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Lakers' trade for Joe Smith officially announced

The Lakers have officially announced that they traded Sasha Vujacic and a 2011 first-round draft pick to the New Jersey Nets for veteran forward Joe Smith as part of a multi-team trade.

The Lakers also receive Golden State's second-round draft selection in 2011 and Chicago's second-round selection in 2012. Golden State's second-rounder next June might be only a handful of spots lower than the first-rounder the Lakers are giving up in the deal.

The Lakers also received the rights to 6-foot-10 Ukrainian center Sergei Lishouk, 28, who was drafted by Memphis with the 49th pick in 2004 and later had his rights traded to Houston.

The Lakers will save $8 million to $9 million in salary and luxury-tax considerations by trading Vujacic, whose playing time had decreased dramatically this season.

Smith, 35, will take a physical in Philadelphia on Thursday and might practice with the team that afternoon. The Lakers play in Indiana on Wednesday and in Philadelphia on Friday.

The Lakers do not expect any medical problems with Smith that would hold up the deal.

Vujacic, 26, is averaging only 1.8 points and 4.9 minutes a game this season. He played in 12 of the Lakers' 25 games.

Smith was the top overall pick in the 1995 draft, but he has seen a dramatic downturn in his statistics in recent seasons. He played only four games for the Nets this season, averaging 0.5 points and 0.8 rebounds.

-- Mike Bresnahan in Washington

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63 footer.

I think BOTH Caracter & Luke could contribute to more rings for the Lakers. Caracter's biggest problem is inexperience. He could be a valuable role player with some experience under his belt. And Luke has shown in the past that when he's healthy, he can contribute a lot to the team. He's like the very very very poor man's version of Greg Oden.

I know there are some people on the blog that would gladly trade Luke for cancer, but I wouldn't trade either of those guys lightly. Note that the comment about the trade wasn't a statement by an espn correspondent, but just some random comment by someone. I doubt there's any truth to it.

mclyne - I didn't hear, that's why I was curious before making a judgement. I could think of a few scenarios where we all might be very, very happy. Or not.

If anyone's heard anything, please post!

LongTimeLakerFan - ah, the way you phrased it, it seemed as if it were "news." Never mind!

And I too think they can both be valuable. But they could also be traded for good things as well. I think they both stay at the moment unless something horrible happens (knock on wood), and we need major help.

Good one, LTLF!

I guess I misread the big trade...this is what happens when you get your NBA news from watching the Turner Classic Movie channel!

Red - it beats getting it from BSPN!


Have to disagree on ur sasha and terrence take.. Terrence does have plenty of upside.. He's only a second year player and hasn't had many chances yet.. Very athletic and can create his own shot.. I agree his downfall has been his attitude but when his head is in the game he's very effective.. With lots of minutes he can even be a trip dub machine waiting to happen... Don't be surprised if under adelman he breaks out. Just a forewarning

I think the main point here is that Mitch continues to make astute moves. Ever since the mailman-glove fiasco, he has made nothing short of amazing moves since, not to mention back to back championships as GM. When first announced, everyone but a few were down on the trade thinking it was merely sasha and a #1 for Joe. Turns out we get 2 picks, a doorstop (Ukranian center), a trade exemption, and cap relief. Not too shabby all the way around. If he can turn luke and caracter into a present or future contributer, I'd call him Merlin!!

63 Footer - You posted "Blake understands passing to the low post, getting the pass back and passing back to the re-post. He does that with Pau a lot (one of the few), and I'm hoping that he will teach AB to trust to pass out, with the knowledge he might get the ball back (AB always looks like he's afraid to give it up, as he'll never get it back: I'm talkin' to you Jordan Farmar!). "

-This is exactly why Blake is my favorite killer B. If he can build that chemistry with AB in the next couple of months and perfect it, we got another weapon in our arsenal come playoff time. Excellent point, 63!

If Brown can learn to start doing the same with our Bigs, then I'm gonna start feeling "bad" for the rest of the Western Conference. Because we ain't stoppin' until we bring home another Championship.

