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Lakers lose to Milwaukee in last game before Christmas Day

Instead of a tuneup, it was a tune-down?

The Lakers got thumped by the Milwaukee Bucks, 98-79, on Tuesday at Staples Center, a humiliating loss to a team without three key injured players (Brandon Jennings, Drew Gooden, Corey Maggette).

The Lakers hadn't scored so few points against Milwaukee since scoring 81 against the Bucks in 1969.

The Bucks made an impressive eight of 14 from three-point range and outrebounded the Lakers, 39-25.

Kobe Bryant had 21 points on nine-for-16 shooting, but Ron Artest had only four and Derek Fisher only two points.

Earl Boykins led the Bucks with 22 points.

Third quarter

The Lakers have one more quarter to go into the Christmas Day game with a victory. It might not happen.

The depleted Milwaukee Bucks continue to lead the Lakers, 72-66, Tuesday at Staples Center.

John Salmons has 17 points, including a 17-footer to beat the third-quarter buzzer. Lightly regarded Ersan Ilyasova has 15 points and eight rebounds.

Kobe Bryant has 16 points on seven-for-12 shooting, but Ron Artest is having another off night, scoring four points on two-for-seven shooting, including an air ball on a three-point attempt near the midpoint of the quarter. Derek Fisher is also having a quiet night, scoring two points in 24 minutes.

The Lakers are getting pounded on the boards, 32-24.


Brandon Jennings is out because of a broken foot. Drew Gooden and Corey Maggette are also out with injuries.

But it didn't stop the Milwaukee Bucks from taking a 50-46 halftime lead over the Lakers on Tuesday at Staples Center.

Bucks power forward Ersan Ilyasova led all scorers with 13 points, and the Bucks outrebounded the Lakers, 22-16, and generally outhustled them.

Lamar Odom and Kobe Bryant each had 10 points for the Lakers, who allowed the Bucks to shoot 53.8% in the first half.

First quarter

Forget Miami. The Lakers are struggling against Milwaukee.

Ersan Ilyasova and Andrew Bogut each had eight points as the Bucks led the Lakers, 25-22, through one quarter Tuesday at Staples Center.

The Bucks were shooting 61.1%, with Bogut and Ilyasova combining to make seven of eight attempts.

Only three Lakers had scored: Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom each had eight points, and Kobe Bryant had six.


One last game before the Lakers play that team from South Florida.

Until then, they play Tuesday against the Milwaukee Bucks, who have foundered this season after making the playoffs last season as the No. 6 team from the Eastern Conference.

Just when things couldn't get worse for the Bucks, they did, the team announcing Monday that point guard Brandon Jennings would miss four to six weeks after undergoing surgery for a broken foot. Former Clippers guard Keyon Dooling gets the start in Jennings' place.

The Lakers (21-7), meanwhile, will try to add to the momentum of a five-game winning streak with 48 more minutes of action before playing Miami on Christmas Day.

Andrew Bynum looked good last Sunday against Toronto, collecting 16 points and seven rebounds, but complained of a sore knee afterward. Many eyes will be on him Tuesday.

--Mike Bresnahan 

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Fish really hot once again tonight !!!! I'm glad Jackson is not afraid to play this total clown. Shows he is still a 60's radical !!!

Fish 13 minutes, 0 for 3, 0 assists, 0 rebounds, 0 steals and 2 turnovers.
Now that is a veteran that does the intangibles !!! That is why he is on the court.

It's time for all the Fisher nonsense to stop. the guy is terrible and there is no reason for him to be on the team.

The whole team sucked today. give me a bowl of crow and have the seconds ready cause I'm gonna bitterly enjoy it. This is ridiculous for this team to play this way

Perkins, I'm glad you enjoy clowning fish and all, but give the criticism to the team this time.

5'5" in your face.

PATHETIC effort Lake Show. Go home.

I don't know. It's something about this Laker team, this year. It just isn't fun. It isn't inspiring. It isn't exciting. It isn't the Laker passion that I've enjoyed over the years.

People say this and that about Bynum, and I seemed to have been the only one saying he's a bust and won't help this team. Phil keeps Luke Walton on the team and ships off Sasha because Brian Shaw was jealous of him.

