, 2 time defending champion squad is full of complex issues.

The important thing is that the team bond together and realize that it'll be extremely difficult to threepeat if everyone is on the same page. If everyone is not, it will be impossible. They have GOT to pull together to get the wagon up that hill.

Agree with the group that feels that some other Lakers need to pick up the slack and ease their best player's burden.


You can count me in on that group.

Kobe has carried these players not only through some of the wins, but for some of them, through entire seasons of glory.

Since this squad has so much "talent," why shouldn't they be willing to do some of the heavy lifting while Kobe gets his knee fully operational?

bronxlakerfan, i totally agree with you. elgin, west and chick hearn were the reasons i became a Laker fan when they moved to L.A. i used to keep score of the game while listening to "chickie-baby"! chick-isms were the norm for hearn when doing play-by-play with baylor and west. as much as i'd loved to see baylor in some capacity with the Lakers, it'll probably never happen. his association with sterling and the clippers have put a kibosh on that ever happening. acrobatic, graceful and serious hang-time were baylor's numerous gifts. as we all know, injuries were all too frequent throughout his career. BUT, depsite all of this he put up some serious great numbers for someone 6'5" and 225lbs. 27.4 ppg and 13.5 rpg. he holds the all-time L.A.Lakers record for rpg, 19.8 for the 60-61. wilt chamberlain's best in L.A was 19.2. the laker's front office should create a position for a great legend like baylor......buss family, are you reading this!!!!!

Lakeshowinphx....I hope they are reading and do something to honor that great player.


You can count me in on that group too.

I too miss the class that was Elgin, Jerry, Chick, Kareem......even George (Mikan - my Dad knew and worked near him in Minneapolis - after George's NBA stint)........

Roland Lazenby
Scholar of Lakers Greatness
Type away, good sir!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




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