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Pau Gasol follows up on girls' spinal surgery

Lakers forward (and recently designated center) Pau Gasol had a wide smile for reasons that went beyond basketball. There were surely plenty of those, such as the Lakers' ending their four-game losing streak with a 113-80 victory Friday over the Sacramento Kings, his strained left hamstring felt tolerable enough to play and his 16-point effort on six of eight shooting, five rebounds, five assists and three blocks came in only 27 minutes.

But Gasol also appeared in an enthusiastic mood because he had a pregame reunion with Isabelle Shattuck, a teenage girl whom Gasol witnessed have extensive spinal surgery earlier this summer.

"She enjoyed it. I kept asking her if she had a good time. I think she had a good time," Gasol said. "It was really special to have her here tonight after the surgery and the experience I also had with the family."

It's come full circle for Shattuck and Gasol, whose history as a medical student sparked his interest in becoming involved at Children's Hospital on Sunset Boulevard. That resulted in him attending Shattuck's surgery even though her family knew very little about him or basketball.

Said Gasol: "It was about personal and human caring overall."

--Mark Medina

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In the future hoop historians will look back at the Pau trade as a great day for the Laker organization and the city. Class guy. Hope his hammies heal up soon.

JoeBin: So well said.

The first thing that comes to mind with Pau is 'class'. The Lakers really have done well in bringing in talented players - that are class people first and foremost.

From D-Fish to Pau, L.O. to Luke to Ron Ron, even the newcomers are good citizens from Blake to the rookies, the Lakers have consistently brought in quality human beings to the team. That is what makes them a full step above all others, it's not just that they win, they win the right way, with good people. They aren't bringing in the Delonte West's of the NBA world, they don't stand back while free-agent trio's do their GM job for them - they do things the right way.

They've done things this way - the right way - throughout the Dr. Buss era.

Just another reason why the Lakers are hands-down the finest organization in all of sports...


@MM - Thanks for bringing us this story. Like JoeBin & Cyber said Pau is 100% class.

@Cyber - Let's not kid ourselves. The Lakers aren't above bringing in players with checkered past if they believe it can help them win. Rodman is the first that comes to mind, but there's been a few others.


I don't know what to make of the Raiders defense. Sometimes they player scary good and the next week they play like a young squad. Too many penalties on both sided of the ball. Coach Cable needs to fix that immediatly. JC plays very inconsistent also, would be nice to have a solid QB.

"sides of the ball"

Another reason to love Gasol. What a class act.

Nice Pau story. I hope he's getting his rest.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

Pau i s so cool....

artest must be rubbing off on him

big kudos to Pau,

how lucky we laker fans are

That Spaniard is quite a Mench!

The "rumor" is that the Knicks are looking for a backup point guard and are trying to create some cap space and that they are dangling Bill Walker. How does this sound: Sasha and Caracter for Turiaf and Walker? It passed both the ESPN Trade Machine and RealGM Trade Checker.

Ronny has a player option which I'm sure he will exercise next season, so this would give the Knicks a guard who can back up Felton in D'Antoni's system, a big to replace Turiaf and about 5 mil of cap space. So they get what they need and we get what we need, not to mention that Bill Walker could turn out to be one of those little jewels ala Ariza and ShanWow.

It would be interesting to hear what Gasol REALLY thinks about Bynum's knee, its surgery, and recovery process as an expert on medical field.


That would be perfect trade for the Lakers. I just don't think the Knicks will give up Turiaf, and Sasha is not typical PG. But I am all for it if it can be done.

This blog is not what it used to be

Seldom do you hear from those who were once mainstays. You know the ones, controversial but entertaining bloggers who would evoke passionate and heated replies.
Instead were stuck with this fraternity of boring people being kept relevant by each others dutiful recognition.
The "reader comment of the day" epitomizes this observation perfectly. This dubious award is usually given to a small circle of bloggers who routinely congratulate each other on a rotating basis.
The best bloggers are so tired of the this daily drivel that they have chosen to stay away for the most part, and who can blame them.
Pretty soon all that will be left are the bloggers who have convinced the moderator that chasing away those bloggers that dare say something negative about the "Chosen Few Bloggers", the Lakers collectively or indivdually, or so called Trolls.... is what's best for this blog.

