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Lakers vs. Miami: Lakers get beat-down by Heat on Christmas Day

Lakers16_510 Heat 96, Lakers 80 (final)

For all the hype about the Lakers and Miami Heat playing on Christmas Day, for all the talk about all the stars on the court, it was a dud.

Well, not if you are a Heat fan, of which there were only a few at Staples Center on Saturday.

The biggest stars were the Heat and its Big Three of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris  Bosh.

Not even Kobe Bryant could keep up with that threesome.

Bryant had 17 points, but he was just six-for-16 shooting from the field. Bryant finished with seven assists and six rebounds.

James had a triple-double, scoring 27 points, grabbing 11 rebounds and handing out 10 assists.

Bosh had 24 points and 13 rebounds and Wade had 18 points, six assists and five rebounds.

There was a moment in the fourth quarter when Bryant and James got into a heated exchange walking up the court. It happened right after Bryant had been called for an offensive foul.

The Lakers now have lost two straight and next play the Spurs in San Antonio on Tuesday. The Spurs are 25-4, the best record in the NBA.

When the Lakers fell behind, 84-69, the fans booed them.

But even that was light-hearted.


Lakers vs. Heat photos

Celebrities courtside at Staples Center

Lakers-Heat box score

Heat 75, Lakers 64 (end of third quarter)

The Lakers still didn't play very good defense, falling behind by as many as 16 points during the third.

But they continued to work at it, giving themselves a chance by pulling to within 11 points entering the fourth.

The Lakers came out strong in the third, looking as if they now were ready to match Miami's energy and effort.

Kobe Bryant scored, Pau Gasol scored and Bryant added a three-pointer, helping the Lakers creep to within 51-45.

But the Heat stood firm, going on an 11-3 run to open a 62-48 lead with 6:02 left in the third quarter.

The Lakers went down by 68-52 before they responded again.

Derek Fisher made a three-pointer, Lamar Odom scored and Gasol dunked off a lob pass, pulling the Lakers to within 70-59.

That forced the Heat to call a timeout with 2:46 left in the third.

 Heat 47, Lakers 38 (end of first half)

Kobe Bryant, upset when no fouled was called, was hit with a technical foul with 2:59 left in the first half. That was Bryant's third technical foul in two games.

Then there was a technical foul called on Ron Artest and LeBron James with 10.7 seconds left in the second quarter. The two had become entangled down low and pushed each other.

It was clear the game was getting physical and chippy, and that neither team was going to back down.

The problem for the Lakers is that they couldn't stop Chris Bosh, who had 18 points and eight rebounds in the first half.

James had 11 points and Dwyane Wade had 10.

The problem for the Lakers is that Bryant and Pau Gasol weren't scoring or making enough shots.

Bryant had eight points, but he was just three for 10 from the field. Gasol had six points on three-for-11 shooting.

The Heat opened the second quarter going to Bosh. Bosh made one of two free throws and scored another field goal.

After Dwyane Wade scored for a 25-14 Heat lead, the Lakers know knew for sure they had to step up their game.

When the Lakers went down, 33-20 after a Mario Chalmers three-pointer later in the second, L.A. was in trouble and had to fight its way out.

The Lakers pulled to within 35-28 on a bank shot by Bryant, forcing the Heat to call a timeout with 4:15 left in the second quarter.

Heat 20, Lakers 14 (end of first quarter)

Neither team shot lights-out in the first quarter.

In fact, both the Lakers and Heat were horrible from the field, making the start of the game look real ugly.

Kobe Bryant was 0-for-4 shooting in the first as he failed to score. Pau Gasol was 0-for-7 shooting, also not scoring in the first.

That was a big reason why the Lakers made onlyt 24% of their first-quarter shots.

The Heat shot only 36.4% from the field, but it got nine points from Chris Bosh and eight from LeBron James, using a 7-0 spurt to open a lead.

The fans inside Staples Center booed James when he was introduced in the starting lineup.

The fans inside the arena booed James when he threw the chalk into the air.

