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Lakers vs. Philadelphia: Lakers roll by 76ers

Lakers 93, 76ers 81 (final)

The Lakers began the fourth quarter with a strong push, opening a 15-point lead and putting the 76ers away.

Lamar Odom, Matt Barnes and Steve Blake played big roles in the quarter in helping the Lakers win their fourth straight game.

That threesome accounted for the first 25 points of the fourth, helping the Lakers open an 83-68 lead.

Odom finished with 28 points on 11-for-18 shooting, Barnes had 15 points and Blake scored five.


76ers 62, Lakers 58 (end of third quarter)

Another bad shooting quarter left the Lakers trailing by four points entering the fourth.

The Lakers were shooting 34.5% from the field through three quarters.

Philadelphia shot on 37.3% through three, but the 76ers finished the quarter with two three-pointers by Andre Iguodala that pushed them to a lead.



Lakers 44, 76ers 39 (end of first half)

Pau Gasol scored nine consecutive points during one stretch in the second quarter, doing his part to help the Lakers.

Gasol had 13 points, seven rebounds and two assists in the first half. Lamar Odom had 11 points in the half.

 76ers 21, Lakers 18 (end of first quarter)

It was an ugly start to the game, with both teams combing to miss nine straight shots.

The 76ers missed their first 11 shots before center Spencer Hawes tipped in a teammate's missed shot.

The Lakers shot just 33.3% from the field in the quarter. Derek Fisher was one for five and even had one of his shots blocked.

The 76ers shot 41.7% from the field.


The Lakers were not overlooking the 10-15 Philadelphia 76ers team they were about to face Friday night.

The Lakers know that the 76ers have won three consecutive games and are 8-5 at home.

The Lakers also know that the 76ers are a tough defensive team.

L.A. has won three consecutive games as well, by playing better defense and moving the basketball.

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from Philadelphia

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Is there any player in the league as bad as Derek
Fisher !!!! Please retire !!!! On consecutive plays missed a layup, passed ball directly into the man guarding him's hands and then got his shot blocked !!!
He is pure COMEDY !!!

Troll, if your Celtics deserved to win last year, they would have. You, like all Celtics fans, are myopic beyond belief. Feel free to bad mouth our players. We will be in the finals in June. Will you?

Fish has 4 3 pointers in his last 14 games. Man is he a clutch shooter.
He will porbably have another clutch shot next year. Just pathetic tonight.
Trade him for Derek Rose as the Bulls could use a clutch player and leader like Fisher.

L.A. watch out, the Heat are coming; for Christmas. Are you ready for your gift.

Hey Shakespeare, in case you haven't noticed, the Laker's are gearing up for the Christmas careful what you wish for.

Hey Troll & S Perkins...I understand why you guys(or gals) are all uppity over the Celdicks...they are playing great and have no real weakness as of right now. Lets see how you 2 are crowing at the end of 82 games when half of your team is in the


It would be one thing if your vitriol was matched by your eloquence, but, sadly, your troglodytic grunts merely confirm your Bostonian roots. Indeed, your fixation on all things Celtic and the inarticulate manner in which you deliver your put-downs remind me of a certain green-hued monster's favorite exclamation: "Hulk will smash!" It's very easy to destroy, and not so easy to build something beautiful (such as back-to-back championships, for example).

Try learning how to speak and write English with fluency and style and then, perhaps, your barbs will have more credibility and garner something besides derision and mockery.

Troll, the Finals is still 6 Months away, you don't judge a team base on one game in December. It is a long long season... you think your celtics are gonna be there?

Here is the one thing I am curious about...... I believe (although hard to believe) many Lakers fans actually rooted for the Celtics when the Celtics played against the Heat (based on blog here.) Will the Celtics fans root for the Lakers on Christmas day game against the Heat?

DFish maybe a joke in December, but he is a clutch in April and June where games really matters.. I will take him any day on my team.

Go Lakers!

And by the way Troll, we are Lakers Fans... We have been Lakers fans since I can remember... How about you, are you a Celtics fan? Why are you here in our blog? You don't love you team blog, eh?

Here is the one thing I am curious about...... I believe (although hard to believe) many Lakers fans actually rooted for the Celtics when the Celtics played against the Heat (based on blog here.) Will the Celtics fans root for the Lakers on Christmas day game against the Heat?

Posted by: LakerPeace | December 17, 2010 at 07:26 PM

This is the message we want to get across...

We Want You Boston!

Stay Healthy and knockdown the Heat or we are gonna be disappointed.

After a bit of a lull in the 2nd qt. against the Sixers, the Ls tightened things up in the 4th and closed it out in proper fashion. Now on to the next victim, the Raptors.


