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Ron Artest to donate part of his salary to mental health charities

Lakers forward Ron Artest is saving up his money and waiting until July 1, 2011 to figure out what to do with it.

But this isn't because of a possible NBA lockout. That's the date he'll decide how much of his $6.79-million salary he plans to donate to charities benefiting mental health awareness.

"The lockout has nothing to do with it," Artest said before the Lakers' 87-86 victory Wednesday over the Clippers. "It's just the season. I already got enough publicity off the ring. It's time to focus on the season."

Artest is referring to his current charitable effort where he's raffling off his 2010 championship ring through his website, where he says bidding has reached about $500,000. He also had a party following the Lakers' game at the L.A. Live's Conga Room to raise money for the effort, and plans to announce the winner Christmas morning. He acknowledged the large number of fans who expressed genuine concern for raffling his ring away, including his wife, but Artest said she had no problem with donating a portion of his salary.

"We lost $7 million before, unfortunately," Artest said, referring to the money he lost for his 86-game suspension in 2004 for his involvement in the Malice at the Palace. "But at least it's going toward something good."

Just when it's hard to conceive how Artest can top himself, he somehow does. We're not talking about his funny and random comments, such as his contention that he'd love Clippers forward Blake Griffin to dunk on him ( "I hope he dunks on me and puts his shoulder on my face") and that he'd actually purchase the poster ("I'd buy it and tell him to sign it. I don't care"). He'll always offer plenty of those. But it's hard to fathom which effort -- raffling off his championship ring or donating his salary -- is a more serious sacrifice.

With the Lakers scheduled to meet President Obama on Monday at the D.C. area Boys and Girls Club to celebrate the team's 2010 championship, Artest remains hesitant with sharing with Obama his belief that there should be more resources so that all children have affordable access to therapy. But he acknowledged President Clinton and Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) shared interest in what Artest called his "turnaround" when he received the keys to Las Vegas for his work with Xcel University, which works with community centers and schools to identify high-risk students. He also appeared at Eastmont Intermediate School in Montebello, where he spoke to students about the mental-health issues he has dealt with since age 13 and promoted the Mental Health in Schools Act, which plans to be reintroduced to Congress in February during the 2011 legislative session and would provide $200 million in grant funding involving mental health issues.

Artest had envisioned these efforts during his time with the Sacramento Kings (2005-2008), where he organized free group counseling sessions for children, and then posted videos on YouTube so other children could identify with similar problems they may have experienced. But he feels the momentum picking up even more, thanks to his latest efforts.

"It's appreciated and a blessing," Artest said. "Obviously I would like to have more, but it's definitely appreciated. It's going to make an impact regardless. It will snowball and have a domino effect later. It will have a domino effect real real soon, once people see what's exactly going on."

--Mark Medina

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Ron I want you to stop this ISH NOW!!! It' nice to be generous and all but STOP IT! I don't want you waking up one day and saying what the heck did I do all this for. Your Ring, now your money! Just stop it now!!!! You may be a millionaire but a million aint worth as much today as it use to be and it is going to be worth less tomorrow. Pick a charity and then get a good Lawyer and financial advisor - MVP888 - and let him advise you on how you can donate and help others without hurting yourself. Now once again STOP THIS ISH NOW!!!!! carry On!


I think I ate there once, really overrated, IMHO. :)

The older he gest the more important it gets for him to redeem himself from his Indiana days. If you ask me, he doing a D@mn fine job of it. He is becoming one of the most beloved characters in the LA Sports scene. I also think he is LIKING IT!

Ron can do whatever he wants with his salary, but I think that the sentimental worth of a Lakers championship ring that you were a part of is priceless.

Ron Artest is real class and puts his money where his mouth is (pun intended)not like other fake charity donors who give for publicity and tax write off.

This guy is just full of surprises.

I really think his heart is bigger than his brain.

You can't help but love him.

Great win, feeling under the weather, gotta do some writing before the weekend ends and attend a wedding (plus my sweetheart is returning from her first semester in college)so I may not be around during our (hopefully) victories.

