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Matt Barnes' party at Supper Club caps off successful start with the Lakers

Matt Barnes walked over to the DJ, grabbed the microphone and looked out at the crowd on the dance floor.

Barnes was at Supper Club, a Hollywood nightspot that opened in September on Hollywood Boulevard, where his fiancée and reality-TV star, Gloria Govan, threw a party Saturday night in his honor, with some friends and family in attendance.  The party came at the end of what Barnes said had been a long day. A morning Lakers practice preceded a team clinic for children from the Boys & Girls Club in Carson and Watts, as well as the South Bay Center for Community Development. Then it was the babysitter for their twin sons Isaiah Michael and Carter Kelly, after which Barnes and Govan finally got to party.

At the Supper Club, Barnes was greeted by a sign atop the red-carpeted entrance that read "Welcome to L.A., Matt Barnes." 

Word had leaked out about the party. "I was working on it," Govan said, "and he was already getting text messages." Later, inside, Barnes, wearing a white shirt and a silver cross around his neck, held the mike and basked in his homecoming.

"What up, what up, what up," Barnes said. "I'm back in L.A., baby. I love it."

Loves it because it reconnects him with his roots; he played at UCLA from 1998 to 2002. Loves it because, as he has noted, it raises his celebrity profile; he's working on a clothing line with Christian Lucero, plus Govan has an upcoming appearance on VH1's "Basketball Wives" (Season 2 debuts Dec. 12) . Loves it because he's found a home with the Lakers, who signed him this off-season to a two-year deal worth $3.6 million. But after quickly thanking those who attended his party, Barnes neatly summed up his main reason for returning here -- as neatly as the nine points and five rebounds he's averaged in 21 minutes off the bench through the Lakers' first 20 games.

"I'm here to play basketball, and I'm here to win a championship," Barnes said. "We're going to win another championship this year."

Naturally, Barnes' confident prediction prompted cheers from everyone inside Supper Club, including people busting moves on the dance floor as well as those standing around the bar area in the back. The scene throughout the night captured L.A.: The DJ repeatedly boasted of the Lakers as "the best basketball team in the world." Barnes' play list included West Coast classics such as 2Pac's "California Love" and "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" as well as Snoop Dogg's "Who Am I" and "Gin and Juice."  And various Lakers, including Barnes, Steve Blake, Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown, Luke Walton, Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter blended in with a crowd accustomed to celebrities. Tweeted Blake's wife, Kristen, to Govan: "I must say @GloGovan knows how to throw a party. The kind that makes you want to stay in bed all day the next day."

Though Govan joked that Barnes had "become a little Hollywood," the party provided more evidence of Barnes making himself at home in L.A.  The pair walked hand in hand along the red carpet and acknowledged indefinite marriage plans only three months after Barnes was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, a charge the two publicly disputed and one that was ultimately dropped ("We're ready to stand on our own," Govan said). Barnes' longtime barber, Nick Shavott, said he'd never seen Barnes happier after bouncing through eight NBA teams and becoming frustrated with the lack of a definitive role ("It hasn't been the easiest road for him, but he perseveres"). And former NBA player Doug Christie, who played alongside Barnes for the Sacramento Kings in 2004 and 2005, said Barnes' willingness to reject the guaranteed $7 million Cleveland offered to join a title-contending roster was evidence that his priorities were in order. "He could've taken more money from other places," he said. "But he chose to come to Los Angeles because he loves L.A., and he really wants to win a championship."

Barnes has shown that commitment, boosting the Lakers to new heights. He's critical of his own understanding of the triangle, but Barnes has managed to bolster the team's bench by relying on his instincts. He creates space through penetration. He sneaks inside for offensive putbacks. He complements Ron Artest's presence on defense.  And his swing, entry and inbound passes help fuel the Lakers' well-oiled offensive machine.

"They're not going to wait for us to learn," said Barnes, who has characterized his fitting-in process as smooth and leads the league reserves with the highest efficiency rating. "We have to pick it up and learn it on the fly. I'm trying to be effective in any way possible and continue to play hard." 

