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Lakers' trade for Joe Smith officially announced

The Lakers have officially announced that they traded Sasha Vujacic and a 2011 first-round draft pick to the New Jersey Nets for veteran forward Joe Smith as part of a multi-team trade.

The Lakers also receive Golden State's second-round draft selection in 2011 and Chicago's second-round selection in 2012. Golden State's second-rounder next June might be only a handful of spots lower than the first-rounder the Lakers are giving up in the deal.

The Lakers also received the rights to 6-foot-10 Ukrainian center Sergei Lishouk, 28, who was drafted by Memphis with the 49th pick in 2004 and later had his rights traded to Houston.

The Lakers will save $8 million to $9 million in salary and luxury-tax considerations by trading Vujacic, whose playing time had decreased dramatically this season.

Smith, 35, will take a physical in Philadelphia on Thursday and might practice with the team that afternoon. The Lakers play in Indiana on Wednesday and in Philadelphia on Friday.

The Lakers do not expect any medical problems with Smith that would hold up the deal.

Vujacic, 26, is averaging only 1.8 points and 4.9 minutes a game this season. He played in 12 of the Lakers' 25 games.

Smith was the top overall pick in the 1995 draft, but he has seen a dramatic downturn in his statistics in recent seasons. He played only four games for the Nets this season, averaging 0.5 points and 0.8 rebounds.

-- Mike Bresnahan in Washington

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The Lakers traded Sasha and a bottom 1st round pick for Joe Smith and a top 2nd round pick and another 2nd round pick and another young project big man? We just traded a guard for two forward/centers? How did that happen? I thought the rule was never to trade big men for guards?

Plus, the Lakers have a great track record with 2nd round picks. And, with all that, Bus saved $9 million?

What's there to complain about?



@Ouchhhhh - Regarding your comments:
"utzworld THE BANNER HOLDER | December 14, 2010 at 09:48 PM
stick to your "fake" prayers
keep your ignorance by watching out for asbestos for your daughter's sake"

I have archived your comments and will send them directly to MM once he's back from vacation. I will diligently seek to have you banned permanently from LA Times Lakers Blog. Until this is done. I will not post anything else here. Game Day Prayers included.

You crossed a line by speaking against my child. If this is the environment that Lakers Blog will become by having folks levy insults about individuals personal lives, families & such, then I don't want to be here. Tease my team, yes. Tease my favorite player, yes. Tease me, of course! But making comical light of my daughter's situation - or ANYONE ELSE'S health/family situation is out of order. And if Dan, MM or anyone else will tolerate that, then I will find myself a new blog to share my time with.

Nuff said. To my real peeps @ Lakers Blog: Y'all know how & where to find me. Good luck to our Lakers & God bless.

My post is missing? We'll, trying again...

The Lakers just traded Sasha and a bottom 1st round pick for Joe Smith and a top 2nd round pick plus another 2nd round pick and a project young forward/center?

How did that happen?

And saved Buss $9 million?

Huh? Are you supposed to never trade a big for a guard? The Lakers just got two. Plus, the Lakers have a very good track record with 2nd round picks. Way better than average.

What is there to complain about?


The dreaded re-music:

First, forgive me if someone else posted the song the Nets played at Sasha's arrival:

Second - Smith... I think Buss saving money is a good thing. I know many people don't care about that here, but it's part of the game... as much as Buss looks to always have an open checkbook, it's still a business, and he's not Cuban or a Russian. It's always a matter of balance for the team (as in any well-run business), hence Fish instead of CP3, say. For the triangle, Fish is a incredible bang-for-the-buck at a position that isn't nearly as important in the balance of things (nuthin' against Fish). It's always a matter of balance, and Dr. Buss and the FO do a great job of that. The MJ Bulls were the same way.

I've been looking forward to Blaker and AB playing together. Blake understands passing to the low post, getting the pass back and passing back to the re-post. He does that with Pau a lot (one of the few), and I'm hoping that he will teach AB to trust to pass out, with the knowledge he might get the ball back (AB always looks like he's afraid to give it up, as he'll never get it back: I'm talkin' to you Jordan Farmar!). Can't wait to see that unfold. Matty Barnes also has an excellent pass-to-post ability. I think Drew's going to have some fun once he gets acclimated.

I think Joe Smith, if he does get PT, will be fine. We need some guys who play good D, and can hit the open mid-range jumper, which is the bread-and-butter for role-players in the Triangle. How many missed open looks last night? Enough in the 4th to make me pull my hair... not that we were going to lose, but just sayin': hit the frickin' open jumper! Smith, if he gets any playing time, hits those fairly well.

63, I need my headphones for PF.

utz - just became aware of what went down. You understand what's important and why... take care on the home front.

Mark G - gotta get the quadrophonic ones!