Here's an example of what's left of this blog

Blogger1: Hi I'm here time to acknowledge me
Blogger2: Outfreakingstanding LMAO
Blogger3: Hey congratulations Blogger4 for RCOD
1,2,5,7 9: Yes well done, You are so great
Blogger4: Thank you all, I couldn't have done it without my support group
Blogger7: Great day to be a Laker fan
Blogger2: "great day to be a laker fan" Outfreakingstanding
Blogger1: Hi Blogger2,3,4,5,6,7
2,3,4,5,6,7: Hi Blogger1
Blogger6: So glad you came out of the closet last year
Blogger1: I never meant to mislead anyone, but I sure love the attention
Blogger2:"but I sure love the attention" Now that's what I'm talking about ROTFLMAO Outfreakingstanding

My Final Words

sad what's happened here, this blog has become a caricature of itself.

sad what's happened here, this blog has become a caricature of itself.

Posted by: The Real Keen Observer | December 05, 2010 at 11:21 PM

Well, RKO, the way to elevate and invigorate this blog is to contribute elevating and invigorating comments, so jump right in. Don't let the camaraderie comments stop you. And why would they? Everyone is free to comment on whatever interests them.

Onward. Say, anybody else notice the Spurs lately? I happened to catch their game against NO yesterday and they were on fire. Last year they looked tired, worn out, and aging quickly. This year, they look like they found the fountain of youth. While all the attention so far has been out East, with the Heat and the Celts, the Spurs have turned into a major contender in our Lakers path.

Pop has always been one of the better coaches in the league, and one who quietly goes about building a solid team without attracting much media attention. Phil better start paying attention because Pop and his Spurs look like they're ready to rumble this year.

Good Morning Laker Fam,

Spurs and Mavs are really playing good ball. Can't wait til we start playing the big boys.

Feeling like a little Wham this morning. As Laker fans we're accustomed to getting everything we want...

Spurs are the real deal, however, age could also catch up to them by seasons end. Richard Jefferson is a new man! Tony Parker is having one of his better seasons, and Duncan is just Duncan. Lakers do need to take notice.

Wow, talk about a jekyll and hyde team. A win is a win especially in your division and against a "playoff" type team.

Goood Morning Lakerland! So glad our boys have righted the ship and stopped our first losing streak in YEARS. I tell you, I was feeling like this there for awhile:

A little trip down counter culture lane. I still don't know why these guys captured my imagination in the 80's, but they did.

I have been advocating that the Lakers should pursue Turiaf. He brings a true defensive presence and has played for Phil so he understands the triangle. However, he has been a bit banged up this season and we need a healthy back up. Also, Anthony Randolph, the centerpiece in the David Lee trade has not lived up to the hype, and Eddy Curry, well that's another story. So Turiaf is it for NY. I like that trade though. I wish the Knicks would shop Azubukie instead of Walker though.
Let's not forget, that it was the Knicks that showed interest in Shannon during the offseason, hopefully they won't try to acquire him via a trade. I know the Lakers won't part with him but it could kill trade negotiations.

A Keen observation from above:

'sad what's happened here, this blog has become a caricature of itself'.

So true. It's like going to a church social,
where everyone shows up wearing their little hats
and giggles over whose turn it is to bring the crispy cremes.
It's a coffee klatch with no nads.
Then again, it is an L.A. no surprise there.
But where is a good Mr. Tienente when you need one?

Speaking of cripsy cremes,
don't think everyone else in the league hasn't noticed
the overly cushy start the league has given your ancient team.
It's like it was custom-made-to-order, which of course, it was.

Not to worry though. We know that you don't mind,
and the rest of us are more than accustomed to it.
But, could you have had it any easier?
The only surprise is that you don't have a better record.

Well, actually, I'm not surprised in the least.
The boys are old. Real old. It started showing about 5 games ago.
Now, we actually start getting into the meat of the season.
Others will get clarity about why you've been struggling of late soon enough.

Maybe it's not so bad that this board has turned into almost everything
except vibrant hoops talk after all.

As your team goes to seed (and that's exactly what it's doing),
you can still keep your spirits up,
when otherwise, they might plummet.

Just play 'Name that Tune!'

Go Kings!
Go Ducks!
Go Manny, go!
Go Mike Teniente, go!

(Insomuch as you can't manage to keep an NFL team down there,
the Trojans should play the Bruins again in a Christmas Bowl...they can call it the 'Loser Bowl' Ha Ha Ha...oh that's so funny!)


If the Lakers are old, what is the Kings excuse? Where is Reke this year? Is Cousins a head case? Nah, I'm sure the Queens are waiting for the playoffs to show us who they really are. Meanwhile, the Lakers are hoping they make the postseason! It's tough being a Lakers fan.

