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Breaking down Kobe Bryant's 41-point performance in Lakers' 109-96 loss to Boston Celtics

Usually, the Lakers devote part of practice to reviewing film from the previous game. Apparently, that didn't apply to their 109-96 loss Sunday to the Boston Celtics.

"I really haven't looked at the game," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson. "I haven't looked at the second half. I watched some of the first half. I'm not even finished with that."

Usually, the Lakers take pride in their willingness to communicate areas of concern to one another. But when it came to dissecting who was most responsible for the Lakers' dysfunctional offense . . . that was something both Jackson and Lakers forward Pau Gasol acknowledge they did not address with Kobe Bryant.

"We'll talk about it together about those things and we'll work on it," said Jackson.

"No, it hasn't."

In the never-ending chicken-or-egg argument, plenty of theories were available for what contributed to the Lakers' offensive problems against Boston. Was it simply the Celtics' defense? Gasol's five-for-13 shooting? The combined two-of-16 shooting from Ron Artest and Derek Fisher? Or did Bryant's 41 points on 16-for-29 shooting actually contribute to the imbalance even when shots went in the basket?

Jackson and Gasol made it clear they weren't pinning this solely on Bryant. Jackson noted of Bryant's streaky shooting, "There are times it worked and there are times it didn't," adding it was appropriate so long as you "make the plays," and then placed blame on the Lakers' front line: "Our big guys didn't step in and demand the ball and they weren't aggressive about it." Gasol argued Bryant's 11-point fourth quarter proved warranted; he also wished the team had exhibited more balance the other three quarters and acknowledged he didn't help the situation: "Obviously I wasn't as effective and productive as I'd like to be. It's a weird kind of flow. Just trying to get involved and trying to be aggressive, but I didn't have a lot of opportunities. That's also up to me to be aggressive to be a little more aggressive and active on both ends of the floor." And Bryant? He didn't meet with reporters after practice Monday.

This is far from a he-said, he-said argument, though the Lakers need to address this issue considering Jackson's admission that the team's recent offensive inconsistency most concerns him. And since Jackson said he hasn't finished watching the tape, I figured a detailed sequence of every one of Bryant's 29 attempts against the Celtics might prove useful.

7:41 - 7:37, First quarter

After Celtics forward Kevin Garnett fed  an entry pass to shooting guard Marquis Daniels, Fisher gave him very little room to penetrate. After Fisher knocked the ball out of Daniels' hands, Bryant picked up the loose ball at the free-throw line and led the break. With Celtics forward Paul Pierce being the only player to get back to front Bryant, he drove into the lane and converted on a runner in front of the basket, cutting the Celtics' lead to 8-7.

7:15 - 7:09, First quarter

After Bryant sagged on defense and allowed Celtics guard Rajon Rondo to hit an open jumper, Bryant brought the ball up the court on the next possession. Lakers center Andrew Bynum set a screen at the top of the key for Bryant, enabling him to drive left with no resistance. With Daniels trailing following Bynum's screen, Bryant nails a jumper inside the three-point line, reducing the Celtics' edge to 10-9.

7:02 - 6:50, First quarter

After Garnett sets a high screen on Artest at the top of the key, Pierce curls around and nails a pull-up jumper at the free-throw line. But on the next possession, Bryant appears just as engaged in scoring again. With Fisher standing on the near-side perimeter, Artest standing on the far side and Gasol standing idly outside of the lane, Bynum attempts to set a pick on Daniels' left at the top of the key. With Garnett fully prepared to switch on Bryant, he instead drives right and pulls up for a 15-footer. The shot hits off the front rim, but with Gasol standing on the far end, no one on the Lakers is there to grab the rebound.

6:14 - 6:03, Second quarter

With Lakers guard Steve Blake manning the point, Bryant performed a V-cut and then flashed up on the far block. As Bryant received a pass from Blake, Lakers forward Lamar Odom flashed to the near-side perimeter, while Artest cut inside. As Bryant squared up on Celtics guard Ray Allen, Shaquille O'Neal prevented Gasol from establishing post position on the far end of the lane. After initially thinking of setting a screen on Allen, Gasol cut back inside but then flashed to the near side as Bryant drove to the far baseline. His bank-in jumper reduced the Celtics' lead to 40-33.

5:45 - 5:39, Second quarter

After Bryant established position on Pierce on the far block, Fisher fed him an entry pass. While Bryant broke in triple-threat position, Artest cut to the outside, Fisher stood up top in case Bryant was double teamed and Gasol and Bynum cut inside to go close to the basket. With 13 seconds on the shot clock, Bryant fired away a 19-footer that rimmed out.

4:50 - 4:43, Second quarter

After Rondo's failed attempt to create contact in the lane resulted in a missed layup off the backboard, Gasol grabbed the rebound and immediately handed the ball to Bryant. He drove the break, weaving past Glen Davis, curling around Shaq, and finished with an and-1, thanks to Davis' goaltending. After Bryant converted on the free throw, the Lakers' cut the deficit to 40-36.

3:37 - 3:29, Second quarter

3:05 - 2:41, Second quarter

With Bryant directing offense on the far-side perimeter, the Lakers appeared to stand once again. Fisher stood on the near-side perimeter, Gasol stood on the far wing, Artest stood at the top of the key and Bynum stood inside. Finally, Gasol decided to cut across the line just below the free-throw line, resulting in Bryant throwing a jump pass to him. Gasol took one dribble, pivoted left and then lost the ball after Garnett poked it out. Gasol retrieved the loose ball and found Bynum open on the far end. Instead of going inside and risking contact from Shaq, Bynum settled for a jumper just outside the paint.

The shot went off the rim, but Gasol tipped the ball out to the perimeter. Bynum quickly retrieved the ball and gave it to Artest at the top of the key. He immediately passed to the far-side perimeter where Bryant stood open for a three-pointer. His successful trey gave the Lakers a 44-42 lead.

2:14 - 2:00 Second quarter

Fisher directed the offense up top, with Bynum standing in the lane, Artest running aimlessly on the far side, Bryant cutting to the near side and Gasol using Bryant's penetration as leverage to receive an open pass on the near block. After not seeing a good look, Gasol passed the ball back up top to Fisher and Bryant flashed to the near perimeter. After receiving the ball from Fisher, Bryant set himself in triple-threat position, Bynum established post position on the near block on Shaq, Artest stood still on the far side and Gasol stood still on the far baseline.

After Bryant denied an entry pass to Bynum, he then cut to the basket anticipating Bryant would drive. That indeed happened, with Bryant driving left past Allen. Instead of feeding into Bynum as Shaq approached Bryant on a double team, Bryant pump faked, created contact and arched a bank-in shot that drew a foul on Shaq. After Bryant converted the free throw, the Lakers led 47-44.

