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Lamar Odom noncommittal about possible reality TV show with Khloe Kardashian

Lakers forward Lamar Odom remained noncommittal when asked about a report in US Magazine that he and wife Khloe Kardashian will begin filming a newlyweds-themed reality television show in the spring.

"A decision hasn't been made," Odom said at his locker at Staples Center on Friday before the Lakers' game against the Phialdelphia 76ers. "I don't know if I'll do one or not."

He still remained open to the idea, joking to reporters that the show would also feature them asking him questions during the season. But he largely kept quiet about any possibilities, stressing "it's pretty busy during the season" and that he has no plans to film a show "as of right now."

"It's something you have to think about and be dedicated to," Odom said. "Everything we do is time consuming. Any job you have, it's a job. I'd want it to be good if I did it."

He also promised to keep the media in the loop if he ultimately decides to have a reality show.

"If I do one," Odom said, "I'll let you guys know."

--Mark Medina

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One advice, LO! Don't do it. You will be ruined infinitely!

i think when it come to benching fisher coach pj is brain can you start a poin guard who only average 4 point
and 3 asst a game and cant play defense.some one explain this
to me or am i missing something?

Reality T.V. in Hollyweird?
Can anyone say oxymoron?
And one more question:
Are they going to get naked?

Go Kings!


The gold digger is showing its fangs. Lamar wake up!

With that crazy witch mother-in-law as his creative manager, Lamar better be careful about getting suckered by her conniving ways. I don't mind Khloe, she clearly cares about Lamar and since he's been married, I actually think Lamar has been more consistent in his on-court performance.

But a reality show in the middle of the season, it'll take away his focus from basketball. This is Lamar's best year so far with the best chances of him getting the All-Star and the Best 6th man award, don't let the TV show become a distraction. Any extra time he has outside of practice and games should be spent working out, improving his game, and most important of all - resting!

@emenot: i completely agree w/ you. I mean i don't think that Kris Jenner is a bad person at all, but she does have a way of convincing people lol. Lamar really does need to stay focused on basketball during the season and not stress about a reality show. I mean if they MUST do one then wait until after the season. But truthfully, i don't think that they should do one at all. I think they make a wonderful couple and i would hate to see them have another "Jessica and Nick" repeat. He honestly appears in "Keeping up with the Kardashians" enough to be considered apart of the show so why go out and get another one. Then again, they do seem like a strong couple and seem to be so in ove that they would rather work through their differences when approched with them than just call it quits, and i'm not going to lie, if they did get a reality show i would most deffintely watch LOL. I just think that Khloe and LO should do what's best for them and their marriage and NOT money or publicity.

Sorry i agree w/ Seely_Iggy NOT emenot!!!! he's just rude!!!! Khloe is NOT a gold digger!!!! stop hating and get a life!!

Cydney - If watch that garbage you are a LOSER!!!! YOU have NO LIFE that is why you watch somebody else's life. You sound overweight and uneducated or just weird looking.



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