Thriller is awesome.

He's a fricken role model. Can you believe that? I know. It's true though.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Ron Ron is a real good man...I'm glad that he has found some balance in his conscience...

Now if he can find that shot back...we would have balance on the team too...

Hold on to your money, Ron.

Warmest Regards,

Antoine Walker

Ron is awesome. When you compare this to Latrell Spreewells yacht or Gilbert Arena's shenagins, or even Lebron's posse mongering, it seems like a great investment. Besides, if Ron really gets hard up, he can crash at my place anytime.

I don't think that's how you spell shenanagins.

Oh well. It's that kind of day.

Artest, the Laker.

Hey guys. Just wanted to give a heads up. I've made the comment in a few chats and threads but just in case: With the Lakers beginning a six-game trip Friday through Dec. 19, I figured that'd be best to go on vacation and visit a high school friend and family just before the holidays. The Times's sports department will chip in with posts throughout the day and will run the live game chats through G Snap. Whenever pertinent, our Lakers beat writers Mike Bresnahan and Brad Turner will file posts from practice.

I do plan to post one more item sometime later tonight, but I'm trying to run a few errands since I'm flying tomorrow. Beginning tomorrow morning, the Times' sports desk will take over and then I will then return to the blog first thing Dec. 20.

Thanks for a fun start to the season and I'll see everyone soon!

Ron Ron's generosity is truly commendable...guy's got such a giving heart. Wish more pro athlete's would follow his lead.


I hate missing the 2nd half of games. Woulda luv'd to have seen that game winner. As I've been sayin' for some time now... DFish is M.O.N.E.Y.!!!!!


Still, I hope to see a better effort on the defensive end on this upcoming roadie and lookin' forward to seein' what difference, if any, Drew will make in that regard.


Now for today's entry in the 'across the pond' oldie but goodie.(via U.K.) Enjoy!

Soul II Soul - Keep On Movin -

Soul II Soul - Back To Life -

Soul II Soul - Feel Free -

Soul II Soul - Intelligence -

Soul II Soul - Move Me No Mountain -


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

MM - have a great time. Thanks for all you do.

MM- Have a great vacation!

Ron Artest is a pure class act. It's funny, when you look at him you wouldn't think anything of it. But I just love stuff like this. It's true, mental health is severly under looked on the grand scheme of funding.. I sincely hope he is able to make a difference.

And we all know that who ever wins the ring is going to return it LOL.

Or maybe they will auction it off again for another charity, who knows. I hope it's the ring that keeps on giving.

It's great too see that the last 2 layups Fisher has made in recent history have been for W's.
However, I'm not in agreement that this one game winner From Fish could mean....
HCA throughout the playoffs.
game 7 of the WCF at home.
HCA in the Finals.
playing game 7 of the Finals at home.

For one, It's not a given the Lakers will even have HCA in their own conference, let alone the entire league. Boston, San Antonio, and Dallas are playing extrememly well.
Second, the Lakers have played the weakest schedule of any NBA team so far this year. New York has the second weakest strength of schedule and are 14-9 with a 6 game winning streak.
Third, if were going to give credit to Fisher for winning this game, how many games do we credit him for losing a game.

In the Lakers 6 losses this year here are Fisher's stat lines

Dec. 01 2-9 fg 5 points 0 rebounds 1 assist 2 to -13 (+/-)
Nov. 30 4-6fg 8 points 1 rebound 2 assists 2 to -8 (+/-)
Nov. 28 2-8 fg 6 points 1 rebound 5 assists 0 to -6 (+/-)
Nov. 26 1-7 fg 4 points 2 rebounds 0 assists 1 to +3 (+/-)
Nov. 14 2-6 fg 6 points 0 rebounds 3 assists 0 to -8 (+/-)
Nov. 11 3-7 fg 8 points 1 rebound 4 assists 0 to +5 (+/-)

How Many?

Have a great vacation and I hope Dan Loumena stops by.

