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Lakers vs Indiana: Lakers whip up on Pacers


Lakers 109, Pacers 94 (final)

The Lakers lost to the Pacers last month at Staples Center, but L.A. wasn't going to let it happen again.

The Lakers opened a 26-point lead and coasted in for the victory, their third in a row on this six-game trip after opening it with a loss to Chicago.

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 31 points on 11-for-18 shooting, and he had six assists.

Pau Gasol had  28 points on 10-for-17 shooting as well as eight rebounds.

Lamar Odom had 13 points and 17 rebounds for a Lakers' team that shot 51.2% from the field.

In his second game back after missing the first 24 recovering from right knee surgery, Andrew Bynum held up pretty well for playing in back-to-back games.

Bynum played 18 minutes. He was just one-for-four shooting from the field in scoring three points.

Bynum did have five rebounds.

Lakers 87, Pacers 69 (end of thrid quarter)

Not much changed in the third quarter.

In fact, the Lakers just continued to bombard the Pacers in the third, opening a 26-point lead at one point.

Kobe Bryant, who was more of a passer in the first half with six assists, took to the attack in the third.

Bryant scored 17 of his 23 points in the third.



Lakers 59, Pacers 37 (end of first half)

When the Lakers played the Pacers at Staples Center last month, Indiana center Roy Hibbert outplayed Pau Gasol.

Hibbert had 24 points, 12 rebounds and six assists while Gasol had 13 points, 12 rebounds and three assists.

Wednesday night, Gasol got his revenge, doing work early and often against Hibbert.

Gasol had 21 points in the first half, Hibbert just six.

Gasol missed only two of his 11 first-half shots and he had Hibbert in foul trouble in the first half with three.

The Lakers shot 61% from the field in the first half.

Lakers 36, Pacers 22 (end of first quarter)

The Lakers began the game putting on a clinic against the Pacers, opening a 19-point lead at one point, making 11 of their first 13 shots.

Even though the Lakers finished the first shooting 73.7% from the field, they did cool off some from their hot start, leading by 14 points at the end of the quarter.

Pau Gasol had 14 points on six-for-seven shooting.


Eventually, Lakers Coach Phil Jackson said before Wednesday night's game against the Indiana Pacers at Conseco Fieldhouse, Andrew Bynum will be back in the starting lineup.

For now, though, Bynum, who played in his first game Tuesday night against the Washington Wizards after missing the previous 24 recovering from right knee surgery, will come off the bench.

Jackson said Bynum won't start because "he's not ready to play a rotation right now."

That means that Bynum is not ready to play eight-minute segments.

"We want Andrew to be in the starting lineup," Jackson said. "That impact of his size is sometimes imposing on other teams.

"Obviously we function in kind of a running, flowing format better with Lamar [Odom], but that's because we have more ballhandlers. But our size and length is pretty daunting sometimes witih those two [Bynum and Pau Gasol] in there."

Before Sasha Vujacic left the Lakers, Jackson had some words for the guard.

Vujacic was a part of a three-team trade that sent him to the New Jersey Nets; the Lakers got forward Joe Smith in return.

"I told him he's always going to be family to me," Jackson said. "He's played on two championship teams. ... He deserves that notoriety as having played and contributed on championship teams."

-- Broderick Turner in Indianapolis

Photo: Lakers center Pau Gasol drives the baseline past Pacers center Roy Hibbert in the first half Wednesday night. Credit: Darron Cummings / Associated Press

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I'm sure Ricky will be posting tomorrow telling us that he's the best player in the history of the NBA.

What a huge difference in the team! Pau and Ron-Ron are playing up to their capabilities and everyone on the bench is playing their roles. Bynum's presence allows Pau to go hard at all times instead of trying to pace himself to play long minutes. Beware NBA....These are the Los Angeles Lakers!!

Great first half. But it takes 48 mins., not 24. The Laker balance and bench are allowing Kobe to expend a lot of energy on defense instead of spending himself on offense. A very good team effort.

Lots of time left, these are the types of games where the Lakers let up and stop playing the way they played to get the lead in the first place.

Haven't seen the game yet, taped it though. I canna wait!

hahaha Gasol is like an elephant (like Kobe, too)... he never forgets! I'm glad he was able to get back at Hibbert. ;-)

You're going to enjoy this one Jamie.