1:14 - 1:02 Second quarter

After Fisher fed Bynum on the near block, Kendrick Perkins, Pierce and Rondo all walled off the paint. Fisher then set a screen at the top of the key on Allen for Bryant, enabling him to catch a dump-off pass from Bynum. Allen immediately caught up to Bryant, however, prompting Bynum to set a screen on Allen's left. That prompted Bryant to drive to his right around the lane. Bynum immediately crashed toward the basket in case he needed to rebound, but Bryant's floater widened the gap to 51-48.

1:03 - :45, Second quarter

On the next possession, Bryant ran the break and noticed a gap on the far side. Garnett extended himself too far out on Odom on the far-side perimeter and no one else shut off the driving lane after Bryant blew by Allen. Garnett immediately slide over, however, but Bryant didn't kick the ball out to an open Odom. He instead tried an ugly reverse under-handed layup that bounced off the backboard. Artest couldn't convert on the put-back, and neither could Bynum, though he drew a foul on Garnett and sank one of two free throws for a 52-48 lead.

11:52 - 11:27, Third quarter

Fisher threw a low pass to the far side for Bynum, preventing him from establishing proper post position on Shaq. With Shaq denying Bynum much maneuvering room on the far side, he kicked the ball out to Bryant at the top of the key while Fisher cut along the far baseline, Gasol cut up to the free throw line and Artest moved on the near side. After Bryant threw Bynum another entry pass after establishing post position, Bynum turned around, dribbled right and appeared to go up for a shot in the lane.

After drawing a double team from Pierce, however, Bynum kicked the ball out to Artest on the near side. He dribbled left and pulled up for an off balance jumper on the left block. Bynum then tipped the missed shot off the glass and Gasol picked up the loose ball. After Gasol fired the ball up top to Fisher, Bryant cut along the wing and found himself open on the nearside perimeter. After receiving a pass from Fisher, Bryant pump faked hoping Garnett would either react by giving him contact or give him a space to drive baseline. He did neither, so Bryant launched a rainbow three-pointer that swished into the net and gave the Lakers a 57-50 lead.

10:33 - 10:22, Third quarter

At the top of the key, Fisher passed to Gasol on the far end, causing Artest to cut along the free throw line and Bynum to set a down screen on Allen. Bryant then flashed up to the near side and received a pass from Gasol. Bynum then went up to set a screen on Allen, giving Bryant space to drive right. With Fisher, Artest and Gasol all on the weak side and Bynum lacking enough leverage to cut to the basket, Bryant settled for a runner with nine seconds left on the shot clock. The shot hit off the front rim and Boston grabbed the rebound.

7:47 - 7:43, Third quarter

With eight seconds left on the shot clock, Lakers forward Luke Walton inbounded the ball to Bryant up top. He dribbled left and settled for a 17-foot bank that hit off the rim. Meanwhile, Odom stood at the free-throw line, Fisher stood at the near side, Gasol stood in the paint and Walton stood on the far side.

2:54 - 2:49, Third quarter

At first he looked to throw an entry pass to Artest inside, but instead opted for Bryant at the top of the key. Before anyone had time to make a cut, Bryant launched a three-pointer over Allen that cut Boston's lead to 72-70.

2:09 - 1:58, Third quarter

After Fisher threw a bounce pass to Artest on the near side, he drove the lane but met a double team from Pierce and Perkins. In turn, Artest fed a wraparound pass to Bynum, who then met the Pierce-Perkins double team. With only five seconds on the shot clock, Bynum threw the ball up top to Bryant, who fired a three-pointer that hit the back iron. Fisher attacked the glass, but his tip over Garnett went out of bounds.

1:06 - :59, Third quarter

With 10 seconds left on the shot clock, Shannon Brown inbounded the ball to Bryant on the far end. With Blake, Gasol, Odom and Brown all shifting to the weak side, Bryant squared up and tried to go one-on-one with Pierce. Bryant threw a jab step, used his pivot foot to post up, drove right, picked up his dribble, pulled up and made a 16-footer. Bryant's shot cut the Celtics' lead to 74-72. Said ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy: "That's a clinic right there for younger players on footwork, how to create separation with pivot and economic use of a dribble."

:38 - :29, Third quarter

With Brown manning the point, Gasol set himself in post position on the near side against Perkins.  Bryant cut up toward the top of the key after Blake set a downscreen for him on Pierce. With Rondo sagging off Brown to deny the entry pass to Gasol, Brown instead passed to Bryant at the top of the key. Bryant squared up, drove left, dribbled the ball between his legs, spun left at the free-throw line and pulled up for a fadeaway that airballed. Bryant should be faulted for not seeing Blake wide open on the far-side perimeter, but Gasol should also be faulted for just watching Bryant go to work while not making himself open inside.

11:19 - 11:02, Fourth quarter

After Brown brought the ball up the floor, Rondo shut him off from penetrating. Brown then kicked the ball up to Blake near the timeline. Once Blake one-timed the ball to Odom on the near side, Brown flashed to the paint and then cut to the near-side wing while Gasol set a downscreen on Allen to open up Bryant. Odom fed the ball to Bryant as he cut across the free-throw line. Allen immediately knocked the ball out of bounds once Bryant caught it. With 15 seconds left on the shot clock, Blake inbounded the ball to Brown at the top of the key. He then fed Bryant on the far-side post, while Blake cut to the near-side perimter and Odom and Gasol stood idly on the weakside. Bryant squared up in triple-threat position, dribbled left and pulled up for a jumper that hit off the front rim. As Bryant jumped in the air, Odom cut into the paint to position himself to get the rebound, but Davis boxed him out. Without much resistance, Perkins blocked out Gasol, who had no chance to grab the board.

7:06 - 6:58, Fourth quarter

The play on the Lakers' prior possession prompted ESPN analyst Mark Jackson to argue Bryant needed to run the offense by himself. After Odom fed Gasol an entry past on the far side, Gasol dribbled left, stopped at the baseline and spun for an off-balance fallaway. It appeared Gasol was shying away from the physical contact. Said Jackson: "If I'm Kobe Bryant, I shoot more. After watching that last post move by Pau Gasol against Glen 'Big Baby' Davis, that's a soft move. If I'm Bryant, I'm thinking, 'Get me the basketball and we're running the offense through me.'" Moments later, Blake fed Bryant on the far-side perimeter. After catching the ball, Bryant drove left past Pierce, dribbled through his legs and then posted up on him in the lane. After creating separation on his postup, Bryant turned around and converted on an eight-foot shot. The look proved to be the best at the time, considering Blake and Brown were only open on the near-side and far-side perimeter, respectively, and Gasol and Odom stood aimlessly in the lane. But it illustrated the dichotomy throughout the game. Said Van Gundy: "This is unusual Laker offense. They have 30 baskets now, nine assists, because there's been more isolation. That to me, while it's an outstanding individual move, you really can't count on that to be great." Responded  Mark Jackson: "You're right. You can't count on it. But if I'm Kobe Bryant, it gives me the best chances because the big guys are playing soft. I know I can't count on the other guys."