They get Matt Barnes, a sworn enemy of the Lakers. They pick up all these old players that don't contribute anything. Pau has gone back to being the sissy he's always been. Fish continues to shoot horribly.

I don't know what to say. I enjoy watching the Clippers and, as of recent, the Nets, more than the Lakers. It's something about this Laker team and this Laker season that has not inspired me to embrace things as I've done in the past. I don't even think I've watched an entire Laker game this year.

I hope this all passes. If we lose to that damned Lebron and Wade on Christmas, I don't know when, or if, I'll rediscover my Laker passion this year.

I am sick and tired of these B's. Trade them for God's sake. They are only good to play with subpar teams. What a waste of money! Also fire GM.

Any thoughts!!!

Perkins, I'm glad you enjoy clowning fish and all, but give the criticism to the team this time.

Posted by: Cap's Goggles (83-79) |

I agree the team was bad tonight. But there is way too much pressure on Kobe , Odom and Gasol to make up for the pathetic play of Fisher and Artest on offense. And Fishers defense is a joke. I know the Laker faithful
think that Fish is the man...but give me a break this guy is not an NBA player. He has zero consistency and his shooting is atrocious this month.

Troy - I agree - this team is no fun to watch. That was such a pathetic performance I was so pissed. They didn't even show up for one freaking quarter. How do they consistently allow no name players have their career nights. Ef.

There is no way this team 3 peats - even with kobe. it's only 20 something games into the season and they look like geriatric monkeys playing bball. We make fun of the celtics being old - well, we're right there with them now. i hate to say it but celtics would kick this team's ass.

Freaking Fish is a total piece of garbage. he gave up 2 or 3 straight possessions with his horrible ball dribling and passing.

Gaso - freaking weak sauce again. lakers should have kept marc gasol...i can't stand watching pau's weak ass get handed to him all the time.

no way this team even makes it to the finals.

Christmas day they are going to get their asses handed to them. embarrassing. pathetic. no fun to watch.

At least watching the Clippers - you expect them to lose - but watchng Blake Griffin play makes it all worth while. The dude is a beast and hustles every play. Tired of watching the lakers barely beat sub .500 teams and think they are rolling.

Another disgraceful performance by the weak and slow Lakers............... and the refs!

Bottom line is the Lakers don't have it right now. Losing to a depleted bucks team is inexcusable. They have yet to show they can even compete with elite teams like San Antonio and Dallas. Chicago and Utah showed that. The Miami Heat will blow the Lakers away Saturday as badly as Cleveland did last Christmas. I'm 100 percent sure of that. I'm Laker fan but it is what it is. They are just not a very good team this year and they are lucky they have had a soft schedule. The problem is they can't even beat the sub par teams on a consistent basis.

I didn't even like sasha but he had youth and if they gave him court time he may have gotten back to his glory days. last season he was getting his grove back but then he sprained his ankle. Yes the fouls he commits are pretty frustrating but at least he is out there giving his full effort. If they played him more then he wouldn't feel like he has to score in the 1 minute he's going to play.

tonight was one of the most pathetic efforts i've ever seen.

I have said it over and over,the lakers want be a complete
team until pj,fish luke is gone.pj is on the bench half sleep or dont know which player to put on the long as fish is starting the laker will have a problem beating
any quality team. i wouldnt waste my money attending a lakers
game unless they are in the playoff,because pj dont get serious until then.i dont know how anyone would let fish,luke

the team is just like it coach no energy,laid back.why is
fish playing ahead of brown.the lakers will loose the next
3 games with fish starting,he sucks.

You Lakers fans are a trip. They lose one game and you lose your minds. All Fisher does is come up big when it counts, and you dump on him for not being able to get up for the Bucks. If you all want your Lakers to win another championship just sit back and enjoy the marathon. Otherwise keep prodding them to sprint, then watch them run out of gas at the finish line.

No way i watch the game on Christmas - i am not going to ruin my beautiful day with their weak effort. PJ should have retired when he was ahead. He's an awesome coach and i thought he would be able to motivate this team to reach their potential - they've peaked and going downhill fast.