Can anyone please explain to me why Phil had Kobe and Pau still out there on the floor in the closing minutes?

This was a fun game to watch. Looks like the Lakers are finally regaining their mojo and a bit of their ol' swagger along with it.

Best part is, this game might make the Ron Ron/Pau sucks posts disappear - at least until the next game...


alright, bynum b2b games and no knee issues. since i missed the game, how did 'drew look?

Finally we got rid of Sasha.
For all of you that had your head in the sand keep it there.
Many of you did not agree with me when I said Sasha would be gone before Christmas, I say Merry Merry !!!!!



accept your olive branch.

some random blogger in the blogosphere wrote: "1. actually, I'm not flip-flopping. Your earlier interpretations were incorrect.

2. You actually read my post, without inserting your own skewed feelings.


Justa, where's the percocet?"

my response: hot diggity dog!

One of the more enjoying games of this year so far. General good playing, and the first half was magnificent on both ends. First quarter - superb running of the O. Ron was everywhere too. Pau finally getting into his mid-range gear (and it shows; we normally EXPECT that).

Most of the starters at the end? Wasn't sure why; wish Phil would explain... I don't worry, just curious.

888: I'm getting a warm, fuzzy feeling inside - and no, haven't even had a drink today.

I sense blog-harmony is breaking out amongst us, the clouds are parting, poppies blooming all around and, if we listen closely, we might even hear birds singing in the warm breeze. Either that or 63 has cranked Ummagumma up extra-loud again.

Now, if blog-peace can be achieved here, South/North Korea, Israel/Iran and the war on terror will be a piece of cake...

Peace out!


Classy Gasol great game senor...

Without Classy we won't win yesterday, today and tomorrow...

"Are you not entertained..."


havent seen game yet but saw the box score.

pau R u kidding me?

all of a sudden hes back to his old self playin loose with behind the back passes and lakers win in B2B blowouts?? now i am TOTALLY convinced it was mental not physical fatigue... everyone other laker seems to be playing at the same pace as last 2 weeks during our losing streak so the main reason for our struggles has to be mainly attributed to pau.

btw last comment not necessarily a compliment and should be taken with a grain of salt

Posted by: Edwin Gueco | December 15, 2010 at 04:30 PM

Edwin - I have the utmost respect for you...but I can't understand how you can defend his actions (i will not even mention his name)...

I have no problem with anyone critiquing my posts or even calling me out...

BUT YOU LEAVE MY FAMILY OUT OF IT...Especially when you talk about my mother who is no longer with us...

I'm always civil in my posts, even when I critique someone...But if they want to go to the gutter...i can do that to...

This guy is the same guy who is coward enough, that if he has an issue with someone...instead of confronting him...he would key his car...

So I'm sorry, I cannot accept your explanation on this matter...There are golden rules in life...this is just a simple public blog...manners and protocol are primary behavior that any adult should grasp...apparently I'm dealing with a child...

I have said my reason to dwell on it...But if it happens again...I will react in an ugly matter next time...You don't want to see the dark side of LEWSTRS...

LEWSTRS: The next Laker jersey I buy will have a #16 on the back, and I plan to wear it proudly too...


Celtics pulled out the Knicks game I see...I though the Knicks had that...well that what championship teams do...find a way to win...

CCX way to show your love...I was planning on getting an LO jersey, but changed to Pau at the last second...maybe Santa will be extra nice and give me both...:)

Ho Ho Ho...Santa's gotta go...gotta bring the toys to the girls and boys...

Can't believe Christmas is already gets more and more expensive every

frank - as soon as I heard the news of the Sasha immediately popped into my mind...You know how I felt...I will miss him...but what ever is best for the team is always my attitude...and this move was the best for the team...

But now that Machine is gone...who will be your next whipping


I missed that post, I was not updating myself on the blog so I feel your pain as well. I saw his post complaining to Dan about mentioning his mother by another poster. That was my point, once you hurl an unreasonable post, it comes back to you in kind. We stoop down to a 3 yr old childish accusations. As 40's, 50's and 60's blogging here, we should draw a line and stop somewhere. If you gang up at him, he gets back with equal feisty reactions. Throw some soft breads instead of hard french bread that turned into stones, see if it will change the dynamics.