During discussions if possible stick to the Lakers. We are all messengers here coming from various background and if in some way we reveal our personalities on occasional social posting and jocund environment, let's leave it there. We should gain knowledge from exchange of information than attract enmities and disgust. As I said before, there is no substitute for proper courtesy even when we are all anonymous in this blog. Anonymity does not give you the license to insult or denigrate another individual in any shape or form. Focus your opinions on the Lakers public figures than bloggers. Lakers blog is not about you but about the Lakers. Once you hurl insult on someone, it will come back to you in ten fold. So again please stick your discussions about the Lakers rather than your own personal taste and wants.


we never exchanged opinions about BB on this blog. but you had many jabs at me because U were DEFENDING the one and only LakerTom.

so if you read my post correctly, (maybe some of my english gives some secondary meanings) i mentioned that when i got a new place for my family I WAS CONCERN about my daughter's well being. so definitely, i'm concern about other kids too. yours included.

the real question there was about Julius Hemphill and it went over your head. that was my little test for you to see how far u know the musical culture of your native old town, saint louis. by avoiding the question, you had a resounding NO

and i did that because in your profile you bragged about all the cinema clubs where you promote and educate about black cinema.

so, let's don't carry away and find "that little word" that we don't like???

by the way, what has your daughter and family has with the Lakers Topic???????? if you bring your private life in public, maybe you should learn to have surprises. THIS IS NOT A SOCIAL BLOG, CLUB

on this site i care about the blogger OPINIONS, not them, not their life, jobs outside OF it and i do not have to have ANY sympathy for their family problem. are you paying my bills, rent, taking my daughter to emergency room in case it's needed??????????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

maybe it is insensitive for some. so what. does not put banners in the Staples.

let's not forgot the context of this blog: BASKETBALL, not personal family PORTRAITS

some want to make it social. that's their part. but really is OFF TOPIC. so it is part of SPAMMING. how about that????????????????????

maybe you should bring in social services. or maybe i should point that out to them that you r unfitted parent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and exposed your daughter to lead poisoning??????????????

what did i say NEGATIVE about your daughter???????????? it was about YOU and YOUR choices. if it is me, i won't bring those issues on the blog. for sympathy.

maybe you should question the notion of PRIVATE/PUBLIC

their boundaries and fine lines that if you expose, some can CROSS!!!!!!!!!!!

ouchhhh - Don't you ever talk or write about my family are a coward hiding behind your keyboard...I know you would never speak to me like that in person...That's all I have to say...I have no intent or desire to converse with you what so ever...I don't care if MM condoned what someone said to you...Don't deflect it to me and make it personal...

MM please look into this...this is a flagrant flagrant 2...insulting my Mother, may she rest in peace, and my sisters...

This behaviour is unacceptable...

Sergei Lishouk? Man, if I had a fantasy team, I'd be in heaven!

COMPARATIVE UPSIDE: Christian Laettner



I think he could be in the Mark Madsen dance-off (Dancing With the Madsen) and do well. He seems the type.

Uh Bresnahan dropped the ball a bit. he left out one potentially important detail.

The Lakers also get a big trade exception in the deal.

That means that at any time within the next year, if the Lakers are short-handed and need to take on a player, as long as they make less than 5.48 million, they can trade the trade exception for them.

They probably won't use it unless someone in the main rotation goes down to injury, but it's there if they need it.


u constantly warn me that u r not talking to me . SO DON'T

who gave me a lecture about teachers and that i have poor education? the Caliphilosopher thing is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

it's funny how

Jon K

are constantly making judgments and calling people names

and then the favor is returned, they r ruffled UP. go figure


Utzworld - got your back bra.
I see Joe Smith as a Horace Grant type role player. Good enough defense, will hit the open side jumper when needed, solid rebounder, just not as many minutes as HG. Very solid move by Mitch.

>>>We just traded a guard for two forward/centers? How did that happen?

Just shows how valuable the MACHINE is.



It's me whose hurting now. Leave families out if this stuff. My lord.


LongTimeLakerFan - really? Trade exception? That's GREAT insurance. I hope we never need it this year, but that's money in the back pocket if necessary. Smart use of Sasha: save big money, get rid of a player who gets no PT, get a warm body, only lose a few places in the draft, and a trade exception. That's not bad at all. Thanks for the heads-up.

Hey Y'All,
Don't forget the best part of the trade. Lakers just picked up a 5.6 million trade exception. LA may not need it, but they have a year to spend it on, oh I don't know, another mid-level talent.

Buss saves money, but also has a plan b. Nice job, Mitch.

How do you average 0.8 rebounds over 4 games?

ouchhhh - your nothing but a punk...yes I'm talking to smack to me...not my family...I don't know where you grew up, but you got no class and are ignorant to would of never made it in the old neighborhood...

