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Andrew Bynum breaks a sweat

Considering his well-documented injury, it's curious that Celebrity Sweat is showcasing the workout routine of Lakers center Andrew Bynum in a DVD slated to be released Feb. 1st. Then again, the series first featured Nelly, a hip-hop artist who shows he definitely has the muscles but isn't exactly an athlete.

Nonetheless, Bynum's trailer below features several interesting tidbits, such as how he grew up idolizing San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan, enjoys playing tennis, prioritizes endurance training over strength training and that his pre-game routine entails both working on post moves and reading a book.

-- Mark Medina

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WHEW!!! . . .

Glanced at headline with "Bynum" and "Breaks" in it ... took my breath away!


Nelly uses steroids.

I think that's perfectly clear.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


There's the center of the upcoming decade right there.

Hope some of Drew's strength training rubs off on Pau...


Laker Mike - lol my apologies for making you slightly nervous

Oh my gosh, LakerMike I'm right with you bra ... I logged in here and read the header "Bynum Breaks ..." and my heart damm near skipped a beat. You got me MM (and I bet a bunch more as soon as they hop on here).

Tom Daniels,

Thanks for the clarification.

Nelly was a minor league baseball player in the Cardinals organization. That's not exactly Bynum's level, but better than most people.

I used to see Nelly at LA Sports Gym. Seemed like one of those guys that tries to get real big to compensate for being very short.

I'd like to see Drew add a little more strength. He could put on 15-20 pounds of muscle and be the next Shaq (overpowering) but with a decent mid range shot, touch around the rim, and no hack-a-drew because he can make free throws. Heck he's only 23 and at 25 would be a beast down low. As long as his knees stay in shape, he's the league's next dominant big man.

A. Biggie, putting in work!! Love it!!!

LakerMike and PurpleHeart - Ditto

Yup...seeing the phrase "Andrew Bynum breaks" immediately causes the hearts of Laker Nation to jump in our collective throats. Although if you REALLY wanted to get a rise out of us, MM, you would have added ... after the word Breaks and before the term A Sweat.

Back up off my homeboy (literally) Nelly! We both hail from the great city of St. Louis, MO! Y'all mess with him...Y'ALL MESS WITH ME!


Wow...a level of maturity. Kareem must be rubbing off.

Trolls abound. Times are good.


I thought Drew's workout would include the carrying of Playboy Bunnies.

These are the kinds of brilliant ideas superagent David Lee approves.

I'm sure some posters here are surprised to see Drew break a sweat!


Please delete those inappropriate comments above.


@ MAMBA24...

Belated congrats to you, buddy! You did make me grin upon learning of your personal, 3-peat, nuptials! Actually, about ten years ago, I married a couple for the THIRD TIME! The first was a private ceremony with just immediate family (needed marital status for college scholarship). A few months later, a second ceremony with all the pomp and circumstances of a church wedding (only a handful of people knew the couple was already legally married). A few years later, they broke up and divorced. Then, as fate would have it, they reunited and were remarried. Still together to this day!

Here's hoping THREE IS A CHARM for you and yours as well! lol


MM... Thankyou

A. B., a reader & a follower of Tim Duncan...I love this kid more & more each day.


"There's the center of the upcoming decade right there."

God, I sure hope so.

He is the key to our continued dominance next year and beyond.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


This one's for you, Drew:

Are you fricken kidding me?

Like I didn't need more ammunition to loathe these guys.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


@Jon K.
What a stupid waste of money. I thought Shaq would be saving his pennies since he's shelled out many millions to his ex- wife.


"Shenanigan" My bad!


Eric W,

What happened? No BLAH BLAH BLAH from Hobbitmage about Drew's work ethics?

It's always good to watch our heroes do their stuff... thank you MM

I like the fact that he's developing a mean streak, becoming an intimidating factor in the paint.

I'm glad to see Drew is putting his time in at the gym. There have been other videos of his workout out there on YouTube and he seems to be fully committed to maximizing his athletic capabilities through conditioning. Of course, it doesn't hurt to have two notorious gym rats on his team (Kobe and Ron-Ron). If he wants to stop losing his matches against Dwight Howard, another hard core gym rat, Drew has to outwork Dwight in the gym in order to win the battle on the basketball court.

For Drew to become a star in this league, he has to put in his work, on the practice court, in the film room, and in the gym. I think he gets that. Playing with the hardest working player in the league and getting some early coaching by the best skilled basketball center ever hopefully set the table for Drew to be a great player. The jury is still out, but it's a good path for Drew to be on, even with injuries setbacks that he's encountered along the way.

Great to see Drew putting the work. Results should follow. If this kid works hard, he'll turn his potential into an every day reality of dominance. I wish he'd convince Pau to go to the gym with him. Maybe if he brings along a couple of Playboy Bunnies?



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