It seemed obvious that James was not well-liked by the Lakers' fans, just like he hasn't been liked by most NBA fans since he left the Cleveland Cavaliers and joined Dwyane Wade and Bosh in Miami to form the Super Friends team last summer.

One of the important matchups was between James and Ron Artest.

But it didn't show up in the first quarter because Artest picked up his second foul with 9:26 left in the period and had to take a seat on the bench.


The time has finally arrived when the much-hyped game between the Lakers and Miami Heat is ready to be played on Christmas Day at Staples Center.

All the parties are ready, from Kobe Bryant to Pau Gasol to Dwyane Wade to LeBron James.

It'll be televised on ABC.

"This is just a matchup that's made for television," Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said. "A good one."

For the Lakers, this is not a statement game.

But it is a game in which they want to get back on track after an embarrassing loss to the undermanned Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday night.

"I sensed anger in Kobe, obviously," Jackson said, referring to how his star guard hasn't talked to the media in three days. "But I didn't sense a lot anger in our team. I think they were disappointed in their effort, obviously. I didn't sense that kind of anger that rises in a team when they know that they have disappointed themselves."

One of the more intriguing matchups will be between Ron Artest and James.

It'll be up to Artest to try to slow down James on defense.

Artest will mostly guard James individually.

"We know Ron takes the bait, likes to have the challenge, and we anticipate he'll try to do what he does best against James," Jackson said.

The hope is that Artest is fully into the game, into defending James.

After the game Saturday, Artest will go across the street from Staples Center to L.A. Live and pull the ticket for the raffle he is having for a fan to win his NBA championship ring.

"He's been a little disconnected, but I don't think it's anything unusual," Jackson joked. "Normal disconnected Ron."

So how does Jackson connect Artest before the game?

"He'll get there," Jackson said. "He's got a way of doing it on his own, and he'll come in and focus."

He acknowledged that he bought a few raffle tickets.

Jackson was asked what he would do if he won the raffle and Artest's ring, seeing as he already has 11 championship rings of his own as a coach.

"That's an optimistic view," Jackson said, laughing. "I wouldn't have thought of it that way."

-- Broderick Turner

Photo: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant fouls Miami power forward Chris Bosh during action in the fourth quarter Saturday at Staples Center. Credit: Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times

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phil jackson is dope..

mm-My god another Thread, keep it coming.

what time is the game????

Kevin, the game is underway and currently being aired nationally by ABC. First quarter just ended with Heat leading Lakers, 20-14.

Fans should stop booing james,it brings out the best in fingers are cross though,i want to know who carries the day.


* The Miami Heat is living up to their billing as being the team to beat for the next few years, and this makes me angrier than anything Boston has done

* Kobe Bryant is horrible on defense, and he's not consistently great on offense actually.

* Pau Gasol alter ego, Paula Gasol, has returned and has assumed control. We don't know when, or if, the male version of Gasol will return

* Ron Artest needs to stop bragging about his charities and start concentrating on playing basketball

* What a waste of a good game from Lamar

* I've said this numerous times, and it has to be said yet again...Derek Fisher is a liability offensively and defensively, and he needs to retire

* Only a few more games before Bynum gets injured again. Start the count down.

* I'm starting to notice that Steve Blake has a bit of Paula Gasol in him; they both disappear into their happy places during big games

* What has Ron Artest contributed this year, besides his Championship ring to charity?

* Phil doesn't prepare this team for Christmas day games.

* I would rather see Boston win it all then Miami, god help me

* I'm not mad at these Lakers, mostly because I don't care about them, not this year, at least not yet

* Paula Gasol sucks, literally and I suspect figuratively

* Kobe Bryant's decline has officially started

* Why is Fish still starting, let alone playing?

* I hate Miami.

* PREDICTION: The Los Angeles Lakers will not make it out of the West. We can't win every year, so I'm okay with this. Lets just enjoy the ride and hope changes come to this roster soon.