After Lakers Coach Phil Jackson predicted in training camp that no reserve besides Odom would play more than 20 minutes per game, he joked that Barnes had managed to surpass that clip ever since Artest removed himself from the lineup in a Nov. 16 game against Milwaukee because of back and hip issues: "It's kind of worked against Ron because Matt has now started to play better than he has."

Though Artest has averaged a career-low 27.1 minutes per contest, both he and Barnes say they have designated a routine where they'll raise a hand to prompt the other to get ready to replace him in the lineup. Barnes testily guarded Bryant last season when he was with the Orlando Magic, in one instance faking an inbound pass toward Bryant’s face, but Bryant played an instrumental role in the Lakers securing Barnes. And though Odom took offense to Barnes' antics last season, he hasn't held a grudge and made it a point not to discuss the topic. "That's behind us," Odom said. "We're professionals. We're no longer enemies. It would make no sense to. I respect him. He played against us hard and now he's on our team."

Barnes appeared to feel that bond when he stood on stage at the Supper Club, and the good feelings of the crowd couldn't solely be chalked up to the bass-thumping rap music and the burlesque dancer hanging from a wire. He immediately reiterated something he said moments before on the red carpet.

"I'm coming to a team that has won two championships, yet these guys are acting like they haven't won anything," Barnes said. "That's the hunger that drives me and it's the reason why I'm here. I want to win a ring."

-- Mark Medina

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@Zaira – the eccentric one…PJ Harvey…/@63 Footer with Tanya….both very nice. That got me “Bouncing off the Clouds” a little.

@mclyne – Shaq will suck up to the Lakers and give necessary apology. It’s just “Not his Time” yet.

@MVP – thanks for passing the message along about “Dandy Dan”. He was a lot of fun on air and seemed to really enjoy life. I agree with 63 Footer that MNF was at the best with him, Gifford and Cossell. My prayers go out to the Meredith family and friends.

@Lew - good taste in Ms. Benatar ,but I’ll have to agree with 63 Footer on Howard Johnson…lol. George Michael is Kobe compared to Astley and HoJo.

I'm glad Matt Barnes is a Laker and I'm glad he's fitting in well both with the team and with the city as well. I really think that last quote really shows what both he and the team are all about:

"I'm coming to a team that has won two championships, yet these guys are acting like they haven't won anything," Barnes said. "That's the hunger that drives me and it's the reason why I'm here. I want to win a ring."

That's the kind of attitude that needs to be pervasive throughout a team, and I'm glad to see we have it. (not that Kobe would have settled for anything less from everyone)


On a different note, I've been reading some of the recent comments about Shaq and his Laker legacy - a popular discussion what with Jerry's statue going up soon.

I've made my feelings about Shaq clear in the past, and I realize my views are divergent with the majority of those here, but I'll state them again.

Yes, Shaq was immature. He was petty. He was territorial and he was sometimes lazy.

But Shaq won 3 titles, 3 NBA Finals MVPs, 1 NBA MVP, and 50+ games each season he was here. He was gregarious. He was lovable. He was quotable. He was charitable. He was dominant and he was the unquestioned #1 guy on those 3 championship teams.

These are all the things he was while here. And in my opinion, these are the only things we should judge him on. To judge him because he badmouthed Kobe after he left or that he played for the hated Heat, Suns, Cavs and Celtics in subsequent years is unfair and irrelevant. What does it matter what he did after he left? It does not wipe away all he accomplished while here.

I know we like to have our Lakers be Lakers forever - Magic, Jerry, Kobe, and even Kareem are "true" Lakers. But that's all the more reason to embrace Shaq once he retires. Shaq's incredible career should primarily be associated with the Lakers. We should be embracing one of the greatest talents the NBA has ever seen as one of our own. He should go in to the HOF as a Laker, have his jersey retired as a Laker, and have a night at Staples where he is appreciated for what he accomplished here. A statue? Maybe not. Kobe, Kareem, and Elgin deserve one before Shaq. But our own pettiness should not keep us from appreciating the man's accomplishments in a Laker uni.