Go Lakers!

holy cow! now that the details of this trade have been disclosed, it's even better than i thought. man, we knew sasha's expiring contract was valuable but mitch really squeezed every ounce of value from it. i don't know anything about the 6'10" euro, but i will certainly look him up.

in any case, this team is built for winning now and not in the future but they sure have positioned themselves to improve for the subsequent seasons. they have a little more money, draft picks and players that can be traded. i have this awesome feeling that kobe and fish will continue adding rings to their collection until they retire, then the rest of the league can begin garnering theirs. it sure reminds me of jordan's reign!

good test for bynum tonight on the 2nd of a back to back and then they play every other night through next tuesday before the X-Mas game. If bynum can make it through the schedule leading up to the Miami game, then we will win plus, we’ll have a new vet on the team who will undoubtedly be rejuvenated and ready to contribute.

This could be the time that the team makes “noise” again; really looking forward to watching bynum’s development over the next few games. He really is key and he was THE reason why we finished with HCA last season. C’mon Andrew! YOU CAN DO IT. JUST BE CAREFUL OUT THERE. No silly incidents to cause another injury.


OCisMambaCounty - yeah, Blaker plays good, solid, heads-up basketball. I like that. Matt Barnes as well. Neither are superstars, but they're the muscle that makes a great team great, just doin' the little things.

I'm with you on UPS needing to improve (his D as well), but seeing how hard he worked over the summer on his shot (and worked the RIGHT way), I can see him improving other aspects of his game as well (knock on wood).

I can see AB having mucho fun with the B's just having his way.

There's a place for all sorts of opinions; especially opinions about the Lakers or the Lakers chances at winning (which would include some discussion on other teams perhaps) - but the post this morning about Utz was really distasteful. That sort of thing really should stay with you and not be posted.

Anyway, I did not realize that the Lakers get some 2nd round picks out of this deal - I thought it was just SV for 1st rounder + Joe (who's greatest Laker moment is already behind him... getting faked out of his shoes by Magic Johnson in the come back game)

So perhaps not a bad deal at all, esp if the comments over on BSPN are complaining that the Lakers actually got the good end of this deal?

My gut was that Joe would be lucky to even make the playoff squad - and that's probably true. But if this is what it took to keep Lamar, then I guess it was worth it.

All I can say is that we better get some titles between NOW (not counting last two seasons) and about 3 seasons from now... because if not, there were some gambles thrown in there that will leave us hurting.

Sorry, mispoke... thought it was SV + 1st rounder for Joe. Pleasantly surprised it's more than that

I hear you, 63 Footer....

Not nearly enough Red Sox-Yankee news on ESPN!
Too much "West Coast Bias" coming from Bristol, Conn.

>>>what kind of proposals are out there for our return on Luke and Caracter?

Oh boy. Here we go. I post some irrelevant comment by a blogger on espn because I find it amusing and now people think it's real.

>>>what kind of proposals are out there for our return on Luke and Caracter?

It's LeBron. Luke and Caracter for LeBron. `nuff said.

Wow...Ouchhhh has the meat clever again, I'm outta here.

>>>LongTimeLakerFan - ah, the way you phrased it, it seemed as if it were
>>>"news." Never mind!

Never EVER misinterpret any comment I make regarding trades as news. Unless they are trades that are already made and I'm commenting on them. Anyone here will tell you I am the KING of wild speculative trade scenarios.

LongTimeLakerFan - hey, man, I ALREADY apologized for mis-reading it! No mas! No mas! I'll be good! Please don't beat me anymore! And not the face!

And no way... Luke's waaaaay better than Lebron.


>>>Because we ain't stoppin' until we bring home another Championship.


How could you be so short sighted?

We ain't stoppin' until we bring home SEVERAL more championships.

Laker titles are like grapes... they come in bunches.

Sad to see Sasha go, actually, but he was so far back in Phil's doghouse, he was actually in the doghouse's poolhouse...Kato Kaelin style.

Fact is, he will actually HELP the Nets and I'm pretty sure he could have helped the Lakers this year if he had been given any minutes at all.

Watching some Joe Smith "highlights," it's pretty clear that we are getting a journeyman player who, if healthy, could provide us some welcome "big man" minutes. He seems to have at least two qualities that I like for us: 1. a mid-range shot 2. an ability to finish strong around the rim. This will be a big-upgrade over Caracter who is just too raw to contribute consistently (plus he doesn;t seem to have much of any game outside of 5 feet) (not even going to get into whether he is an upgrade over Ratliff).

Not sure about Joe's defense, but certainly his ultimate utility to the team depends on his willingness to play tough interior D and collect boards.