With a bit more training, perhaps, Gasol can perform Artest's much needed lobotomy.

Good Morning Sonny. With the Lakers Fourth finals appearance coming up this year, I understand totally why the NBA would give the Lakers an opportunity to early in the season to enjoy an easy schedule.

We have entertained the entire NBA for years and play ALOT more games than your Kings. In fact the Lakers went to Europe in preseason (wondering why the NBA wouldn't want the Kings to go).

As always, your spin is like a fart in the room. Oh, and welcome to the NCAA Championship game. You're Number 2, you're number 2! Don't blow it now, this is your chance to join the big boy party. IF Oregon wins, it will be their FIRST!

LakerPeace and LakerJ

I though about all those things and both of you bring up extremely valid points. The key to that deal for the Knicks would be the cap space, but they're winning. The question is whether they see enough potential in Caracter to replace Turiaf and the other points you raised.

I came up with it out of boredom last night. It will never happen.

LRob - Wham? Not the Wham!?! I almost didn't know what to say in response, and then it hit me:

You have no one to blame but yourself.

JohnnyV - great call. I listen to the live version of Homicide a bunch for some reason. I come back with the U.K. Subs:

I watched the Spurs (and have caught a few of their other games): Pop's done it again. They look like a post-season Pop team. I don't know if age or injury will hit them (I hope not, I wish neither on anyone, most certainly the Lakers), but I could see some amazing games if we matched up against them. We're theoretically better, but they're playing great right now.

@MVP – Sasha and Caracter for Bill Walker and Rony…I’d do it in a heartbeat, but I’m sure the Knicks wouldn’t. Knicks are playing really well right now. Felton has stepped up. And all those that thought Amare couldn’t thrive without Mr. Repeat MVP think again.

@Johnny V – 999 was pretty cool. Glad we’ll have no need for homicide in Lakerville…lol

MM, hate to be anal, but you are the guy who's being published around here. :)

You used the wrong "girls". Her apostrophe should be before the "s" in the headline.

girl's instead of girls'

The second one, of course, would be *their* apostrophe. Neat trick, huh? Place the apostrophe after whom it belongs, you'll never forget that way. I actually made that one up myself (taps puffed-out chest).


@LakerJ: "If the Lakers are old, what is the Kings excuse? "

The Kings aren't even born, yet. They are still yet a twinkle in their owner's eye.

How cute!


@63 Footer - Lol. Don't know if I would put Rick Astley in the same league as George Michael.

The Spurs are playing well. They're pushing the tempo more. Gary Neal has been a good addition. Him and George Hill give them some youth, and RJ is playing much better than last year. Their problem still will be how to deal with the Lakers size.

Right now I see Dallas as the biggest challenge if Tyson continues to play inspired ball.

What's up FEARless, How is your fantasy squad doing? Phred got me pretty good last week.


The though came to mind when I read this blurb. The Knicks want cap space, a point guard and are offering Walker. I used to make up these trades all the time and was just having fun. I know it's ridiculous.

Awesome human quality in the lakers team... like kobe the rapist... or barnes and the domestic violence issue he's involved... or artest beating up the fans at detroit!

Such a lovely team for sure!


My team is wallowing around at the bottom of the league. Took me some time to figure out how it all works. But, I've won my last couple of matchups, and should win again this week and next. But, it looks like the damage has been done, the front runner is way out in front.

What sucked is that for the first 5 weeks, none of my players were in the top 20. Hard to win that way. Now I know what it's like to be the Kings.


@63 Footer, that UK Subs clip was awesome! LOL, loved it!

LRob - it was all I could do in the face of the awesome onslaught that was Wham!

I too think the Mavs could be very tough this year (and that the Spurs will have matchup problems with us). But where the Spurs will be tough because they will play a full series of system-first/team-first basketball, the Mavs will find some way to wimp out. It's built into their DNA. Seriously, the same electron microscope I used to see the letters NBA writ into the nucleotides of Jerry West's genes, I also spotted the phrase "wimpy-wimpy-choke-choke" in double-helix on the Mavs'. Can't fight mother nature man.

JohnnyV - glad you liked it.

And now for something completely different (but still cool):

Sonny B firin' with the spirit of '05. Nothin' to discuss in Sactown, beat back the middle aged boredom by poundin' on the LA cliches. The best defense being a good offense...

I like it. Gotta admit to a bit o' boredom myself.

I'm a little concerned that Pau's official nickname "The Surgeon" hasn't taken off as it should.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.




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