I say all this despite the fact that I have been rooting for Shaq to fail since he left LA. He has annoyed me with his constant jabs at Kobe and the Lakers, his shots at Phil and Dr. Buss, and his irritating trend of playing for Laker rivals. But I think back to the joy he brought me from 2000-2002 and I can't help but forgive the man.

He'll always be a Laker in my book.


LRob with a couple more of your usual great choices on the music front.

I'm glad Matt's feeling comfortable. I hope it continues and his consistency continues on the court. I also hope Ron "raises his hand" a little less and hits the outside jumper a little more.

Puddle- OUTFREAKIN STANDING! Great post.

Chic with the Edie! I'll come back with the Bangles I guess:

puddle - I've run into Shaq over the years, and he's always been nice and gracious, so as much as, like you, I don't really want him to do "that" well on other teams, I still like his years as a Laker. But there are others more deserving of statues first for me.

@ puddle,

In other words, (hypothetically speaking) if my ex-girlfriend had a smokin' bod, err, great attitude, was lovable, gregarious, and dominant (!), then she should still be held in high regard? There's a reason she's my ex. Just because she was near perfect for a portion of our time together, doesn't mean she was the best fit long-term.

I'll always be quick to judge folks like this for the things they do when the yuck hits the fan... and the aftermath. Snaq is the ex-girlfriend that "runs into you" at the club a few weeks after the break-up all up on your mortal enemy. Petty. Thanks for the memories, no thanks for the night terrors.




15 years with Mrs. DBDH! and she's still got it! Woot-woot!

DBDH - be honest though, if you did put a life-size statue of you ex-girlfriend with the "smokin' bod, err, great attitude," around the house Mrs. DBDH might get more than a little ticked, eh? No more woot-woot then!

lol 63

@ 63 & Chic,

Edie Brikell... I'm not aware about too many things, I know what I know, if you know what I mean... do ya?

Bangles? Susanna Hoffs?


Well played, gentlemen, well played.


Repost: (Sorry, I didn't see the new thread.)

Here's my 2 cents worth on Shaq. He was obviously a truly great player. He also was crucial to the Lakers' ability to win 3 rings. But I'm sorry, that's NOT sufficient to be considered "one of the Laker all-time greats".

The key here isn't that Shaq became a "traitor" for playing for any other team, Celtics or otherwise. NBA players often get traded to other teams for any number of reasons. So you can't hold that against him. No, the thing that makes Shaq unworthy to be considered one of the all-time Laker greats is his total lack of appreciation for the history, organization, and "Laker-for-life culture" of the Los Angeles Lakers. In other words, by relentlessly bad-mouthing and demeaning that very culture, he himself (not us) chose to exclude himself from that hallowed pantheon of Laker greats.

NBA Hall of Fame? Sure. I fully support his inclusion there. Laker statue and jersey? Never.

DBDH - I'm bringin' back my fave though:

@ 63...

"DBDH - be honest though, if you did put a life-size statue of you ex-girlfriend with the "smokin' bod, err, great attitude," around the house Mrs. DBDH might get more than a little ticked, eh? No more woot-woot then!"

Posted by: 63 Footer


Mrs. DBDH eclipsed the phony-baloney ex many moons ago, and in turn eliminated the night terrors created by the aforementioned axe, err, ex. There is a God.

Besides, a statue is not limber enough to enjoy properly.


I like Matt Barnes a lot, like my new Joe's Jeans, it is agreat fit. This Joe's Jeans is excellent new name brand and I am loving it, better than true religion or rock and republic jeans. I'm glad I found Joe's!

DBDH - hahahahahahahahaha! Good on you!

@ 63,

Alas, ye olde company firewall makes enjoying your musical selections impossible.


"Besides, a statue is not limber enough to enjoy properly."


Funny as hell, but my thoughts exactly.

@ Kyle Lim,



DBDH - damn you firewall! damn you! (It was some early Debbie Harry, in case you were wondering.)

Hey the last 2 posters Laker J and DBDH didn't put YouTube links.
What gives, you two?

Barney has earned his right to don the purple and gold, in my book...tats and all...

He has the right ethic...and says all the right things...

My concern about his volatile temper is somewhat suppressed, but it still is in the back of my mind...