Yes and so what...I defended teachers...did I insult your mother with my post...

Meh...this is a waste of time...just remember weasel...Karma baybee...

Oh never, mind - must be rounding up from 0.75 :)

Long Time Laker Fan scoops Lone Star Laker Fan on trade exception.
My bad.

stop talking personal, leave people's children out of here, and talk about basketball.

MM please look into this...this is a flagrant flagrant 2...insulting my Mother, may she rest in peace, and my sisters...

This behaviour is unacceptable...

Posted by: LEWSTRS | December 15, 2010 at 09:19 AM

yesterday noah, called me a "son of a bitch". i never talk to him ever.

when i mentioned that to Dan Loumena, he APPROVED.

so looks like calling someone "son of a bitch" it is in LA Times Lakers Blog Rules.

any questions?????????????????????????

so maybe you should complain about Dan Loumena CREATING PRECEDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for the START

maybe his boss can figure that out, not Mark Medina

but if it is about Mark Medina, i have many posts were he shous hid own DISCRIMINATION and "PERSECUTION" and even RACIST position against me: because i call Gassy soft??????????????????

because u speak Spanish, did u ever stopped the Spanish contingent who said that and worst about me???????

no, u enjoyed it. u did not run to Mark Medina to clear the posts. actually Michael Teniente DID. and he is banned. talking about Mark Medina's moderating and being NEUTRAL. maybe just another " son of a bitch"

so, HOW THAT SOUNDS????????????????????????

i'm wondering what Mark Medina's bosses will say, the editors and other departments who r REALLY in charge of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lone star laker fan - it was simply the parallel-universe-post-conundrum. Rather like the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle: you can know the time you posted, but not the posts of anyone else, OR you can know the posts of everyone else, but not know the time you posted. Simple Quantum Mechanics... no big thang.

Calling people names...this is true...

LakerTom - called me a fellow Flip...
Jon K - called me a 'fan of the fans'...
Justa - called me grasshopper...
Cali - called me lucky
utz - called me a St. Louis buddy...
888 - called me a Laker Homer...
Cyber - called me a good parent...
Phred - called me a nubie in fantasy league...
mamba24 - called me his brother...

Would you guys please stop calling me names...It hurst to GOOD...


63 footer,
Thanks. That explains why my cat Schroedinger just died.
No, wait...


And now we have reached the state where Godwin's Law applies.

Thank you all for playing.

Wow, this trade is looking better with every new detail! I think Joe will fit in nicely! He can use up some fould on the other bigs, and hit some open jumpers from the elbow. I love the two picks for one as well- maybe Mitch can find another Ebanks or Caracter with those.

I'm with you my brother. Stay strong in the LORD!

excellent Floyd selection.

Bynum looke pretty good during his short time on the court. His defense was effective, collecting two swats, and challenging others. Maybe tonight he'll get a few more minutes and touches in the post.

We now have our first claimed victim as a fully functional battlestation. victim number two is going to fall tonight!

Hey Utz, get back to the fold. I think Ouchhhhh did not mean to drag your daughter into this argument. He has some unique style in posting, we have to give a little allowance to his uniqueness.

Another way of saying or a request from me Ouchhhhhh, please apologize. You have hurt someone's feelings by including their family on your post. Next time you know better how to treat each other in a gentleman's fashion. You don't degrade yourself if you extend a sincere apology for old time's sake and being a Laker fan.

Lewstrs and LRob, I got back yesterday after a long flight. I thought only the North and South Koreans who have problems in the other side of the world, didn't expect we have a Korean atmosphere in the blog without their missiles.

Being an elder in this blog, I just want to say to everyone we should gain friends in the blog not enemies especially to fellow Laker fans. If your decibels are a little bit high tone down a little bit and go back to Christmas carols. lol!

It's me whose hurting now. Leave families out if this stuff. My lord.
Posted by: wesjoenixon | December 15, 2010 at 09:33 AM


how about NOT BRINGING families INTO this stuff. who had the brilliant PROFILES idea. i never seen that on any blog. so it becomes PUBLIC, SPAMMING and OFF TOPIC.

i'm not sure if any of you read any of the posts and how this ALL started, but i guess it's OK for ouchhhhhhh to be"son of a bitch"

how about my mother??????? is the whore/slut of this blog?????

did any of you reacted to that??/

except 63

and Dan Loumena, the person in charge said that is OK to be "son of a bitch" and my mother a whore.

do u like that???????????????????

did not see any reactions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so what comes around, goes around. looks like it is the new POLICY. so ADJUST to the new GAME plans.

>>>Long Time Laker Fan scoops Lone Star Laker Fan on trade exception.


Who cares?

As long as the information makes it to the blog. :-)


>>Calling people names...this is true...
>>LakerTom - called me a fellow Flip...

some called him...



