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Yes, one last Sasha Vujacic post

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the Lakers blog, we have one more Sasha Vujacic post for you. is reporting that New Jersey Nets Coach Avery Johnson wanted to activate the newly acquired Vujacic tonight but couldn't because the players cannot be used until everyone passes their physicals. And the Rockets are still waiting for Terrence Williams to pass his physical.

When someone suggested Williams might be late for his physical, a group of reporters laughed.

"That's not funny," Johnson said. "Just make sure you report that all of you guys laughed."

With Vujacic inactive, the Nets only have three guards: Jordan Farmar (that name sounds familiar for some reason), Devin Harris and Ben Uzoh.

--Houston Mitchell


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So many people are complaining about losing our late first round pick to New Jersey. How quickly some forget.
The last two late first round picks we had were Sasha and Farmar, who never quite fit in and wound up in Jersey anyhow.
Or am I forgetting Brian Cook?
Seriously, great trade. I never liked Sasha much - he had all of Kobe's attitude but none of his skills to back it up. Let's see if he can actually score and defend with the Nets or if he just keeps pounding his chest on every hoop, arguing with the refs on every foul call, and not much else.
Joe Smith? It'd be nice if between him and Ratliff we had one healthy big body to back up our big 3 in case of injury. Though I still think keeping Mbenga would have been the best option.
Anyhow its good to see Drew back and the boys playing well again. And God, its good to be back.

Nice answers to the early questions for Joe Smith. He's a vet. If his body stays healthy for the year, he'll be some help here and there and in the locker room. I like that his son is stoked about him coming to LA - something to brag to the other kids about in school. Very cool for all of them. And, with luck, the entire Lakers squad as well.

Also Toney Douglas, third guard for the Knicks, chosen with the Lakers' first round draft choice in 2009 that they sold to the Knicks.

I always thought Sasha and Farmer had strange and strained chemistry, if any. Both were on the same bench, yet when on the court they seemed to be in different ball games. Don't get me wrong, I liked them both for different reasons, but I have to say I like our bench MUCH better now without them.

It will be interesting to see how their "chemistry" plays out, now that they're both on the same small team again.

Why, why, why couldn't it have been Luke instead?

all i know & care about is that sasha will get some "run." good luck "machine" & thank you for your contributions & the banners at staples center.

I get the feeling Sasha is going to thrive in NJ and get a bigger contract than he did three years ago.

InDaFridge - absolutely. When those guys were on the floor together, Sasha would be Jordan's very last option. How many times would Sasha be wide open, jumping up and down frantically, waving his arms... and Jordan would pass it anywhere else. To DJ, to Powell, out of bounds if he had to, haha. Shasha's already talking about doubling his output and Farmar's probably thinking, "not on my watch, motormouth". Still, I'll miss the machine. Comic relief and a deadly outside shot when they were falling.

Vujacic mentioned Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov, general manager Billy King and Johnson, and talked about the Nets' vision for the future, saying hopefully he can be a part of it. Chances are, he won't -- he is operating on an expiring contract, after all -- but he said all the right things.

"I’m honestly really excited,'' he said. "I’m really excited about (being traded). Like I said, I’ll do my best to bring whatever is needed to a team that is in a little struggle right now. I remember, we played them a couple of nights ago, and they just couldn’t finish… They just need a couple of things. It’s a young team, and I think they’re heading in the right direction.''

Vujacic was given jersey No. 20. He said there was some significance to the number, but wouldn't elaborate.

sasha rocks! I will miss him forever! He and Artest saved the finals!

I wish Sasha the best. I hope he proves himself in a contract year.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


I agree with Mr.T, why couldn't it be Luke instead!!!!

Hey 63Footer

Great minds think alike!

7. Best improvement of the night? Ron-Ron. A cardinal rule of Basketball, if you are missing jumpshots from far away, then get closer to the basket! Kudos to Phil for using Artest to set picks, drive and dish, and run around in the paint when Bynum is not in the game. Ron is a great interior passer. Sure Artest was more comfortable in the Pacers fieldhouse last night so he looked great, but he looks to have a new role in the offense, a role that I have advocated for months. Play Artest in the paint, have him drive the rim often, shoot or dish, let him post-up, let him bang around the defense to create space. Artest is a bowling ball and a great compliment to the beauty of the triangle passing (Kobe/Pau/LO).