""I'm coming to a team that has won two championships, yet these guys are acting like they haven't won anything," Barnes said. "That's the hunger that drives me and it's the reason why I'm here. I want to win a ring.""

So I have to ask, who has seen this hunger so far?

Shaq's jersey to be retired? HELL YES. The man brought a threepeat after the Lakers went through a ringless drought that lasted over a decade. I remember that drought like it was yesterday. I felt like a Blazers fan. Either the team wasn't good enough to win it all, or the team didn't meet expectations come playoff time. Shaq brought championship basketball back to LA, and I will always have fond memories of Shaq ending that drought for the Lakers. It would be a crime not to retire Shaq's jersey.

Shaq to have a statue? HELL NO. Having a statue is the Mt. Rushmore of Laker greats, reserved for Magic, West, and Kobe (and possibly Jerry Buss). I highly doubt anyone on the Lakers would even consider giving Shaq a statue.

OHHHHH Appalonia!!!! Nice one!

Oh wait, Richard Marx was a guy! Ooooops!

Matt Barnes has been a great addition thus far. My only concern with signing him was his volatile temper and tendency to draw techs/flagrant fouls. So far he’s curtailed that activity so its all good.

I though his finance swore off of the NBA Wives after all the drama last year….hmmm interesting.

McLyne: First off, congrats on the much-deserved Friedman Award. Good stuff.

Your quote: "So, I watched some of the Spurs/Hornets game yesterday and the Spurs looked scary good. They are playing a more up tempo style of ball since Manu is 100% and Parker is still extremely hard to guard. As long as they stay healthy, they will be near the top of the west all season."

I agree with you 100%. I've got a good friend who is a die-hard Spurs fan. I told him at the beginning of the season that I fully expect a Lakers/Spurs WCF. The Spurs are a veteran team, and they know how to pace for the playoffs. And as much as I despise them, I respect them.

I'm excited to see the Lakers play some Spurs-caliber competition. That's just what the doctor ordered in terms of focus, energy, and execution.

Thread-specific: Matt Barnes has brought energy and hustle off the bench every game this season. I like his attitude, and I'm really happy with his addition to the Lakers squad.

Go Lake Show!

@Puddle – Amen. I agree with your sentiments regarding Shaq 1000%. He made the Lakers relevant again. If I can use a Hollywood analogy…it’s like when Tarantino made the movie Jackie Brown and revived Pam Grier. No matter what QT does from this point forward I’ll always appreciate what he did for Foxy Brown.

to make up for Richard Marx:

the peak of Janet:

This one is for Lew/MVP/63 Footer regarding their "crush"

Okay so I'll throw my....Denise Nicholas had it going on in Room 222 (see 58 second into video)...

... firewalls...

Working for the man is hard sometimes.


p.s. What about Vanity from "The Last Dragon"?

Aye Carumba!

@MM - If this is a break what happens when you kick it into overdrive?

@ LRob,

Excellent "Jackie Brown" reference. I always enjoyed "Rum Punch" (Elmore Leonard), but QT made it into his own vision and we all were better for it.

He also assembled a terrific soundtrack for that flick, as he always has for his finer celluloid delicacies. I enjoyed Michael Keaton's banter with Grier. What chemistry!

And one of Ordell Robbie's finest moments: "AK-47. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every other trucker in the room, accept no substitutes."



since Tarantino was brought up, gonna send this one out:

"@ puddle,

In other words, (hypothetically speaking) if my ex-girlfriend had a smokin' bod, err, great attitude, was lovable, gregarious, and dominant (!), then she should still be held in high regard? There's a reason she's my ex. Just because she was near perfect for a portion of our time together, doesn't mean she was the best fit long-term."


I don't think your analogy really works, even if it's funny. But let's run with it anyway.

If I had a girlfriend that somehow managed to bring me 3 of the greatest years of my life in which she was instrumental in helping me achieve the greatest accomplishments of my personal and professional life, yes, I would have to appreciate what she gave me when we were together, even if we had an acrimonious split. That doesn't mean I build a shrine to her, but I'd certainly be petty and spiteful if I were to not appreciate her and the part she played in helping me become who I was.