I'm sure Ouchhhhh has something explaining to do why he engages into discuss throw competitions about relatives? Gassy was very effective in throwing the ball tonight so there is a sound of silence in ouchhhh. It seems to me that Gasol, LO became better players when Bynum came back. Because of that, there is tranquility in the blog on a W game but more animosities on a L game. Here is how to start an endless argument by saying: "I told you so, Bynum would make everyone better." Don't u think there is no need to state the obvious? Just express it with this song:

So, it seems the power of the lucky barstool extends to following the game on my smart phone. This is good. Very good. Lakers are 2-0 since I've returned to the lucky barstool. I think that makes the Lakers 98-17 all time at the lucky barstool.

I think it is time Dr. Jerry Buss needs to buy this bar in Hudson, Ohio and pay me (or another Lakeraholic) to be there for all Lakers games.

It's the only thing that makes sense, really.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


There's no crying in this blog

just more insults until it fades away to come back another day

Jon K - i am taking up a collection, so you can buy that barstool and brink it back to LA with you...

Who knew that our season hangs on some barstool all the way in Cleveland...

I've heard of the power of the four leaf clover...but never the power of the four legged bar

Jon K. - I think, like the London Bridge, Dr. Buss should buy the whole bar (stool and all), move it out here, and then you can stay in LA to sit on the stool every game-night.

Anoter game missed due to it being way too early in the day.
Hurry up and get home boys.

Also, wow with Pau. You can totally see the difference in BOTH him and odom with having a rest in the middle I think it makes all the difference. Yes I am sure some of it was mental, but honestly a five minute rest in the middle is a lot better than nothing. This Laker team is going to be one to watch for the rest of the season.. I get excited just thinking about it.

My only L.A Laker jersey is Derek Fisher. When I am down in the states (hopefully) I can get a purple mamba one and a white gasol one.

woo :)

63 Footer,

I'm pretty sure it's not actually the barstool, but a section of the bar that I've marked with a pocket knife. It's the only section that actually worked... and worked exceptionly well.

I know it sound crazy, but, man, 98-17? I mean, come on!

They were 32-4 at one time.

All fear the lucky barstool!

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrrow... Lakers Forever.



My biggest gripe with PJ is that he plays the starters too many minutes in games like this, so yeah, I had the same thought as you did: Why put Kobe and Pau back in the 4th, when Lakes are up by 19?

I'm not demanding PJ be fired, I'm not stating that I know more than PJ, just saying it bugs the !@#% out of me! Pau logs 36 minutes in this game, Kobe logs 34, doesn't seem right.

On the bright side, Pau looks like a totally different player. Maybe it's not all Drew, but it sure seems to help Pau psyche wise to have Drew backing him up.

The Ls looked great tonite, especially Pau. Not sure if having Drew back is the difference or not but, sure hope he can sustain this level of play. Team D looked much better too, for most of the game. Again, not sure if that is attributable to Drew's return or not but, hope that becomes a constant as well.


@LRob: No musical entries tonite...too close to quittin' time for me but, I'll post something tomorrow as I wind down the series.


@JLF and DBDH: I'm with you guys on the following post from the other day.

...@ JustaLakerFan,

I'm not trying to get all Gerald Celente on you, but the "InfoWarrior" comment was a term of endearment! Where do you think I learned about that gold stuff? AJ gets a little loud sometimes, however entertaining (and educational) his crusade is. How else would I have known about your "alternative media" references and overall concerns regarding the fat cats in charge? I support you, sir! Eyes wide open.


@ 63,

You rule!


@ justa, cali, phred, rick f, LRob, FEARless, and PLG...

What up?!


Posted by: Don't Blame Del Harris! | December 14, 2010 at 09:55 AM


Tho' I don't always agree with everything AJ and GC say, they are smart guys who try to keep it real. More peeps should listen to 'em, along with Max Keiser.

BTW, I'm more inclined to go with silver over gold...not sure if there's any REAL gold left to buy these days.



Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

I'm also willing to pitch in on Jon K's Lucky bar stool. Let me know what my cut is. (Notice I avoided the Lucky Stool tangent)

Considering the sparring that goes on on this blog it is a smart move to save posts and/or research the achives in order to protect their right to defend themselves or rebut another person's attack.