Thx for pointing that out.. That may be the real kicker of this deal.. More insurance.. Mitch thinkin outside the box again.

Laker fan-

All this name calling? I thought Celtic fans were classless! This reminds me of the Bronx Zoo!

Speaking of name calling and the Bronx zoo ... Pompous Tom must be sooo happy his $200 million a yr pile of dog waste known as the Yankees, finally got their man! Mark Prior ... LOL!

Maybe Yankee fan should stop spitting on opposing players wives! LMAO ... now thats class!

lone star laker fan - double check on the cat man... may just be phase-faking. Or Maxwell' Demon is messin' with ya. Been known to happen.

Q: How many theoretical physicists specializing in general relativity does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Two. One to hold the bulb and one to rotate the universe.

Really like the trade.

We need help up front. Not that Joe Smith is going to do something miraculous but big Theo went down and we need somebody with veteran know-how to spell some much needed relief for Pau and Andrew while we develop Caracter.

This trade gives us some financial relief for Dr. Buss which should makes him happy. At the same time, it tells me that we will be developing Ebanks and Caracter because their chances of sticking on the roster just got higher. Let's face it, with a first round pick, that's guaranteed money and that draft pick needs a slot on our roster. Without the pick now, we don't need to worry about that and Ebanks and Caracter should be happy that their option next year just got a higher chance of being picked up.

I don't like the idea of losing a first round pick, but it's likely that we are giving up a late pick and overall, this move makes financial sense and provide financial health for our beloved franchise. Good move Mitch. And good luck to Sasha. Maybe you will be Farmar's new roomate in NJ???


Great minds think alike!

LongTimeLakerFan - "some called him...



mclyne - Hendrix is always great. If he were a little less good, he'd be the greatest guitarist of all time.

How do you average 0.8 rebounds over 4 games?

Posted by: any_one_mouse

it's the new math...

Long time laker fan....great point, that could be the biggie of the whole deal when all is said and done

I like PurpleHearts comparison to horace grant....could be....hope so

To Edwin G. a big AMEN

prepare for liftoff......

Edwin Gueco

i do not have problems apologizing


first it is Noah who started it, Mark G who unforced it and Dan Loumena who APPROVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and both Noah and Mark G did it because i point out Gassy's game. who played catastrophic??????? go figure

so let's get to the root and "initial" attack. the posts are in chronological order

and i'm not even talking about karmaniac, hiltontown and Cyber.

all the documents, posts are in the archive: and yes, i got tired of my mother being mixed in this (she is resting in peach too) or that i should take thinks up my behind and what not - in Spanish

and talking about education and culture, i don't think you want to go there. i do not have to prove anything. both my degrees, resume and art career are speaking on my behalf. judged by the "right" people in the right places and not some posters on this blog?

english is my 4th language. should i start making a mess in the other 3? it never even crossed my mind. but hey, if my english is not PROPER, the written ONE, i have to be just an uneducated, punk scrub. especially if i don't like Gassy and Fishy. i see lots of LOGIC in that judgement.

but looks like American have the "education" complex. not surprised it's the first thing that it's on their thoughts.

Eric Pincus wrote...

"Vujacic's best moment with the Lakers came in the final moments of Game 7 against the Boston Celtics when he sealed the game and the championship with a pair of late free throws."

I disagree. Sasha's best moment with the Lakers was June 10, 2008. It was game 3 of the 2008 playoffs with the Lakers already down 2-0 to the Celtics.

It was a night when "soft" Pau shot 3 for 9, "soft" Lamar shot 2 for 9, "soft" Derek Fisher hit 1 for 6, and "super soft" Radmanovic shot 1 for 4. Among the starters, only Kobe played well.

Sasha hit 7 of 10 shots, scored 20 points, and played solid defense as well.

Farmar hit 2 of 4 of his shots and got 5 assists, and Trevor Ariza hit 2 of 3 shots.

Without the contributions of Farmar and Ariza and ESPECIALLY Sasha Vujacic, the Lakers would definitely have lost that game to go down 3-0.

Can you imagine the humiliation if the Lakers had been SWEPT by the evil Celtics? This blog would be OWNED by Celtic trolls. A 4-2 defeat is at least respectable.

So while you may revile Sasha for his inconsistency since signing his big-dollar contract, THANK him for being a man and sparing the Lakers from going down 3-0 in the 2008 playoffs.

I wish you well Sasha. You haven't been relevant here since Shannon Brown came around, but I for one remember and celebrate your contributions to the Lakers.

LEWSTRS respectfully i ask you to chill out.

Do not get personally offended by anything that happens on a BLOG aka a Bullshit LOG. which is a place to log bullshit.

in this thread you are basically being a troll for the blog you are trying to maintain just talk about basketball your blog posts are starting to sound hysterical

And now we have reached the state where Godwin's Law applies.