Artest can create space for his own shot, its in his NYC bloodline where basketball is played more like football. I so much enjoy seeing Artest play in the paint, setting picks on the bigs, posting up anyone smaller than him, making excellent interior passes, getting rebounds and that’s just on the offensive end! This dude is very comfortable playing in traffic in the paint. I have wanted to see this type of interior passing ever since Fish stopped driving to the rim, and (due to the wear and tear) Kobe saved that part of his game for the playoffs.

Also when Ron hits a few shots inside, he then shoots the longer jumpshots with confidence, and he gets fiestier on defense. Kudos to Phil for designing this new facet of the offense, it certainly sets the tone for the game and loosens up the defense. Bring on the Heat and Celtics! We're ready!

I always thought Sasha and Farmer had strange and strained chemistry, if any. Both were on the same bench, yet when on the court they seemed to be in different ball games. Don't get me wrong, I liked them both for different reasons, but I have to say I like our bench MUCH better now without them.

It will be interesting to see how their "chemistry" plays out, now that they're both on the same small team again.

Posted by: InDaFridge | December 16, 2010 at 07:46 PM

It's interesting that these two guys were the fuel of the 2007-08 Bench Mob, but that even though they were young, they regressed rather than improve together. I think what you state has a lot to do with that regression. Perhaps this was a wake up call to Sasha and perhaps they will both reflect on this and return to the compatible backcourt they formed that season and give the Nets a boost. I wish them both the best.

I wish the best for Machine, but I can't help but think he looked a lot better than he was because of the people he was playing with.

Good luck Maria!

they should have packaged walton and given them a few draft picks to jersey and begged them to take the 2 of them. good riddins!! now let's play basketball!!

Dear Sasha (fondly known as "The Machine"):

You contributed in your own way to two championships with the Lakers. For that, we would be ever grateful. You continued to work hard and never complained about minutes even though you were on a contract year. We wish you all the best with the Nets. This deal, though disappointing it might be on its face considering the fact that no player in his right mind would want to part ways with the Lakers, it might very well work out for you. You have the talents and the tenacity to stay in this league.

Good luck,

i am now a nets fan but still a fan of ron ron

I will miss shasha! It should have been luke walton!

Can someone PLEASE explain to me why Phil Jackson likes Walton so much? Okay, so the guy can make a nice pass here and there, but his outside shot STINKS! I swear to God, you would think after 7 years in the league he would have developed a consistent outside shot by now!!!

This guy is ridiculous!

Why doesn't Walton have an outside shot by now? WHY????! Even Magic worked on his outside shot after he entered the league -- as we all know, he had none to speak of when he first broke into the league. The same can be said of many players not on Magic's level. They enter the league with no outside shot and over time they develop one!!! This over-paid fiend, Walton, after all these years, can't knock down an outside shot if his life depended on it!

Sure, when the Lakers are up by 20 he'll knock down a 20-footer, but if the game is close or if the Lakers are behind, FORGET IT! He will never make a shot -- hell, he won't even take the damn shot to begin with, for he's too chicken, so makes a "nice" pass to someone else with the onions to take a shot with the game on the line.

Why can't the Lakers trade this guy? Perhaps because no one wants an injury-prone small forward who's slow and can't make a damn shot! Oh, but he can sure make a "nice" pass or two!

The nets would not have taken Luke Walton due to his non-expiring contract and his back issues. Sasha will be one and done in NJ. Nets wanted the first round pick to trade next year in hopes of getting a quality player. Phil seems to like Luke who does a few good things on the floor. If Joe Smith could not see minutes for the nets don't expect any contributions from him other than garbage time minutes. The unknown in the trade is the euro center who may come to LA next year.