There are a lot of people on this blog who claim to be one thing yet turn around and contradict themselves when the occasion suits them.
These individuals are a dangerous type of species, their true character is confirmed by their reactions when confronted with prior posts, that usually show them talking out of both sides of their mouths.


After this game, things seem All Right.

Troll Man,

Truth above politics. Always.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Jon K. - that's why I wasn't takin' any chances: Dr. Buss - bring the whole dang bar out here!

GDUB - although I'll never have the same transcendent feel you have in your music, since you ain't able to do it tonight, I will throw a few through the seam:

Mark G - you beat me to it! Love that song, love that rendition.

Now that looked like the 2-time defending World Champs tonight...bravo!

Excellent defense led by Ron - check.

Crisp ball movement on offense - check.

Pau and LO looking to score - check.

Kobe distributing, scoring and going all out on d - check.

Drew another game to get his feet wet - check.

Bench making enough plays to maintain a comfortable lead - check.

Sasha is gone, LONG LIVE SASHA !

To put it mildly, I was never quick to defend Sasha's play. But, he wore the Lakers' jersey through championships. And he was a memorable brat. I wish him well and will miss him much.

Sasha is gone, long live Sasha.


fish need to be traded or cut back on his playing time to
-5 minute,give more minute to brown and blake.

Nice Winwoodathon, can I coattail?

Mark G - why of course. Gotta have the enfant terrible phase of Stevie. And one of the most get-up-off-your-azz songs evah!

LRob - I agree on all counts. I hope it keeps up. With Drew rounding into shape, that should keep the team on an upward curve as they play off his rising energy and renewed skill-set. Come late February/early March we will see them begin to ascertain what their post-season face will be.

No injuries!

JohnnyP - both sad and humorous and heartfelt (like 3 halves of a whole). Well said.

Nothing mysterious or even wrong with Pau and Lamar pacing themselves until Drew came back. It's just natural that your body is going to hold something back until it knows you don't have to play 45 every game.

I can take issue with us losing games because of this, but to be fair, these weren't games where we could pile on the effort, gain a huge lead in the first half and then take it easy while the bench held on to the wind. These were games where we had to fight all game, when shots weren't falling, and when the bench was still adjusting.

I think we could have figured out how to win most games even without Bynum coming back, and I'm ever more sure now that we have Joe Smith. Pau and Odom would have figured out what they could give without risking burnout. But that would have taken longer.

Even without Bynum, I didn't have much fear that we wouldn't reach the finals. I almost hope that we really need him to play the Heat or Celtics or the Magic or the Bulls, because I want to see some good basketball in the Finals.

Now we just need to do everything we can to keep Lamar 'Butterscotch' Odom healthy. Pau healthy, and Kobe healthy, and teach the rest of the Killer B's how it goes in Laker championships

THE LOVE THINKS IT LIKES THE NEW LAMAR 'BUTTERSCOTCH" ODOM, smooth as rich creamery butter, smoky and strong as the beat filtered malt.



So...I have to know, do all local TV stations broadcast an image of a burning Yule Log every Christmas or are we uniquely mad here in LA? Does anyone watch the Yule Log as it burns on their TV set?

Jon K, you lived in Cleveland for a time, was there some Yule Log channel? LakerTom, Bay Area Northerly vibe...burning Yule Log? Zaria (Blog Goddes) does Italy broascast a burning image of a Yule Log. Only during the Christmas holiday itself, mind you. It's more than a Laker and burning Yule Log channel to be sure. Great weather reports. Great weather.

Anyhoo, just curious, I myself have never watched the buring image of the Yule Log and am curious if it's something way awesome I've missed out on during my 36 years in southern California.

Good win, by the by.

I like how Luke's carving out some minutes at the 4 spot. Ron really set the tone and Pau looks like he just got a second wind or something. Maybe he gave up the Mc Rib. Regardless, he just has more lift and is more fleet of foot. Essential for his game, which had become moribund.

Kobe pretty much kicks major league tuckus. Major League. Tuckus.

