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Andrew Bynum doesn't believe he's All-Star caliber yet

January 27, 2011 |  3:36 pm

In a little less than an hour, the NBA will announce the starters for the 2011 NBA All-Star game. But don't count Lakers center Andrew Bynum anxious about his chances.

"I definitely want to get it, but this year I started off hurt again," said Bynum, referring to his 24-game absence while recovering from offseason surgery on his right knee. "I missed too many games."

Bynum's actually ranked second among votes at the center spot (660,576 votes), trailing only Houston's Yao Ming, whose popularity in China has contributed to his league-leading 928,928 votes despite having season-ending surgery on a stress fracture on his left ankle. That leaves it up to NBA Commissioner David Stern to select a replacement.

I had detailed this morning the progression Bynum's taken in wanting to reach an All-Star caliber level, but Bynum believes he's still fallen short.

"I'm definitely capable of being there," Bynum said. "But I just have to be a little bit more consistent and stay healthy longer."

--Mark Medina