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Lakers vs San Antonio: Lakers get run over again, this time by Spurs

Spurs 97, Lakers 82 (final)

The Lakers were blown out for the third consecutive game, this time watching the San Antonio Spurs beat them by double digits.

L.A. trailed by as many as 19 points before losing by 15 -- a one-sided defeat that followed a 19-point loss to the Milwaukee Bucks last week and a 16-point drubbing by the Miami Heat on Christmas Day.

Kobe Bryant was angry at his teammates after the loss to the Heat. It'll be interesting to see where he directs his anger this time.

Maybe he'll point the finger at himself. Bryant scored 21 points, but was just eight for 27 from the field. He also had five turnovers and was given a technical foul.

At one point, Bryant missed 13 consecutive shots from early in the first quarter to the third quarter. He made two in a row in the fourth, but then missed his last four before taking a seat on the bench with just over two minutes left.

Tony Parker scored 23 points for the Spurs and DeJuan Blair had a double-double with 17 points and 15 rebounds.

The Lakers play at New Orleans on Wednesday night,

Spurs 71, Lakers 62 (end of third quarter)

This time, it was Derek Fisher who lost his composure and was hit with a technical foul late in the third quarter.

Fisher was upset after Richard Jefferson scored on a put-back over his back. Fisher grabbed the basketball and ran all the way up to midcourt to confront Jefferson, who now had his back turned to the play.

Kobe Bryant had already gotten a technical foul in the second quarter.

Bryant was having a horrible game. He missed his first four shots in the third, giving him a string of 13 straight misses dating back to the first quarter.

Bryant didn't make a shot in the third until hitting a three-pointer with 3:45 left.

The Lakers were a team in disarray, a team looking uncertain of what to do and who to turn to.

Andrew Bynum gave the Lakers a small lift, scoring twice in the third, and had 10 points on four-for-four shooting after three quarters.


Lakers 44, Spurs 42 (end of first half)

Kobe Bryant got into an exchange with San Antonio's George Hill with 4:49 left in the second quarter. Both players were given technical fouls.

It meant that Bryant has gotten at least one technical in each of the last three games.

Bryant was ejected from the Dec. 21 game against Milwaukee Bucks after getting two technical fouls, and he got another technical against the Miami Heat on Christmas Day.

Bryant had eight points in the first half, but all of them came in the game's opening three minutes. He missed 10 of his 14 shots and had four turnovers in the half.

The Lakers, down by nine points to start the second quarter, closed the gap primarily because of the play of their reserves Andrew Bynum, Steve Blake, Shannon Brown and Matt Barnes.

Bynum had four points and three rebounds in the first half.

Spurs 27, Lakers 18 (end of first quarter)

It was clear from the start that Kobe Bryant was going to be aggressive, that he was going to be on the attack.

Bryant took the Lakers' first four shots, and six of their first seven.

Bryant had been angry about his team's play ever since the loss on Christmas Day to the Miami Heat at Staples Center.

Still, Bryant was unable to carry the Lakers in the first quarter.

He was four for 10 from the field in the first, scoring eight points. He had three turnovers and he was called for an offensive foul.

The Lakers couldn't stop Tony Parker, who had 10 points.

Making matters worse for the Lakers was that Matt Bonner made a three-pointer just before the first-quarter buzzer sounded, giving the Spurs a nine-point lead entering the second quarter.


Pregame: Lakers aren't panicking

The city of Los Angeles is in a state of panic over the play of the Lakers, Coach Phil Jackson was told Tuesday night.

Jackson smiled, and replied: "That was on the radio? You got that?"

Jackson just nodded and said, "OK."

His team has lost consecutive games in embarrassing fashion and now has to take on the San Antonio Spurs at AT&T Center.

The Spurs have the best record in the NBA at 26-4.

"Well, we'll see how we do tonight," Jackson said. "It's one game at a time."

Jackson said the Spurs are playing a fast-paced tempo, which is different from past years when they pounded the ball down low to Tim Duncan.

 "This is a game we're prepared for," Jackson said. "We're ready to play this game. We're healthy and coming along."

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from San Antonio

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Don't the Lakers read the scouting reports? Those 3's are a big part of SA's game plan. I'm glad to see Bynum taking it to the rack hard.