The opening quarter belonged to Ron-Ron. Its safe to say that if he took a "Rodman" (I am sick of the comparison too, but hear me out) approach to these meaningless regular season games by simply just trying to shutdown the other team's leading scorer, and be an absolute pest all game he could maybe find the drive needed to be a more consistent contributor. That being said, we look like we are ready to click, and with Bynum and Joe Smith on the way to help spell the best big man in the game, we are primed to reel off 10 in a row like the hated Celtics, and the overrated Heat.

Jamie - come on, it's classic Hollywood: beautiful cinematography, unique if almost non-existent editing, a one-note narrative that is evergreen, year after year after year. And it's all union! It's the perfect Holiday blockbuster!

A little blog catch up

@LTLF – Thanks for info on trade exception.

@Mark G – I respect your opinion but I don’t believe in getting into the name calling regardless of who initiates it.

@Lew – Regarding the fantasy league…yep I expected big things from Pau this year. I just thought with Pau getting a lot of rest this summer and entering the peak of his prime that he would have a great year. So far so good other than that 5-6 game hiccup. Drew should start paying dividends for you in a couple of weeks. He’ll help your FG% and blocks category.

@Fever – I'm with you on Terrence Williams. I like his game and versatility. He defends, rebounds, passes…but his J is suspect and he’ll need to work hard on that part of his game. I know he had a few run-ins with Avery, but he’s only a 2nd yr guy so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that he’ll learn from his mistakes.

@Wes – thanks for posting those great moments in NBA history. I commented earlier that Kareem’s two ft’s in 88 definitely trump Sasha. After a quick glance at that list a few others come to mind… Rick Barry & GS shocking the world and beating the sweeping the Bullets in the 75 finals…. Lebron’s 25 consecutive points in 4th /OT vs. Pistons in 07.

Man that was good for the soul, good for what ails ya.

All's well in Lakerland.

So you've seen the image of the burning Yule Log, ehhh 63'er? Tell me, does the camera angle change or is it a static shot of the buring Log of Yule tide cheer? This...union log, hmm...""rings us together in the classic Hollywood way" I was glad you didn't mention how that could be interpreted in the Valley so I won't bring it up either.

It would be a blockbuster if George Went fell onto the Yule Log and Ted Danson hauled him back out and subsequently beat the flaming evergreen from his shabby coat. BOO-YAA, blockbuster! Throw in a percocious kid who snaps his fingers sticks out his tongue with a chipper wink and you could have a sequel. With a zombie attack on suburbia because Aunt Matilda left little Jimmy's neutron positronic cell enhancer on because she thought it was her grand marm's old iron from the "Olden Days" and wanted to press curtains but, unfortunately, transmogrifies Pooch Mc Gee the famaily pup into a rabid zombie disease making canine from Hell you just might rival this movie for pure excellence.

I just might have to tune in this year and see for myself.

For those of you wondering, I think Phil had a darn good reason for re-inserting several of the starters at the end of the 4th quarter. The Lakers had been really getting their mojo back and pretty much stomping all over the Pacers. But the Pacers started chipping away and had knocked about 10 points off the Lakers' 24-point lead. Phil wasn't really afraid of losing the game, but most likely wanted to make sure that the team didn't lose that mojo. In case you missed it, Phil was very active throughout this entire game, jumping up and calling very strategic timeouts repeatedly. He wanted not just the win, but the mojo return to sink in. Very cool to see him want that and to maneuver to make it happen..

And yeah, as a matter of fact, it is precisely Bynum who is the key to their getting their mojo back. Pau and Lamar in particular were totally rejuvenated and re-energized just knowing that Bynum's in the rotation again. And if you think they looked good tonight, just wait a couple of weeks until Bynum has his timing and hs confidence back. We're going to see some serious butt-kicking and some major payback games (I'm talkin' about YOU, Thuggets!).

63 Footer/Mark G - I feeling the Winwood jam session. So I thought I'd bring along a few friends to join....

LRob, I totally understand and respect your position.

Jamie - see? You're already into the spirit of the Digital Yule Log Extravaganza! In fact, with your iPhone or iPad, you can bring the whole experience down to the beach on December 25th and get a tan while watching. Only in LA!

CornerJ - interesting thoughts on Phil. I wish a reporter would actually ask. I know Phil would never give a straight answer, but maybe Pau or Drew or someone else might. I hope the mojo is back to stay.