Yes, it's a long season and they look tired now. what will it be like in 50 more games?

yes - how the hell is luke even in the nba?!?!? most of the uconn women's team could beat him one on one.

Phil is up to his scapegoating tricks................."Kobe had a fenderbender and arrived late".................What the hell does that have to do with you coaching this team?

Phil also contradicted himself in the same sentence by saying in the last 4 or 5 games the starters haven't played big minutes so being tired wasn't an excuse.....................then 30 seconds later he said Lamar was tired........Huh??

This was your classic Trap Game, Ladies and Gentlemen, and our boys fell right into it like a bunch of Lemmings following each other. That being said, everyone on the team gets my wrath today. I won't come in here jumping on one player because one player did not cause this fiasco. Gasol was weak, Matt Barnes was ridiculously bad with his passes, Kobe let the refs get to his head, Fish vanished completely, Etc etc, the point is: this team didn't show up and got embarrassed. If there is any silver lining to this utter fiasco is that you can be damned sure they will not go out and play the same way in Christmas. Whether they win or lose is another story, but the effort level will be there.

Nice to see the Trolls coming out of the woodwork to say their piece. You've guys have earned your little moment to gloat so go ahead. It still won't change the fact that whatever you say doesn't affect my love for the team in the slightest, WIN OR LOSE, IM LAKERS TILL I DIE!!!

And lakers haven't even started to play the better teams. it's going to get ugly.

I'm not going to rub it in b/c the Bucks just caught the world champions on an off night. But I am curious about what real Lakers' fans think of Kobe. As a Bucks fan it seemed really unsportsmanlike to charge into Bogut knee first and then just walk all over him while he was on the ground. That's when he got his two techs and was ejected. But, I mean, does Kobe throw temper tantrums like that a lot? I don't really watch the Lakers much being in the East but when I do he sure seems to cry a lot.

Don't get me wrong here. As a basketball player he is amazing and when he gets hot there is no one better but when he's not, when he's having an off night like tonight, does he always act like that? A season changing win for us, just another night for the Laker nation.

oh, and btw our sports people were saying the Lakers schedule has been soft and they're not as good as their record. From the comments I've read on here, it sounds like some of you agree. Comments for a surprised and happy Bucks fan?

what a bunch of whining little babies. so what we lost tonight. the Lakers are entitled to play a garbage game every now and then. THEY LOST GET OVER IT!!

You Lakers fans are a trip. They lose one game and you lose your minds. All Fisher does is come up big when it counts, and you dump on him for not being able to get up for the Bucks. If you all want your Lakers to win another championship just sit back and enjoy the marathon. Otherwise keep prodding them to sprint, then watch them run out of gas at the finish line.

Posted by: Tony

Hey Tony get a friggin clue....Fisher has been over the hill for a long time. It has nothing to do with getting up for a team. He is getting embarassed on a NIGHTLY basis !!! Would one of you Einstein's tell me what skills he has !!! He is a perfect fit for the Lakers because they are one of the only teams to have enough talent to make up for his LACK of talent !!!!

Plenty of blame to go around tonight so flame away. Drew was the only one I saw making a positive impact the whole game. He had his man pinned a few times but his mates didn't get him the rock.

LOL @ S Perkins ,get a grip buddy it's a game..

Yes Bucks fan...Lakers have played a very soft schedule and Kobe has a tendency to get frustrated and act like a little whiny baby when things aren't going his way. On the play before he charged into Bogut that looked like an offensive foul and the officials gave him the basket and a free throw. So to get thrown on the next player shows how big a baby he is.

LOL @ S Perkins ,get a grip buddy it's a game..

Posted by: Tony

Sorry Tony I insulted your girlfriend Fisher.

Tony, I stand by my contentions.

I love my Lakers to death, but they just aren't a fun, inspiring, motivating team so far this year. Maybe that will all change, maybe it won't. I'm just sick and tired of the same ol BS from the Lakers. I'm tired of analyzing it, getting angry over it, screaming at it. I'm tired.

If we win Christmas day, that may just be the spark plug I need to regain my interest in this team.