6:11, Fourth quarter

After Pierce fouled Bryant with 14 seconds left on the shot clock, he inbounded the ball to Brown up top. After Brown and Gasol one-timed it to each other around the perimeter, Brown fed Bryant on the far side. Meanwhile, Blake cut along the baseline and Bynum tried establishing post position. There Gasol stood just waiting on the near side. With no other openings, Bryant took a three-point shot that hit off the rim.

5:54 - 5:31, Fourth quarter

On the next possession, Bryant dribbled left past Pierce in the lane and converted on a leaner that cut Boston's lead to 91-85. What's interesting about this possession is the entire team remaining on the weak side. With neither Bynum nor Gasol establishing post position, Bryant simply did everything on his own.

5:29 - 5:20 Fourth quarter

After Bynum grabbed a rebound, he pushed the ball up to Blake. After crossing the timeline, Blake immediately found Bryant on the near side. The Lakers were again set up in isolation. As Gasol flashed to the weak side with Brown, Blake attempted to set a screen on Pierce's right side, which threw him off as Bryant drove past his left shoulder along the baseline. He met a double team from Davis and Garnett, but his pump fake proved good enough. His up-and-under move cut the Lakers' deficit to 91-87.

4:51 - 4:41, Fourth quarter

As Garnett guarded Gasol tightly on the near side, Bryant posted up along the wing. Gasol fed him a dangerous bounce pass that Rondo almost stole. Despite drawing a double team from Pierce and Rondo, Bryant declined to pass the ball to Blake on the near-side perimeter. Meanwhile, Gasol cut to the weak side to allow Bryant to work in isolation and Bynum stood on the far side just outside the paint. After Bryant pulled up for a turnaround jumper over Allen, Gasol rushed to the paint but Garnett grabbed the rebound over him.

What this means

I've often argued that the ongoing debate over whether Bryant's scoring mentality contributes to the team's passivity or the team's passivity prompts Bryant to take over rests on a game-by-game basis. With Bryant shooting 16 for 29 from the field and everyone else hitting very few shots, he really had no choice but to try to win the game by himself. The Lakers, however, are much better-served by having a balanced offense. The disparity in assists between the Celtics (34) and Lakers (10) further validates that claim. As Jackson and Gasol acknowledged, however, team balance happens when everyone is fully engaged in the game. There's very little use in Bryant passing the ball to a teammate who isn't shooting well. It's also interesting how the offensive dynamic worked throughout the game. The first three quarters showed Bryant's willingness to score and facilitate, but Bryant mostly scored for three chief reasons: The Lakers often created few open looks; they were too deep in the shot clock; and Bryant's efficient footwork, quick moves and shooting stroke helped him find good opportunities. The context changed in the fourth quarter, however. Bryant's teammates actually enabled him to take over even more in the fourth quarter because each pass to him immediately was followed with a cut to the weak side. Whether that was part of Bryant's demands, his teammates' reluctance to shoot the ball or instructions from Jackson, both Bryant and his teammates appear very willing to follow that strategy.

--Mark Medina

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You have finally crossed over. Congratulations. Your revelation about considering trading Pau for Melo shows an evolution of thinking outside the box that myself and many others can truly appreciate and quite honestly are a little astounded by.

I for one want Melo badly, he is arguably one of the 5 best players in the league.
Your quote "Melo could be a real chance to add some youth and toughness to the team' is right on and let me add his scoring prowess just seals the deal, almost.

To make the trade you have to believe that Andrew Bynum will stay relatively healthy. That is a big leap of faith. If Bynum goes down the lakers go down for all intents and purposes

A huge gamble, a gamble only a real gambling owner makes.
Blogger Sean thinks Denver wouldn't do the deal because it gives "A lineup full of bigs and no viable perimeter offense." That's erroneous thinking. I bet Denver would jump at the chance to land Gasol, a Gasol that many on this blog here believe is Mr. 1B to Kobe's 1A. A Nene, Gasol combo would be formidable. It's not like Chris Anderson is going to give him competition.

So for fantasy sake, Say Denver is very interested in Pau, the Nuggets can't get anything better and that's a given. Now you Wheel and Deal if you are Mitch Kupchak.

For starters you cannot include Luke Walton into any trade deal, no GM in their right mind would be able to justify that move unless there is an agreement for Luke to retire.

The best move is for the Lakers to deal Pau, Artest, and Fisher for Melo and Billups.

The Nuggets might bite on this worm because...
1. They get what many on this blog say is the best Power Forward in the league.
2. A defensive specialist with a quirky demeanor that only George Karl could love (see Gary Peyton, Shawn Kemp)
3. A distributing veteran point guard who leadership qualities are well documented. OK I'm playing car salesman right now.

The Lakers get Melo, hello Carmelo Anthony. Remember him? Led Syracuse to their first National Title as a Freshman. Third pick in the 2003 draft behind Lebron James and ahead of Dwayne Wade. By the way, anyone remember the #2 pick?

And to top it off, the Lakers get Chauncey Billips. Big shot Billips. That gives the Lakers 3 players who can put it in the hole on a regular basis.

Of course we are talking fantasy here but what a fantasy.

I would also take the straight up deal.

This trade talk has been generated by the attitude and questionable work ethic that Pau Gasol has shown for the last 25 games. Especially the last 2 games with Gasol being punked by Dalambert (or was that Delbert) and the Boston bigs.
However the whole Laker team with the exception of Kobe has been lethargic to say the least for most of the season. Bloggers who feel that Gasol and the Lakers will pull themselves together are justified in their thinking, after all they are the 2-time defending champs. But it is always better to deal too soon than too late. Again, any trade made must be done with the expectation of a healthy Andrew Bynum. Without Bynum the Lakers chances of winning a championship are greatly diminished but they would be great entertainment along the lines of Miami Heat.

On that Melo trade

interchanging Fisher with either Shannon Brown or Steve Blake works

adding Shannon Brown or Steve Blake to the original Pau, Artest, and Fisher combo also works

@INQUIRING MINDS… You may be right that the combination that would work would have to include Gasol, Artest, and Fish. Since both Pau and Melo make $17-18M you can trade them straight up but since Chauncey makes $14M, you might need to throw in another player to even the dollars.
When you think of what options Denver has, this would enable them to remain competitive rather than having to completely rebuild. I think they would jump at the chance to get Gasol. For the Lakers, it would be a new team with Kobe, Chauncey, Melo, Lamar, and Drew starting and the Killer B’s with Luke coming off the bench. It would be a much different team and maybe it would suffer the same growing pains the Heat have encountered but I think it would be younger, tougher, more physical, and more athletic team. Melo could even play some power forward against many teams. Anyway, it is an idea that I bet Mitch and Jerry have discussed. It would be a bold move and much in JB’s style. And Melo definitely has the physical skills to play good defense. He might really work at it. The deal could cost us a title this year but I think it would extend our window to win championships by years.