LRob - niiiiiiice! Can never go wrong with the Digital Yule Log, or the Winwood & Friends:

Trade update....

I was critical of the Sasha/Smith trade when it was first announced...but now I must amend my stance on two points since more details have been announced:

1. I didn't like throwing away a #1 pick, but since the Lakers got two #2 draft picks I'm good with it.

2. I enjoyed having Sasha as that insurance policy in case Fish, Blake or Shannon went down, but if the Lakers got the nice trade exception as reported then they can use it to acquire another decent guard if necessary (assuming they did it before the trade deadline).


Not only do I respect your position , but I hope you know I always respect your musical selections, lol.

OMG, even Charlie Watts looks young in the 2nd clip, at least I think it was Charlie Watts

LRob - it's a win-win with great savings for the Lakers and keeping open the trade possibility if needed (per the exception). Mitch & Co. are doin' their due diligence, as per our Lakers greatness.

Now, everyone's saying that Drew's return is the reason for the last two-game re-invigoration of the team, but... let's be honest, it could be the Sasha trade which conveniently corresponds to the same time frame. I mean, once Sasha's gone, the "who's got the hottest girlfriend/fiancee" stress gets all re-shuffled, with Pau looking better now, etc. I think that's the real culprit.

I kid! I kid!

63, Love that version of Little Wing, I missed for a second.

Mark G - I played that Rainbow Concert album till the grooves were gone. I love that disc.

@Mark G - I had to do a double take...I think you're right about Charlie, but I'm not sure...there's a good shot of him at about :35 sec.

@63 Footer - I know you're kidding but we both know that oft times there is the off court drama that causes problems. Some are able to focus and rise above it while others on court performance suffers. It's going to be interesting to see how things play out with Matt Barnes fiance being part of Basketball Wives...

@phred - nice rendition of "Fire & Rain" to send Sasha away yesterday.

LRob - I'm thinkin' that Maria showed too much attention to Pau, he lost his heart to her, Sasha found out, lost his shot, Pau moped (rather like Eric Clapton did for Pattie Boyd/Harrison), things were tense, Phil found out, Sasha was doubly in the doghouse, Phil chided Pau to "man-up," etc. Now that Sasha's gone, the field is open, Pau is happier, and the rest is Ring history.

Of course, I could be wrong....

In my best Sir Charles voice....GINOBLIIIIIIIII....nice game winner despite the bump for Mbah a Moute. The Lakers have Dec. 28th circled on the calendar.

@Edwin - nice musical selection...but I don't think we'll experience much

@63 footer - yeah...that's the ticket.

Favorite parts of the last two games.....

Kobe's lockdown d on Nick Young in 3rd quarter yesterday.

Ron Ron's defensive dominance in first quarter today.


Well my forecast of Andrew making immediate impact, especially in the defensive end, looks on target so far...

Indeed the mojo has returned to our boys, and AB will be contributing more on the points and rebounds, as he finds his rhythm and timing...

Gasol has made a complete turn around in the last 2 games...Some here say it was mental, some say it was physical, but no matter is nice to see his body language showing his former confidence...

Mamba looks like a kid in a candy store...The juices are flowing, and the scowl will unleash soon, hopefully around Christmas time...:)

Even Ron Ron has found new energy and determination...His 1rst quarter performance last night was excellent...

Lamar...He has been the most consistent all season...Nothing more to be said, except his numbers tonight...a mere 13 pt 17 re 1 blk...

The Killer Bees...I feel they will only get better...With Odom, (Butterscotch Odom) anchoring that unit, will only flourish...I bet we will see some games where they are more effective than the first unit...

So all is rosy in Lakerland...Now all I pray for is health...and 3 peat it will be....

Its amazing to see Pau when he is 100% what a skill he has. Did u see that running hook?
Seems he is recovered from the injurie and feels happy now removing that 45 min playing psychological charge

Well now, nice to see a good ole fashioned whipping especially on the road.
Looked at the box score after the game and wondered why Pau played 36 mins and Kobe 34+, seemed a bit odd. Maybe Phil wants to keep their stamina up, beats me.
Glad to see they caught whoever it was impersonating Pau the past couple of weeks and threw his butt out and got the real Pau back.
And Ron, whewee, that's more like it.
And Kobe was Kobe, but what a difference it makes when those other guys have it working.
51% shooting, 47% of made 3's, and on the road.
Rebounds 51-29!!
Won't lose many games with those kind of numbers.

