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Ron Artest plans to come up with ways to make LeBron James mad in Lakers-Heat matchup

Ron Artest refused to watch the Heat-Suns game on Thursday, opting to spend time getting ready for the holidays. But there's one thing he knows very well about LeBron James.

"He plays better and he entertains more when he's upset," Artest said of James.

Which is the exact reason why he wants to find a way to make James angry when the Lakers host the Miami Heat on Christmas Day. In Artest's mind, "It's best to get people's 'A' game so then if you play bad, you can't make excuses." So at some point during the Lakers' game on Saturday, Artest will do and/or say something to get under James' skin. But he's not going to share what it might be other than to say, "I'll do something tomorrow to make him mad."

That leaves it to me to help out with a few suggestions.

1. Announce James as the winner of Artest's championship ring raffle. At 11 a.m., Artest is scheduled to announce who will win his championship ring, with the funds going to mental health charities. He's already raised $600,000, and it's going toward a good cause. But it'd be funny if Artest jokingly announced James as the winner and proclaimed he needs it because this gives him the only chance to have a ring.

2. Give James a hug before the game. Artest sarcastically asked a reporter if he should do that after he fielded endless questions about Miami following the Lakers' 98-79 loss Tuesday to Milwaukee.

3. Clap chalk in James' face. After all, it's a custom for the King to do so before the game. Now he can be on the receiving end of it.

4. Remind James of his own NBA rankings. Artest boasted at the beginning of the season that Kobe Bryant is the league's best player, followed by Thunder forward Kevin Durant. But when asked where he would rank James, Artest replied, "You have to ask him." When pressed further, Artest said with a smile, "I only count to two. I've been out of school for 10 years. I only count to two."

5. Artest can remind James of his tweet when he announced his decision to go to Miami. Artest sarcastically tweeted, "What team did lebron go to?"

6. As he runs up and down the court defending James, Artest could recite the lyrics to his song "Champion." Something tells me it would be pretty aggravating for Artest to recite the first verse after each defensive stop: "Moment of silence for the champions."

7. Artest can reveal to James that he actually was the person hosting an anti-LeBron party this summer in New York. Although Artest made it clear in a statement he wasn't associated with the party, it never hurts to lie if it gets under an opponent's skin.

8. James plans to debut on Christmas Day the newest pair of Nike shoes called LeBron 8 V/2, a bright red shoe with green shoelaces called "Run on Red." Kobe Bryant might be stealing James' spotlight by debuting the Nike Zoom Kobe VI shoe in Grinch colors, but he doesn't have to be the only one. Artest can find a way to steal James' shoes and wear them himself for the game. If Artest can't pull that off, he can always toss James' shoes much like he did last season to former Lakers forward Trevor Ariza

9. Bump into James, just like he did with Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra and former Cleveland Coach Mike Brown.

10. Artest should just do his job. As much as he prides himself on matching up with the best players, Artest struggled to defend James last season, allowing him to score an average of 31.5 points in two games. Lakers Coach Phil Jackson simply wants Artest and Matt Barnes to contain James, limiting his defensive rebounds and points in transition. Focusing on that task could prove more valuable than worrying about how to upset James.

--Mark Medina

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You provided an interesting grouping. I think most fans are a combo of two of the categories. For example, I'm about 65% #1 and 35% #3.

I'm very confident this team will 3peat if healthy. But the championship teams below were confident they're repeat also:

1986 Lakers - After winning in Boston in 85...I thought a repeat was imminent. That team ran into a buzz saw in Houston and after winning the first game, the Lakers were swept. (I sensed the team was over confident and lost to a more athletic Rockets team that took control of the paint and series. Once Houston saw they could beat the Lakers their confidence soared and perimeter players even shot better. Remember how well Lloyd, Levell and Wiggins started shooting. We said they couldn't keep hitting, but they did.)