Otherwise, if we lose to the damned Heat, I'm probably going to take some time off from the Lakers until the playoffs start. I'm much more interested in seeing the Clippers, Nets, the Heat and Boston play.


Bucksfan - yep Kobe's complains a lot and has a bad temper. But tonight he was over the top. His temper doesn't usually get the best of him.

Kudos to the Bucks. They played well tonight. Being a MSU guy I'll take solace in seeing Scooter Skiles get a much needed W.

LRob, troy- y0u guys need to get out of the short term comment vibe. come talk to us in a few days.

S Perkins time to have some milk and go to bed. what a whiny little kid.

You know, Im a HUGE Lakers Fan! But this year seems a little off. I know the Lakers typically dont really show how they really are until the second half of the season, but this seems to be a little disturbing. I mean, how do you lose to milwaukee without their 3 stars on your own home floor as defending champions. Im disappointed. And yes, you can blame the whole team. I wouldnt say Kobe had an off night, considering he shot over 50%, but the Lakers just dont seem to be mentally in it. Their body language is lacking something. And guys, I understand why Luke Walton shouldnt be on the Lakers, but lets not say the same about Fish. I mean, LA has won back to back championships with him as the starting point guard, so he's gotta be good for something, even though he wasnt tonight. And about that game against Miami this Saturday, I have a scary feeling that LA is gonna....................lets just say it wont be pretty for us if LA keeps this nonchalant attitude going..

S Perkins time to have some milk and go to bed. what a whiny little kid.

Posted by: Tony

Just like your whiny little heroes Kobe and Fisher.

The commitment and effort the UConn women's BB team bring each night to WIN puts these so-called "professionals" to SHAME.

And it's not just "taking one night off". This team now has twice the losses of the last 2 seasons at this team, with a softer schedule. Quite simply, they're playing like they DON'T CARE!

Maybe they should look up to the UConn team as role models. I'm disgusted.

The real killer B's ... Bogut, Boyton and the Bucks!

Another bad EC team comes to Staples and wins! LOL


You lost me. The Lakers played bad 2nite what's the big deal.

what a bunch of whining little babies. so what we lost tonight. the Lakers are entitled to play a garbage game every now and then. THEY LOST GET OVER IT!!

Posted by: Tony

Hey Tony !!!! Who have the Lakers beaten this year? And when have they actually played well ? If you were a season ticket holder and spending big money to watch this garbage team you would see why every game matters.
Put out some of your hard earned money and you won't be too happy to watch the great Fisher on a nightly basis !!!!

This was almost inevitable, a let-down before the Heat game. I think that the Lakers will rebound nicely and pull one out against Miami. There are three days off for this loss to fester. The Heat lack what is problematic for the Lakers, and that is a penetrating point guard. This game was meaningless, but the Lake Show will need to get hot in the coming months to insure that they have the proper seeding for the playoffs.

No way around it
3 vs 5 on offense is just too much for our team to handle and when Pau plays fatigued like he did tonight, it's even worse.
I'm not gonna bash on Fisher anymore tonight. I said I would stop after MM admitted Fisher was playing sorry, on the chat tonight.
But somethings got to give, don't be surprised if eventually Kobe stops passing him the ball.

That was fricking Pitiful

Pitiful performance by Lake show. Lack or effort. Lack of desire. No passion at all for the game. A total disgrace. No one on that team should be paid for their performance against the bucks.

the machine is operating

pau is a softy any big man will kick hi you know what.
if bogut push him around can you imagine what shaq,and
the other big mens will do to him.

Where is Kobe?

Kobe is not Kobe this year. He has lowed down considerably this year. Maybe it is because of his surgery this past summer. The Lakers right now has no general. No one to rally them or bail them out when they are down. They feel that they can half azz in these games against sub par teams and turn it on when they get ready. There is one word to explain their performance and effort; disgrace.

How about that players only meeting now? It's time!

You're right LRob, Coach Skilles needs this game more than pj with small letter because he did not exert any effort tonight.