Just my opinion though. I'm fully aware there are those that would take my opinion and wipe their .... well, you get the picture.

Never one of my 'must listen' to artists...but after this song...I was

Which is ironic that I bring it up...I posted Pat Benatar earlier, and someone added Cindi Lauper...

Well a few years ago, I watched Cher's show here in Vegas...

Pat Benatar was a guest and she looked and sounded terrible...Man I was ...she went from one crush to the other...Cyndi Lauper was also a guest, but she didn't perform...

Instead she came out and voiced her opinion about her sister coming out of the closet...I was so turned off...I came to see a show, not some political objective...I just thought it was out of place, and not the medium to view your political views, no matter if it was close to home...

Cher's show was actually very good, more than I expected...

@Jamie Sweet - What do you mean?

LOL! I remember this video causing such an uproar back then. My, how times have changed- now today's videos are like soft core porn.

forgot to add this one to my last post:

OK, puddle, since you picked up on DBDH's girl friend analogy and went with it, I'll finish it off for you correctly (and amigos, do not try this at home, I'm a trained mathematician). (And, mind you, all this is friendly blog-head-butting among Lakers family.)

OK, so the girlfriend gave you 3 of the best years of your life (don't they always?...I mean the 3 years, not the "best" part). But what if she then goes on to have a year at time with 4 or 5 other guys in a row? What if at each hop, she made a point of burning off those 30 pounds of jelly rolls she had in the last year with you and got her previous smoking hot body back just to pointedly show you she still had it? And what if she also, at each of these bed hops not only says that each one of these bozos is "the best ever" but furthermore embellishes to all in earshot that you had one of the smallest peccadilloes she's ever encountered without a pair of tweezers and a thesaurus? What then, amigo?

You're darn right you wouldn't build a shrine (statue) to her. And what's more, you'd probably not only not hang her nightshirt above your bed, you'd most likely drench it with combustible disinfectant and burn it while toasting those three good years with a snifter of 80-proof cognac.

Last thought on this thread...

A lot of people have posted about their doubts on Bynum's dedication and how he is just a kid thinking of fun before business...

Well if he is such a party animal, and wild one...

How come he wasn't present at this shin dig...

Because he was at home, on our thread, catching up on all the 80's bombshells he missed out on:

@ Corner J & puddle,

My question is this:

How in the world can Snaq simultaneously pound on his big ol' barrel chest AND stab his former employers in the back?

Now that's what I call talent!

Can you dig it? Caaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn yooooooouuu diiiiig iiiit?

DBDH! (Snaq autographed basketball cloaked in darkness in hall closet)

CornerJ -

I guess I'd feel kinda sorry for her. After all, her behavior is a result of her own insecurities - not mine. That's pretty much how I feel about Shaq.

The "ex-girlfriend" analogies are funny but I don't think they really work for this. Using that logic, no one other than current players should really be recognized because all left for one reason or another. Whether an ex-girlfriend left because she found someone else or because she simply retired from the dating scene, she's still an ex-girlfriend and you're not putting up any statues of her for any reason.

No matter what Shaq says now, there's nothing that he could do to make anyone say "I wish he was never a Laker" and I don't think anyone here wants to forget his contributions to the franchise.

Bay to LA -

Very much agreed.

I don't, and won't, forget Shaq's contributions on the court while he still respected himselk and the game.

I want to forget how he screwed his employers, his teammates, and all the loyal fans by basically giving up on staying in shape and being a great ball player. He could have probably won four or five more rings with Kobe.

Instead, he chose indulding and engourging himself.

Bay to LA...I'm glad you enjoyed and contributed to the friendly Shaq discussion, but amigo, logic isn't your strong suit. You totally missed my explicit statement earlier that Shaq's leaving has nothing to do with it. It's not his "ex"-ness that's the problem, it's his "diss"-ness of everything Laker that's the problem.

But, hey, we can agree to disagree here. Onward to #17!

"I don't, and won't, forget Shaq's contributions on the court while he still respected himselk and the game.