Anyone in the Laker organiztion have the guts to stop Kobe. His selfish dribbling, poor shooting, massive turnovers and forced shots will leave us a six or seven seed in the West. His desire to "take over" a game in the first quarter allows noone else to get in rythm. If he can't adjust his game to his sliding skills it will be a long season and couple years till he retires.

fire phil jackson. get rid of that triangle...hire a defensive oriented coach...

trade Kobe...
This jinx started when Phil called-out that Miami will be replacing Coach Eric.

What happen was a reversal...poor Phil and the "Fake" Lakers

ok. now it's time to panic.

They're bad...

Time to start rebuilding, if possible.

I just Miami doesn't win the championship...I'd even prefer the Celts.


kobe needs to sit, he just stinks

Thank God that we lost today, although we played somehow well. This was our 10th loss, so we again couldn't beat Jordan's record!

Now we can concentrate and play our game!!!

Go Lakers Go

Man that was awful, when was the last time we scored 100?

Wow. That was quite a thumping.

Actually, it reminded me a bit of the Celtics 2008 finals vs the Lakers. The Spurs played them very tough & the refs were letting both teams play, and the Lakers kinda wilted under it.

Kobe had a terrible shooting night. Credit San Antonio's defense for most of that - they were roughing Kobe up and the refs were letting it go.

For the first half of the game, I was thinking they could hold it together and win it. But Kobe and Fish shot terribly, Pau and Lamar weren't much better, and Shannon Brown was apallingly bad.

And shooting wasn't the only problem - 16 turnovers, mostly on lazy passes.

DeJuan Blair absolutely owned Lamar.

I thought Blake and Bynum were slight bright spots, and it was good to see some life from Artest, but the Lakers still have a long way to go.

I will say this... enough talk about "we need to improve our defense". Defense wasn't bad in this game, especially when Bynum was on the floor and challenging shots. The biggest problem for the fourth game in a row was offense.

Obviously, Kobe shot poorly and abundantly.

But when Pau got the ball in the post, he SLOOOOOOWWWWED things down. He'd hold the ball and try to work slowly and deliberately, which gives SA's defense way too much time to shut him down. Compare that to the quick attacks by DeJuan Blair most times he got it.

And Shannon Brown now seems to think that when he's in, he should shoot the ball every time, and he's in a bigger slump than Kobe. Too many times Shannon would jack up a 3 with more than half the shot clock left and Bynum trying to establish post position.

Blake's shooting has been abysmal lately.

And in the second half, they REPEATEDLY made lazy passes at the top that San Antonio intercepted and ran out for a fast break. Lots and lots of baaad turnovers.

What time is the Lakers game tonight? Alright, I'm kidding. Give credit to the Spurs, they were the better team. Here's how we fix it:

-Send DFish to the DLeague (as President of the players association or whatever he is) on a one way ticket
-Tell PJ to start someone else besides Fish or he goes to Montana early
-Sit Gassedout longer during the games or send him to Charlotte for Kwamay
-Bynum showed some return in his strength except "when he looked like Shaq" at the free throw line (Quote courtesy of Lakers4Realz)
-Put gloves or velcro on KB24 so he won't lose the ball
-Tell the Lake Show players to prevent opposing players from having career games against us

I could go on and on but my life does not.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

This 1 is squarely on 24, 27 shots is only acceptable if u make 40-50%

laker lurker,

>>>Anyone in the Laker organiztion have the guts to stop Kobe... blah blah blah

So tell me, in the Miami game were you ranting about that Pau sucks ass, when he shot 0-for-7 in the first quarter and got the Lakers in a big whole to Miami right at the start of the game?

At least in the first half of this game, with Kobe (not to mention Artest) playing aggressively, they played with the Spurs and took a lead to halftime.

Yes, Kobe shot poorly, but you can't pin the whole loss on him.

Can anyone blame Kobe for those shots? Really? I'll take Kobe missing jumpers than Gasol missing bunnies, Odom missing bunnies. The only consistent Laker tonight were Thunder and Lightning [Artest/Barnes], they played great defense against Manu, particularly Ron.