I'm sure that both PH and Mitch are throwing their hands up in the air right now trying to figure out how the one of the best power forwards suddenly turn into pumpkins over the summer. Perhaps it's best for Pau to get a fresh start in Denver since he's not capable of being Kobe's wing man after 2 1/2 seasons. It's a tough decision for Mitch but it has to be made.


agreed,all scenarios of players involved in a trade for Melo passed the ESPN Trade Machine

However, a sign-and-trade deal(for max) throws a monkey wrench into equation.

MVP gave a link--- Kupchak is concerned. He's considering trades:

There's 2 ways to think about this article
1. He's serious
2. He's trying to light a fire

It's hard to believe that he would break up a team going for a 3-peat, along with it being PJ's final year as a Laker head coach.

Sentimentality can become your achilles heel

I believe Pau has until the trade deadline to pick it up, not to mention a few others. If this article can't fix their work ethic between now and then, nothing will.

Sense or Sentimentality
That is the question

Here are some interesting questions and points about this possible trade.
(1) It’s 3 Lakers starters for 2 Nuggets starters, which means that Lamar becomes a starter. Kobe & Chauncey at guards, Melo and Lamar at forwards, and Drew at center. Much better starting lineup.

(2) I hate to lose the Drew/Pau/Lamar coverage of the 4 and 5 but the best 5/4 duo on the floor has been Drew and Lamar, not Drew and Pau. Melo, Chauncey, & Lamar replace Pau, Ron, and Derek.

(3) I wonder how Melo has done in 1-0n-1 matchups with PP and LeBron. That would be key to know. Has he been able to hold his own? It would be great if we can get some stats on their matchups.

(4) Do Kobe and Melo really have a good relationship? I’ve heard Kobe speak well of Melo and vice versa but would Melo be comfortable taking a back seat to Kobe or would Kobe feel comfortable becoming more of a facilitator and defensive stopper.

(5) How much does Chauncey still have in the tank? If he could play at his same level for another 2 or 3 years, it would give the Lakers a better chance at finding and grooming a point guard for the future.

(6) They would have to learn to play with each other, but having Melo around might extend Kobe’s career as well as the Lakers championship window. Younger, tougher, more athletic and physical.

(7) With Phil retiring, adding Chauncey would give the team more options on whether or not to continue running the Triangle. I think Brian Shaw will take over and do that but Chauncey would be good insurance and allow us more flexibility.

-Melo wants to play for his hometown Knicks
-Billups wants to remain in his hometown of Denver
-Why would the Nuggets or any other team in the league want to help the Lakers win another championship?

If Mitch is looking to trade, he will have to give up Pau as long as he can get rid of Artest in the same deal. I don't think that's going to happen but hey, I trust the FO.

I don't become fully concerned until April but I still love the "practice season" because I'm a fan of the NBA!


Whoa...I go way for a couple weeks, and Laker Nation goes off the deep end. I can't believe what I'm reading. Laker Tom wanting to trade Pau? Say it ain't so, LT.

The fatal flaw (and I do mean fatal) in the trade is that we'd be left with only one true center, Drew. You seriously think Drew's knees will hold up if he has to play extra minutes after Pau's gone? And if he goes down, what are our chances then? At least now if Drew goes down, Pau can play center, as he did when we won the title a couple years ago. If you think the Celts pounded us bad Suday, just imagine how they'd pound us down low without Drew or Pau.

Melo's a great offensive talent, and not so much on defense. Chauncey would be the best part of the deal as far as I'm concerned. But in total, it would be a disaster.

Bottom line...I say we stay the course and go with the team that got us two rings. We're the champs until someone knocks us off in the playoffs. Nobody's done that yet, and I'm betting nobody will.

Carmelo Anthony would not fit well with the Lakers on offense. I think if anyone is going to be traded, its Andrew Bynum because we are more than likely set to get Howard in 2012, and Bynum would net us the most gain. I like Andrew as much as the next guy, but gosh he is hurt yet again.

No way Denver will trade with Lakers, why do they want Lakers to win another championship with Camelo ? I don't want Kupchack to trade any players because he will give Lakers more trouble, remember Shaq for Lamar and Butller, Radmanovich for Morrision (lakers have to pay him 2 years 10 mil to sit on the bench), Sasha for Joe Smith, if i am GM of NBA team, i will call Mitch everyday to talk about trade because Mitch doesn't know what is he doing.

I think the Lakers are better served by playing this hand out. Just need to inject some energy and they have that on the bench in EB and DC.
Next wait for unrestricted FA's to hit the market at end of season so you don't give up core players but add better players to team.


by your reckoning, trading Pau would hurt our chances for a championship.
so why wouldn't Denver make a trade with the lakers if they think it would weaken them to that (your) extent?

I agree with you on Bynum, he must be healthy for any championship aspirations, without him the Lakers, if they make this trade are Miami West.

I don't think Lamar is that much of a drop off from Gasol, do you? I believe Gasol has peaked and will not get any better, Lamar still has upside.


thats 2 years away

so far away

2 long years

so far away

trading deadline
so close

so close

trading deadline

so much fun for the next few weeks, we all pretty much know nothing is going to change, but it's that time of year.

Let's have some fun with it.

kurt rambis will somehow bless us with kevin love, martell webster and the rights to ricky rubio for pau and ron ron. call in that favor mitch!

Kobe went over 4 minutes (11 minute to 6:58) in 4th without attempting a shot. In that span Shannon scored and missed, LO converted 2 fts and missed twice and Pau missed twice. At that point the Lakers were down by 9pts. Kobe felt the game was slipping away. He took over and brought the Lakers to within 4pts. After that the Celtics scored on 5 of next 6 possessions to up the lead to 12 with 2minutes left. Game over. End of story.


I like that Desmond Williams. I can definitely hear a little Art of Noise type electronic influence. I wonder if he listened to them. Anyway its smooth yet funky. Is he recording out of DC?

Inquiring Minds-
The comments I made were in reference to an report where Kupchak stated that he may be looking to trade to shake things up. He also stated that he was disturbed at the team's play this year. And yes, it is far away, but I would not be surprised if this year a move actually was made (and I am never one for speculating on unrealistic trades that many of our Laker family proposes from time to time). But Ron playing absolutely terrible, and Andrew continuing to venture toward that horrible label that has plagued so many big men before him leads me to believe that a move could be made. How big or small, I am just not sure. I am now officially worried though, we have no spark or chemistry right now.

So if the Lakers do this proposed trade and Drew is on the bench in foul trouble who's going to hold down the middle?

