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Lakers get ready for a visit with the president

Obama_325 It’s becoming an annual tradition.

The Lakers win a championship. The Lakers have a victory parade. The Lakers visit President Obama the next season when they cruise through Washington.

They met him at the White House last season and they are scheduled to see Obama again Monday at a Boys & Girls Club in the city, where they will be conducting a clinic with elementary-school children and perhaps playing some light one-on-one with the president.

Kobe Bryant said he “absolutely” is looking forward to it.

“It’s a huge honor to go back every year,” he said. “It’s special.”

In January, the Lakers absorbed some playful zinging as they met with Obama in the East Room of the White House.

Obama started by congratulating Coach Phil Jackson on winning another championship before reminding him that “six of them came with the Bulls.”

The former Illinois senator, an avowed fan of Chicago’s NBA team, also ribbed Lakers legend Magic Johnson, who was present at the meet-and-greet.

“You remember that, Magic,” he said, mimicking Michael Jordan’s famous change-hands-in-the-air layup from the 1991 NBA Finals, won by Chicago over the Lakers (and Johnson).

Obama did not zing Bryant that day, calling him “one of the most competitive players I’ve ever seen.”

On Sunday, after the Lakers held off the New Jersey Nets, 99-92, Lamar Odom chuckled when asked about possibly playing Obama one-on-one.

“The President is pretty good, but I do this for a living,” he said.

Then Odom got serious.

“We think it's cool that he follows basketball and knows our name on a first-name basis — and he means it,” he said. “After the [championship] ring ceremony, meeting the president is kind of the icing on the cake. We’re back in full circle. Hopefully it won’t be our last time.”

The Lakers play the Washington Wizards on Tuesday.

--Mike Bresnahan and Broderick Turner

Photo: President Barack Obama shakes hands with members of the Oregon State men's basketball team after they defeated Howard on Nov. 27. Credit: Cliff Owen / Associated Press

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i hope while Obama is the Prez, the Lakers will visit every year. and in that case he should be re-elected. :-)


can Obama have any influence on the possible lockout?????????????????????? can he smack "Little David"?

last season, the Lakers really picked up their game after the White House visit. hope it's happening again.

is the visit at the Boys and Girls Club a mockery of the DECISION????????

"the Clipboard Boy"

sorry, that was from the "Luke Era"

to some degree i expected Farmy to show us why the Lakers made a bad choice letting him go …

but, like the rest of you (almost the rest) i enjoyed him missing 3 consecutive 3 pointers. that was almost SAD. as sad as the rest of his performance.

i had a funny streaming connection with the smallest scream i ever seen. and because i was working on a project i did not enter full screen. Farmy looked REALLY small.

i hope the yesterday game will save LTLF any efforts to copy and paste some of his stats. Kase Klosed.


yesterday i forgot my favorite New York song

Nina Hagen

and for political aficionados:

did u know that Nina Hagen supported Kucinich???????????

and the Christmas Party in no other place than Los Angeles

"I can't drive the car, but i can play guitar"

Ich Bin Ein Berliner"

Good Morning Laker Nation.............. Just checked on NBA.COM 216 {Direct TV}, and they will be showing the Laker's meeting The Pres. at 3:00 EST. Hopefully this will renew the energy to start a winning streak!!!!!Bynum playing wouldn't hurt either.

In my silly SfS journal I ranted about being in the season of the witch. Maybe a visit with the prez will clear out the Lakers'recent cobwebs and motivate them to romp through the rest of this roadtrip against cellar-dweller teams. Mark, were you seriously writing at 2:30 this morning? You're a serious throwback to the days of ink-stained hands and fedoras.

Is it just me, or is Artest playing like crap??

Good Morning Laker Fam,

The game was tougher than it should have been yesterday. Will Drew's return right the ship? Will the trip to see the President energize them?

I only saw the 2nd half of yesterday's game. While Pau still had a subpar game, I was encouraged that he took 19 shots. He should have a minimum of 16-17 shots a him being aggressive was a good sign.

And since the Lakers are visiting the White House my musical selection for today is....

The Animals - White Houses

ouch - "i did not enter full screen. Farmy looked REALLY small."

Okay, that made me crack up, and so:

LRob with the eclectic Animals choice, and so:

A little catch up from yesterday.......

@Lew - Ian rocking that flute....nice.

@63 Footer - Mahalia! There's gospel singers and then there's Mahalia - nuff said!

@ms - Sweet G with the B-boy flava.

ouch - Nina, Benson & Liza...well done!