Phil made some great comments about 'being calm under duress', that speaks to the real issue. The problem is that we're losing, it's how we're not drawing from the well when we lose. The guys are keeping it together, they're like glue. Ride the tide, till the wave don't come around.

Well, it is a baby step in the right direction...

For the first time in 3 games, the Lakers won a quarter.

Kobe what has happened to you? Man you are getting punished by all these guys that are not even that great. Your game is getting really bad nowadays. Kobe point the finger at yourself and Pau not everyone else. This is horrible. We are constatntly losing 3 games in a row.

Cmon Lakers I know you guys haven't been
doing the best but seriously, get it together. I'm a fan. and once a fan ALWAYS a fan.
i still have faith in you guys , don't bail out now . don't make the next game just like this one or the one before that, make a change.

like wat DJ Khaled,
all YOU guys have to do is win win win win [:
you guys got this in the bag

Normally, I wouldn' t fret this early in the season, but man, the games aren't even close so you can take away a "they're progressing at least" from them. I don't mind losing because you're not going to win 82 games but, damn ppl, keep it close! At least TRY! Hopefully, they just have the holiday blues and will come out gunning next year.

72-10 bandwagoners where are you

major overhaul this year because no one will want who's on this team next year

MELO for gasol or bynum or artest or whoever
we need a scorer

It doesn't matter about defense when you cant outscore you opponent ever.

Feisty practice helps us get T'd up nothing else. We do not accept this half-assed effort as LAKER basketball.

For you masters of panic...

I'm sure you'll be piling it on me for predicting a win tonight. And well I deserve it. It's going to take them some work to get to where they can play 48 minutes with the Spurs.

But I'm not in the "sky is falling" camp yet.

If the Lakers are still getting blown out by every good team they play by the end of January, then I'll be a little worried. But for now, I see this as part of the process.

8 for 27 shooting

To Dewey.

I forgot. As much as I don't want the Heat to win, I still don't want the Celts to win.

Oh, and by they way...

With the Farmar/Vujacic/Walton bench last year, the Lakers never got blown out for 3 games in a row like this.

Lakers coaching staff showing how out of tune they are to their defenseless back court. Phil said Lakers were ready for the Spurs, but their guards got absolutely outclassed. Brown and Blake are not good perimeter defenders and have demonstrated an inability to shoot effectively on the road. Unlike last year, Lakers coaching staff can't even call Sasha outta the doghouse, their only proven playoff performer, to right the ship...As constituted, this Lakers team may not even make it out of the first round! Seriously!

thank god we have a coach like Phil Jackson who's letting the players figure it out on their own.

We don't really need any real coaching
The fundamentals, hustle, determination, strategy, and mind-set is all there.

We just missed shots

3 for 27

SpaceJam Alert!!!

Aliens have stolen the Lakers' skills!

Shannon Brown has been replaced by Shannon Clown.
Pau Gasol has been replaced by Paul Gasohol.
Andrew Bynum has been replaced by Bigfoot Bunion.
Lamar Odom has been replaced by Omar Conundrum.
The Killer Bees have been replaced by Teetsie Flies.
And Kobe Bryant has been replaced by No-Be Undefiant.

Shake things up! Start the bench against the Hornets!
Or Shake it Up with another trade. Unfortunately, the way they're playing, who would want to trade for any of these players.

You've heard from Don't Blame Del Harris, but maybe we should hear from Dont't Blame Luke Walton.

I smell another 4, possibly even 5 game losing streak.

Bench Pau and Kobe for the rest. Start Drew to get in playing shape. Start Blake and Barnes with Odom, Drew and Brown. What's the worst that can happen? Lose 5 straight. Or maybe, just maybe a team mighT begin to form...

I've never been a Kobe fan although I'm a lifelong Laker fan. Kobe's a selfish, 3 faced narcissistic creep with an alienating personality. When he could play, he got with away with his nasty personality, but now that he's a lead foot bricklayer, his bad attitude toward teammates, opponents and refs, kills the team. His ball hogging prevents the offense getting any kind of flow and everyone else just gives up. Park the guy, help him miss the plane. Some other loser franchise will take him just to improve their attendance (briefly). Sorry a-- team these days. too bad.

at least derek fisher had more assists than points tonight


Someone needs to tell Kobe Mambrika to STFU and start playing some ball.
Quit the finger-pointing and man up.
Fisher needs to sit down at the end of the bench next to Blake, now how much money is this loser getting for two points a game.