Posted by: LongTimeLakerFan


I wasn't familiar with this so I had to google it. I got some edumacashun for sure, lol.

For anyone else (surely there must be some one else) who isn't familiar with Godwins Law, check out this. It's quite amusing.

LEWSTRS respectfully i ask you to chill out.
… your blog posts are starting to sound hysterical

Posted by: London Lakers | December 15, 2010 at 10:04 AM

some just try to have thier "original" voice, not realizing that their limited imagination re-appropriate things done, seen and written.

ex: bandwagons

Mitch might as well have wrapped this deal up with a bow and told Jerry Buss "Merry Christmas."

Maybe we should have a sub section of this blog where people could go and bitch down other bloggers. That way, those of us who want to enjoy their time discussing the Lakers in a respectful manner can avoid all of this garbage.

It could be called "Bitch Fest Blog."

MisterEd - and Happy Chanukah! It's one of those deals that makes great business sense without being in any way detrimental to the team (and might even be a big help). Too many fans forget it's a business and the tightrope walk of fielding a great team (and the Lakers are the best at that) and making financial sense is ALWAYS a major concern. It seems this was something that had been theorized for a while, just waiting to pull the string.

I can't wait until a similar announcement in 17 years or whenever Luke's in the last year of his contract that we got rid of him for a box of rocks, a coupon for 2 free tacos at Jack in the Box, and the rights to Keith Van Horn.

Sorry Justa, I know I said I'd stop but I couldn't resist.

the real answer to the trade might be how well Joe Smith matches up with bostons bench.....Joe's capable of pulling off a sasha 7 for 10 in a playoff game

I think he will more than handle closing out games, and halves..

I like everyone.....let's forgive and forget, and roll on with some basketball...

*pokes nose in....looks around.... still too much crap going on.... bows out gracefully.... again....*

Before I go - 63 - How many psychologists does it take to change a lightbulb? Answer: Just one. But it has to want to change.

htj - you're in trouble, but I'll deal with you later.

Los Angeles?

I thought Mr. Smith goes to Washington!


thank you for NINA - i consider her like Kobe, two great performers.
thank you for Godwins Law

Kase Klosed

Red with the classic film reference. Gotta love a Celtic fan who, like Lakers fans, historically goes waaaay back. (Of course, being a Celtic fan, can't really love them much!) Good one!

justa - alternate punchline: "None; the bulb will change itself when it is ready."

Maybe we should have a sub section of this blog where people could go and bitch down other bloggers. That way, those of us who want to enjoy their time discussing the Lakers in a respectful manner can avoid all of this garbage.

It could be called "Bitch Fest Blog."

Posted by: mclyne | December 15, 2010 at 10:13 AM

And another for all the YouTube links


u constantly warn me that u r not talking to me . SO DON'T

who gave me a lecture about teachers and that i have poor education? the Caliphilosopher thing is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

it's funny how

Jon K

are constantly making judgments and calling people names

and then the favor is returned, they r ruffled UP. go figure


Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | December 15, 2010 at 09:30 AM

1) I know Lew. Lew is a man of high moral standards and a warm, big hearted human being. Lew is a friend of mine. CLEARLY, you are no Lew (judgment!)

2) For someone who TRIES (emphasis on the word TRIES) to be funny every time you post something, I thought you would find adding a (d) to the beginning of your moniker and (e) to the end of it was funny and that you might find it to be humorous. Just like you, I guess I don't hit on all my ATTEMPTED jokes. Apparently you can dish it out, but you can't take it. I am sorry if you thought I was calling you names.

3) Otherwise, I may use descriptive adjectives, but I try my best not to call people names. For example, while I might say that I "loathe" hobbitmage for digging into the so-called archives to bash people over the head for things that may have said in the past or that it offends me that he has offensively used the race card on me twice, have I called him any names in the process?

The twist to all this is that while I have may have strong opinions which irk people, for some reason that comes across as me trying force my opinions on them. These must be some pretty powerful opinions to have that effect on people. Yet, for example, if I make a benign comment such as I did before the season started about the POSSIBILITY that Phil Jackson MIGHT trust Luke over Barnes in the rotation if Luke's healthy to start the season because of his familiarity with the Lakers' schemes and the fact that Barnes has played on 8 teams and never earned more than 3 mil in a season, bloggers like LAKER TRUTH try to transform that into a definitive statement that I think Luke is a better player than Barnes and he hammered me with it and actually got smart people like LRob to side with him. Huh? Just because someone has an opinion, thought or idea contrary to your opinion, thought or idea, does not mean they are trying to get you to change your mind or force their opinions, thoughts or ideas on you, although in your case it is probably a good idea most of the time given your warped take on things. (Is that name calling?)

P.S.- You dragged me in this one, ouchhhhh, so I am justified in responding.