I want to forget how he screwed his employers, his teammates, and all the loyal fans by basically giving up on staying in shape and being a great ball player. He could have probably won four or five more rings with Kobe.

Instead, he chose indulding and engourging himself.

Posted by: mclyne | December 06, 2010 at 02:14 PM "

Both Kobe and Shaq were too proud to compromise and make things work. They were fighting over leadership of the team and if Kobe had waited another year or two to try to gain control and Shaq agreed to become a second option after that, the team could have had a Jordan/Pippen type run.

They're both to blame. If the Lakers had picked Shaq and pulled the trigger on one of those Kobe for Kidd trades, think of how much different the opinions and landscape might be now.

Since the big traitor claims the best team he's ever played on are the Celtics, let them give him a statue. The Laker organization appreciate Shaq's contribution to the 3 peat, he's burned to many bridges. Nevvver, Everrr will this Big CLOWN stand outside Staple. Now let's move on, to much time has been givin to this immature Retard.

Barnes is great and sb used more minutes against the smaller 3's and 2's. Heck I'ld rather see him in for defense than Fish (if Kobe was the designated 3 ball shooter.)
Artest needs plays called for him that are closer to the basket, such a great rebounder and he's floating out at the 3-point line, what a waste! Get in and rebound!

I thought Barnes was stealing minutes away from Artest...

Shaq was great for those years that he played for L.A. I will always give him that. My opinion though is he could have and should have walked away humble and not bad mouth the organization that fed him and his kids and gave them the lives that they had. He could have just left and not bad mouth any of the other organizations. Soooo, saying that, the only thing he deserves is being a great Laker during the years of 2000 - 2004. Nothing more..... I would put a James Worthy statue out there before Shaq.
Shaq will do good in Boston because they are on a vengeful run to get back what they gave up. Misery loves company and that is why Shaq went there. He only goes somewhere that has a good chance of winning. San Antonio probably could have picked him up, but they didn't want to mess up the chemistry there. Smart move. Boston picked him up because they love drama and ban wagoneers.

uddles, Lron and all other Shaq lovers,

Surely no one will argue how much of an impact Shaq gave to the Lakers during those championship years and yes, no doubt, Shaq is a Hall of Famer and an NBA legend. But this is the Los Angeles Lakers, the most storied franchise in NBA history (its hard for me to count those olden days when white men exclusively ran the league and people smoked cigars on the sidelines, shot the ball with two hands and made underhanded free throw attempts).

Unlike all other teams, at Lakerdom, in the Staples Center, being in the Hall of Fame is only one of the criteria's required for jersey retirement consideration. Being an NBA legend is not good enough, you must be a Laker Legend.

You may have played for other teams like Wilt or Kareem but nobody considers them anything else but Laker Legends. Jerry West may have gone to the Grizzles but he is the Laker Legend that happen to be a GM for another team. There are even Laker greats out there that will never get their jerseys retired, like Nixon, Cooper,Green, Rambis, Scott, and Fish, but all of these players no matter what they did or do with other teams are soo identified with the Lakers you can't separate them away. Just like Bird, even though he coached the Pacers, is a Celtic Legend, Mchale is with Minnesota, he's a Celtic Legend, Jordan played for the Wizards but he is and always will be identified as a Bull. And of-course there are some pure-bred purple blooded Legendary Hall of Famer, Laker Legends such as Magic, Worthy and Kobe.

Shaq, Hall of Famer, Nba great, but simply not a Laker Legend. He played 7 years with Orlando and couldn't win. He played with Kobe, won championships, then trashed him and the Lakers and left. Played with the Heat, won one on the back of Wade, then trashed them and left. He played with two time MVP Nash on a championship contender, flopped, trashed them and left. He played with Lebron, flopped, then when Lebron left for Miami they didn't ask him to join, even though they badly needed a backup center.

The Lakers right now could use a backup Center and Shaq's skill set and price ($1million) would have been perfect and if he was a Laker Legend then definately he would have been welcomed back for a reunion and another run at a championship. But NO! Nobody wanted him, he was not even considered. Its not a Kobe, Phil or Jerry buss feud thing either, all those guys will work with anyone that helps them win, even people they had difficulty with in the past. It is because Shaq will taint the two time champions. He does not care about the Lakers. He hopes we lose.

