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Andrew Bynum doesn't believe he's All-Star caliber yet

In a little less than an hour, the NBA will announce the starters for the 2011 NBA All-Star game. But don't count Lakers center Andrew Bynum anxious about his chances.

"I definitely want to get it, but this year I started off hurt again," said Bynum, referring to his 24-game absence while recovering from offseason surgery on his right knee. "I missed too many games."

Bynum's actually ranked second among votes at the center spot (660,576 votes), trailing only Houston's Yao Ming, whose popularity in China has contributed to his league-leading 928,928 votes despite having season-ending surgery on a stress fracture on his left ankle. That leaves it up to NBA Commissioner David Stern to select a replacement.

I had detailed this morning the progression Bynum's taken in wanting to reach an All-Star caliber level, but Bynum believes he's still fallen short.

"I'm definitely capable of being there," Bynum said. "But I just have to be a little bit more consistent and stay healthy longer."

--Mark Medina

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you wrote: However, the one factor to remember is that the only reason that the defensive strategic changes worked was Drew was ready to play starter minutes. The same changes with Pau at center would not have had anywhere the same impact. In fact, I recall Phil stating that that no Drew was part of the reason why the team did not make the changes earlier. Interesting that the defensive suggestions came from an assistant known for his offense.

my response: I respectfully disagree. The one factor to remember is that
the Lakers had had two multiple game losing streaks, the fans were up in
arms and everybody on the Lakers was pissed.

You can certainly argue that the defensive scheme favors having Bynum at
C. You can *not* make the argument that the defensive scheme would not
have worked with Pau & LO.

re: Not making the changes earlier because of Bynum absence. I respectfully
disagree with that. No coach wants to see his team go on 3 or 4 game losing
streaks. The actual words of the Lakers players & coaches *clearly* point to
a lackadaisical attitude that permeated the team. Pau pouting because Kobe
wasn't practicing. If all it took was Bynum's return the coaches would have
said ... things will change as soon as Drew get's back. That is not what they

If Andrew Bynum makes the all-star team, it won't be on his own merits, and it will cheapen the honor both for more deserving players who made the team, and for more deserving players who didn't make it, but simply play at smaller positions.

Bynum isn't even a 10/10 guy this year, but the planets may align in his favor this season because of:

1. Yao Ming's injury, decimating a western conference that is already hard-pressed for any natural centers who are just not terrible, let alone all-star calibre.

2. The ridiculous, position-based voting system that seems to mandate that Stern name a center, snubbing over a dozen far more deserving players who do not play at the center spot in the West.

3. The fact that L.A. is a major market, and Lakers fans have been voting in Bynum regardless of his legitimacy as an all-star this year.

@HOBBITMAGE... “You can certainly argue that the defensive scheme favors having Bynum at C. You can *not* make the argument that the defensive scheme would not have worked with Pau & LO.”
Hobbit, here’s where we will have to agree to disagree. In my opinion, all you have to do is watch what happens when Drew goes out and Pau takes over at center. Suddenly, the other team attacks the paint because they know Pau is not physical and does not want to draw fouls. As a result, the Lakers interior defense suffers and layups and dunks become easier for other teams to make whenever Drew is not manning the center position. JMO.
@LROB ... I did read West’s comments and I do think Blake is going to be a great pro. Nevertheless, he still has major areas of weakness that he will have to overcome to be as great as his supporters are claiming. What really pisses me off is how so many Lakers fans think it is no problem for Drew to wait another year or two to make it but that Blake deserves it after a half of season for a losing team. If these fans would give Drew the credit that they so easily throw at Blake, I would not be so pissed and disappointed. I would love the guy to be a Laker but if I had to chose between him and any of the Lakers Big Three front court players, I would go for any of the three of the Lakers players, all of whom have accomplished more. But each for his own. Join the Drew for Blake Griffith bandwagon if you wish. I prefer the guys we have. Blake may be injury prone, too.

I guess Andrew Bynum is being unappreciative of Andrew Bynum's efforts now too.

appreciate this kids honesty.

If you vote on play as of today, he's the best center in the West. If he was on another team without Kobe, Pau and LO he'd be averaging 20 points easily.

He'll get there. I'd rather him be a champion than an all star.