@LRob: I feel the same way about Loose Ends ... hated to see 'em breakup, too. I always used to look forward to their next release...oh well, such is life. :-)


Imma be back stateside for my next musical contribution :-)... so for the final entry in the 'across the pond' series, I'll end it as I began it. (via U.K.) Enjoy!

Alice Russell - Let us be Loving(Official Video) -

Alice Russell - All Alone -

Alice Russell - Taking Hold -

Alice Russell - Seven Nation Army (Live in Paris) -

Alice Russell (Gilles Peterson Session 2009) - Lights Went Out -

Quantic Soul Orchestra - feat. Alice Russell - Pushin' On -

Alice Russell - Mean to Me -

Bah Samba - feat. Alice Russell - Portuguese Love -


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

Fisher got 5 rings for reason. How many current Celtics player got 5 rings? NONE. Well, Shaq has the most with 4, and 3 with the Lakers!!!

Troll: now your true color is exposed.. you are just a bitter MJ lover who couldn't stand the truth that somebody threatens MJ's place in the GOAT conversation.

See you in June...

Stick to your goal man...prepare for a war come the Finals...

In the meantime.. bask in your regular season wins.. that will help you get over things.

The Lakers are great---Kobe the best ever---D.Fisher is good and Gasol terrific--
all you jerks who sprew trash are jealous...

Troll can't even talk right, Troll talks like he/she is about 13, Troll is wasting everybody's time.
The Celtics had some great spells of basketball LAST year as well, but they lost to us in the finals. We just got Bynum back, lets see how were playing in Feb. lets see when we peak, we want to peak in May and June, not December.

Fisher has made more clutch shots than any other active player except Kobe. It's nice to have Fisher because teams can load up on Kobe at the end of a close game and prevent him from scoring, but he just gets the ball to Fish and their toast.

Greetings Troll,

On the contrary, how many rings would Pierce have without KG? I'm sure both NEEEDED each other for a grand total of ONE as well as Shaq needed Kobe for THREE, especially when MISSING countless free throws in many TIGHT games which KB24 ended up saving. Please reference games from 1999-2002 (the THREE-PEAT YEARS) for further clarification.

Also, how significant are the numbers 83 and 79 in NBA Finals history? I'm sure you REMEMBER them well.

KB24 playing old? Consider....He's probably the only player in recent memory to play more MEANINGFUL games during the regular season and playoffs over a TEN year span. For example, can your Beantown boys KG, Ray Ray, and Pierce say the same in the same collective light? Sitting in a living room while watching other teams play in June can be humbling...

You see, the education of it all lies in what a player has done careerwise as a WHOLE with rather than what a player contributed in a ONE HIT WONDER scenario, such as your Celtics big three in 2008...On that note, what happened in 2009 and 2010?

I'm sure you might want to reconsider your thought processes while taking stances...

Happy Holidays!

Laker pride through ALL and ANY ADVERSITY!

Hey, Sasha put in like 27 minutes....shot 3 out of 10....I bet Jordan's thinking..."Dang...hasn't changed"......
Sasha, after the year, if Maria doesn't dump you, or tell you to go shopping for an interior decorator for your new Brooklyn "crib"...come on back to the Lakers and be a rookie again, for 4 years and 10 games years....time for a change, you're on the East Coast now, time to shave it....


Do you own the Celtics??? Wow, how did you save up for that??? McHale probably helped you swing the deal...he's good at that kinda stuff....


and brown played 12 minutes
shot 0 out of 4?

fish is always a joke he is finish.let him play 5 minute
a game at the end maybe he can make the winning score
because no one has to guard him because he cant even make
a simple lay-up.when jackson retire the lakers can get a
coach who know how to utilize his players talent and know
when to call time out.the lakers is going to have to bring
a coach in from the outside,bewcause the coaches he has now
is like him all laid back.

>>>Is there any player in the league as bad as Derek Fisher !!!!

Tons of them. And you're supposed to put question marks at the end of a question, not exclamation points.

Fish will play well when it matters.


>>>Hey, Sasha put in like 27 minutes....shot 3 out of 10....

I guess 4 of 10 is kinda like 3 out of 10. except that 2-4 of that was on 3-pointers.

That's an effective shooting percentage of 50%, not bad.

The rest of the Nyets shot 2-9 on 3-pointers, so Sasha being able to hit a couple of threes was actually a big deal.

He also had 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 steals.

And played good defense.

The Nets were +23 for the 29 minutes with Sasha on the floor.

But go ahead and mock the machine if you like.



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