@NewMexicoLL - I hope you're right about the trip to the White House possibly energizes the Lakers...but I doubt it. Vikes game moved to Detroit 2nite....its not good being the home team at Ford

LRob, actually the Lakers are NOT meeting the President at the Whte House; they are meeting at a Boys & Girls Club. Loved the Eric Burden tune though. Here's one from Bright Eyes that Conor Oberst wrote while W was in office:

People are saying LA is the most talented team. This maybe true but the most talent doesn't always win. Anyone remember the Portland team of the 90s LA faced on the way to the 1st chip of the Shaq/Kobe era? Portland was by far the more talented team. Just to name a few players they had Pippen, Damon Stoudermire, Schremp, Greg Anthony off the bench, Augmon etc etc. They were literally 10 deep. LA had Kobe/Shaq and won. But now LA must establish dominance in the regular season to have these talented teams doubting themselves. If they are confident they can actually beat LA.

Posted by: Island Priest | December 13, 2010 at 02:24 AM

Island - Lakers 2000 team was more talented than the Blazers. However the Blazers team in 91 that Magic and Co. beat was certainly more talented than the Lakers. That Portland team from 90-92 is one of the best ever that never won a title.

Good Morning, everybody. Thought about these yesterday, I hadn't heard them in a really long time.

Graham Parker - Protection

Televsion - Marquee Moon

Mark G with the Graham and the Television (all of my favorites). So we have to go with how I feel about winning streaks, losing streaks, and other things; basically, they come in spurts:

While Pau still had a subpar game, I was encouraged that he took 19 shots. He should have a minimum of 16-17 shots a him being aggressive was a good sign
Posted by: LRob | December 13, 2010 at 07:28 AM

this is not an argument-just an observation: it was nothing encouraging to see him miss 13 out of 19. for a 52-57% shooter, 36% is BAD, especially for a BIG man

" him being aggressive was a good sign"

i would prefer for Gassy to be "assertive".

(but as PJ said the other day in Chicago he GETS "disconcerted")

something is telling me, from his comments, that Kobe's patience and trust with Gassy is wearing very THIN.

man up or shut up, or shut up and man up. no more speeches!!!!!!!!

same with PJ and his choices of leadership, MVP's, favorite player to watch, favorite son, the offense through ________ . for the past 10 games, we r still a .500 team

if it would not be for Kobe and sometimes LO, this team can be unwatchable, especially when one wants to follow every game.

hope that ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN will have a change of …

63, that was great,

I have to be honest I had never heard that, or at least I must have been in such a condition at the time that I couldn't remember hearing it-a possibility given the times. I noticed the TV and Dolls connection. It's funny how a lot of the same guys show up in the bands out of NY at that time.

Mark G - Richard Hell (singing on this), went on to do Blank Generation and formed the Voidoids, and everyone in the Heartbreakers then hung with the Ramones and vice-versa, and that whole NYC/CBGB's thang was goin' on. I was over here in West Coast land, but I dug it:

A 7 point victory over New Jersey is a 7 point loss to Boston or Miami.

Just sayin'.


@63 - the Lakers visit the president and you try to indoctrinate me to become "politically correct". LOL

i did not know the tune. the comments on the page were great and especially informative 4 me; before my American Landing.

DBDH - don't bring that transitive property of bb scores shineola here. That's just some major Kevin Bacon separation hoodoo. If I know Joey, and Joey's sister Carla goes out with Rex, who's the towel boy for the Lakers, and one of the towels is used by Kobe Bryant, it does not mean that because I can beat Joey, who can beat Carla, who beats Rex, and Rex can beat his towel, that I can beat Kobe. It would be a close game, mind you, but no....

It's all about the match-ups, and if we bring our frickin' A game any time in the near future. (And I'm talkin' to you Pau!)

Granted, anyone can beat Jordan Farmar!!! (Still think jackin' up 3's is a good thing Jordy?)

But I never blame you Del.

ouch, I would NEVER try to indoctrinate anyone with anything but booze. Me and politics are passing friends at best (though I take an interest in a couple of issues). You cracked me up with the Farmar line, so I had to return the Famar-shortin' favor. And great Nina!

He should be happy to see us since we lost to his beloved Bulls, maybe we were 'lobbying' for more Federal Aid to Cali or will use that political poker chip to get help bring some focus to Ron's ongoing quest to highlight and support those with mental illness issues.

Bummer about Bynum, we'll be alright. Also, nice to see Phil stand up for Pau, finally, I've been watching him get hammered for about two months now.