I find myself wondering whether we would have been better off holding onto Mbenga. He was also raw, but by god that guy didn't mind mixing it up on the inside.


>>>Have to disagree on ur sasha and terrence take..

And you're entitled to that opinion. I see Terrence Williams' PEAK as being about like JR Smith, which is higher than Sasha could aspire to. But I can't see him working hard enough to get to that peak at this point. Maybe if he cleans up his act and starts getting to practice on time and listening to the coach. But otherwise, he'll just be a cocky lazy guy who never quite lived up to his potential.

The terms of this trade sure makes it look like Sasha is actually worth $5.5 million a year, doesn't it? It gives the impression that he is a really good/serviceable player that just didn't fit into our scheme of things. Mitch got a lot in return for him.

This should also bode well for Sasha in his next contract negotiation, especially if he makes good on his increased playing time. Plus, everyone in the league knows 2nd round draft choices mean more to the Lakers than most other teams because they are constantly finding good talent there.

The truth is that obviously at least a second GM in the league feels that Sasha isn't overpaid. With the right agent, that knowledge can be parlayed.

If Sasha keeps his head screwed on right, this could turn out to be a blessing in disguise.


Ouchhhhhh, every knows you're still a moronnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!

Even before the ink was dry on the 2010 Gold ball win, I was clammoring for some bigs help and Theo Ratliff and Joe Smith were the type I thought could help even 6 months ago. Unselfish veterans with proven skills against the Lakers and D and rebounding as their focus....... Now, they may not have much left in the tank, but I am hopeful we have enough big reserves minutes to get through the grind of this season.

I am hopeful we start the next off season with a parade and signing some decent role players under 25 years old!

Yikes! It looks like there are personal attacks going on in a blog - hard to imagine why we cannot stick to arguing about Lakers issues!?! These are just opinions folks - some based in more/different experience than others, but they are still just opinions with some fun actual facts thrown in like that trade exception bit! Be happy and pull together towards our common goal of wishing and hoping we could pull our Lakers toward that Gold Ball - since we can't get on the court (anymore/ever - lol)!


"I read none of your drivel above this line, but I'm proud of my friendship with Lew. It takes a lot to offend him, so you should feel proud of your accomplishment.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | December 15, 2010 at 11:02 AM

i do not have a problem. ENJOY

yesterday TRUTH has a post and listed some people who r constantly attacked especially by YOU and some other just because they have "inconvenient" posts about some Lakers Players (remember, they Public Figures, so we can "make fun" of them - actually in other arenas, some players are boooooooed)

the name were: hobbitmage, yellow, TRUTH, Blitz, pfunk36 and myself

your immediate reaction was: even (d)ouchhhhhhhhh(e)???????????"

Come on ouchhhhhhh, you know that post was just an exercise of LAKER TRUTH showing how downright nasty and vitriolic he can be and he was simply using me for collateral damage to show off how gifted he can be with he use of the English language. It was a well written piece both in substance and style and I rather enjoyed it. I'm sorry that you were MY collateral damage in response to his rather humorous post, but come on, look at the folks he lumped you in with!? You should be honored that I singled you out. ROFLMFAO!

Btw, Luke is a jackass for trying to throw two alley-oops to Bynum last night. How stupid do you have to be to start putting your center in tenuous/exposed positions in a blow-out game. Bynum came down awkwardly on the first one and i weas holding my breath.

Even Phil called out luke on that very very low IQ play. Can you imagine if Bynum came down gimpy. Luke would have cost us the championship.

His recent uptick in minutes is only good to the extent that it allows the others to rest. Other than that, I find it painful to watch him and would have no problem seeing him glued to the bench a la Sasha.

Kobe's new contract with Turkish Airlines angers the Armenian community

the Armanian said that he lost a big base of fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how naive

Turkish airline will fly to US and Middle East, so Kobe picked up ALL THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY

what's LO - Kardashian's opinion????????????????

Thank you for your insight about the trade exception that the Lakers seemingly acquired. I certainly never thought about it. However, it seems like good business sense to me to save cost of Sasha's 5.5 million dollar salary if he is going to be sitting on the bench for most of the time. To be truthful, I didn't think that any team would be willing to trade for him. I now hope that Luke Walton will try to put forth his best efforts in trying to make his salary worth what the Lakers are paying him. I know that he has went through some physical problems, but that is all part and parcel of the business. Just ask Portland about Greg Ogden.....ahem!