As the Lakers are currently constructed they are definitely better on offense than defense. However, they can at least play championship caliber defense in stretches. I don't think that would be the case if they add Melo/Billups while subtracting Pau/LO. Somewhere hobbit is pulling up articles on how defense win championships.

Let's trade Pau. Man is so soft it's ridiculous. And Artest? Where does he think he is? He's passive since that whole ring celebration thing. Don't let me get started on waste of money.


Theo Ratliff lol

good point you need some(big)body

Lakers had 10 assists. They deserve to lose. Celtics shot lights out and Lakers shot poorly..yet they were still in the game. Lakers play best when they play as a team and throw assists and picks. BTW what is the answer for stopping Big Baby from pushing our guys around?

LROB - great analysis Kobe went 5 or 6 min in the 4th qtr without taking a shot? He did the same thing in the 2nd qtr too. Why does the dude have to disappear, stop shooting or playmaking then go into ballistic mode? There are times lately that he disappears and you forget he is in the game. MJ did this too, its so wierd. Kobe could do so much more to make his teammates better. If your going to rest at least be a decoy and throw some passes.

How about being involved the entire game and finding shots for your teammates? Why let teammates flounder? Pau is great catching passes and finishing, not as much as a spot up shooter and drive to the rim guy. Kobe disappears for long stretches then has to take over. How about throwing 3 assists per qtr? That shouldn't be too hard for the #1 all-star vote getter.

If Kobe isn't going to get easy shots for the bigs, somebody else better, oh wait Lakers don't have a play maker that makes the bigs play better, they have a Fish that plays good D and stands around the 3 pont line.

I'll say it again, LAkers deserve to lose when they have 10 assists per game. Statistically they usually win when they have >22 assists.


Quote from Ron's bro, Rey Rey:

"But from my point of view, Laker "fans" are really Kobe fans. It makes me sick. Yes. Laker fans make me sick. Sometimes, I wish Ron was on another team..."


Well guess what Rey Rey, sometimes so do we.

Posted by: Art - FL Lakers Fan | January 31, 2011 at 10:05 AM

Hey Rey Rey

Us Laker/Kobe fans have been together for the last 14+ years
This type of jealousy is undermining, just like when other Laker players speak before they think about what they say about Kobe.
He is an icon right there with Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Magic Johnson


Theo Ratliff lol

good point you need some(big)body

Posted by: inquiring minds wanna know | January 31, 2011 at 11:39 PM
Nothing like having your 3pt hopes resting on Theo's shoulders. I think we should adopt the NBA slogan. Laker fans...where amazing happens.


That article is sure to get alot of play in the sports media for quite some time up til the deadline passes.

you could very well be right, Bynum could be the surprise trade.

with Superman on this team Phil would probably come out of retirement again.

The Logic isn't so hard to understand, sometimes..

From Gasol's arrival, Lakers went three times to the Finals, and they won twice. We all know the situation before..

This year, Gasol isn't playing as well as in the past, and the Lakers often struggle. Logic says: Gasol is fundamental for the Lakers.

Logical result: try to recover Gasol to his level.

Illogical result: trade Gasol.

So easy..


logic tells us Gasol is responsible for Gasol not playing to his level.
subsequently, logic tells us only Gasol can recover the Gasol of the past.
He better hurry up too, Laker fans and apparently Laker management are getting impatient.

Illogical Result- play the same stay on team

Logical Result- continue current form and you're back to a Memphis type situation with zero attention thrown your way.

It's up to you Pau- Have it your way

The best way to resolve this mess is to bench Fisher and Artest and start Brown and Odom. This is pretty much what has happened in the last two games during the fourth quarter.
I've been saying this for two months.
Now that Bynum is relatively healthy, he shouldn't be sitting during the end of games. Blake should definitely sit during the end of games.

Here's an idea that Laker fans don't want to think about but it is the direction the Lakers must take; better sooner rather than later:

Trade Kobe and some other junk (Artest) for Melo and Ty Lawson. Kobe's contract long term is a killer, he is set to make $30,000,000 when he is 35- 36 years old, with the slippage and mileage he is showing at 32 he will be a total anchor to this team by that time.

I don't see Kobe aging like Ray Allen, for all the talk about Kobe's tireless work effort he doesn't put in the work like Ray Allen does; nobody does. Kobe won't age gracefully and has shown no propensity to be able to turn the team over to anyone else, I see him continuing to shoot every time he has the ball and as he ages those shots will fall far more infrequently.

This season and team is done, we can't beat any of the good teams and struggle with the second tier teams; it is time to get out from underneath Kobe's contract while we can. Much like Shaq it is better to change course a year or two early rather than later.

Sacrilege in a Laker blog but it is time for Kobe to go.

Plus a new shooting guard would be a good new start.



Posted by NewMexicoLL:

"And all you Celtic lovers, in the words of Paul Pierce...'We're not going back to L.A.!' You could've won it in Bawwston with Perk!"



Finally a decent article on LA Times. It is NOT his fault that his teammates played scared of the Celtics. Only Kobe showed up to play. He did everything he could. Blame his soft teammates for losing that game, not Kobe.

Finally a decent article on LA Times. It is NOT his fault that his teammates played scared of the Celtics. Only Kobe showed up to play. He did everything he could. Blame his soft teammates for losing that game, not Kobe.

Melo is also soft whatever you do, the C's will beat your Lakers. Lakers will only beat the C's if the Zebras help like what happened last season. face it lakers you're nothing but a bunch of cheaters.

LAKERS (33-15) vs. HOUSTON(22-27)_ 7:30 PM_ TV = FS-WEST_RADIO = 710/1330 ESPN
*_______________________________________________________________________* _ I Love LA - Here comes Lakers
Good Morning Justanothermambafan(Head of Mamba Clan) & Fabulous Morning Crue!!!
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I personally have to disagree in trading Pau & Co. for Melo & Co.

Pau has proven to be tough when being called for to be tough. It's just that, IMO, sometimes he reverts back to being finesse(which is actually his style of play). A style he grew up playing.

I love this current Lakers line-up. No need to retool.

As of now, they are just bored with this marathon. I'm pretty sure, if they see the finish line approaching, they will be there..........FIRST PLACE, again.

BTW, I personally can relate to how this "bored with the long run(regular season)" thing our Lakers are experiencing. We become bored when we keep on winning/ dominating our opponents on our game consoles(XBOX, PS3, etc.), don't we?


The Laker trade machine is working overtime.
Trade Kobe? Even though he has a no trade clause and will make $30 mill in a couple years? Yeah, there's an easy one to pull off. Ok, scratch that one.

I think Mitch's comment about trades was to send a wake up call, good for him for doing it.

I don't think they need to necessarily do a blockbuster trade.
My first choice would be to see what we could get for Artest plus any bench guys (excluding LO), which probably is just Brown and/or Blake. If the Lakers could pick up someone who can make an outside shot as well as create their own shot that would be a big pick up and it doesn't need to be a superstar.