Pau Gasol got his first foul with 2:33 to go in the 4th quarter

scared big man
fraidy cat

trade him for Melo

first i said trade bynum but I can't take gasoft any longer

I am so delirious and reading all of the comments laughing out loud. Is anyone else laughing out loud? I haven't laughed out loud like this in a long time and I'm not even drinking any adult beverages.

yeah yeah I laugh out loud when

colorado loves the lakers

and says nothing in the years he keeps saying it

i'm pissed so stay out of my way


Good analysis. It's the offense that's in the toilet. You can't fault the Lakers' effort, but in the words of John Wooden, "Activity does not necessarily mean achievement."

Plain and simple, the Lakers need to shoot better. You can't shoot 35% and win on the road. Not gonna happen. Kobe and Shannon a combined 9-38? Unreal. Duncan scores 2 points and has 4 rebounds and the Spurs win by double digits? Unreal.

will the lakers even get out of the first round?
jackson should have retired after last season

It's because we traded the Machine.

I say trade Kobe for the Machine.

Interesting how much like last year this is.

Just started a little earlier in the season this time.

Ron Artest is LOHN
the jon k comment was unnecessary

otherwise I'm with you

I bet all the marbles.....

was not me, an imposter
but we could lose 5 in a row

The Lakers just need to relax and play. Guys like Blake and Brown can shoot, but they are treating every open shot like a final exam. Relax and play!

kobe needs to look in the mirror before calling out his teammates
after this stink-fest. if he is injured he should sit, he is hurting his

Wow we Had a bad Month and you guys want to get rid of KOBE and PAU .... your guys are crazy!!!!! its not February, March , April or May ... its Dec.. hello... We are slumping but i dont see this continuing in to the next year ... we will shake it off and we will be there at the end ... Relax Ppl !!! The season is a marathon and not a Sprint!!!

blog explosion i see.

you know maybe just maybe..when we win in june...i will bring up this WHOLE blog outcry here and post it up again.

yes we play like denying it.....

i am tired of seeing kobe try to shoot his way out..he needs to concentrate on being a facilitator.

but that is hard when he isnt hitting shots.......consistently.


i hate the mavs, the spurs, i hate every team..i still love my lakers.

i laugh at all the stupid trade for melo bullshyt still..but whatever...
lets worry about the playoffs and if we play like this in march april..we wont get far..right now...there are 50 some games to play.


i am even pissed off beyond belief but i dont dream up stupid kobe pau and bynum for JR smith.

i mean seriously.

isn't it interesting that the Triangle Offense seems to bring out the worst in players?

goooooooooooooo clippers

Call me a chicken lil if you will but, tho' I'm certainly not panicking, this team has some real issues that they're gonna have to resolve...and soon. Hope I'm not reading something that's not there but, I'm beginning to sense some doubt in the eyes and body language of this team. Of course, there's still time to right the ship but, both PJ and the Black Mamba have gotta address whatever is wrong and make whatever changes are necessary to get the team back on track quickly or things could get VERY ugly real fast. Like I said, I'm not giving up on the team...just keepin' it real.


I didn't have time last night but, I'd like to send out condolences to the family, friends, and loved ones of the great Teena Marie, of whom I was a HUUUUUGE fan. She was truly an original. There are only a few rare singers who upon hearing only a few notes are immediately identifiable and Teena was one. 'OOOOH Teena Baby' , I along with all your fans am 'just a sucka for ya'.

BTW, for those who may have missed it or are perhaps interested in learning more about this great music legend, TV One is going to re-air a broadcast of a special profile of 'Lady T' from their 'Unsung' series on Thursday night at 10:00 PM EST. You can check out some clips from the show at this link.


I don't have time right now but, I'll post some of her tunes tomorrow.

R.I.P. Lady T, you'll be sorely missed.


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

get rid of fisher until then the lakers is not going to beat
any half way decent team.and jackson just dont care anymore
he should retire.lakers need a real coach who know how to
motivate his player and make the play.pau is a big sissy

Tired of Kobe and the rest of the team getting punked. When was the last time Kobe actually hit someone? So what if we lose? Send a message, SMACK SOMEONE! guy's are BRUTAL around here, I'll come back later.