Its ok to compete against us when you are with another team (Fish, West, Nixon, Scott, Green, Rambis, Coop) but all these guys will always be Lakers. but Shaq actively roots for the Lakers to lose.

Lakers-Celtics 08 - after the lost to the celtics. Shaq was so ecstatic, he is out in public for weeks gleefully celebrating the Laker lost and writing stupid raps about how Kobe can't win without him. What a jerk! Now the lakers have two more rings. That you know has killed Shaq. He would want any other team to win besides the Lakers, even the hated Celtics. This guy is sitting on the couch in June and actively rooting for the Lakers to lose! How can any true Laker fan want his jersey up on the Staple Center rafters?

I can understand Jerry Buss, newly inducted in the Hall of Fame, wanting to "say" the diplomatic thing. Now in his late years he wants to be politically correct and show that he is the premier sports franchise owner but as a fan i don't need to be politically correct. I'm emotional and nobody that actively roots against the Lakers should have his jersey up there. We root for other Lakers that left; Fish, he left and when we got a chance to get him back we jumped on it. He's a Laker, true and true. We wish Rambis and Scott well, even though they now compete against us because we know underneath whatever exterior they put on, they are Lakers inside.

Shaq is simply NOT. If he was then the Lakers would have brought him in this year because we badly need a backup center. Shaq's skill set and size would have been perfect for us except for two things; one, he is a cancer (phil, kobe, buss all know this) and two, he hates the Lakers and want us to lose. Why, why in the world would we honor him in the same place as the most honorable of all Lakers Legends.

I think its good enough to acknowledge that Shaq is a Legendary Nba player, a Hall of Famer, 3 time Finals MVP with the Lakers, perhaps the most dominant player in history, and that the Lakers would not have won that 3peat without him. He is one of the greatest player to have ever played this game and he should go down in history as such. He's just not a Laker. Robert Horry is a legendary former Laker player too and i know he still roots for the Lakers when he is not competing against us, but he's not a Laker either. He's a Houston dude and thats cool.

Shaq is just Not a Laker. If he was he would be with us right now. Phil got fired but came back to work together with Kobe. Fish left and came back with a paycut to work with Kobe. Most players around the NBA would love to play for the Lakers and be willing to take pay cuts to do so. ie. Artest, now in one year he is part of Laker lored. Pau is a Hall of Famer and will have his jersey retired as a Laker. Nobody will remember that he played for another team before. I love Matt Barnes and I hope he plays for the Lakers for many years and if he does he will go down in Laker history as one of those beloved hardworkers like Fish, Fox, Coop and Rambis. Love those guys. And we still appreciate the work Ariza did for us and we all would love to get him back (at a reasonable price of-course). But NOT Shaq. No way, no how. He is simply not a Laker. No self-respecting Laker plays for the Celts and then declares that Celts team better than any Laker team he played with. Jerk. I don't know really what he is? But Laker he is Not.

No jersey in Staples Center for Shaq. Its an insult to the other Legendary Laker's up there and those other Laker greats that never got a jersey retired just because its damn hard to get a jersey retired as a Laker. He was a great played and played great for us but he is simply not a Laker. A Laker Legend never roots against the Lakers and hopes them to lose. No Laker Legend is a Laker trasher. Screw him.

Let him retire his own jersey at his big 17 bedroom mansion. He can sit there in his living room, alone, weighing 400lbs and ponder, how did it turn out this way? In his mind, the Lakers should have collapsed into oblivion and go down in history as the team that traded the greatest big man that ever played the game and him and miami or whatever team he choses should have won many more titles and him going down as the greatest player of all time and kobe going down as a flop who only won because of Shaq. hahaha. Instead its really went the other way around, with Kobe with the titles and Shaq a laughing stock. Screw him, only Laker Legends get their jerseys retired. Simple as that.

i like to see kobe,artest,pau,barnes and odom playing together and odom or kobe play the point guard agaimst miami or boston...



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