"Oh boy. Here we go. I post some irrelevant comment by a blogger on espn because I find it amusing and now people think it's real.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan | December 15, 2010 at 11:53 AM


LOL the trade rumors people throw around anonymously are wild. I can't believe people really believe something of quality can be obtained for Luke. Like there's a team out there that just wants an extra 6 million sitting around on their books for the next 3 years.

DwnTwn Atty - yeah, Phil was NOT happy with that. He made a real point of it. Fortunately (knock on wood), all's well that ends well. None of that tonight!


I know he's got attitude problems but in ur previous post u compared him in talent to sasha.. That's all I was nitpickin... I think a winning environment and adelman is a good place for him... and also enjoy ur posts and breadth and depth of bball knowledge.. U can get on a roll but when u start talkin bout luke its mayday mayday.. We are crash landing!

Just teasin.. :)

Ouchhhh, would u believe that u can become Michelangelo without the paint brush. The latter dealt with the highest politicians of his time i.e. the Medici Family and the Pope. So I know it's hard to apologize to Utz, tho' he was the guy who sounded the alarm, I'm sure others will follow if you show a little compassion to our little banner holderette. It is not about Utz but on his little daughter that he's concerned most.

To others, I hope you should give Ouchhhh a little space to express himself. Give him a chance to explain what he has posted before attacking the messenger, sometimes it's just his style of being funny and enjoying the moment by teasing everyone from Gassy to Fishy and it gets into our passion especially if we are Bynum collectors or Luke dreamers of his good looks haha, it's all taken in a jest. Don't treat Ouchhhhh too seriously, we need a little umpah in the blog. Precisely, that's why he chose the handle ouchhhhh because his posts will give you a little ouch!

LTLF, you said it is in the works with regards to possible movements on Caracter and Lukeeeeee. That's close to impossible. All Laker players will all move except Luke, he's the franchise player on the bench. lol!


This deal is a lot better than I orginally thought. We still get draft picks and we get the rights to another big man... a Ukrainian at that. Being of Ukrainian stock I know that this could be awesome or awful. Slavs are strong, powerful and intense... but prone to bullheaded thinking and bonehead decision-making.

Bring back Vlade Divac, I SAY!

What do we play for?? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Dwntwn atty.. I noticed that too.. My heart stop beating for a split second when I saw big andrew land awkwardly

But if luke can't pass what else is he good for?

look at the folks he lumped you in with!? You should be honored that I singled you out. ROFLMFAO!

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | December 15, 2010 at 12:07 PM

"You should be honored that I singled you out."

i already knew my place with that group.

and if it was ANY HONOR, came from LAKER TRUTH.

you established too many POSING TOXIC statements about "the douche" so it's really hard to double-read your intent. and i really don't care about you opinions. especially when are 2 faced based on your mood and what your momentary drivel is. exactly how you don't find anything humors in my writing. beyond caustic, i can say anything even pleasant about yours, especially when you address other bloggers. talking about mean-spirited sons.

except, the Eloquent

yes, i'm a moron, troll, spammer, toxic POSER. happy NOW.

Kase Klosed

and i really don't care about you opinions.

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | December 15, 2010 at 12:26 PM

It's too bad. You might actually learn something if you did.

Pau The Spaniard Gasol is the best PF in the game...He is my new favorite Laker...The wifey already agreed to get me his jersey for Christmas...

If not for Pau, we don't go to the Finals 3 straight years, and we don't win back2back titles...if not for Pau, we are back to our dark days of mediocrity ala Kwame/Smush days...

LRob - still in the back of my mind, in our draft for the fantasy were picking right before me...Pau was available, I was ready to push the button, and you swooped him right from under my nose...Good move, for he is tearing it up for you...

Gasol has been nothing but an assest to the Lakers, the NBA, FIBA, Spain and sports in general...Here you have a planted athlete, modest, articulate, smart and honest...He is so honest, his remarks about KG last year were interpreted as trash talk...

The best thing about The Spaniard...he let's his play do the talking...Gasol deserves nothing but praise...

Viva Gasol baybee...