Yes, Andrew Bynum is indeed a "Bynum Basher", who is "ungrateful" and "unappreciative" of his own contributions. How dare he use logic when noting the amount of games he missed. Get outta here Bynum! You are not a Bynum fan, nor a Laker fan if you don't think you should be an all-star this year!

Drew - Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. If you continue with the attitude you've displayed this season and continue to improve....the Lakers can be scary the next few seasons.

The PSP knew this was coming. The PSP would like to personally thank Drew for being realistic unlike some of our fellow fans here, and send him a couple of playboy bunnies to 'work out' with.

The PSP does not understand why some of our fellow fans choose to become rude and defensive when another fan makes intelligent, fact based observations on why there may be others more deserving of Yao's All Star spot.

Jon K, the PSP posed a question to you a couple threads or so earlier. You haven't answered yet! ( The PSP is trying to get you into a fight with 888 ... The PSP kids! The PSP kids!)

PSP Officer


Yes, Andrew Bynum is indeed a "Bynum Basher", who is "ungrateful" and "unappreciative" of his own contributions. How dare he use logic when noting the amount of games he missed. Get outta here Bynum! You are not a Bynum fan, nor a Laker fan if you don't think you should be an all-star this year!

Posted by: LAKER TRUTH | January 27, 2011 at 04:14 PM "

LOL. On a more serious note I don't want to be disrespectful or turn this into a big argument but what Bynum is saying about himself was the same point we were making.

It's not hating on Bynum or dissrespecting him, it's the facts. He did not win the fan vote and he has only played half the season. Such a player making the allstar team is probably nearly unprecedented.

Bay to LA,

you *know* facts are not allowed when talking about Bynum.

we need to be careful here. That attorney will show up and thrash us
within in inch of our lives for daring to use facts when talking about
the intangibles that Bynum brings.

No Facts Allowed!

or is it: Only the Facts that Fit

You know it could be: If the facts don't fit you must acquit ...

I digress.

Laker Tom - I know Bynum's your guy, but I'm a little (just a wee bit) surprised that you can't understand how someone could support and appreciate Drew's contributions and yet not feel he warrants being on the all-star team.

I'm an NBA fan that appreciates players on teams other than the Lakers. No need to start up any bandwagons because I feel Blake is more deserving than Drew.

63 Footer - The Liver Birds definitely put an S on me. They do rock...the drummer was working out. But since you brought up peanut butter here's what I can offer. He veered away from his jazz-rock-fusion roots for this one.

I'm going to have to agree with Andrew. As I mentioned in the morning post, his contributions with the Lakers has been tremendous. But his body of work is cut short because of how many games he missed.

LRob - I give it a 10 cause you can dance to it! Great track!! Funny, funky and peanut buttery goodness.

Andrew is a limping dead horse if you ask me, the past two ships the team carried him. His stats are not AllStar caliber and he is not all that. The media has done a great job in keeping him in the spot light, he is right when he says that he is not that good, at lease he is honest about him self unlike the Fans the corrupt LA townn the media, get it right people. Tell the truth when writing about your hero that he is a zero.

>>>3. The fact that L.A. is a major market, and Lakers fans have been voting in
>>>Bynum regardless of his legitimacy as an all-star this year.

I made this argument a couple of weeks ago.

but consider this:

What is the BIGGEST market in the country? New York... right?

So if the only reason Bynum is second most in All-Star voting is just a population difference, then Why aren't Danilo Gallinari and Ray Felton starting for the East (or even in the top 2, like Bynum is)?

There are more people in New York than in Los Angeles, so if the "big city vote" theory is to hold up, then Gallo and Felton would clearly get more votes than smaller city players like Houston and San Antonio and Oklahoma City and Atlanta (and even Boston).

Felton, who should make the All-Star game bench with his improved play this year got less votes than Milwaukee's Brandon Jennings.

New York population: 19 million
Milwaukee population: 953 thousand

The truth is that it's not just the size of the city, but the number of fans OUTSIDE the city of the team or the player. The Lakers have a lot of fans who don't live in LA. The Spurs have a lot of fans that don't live in San Antonio. Thus Tim Duncan and Andrew Bynum get a lot of votes.

A. B. is maturing nicely. Love this kid he knows what time it is. NBA solves it glut of All-Star deserving forwards by having Gasol & Duncan fill the 2 center slots, both play the hole often.

Then the 5 forward spots will go to Durant, 'Melo, Grif, Dirk, & Love or Lamar. Case closed.



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