Don't mess with the allumbrados since they may have special RFID chip for you :-))

JustaLakerFan - "Don't mess with the allumbrados since they may have special RFID chip for you."

I like the ones with sour cream the best.

Hey JLF and everyone,

I'm never far away. I read your comments all the time. And, yes, I will be contributing and running game chats, etc., during MM's vacation time.

As Mark said, we're prepared to keep the blog moving along with posts throughout the day while Brez and Brad bring you practice updates (OK, let's say it, the daily Bynum watch!).

Now, back to some more work and hopefully a Blazers victory (I have the game on one of our TVs in the office right now).

Catch you tomorrow evening for the Bulls-Lakers game.

Good to know Dan. Thanks. And although there is no cure yet for being a Blazers fan, I do hear that they are making great strides towards long-term remissions.

I follow Jeanie Buss on Twitter. She shared this article by Scottie Pippen. He has some very kind words to say about Coach Eleven Rings and the Lakers. Enjoy!

Mark Medina,

Have a great vacation.

We'll hold up the fort.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Dude.. You Lakerholics on this blog are full of it, The lakers are not that good at the moment. This upcoming road trip 3-3, that's just the way it is.

Kobe haten on Fish, Thriller really need a doctor something is WRONG. Mamba24 is right about this one, Man STOP now, their are so many ways to help mental health.

Ron Ron... you're own family looks like they need that cash, now quick acting crazy (KOO-KOO) for choco puffs. You'll in up like Iron Mike and so many other, and you know Kobe not givin up NOTHING.

MM-Dude..You take alot of time off, Their about 100 bloggers on this site would love to have your JOB. Will work hard for half the salary, six- seven days a week. Five threads per day easy, you can be replaced. Have a great time.

Hey Troll Man,

You know what they say about wins and losses? One player can't lose a game for you, but one player can win a game. I know that's a simplistic way of saying it's a team sport and one guy can be a hero but nobody should be the scapegoat.

But the only game where it appears by your statistical analysis that Derek Fisher really hurt the Lakers' chances of winning was the Dec. 1 game where he was minus-13 in the plus-minus category. And if I'm not mistaken, there's always four other players on the court when he's out there.

I know DFish is a hot-button topic on this blog. As they say, he is what he is. A solid veteran floor leader with a suspect defensive game, particularly against some of the Western Conference stalwarts like Billups, Westbrook, Nash, DWilliams, CP3, Parker and, heck, even the Blazers' Andre Miller.

And he's going to either pile up some quick misses or makes each game because it's obvious that they run some sets for him to get some quick open looks, because if they get DFish going, you know Kobe, Pau, Lamar, et al, will always find their range.

And, I'll admit it, my son Derek played varsity basketball wearing uniform No. 2. When he mentioned that he couldn't think of any famous sports stars who wear No. 2, I said there's two Dereks playing right now with some hardware on their fingers -- DFish and Derek Jeter.

That's good company.

Justa Hater - try not to live up to your namesake.

Ron I want you to stop this ISH NOW!!! It' nice to be generous and all but STOP IT! I don't want you waking up one day and saying what the heck did I do all this for. Your Ring, now your money! Just stop it now!!!! You may be a millionaire but a million aint worth as much today as it use to be and it is going to be worth less tomorrow. Pick a charity and then get a good Lawyer and financial advisor - MVP888 - and let him advise you on how you can donate and help others without hurting yourself. Now once again STOP THIS ISH NOW!!!!! carry On!

Posted by: Mamba24 | December 09, 2010 at 04:22 PM

I second that notion. Ron, stop wasting your time with trying to bring attention to yourself and let your game do your TALKING. We get it: You're grateful for the therapy sessions but now you've become obsessive and it's SICK! Keep your head in the game and don't get caught up in the stardom that is La-La land. You don't need to be a freak show or an attraction and then wind up like Rodman. One "Rodman" was enough now get out there, bring home another 'chip, keep the ring and your money! Hunts Point Baby!!

Well deserved break Mr. Medina. Enjoy & we'll "see" you on the 20th!