Lookslike Phil will be commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Bulls first championship with his 2nd Laker 3-peat by reinventing the "3-headed monster" center rotation of Bill Cartwright, Will Perdue and Scott Williams. The Lakers will have a more advance and higher level "4-headed monster" center rotation of Andrew Bynum, Pau Gasol, Theo Ratliffe and Joe Smith. Ratliffe and Smith's 12 fouls = Dwight Howard's missed free throws and physical relief for Drew and Pau

There's been a lot of good posts on the trade and last nights game.
A lot.
Enjoyable reading as it's pretty easy to just scroll past anything unrelated or accept it as comic relief.

I sure enjoy seeing only a few threads in a day with 150+ posts as opposed to new threads every few hours with sometimes just a handful of posts.

Every new thread seems to break up the continuity more often than not, kinda like interrupting and changing the subject, it could be argued, just like this post :)

It's too bad. You might actually learn something if you did.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | December 15, 2010 at 12:29 PM


Sorry that one made me laugh too hard...Stop it 888...ignore the ones from the kiddie table...

Once again kobemvp666 has managed to embroil himself and is now fully tangled right into the thick mess of this drama.. It was supposed to be between utz and ouchhh.. Most of us give our 2cents and walk away but not kobemvp... Where drama goes kobemvp follows and is now intentionally goading oucchhh with more unneeded sarcasm... No surprise there

and i really don't care about you opinions.

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | December 15, 2010 at 12:26 PM

It's too bad. You might actually learn something if you did.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | December 15, 2010 at 12:29 PM

Wow ever since 888 won the reader comment award
his head has been OJ Simpson like.

Greetings Lakerholics and basketball fans.

I'd say good afternoon or good day, but I can see it hasn't been anything of the sort.

First, let me say to ouchhhhh that I didn't approve of the S.O.B. reference. I tried to play it off in a light-hearted follow-up post about dragging you mother into it and get us to move on. If that appeared to give people approval to attack one another and their families, it was not my intention. Mark Medina and myself have asked in the past that personal attacks and name-calling not be used and to stick to opinions about the Lakers and basketball. Those who didn't and don't engage in the personal attacks and vitrol, sticking to Lakers/basketball topics, thank you. Obviously, I'm in no position to request or force apologies from anyone to anyone, nor should I be. It shouldn't happen in the first place.

We can deactivate insta-post for comments and approve your comments as we get the time, but without MM around the posts will stack up for periods of time and the quick back and forth between each of you will end. I'd hate for that to happen, but it's now on the table.

Take care all. We'll be chatting soon.

Sincerely, I'm really Happy that the "Little Banner Holderette" is healthy again.

Hope Utz's case was/is a lesson that parents, like myself, should do anything in their power to make the best choices regarding their kids to keep them out of any harm way. They are our future while innocent and vulnerable.

Edwin, thank you for being again the voice of wisdom.

buy the way, as an artist I do anything but paint. :-)
no brushes in my studio. except for wall painting

I will re-iterate: I'm a moron, a jerk, a douche, a spammer, a hater and a toxic POSER.

I will take my talents to South Beach.

Great option since Phil Jackson is clueless in terms of how best to use Pao when shorthanded. True test of coaching is what you come up with when you don't have horses, Phil is always stubborn and clueless in these situations, and people start breaking down, don't see it on teams with less depth and talent...

RONMBO - it's weird, but that may be the definition of "true test of coaching" on other teams, but on the Lakers the "true test of coaching" has, and always will be, Rings. Pure and simple.

While you all are sounding elated over Joe Smith, I would say its due to Homer-ism, and its nothing wrong with that.

Personally, I dont think Joe Smith is going to turn the clock back and get better.

However, he is of very good value as a "body" for fill-ins and fouls. Between Caracter, Ratliff and Joe Smith, we have three bodies of bulk, which could give Pau, Bynum and LO some rest when needed.

Also, think we have now EIGHTEEN fouls available without affecting our starters + rotation players!!

So, Ratliff and Smith may not make Js, monster jams or spectacular blocks, but they can pull down players. It would help us a lot if we want to play Hack-a-Shaq, or Hack-a-Dwight, in close games!!