Right now Kobe is the only good perimeter player they have, which limits the options on offense. They need a Ray Allen type to go with their Paul Pierce type (Kobe). They need someone to help stretch the floor to pull the opposing defense out from the middle.

Problem is, who will want Ron Artest for 3 more years?

If that can't be done that leaves Drew, Pau and LO as the only other pieces of trade material. Risky for sure.
Trade Gasol and if Bynum goes down that leaves LO and Ratliff to man the C position. So if you trade Gasol you probably need to get back a center/forward, not a Melo.
What C/F would you rather have than Gasol that's a realistic trade?
If you trade Bynum you also need to get back a C/F again. Imagine Pau being the designated C now. Maybe for a year or two he could handle it, not anymore.

You could make a real gamble and trade big for small and go trade a Laker big guy for a top notch guard. Wanna make Odom the C and trade either Gasol or Bynum for a top notch guard or forward?

The Lakers just don't have any good options. Melo wants to go east and Billups wants to stay in Denver.

As a good GM you always have to be open to improving the team and if a trade can do that, you do it. It doesn't much matter to me what Pau has done for the last 2 yrs, if he's burnt out then make a change. Mitch's first loyalty has to be to the team and making it better, not to the players who are struggling.

Trades aside, I think part of the problem is the team's mindset and this reflects on Phil. I am sick of hearing him say he isn't concerned because it isn't the playoffs yet. This attitude has spread throughout the team, Kobe, Fish and others repeating an old cliche and lessoning the focus and energy they need to compete and we are seeing the results.

This isn't MJ's Bulls team that wanted to win just to win.
This isn't the 2009 Lakers that were embarrassed by the Celts in the FInals and came into the next season on a mission.
This isn't the 2010 team that was intent on a back-to-back and hell-bent on beating the Celts in the Finals to again avenge the 2008 beat down.

This is the 2011 model, the team that thinks they will be in the Finals because everyone says so, like it's some kind of karmic proclamation or Hollywood movie because of all the sub-plots of 3-peats and Phils last stand and Kobe's 6th ring. This is the new Lakers, too bored to care.

Also, this isn't the 2009, 2010 NBA.
Simply put, other teams have gotten better and they want some rings. The Lakers are probably every teams most well studied opponent.
Are they a bit too predictable now?
If a football team only runs the ball no matter how good of a running back they have eventually the other team is going to figure out how to stop it.

The Lakers were good enough to win it all last year with HCA (by a whisker).
My point is, they weren't head and shoulders above the rest of the league last year, they were just good enough to get it done, so they don't have much margin for error.

From the comments coming from Phil and the players about how not worried they are, I am really glad to hear Mitch speak up and mention the possibility of a trade and state he is not happy with the teams play and is concerned.

Not only may that wake up the players, it should also serve to wake up those here on the blog who think these regular season games are meaningless.
Guess I'll defer to Mitch who obviously thinks otherwise.


Two bad games and we trade away KOBE???????????



This trade talk is bordering on the ridiculous. I simply cannot imagine a scenario in which Phil in his final year would agree to such a drastic move with less than half a season to go. Ain't gonna happen! Fuggedaboutit. If anything, I can see Phil taking it as a personal challenge to show all the naysayers that he can and will take this personally handpicked team all the way to #17...or go down in flames trying.

I still like our chances with this exact team. Stay the course. Damn the torpedoes. Full steam ahead.

This trade talk is bordering on the ridiculous.

Posted by: CornerJ | February 01, 2011 at 06:17 AM


Absolutely AGREE on this one, CornerJ. Two bad games and we trade away "the greatest player on earth." LOL.

Trolls agree on trading Kobe, because they want Kobe playing for their team. LOL.




Love the sound, CHAM-PEE-ONS!




PREACH JOVBATZ44, PREACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, If ever they face in the playoffs. I believe that those Baby Bulls(healthy), as Mamba24 said, have a good chance of beating those Celtics in a 7 game series.

I still like our chances with this exact team. Stay the course. Damn the torpedoes. Full steam ahead.
Posted by: CornerJ | February 01, 2011 at 06:17 AM
And...LET'S RIDE AMIGOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I remember just like it was yesterday.

People on the blog were saying the Lakers were lackadaisical.
Players were saying that they were lackadaisical.

Bloggers were subject to public floggings. The mantra of the day:
"It's only the practice season."

"Yawn. Wake me when it's the playoffs."

"We have dominant bigs!"

"Stats don't matter. The regular season doesn't matter. HCA doesn't matter."

You can call this a wake up call if you want to, but I guess Mitch isn't nearly
as comfortable as the blog's personal flogger. [ cough * KobeMVP888 * cough ]

fwiw, I have no idea who will get traded or if anyone will get traded.
*I* am not advocating trading anyone at this time, unless it means we get Melo.
I *would* sit down with Bynum & Gasol and explain the facts of life.

The conversation would go something like this:

Mitch - Bynum:

Andrew, didn't we do right by you with your contract?

yes, Mr. Kupchak.

Aren't you making good $$?

yes, Mr. Kupchak.

Didn't we provide you with the finest C the NBA has ever known?

yes, Mr. Kupchak.

And you repaid us by going to the World Cup instead of getting surgery?

*sigh* Yes, Mr. Kupchak. But you said it was ok ...

Son, you seem unclear on the concept. When you are a 10+ time all-star
w/ millions of endorsements and you're the top draw in the NBA, we'll cut
you a ton of slack. Right now, you're lookin' like a bad investment in a bad
economy. I'm gonna give you one more chance, cuz I like you. Play like
you want to be a Laker or you wont be a Laker. Is that clear?

Yes, Mr. Kupchak.


Hey Pau.

Hey Mr. Kupchak.

So ,Pau. This is going to be a hard conversation. Do I need to get Kobe in
here to translate or are we good?

We're good Mr. Kupchak.

Ok. You're playing soft. You're playin' lazy. The last lazy expensive C for
the Lakers is now wearing Celtics green. Do you understand what I'm sayin'?

Yes, Mr. Kupchak.

Ok. I like tapas, but I don't like tapas on my team. If you keep playing like
a dead fish, I'm going to slap some advocado on you and sell you like a
California roll. Are we clear on this?

Yes, Mr. Kupchak.

Ok. The weight room is out of my office and to the right. Be there or be
elsewhere, comprendes?

Si Jefe.

And on a final note: A couple of weeks ago, someone responded to my
post about Spain & Europe. Sadly, said poster failed to grasp that not all
European countries are created equal.

So ... Where did dear Ricky go? :)

So ... Where did dear Ricky go? :) Posted by: hobbitmage | February 01, 2011 at 06:53 AM

What sort of day is this when LakerTom has given up on one of our
dominant Bigs and advocated a trade, while the irrational hobbit,
jerk incarnate according to the blog flogger [ cough * KobeMVP888 * cough ]
has not gone off the deep end?