And WATCH IT with the Nazi references. You too, LAKER TRUTH! There are actually Jewish people in here who are highly offended by such an extreme characterization. There is NOTHING funny about that.


2 years ago we lost in the last second because Gassy did not block out Dunlevy
last year we won on a buzzer beater by Kobe over Jared jack
this year Hibber humiliated gassy and they know that if the can play pick and roll against Fish and Gassy, they have a freeway ti the rim

remember, they r very good at 3 points at home. and lakers defend the 3 point line poorly lately

i'm expecting a very tide game, down to the buzzer ( i do love heart attacks).

i do not believe Bynum can't defend Hibbert at this moment. not fast enough. and their other bigs will take LO and Gassy to the 3 point line

tough matchup, especially that they won at Staples.

we need a good 3 point shooting performance, just to keep up with them

hope the Lakers got there in time, especially with the bad weather on east coast. luckily the Wizzards game ended early. and the starters are not to exhausted

Good to have Smith. I also wondered about the .8 rebounds in 4 games. Meaning he had 3.2 rebounds total. I guess like if all 5 guys grab a rebound at the exact same time, you have to give .2 rebounds to everyone. Must have been a great team effort! Or maybe he had a game with .1 rebound... meaning all 5 plays from both teams had it at the same time. Very interesting.

mclyne - hahahahahahahaahha!

magia32 - really? No mo' music? Say it ain't so!?

I thought we started ignoring ouch months ago... it only takes a couple of lines to figure out its one of his posts. But yea ban that trash talking troll monkey. Hey ouch why dont u post in any of those 3 languages, Im sure it will make more sense to us.

Wow this deal sounds so sweet now, save 8-9mil? give up a first rounder, but receive a 2nd rounder that will only be a few spots down. 2012 pick. A big man prospect.
In Mitch we trust!
Machine will be miss.

And it's nice to hear that Golden State and Chicago were so kind as to give us their 2nd round picks. Two teams that didn't have anything to do with the trade that I have heard anywhere. I guess they felt so bad for us for losing sasha that they had to pitch in and do what they can for a team going though tough times. Thanks guys.

Jeeze, people - doesn't anyone understand math? .8 rebounds in 4 games is easy: because Joe Smith is 6-10 and the average rebound is counted on a 7' basis, one divides by .0723, then take the mean moment of arc on a rebound (usually about 12.5 feet), add in the displacement factor depending on the arena played at (something that's normalized based on the old Forum, actually - much like Jerry is the Logo), carry the 2, and it's OBVIOUS. Seriously people... keep up!

we will never surrender the music, let alone the Weezer:

My two cents on name calling and insults.....

I'm offended by anyone calling another a derogatory name. So ouch, yes noah's comments were offensive. As were yours to Lew and Utz. But that's just my opinion.

I also am not fond of calling players on the Lakers or other teams players derogatory names. But again that's just me.

I understand some of this is done in jest, but nevertheless its a slippery slope.

63 Footer - LOL!

mclyne - great video!

I have my Shut Up And Play hat on for tonight. I want the Lakers to have a "message" game on this back-to-back and show that our minds are right. I wanna see everyone execute, stay low on the TO rate, pass, pass, pass and hit the open J. Oh, and my new mantra: "Get the frickin' rebound!"

That is all.

>>>thank you for NINA - i consider her like Kobe, two great performers.

Yer welcome. Or should I say bitte shoen.

>>>thank you for Godwins Law

Yer welcome.


>>>Los Angeles?
>>>I thought Mr. Smith goes to Washington!

Oh, but he will be. Joe S will get his chance to visit the president in Washington next year when the Lakers get invited to the White House as 2011 NBA champions.


Joe Smith goes from the Nets to the Lakers. He must be feeling pretty good right now. Welcome to the Lakers...where championships happen.

This song probably summarizes Joe's feelings today. You may recall it from the Rod Stewart remake, but here's the original....

LRob - I was thinking the same thing: how cool is that to come to the twice-and-future champions from the Nets! New Jersey to Los Angeles! I may be a snob, but... hahahahahahahaha! Great song call (as usual).

@63 Footer - Thanks for the Colloseum intro.

@Lew - Nice hearing the Cure.


u r the last one who should stick your nose in this

1. i told you that douchhhhhhhhhhhe was a good comeback line, even from an a$$ like u. i'm pretty good at self-mockery, self-deprecation and self - irony. if one can make fun of themselves, it's a QUALITY.

2. before you even realized who i am or what i write or my style, you accuse me of being a POSER, TOXIC and what not. when Edwin Gueco pointed out that "even my voice" it's Ok on a blog, part of the freedom of speech, regardless of the style , U ATTACKED HIM. and after you apologized to him you started to suck up to him. does not show too much character and morals, does it?

exactly how after you called Blitz a "spin zone", u asked his approval for calling me a POSER.