@Ron Artest is Living off his name LOL what a fool.

why is trading for melo so stupid

a player who's arguably better than all but maybe 4 players in this league


and don't use the Lakers are 2 time defending champion excuse

cause their playing like a middle of the road team
this is their worst in 3 years

Kobe salary:
• 2010-11: $24,806,250
• 2011-12: $25,244,000
• 2012-13: $27,849,000
• 2013-14: $30,453,000


That is going to be one really washed up 35 year old making $30 million a year.

Listen G if you can't stand the Heat (like I do) get out of Miami, you little Goofy you.

Laughable... Not the game, both teams were ugly, no, it's the comments by jock asses and trolls. Who cares if the Lakers come in 3rd, 4th, 5th in the west? Did anyone see Boston last year 4th in the east? Gee, they were 4 points away from the title (I hate to admit). All I care about is home court in the finals, which is still possible (as well as home court in the WC - very possible still). But in the end, I'd rather see the Lakers blow teams out in their last 10-15 games, come in 100% healthy, and rest assured, no one wants to see the Lakers in a 7 game series, especially not Dallas or the Spurs. And if there is no way we can have home court in the finals, might as well start practicing in the WC playoffs. I'd rather be peaking in April, May, and June, than at 30 games in, like several other teams we can mention. 82 games people, and then up to 28 more. We can reassess after the all-star break, until then it's treading water, sorry, true, just don't get injured or exhausted treading the water...

We really need to look into moving some of these guys.....Artest, Gasol, Bynum anyone, somethings got shake things up

MM check the ip address of the imposter Troll Man at 844pm

ther can be only one

my earlier post regarding HCA and Boston; don't kid yourself we need HCA.

"We need HCA, and don't think we don't. Boston tried doing without it last year and they got close but they couldn't get past us in game seven and they were and are better than we are. I'm telling ya we need HCA, you don't get 20 more free throws than the opponent if you are the road team in game 7"

We need HCA.

It's very easy to point fingers to others and blame them. Let's see if he can actually point out his own faults this time around. Or may be he if can share the ball with other talented players in the team we won't be loosing these games.

I am not a Kobe hater, i just don't like his attitude.

@ Bob T: I think you didn't watch the game or atleast read this article, point is Kobe didn't play well either. So he is not in a position to hit someone.

There is an obvious lack of blog cheerleaders posting tonight. I'm sure they'll be back in a thread or 2 with their usual mantra of excuses.

Bottom line, the Lakers are not winning a 3rd championship. I'm resigned to it, and you?

The Lakers are looking out of sync, they look slow, or old. Bynum should have had his knee operated on during the season last year. The Lakers patched him up enough to win a championship only to prehaps sacrafice this season. Of course two years ago the rockets had won 24 out of 26 and faded,and a few years back the celtics had a big winning streak and faded. The lakers do not look like threepeaters, and at the end of games the only one who is still showing heart is Kobe. It is going to be tough to threepeat and we have come to expect it. other teams have become better
the Lakers have not.

Maybe time to admit that Kobe has slipped big time? He hasn't really dominated any games this year, has he? And Paula apparently is suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. He and Brown might want to give the WNBA a try. This team has no chance. They are about to implode and internal strife can only make them worse. As of this moment they are not even the best team in their home arean.

What part of the Triangle offense has its best feature being Ron Artest pulling up for 3 pointers, Artest taking one bounce pull up jump shots or Steve Blake taking fall away 3 pointers from the corner with a defender climbing all over him??

Phillip better get to coaching these felllas up a little bit or it will be a Cancun June

The Lakers look worse than in the Sedale Threatt years...

I've never seen a supposedly "contending" Laker team ever look so bad. Ever.

They are really awful right now and I don't see any signs of improvement anytime soon.

Sad Truth: Kobe is a shell of his former self and Pau doesn't have the nads to step up and be the main man.

I actually agree that the Lakers should really consider a trade to find another #1 player/star if they can...I think Kobe's run as "the man" on championship teams is officially over...he is now in the Shaq twilight years where he needs to play second fiddle to another star and Pau Gasol ain't that star.