The NBA where amazing happens!

[ fwiw, I'm still waiting to get a definition of dominant from either of the
Bynum-supporters co-chairs. ]

If you keep playing like a dead fish, I'm going to slap some advocado on you and sell you like a California roll. Are we clear on this? Yes, Mr. Kupchak.
Posted by: hobbitmage | February 01, 2011 at 06:53 AM

Mamba24, JovBatz44, I guess it's up to us Three Amigos to save the village of Santa Popo. The plethora of El Guapo-like posters have started to intimidate our hermanos, including even Laker Tomaso.

Arturo -de-FL, your observation about the Lakers' system having become too predictable is right on the cucaracha. I've noted exactly the same thing on other threads. The better coaches in the league have diagnosed exactly how to stop our current version of the triangle, and the only player we have who can adjust to their strategies is Kobe. Phil needs to mix things up occasionally (my suggestion is a high screen and roll with Kobe and Pau). Same goes for defense (which will improve greatly once Barnes returns).

We all have our El Guapos to face. For some of us (cough***Sonny Belfast***cough), it is knowing that you are stuck with rooting for a team of queens who have never tasted the big chimichanga...and never will. For others, (cough***Red'sLoveMuchacho con 83-79***cough), it is having tasted the big chimichanga but knowing that you probably will not taste it again while the Black Mamba yet lives.

But we Three Amigos fear no El Guapo. Laker Amigos...LET'S RIDE!!!

@HobbitMage, Good morning sir! Speaking of Rolls, you my brother are on one...Carry On!

But we Three Amigos fear no El Guapo. Laker Amigos...LET'S RIDE!!! Posted by: CornerJ | February 01, 2011 at 07:04 AM
VAMOS MUCHACHOS!!!!!!!! LETS RIDE AMIGOS!!!!!!!!!! …This means you too Hobbit

hobbit...funny, funny, too true (we wish) riff.

Brother of mine (Mamba24),

Did you think I wasn't laced up?

Up 'til midnight writing a script and building machines?
2 cans of monster in the kitchen. Cup o' joe in hand.

It's game day. It's "Go Time".

Go Kobe!
Go Lakers!!!

Brother of mine (Mamba24), Did you think I wasn't laced up? Up 'til midnight writing a script and building machines? 2 cans of monster in the kitchen. Cup o' joe in hand. It's game day. It's "Go Time".
Posted by: hobbitmage | February 01, 2011 at 07:14 AM
OH SWEET JESUS!!!! HELL YEAH!!! CornerJ, JovBatz44, HobbitMage…LETS RIDE AMIGOS!!!! _ Is there No one else _ Troy - Born ready motherf****r – Blade - Tonight we dine in hell - 3000

regarding the whole Melo trade scenarios.

I'd bet $5 that Melo would love to play with Kobe.
[ yep. I'm a big gambler, as you can plainly see. :) ]

How can any Laker fan *not* want to see Melo & Kobe on
the same team?

Talk about a protege/mentor relationship .....

I get chills just thinkin' about it. hmm ... maybe that's the caffeine.

Time for another cup

hobbitmage and Corner J,

Good (and funny) stuff.

How can any Laker fan *not* want to see Melo & Kobe on the same team? Talk about a protege/mentor relationship ..... I get chills just thinkin' about it. hmm ... maybe that's the caffeine. Time for another cup Posted by: hobbitmage | February 01, 2011 at 07:22 AM
As far as Melo and Kobe on the same team, it sounds good to me. As far as more caffeine for HobbitMage…No, No, No!!!! You are in a nice groove here Hobbit, there is no need to crank it up! Lol! Carry On Sir!!!!

The Rockets can smell it...there will be blood.

Battier steps it up, Scola has his way with your "bigs",
and together with K-Mart,
they combine for 70 points in a rout.

Gonna be some unhappy people around here.

Let me cheer you up.

Lakers (current champs) - check
Hornets (solid playoff contender) - check
Green with Arrogance - coming up

Doubt that the Cuz will take kindly to the Package Checker.

Go Kings!
Go SF Giants!
Go SF Niners!


@ Hobbit,
Yes I think Kobe and Melo would do some MAJOR damage if they played together. The fear I have with those two is that I'm not convinced that Melo has a high level commitment to defense and THAT is a difference maker in the finals.

I find it interesting that with Kobe and Melo, it would be very near what the Heat have in LeBron and Wade. An extremely high level 2 and 3. While I like the array, we are gearing up to play the Celts, not the Heat.

I haven't given up on Pau (I am convinced his problems are Girlfriend related). I am also pretty confident that Artest will turn it up two notches in the playoffs. He had the same problems last year and we chalked it up to learning the triangle and his feet.

No reason to post today. TJ Simers covered everything that is said in here in one short column today. He covered it from the trolls perspective, from the internal trolls perspective, to the Haters, the Doubters to the few remaining Optimists. I can't stand the guy, but if you want to read it all, read Simers today!

Would Billups be coming off the bench?
Does Billup have the same irreplaceable intangibles that Fisher has?

Seriously tho, at what point does *coach* Phil Jackson start getting pressured to perform? You don't trade a Pau, but what you can do is sit him for 1 or 2 straight quarters, to send Pau a message.

Cmon Pau

Cmon Pau
Posted by: Magia32 | February 01, 2011 at 07:47 AM
Stop this!!! Stop this Now!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kobe will never be traded!

He can stay with the Lakers as long as he wants too!

He is the Mamba and he EARNED it!!

The only way he leaves the Lakers is on a stretcher or he retires!

Long live KOBE!!

Laker Forever,


All you loser Trolls who even Think of trading the Mamba,
Go back to Smoking your Crack Pipes!!!!

Sonny Belfast in the Houseeeeeeeee!!! " Lakers (current champs) - check" Thank God Sonny, you still recognize the Lakers as the current champs. See all you need to do is just move a little further and call The Lakers "Your current Champs" and you can claim that seat on The Lakers Bandwagon my brother. Come on Sonny, I know you can do it!!! Lol!

Kobe will never be traded! He can stay with the Lakers as long as he wants too! He is the Mamba and he EARNED it!!
The only way he leaves the Lakers is on a stretcher or he retires! Long live KOBE!! Laker Forever, BandWagon!!!! p.s. All you loser Trolls who even Think of trading the Mamba, Go back to Smoking your Crack Pipes!!!!
Posted by: Mr. Laker | February 01, 2011 at 08:00 AM
GOD$%##!@!!!!! Yes I have to say it...OUT FREAKIN STANDING SIR!!!!!! Carry On!

Melo is also soft whatever you do, the C's will beat your Lakers. Lakers will only beat the C's if the Zebras help like what happened last season. face it lakers you're nothing but a bunch of cheaters.

