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Lakers unsure when Andrew Bynum will return

Bynum_300 Andrew Bynum's return remains in a state of flux, seemingly changing by the day as he rehabilitates the right knee he had surgery on over the summer.

Last week, before the Lakers began their six-game East Coast trip, Bynum and the team said the 7-foot center would play Tuesday night in Washington, D.C. against the Wizards.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson was asked before Sunday's game against the New Jersey Nets if Bynum still would return Tuesday.

"We're not putting anything on it until after we get through a practice Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday," Jackson said. "One of those games he's going to make it."

The Tuesday game is at the Washington Wizards, Wednesday's game is at the Indiana Pacers, Friday's game is at the Philadelphia 76ers and Sunday's game that finishes the trip is at the Toronto Raptors.

There was a time when Bynum had said he would probably return Dec. 19 at Toronto.

But after a couple of  five-on-five practices, Bynum and the Lakers had moved that time up, hoping he would play Tuesday.

The plan was for Bynum to practice Saturday in New York, but it was cancelled because Lakers spent almost two hours on their bus getting from the airport in New Jersey to their hotel in New York.

The next practice is scheduled for Monday in D.C.

But that's part of meeting with President Obama at a Boys and Girls Club in the area.

It could mean that the Lakers won't get the type of practice in they need for Bynum.

"We've got to get a practice in," Bynum said. "We haven't really been able to do that. Hopefully we'll practice (Monday)."

-- Broderick Turner, reporting from East Rutherford, N.J.

Photo: Lakers center Andrew Bynum tries to block a shot by Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett in the NBA Finals last spring. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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it was just stupid to cancel practice Saturday. as poorly as we have been playing. we obviously need some quality practice time. bad move Phil!!

take your time Andrew, it doesn't matter if Gasol or Odom suffer a bad injury that ultimately screws the Lakers, at least you had fun over the summer and as long as you don't have to work hard like your other teammates everything's good.

how many years are left on this clowns contract?

Patience is the name of physical rehabilitation in this game of basketball. Coming in less than 100% could further damage the knee. Now tell me, what's more important... a player being 100% or one or two games played?

You're soooo right Terry, if it was me I would bench Andrew until after the lockout. I'm sure Gasol's hamstring and Odom's foot problem can hold up playing 40+ minutes every other night until May.

He's 100% now. Man up and get in there.

Lets trade him to Miami.

Don't panic friends, we don't even need Bynum right now. We just came off two great wins over the Clippers and the Nets! These are underrated teams, the Clippers beat the Spurs remember! Kobe will never let us down, with or without Drew. We've invested too much in Bynum to bring him back early and risk him going down again. $13 million a year is not something that you just throw under the bus. His agent has already said he will be asking for a max contract when his current deal is up in a few years so this is our future franchise player we're talking about after Kobe retires in the sunset as the G.O.A.T. We're gonna win this year with or without Drew so take it easy! He's the key to our next two three-peats while Gasol and Odom will be done around same time as Kobe. It's perfect timing!

Lakerz Nation Foreverz!!!

I hope that it is sooner rather than later....we really need Andrew back and this road-trip could be a nice one to get his conditioning going, being that Washington, Philadelphia, and Indiana are somewhat sub-par competition as a whole. We need him to be in halfway decent shape, so that he can dominate Miami on X-MAS day...

Bynum needs to man up!!!

Ay down two, yet ur still in the mix man. surprised to tell ya truth. the next few games will let us know for sure what the end will be. also look at this my neighbor showed me it. it can maybe help u get ur info faster. alright ill tty after a few more games..

Can we just OFFICIALLY say that the Bumyn Experiment is over!

Another set back, when will the Bad luck end for the Lakers!?

Four years in a row with injuries, No real Center to count on. The Lakers starters overworked. Then you wonder about not being able to sign a big for the league minimum, closing out games, losing to sub-par teams, lackadaisical effort on some nights, low shooting performance, the Mamba having to manufacture Multi-game winners, etc., etc., etc....

Bumyn needs to be traded NOW, before we get our hearts broken again, believe me, I feel for this grown man, but the Lakers cannot count on him!

Trade him for a Vintage TRON Light Cycle, they are really becoming great investments unlike a Broken down Bunym whose value is plummeting day by day minute by minute,


All I want for Christmas is a Big Man for the Lakers, but if I can't get that!

Please Santa, get me the TRON Light Cycle,
How cool is that, it really lights up!


Bynum should just sit out this year and come back after January 1. I don't understand the panic and rush to get this guy back. The team needs him but they will need him for the entire season and these games mean little in the grand scheme. The Lakers, if healthy, don't need home field advantage to beat any team other than Boston. Just try and have a better record than those guys and we are fine.

It's truly interesting just how "important" A. B. has become to this Laker team. Most fans didn't realize it. Commentators all worshiped the ground Gasol walked on, swore this is an all star year for Odom, stated Kobe is still Kobe, fell in love w/ the Killer B's bench, but yet it all comes down to Andrew Bynum.

I love it.

All I have to say is when Bynum comes back he'd better be a beast. If he comes back playing half assed basketball, trade his sorry carcass to the Kings

"Lakers unsure when Bynum will return" Deja Vu all over again. It feels like I've seen this very same headline, like... Oh I don't know.... maybe 10 times. I guess it makes it pretty easy on you sports-writer types to be able to trot out the same story month after month...year after year.

Dude, c'mon. What's the difference between 10 minutes of game time and one more practice? I know you took many for the team during the playoffs last season, and the result was a ring. The team needs you now. If you are not hurting, then bust it out.

We need Andrew back so Gasol can go back to power forward. Hurry up Andrew!

Lakers need to look into possible trades for Bynum,A dependable big man as a partof any trade would be a necessity.


Forget asking for a dependable 'Big' as part of the trade for Bumym! We been without the Video Game Baby for five complete seasons! Maybe if we all ask Pretty please, with a cherry on top, Santa might trade him for that TRON Light Cycle that I never got as a kid and I always wanted!

Trade Bumyn for the TRON Light Cycle, NOW, they are selling out quick, one of the must-have toys for the year,

Remember, it really lights up,




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