Iceberg, Kobe slipped now?? we are signed up for:
Kobe salary:
• 2010-11: $24,806,250
• 2011-12: $25,244,000
• 2012-13: $27,849,000
• 2013-14: $30,453,000

4 more years of this kind of slippage?? Holy crap, this is going from bad to worse

I thought veteran teams, much less championship teams, were supposed to keep their cool? These guys have melted down in the 4th quarter of every big game this year. What happened to poise?

If you can't offset declining physical skills with increased poise under pressure then you are toast. It isn't too early to worry.


like to give kobe the benefit of the doubt for a while longer but definately agree about gasol not being that #1 star

I have nothing but love for Fish, but the Lakers need a young point guard who can penetrate to the middle to help free up some easier shots for Kobe(ex. Magic and Byron Scott). And why isn't Gasol complaining about not getting more touches?

I know I already called four in a row, it's an easy call, another beat down in Nola. But, there will be a home game against the sixers, Lakers will win that one, so no worries. After the Lakers beat the sixers, every one will be coming here to say they're back. Hey, the Lakers can beat the 76rs, but Memphis? maybe, stay tuned.

K-baby has 4 "T's" in the last three games. He keeps throwing brick after brick. James Worthy said after the game while K-baby was gunning with blanks, if he was on the floor he would've made sure K-baby wouldn't get the ball. K-baby has never learned to be a team player. He is one of the best individual player of the decade. The Lakers have some good players on the team, "deepest ever" is reported time after time. Yet K-baby remains a jerk. The team knows when he wants to glory, so they just let him fail. K-baby has NEVER won anything on "his team". Never before Shaq, nothing from there until Pau Gasol came. K-baby's six rings? Give me a break!!! He should be traded while he's still a good individual player. He can win another personal scoring title, and remain ringless on his own. Lakers can free up millions of money to bring in solid young players to go with the young studs on the team.

This is just terrible basketball. The Lakers were slower to lose balls, slower on rotations, and couldn't hit any open shots.

Mitch, it's time to get on the phone. I can't stand watching these guys miss WIDE OPEN FRICKEN SHOTS anymore.

Plus, I think an alien is impersonating Pau Gasol.
This is not the same guy who dominated down low last year.

Ron-ron is trying, but his jumper is still off balanced and off the mark.

Fish, well, I don't think I need to say anything there. Still waiting for him to contribute in any useful manner.

L.O. was missing in action again tonight? WTH, is he hitting the candy drawer again?

Kobe still has problems knowing when he's having a poor shooting night.

The bench is no where to be found- except for Drew.

Phil is not panicking, yet. He should be- I'm sick of his Zen Garbage philosophy. Do something to shake this team up, anything!!!!!! You don't get paid 12 MILLION a year to let them "figure things out on their own," all of the time.

The sky is not falling, but I feel like I'm in a nightmare everytime I watch my team play.

I guess we're shooting for a number 6 or 7 seed. WOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!!

I am not a troll, I am a very pissed off LAKERHOLIC.

goooooooooooooo clippers

Posted by: jubilee shine | December 28, 2010 at 08:41 PM

Yeah, I've been saying that for years - GO BACK TO SAN DIEGO.

We don't need 2 teams stinking up Staples Center.

HOLY F ING CRAP, lakeshow we are in major trouble, for the first time in 25 yrs im not sure if it can be fixed, ignore all the idiots that all the sudded have something to say, miami is a joke and so are thier fans, this is serious, they look dead, unfortunately its best if we start accepting it now, cause they dont look like they will be around come may, .......(ouch, that was painfull to say) sorry guys, we deserve better...jopard, sorry kobe nailed your sister in colorado...actually, no im not

"You can't disregard fate"

- troy

Lakers will lose in the 2nd round, 6 games.

this is just a 4 year itch, the lakers will never make the finals , like what happened to detroit during the 80"s made the finals and lost to lakers and the next year made the finals and beat the lakers, and in the next year made the finals again and beat portland but on the fourth year lost to the upcoming bulls in the eastern finals and never recovered. no team in the modern era has made the finals 4 straight years even the bulls

I don't know how you Lakers fans have been able to put up with Bryant's selfishness for so long. I stopped being a big Lakers fan when I saw Kobe continue to try to win games without his teammates. I'm still happy when they win, but as long as Kobe's on the team, I don't care win they lose.