Merry Christmas, dammit

What the Fricken hell is going on. We have 5 potential allstars and great role players and Miami has 3 allstars and ok role palyers and we get man handled. The is is asolutley BS. What is wrong with this team the last two months. Miami, Dall, San Antonio, Boston and others are way better than this Laker team. We should be getting,from: Gasol, 20&15, odom 12&13, Kobe 24,7&5, Artest 10&5, Bynum 20&13 and the roles players 5 a piece. We are not weven coming close to this and lately can even break 90. We get embarrassed on our own floor. Someone tell me what is going on? Did we all of the sudden get really old?


We getting almost nothing from Fisher and Artest. At least Artest plays defense. Fisher needs to be on the second team but Blake is weak too. All at once our guards are a weak link with no trade potential. Reducing payroll creates a talent gap.

Phil Jackson can make adjustments during a game. The Lakers were running around of defense leaving wide open shots and drives uncontested.

Yes, Paula Gasol did return, he is a wimp, lets just accept it.

The Lakers are not the best in the West anymore...getting old quick. Fish can't stop anyone.

I'll root for the magic not the celts or heat.

Am I the only Laker fan that has always thought that Kobe is overrated? I can only remember 3 maybe 4 games where he lived up to his mediatic billing (on big games). There is a play-off game in Phoenix back about 4 or 5 yrs ago. San Antonio play-off game about 7 yrs ago. Porland play-off game 7th, about 8 or 9 yrs ago. And one of the Sacramento play-off games. Now, he has probably played about 150 play-off games... I can remember Wade dominating the championship SERIES agains Dallas. Do you guys remember Kobe ever dominating any play-off series? I can remember Chauncey Billups dominating the championship series againts Lakers 3 yrs ago. Watch Kobe's defense and tell me if he is better than Wade in tonight's game

Well, now we know that the Milwaukee game was no fluke. Offensively, this team is in the doldrums. Pau Gasol had a habit of disappearing in big games and he didn't disappoint today. Kobe shooting percentage is in the toilet and this team, as it is playing now, will in no way win another championship.

Kobe "Jack" Bryant!! Kobe "Jack" Bryant!! Why Kobe "Jack"? Because he plays like colby jack cheese, cheesy!! He'll never be as great as Michael Jordan was or even close. Not even as great as Magic Johnson, or Larry Bird or even Shaquille O'Neal. He lacks real wisdom and leadership skills. Mann's a phony, or better yet, a fony with an "f". Michael never got shut down, Michael intimidated and dominated his opponents. Kobe just can't do those things. Yea, Realist, I agree and acknowledge you. Kobe is way overrated but if the media didn't do that, what would they talk about? Lebron's shorts?

unless something changes drastically the lakers won't get out of the second round.

Can anyone tell me of a play-off series where Kobe dominated or give me at least 2 games in the post season where Kobe dominated (as the mediatic superstar he is). I don't keep stats, but I feel confident that his play-off shooting percentage is lower than Wade, Bron, Garnett, Dirk, Duncan. Heck, I will even compare D. Rose numbers against Kobe... And I can honestly tell you even Rose numbers are better than Kobe's. People let's face it, Kobe has never been the caliber of player that Bron or Wade are, that's the bottom line.


im glad sasha was traded to nets

if you think the mil-lakers and miami-lakers games are bad wait until next tuesday. if gasol continue his whinning and flopping and being picked down low we're gonna see hell break lose tuesday.

Lakers had PLENTY of open shots. Defense my rear...

The Heat are fun team to watch.
Love fast breaking teams.

The Lakers are so boring win or lose...
Lakers can get away with that half court style because the rest of the league is so bad

As I stated during the chat today, the embarrassing loss at home would bring out all the negative criticisms. While agreeing with MM that today's game was indeed a disappointing one, but it's only ONE game. The Lakers are playing horrible right now. Kobe's mangled fingers finally prevent him from dominating the games like in the past. Kobe is playing soft, DFish is too old and simply can't make the shots when needed (Open Js). Artest is confused on both end. IMO, only Lamar played decent today.