63 - all weekend i worked to digitize some work files for a publication. as u know everyone is waiting for months and in the last minute they give u a short deadline. i finished a few hours ago and taking advise from you, i had a big shot of vodka from the bottle and going to sleep.

and the Lakers beat the Nyets. what more can i ask??????? ohhhhhhh luckily, Kobe orchestrated the offense brilliantly in the 4th.

did anyone noticed that kobe came into the 4th almost when the quarter started?????? i'm sure it was his idea, and he started to be annoyed watching the team from the bench till PJ puts him In at the 8 minute mark.

it's re-assuring that KOBE does not like to lose

ouch - double congrats on finishing the project (and the usual: gee, let's shorten the deadline at the last second crap from the "powers that be") and the shot of vodka!

On the chat I was suggesting that I thought Kobe would come in and take over the game in the 4th. I noticed as well how patient he's been with the rest of the crew, but at some point he was going to blow up on it. I'm glad he used himself as a decoy a bit (as his shot's still not 100%, and don't get me started on his FT's!).

Kobe will propel the team forward, but at some point the other starters (I'm talkin' to you Pau, and a little bit to you Ron... drive some instead of the open 3's) will need to become consistent again, or it's going to be a long year for Kobe.

we are back to where we were a year ago, questions as to if ron-ron would be able to "get" the triangle, and if pau was too soft. well we know that pau is not soft, but out of position, but ron-ron is slowing the ball down,again,taking an additional 2-3seconds, which negates any advantage of passing the ball

lance - I don't think Pau's soft, something's off though, mentally it would seem. He's NEVER missed this many easy shots before. His little mid-range hooks and jumpers just aren't going down, and there's a bit of hesitation/lack of confidence it seems. I'm just curious as to why. Same as Kobe's FT's - he NEVER misses this many (or so it seems). What's up with that?

Ron's Ron, but I think he needs to head more to the basket, even if they're giving him open 3's. Ron's the least of the starting 5's worries right now. Something seems amiss with Pau at the moment, and it's not his being "out-of-position." He's played the 5 a lot with better accuracy on his shots. I'm thinkin' (and justa's thinkin' as well, so I don't believe I'm totally insane) that's it's girlfriend problems. I'm goin' with that.

@ MVP – Thanks for the correction…now you spoiled my musical connection…lol. Anyway the Bright Eyes was good!

@Mark G - Nice call on Graham. He should’ve been bigger.

@63 Footer – Thanks for some early punk history and the Heartbreakers.

@ouch – you’re right Pau’s 6-19 was terrible. But I still prefer him getting his shots up as opposed to only shooting 10 times and being totally passive.

63 - oh you are definitely totally insane. But yeah - I think he's got GF or family issues. There's got to me more to this funk than "the big bullies are beating up on me"...

....there's got to BE more to this....


Pau is justa tired of playing for Bynum while he plays video games...

@ 63,

I'm the biggest homer I know, but a seven point win over Jordan Former (yes, former) and the Nyets is not a good measuring stick for me. Mrs. DBDH says I try to lower my expectations for the Lakers' fortunes so I can be easily uplifted when they perform with even the slightest semblance of good basketball. I hate it when she's right.


Hey peeps,

The 4g3n7 (i.e., Agent) is back in the house.

I'm looking forward to the ANNIHILATION of the Lakers by the Wizards tomorrow.

Lakers - The most overrated team in the history of sports.

This should get the blog going. Thanks for the welcome, and you're welcome.


4g3n7 = FAIL.

First and last response.


>>>I hope the yesterday game will save LTLF any... blah blah blah

As hard as you might find this to believe, I was cheering for Farmar to miss all of those late 3's. Unlike people like Mike T, I don't want some former Laker to show up as a hero and contribute to beating the Lakers. My first loyalty is always to the current Lakers squad.

I liked Farmar and thought he had something to contribute, but now he's the opponent so he can brick all night when the Lakers are facing him.

And Blake is a better fit for the triangle. I've said that since the day they acquired him.

To his credit, Jordan didn't try to go 1-on-5 to try to score a bunch of points against his former team. He played within the offense, mostly passing off and taking shots when they were open for him. And those late 3's weren't bad offense, they were just bricks. If Jordan was currently playing for Miami, he'd probably be more successful, but when there's really only one top-quality player on your team (Lopez), it's hard to win games against anybody. Playing for Jersey was his choice. I hope it works out for him and they get back to the playoffs and stuff, but when he's playing against the Lakers, I always want Jordan to live up to oucch's impression of him.

>>>yesterday i forgot my favorite New York song
>>>Nina Hagen

Have you heard any of her early stuff with the Nina Hagen band. I HIGHLY recommend her first two albums - Nina Hagen Band and Unbehagen. They're among my very favorites.