I hope nobody accuses the whining fans here as trolls because they are telling the truth like lifetimeskater who blog less but voice his opinion when it counts. You have the right to gripe at the Lakers performance tonight because they don't look as defending Champions. As a team, they need this type of comments from their very fans to break that "manana habit of playing with the switch". Stu said it best and he's a veteran Laker analyst, Lakers are again caught flat footed and they have doing this a lot lately, this could have been uttered by Chick if he was here. What's the real story of that loss tonight? Lakers are cocky since they're playing at home after winning 5-1 on the road; their minds is on Saturday's game ignoring the depleted Milwaukee Bucks; they came in cold because not used to playing nor driving with their Bentley on a rainy weather; they took the Bucks lightly without any regard that Jennings can be replicated by Dooling and Boykins. If the defense was weak at least compensate it with a sound offense, well it was sound enough in haste offense that resort toT/O's.

Well, as long as they can seal a win on Saturday then the game tonight would be forgettable as lakerholics kept on saying we are watching a 26 miles marathon that turn sideways trying to go for shortcuts, stumbled and wasted more time. It is a never ending soap opera in mishandling the on & off Championship switch.

I don't think Kobe is our general. Kobe is definitely our best player and our lead by example guy. I think Fish is our emotional locker room leader and Phil is our strategist and arse kicker in chief. I think Pau and Odom are neither, but they are definitely our best players right now. Bynum is just barely coming back from injury, I think we can only expect improvement from him.

I don't see a chemistry problem for us right now, at all.

I see a lot of new guys who need to figure it out at a new level and a couple of old guys who are adjusting, as well as one guy who is coming back from injury. Ron, as always, I don't understand at all, but he is freakin awesome.

We got this. Somebody might get this better than us by June, but it isn't something we'll notice right now. Anybody who says so is well, they've been saying so for years.

Not sure what the point of that is.






Edwin- really? we don't look like defending champions? Well, that does make sense. Did we look like defending champions last year when we were defending champions? Cause this year we are two time defending champions. We are pretty much owners of the championship. Do we look like that?

I don't know Phred, I'm just talking about this game. Last year was history and this game is also history in the record books. For one cold night, Sasha is smiling underneath while Farmar is nodding his head. huh-huh!

Edwin- true. I'm not going to look for conclusions from one game. I'm not sure that Farmar or Sasha would have helped us tonight, but I'm not sure Blake or Barnes helped us tonight. But you admit it is a process, yes?

It is pretty up in the air right now, but every season of the NBA I have ever watched was up in the air in December. I think you have nailed it with your previous post, so far as saying what is true goes. But neither you nor I know what is going to happen soon, i think. I like what I see from us right now, and I expect anyone who says otherwise to back up what they say. Give me a few and I will try to sum up what i like from us right now. So far, I think we have the strengths we had last year.

Guys lets get behind our team! Its early in the season! The Lakers have this LULL every year even though this year it seems to be worse than ever, and they always turn it on when it counts the most. Im as nervous as anyone about the Lakers this year, but we all wanna win, so lets not let this one game get the best of us! I do have to admit that this game was particularly disgraceful, and we could all see through their body language that none of the Lakers really played hard tonight, But there are plenty more games to be played!

I like that Lamar played hard on every play. He missed a few, but not very many.

Pau definitely showed his skill. He is very skilled, and I defy anybody to show an example of a more skilled big man who also plays in the post. He didn't show total effort tonight. No reason he should. He knows we were playing the Bucks. If everybody played with the professionalism he showed tonight, I would feel confidant that adding a bit of 'storming the beach at normandy effort' would win it for us every time.

Blake was unpolished. I saw Fish beat a few times, but I never saw Fish in the wrong spot, same as every year.

Ron showed effort. Luke showed intelligence. Barnes showed toughness. It's not a perfect 3 spot. We definitely will work on that.

Shannon showed that he has talent. His shooting wasn't great. He isn't going to be the lock down shooter we need, but Sasha was worse. I like his talent, but he hasn't figured out how to be a role player.

Who else do you want me to break down? We are definitely a work in progress.

Meanwhile, Sasha goes 6-for-8 ā€“ including 2-for-3 beyond the arc ā€“ in a win against Memphis. And Iā€™m starting to lose patience with the team he left behind. A Bynum + Artest trade for Carmelo Anthony is slowly becoming an appealing thought.

