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Poll: What do you think of the Sasha Vujacic trade?

As you are all already aware, the Lakers traded Sasha Vujacic and a 2011 first-round draft pick to the New Jersey Nets for veteran forward Joe Smith as part of a multi-team trade. The Lakers also receive Golden State's second-round draft selection in 2011, Chicago's second-round selection in 2012 and the rights to 6-foot-10 Ukrainian center Sergei Lishouk, 28, who was drafted by Memphis with the 49th pick in 2004 and later had his rights traded to Houston.

You've been discussing this trade in the comments, but not everyone participates in that area of the Lakers blog, so this is a chance for all Lakers fans to let their voice be heard. What do you think of the trade? Vote now.



--Houston Mitchell
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Adios Sasha thanks for the memories, (I'm thinking of year's past like 2006)

I don't think anyone should suggest we jettison Artest. He is our attack dog that can slow down the big 3's, Barnes or Ariza couldn't do that.

Trust me when we are in the playoffs and take several on the chin and some players start to shake their head (Pau) and tense up, Artest will be in full attack mode..every team needs a true warrier. I don't care how slow he gets, he just needs to bark at the right time and help the Lakers remember they are tough guys.


Thanx for the comment! Watching the game tonite and am very impressed with the Lakers! They look great in the first 2 quaters. Let's hope they keep it up for 4 quarters.

Nets are taking all of the Lakers good bench players. Maybe they will prove something on a crappy team. Good luck to them,

Joe Smith has nothing left in his tank. To give up Sasha and a number one pick is dumb. So now how are they ever going to dump Luke? They’ll have to give up 2 first for anyone to take Luke, picks they don’t have. Every time Luke comes into the game he is worth -5 points, opponents don’t have to guard him, and places stress on the other 4 Lakers. Luke is not an NBA player, I was hoping he takes an injury buy out, will this offer cap relief? Recall how Luke choked when Lakers were up 3 to 1 against the Suns.
Who was the idiot that signed him to 5 year contract?

Dumping Luke offer cap relief and allow Ebanks to develop.

Sorry to see SV go, but he'll get a better chance to play in NJ. He was worth getting under some of our opponents skin, but not enough for $5M+.

"The Lakers dont win 2 straight championships if Sasha doesn't come in and hit both free throws."

$2.5 million per free throw. That's some really expensive free throws.


This was a salary dump. Why in the hell would you give up a 1st pick with this trade when most of the team is just about 30 yrs old. Most of the team except Shannon Brown. and hes going to opt on next year looking for 5 million plus per year and some team will give it to him.

I felt sorry for Sasha last night. Lakers were up by almost 20 in the 4th and Phil wouldn't let Sasha get so final Lakers minutes. That sucked!!

a poll should be taken to see if fish and luke should be

What do I think of the trade Steve ? Not much !

Joe Smith is old, was a bust as a first round pick, Sasha is a far better scorer given the time & much younger AND they had to trade their 2011 first round - low no doubt - but to give up a young shooter & a # 1 for an over the hill bust is a bad move - I checked his stats & think he has averaged only 6 boards(2/4) over his 15 or so years & at 6'10", I don't think that's good enough, for the first overall pick in that draft.

A Kwame Clone Redux ?!

Sasha did good the first two years and then signed a big contract and went down hill. The same for Luke Walton. He signed a big contract and all of a sudden he had all these long injuries on his back and toe. Walton should be a next to go. He is useless. Sound like someone we know ?? Yeah, Bynum !!

Why do you think Luke hasn't been traded yet?

In Phil's own words - "Bill may be his father but Luke is actually my son."


This is what happens when people are emotionally constipated, they act like spoiled brats....

Stop this already and talk about baskerball and the lakers!!!!


All you Sasha bashers are incompetent retards with the BBIQ of a three-toed sloth. I don't give a rat's rear about how Sasha did this or that wrong in this or that regular season game -- the freaking guy calmly hit the TWO BIGGEST FREAKING FREE THROWS IN LAKER'S HISTORY!


Against the freaking hated pieces of garbage from bean town no less!

To me, a life-long Lakers fan, next to the end of the world through earthquakes and mud slides, it would have been the worst thing in the world for the Lakers to lose YET AGAIN to the Celtics! Not to mention it would have meant losing to the Celtics YET AGAIN for Phil Jackson and Kobe!

And BUT FOR Sasha's two supremely clutch free throws, that dismal scenario would have been a reality. Kobe's legacy would have been forever stained with TWO LOSSES to Boston, and PJ would be out of here, with his legacy stained forever as well.

All of that was prevented by one Sasha Vujacic.

For all his faults and failures, the man will forever be remembered for winning game 7 of the 2010 finals against the freaking hated Celtics (when Kobe couldn't throw the ball into the ocean to save his life.. and legacy!).

This trade makes much business sense, that's true, but some of you ungrateful, unthinking jackals should not forgive Sasha's enormous contributions in 2008 and in the Finals last year!

And who knows, if he had been treated fairly and given more minutes, Sasha may have developed into a much better over all player. Phil Jackson is one ungrateful fiend. He should thank Sasha for saving his job! Boston made Jackson look silly in 2008 and they would have done the same in 2010 BUT FOR those two precious free throws!

Thank you, Sasha!

No, louder: THANK YOU, SASHA!

Without you, my beloved Lakers in all likelihood would've choked away another finals to the freaking hated Celtics -- you can take that to the bank!!!

My advice to you Sasha, please keep your financee from Mikhail Prokhorov or she'll leave you for the billionaire. I heard Mikhail Prokhorov has crush on Maria Sharapova. So watch out for him. If I were you, I'll demand trade to another team as soon as possible.