Dan Loumena

you are the one guilty for this situation.

but, you took personally the fact that i repeated your name in CAPS. that means screaming on the blog. nothing more. it is about FORM

u felt offended. i JUST tried to get your attention with ALL CAPS
and if you are questioning the re-peating, it's part of my posting style.
it's free, there is space, and i'm not using more trees to do it.

but maybe you r just biased against me because i made fun about your Toy Boy "No Joy Stiff" Roy and the Blazers. you are a Kobe basher, so what's the problem. or i guess, Kobe bashing is OK.

calling someone S.O.B. is about CONTENT. and i guess pretty offensive.

it is really sad that you can't make the difference between CONTENT and FORM. way to be a "journalist" and a MODERATOR.

you could have stop it then, buy pointing it out to Noah and Mark G.
the K Bros would have banned them on the spot or at least give them a warning. yes it happened before and things got straightened out smoothly.


and now, because you did not do your job, all the bloggers have to suffer.

IT'S YOUR INCOMPETENCE and i will address IT with your superiors.

and i hope you will post this, so all the bloggers are aware of my position

thanks for playing


Forgive my ignorance, but I have two questions:

1. What does a "trade exception" mean?
2. What does it mean to acquire the rights to a player? When will he actually play for us, if ever?

>>>The truth is that obviously at least a second GM in the league feels that Sasha
>>>isn't overpaid.

Not sure I agree with that statement. For a team desperate for some guard play (Morrow is out for a couple of weeks, James is out for a couple of weeks) and trying to get more 1st round picks to offer for Carmelo Anthony, Sasha's expiring contract and at least energetic play seems like an okay deal.

But if Sasha were a free agent right now with the way he's played the last two seasons, I don't think there's a GM in the league that would offer him what he's making.

I hope he gets his minutes and does well for them. Sasha was always an entertaining player, if not always consistent.

If he passes his physical, word is that he might play TONIGHT vs Washington.

Too bad Phil didn't put him on the floor for a minute or two last night. He could have played vs the Wizards back to back games for two different teams.

Sasha better than Fish?
What a joke.
Obviously Bob T and others who say that know nothing about the NBA.
Sasha may be a better pure shooter than Fish and younger and stronger.
But that's not what wins championships.
Look, at this point both Durant and LeBronze have better shills and more athletic ability than Kobe.
So what?
Championships are won by will and determination and that intangible combination of desire and insistence on being a winner.
Frankly I'll put Kobe AND D-Fish up against anyone in the league in those categories.
Which is why the Spurs (with Duncan and Genobli) and Celtics (with KG and Pierce) will be our biggest obstacles this year. And why Kobe and Fish will lead us past them.

>>>U can get on a roll but when u start talkin bout luke its mayday mayday.. We
>>>are crash landing!

Just call me buttah cuz I'm on a rolllllllllll

LongTimeLakerFan - What am I thinking? I know the the Lakers like to fool the media by saying they only focus on one game at a time but we ALL know they got the 25th on their mind, not the Pacers. Multiple titles are what we plan for and I'm sure Joe Smith will figure out his new role soon in a Purple & Gold uni.

Yes, you are correct. we are witnessing a DYNASTY here people.


>>>Btw, Luke is a jackass for trying to throw two alley-oops to Bynum last night.

My memory must be bad... I thought Blake threw the first one and Luke threw the second.


Phil agrees with you, he made that comment in the post-game interviews.

Not sure if I agree. Best way to get riding again is to get back on the horse. Practicing an oop in practice is different than practicing an oop live in a game.

What better time to practice it than when you're up 15 to 20 points in the 4th quarter of a game you're obviously going to win?

>>>Like there's a team out there that just wants an extra 6 million sitting around
>>>on their books for the next 3 years.

Never say never. But I doubt Luke is tradeable right now as well.


>>>LTLF, you said it is in the works with regards to possible movements on
>>>Caracter and Lukeeeeee.

read closer...

I said that some random commenter on espn posted that...

I doubt the veracity of their statement.

>>>All Laker players will all move except Luke, he's the franchise player on the
>>>bench. lol!

I believe that's called a benchise player. :-)

>>>If not for Pau, we don't go to the Finals 3 straight years,

Ricky? Is that you posting as LEWSTRS.

Remember. The Lakers were in 1st place in the West before Bynum went down and they acquired Pau. Even if they hadn't gotten Pau, it's quite possible they could have gotten some other big that was enough to keep them in contention.

>>>I will re-iterate: I'm a moron, a jerk, a douche, a spammer, a hater and a toxic
>>>I will take my talents to South Beach.

Ouchhhhhhh, that may be the funniest thing I've ever seen you post.

well played.