I am really very happy with the fried rice i made tonight. it is very good. Got all kinds of good flavor going on.

Good stuff.

I am sick and tired of these B's. Trade them for God's sake. They are only good to play with subpar teams. What a waste of money! Also fire GM.

Any thoughts!!!

Posted by: Pam LA

Any thoughts? That you should probably come up with something more than just an oversimplified "trade/fire everyone" thought for your next post! LOL

Allnet- ooooh, 6-8 against Memphis.

Posted by: lifetimeskater | December 21, 2010 at 11:14 PM


Very well said, and great post...Really nothing to nailed my sentiments...

Fortunately did not get to see the game. I don't think the sky us falling but I also don't think the regular season is meaningless. I think you have to respect the game enough to bring it every night regardless of who your opponent is and it doesn't seem like the lakers have started doing that yet. Sure it's still early and the lakers may have a proverbial switch they can flip but I would rather see them making a habit of winning as the season goes on rather than throw up clunkers against subpar teams missing half their rotation. Today, I was just debating whether I should get the nba league pass so I can watch more lakers games but I think I will hold off until there is more evidence that they are playing with more urgency. Does that make me a fair weather fan? Maybe. It won't stop me from watching all the nationally televised games or reading this blog ad naseum when it's not inundated by crazy infighting or just plain crazy posters. Someone let me know when they flip the switch and ill buy what's left of the league pass. Hope it is sooner than later.

Yes Phred it is just one game, they made some efforts here and spurts there still in progress. Hard to argue on a L game because the efforts were not enough to get a W. The marathon moves on to Sunset Blvd on Saturday oops wrong choice of street, make it Figueroa/Grand.

LFICT- re League Pass- I have to tell you, they will black out about half the games anyway, and they don't cover the playoffs. can do better.

bucksfan-mke -

I thought the Bucks played an excellent game tonight from start to finish. Bench play was more cohesive, Bogut was bringing it (good to see that he is getting back to health from that terrible injury he suffered earlier this year), and the pound-for-pound-strongest-man-in-the-NBA went for 20 tonight. Salmons got to the basket when he needed to, and Ilyasova (sp?) hit some key jumpers and provided some decent rebounding.

Lakers didn't really have any energy, and except for some small stretches, didn't show enough focus. From one angle (lead official) it appeared that Bogut's arms contacted Kobe before Kobe hit Andrew's body. That coupled with the fact that Bogut's arms weren't in line with the plane of his body may have pushed Kobe over the edge. He got frustrated, said some choice words, and got kicked out. If I were officiating, and he said those words to me, I would have kicked him out too.

Just goes to show that in the NBA, you can't just show up to a game and think that you're going to win. Good win for the Bucks, and it's on to the next one for both teams.

this is the very reason why many NBA fans look at laker fans as fair weather people...

I have been a Lakers fan and Basketball fan since the days of Magic and loses like these happens to the best of them. Even the revered Bulls team. True Basketball fans should know that, there is what we called wins and loss column. They are not their for nothing. They are bound to be filled up in a long season like the NBA.

Chill out people.. this is just one game in December, it's not like we have lost a 7th game in the finals. I understand you want us to win every single game... mind to bust your bubble, but it ain't happening.

I am glad they lost to the Bucks tonight.. that would give them something to chew on come Christmas...

Go Lakers!!! Go Kobe!!!!

Man we lose a game really badly, and everyone thinks its over. We've one back to back championships. We've been through the struggle before. We've all been there everytime we thought the Lakers we'rent gonna do it. Hopefully this year wont be any different. Every season has its ups and downs and so does every champion! Lets try to be a little more confident!

Thanks phred, will check it out. Maybe if I start watching, they will start playing better. Is narcissistic personality disorder an axis 2 diagnosis?

dont blame the killer b..blame the starting five esp old fisher and confuse artest..why coach playing the starter and then the second unit with luke..why not 2 starter and 3 second unit or vice versa..its not high school game u sub five in one time..i only see this kind of sub in lakers team..

"Ooooh," Phred? Sounds like your rapier wit needs sharpening. The point is that when Sasha is actually given some minutes to find a rhythm, he can be a valuable contributor to a team. His performance against Atlanta last night was evidence of that as well.