Good luck Sasha! Sasha never had the sustained play time to get any consistency. Playing behind Kobe in his prime is a tough assignment. It will be interesting to watch him play in New Jersey. Go Sasha!
Tony Sassi

Luke Walton is NEXT. His poor performance and inability to play like a five year NBA pro shows big time. He has no skill except to turn over the ball and shoot air balls.
He should be done end of tis year unles traded before that.

Machine I will miss.
Machine want ring in New Jersey. But
Machine bait for Carmelo.
Machine go to Denver.
Machine look good in Snow Boots.
Machine happy.

I think bill walton has some thing to do with keeping his little boy with the lakers. aren't pj and bw best friends?, mmmh, this looks fishy

Bill Walton,

Please teach your obscenely over-paid son how to shoot the goddamn ball from the outside! This is ridiculous! By this time in the NBA, some seven years, your son should've developed an outside shot, for Chrissakes! This is nuts! No one respects his shot, so the man covering your boy always leave him alone on the outside and doubles on Kobe or someone else.

How did Luke get this ridiculous contract in the first place?! Something about GM Kupcake stinks here, like the way he stunk it up by signing Devan George to that ridiculous contract back in 2002 when he could've gone after a free agent like Chauncie Billups, which would have gone a long way in preventing the 2004 Finals collapse against Detroit.

Luke, learn to shoot the goddamn ball from the outside!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not like you have to get another job to support yourself in the off-season!!!!!!!!!

This is so freaking ridiculous!!!!!!!

I pray Luke's next. Not only has he inherited his father's disintegration, he could never get the Zen [which in sum translates do it NOW, STOP THINKING]. THE most constipated Laker of all-time. Should i shoot? The closest defender to me is in the other court. I could dribble it once and shoot it...or should i pass it? Should i throw it to him? Or should i throw it to him over there? Jeez, i got 4 of my guys in the key now. OMG they're gonna be called for 3 seconds. WhatdoIdo?! TicktockticktocktickTOCK THROW THE DAMN BALL ALREADY.

>>>Why doesn't Walton have an outside shot by now? WHY????!

For the first half of the 2006-07 season, when Luke was fully healthy and a starter, he was averaging nearly 50% on his 3-point shots. He got injured mid season and has never really been fully back to that level of health or play since. He finished that season with reasonably good shooting percentages of 39% on 3-pointers and 47% overall.

This season, he's barely played, and when he does he has certainly stunk up the place with his shooting (currently 11% on 3's). I think as the season goes on, he'll get back to his usual level which is about 33% on 3's and 44% overall, which is a shade below average, but not terrible.

And I will point out (once again) that in the 2009 NBA finals, Luke shot 80% for the series. So he came through when it mattered most. (and in case you're wondering, Luke is a career 45% shooter in the finals).

I'm telling you , this is all part of Prokhorov's plan to reconstruct the 2009 Lakers with Brook Lopez playing the role of Pau Gasol and Carmelo playing the role of Kobe.

After acquiring Carmelo, he will trade for Josh Powell, then Trevor Ariza, then he'll sign Congo Cash and Vlad Rad and Sun Yue. And finally he will add the crown jewel... Luke.


Wow. There's an immense amount of Luke hate in this thread. I guess the departure of Sasha put a HUGE target on Luke's back.

Please recall that Luke has the special "Walton no trade clause". No team wants him so the Lakers cannot trade him. LUKE WALTON WILL DIE A LAKER, most unfortunately. And for this reason, I will never warm up to GM Kupchak. He put us in this mess and PJ became his father.

i guess the lakers had to trade sasha because what team
would want fisher or luke.good luck sasha maybe your new
coach will recognize your talent.because pj is stuck with
a 60's mentality.

I can't believe all the hating on Luke..I would guess all of his problems are based on his bad back. What can you say about Sasha, someone said it on this post perfect. All the attitude of Kobe, but not 25% of kobe's game.

the Machine, maybe he was a machine in practice but Never in a game when it counted. and please don't mention the two free throws. yes, that was good..but that's it.

Luke is a humble man with an expensive contract..Sasha is an A#$%^&, with an expensive contract..and can't hit the open jumper. that is why he got traded.





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