@ Troy: I completely agree with you. It's funny how we start making excuses for the team's mistakes.

the 4 year curse, detroit never made the finals 4 straight times losing to the bulls, the bulls made the finals 3 times and won then lost jordan on retirement then lost to new york in the eastern finals, made again the finals for three straight years and won and disbanded on the fourth year and never made the finals again, then the lakers won a three peat with shaq and kobe then on the fourth year lost to spurs in the semis

Also, where are are the REAL Laker fans after these losses?
Jon K?
Capt Goggles?

I would be able to come down much faster if I didn't have to come to this board and only see trolls posting after losses.

kobe is a laker, he has done more for that team than ANYONE HAS, he took 5 rings with two completely different teams in less than 4 yrs, that is amazing, and if you dont see and appreciate his un matched desire to win, his will to win and work ethic than you have no appreciation for the game, so stop bashing him, it makes you sound like an overweight ex-wife

Go Spurs Go ! Lakers are 1 and done this year. And just hope you don't play the Spurs in the 1st round. Cause payback is a b*tch!

Kobe Bryant took 27 shots. Ron Artest, Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol took 27 shots combined.

The offense is broken.

d-wade is better than kobe
kobe has always shot a low percentage.
bryant is the most overrated player ever
in the league.

stop with Kobe bashing garbage. If the team would play like they care; he would not feel the need to try and carry the team. Seems Kobe and Derek are the only ones with any fight in them. the rest of this team, should just throw on some skirts, if they are going to play like a bunch of little girls.

@Sally -your starting to sound like a broken record.

dont worry pau want complain about not getting the ball more
because he will get slap around,he is such a softy .you
can smell a coward a mile away. hey juice it up. i agree with
your last problem is that the lakers are not playing
with any passion or effort they seem to be confuse.

what team would continue to start a point guard who only average about 3 assist 3 point 1 rebound and cant guard anybody.and you have a coach sit on the bench the whole game
he has no pulse seem like he is in outerspace,confuse.atleast
kobe is playing like want to win keep shooting.

Well, well, its that time of year again! Irrational fans stand up! Trade Kobe! Fire Phil! Get rid of Gasol and Artest! This is too funny, the Lakers have been to the last THREE championships, don't give up yet. I know, let's trade our whole squad! Get outta here...

well its that time of year again blind fans thinking everything is all right

Wow! Trade Kobe? Fire Phil? I can't believe what i'm reading on here! It just seems like everyone but the Lakers got better in the offseason. Especially the Spurs.


I'm too bamboozled right now, I'll be back tomorrow morning.

Tony: people aren't bashing Kobe, if he wants other players to take part and then he should pass the ball around and make them feel like part of the team. Instead of hoarding the ball trying to put up good scores. It's a team sport, and that's why there five players.

What a meltdown...the league is much more balanced this year than in previous years and if Kobe thinks he can get this club to the finals again by taking 10-12 3's per game he is sorely mistaken. Horrible, horrible performance. The Spurs are for real and they put on a clinic and a demonstation of how you beat the defense and then off to the races after long rebounds off of Laker perimeter bricks.

3 years in a row doesn't mean 4 in a row history is against it and the way the lakers are playing dont count on it.
Make the moves you have to now before its too late
no one will have any trade value next year and we'll be another yeaer older and slower

sally you are by far the most ridiculous waste of blog space yet, your birth is overrated, just like your tired comments are over exageratted , along with your medication, it out dated...baboon

The Lakers look like the Spurs a few years ago. Slow, unathletic, and very old.

truth hurts!!

hey Tony i agree with you about Kobe,but fish is dead weight
he is one of the lakers problem he plays hard but he is not
productive.he cant guard anybody.pau is a coward he plays
like a little girls he i vert talent but as soon as he get
hit in the face he start complaing to the ref.he need to develop a mean much honeymoon for Lamar.

What's up mclyne. I'm just catching up on some of the comments.

Leave Sally alone. She is right!

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