>>>and for political aficionados:
>>>did u know that Nina Hagen supported...

And did a simulated orgasm on TV (long before Meg Ryan did it in the movies)

>>>Is it just me, or is Artest playing like crap??

It isn't just you. Luke played better than him in Sunday's game.

>>>People are saying LA is the most talented team.

They stopped saying that after the lost 4 in a row. Thank goodness. Now the team can stop listening to the hype and get down to the work of building up to the level they'll need for the playoffs.


>>>A 7 point victory over New Jersey is a 7 point loss to Boston or Miami.
>>>Just sayin'.

People don't play against Boston or Miami the same as they play against New Jersey.

Just sayin'.

4g3n7 = FAIL.

First and last response.

Posted by: Don't Blame Del Harris! | December 13, 2010 at 10:11 AM

Exactly, DBDH, that sums up the effort of the Lakers - FAIL.

You should seriously consider changing you handle to Don't Blame David Stern (DBDS).

Wait, on a second thought, DBDH looks fine, and means Don't Bother Dwelling Here.


>>> (Still think jackin' up 3's is a good thing Jordy?)

LOL. I love how people go out of their way to knock ex-lakers they don't like.

Jordan took one bad 3 in the game. It was with 3:08 left and his team only trailing by 1 point.

When your team is trailing by 8 points with 29 seconds left in the game (as was the case with Jordan's last two bricked 3's), then yes, jackin' up 3's is EXACTLY what you should do.

Would respect him more if he would have conceded the game and dribbled out the clock instead of wildly trying to close the score?

>>>I'm looking forward to the ANNIHILATION of the Lakers by the Wizards

What are you smoking? And why didn't you pass it to the rest of us?

Ay down two, yet ur still in the mix man. surprised to tell ya truth. the next few games will let us know for sure what the end will be. also look at this my neighbor showed me it. it can maybe help u get ur info faster. alright ill tty after a few more games..

Not sure what's ailing Artest, but I think Bynum coming back and Artest getting back up to his normal level of defensive intensity are the keys to the Lakers winning it all.

S Perkins,

Dude, get a life.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Posted by: Jon K.

You get a life. Fisher and Artest are lucky to play with the most talented 3 players in the NBA. Gasol, Kobe and Odom because they stink. I would like to see these 2 stiffs on a less talented team.

KobeMVP888 & LakerTom,

don't read the following.

Everyone else,

an interesting article:

Many Lakers fans have glossed over the team's issues by asserting that once Bynum returns, the team's rotation will be strengthened with Odom returning to the bench and the team's enforcer and defensive stopper mining the paint. Consequently, Bynum will cure all that ails the Lakers at present.

my response: sounds familiar.

if Bynum's absence is the primary culprit for the Lakers struggles, doesn't that call into question the universal belief that they are the "deepest team in the league?"

my response: fascinating question.

The first issue is perimeter shooting. The Lakers are really struggling to keep defenses honest when all the focus has turned to Gasol or Kobe Bryant as no one has yet emerged as a steady, reliable threat from the field. Shannon Brown started the season on a tear, but in recent games he has not shot the ball well. He is 3-12 in his last two games and seems reluctant to use his athleticism

my response: I had noticed that, but I was told that Bynum would fix the
perimeter shooting woes. Actually, it was more said that Bynum would
allow inside-outside to work. When I asked about Pau, I was told that the
regular season is just a practice season. Then I was told that Bynum would
allow Pau to go back to PF. They stopped talking about the perimeter
shooting issue and started gushing about how Bynum makes the Lakers
invincible ..... [ paraphrase, because some will say that they never said that.
I could go on, but y'all know the story... ]

Derek Fisher and Steve Blake are shooting barely 40% from the field on the season. One would presume this may improve once Bynum returns, as more open looks could lead to a higher field goal percentage, but right now these guys are still trying to find their offense.

my response: Didn't I just say that?

But collectively the Lakers have struggled on the defensive end. They are currently ranked 15th in points allowed and 10th in 3-point field goal defense;

my response: I thought I read that "Defense wins championships" I was told
that it's all about the Big Men though ...

It will be interesting to see though how big an impact Bynum has on reversing the team's fortunes upon his return; although one would think the Lakers expect it to be immediate and it must.

my response: You got that right! I'm on the edge of my seat!