Ironically, Radmanovic, Farmar, and Vujacic all played key roles in their teams winning tonight.

commentator: the machine still operating. 16 points against the memphis.

Bay to LA- Maybe you have more rapier like wit type stuff than me. I would feel compelled to make sure I used the word 'ironically' correctly though.

Seriously, I don't think I'm all that. I am probably wrong six ways to Sunday. I tried not to take a position on the sort of things like how Sasha will do with the Nets. Beats me, but I'm glad to see it happen. It's a good sign that he is doing well in my opinion, but who knows. Maybe he would be better than the guy we have playing our fifth guard spot.

"Bay to LA- Maybe you have more rapier like wit type stuff than me. I would feel compelled to make sure I used the word 'ironically' correctly though.

Posted by: phred | December 22, 2010 at 12:03 AM "

I used it incorrectly? You didn't think it was ironic that the current Lakers all fell flat on a night where every Laker castoff shined?

they same starting five vs miami they result miami by 15...are the coach and asstn coach doing thier job?did they ask its other if fisher need to start or need to play?or his helping the team or becoming burden to the team..evrytime fish playing only two will happen either lakers lose or will cut the lead and sometimes leading to lose..

My prediction for 2011: Lakers lose in second round of the playoffs in the West; Dallas plays San Antonio in the finals; San Antonio wins and meets the Celtics. Celtics prevail in six games, and Shaq wins his 5th Ring tying Kobe. Jackson retires, Shaw takes over and maybe, just maybe, gets to the championship round with a team from the East. What happens then is anybody's guess. But a three-peat for this Lakers team? No way, no how. PEACE

freakin Earl Boykins
he's what 5'5"

So with Fisher and Blake guarding him he scores 19 points above his season average and the Lakers lose by 19.
OK it's not that simple, Boykins played a little more than twice he normally does but he still scored 9 or 10 points more than what you could extrapolate.

Too bad Brian Shaw and PJ had issues with Sasha. How they treated him this year is total B.S. Never I mean never let Shaw coach this team when PJ gives it up, if he ever gives it up.
Sasha's looking pretty good for NJ with some reasonable playing time. NJ just broke a 10 road losing streak against Memphis and have a winning record since The Machine came to town.

An efficient Kobe 9-16 didn't help, someone bring out those statistics again where if he shoots less than 20 shots a game it's a good thing

Bynum 3 rebounds

Fisher 2 points
Artest 4 points

Shannon Brown 1 rebound 0 assists... maybe he should try to help the team in other ways than just shooting

Gasol another double double 15 points 11 rebounds. Same for Lamar 12 and 10.....that's one overrated stat.

Whatever happened to the Phil Jackson who use to play tall point guards.

Put Shannon or even Barnes in that position and see what happens.

Problem with Jackson is, he has lost some imagination. Or it could be that loyalty crap concerning Fisher.

What team is going to beat the Lakers in the 2nd round? The only team that can beat the Lakers is the Spurs, and I don't see the Lakers and the Spurs playing against each other until the Western Conference Finals

Man we lose a game really badly, and everyone thinks its over. We've one back to back championships. We've been through the struggle before. We've all been there everytime we thought the Lakers we'rent gonna do it. Hopefully this year wont be any different. Every season has its ups and downs and so does every champion! Lets try to be a little more confident!

Posted by: lifetimeskater

Lifetimeskater, your right...we have won back to back championships. But speaking as a long-time Lakers fan, and I'm sure I'm speaking for others as well, we want to see a team that has potential to be great, to display that on the court on a nightly basis. Now, I can understand if this Lakers team eats a bad egg every once in a long while, but if we look at our schedule up to this day, most of the teams the Lakers played are sub-500 teams. We haven't played the Dallas's, San Antonio's, Boston's, Orlando's and Miami's of the NBA yet.... and already, this team has lost what...10 games. Again, like I said, it's okay to have a bad game, but to have this many of them and it's only December, that doesn't compute to Laker fans who expect better than this.