Posted by: Frank | February 01, 2011 at 05:41 AM

Oh, and don't forget 2002!

And why are ya'll beatin' up on Pau?
Until the league allowed you to steal him from Memphis,
you were a 5th seed at best.
He is THE reason, and not the ball hogging adulterer,
that you won those championships.

Against the Celtics,
Pau's the only one who drew blood, by the way.
Rather ironic, don't you think?

I think Cuz is gonna remove some sutures from the psycho's bald head,
a few days early.

Hope his brains don't fall out...although it would be a quick clean-up.

I don't know about you,
but I'm rooting for the Sacramento Kings of Basketball tomorrow morning
(tonight for you).

Go Kings!


The NBA where amazing happens!

[ fwiw, I'm still waiting to get a definition of dominant from either of the
Bynum-supporters co-chairs. ]

Posted by: hobbitmage | February 01, 2011 at 06:58 AM

Dominant (adj) 1. Dominating, ruling, prevailing over Andrew Bynum and other Laker "Bigs" 2. Demarcus Cousins, known as the "Cuz"

The color reminds me of baby poop.
Take out the trash.
"Dominate" Boston!

Go Kings (Three in a row...first time since dirt)!


Hi Laker Nation!

Sorry to jump in but PLEASE DO NOT FREAK OUT. Now, Take a deep breath...

How can you consider trading one of the key guys to win the championship?

How can you consider wasting our chances for this championship without even a clear option to win during the next years? is this worth it? really?

Gasol is the type of player that desperates most of us with his (sometimes) soft play, dramatic faces, weak shots and whiny complains but he is still the key for this Lakers at least for the next 2-3 years. We can't forget that!

Did you forget that Kobe as great as he is needs to be surrounded by special players?? Have you ever seen any All Star Calliber player getting along well with Kobe besides Pau?

Did you forget that the key for the Lakers is to have a top "Kobe regulator" on the team?

Do you really believe Carmelo will fit on Kobe's team? or Melo is willing to take that role at his age?? maybe if he was 32 and no championship on his pocket but now?? no way.


You seem to be a wise veteran. You have been preaching patience on AB17 for the last 2-3 years and refusing any trade involving him. Shouldn't we give the same opportunity to the guy who changed the Lakers 07? Should we wait to the end of the season to take conclusions?

Something is definitely going wrong in Gasol's mind lately. And we all know Gasol's game is seriously affected if his mentality is not the appropiate.

Unless there is a major issue (beyond our knowledge) we should all be patient and the results will pay off.

"Finally a decent article on LA Times. It is NOT his fault that his teammates played scared of the Celtics. Only Kobe showed up to play. He did everything he could. Blame his soft teammates for losing that game, not Kobe.

Posted by: Bill | February 01, 2011 at 05:35 AM "

Wow, I had to go reread the above article twice to make sure I was posting on the correct article (mostly trade comments)! Only a couple of comments about the content of this article, like Bill's above, which I fully agree with!

MM: Outstanding article and analysis! We could use something like this every game and then print it out and put it on the white board in the Laker's locker room on game day! Having played the 4&5 and watching closely the post positions and Kobe as my prime interest in the Lake Show games, I always have an overall feel for what really happened, but this kind of great analysis is perfect for fact checking impressions. I was also screaming 'right-on man!' when Mark Jackson was saying what he said during this Celtics matchup.

Once again - I love this analysis for us fact junkies, Mark Medina!

"Something is definitely going wrong in Gasol's mind lately. And we all know Gasol's game is seriously affected if his mentality is not the appropiate.

Unless there is a major issue (beyond our knowledge) we should all be patient and the results will pay off.

Posted by: Ganapia | February 01, 2011 at 10:40 AM

Ganapia: I also agree that Pau has something wrong either physically (I hope for this), or mentally (harder to fix). Either way he needs to get cured whether it be on the Lakers, hopefully soon, or somewhere else if that is truly his mental dilemma. LO in the starting lineup with Pau off the bench is something I would maintain would get him focused as the leader of the 2nd unit (& Kobe mostly on the bench to eliminate Pau's excuses) or it would truly show his inability to be strong in the post without excuses available. A 2nd unit with SB, SB, LW, PG, and pick-one (LO/AB/RA) could assist Pau in coming out again.......or a disaster, which many on this blog would predict. I remain hopeful, but sincerely frustrated with the Pau we see now. WE DO NOT HAVE UNTIL APRIL TO GET THIS WORKED OUT! As we teach our children.....habits are made from repetitive behavior. These habits will not go away with the throw of a magic 'It's Playoffs time' switch!

The problem with your beloved Lakers is that they are too soft up front. Pau is and will always be still a gigantic pansy. He disappears when hes down low trading elbows with KG and Perkins. He knows this, Kobe knows this, Jackson knows this. Thats why Kobe put on his hero costume in the 4th and tried to keep them in the game. It was their only option. If you want to argue that Gasol isn't soft, the Lakers record against a healthy Garnett+Perkins speaks for itself.

The fact you guys want to ship Bynum out absolutely baffles me. Look at all the games you guys lost this year. Lakers have stunk against teams that have good size and use it down low. Instead of trading size away, you should be looking for another guy that won't tuck their tail under the hoop.

Posted by: Art - FL Lakers Fan | February 01, 2011 at 05:59 AM

That was an excellent comment, sir!!

Lakers can beat the Celtics with the current roster.

Paul Pierce killed the Lakers last Sunday, why? Artest was injured, MAtt Barnes was DNP. When this two are healthy Paul PIrece will have problems.

Even with Gasol being soft at times and Fisher missing and letting Allen get his, Lakers can still WIN if Paul Pierce is shut down.

By the way, KOBE PLAYED AN EXCELLENT GAME, BYNUM PLAYED WELL and Odom played well except unncessary foul at the end of first half.

BUT, IF YOU WISH TO TRADE PAU GASOL, I WILL ONLY TRDAE HIM FOR an IMPROVEMENT!!!! Pau is an all-star..... Melo is a SUPERSTAR, one notch better, SO HELL YEAH! IF NUGGETS wants it, yeah sure.


I believe Caracter can hold his own against Perkins and Big Baby.
While Bynum can handle Shaq.
Odom/Ratliff/Joe Smith can take KG/JO.



You take out Melo and Kobe and you have Artest and Barnes coming off the bench, that is a hell of a perimeter rotation...

Lakers can GET ANOTHER 7 footer over the summer as BYNUM's back up.

People, that's Kobe and Melo like Lebron and Wade BUT with Bynum, Odom and Artest!!!!

Bottomline, LAKERS WILL HAVE ""TWO"" Superstars instead of ONE.

YES,,next to will trade Dwight Howard or Anothey melo Lakers good will to you anothey play champs? i dont to Heat, Boston Not out baby cry!!!Now will to three-time Lakers champs !!!



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