3. so if these r your high moral standards and you imply that LEWSTRA "I know Lew. Lew is a man of high moral standards and a warm, big hearted human being. Lew is a friend of mine." maybe he is a LOW as U.

see, you just dig yourself in a hole. and not only you dig it, you DRAGGED yourself in it.

ps. by the way, language wise "Blog Nazi" has a new meaning in the bloggospher, even if it references to a very sad moment in the human history.

it just means that some bloggers tries to IMPOSE their own ethics and to control the dialogue: calling people name, complaining about spelling and logic, when they do not have anARGUMENT on the topic and so on…

maybe you should rethink what blogging means a a cultural phenomenon, the reasons and the approach to it. but obviously, through the nature of you past jobs, you have to chime in and to be right

ps2. you and Lew deserve each other …


I think he could also call himself this:

Holy CRAP.

There are over 900 comments about the Vujacic-Smith-Williams trade on It's shocking that there are that many people who care in the least about ANY of the players involved in this trade.

Some of the comments make me laugh...

"horrible trade for the nets....getting 2 lottery protected picks and giving up a player with great upside, Williams, for a long-term bench player in vujacic,"

LOL. To be honest, Sasha's about equal to Williams in talent (not to mention attitude). The difference is, the Lakers have much MORE talented players to play in front of their player. Williams would be wearing a suit if he were on the Lakers' squad.

ps2. you and Lew deserve each other …

Posted by: ouchhhhhhhh | December 15, 2010 at 10:55 AM

I read none of your drivel above this line, but I'm proud of my friendship with Lew. It takes a lot to offend him, so you should feel proud of your accomplishment.

LongTimeLakerFan - well, Celtics fans are happy because Sasha can't ice those two FT's for us anymore in a Game 7. Net fans are delirious because that powerhouse back court duo of Jordan and Sasha are back together again at last (not since Butch and Sundance has there been such excitement). Heat fans seeing greatness (rather like Cavs fans the last two years) will type ANYWHERE. And Lakers fans... well, we're here, aren't we?

So where can I order my Sergei Lishchuk Lakers jersey?

63 footer,

>>>Net fans are delirious because that powerhouse back court duo of Jordan
>>>and Sasha are back together again at last

And how sad for the Net fans that those are upgrades for them.

`nuther gem from the Sasha trade comments at espn...

"All they have left is Bill's Son

Not for long...from what I'm hearing, they're looking at scenarios trading him as well with Caracter being a possible throw-in."

That should put some spring in the step of a few Luke-haters here. Not sure if it's true or not.

The Lakers just traded Sasha and a bottom 1st round pick for Joe Smith and a top 2nd round pick plus another 2nd round pick and a project young forward/center?

How did that happen?

And saved Buss $9 million?

Huh? Are you supposed to never trade a big for a guard? The Lakers just got two. Plus, the Lakers have a very good track record with 2nd round picks. Way better than average.

What is there to complain about?


Posted by: FEARless | December 15, 2010 at 09:03 AM


Yes and No. What you say is true when you're talking about starters, all-stars and elite players. We're talking about a boneheaded guard who is the Lakers 14th man for a guy the Nets weren't using in their rebuilding youth movement. For the Nets, Sasha is a 5.5 mil trade chip and the draft picks are sweeteners for potential trades. The Lakers got someone useful to them and got cap relief, the Nets unloaded someone that they weren't using for valuable trade commodities. Both teams win in that situation.

LongTimeLakerFan - I want mine autographed! I shall enshrine it, right next to my Chuck Nevitt, Travis Knight, David Rivers and Steve Bucknall shirts.

OMG I came here to read about the trade and got nothing but a bunch of whining men bantering like little girls about everything other than basketball. Geez I'm outta here.

LRob I hear what you're saying but ouchhhhs behavior, and the behavior of the others isn't, equivalent. Ouchhh pulls this kind of stunt on a regular basis, it's just not the recent spats with Cali, phred, & Utz, Lew, etc. It's his MO to engage in personal attacks. When you attack others on a steady and consistent basis, eventually, someone is going to say something mean back to you. Given that, I personally have no sympathy for ouchhhhhs position.

Steph - to be fair, there were some little men whining about girls as well.

>>>OMG I came here to read about the trade and got nothing but a bunch of
>>>whining men bantering like little girls about everything other than
>>>basketball. Geez I'm outta here.

So instead of posting about the trade (as I have several times already), you decided to add to the whining yourself.


Don't be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution.

And by the way, hair net sales have gone up 50% in New Jersey this morning.

I guess I can't wear my Travis Knight jersey anymore! LOL!

I don't blame you, I'm only here today for the great music selections.

