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Tweetable items from Phil Jackson's press conference previewing Lakers-Heat game

December 25, 2010 |  1:49 pm

Phil Jackson on Miami Heat

On Kobe Bryant's demeanor since the loss to Milwaukee: "I sensed anger in Kobe, obviously, but I didn’t sense a lot of anger in our team. I think they were disappointed in their effort, obviously, but I didn’t sense that kind of anger that rises in a team when they know that they really disappointed themselves."

On how Ron Artest has been preparing for matchup with Miami and ring raffle: "He’s been a little disconnected but I don’t think it’s anything unusual. Normal, disconnected Ron. He’ll get there. He’s got a way of doing it on his own."

-Jackson lauded Artest for his ring raffle: "I'm intrigued by Ron's aspect of his philanthropy. I like to see those things not just have a splash, but absolutely do something, foundations that actually do something. They don't just raise money and spread money out to the family of the people who raised the money, but do something and give money to people who need it.

On Artest matching up with LeBron James: "Ron has a unique form of defense. He challenges ball-handlers by attacking the ball and he’ll do it from behind, from the side, from in front, from underneath, however. He’s going to challenge people when they expose the ball. That’s his strength."on his own. He’ll come into focus."

Jackson was asked if he'd host an hour-long special announcing whether he'll retire after the season: "No. Thank goodness. I don't think they have television in Montana."

On Bryant's shoes: "I haven't seen them, but I heard the vibe around them."

--Mark Medina

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