1991 Pistons - They had whupped the Bulls in the playoffs repeatedly. They were the two time defending champions. The Bulls were consistent all season finishing 1st in the East. The Pistons ho-hummed their way to 3rd in the East, and said they would raise there game in the playoffs. In the playoffs the Bulls had HC and won the first two games. The Pistons said "no worries" they would win back at home. The Bulls won both games in Detroit and swept the series 4-0.

2003 Lakers - 3 time defending champs going for the 4peat. Team won despite HC in 2001 in SA and 2002 in SAC, thus HC was would not be a factor. This team had proven it could win anywhere at anytime when the chips were down. They finished 5th in the West. Won a tough series in the 1st rd 4-2 over Minn. Next up were the Spurs. The Lakers had swept them in 2001 and beat them 4-1 in 2002. So what was there to worry about. SA held court winning the first two at home. The Lakers responded and did likewise to even the series. SA won a tight gm 5 at home for a 3-2 lead. We all knew the Lakers would win gm 6 at home and go back to SA and take care of business just like they did against the Kings in 2002. The Spurs blew the Lakers out in LA. Remember how poor Horry shot in that series (2-38 from 3pt), we said he couldn't keep shooting that poorly...he was Big Shot Rob...but he did.

Posted by: LRob | December 24, 2010 at 06:46 PM

Why can't Ron shut up and let his play do the talking?

Ron can make Lebron mad by playing him real physical. Or how about dropping a lot of 3's in his grill.

Last year Ron played defense tentatively vs. Lebron. He let LB be the aggressor. Lebron's is a lot quicker than Pierce and Melo, and his quickness was a problem last year for Ron Ron.

mclyne - check out Ron's interview rapping a few verses of your favorite Christmas song...

Christmas time in Hollis Queens
Moms cooking chicken and collard greens
Rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese,
Santa putting gifts under Christmas trees

Blog catch up

@63 Footer – That Lightning Seeds was cool. I hadn’t heard it before.

@mclyne – Good version of “Always on my Mind” by the Pet Shop Boys

@Wes – Nice one by the Commodores. You’re right he could write those ballads. For about a 3-4 yrs he was as hot as anybody in pop.

@2Phatt – Thanks. Yep, no worries vs. the Heat. Lakers got too much size and depth, and Miami has no one to match up with Lamar.

@Art – She was cute, can sing and has amazing stage presence. What a blessing! I fold…lol.

@Mamba – thanks for posting the “greatest” Christmas song ever, but I think mclyne beat you to that Alvin and the Chipmunks classic earlier today :-)

@Mr. Krinkle – great song by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

@Laker Peace – Thanks for that timeless message of peace from Mr. Lennon.

Earlier today MM provided the link to a good article on Phil's philosophy of pacing his teams. Here's a quick excerpt talking about the Bulls regular season struggles while going for a 3peat in 93.

But early in his fourth season, the Bulls were routed by the Knicks, their main rival, by 37 points at Madison Square Garden.

"I was kind of railing on the team after the game, when Michael (Jordan) said, ‘Coach, we've got them measured. We'll be all right. We just have to bring the energy level up,' " Jackson said. "It wasn't as easy as that, but we did. We found a way to win the third one."

MM, you're right about #10 but #9's my favorite. What I wouldn't give to see Ron shoulder past LeBron... it would go viral instantly and become a Christmas classic, the gift that keeps on giving.

LRob- your the man on the day and night Crue, as Mamba24 would say....Carry On Sir.

Ron Ron need to just shut up, before LeQueen drop 50 on him.

#9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OR Scola him during the game.

Following is a 20 year look at the conference seeding of NBA champs attempting to repeat....