I'm so disappointing in Bynum today. He's playing like a 50 years old center and not the budding super star likes we all hope for. There are no excuse for getting clocked by Z and Dampier.

Go Lakers!

Trade Gasol for Melo!!!

This loss is on Gasol, dude is too fragile to play in this new NBA where refs are letting almost everything go. Last season they would call a foul on players being very physical and agressive with Gasol, this year they clearly changed the rules.

I gave Pau the benefit of the doubt thinking that he was just way too tired with Bynum out, but now with him playing regular minutes I see that he is just too soft and passive to play in an NBA that allows players to be ultra physical.

This is on the Lakers, if they want it the Nuggets will do it for sure.

SPREAD THE WORD, let's start the Gasol for Melo BANDWAGON!!!

The Laker team I watched the last two games is simply not the team I know.

Who are these guys?

I always knew the day would come when Kobe would no longer be able to dictate the outcome of games and Phil would no longer be the answer, but I always thought this would be a slow, gradual process; not something that could happen over the weekend!

How are the mighty fallen and the weapons of youth cease?

Lakers grade

Paul Gasol - Crap/ Disgraceful
L. Odom - C
R. Artest - F-
D. Fisher - F-
Kobe Byrant - Unsatisfactory
Bench - F-
Coaching - F-
Fans - A


We should really try to spread the word

Anthony writes: "phil jackson is dope.."

Well, I don't know about what that means but what I know is that the Lakers have really big problems defending against the following:
1. Pick and Roll
2. Shooters at the wings
3. Zones

I have seen these fundamental problems so many times to make me ask myself the question: How do they win championships? How does Phil Jackson get these wins? Can someone please explain this paradox?

If they meet a team that does these three things well and consistently, either in any of the Western Conference playoff matches or--IF they are fortunate--in the finals, will a coach who seems not to know how to coach his team to play defense on those three points win???? That is the big question! A finals team could very well be the Miami Heat who showed today that they ARE that team.

The lakers biggest problem is phil jackson, he dont know how to motivate the team he see that fish is hurting the team and need to be bench hollowood has gotten in
to ron ron head. and kobe spend to much time blaming the
official and he is begining to look like fish on defense.

get rid of pau he is a softy no heart any every body beat
the ccrap out of him
like i said before i wouldnt spend my money to watch the are being cheated,laclustic team and coach.


We should really try to spread the word

Posted by: LakersPride | December 25, 2010 at 06:37 PM

LoL Doesn't matter how many people say it or how loud it is said, not gonna happen. Move on.

A month ago, people were saying the Heat were a disgrace and the Lakers were unbeatable. Now, they've switched roles. I expect it'll even out by season's end.

The Lakers biggest problem is the Lakers. This team has always gone as far as it's attitude takes it, and this year the attitude is terrible. When you have the most talented roster in the league, the ONLY way you lose games is by giving poor effort. Unfortunately, there has been almost no game where the team has played with more effort than its opponent.

Something has to change, and despite all the protestations that this is just "one game" it has happened with alarming frequency this year. Today, I hate my Lakers.

unfortunately its here...kobe is spent..he was used up completely in the playoffs last yr and my heart is broken but my pride will be buried with me. i have admitted to myself its over..out of excuses, out of neck protectors, they are bored. thier will and desire is gone and laker fans can be as upset with my comments as u want, but i have bled purple and gold for 28 yrs and will til im gone, but they have nothing and its not fixable, sorry laker fans, real laker fans, i love u all and we deserve better, one day we will get it, as we always on to my real reason for farting..first off, this league is a circus, know that and except it, its embarrassing, its consist of nothing but ptty pat calls and ignorance of the blatant REAL fouls, commish u are FOUL, second, the heat are a joke, of course they are going to win , hello, they have wade, james, and bosh, who is going to stop that in a seven game series, 2 of your five demand a double team and u will win it all, very un impressive and everyone knoews that except miami, 2 adults came on tv and admitted that in 8 yrs in the league( james, bosh) that they are not going to be able to do it, not even with a great team( cavs won 65 gms 2 yrs straight), npo we need to be on a team that cant lose( in a 7gm series that is) so there for we are cowards and need help asap, say all u will but what i said IS THE TRUTH and no trash talk will change that, lakers i love you and sorry you have lost your will, i havent