Better to be a blog nazi than a doucebag who rarely if ever contributes anything of value or meaningful insight to the blog.

I enjoy the contributions of everyone you've insulted as "blog nazis" while you I find to be a tedious, whining, little baby who seems to only find pleasure in insulting others.

You may want to take a long hard look at yourself sometimes and ask what you are giving to the world instead of what you think it owes you.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


>>>1. What does a "trade exception" mean?

Think of it as a "make a trade for free" ticket. It's a piece of paper that the Lakers can trade for a player (or multiple players) making up to 5.6 million dollars without having to give up any players in the trade, and regardless of their salary cap situation.

Why would some team do that? Well, let's give an example.

Let's say Carmelo stays the WHOLE season with Denver because they refuse to trade him and he wants to go to the Knicks. And let's say the Knicks want to sign him, but they only have 14 million in cap space, and they want to offer him a max contract.

New York could offer to trade Anthony Randolph to the Lakers for part of their trade exception (2.9 million). The Lakers get Randolph. The Knicks get 2.9 million more cap space to offer to Carmelo or other players.

Got it?

>>>2. What does it mean to acquire the rights to a player? When will he
>>>actually play for us, if ever?

Maybe never. It means that no other team in the NBA can sign that player. Only the Lakers. Unless the Lakers trade his rights again. The player doesn't have to ever sign with the Lakers. They could play out their whole career in the euroleagues if they want. Some have.

If Minnesota keeps the rights to Ricky Rubio, he might choose to play the rest of his career in Europe and skip the NBA.

The Lakers rights to the player would end only after they had signed him to a rookie contract and it had ended in some way (expired, traded, or waived).

Or a better example for the Knicks trading for the Lakers trade exception to get cap space... how about Toney Douglas?

Seriously fellas, just read the entire thread.....and I'lll quote the infamous Rodney King...."Can't we all just get along?" No offense to anyone but it's pretty funny when everyone is talking about morals and standards and what not but all the while whining about being called such irrelevent things like "Poser" or "Toxic". Please. Trash talking is fun and shouldn't get personal. If it does get personal then you have NO ground to stand on in defending yourself or justification in retaliation. A blog is what it is but I think we all know that if the blog is for the Lakers, it should stick to the Lakers. If you want to have personal chats, stick to email or texting or call them for cryin out loud. It certainly has no place in a LAKERS BASKETBALL BLOG. Good night people.....

Now....on to important stuff....I for one will miss Sasha's energy and intensity on Defense. Alot of times it lifted the team's defensive energy and right now it's sorely needed. Myself and I hope many other fans will never forget how you stepped to the floor late in Game 7 and hit two crucial free throws after being on the bench for a long time to seal the victory. Only the Mamba would have hit both of those. He also defended Ray Allen a hell of lot better than Fisher ever did or ever would. While the Smith pick up is nice it only truly amounts to about 7-10 min a game at best. Sure that's more than Sasha would have gotten but that's too bad because I think there is many a good outing left in Vujacic's game. Good luck to you. While I could never stand Farmar and glad we didn't bring him back, I for one will miss Sasha for what he brought everytime he played and not for the shots he missed. Let's also remember that Kobe loved Sasha for those same reasons.

Love the trade - it wasn't a secret Sasha would be gone - it was a matter of time. The flexibility it brings to the Lakers is great. And perhaps we got rid of one last bad attitude on the bench leftover from last year. Hopefully now we won't be hearing of any other issues with team cohesiveness.

Thanks Sasha for your contributions over the last few years - you have 2 rings and a great future. Best of luck! Now all the teenage girls on the East coast can screech when they see you. The Lakers are giving you the opp to expand your reach.

Ouchhh - you say you want substance - but I haven't seen any from you today . It's been attacks on others and defending your position as to what you posted that are outside the realm of the LAKER BLOG.

If someone wants to post something personal and you have nothing good to say about it - do what your mother taught you and say nothing at all. Or better yet scroll through. It's better for everyone here and it may keep some peace and civility amongst the folks that actually do come here to chat about all things Lakers. Enough already.



Thanks for the explanation LongTimeLakerFan !! I can see how the trade exception could come in handy later.

Also, an option on a big man could be very important if Bynum gets injured again since the other teams are ganging up on and roughing up Pau, who hasn't had enough backup off the bench (or help from the referees).

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