If the Caracter rumour has any truth to it, I will be bummed. I think once his rough edges are worn off, he will be a great asset to the Lakers in the near future. The dude never quits, has a soft touch, and uses his big body like Barkeley did.

should have kept sasha and traded fish.pj didnt give sasha the oportunity to play enough,as bad as fish play pj
keep him in the game.with another coach sasha will become
a good ball player, better than fish.

LOL this blog has degenerated so much:
poster 1: $%@#%#
poster 2: don't call my family that $%#$%@#$!
ouch: [insert insult]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [insert insult]????????????????? (i couldn't resist emphasizing the copious usage of punctuation marks.
poster 1: %$#@#$@^
poster 2: $%@$%#@

...whining as much as paulina pierce lol. catfight anyone? *betchslap* "you shut up about [insert insult targeted at speaker]!!" *slap*

Nice win last nite...Great to see Socks back!!! Pau looks relieved and has more energy!! Welcome to Joe Smith, we do need another big............Mamba24.. Kinda afraid to ask this for fear of being one of your suck ups, but who cares we need our BANDWAGONS and Lewstr's, where are all your funny poems? This blog ain't no FUN any more!!!!!!!!!! Everything has turned to B---S---!!! You know OUCH, really enough of the negativity!!!!!!! I recall one boring Sun. months ago when we had over a 1000 posts and NOT ONE was mean spirited. Pls, can we get back to that?!!! A welcome JOE and a GAME DAY BANDWAGON would be great, and anybody who chooses not to read it, don't!!!!!

mclyne - when LongTimeLakerFan posted about the possible Caracter/Luke trade I felt both good and bad (provided there's any truth to it going through). Caracter has some real potential, but seeing what kind of package they could get for Luke and him is intriguing. Gotta hear more about it.

I don't think this is what dan signed up for... when he volunteered to sub in for MM... I remember his last merry go round goin a lot smoother... Dan the man may need a master plan to straighten this one out

But dan.. If I haven't mentioned before enjoy havin u around and ur viewpoints.. Hope u keep mixing it up with us... Something I wished MM would do w more regularity

I read none of your drivel above this line, but I'm proud of my friendship with Lew. It takes a lot to offend him, so you should feel proud of your accomplishment.

Posted by: KobeMVP888 | December 15, 2010 at 11:02 AM

i do not have a problem. ENJOY

yesterday TRUTH has a post and listed some people who r constantly attacked especially by YOU and some other just because they have "inconvenient" posts about some Lakers Players (remember, they Public Figures, so we can "make fun" of them - actually in other arenas, some players are boooooooed)

the name were: hobbitmage, yellow, TRUTH, Blitz, pfunk36 and myself

your immediate reaction was: even (d)ouchhhhhhhhh(e)???????????

so looks like you have a PERSONAL thing for douchhhhhhhhhhe. talking about high morals and ethics.

but hey, i'm coming here to this blog to exchange my personal view of the team, or more exactly to check my views and to see if other share the same

and yes, over the years, it's my 5th on this blog (and i'm not considering myself an eloquent ELDER) i discovered that my views are shared by the people above and many other who do not post frequently or don't get into the battle like p ang, rick friedman (except his Farmy period), LTLF, and other names that pop up now and them

i'm satisfied even if they DON"T respond to my posts. but present similar opinions. i don't expect pleasantries and petting of the back

if i'm trying to be funny, even if it gets lost in translation, it because it's just a BLOG. not set in stone. and let's be SERIOUS, it's just a game, it's not saving humanity and no other activist CAUSES.

so i do not care about their opinion on BB: Mamba24, Mark Medina, K Bros, LakerTom, justa, phred, Jon K?????, Cali and others (especially who attack me regarding the Gassy and Fishy syndrome)

and even if i liked some of your opinions or Cyber, both of you attacked me as soon as i returned from my summer break. even if you did not know who i am, what my opinions are in the "big picture".

and it's nice to discover 2 new and fun members on this blog: 63 and LRob.

that's enough for me

i have my Fave 5
and the bench - the deepest one on the blog

of course, anytime i'm allowed to make trades, to save my breath

ps. i chose this blog because 5 years ago i found a post by Edwin Gueco, we can find it in the archives, were he mentioned, Florence, Michelangelo and some other stuff. and touched my artistic sensibility.

so the decision to stick was immediate: BB and other topics. let's go for it.

ps2. don't care about popularity contests, RCOD, and the little melo-drama of Victorian mushy pleasantries: i want SUBSTANCE

what kind of proposals are out there for our return on Luke and Caracter?

I actually think Joe Smith will be a nice addition to the Lakers. This trade gives Phil his "John Doe" who he can throw in there for a few minutes when foul trouble or something else might occur. Smith can hit the 15 footer, and he can play some defense on power forwards. He has playoff experience. He will be useful for us.

Go Lakers!

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