This is a solid and smart move for the Lakers, especially since Ratliff is likely out for the year. I can thank Sasha for calmly hitting the game-clinching free throws in June to win the series--no small feat, and that alone leaves a good feeling about his time as a Laker.


I can't forget the defensive lapses in '08, especially playing bullfighter with Ray Allen to give Game 4 away (and, ultimately, the series)

- I can't forget his awful regression in '09, AFTER signing his 3-year contract. That ticked me off.

- I can't forget his childishness with the coaches last year.

- I can't forget his overall decline in play from '08 to present, and his disappointingly limited contributions to the team over the past 2 years.

He was given a generous contract, and he underperformed. The rest of us would be fired for that.

Good luck, Sasha, but I'm glad you're gone.

I like Joe Smith, think he'll fit in well with LA. I also think this move made sense for everyone so hopefully the Nets will keep building upon recent moves.

Li Tai Fang you can't look at it like X amount per free throw, rather, what it means to the team, the fans, city & Laker's overall worth that they nailed their 2nd straight NBA Championship!

It's only a salary dump, which I still say is a huge mistake! JS won't get many minutes & IF the GM had leaned on PJ to play SV, then his production would have been better.
Have you not noticed the ages of this team ? & to toss away a #1 pick is a terrible mistake - this team is going to collectively wither & die all at the same time in the very near future! & who on this bench is gonna step up ? Brown ? No, he's off to much greener pastures. Bynum whop can't stay healthy & plays to HIS own timetable, not the Trainers & Doctors & quite frankly, he's a big baby! Anyone recall when he missed a week of games a year or ago with a bad cold ?! And for him to put the team behind h9is own desires to go watch soccer & other things is a horrible team mate!

With all due respect & love for Fish, at his age, severely declining skills & his fat salary, they would have been much better off to move him & his salary & to have kept SV.

So you can all TRY & justify this deal, they need the youth, the draft pick, so what dopes Mitchie do ? Trades them both for an over the hill, bust for the overall pick in his draft, just to save a few million! Hey Mitch, look at the books; you guys won the last 2 NBA Champs, not a bad chunk of change for the Lakers!

So for those who liked this trade, what will happen to this team in the very near future with all these 32-35+ players on this team & with NO first round pick & instead of getting younger, they got older - tell us all, what will you do as GM/Owner of this team?! Due to their record, thankfully, they will be drafting very low,so no immediate help there, ya gonna trade next season Fish, Odom, Ratliff, etc ?

Good luck playing GM!

I knew it walton is pj water boy

The Lakers were not going to resign him after this year and they save 8-9 million with salary and cap fees, plus he wasn't playing.

And, who knows, maybe Sergei is a diamond in the rough.

The only problem Sergei might encounter is if the Ukrainian government requires him to become a tour guide next year and the fabulous and much anticipated Chernobyl amusement park.

Phil is no doubt the greatest coach ever, but if he is responsible for this trade (which is unknown), it was a bone-headed move. He is no good at developing young talent. Trading Sasha was a BIG mistake for the future and purely driven by $$$

Walton, please do us a big favor, please leave your place to some one that can play, you already got 2 rings just by sitting down,got over payed.what else do you want. any laker girl deserve those rings more than you do.

please walton I'm begging you pleaseeeeeeeee, leave us can go to Minnesota, there are some nice and warm chairs there, a very comfortable bench ,food is great, coach is nice ,you may have a chance to play at your level,may be they could send us kevin love or Dragich (just kidding)

I am in the minority of fans that believe that trading Sasha is a bad move for the Lakers and for Sasha. Sasha's ability to get under opposing players' skin on defense is second to none. It throws them off their game. And if you look at his playoff success throughout his entire Laker career, he only had one bad series: Orlando in the Finals in 2009. In 2008, he played great against Boston, including a 20 point performance and a game sealing 3 pointer in Game 3. Then in the Finals last year, everyone remembers the two absolute ice cold free throws he buried. He was the 4th guy off the bench last season, guys! What other 9th man could have done that? And don't forget that in the must-win game 6, Sasha scored 11 points with 2 big 3s to lead the bench in scoring...AND he had helped seal Game 3 in Boston with 2 free throws on the road, too (the only win on the road in Boston in the last two Finals against them, by the way).

Most of the "opinions" about Sasha are, unfortunately, ill-informed. "Popular" or "majority" opinion doesn't validate or make the opinion right, no more than the majority of scientists in the Middle Ages thought the earth was the center of the universe when Galileo said the earth revolved around the sun, or when the majority of people thought the world was flat, and Copernicus calculated it to be round.

Essentially, time will tell come playoff time whether the Lakers made the right decision. Good luck to the Lakers, but also, good luck to Sasha. Let's not forget his contributions to the Lakers.

Although this won't rank as a "great trade", it's another positive Laker trade by Big Mitch. Mitch has become a worthy successor to former GM Jerry West. Smith is a legit "big", something the Lakers needed, a good guy, a healthy guy, and an inexpensive commodity. Just imagine, the Lakers were able to rid themselves of an expensive & unnecessary small (Sasha, the 5th guard in a 4 guard rotation earning $5 million plus) for much needed inexpensive (less than $1.5 mill) front court depth for use against a team like the Celtics w/ both O'Neals, Perkins, & K. G., & Big Baby. Yes the trade makes the Lakers an older team (6 of our 14 players are now 30 or older), but than again this is a team built to win now and our window is closing w/our current core.

However as we all know, the Lakers are never out of it for long and the Lakers remain the top free agent destination. Just imagine, for instance, in 4 years a Laker team built around the likes of Andrew Bynum, Blake Griffin, & Deron Williams.

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