90 Pistons won- #1 seed
91 Pistons lost- #3 seed
92 Bulls won #1 seed
93 Bulls won #2 seed
94 Bulls Invalid due to Jordan’s retirement
95 Rockets won #6 seed. Won 4 series without HC
96 Rockets lost #5 seed
97 Bulls won #1 seed
98 Bulls won #1 seed
99 Bulls Invalid due to breakup of the team.
00 Spurs lost #4 seed (injury to Duncan)
01 Lakers won #2 seed
02 Lakers won #2 seed
03 Lakers lost #5 seed
04 Spurs lost #3 seed
05 Pistons lost #2 seed
06 Spurs lost #1 seed
07 Heat lost #4 seed
08 Spurs lost #2 seed
09 Celtics lost #2 seed (injury to KG)
10 Lakers won #1 seed


Summary - only one team that finished lower than a #2 seed in its conference has repeated as Champions in the last 20 years and that was the 95 Rockets. Of the 9 teams that repeated here are there conference rankings.....

5 teams were #1 seeds
3 teams were #2 seeds
1 team was a #6 seed

Also, it should be noted that the Celtics of 69 repeated despite being the #4 seed. They were a veteran championship tested team like the 2011 Lakers.

Merry Christmas to all my fellow laker fans and haters.Here's to us unwrapping a laker win tomorrow.Nothing sweeter than being a laker fan down here in miami heat country and winning against the heat tomorrow.

I hope ron do shut his mouth and play tomorrow and stop trying to get lebron upset.D up ron, and let that do the talking for you.

Go lakers!

Did a quick Bio-Chrono analysis of LeCursed...

Here's how you upset him:

1. Make fun of the fact that he looks like an illbred bulldog. (Make fun of his appearance.)

2. LeBron's ego is very important to him. Remind him that he is not special. That he is over-rated.

3. Talk about things he doesn't understand or know about. Insult his intelligence and education.

4. Remind him how much people hate him.

That will work.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Oh dang, thanks for reminding me. You think they would have called me to let me know about winning the raffle already, do they give you any warning? It would be pretty hard for them to get a tv crew to my house in this weather.





i have to work 12 hrs tomorrow..however i will be streaming the game...
cant wait.

lakers will down the heat doubt about it....kobe is going to be up for this game.

All Artest has to do is sent Barnes at LeBron, Lebron will be caught off guard, Barnes is too scrawny compared to LeBron to do a man to man body up, and Matt is just as good if not better than playing "mental" Mind Games!!!!

Friday will be a 3 Act Play,
1st Act, Artest peeving off Lebron.
2nd act, Barnes peeving off leBron;
3rd, Kobe .... the shoes... will be the Eastern Green Mamba...."the almost never touch the ground"..... or maybe Kobe can be a "Boomslang" snake, a dangerous snake found in sub-Sahararn Africa.....timid, but spectacular.

I think the green of his shoes will throw off the 3 children of Miami, they'll be wondering what is Green doing in the Staples Center...should take about 4 years for those guys to finger out.....

Jon K. - what, no #5?

#5 - ask him about his mama!

63 Footer,

Better yet, ask him about his father.

I got the inside scoop on LeBron's "dad". Not a good person.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


OR Scola him during the game.

Posted by: justanothermambafan | December 24, 2010 at 08:07 PM


Justa, I think only Fish can Scola someone. Am I wrong on this?

mgeezy - yeah you're wrong. Fish taught the team everything he knows. That way the Scola can come from anyone - keeps the opposition guessing and off-balance that way.

All of the above is fun stuff and makes for fun reading. But creating bulletin board material for your opponent is not how to play or win the game. Ron's comments show he still doesn't grasp the Triangle, which is about playing the game in the moment.

I much prefer The Mamba's pre-game silence.

The game will be won or lost on how the Lakers play the game, not LBJ. We all know the Heat come in ready to prove they are prepared to assume the mantle. But what about the Lakers? How many games has this team lost because the other team wanted it more? Let all the statements be made on the court.

Bring it on. Merry Christmas. Go Lakers!

Yes most of the brands do give out samples of their products. Look for "123 Get Samples" online and get the samples. They are the best. You wont need CC.

Posted by: karenduffy | December 24, 2010 at 10:40 PM

Thank you Karen. You posted this just in time for my last minute Christmas shopping. Whew, I don't know what I would've done without your email.

OK, then there's a fourth category called "The LRob Approach."