As expected, it doesn't take Bynum playing at his best. It just takes Bynum being back. It helps the rotation, adds size, and helps Pau and Lamar physically and mentally. Two games, two road blowouts.

Kobe looks better and better. The Lakers are getting back to where they have so many weapons you can't stop them all. Kobe lays low in the first half because he can, and lets loose in the second half. Because he can.

Very encouraging.

who cares. Until the Lakers beat quality opponents consistently, these wins remain shallow and meaningless.

My favorite highlight last night was watching Roy Hibbert sit at his desk and take notes from Pau on how to school your opponent. Maybe Hibbert will bring Gasol an apple after winter break (Christmas Vacation when I was in school!).


who cares. Until the Lakers beat quality opponents consistently, these wins remain shallow and meaningless.
Posted by: troy

These wins are important, as are all wins, especially for playoff seeding.

It amazes me how so many so-called Laker followers blast, question, and doubt the decisions and moves made by a FO that has WON 16 EFFN Titles??? Are you kidding me??? WOW WOW and MORE WOW

Real talk, ya need to recognize!

Jon K.,

I've been out-of -pocket for a minute. Are you back in Ohio? If yes when and why?

I would like to make a point to every one who called me a basher.

Bynum has returned and not performed well. Other than the previous
sentence I have not said anything about it. I did not take an immediate
opportunity to bash nor do I want to.

In short, everyone who said I was a basher was wrong.

I enjoy following up after posts like the one at 06:45 AM. Never mind the 16 titles and 31 trips to the NBA Finals, but 3 trips to the NBA Finals with back-to-back championships is enough for me to refrain from blasting, questioning or doubting the decisions or moves of Mitch Kupchak and/or Phil Jackson. Mitch Kupchak learned his craft and has mastered his craft. He has been blessed with having an owner who has allowed him to spend relatively freely and seems to push the right buttons most of the time now. Being a GM in the NBA is not easy and there's a lot of guesswork and luck, but Mitch has been getting straight A's for 3 seasons now.

who cares. Until the Lakers beat quality opponents consistently, these wins remain shallow and meaningless.
Posted by: troy

These wins are important, as are all wins, especially for playoff seeding.

Posted by: Art - FL Lakers Fan | December 16, 2010 at 06:32 AM

When the Lakers had similar frustrating regular seasons from 2000-01 through 2003-04, Shaq used to say that it is important to have a great home record and win the games that you're supposed to win on the road. I actually subscribe to that theory. Last season, we had a few nice road wins here and there, but for the most part lost most of the "statement" games against the tougher teams in their gym. The fact that we lost these games against "quality" opponents put tremendous doubt in the minds of many Lakers fans, but somehow we won another championship. Now that this team has thrice been championship tested, I think it only needs a top 4 seed in the West (although I think we'll finish 1 or 2) and whether we beat or lose to "quality" opponents along the way is equally as shallow and meaningless. The Lakers know what they can do and I remain convinced that with this Not Yet Over The Hill team, only the Lakers can beat the Lakers.

In short, everyone who said I was a basher was wrong.

Posted by: hobbitmage | December 16, 2010 at 07:01 AM

Well that's just your opinion!

...and whether we beat or lose to "quality" opponents along the way is equally as shallow and meaningless.
Posted by: KobeMVP888 | December 16, 2010 at 07:19 AM

Well that's just your opinion!


My biggest gripe with PJ is that he plays the starters too many minutes in games like this, so yeah, I had the same thought as you did: Why put Kobe and Pau back in the 4th, when Lakes are up by 19?

I'm not demanding PJ be fired, I'm not stating that I know more than PJ, just saying it bugs the !@#% out of me! Pau logs 36 minutes in this game, Kobe logs 34, doesn't seem right.

On the bright side, Pau looks like a totally different player. Maybe it's not all Drew, but it sure seems to help Pau psyche wise to have Drew backing him up.

Posted by: Mark G | December 15, 2010 at 09:02 PM


My guess is that MVP votes are more meaningful to the Lakers than they let on. There was really no other reason for it.



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