what the hell was going on out there lakers? get it together soon .. or you will be on the outside looking in. paula gasol ... too funny

oh c'mon you LA fans, you sound as thought the season is over. the Lakers started the season with HOW many wins until they got their first loss? Meanwhile the Heat were struggling. Teams get hot, teams get cold. your problem is you are too used to having a winning team. You need to spend some time up here in the Bay area with a for real LOSING team and then you'll know how good you have it. We get to the playoffs once ever 20 years and are happy. You've basically got the same championship team minus Trever Ariza that you had last year plus Steve Blake. This is NOT the end for the Lakers. You had a bad night and Miami was in sync for a change

One game...on Christmas Day....Lakers playing at home with all the attendant distractions....didn't bring it to Staples's not the end of the world. An embarrassment, maybe. Heat gelling now, but look at what the Magic did in the 2nd half vs. the Celtics...still more than over half the games left in the season....put down the knives....they'll be okay once Drew gets into a semblance of game-shape.

All you people calling Kobe overrated are absolutely stupid. As far as playoff games he dominated that you say doesn't exist? Lets go back to Lakers and Philadelphia or Lakers and Indiana or Lakers and Portland. You are just bandwagoners. Lakers will be fine.

i'm not going to get on the lakers but i do know without bynum the team is just not as good. granted the team has won 2 titles in a row so i won't act like a spoiled brat but it would have been nice to have gotten a win today.
i really think Ron's mind is on the Knicks, Kobe tried but time is catching him but of course he'll be ready come playoff time.
they do need to play better especially after begging Phil to come back, for what??? they could play like they played today with anyone at coach, even Jeff Van Gundy.
i do think this team will again attempt to "turn on the switch" come playoffs time but i one day i do think they will try to turn on the switch and realize all the wires have been cut.

it is not that the lakers is losing it is how they are loosing you see no efforts from the team or the laid back coach who sits on the bench troughout the whole game even
the coach head is not in the what to you expect from
the bynum or pau for melo.pau play like a girl
and bynum dont have any heart.get rid of fish,luke they are
bad to have around the leaving a bad apple in the barrel soon they all become spoil.hopefully phil retire soon
and trash the triangle the team is to stupid to lean it,especially ron ron

never once did i say he was overrated, i am guaranteed a laker fan 4 life now just because of him, i said he was spent, he took the team on his back after the oklahoma series and never looked back, hence ring number 5. kobe is the ultimate champion, he has whatfew players have, very few, even ones that won titles dint have it, it a formula, winning isnt just talent, its dedication, desire, finishing on a high even if u lost the game,and most impportantly, ready? THE WILL TO WIN, putting it together and using that formula to stac k the cheese, thats what he has, so the bored and ignored idiots that have anything bad to say about mr.bryants talents are truely lonely and have no parents and probably no money, if they did they would have been seeing what the rest of the world has, for the last 10 yrs kobe bryant is and has been the best player alive...

r u all morons or on drugs (probably both)? the Fakers r who we thought they were: an overrated team that has beaten noone. The were exposed today by a far better team! GO HEAT!!!!

Pau Gasol is soft as tissue and if they don't trade him the Lakers will not make it to the finals. Fish and Blake is a joke, and they prove tonight why trading Farmar was a mistake. I say trade Gasol for Melo throw in Blake for a bonus, make fish an asst. Coach move Oden to the point place Bynum in the starting line up. Problem Solve three peat once again.

Give me a gift receipt with this Fakers game. These are the defending champs?
Once again Kobe tries to jack up some desperation shots rather than be the team leader. He truly has no ability to inspire and rally his team.