Merry Christmas!
Posted by: KobeMVP888 | December 24, 2010 at 06:47 PM

Lol...Merry Christmas MVP.

@London Laker - Merry Christmas and God Bless.

@63 Footer - I never heard that duet with Rosemary Clooney before and also thought it was first sang in White Christmas. Thanks for the edumacation!

Merry Christmas and Goodnight all!

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | December 23, 2010 at 10:01 PM

.........Right now, the Lakers, Spurs, Celtics and Heat all fit that description (all-stars and Hall of Famers). Given the number of 50-plus win teams, I think the NBA is deeper today than it is given credit for and I think history will judge it that way.............
........My contention is that the 90's were watered down due to expansion, yet the league still did not have the influx of international players as the most recent decade. Expansion teams: Hornets and Heat in 1988-89; Magic and Timberwolves in 1989-90; Raptors and Grizzlies in 1995-96. Yet the 90's are considered by many to be the NBA's greatest decade because of one player and one team.
888 when your not a patronizing b-hole, you do come up with some interesting takes. I totally agree with your point of view.

Merry Christmas


All I want for Christmas is for

justanothermambafan to stop insulting herself and Laker fans

wink wink


All I want for Christmas is for Justanothermambafan to stop insulting herself and Laker fans wink wink TM Posted by: Troll Man | December 25, 2010 at 01:15 AM
AW HELL NAW!!!!! Do I have to start Christmas off with this ISH????????? Sir with all due respect, drink some egg-nog, take a percoset, a little Vodka maybe, hug your family. The Fabulous Justanothermambafan could never insult Lakers fans or herself. Besides the Lakers one of the main reasons most people come to this Blog IS the FABULOUS JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN!!!!! I know she's the reason I DO!! I mean, I know you got to keep your Troll rep and all but ...SWEET JESUS MAN!!!! Can't you at least give it a rest during the Holiday season when people are trying to find and spread a lil happiness,even while facing severe hardships and crisis in their own lives. People are dying, losing their houses, going bankrupt and you're getting bent out of shape over a game. A FREAKIN GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In the spirit of The season I ask you give it a rest for today. Now i'm going back to bed and rest up for LAKERS/HEAT ARMAGEDDON. I'll answer anything sent my way in a few hours. To you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays my brother.

And if anyone was wondering. All I want for Christmas is...The Fabulous Justanothermambafan. Hit it Mariah: - All I want for Christmas – Mariah Carey


Tweet of the Day (before MM gets to post his, LOL!)

After playing with Kobe , I do believe he is not human. I think he could have been a scientist! Extremely and individually tough person!

(Courtesy Kevin Ding)

Forget LeBron, this will be the Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant show. Hope to see one of the best games of the year.

Please feel free to read my blog at

Frankie C

MERRY CHRISTMAS LAKER NATION!!!! THIS IT LAKER NATION – BE AFRAID MIAMI HEAT !!!!!!!!!!! BE VERY AFRAID !!!!!!!!!! Let’s get it started black eye peas 1st choice – R U READY

