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Readers share their video captions for Lamar Odom's dunk against New Orleans

Below are offerings from readers who provided their descriptions for the latest video caption contest.

""CP3 got punk'd" -- no mo' platitudes

"The cameras for his new reality TV show must've been in N'awlins last night. He better be glad he made that shot or PJ would've had his head." -- EastCoastJessie

"I love how Kobe was signaling for the ball twice in that one play. LO saw his lane and took it. Decisively" -- PsychedLakerGirl

"I guess I'm in the minority on this, but I thought that play was kind of flukey. It looked to me as though Lamar wanted to pass the ball to Kobe, who was running the right wing. At the last second, Jarrett Jack appeared in the passing lane causing Lamar to kind of flip the ball towards the rim. When the ball didn't go in initially, Lamar was in perfect position to follow it in with the tip jam. Anyone that I've seen that deliberately tries to pass the ball to themselves always tries to throw the ball high enough so that it hits the board and clears the rim. Once the ball hits the rim, there's no telling where it might go. Still, the RESULTS were spectacular." -- bronxlakerfan

"Best description of jazz and that dunk: a series of miraculous recoveries." -- VMan

"I call this one my 'Wraparound-down-the-lane-up-and-over-and-Phil-can-you-hear-me-now-dunkajunk-allstar-special'" -- Corner J

"Naah it's not true PJ is never impressed with Lamar's play. PJ was one of the first to acknowledge that Lamar was the Laker in the best physical condition and ready to play at the start of the season. Phil is just not thrilled by risky fancy plays -- just get the job done (so good thing that worked out for Lamar or he'll definitely get an earful)! But LO and behold!!! I must've seen that video clip 20 times.... it was just too spectacular and totally Lamar at his playful talented best!" -- Seely_Iggy

"LAmarr does the semi, bunny hop in the pea patch, around the back, off the glass for a SLAM Dunk!!! Wow!!! Now, that's what I call paddin your stats!!! -- In honor of Chicky Baby!!!" -- jaime

-- Mark Medina

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seely - congrats on the RCOTD earlier - I know I told you that at the time you posted it, but just wanted to say it again! BTW - Friedman Award...Justa Award....JustanotherFriedman Award.... they ALL look good on your virtual mantle LOL!

I like Corner J's and Jaime's - those were really good LOL!

Enjoy the game tonight peeps!

So you have finally regained your powers! Very good carry on!!

LOL mamba24 - I just loan 'em out now and then.

That was a nice move from LO. NOH #2, Jack, fell totally into the trap.

And now I would like to dedicate this to the my Ex. Love ya P.H. _ Side By Side _ Earth Wind & Fire

wish we could see the face of Phil Jackson when LO going in the bench ...



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