There is a trend that has developed over the last 20+ games. If a team have players who can score then the Lakers will get beat. Why? Because PJ is not stressing defense. Additionally, there is no accountability from the coach on down. If LA gets beat then Phil will make some excuse about the refs or Pau being tired or Pau getting beat up. Come on man this is nonsense. I feel bad about the people paying a premium price to watch a sub par performance from the purple and gold. The thing about is that the NBA has intentionally given the Lakers a soft schedule thus far. I don't thing we have played 5 quality teams this far into the season. I think only Denver and Phoenix. We haven't played OKC, Spurs, Mavs, NOR, Boston, etc etc . The reason is that Stern thought LeBron and Co. would have have sliced through the League so he tried to manufacture a Lakers impressive record. But the Lakers are not cooperating. Right now we cannot compete against Boston, Mavs etc. We are pathetic.

It would be awesome if the Lakers beat down the Miami Heat; but that is not the most important game of the week in the Lakers schedule. Lakers@ San Antonio Spurs is the biggest game of this remaining year.
If the Lake show can show up and beat the Spurs then it proves that the Lakers are the team to beat. If they lose, well then there is no more excuses left for the Lakers.

maybe joe smith will be the savior of this pathetic performance.

I know everyone is gonna doubt me on this but i've been pretty spot on for all the Laker moves this season so far...but i wanna see the Lakers do something crazy. I mean we are set for experience and know how already for sure(but a little more wouldn't hurt, in the right proportions) I wanna see the Lakers do somethin that definitely helps us in the short run, in the pocket(finacially speaking) and in the long run. I wanna see us make a trade with detroit for T-mac and Terrico White in exchange for Luke Walton and our 2012 1st rd. pick. I KNOW I KNOW T-mac is over the hill/injury prone/another SF but hear me out. We all know if we replace fisher it has to be with a capable veteran and in my opinion i wouldn't wanna change Blake's role at this point in the season cuz the B's together do damage more times than not. However, a starting line up with T-mac in for Fish would give us a definite threat that has to be honored as well as a great passer and finisher so that guys can't sleep on anyone on the floor. Cuz at the end of the day Fisher's biggest downfall is that everyone knows he can't beat them off of the dribble or finish at the rim. This is why Fish has such a hard time getting assists with this Laker team becuz he isn't a threat with the ball so everyone sticks to their man an let him dribble the clock away or to force a pass inside to be picked off. An offensive threat at the point takes away this option and opens up the Laker offense. It is this dynamic that has allowed teams to lockdown the Lakers offense recently as they can prevent ball movement by forcing guys to break off their slashes and cuts to the basket to come get the ball from Fish. I have plenty more but i'm sure you wouldn't read it all. Just consider what i'm saying and realize that the move saves us money, brings us youth for the future in t. white, allows us to scrap the idea if it doesn't work (t-mac contract is cheap and for only one year, while keeping fish to replace him), gives us more fire power, is the cheapest move we could make short of signing some unproven free agent, and best of all we get out from under Luke's contract cuz he hardly plays anyway. Which is fine with me.

"So much for freedom of speech and expression."

Posted by: Dont blame us trolls. | December 22, 2010 at 12:37 AM

There is freedom of expression. This is a private entity (a blog owned/run by the L.A. Times) that has a disclaimer policy or a terms of service policy. Anyone violating that gets subject to whatever the L.A. Times sees fit. So post away, but understand that there are ramifications if one crosses the line here.

If you want your almost unfettered "freedom of expression", go to a public street corner and say what you have to say out loud.

If you want your almost unfettered "freedom of expression", go to a public street corner and say what you have to say out loud. Posted by: Caliphilosopher | December 22, 2010 at 06:31 AM

Good morning Joe Corad. Good point. Beating the Heat would be nice but beating the Spurs would be even nicer!!!

th best thing phil can do is retire and take fish and luke with
himthe only time fish look good is when luke is
cant trade either one of them because any smart coach or
general manager know that fis and luke is all wash
would make a goo cheer leader.i will keep repeating this
as long as fish plays against a team over 500 the lakers will
loose.of course you have to blame the coach for fish even
being on the cant win with 4 good players against
another team 5 good players.the uconn girls can shoot and
play better defense than fisher.



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