(01) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - OWNER - We Got This & We Want More! Nothing but a (17th) Title will suffice.
(02) LEWSTRS - DRIVER - I'm on the "WE GOT THIS" bandwagon...
(03) LAKERLASS – RIDING SHOTGUN - No matter what universe or alternate reality I’m in I AM A LAKER FAN!!
(04) #4 - WE GOT THIS
(05) MAMBA24 - SECURITY- HELL YEAH WE GOT THIS!! Besides I got Justa's Back!!
(06) MAMBA24BG – I ride with my DAD!
(08) LROB - Sign me up. Make no mistake...WE GOT THIS!
(10) NOAH
(11) CORNER J - SECURITY - Wherever there is will find us, Wherever there is 4th quarter suffering...we'll be there, Wherever the No-mo-Bynum banditos beckon to break up the brotherhood of Laker will find... THE LAKER AMIGOS!!!
(12) utzworld – THE BANNER HOLDER – CHAPLAIN - On the line this season: Kobe's 6th ring. Kobe's 2nd 3Peat. Phil's final season. Phil's 4th 3Peat. A potential head to head defeat of Shaq should the Celtics make the Finals. The NBA record tying 17th Championship. Destiny is calling. MOVE, HATERS! GET OUT THE WAY!
(13) LAKERMIKE - LIKE FINE ART. . .--stand too close, and the brilliance cannot be fully appreciated --pass judgment before the masterpiece is complete, and short-change the genius of the process Nobody ever marvels at the canvas underneath the final presentation, but instead the magnificance of the finished product. This postseason run of the Lakers is like Fine Art. Wait, just wait on it, & behold the beauty
(14) VMAN - When Dark threatens to extinguish Light, Lakers and Celtics collide. When Good and Evil can't coexist for another second, Lakers / Celtics collide. When Love is threatened by Hate, Lakers / Celtics collide The path is clear. It's time to get ugly, turn up the tough. Pain? what pain? Injuries? Cut me. No Fear, the Suns shall illuminate our path, aid in our preparation for the battle ahead.
The Good, the Light, the Love, will Prevail... Rise Up! GO Lakers!
(15) FEARLESS - Kobe can win THROUGH his team mates. He can win WITH his team mates. He can win DEFERRING to his team mates. He can win IN SPITE OF his team mates. He can win INSTEAD of his team mates. He can even win BY HIMSELF (just ask Dallas & Toronto). Champions are forged in the 4th QUARTER. Franchises are defined in the 4th QUARTER. Dynasties are cemented in the 4th QUARTER. Sit back & watch PJ, Kobe & Fish orchestrate this symphony we call Lakers basketball to another parade down Figueroa Blvd. Hell are You
(16) ZAIRA AMATERASU - Laker Land: where all that is possible and even a lot of what is impossible happens on a daily basis. History repeats to the same patterns, but evolving from them to a more perfected reality, round after round. So we are the same: just better than last time. And we are getting better with every step more we take within the future.
(17) J24(LADYJEM(24) - To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping” basketball is a journey, teams learn about their weaknesses and strengths as they play along all 82 games. so let's enjoy this journey with our team. onto the next win.
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(29)SAMLL - I don't know why some people are harping about the Celtics' bigs. They can only play them, at most, 2 at a time. Will they play Shaq, Big Baby and KG together? I don't think so. Meanwhile, the Lakers can play Drew, Pau and LO together. So, what are you all worried about? WE GOT THIS
(30) HALOSANT - HATE the Celtics SO MUCH that I REFUSE to change my light bulbs to the more energy efficient ones, I REFUSE to recycle my aluminum cans, plastics and paper, I REFUSE to buy a hybrid vehicle, I REFUSE to stop using aerosol sprays! And WHY might you ask? BECAUSE I REFUSE TO GO GREEN!!!!Plus I leave my A/C on ALL DAY 'cuz I HATE the HEAT TOO!!!LAKERS BABY!!!!!!WE GOT THIS!!!!
(31) PURPLE & GOLD REIGN - Do I really have to say it? WE GOT THIS!!!
The default setting should be: Go ahead and ADD me to every Lakers Bandwagon there is! My Fan-dom may not extend as far back as some of the elder members of this Blog (who vividly remember the West/Baylor era), but my Devotion to the Los Angeles Lakers takes a back seat to no one. Cut me, and I bleed Royal Purple & Gold. I even have a fondness for the Minnesota Vikings just because of their team colors.
(33) WALLACE – Riding with JUSTA on the WE GOT THIS BANDWAGON!