Miami is the heir apparent and Kobe has no dignity in defeat. He'd rather jaw at the refs' and opponents who clearly got the better of him on this day.

I'll have a Blake Griffin for a Kobe next year Santa!

1. Paid off family to go and see the Lakers play the Heat $1000.00 "check"
2. Paid $1500.00 for two tickets with a face value of $300.00 "check"
3. Paid $500.00 for Valet service from downtown hotel because you do not want to drive "check"
4. Paid $500.00 for the first edition Lime Green Kobe Christmas Nike Shoes "check"
5 Paid $200.00 for late lunch of pulled pork sandwiches and beer for 6 friends "check"
Watching your Laker team get spanked in their own crib....PRICELESS


i guess laker need some trade..why not pau and luke or fisherr,luke and bynum for melo...if fisher continue starting every first quarter opponent always ahead...fisher playing like street games,standing,no defense and offense at u miss sasha his hustle to guard opposing point guard..

whatever whatever, this happened last year during Christmas against the cavs and was way more humiliating... but what happened?! guess lebron didnt even get to see the finals... and what happened with lakers? oh they won. shut up and get over it guys, lakers will put up a fight regardless of what you think... sometimes I think this is the lakers strategy of just losing some games and then coming back really strong in order to motivate themselves and get them on a roll. The Lakers aren't world champions twice in a row for no reason... The Cavs held the best record and still didnt even get a whiff of a championship... All of it is just hype until the real business starts during the play offs.

The biggest disappointment thus far in the season has been Artest. I thought after the Finals that he got it. The man seems lost out there. Then he said he wanted to piss LeBron off. Really Ron Ron? You should call LeBron Mr. James. The second disappointment has been Gasol aka Gasoft. When Bynum was out everyone was complaining about his minutes. Really? A warrior must do what he have to do. man Up. But now we see that it's not his minutes but his lack of a backbone. Kobe is also a disappointment. He plays hard with passion etc. But he seems to be becoming mortal. To compensate he needs to become the emotional and total leader on and off the court. Don't just try to get yourself into the zone but fire up the troops. Kobe think about this when you get embarrass on national tv year after year at Xmas time it tarnishes your legacy even if you win another chip. This is because the casual fan watches around Xmas time. That is why you must get on your team to perform.

What a bunch of spoiled, band wagon, fair weather fans. Granted that the performance of the team was terrible. It was just one game, one game! Some of you whiners started lamenting our fate in preseason. The big problem was that regular shots that usually go in didn't on Saturday. Like a virus it spread to the whole team. Most of the ignorant fans posting here don't deserve such a championship team. The mood seems to be that many of our fans were personally embarrassed. There are 82 games in the season, with assorted playoffs. Luck is always part of surviving this marathon. Lucky calls, lucky bounces, luck with avoiding injuries. I am certain that the posters are perfect and excellent every day at their work or pursuits, and in their relationships. It is disgusting that so many bandwagon fans bask in the glory of the Lakers great accomplishments, but instantly disown them when they have a bad game. Deep down some apparently resent all the love and support the players get from the real fans. It doesn't take much to draw out your hate. Many of you will disappear until the playoffs come and you can climb aboard once more. The rest of us won't miss you, don't come back and contaminate your perfect lives. This is just a game! What a bunch of undeserving, whining losers!

So many of the idiots are calling out Ron despite a great year playing defense. Somehow ignorant fans are alarmed that everybody in the starting line up, on the team isn't scoring at least 20 points, and 10 rebounds a game. This is the standard by which they rate each individual player. There is only one basketball in each game. Everyone doesn't have to score every game for success or victory. Ron is mastering the intricacies of the triangle, while shutting down, or at least limiting the other teams' best scorers. Saturday he was charged with two fouls early in the first period. He sat most of the first halve. The second unit has performed above expectations and has carried and rallied the team. Nobody is great every time, no body! The biggest losers Saturday were the fans of LA.

lakers we need to get our dam act togather the game really pissed me off last night



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