@MVP - Thanks for posting the article on Pippen discussing Phil. For my money Scottie was always underrated especially his bball IQ.

That article got me thinking about the 2000 showdown between LA and the Blazers (sorry Dan). Remember Phil lobbied hard for the Lakers to sign Pip that off season. Then the two of them shared a nice war of words during that epic 7 game series including PJ calling Scottie the lead jackal of the Blazers. Here's an article to reminisce on...

@MM - enjoy your time off.

@Dan - Good to have you back for awhile. There are a couple other decent #2 in the league in Joe Johnson and J. Kidd. Or if he prefers a younger player there's Darren Collison. Probably the most famous hoopster to wear #2 was Moses Malone with the 76ers.

@S Perkins
Ha! You make me laugh. When you come back down to reality and join the rest of us here on planet earth, maybe you can write something interesting or insightful.

...Well..., maybe now I'm just blowing hot air.

Posted by: mclyne

You wouldn't know insightful if I hit you over the head with it.

Guys - Thanks for the love, well at least from some of you :). Will have to follow up on Dan's solid argument. I don't think it's a secret Derek won't win defensive player of the year awards. But you need to understand that a. very few people stop quick point guards, b. there is something called help defense and c. fish is actually a good defensive presence in terms of deflections and filling passing lanes. Just don't ask him to defend off the dribble. In fact, some of the more legitimate grievances involving Fisher are his shot selection and drives to the lane. That being said, the ability and willingness to hit clutch shots and his utmost respect in the locker room can't be overstated enough. Speeches and having good relationships may not result in baskets, but it helps team camraderie and professionalism. Lots of credit goes to Fisher for past three seasons for there lacking drama on the team

Also, I put up a post not too long ago. I hope you enjoy it. Talk to you guys soon!

Thinking about all that Ron does really makes me smile. What a guy! What's different about him and many other NBA players is that he never outgrew his ghetto "Say Queensbridge!" But, he didn't outgrow it in the right way, instead of all the money, he realized many people need a helping hand.

The guy has become a revelation.

This is for each and every who has posted a comment regarding the subject of Mr. Artest and Mental Health. PLEASE...PLEASE unless you have walked in the shoes as a family memeber or an individual with mental illness, DO NOT make judgement of Mr. Artest in any way or form. Without even his ring or his salary just the fact that he acknowledges on national television his gratitude to his psychatrist tells me that he has and does walk this walk that so many others of us do. Tahnk you Mr. Artest and may God continue to have His Blessings upon you.

Charitible donations are Tax Deductible. Its Ron's money to do what he wishes. I rather read a story of this nature then one like Antoine Walker who threw his money away on foolishness. Get off Ron's case and try to save the few pennies you make.

For all y'all beefing w/Ron Ron for doing this, this oughta silence you with the quickness:

Luke 6:38
"Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”

Darn near every Sunday I've heard people quote it. Ron's actually DOING IT! Who can possibly hate on this?

@Laurie, Thank you. I had a brother who was mentally ill and suffered for years, homeless, broke, with nothing. Until anyone has lived like that or known them personally, they can't truly learn compassion for the mentally ill.

Ron's generosity shows not only generous compassion but also the realization that you can live more like a king if you have contentment in your heart than by having a crown on your head.

Ron Ron is da man! keep it real brother..

Someone who should be donating their money to the Lakers organization is ...

Video Game Bumyn!

We cannot get another Big, because of his Albatross Contract Drowning Us!

Showcase the Big Wus than trade him for anything,


JustaLakerFan - "Don't mess with the allumbrados since they may have special RFID chip for you."

I like the ones with sour cream the best.

Posted by: 63 Footer | December 09, 2010 at 09:59 PM

@63 Footer,
Dang I had you pegged as a snatas sullahp cream eater. Those chips are chunky.

Way to go for donating part of Ron's salary to Mental Health Awareness for schools. Never heard of him before but he has my respect for an awesome act of kindness and dedication to a most important cause.



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