Princess Jimmy, Princess Jimmy, just one more time let me see you Shimmy
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Princess Jimmy, Princess Jimmy, just one more time let me see you Shimmy
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Princess Jimmy, Princess Jimmy, just one more time let me see you Shimmy

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Lets’ Get Dirty

ARISE MIGHTY LAKERS NATION. The World is OURS!! WE GOT THIS!! 3 Heat Can’t stop 3-Peat
__________________________________________________________________________* - IT’S TIME FOR WAR!!!! * Lets’ Get Dirty
LAKERS(21-8) vs. HEAT (22-9)_SAT DEC. 25 2:00 Pm_ TV = ABC_Radio= 710/1330 AM ESPN
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Merry Christmas Blog Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mamba's roll call in the Morning and a Laker win in the afternoon. What could be better than that? Only one, and that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Every one have a special day with your families and... Cheer on OUR MIGHTY LAKER'S!

Merry Christmas CRUEsters!

Roll call ... checking in!

We got this. And even if we don't, we STILL got this!

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

@NEWMEXICOLL, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Yes never forget the real meaning of Christmas. Hope you and your family are having a truly wonderful one. Really enjoyed blogging with you this year!!!!!!
@KOBEMVP888, Merry Christmas sir! I really love that Lakerholic enthusiasm of yours!!! May you and yours have a wonderful holiday and may the Lakers DESTROY THE HEAT!!!! Carry on my brother!!!!!
@HUGO BOSS, Merry Christmas my brother!!!! Best wishes to you and your Family!!!
(01) JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN - OWNER - We Got This & We Want More! Nothing but a (17th) Title will suffice.
(02) LEWSTRS - DRIVER - I'm on the "WE GOT THIS" bandwagon...
(03) KOBEMVP888 - ALT/DRIVER - We got this. And even if we don't, we STILL got this!
(04) LAKERLASS – RIDING SHOTGUN - No matter what universe or alternate reality I’m in I AM A LAKER FAN!!


Good Morning Laker Fam,

May everyone have a safe and happy holiday with loved ones. While we all love the Lakers lets remember it still is just a game. Enjoy this nice holiday message from Ms. Houston. Watch how Jay can't stop gushing over her performance at the end.

@Mamba in the Morning - thanks for the roll call and all you do.

@Good Morning Rick, Hugo, NewMexLL and MVP.

I think we'll see a focused and determined Laker team today. I look for a big game by the Killer B's. And who will the Heat have matchup with LO when Bosh is playing center?

Besides the Lakers one of the main reasons most people come to this Blog IS the FABULOUS JUSTANOTHERMAMBAFAN!!!!!
Mamba24 | December 25, 2010 at 04:48 AM

{[(say, TFW), rolling eyes], sarcasm font}=2 x MUCH(egg nog)+percoset+vodka

especially the NEWBIES?!

Merry Christmas Blog Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mamba's roll call in the Morning and a Laker win in the afternoon. What could be better than that? Only one, and that Jesus is the Reason for the Season. Every one have a special day with your families and... Cheer on OUR MIGHTY LAKER'S!

Posted by: NewMexicoLL | December 25, 2010 at 07:37 AM


{[(say, TFW), rolling eyes], sarcasm font}=2 x MUCH(egg nog)+percoset+vodka especially the NEWBIES?! Posted by: Santa Claus | December 25, 2010 at 08:31 AM
LMAO!! This is to you SANTA CLAUS:: - HATE ME!!!!!!

I love the video, my brother Mamba 24!!! Absolutely love it!

All I wanted for Christmas was Mark Medina to return from vacation -- and it happened! Joy to the Lakers blog. . . .

The roll has been called, Lakerholics and those who like to engage the brethren are off and chatting, and the first of five NBA games (Knicks-Bulls) is coming to an end.

Just wanted to officially stop in and say 'Happy Holidays' to all. By the time my Blazers take the court against the Warriors tonight, most of you will be done hotly debating what the Heat-Lakers outcome means in the NBA universe.

Enjoy the game, live chat and, most importantly, one another. Peace to all as we roll toward 2011.

The Best Thing Artest Can Do

is to decide to play some basketball and get tire of losing because of a lack of effort, focus and determination. Bisssh

How about send Artest back to Houston?

Maybe he can be all that he can be somewhere else. He is failing with the Lakers. Gasol too that......that....... softee ..... need 2 get tired of getting shxted on



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