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Ron Artest imitates Luis Scola on Rockets post-game radio show

Nothing will ever top Ron Artest's legendary post-game press conference after the 2010 NBA FInals where he asked reporters to acknowledge him, showed giddiness over a Wheaties box and provided random unfiltered thoughts in his fun-loving way.

But this comes in at a close second.

Even though the Lakers' 109-99 loss Wednesday to the Houston Rockets marked their fourth consecutive defeat, Artest still remained in a good enough mood to joke around. A local radio station planned to interview Rockets forward Luis Scola, but for some reasons had Artest call into the show. Artest rolled with it, attempting to imitate his former teammate's Spanish accent but sounded just like Ron Ron himself.

"The accent was horrible," Artest said. "Who was the commentator? What do you call the guys? Who was the radio host? He's horrible. I had an Arabian accent. They said, 'Hey Luis Scola.' So I started talking a lot of trash."

Some of the trash-talking antics: Artest told the radio host he was going to celebrate the Houston's win by "eating some Spanish food," (even though Scola is Argentinian), that "I'm the best player in the world" and by proclaiming the "Rockets are back."

Word had already circulated among some of his former Rocket teammates, who called him expressing amusement over Artest's antics. Just don't expect Artest to carry that over with the Lakers, considering his admission that "I can't imitate anybody." There might be one exception, though. When asked if he'd imitate Pau Gasol, Artest seemed a little more open: "If somebody called me up and had my name wrong, then yeah."

It at least one fooled one person. "That might be Luis Scola," the radio host said after the interview. "I'm not sure."

--Mark Medina

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Thriller is awesome.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

It would me nice if Artest can imitate his former self. Particularly, when he played for the Queens in '06-'08. He had good fg% numbers and was still a force to be reckoned with. I know that he had a more prominent role on the offensive end with Sac., but he was much more efficient. Right now, he seems a little unsure of himself, and how he fits on the offensive end of the court. Ron is still vital to the success of this team. It's nice to have Barnes, but Artest is the better defender. If he knows that his minutes will be limited, then he should bring more energy to the floor when he's on the court. Be relentless Ron. In his case, great defense should translate to good offense.

MM, I hope you'll be front and center at Laker practices over these next 72hrs as this should mark the first real litmus test of the season insofar as Andrew Bynum's return to the fold is concerned.
He is set to begin full contact practices over these next three days, beginning with some 4-on-4 drills and scrimmages today.
This is the moment I believe we have all pretty much been waiting for.
If he looks as good as I hope he will over these next few days, and there are no setback, I suspect we will see him make his '10-'11 debut at some point during this upcoming 7-game east coast roadtrip.


What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Can I just say how much I love RonRon?? !!! He is absolutely hilarious!

Man lingerie, huh Ron? I guess you guys out there should make a note of it.

Can I just say how much I love Justanothermambafan??!!! She is absolutely Fabulous!!

Ron Ron is not WELL, entertaining yes...need to stay on his medication. Addicted to media for attention...yes, as one poster stated. He's more suited for the SPECIAL OLYMPICS than the NBA, a very true statement.

Kobe's photo-oop.... Thriller walks up on you in the shower.... Mens lingerie..... read between the lines. Just saying!!!!

Question: What is the number one app on Gary Vitti's iPhone?

Answer: GPS directions to the nearest CVS 24-hour pharmacy drive-thru.

Vitti never knows when Artest is going to run out of his meds.

for the record luis scola is from Argentina, not Spain--therefore not "another Spaniard" like Gasol. Not all tall Spanish speakers come from Spain. Duhhhhhhh



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