However, emerging from the West as the fourth or even third seed is not the same as coming out of the West as the one seed and imagining a path to the finals that could go like this: Hornets in round one (with HCA), Mavericks in round two (without HCA), Spurs in round three (also without HCA) and then the finals verses Boston (without HCA) would be one that even the most optimistic Lakers fan would consider daunting.

my response: I seem to recall a public flogging regarding health vs. HCA.
Looks like someone outside of our dysfunctional family is concerned about
HCA as well....

Anyway .... The clocking is ticking and Bynum is coming to save the day.

[ note: I dig this groovy rose-colored glasses. They obscure the ugly truth of
the box score, patch that ridiculous hole at the bottom of GHF. Man! I should
have put these things on 4 years ago when we were getting whipped by PHX.

Justanothermambafan, don't horde the percocet. ]

Good shooters can't shoot this badly for an entire season. I've never seen so many Laker open looks clank.

Need to start takin' the shoot-arounds more seriously.

Hereyago oucccchhhhhh,

Here's some early Nina, Unbechreiblich Weiblich:

hobbit - awwwwww come on man. I don't hoard it. I sell it. Want some?


I agree. I just can't stand watching the Lakers let teams back into the game after squandering lead after lead. It gets really irritating. I know they can play better. I also understand that they want to "take a night off" now and then. Bad habits are most easily created from good ideas. "The Switch" that gets flipped in April cannot be counted on every year.

@ LRob,

Yes, those early 90's Portland teams were so strong, so competitive. They were like the Western Conference version of the Pistons. Man, they would match up so well against us back then. I can still vividly remember Magic grabbing the loose ball in that 1991 series, and chucking down the court with a few seocnds left... effectively killing any hopes of another possession for Portland.


Nina's actually an amazing live performer. I've seen her a few times in concert, mostly in smaller clubs, most recently in 2002. Here's a nice video of her performing Auf'm Bahnhof Zoo from 1978 (about the time I got into her).


if y0u tell me you're wearing trench coat, I'm going to fall out of my chair

hobbitmage, very well put.

another interesting article:

Sterling has expressed his displeasure about Davis’ play by taunting him from his courtside seat at Clippers’ home games, several sources told Yahoo! Sports. Among Sterling’s verbal barbs:

– “Why are you in the game?”
– “Why did you take that shot?”
– “You’re out of shape!”

Sources said Sterling is upset with Davis for not living up to the five-year, $65 million contract he signed with the Clippers in the summer of 2008. Clippers center Chris Kaman(notes) and former Clippers Bobby Brown(notes) and Mardy Collins(notes) have also been berated by Sterling during games, a source said. The players typically heard Sterling during free throws or when they were within earshot during a stoppage in play

Sterling “started getting a lot more vocal during the second half of last season,” one team source said. “He never had done that before at games. Baron’s his pet project. He absolutely hates Baron. He wants to get his money back.”

And that is all you need to know as to why the Clippers suck year in and year out.

my response: Can you imagine if Dr. Buss was like this? He'd be like a
tennis match all by himself.

Dr. Buss to D-Fish: Why are you in the Game?

Dr. Buss to D-Fish: Oh. Way to take the charge.

Dr. Buss to D-Fish: Why did you take that shot?

Dr. Buss to D-Fish: Oh. So, you and Kobe are the clutch brothers.

[ note: y'all notice I didn't mention the injured rookie who's been in the
league for 6 years, right? Cuz some skunk will label me a basher any second. ]

What's up fellow Lakerholics...

I was lucky enough to have tickets for yesterday's game vs. the Nets. It was the first time I've ever seen Kobe play in person and it was well worth the price of admission.

I arrived early. My seats were 3 rows in back of the Nets bench, which meant the Lakers shot at the basket directly in front of me in the 2nd half. I was particularly interested to watch Bynum warm up and go through his pre-game drills. Drew ran in straight lines without any sign of a limp, albeit only at 3/4 speed. He did some post up drills with assistant coaches Person and Shaw. He looks mighty close to returning, but he didn't really exert himself.

Sasha worked hard in pre-game. He was making shots from all over the court beyond the arc. I guess his reputation as a practice player is well deserved. Poor Ron-Ron couldn't even make a shot in warmups. His shot and release looked disjointed and hesitant. At one point in the game he passed up a WIDE open shot that just made him look awful. I hope he gets it ogether. The team needs him.

All in all the game was pretty exciting to me. It seemed that both teams were in a bit of a funk due to the early start. The Lakers didn't really snap out of it until the 4th quarter. Seeing Kobe up close and personal was everything I could have hoped for. The crowd was full of Laker supporters and the Mamba heard MVP chants late in the 4th Q. Kobe and Lamar played really well.

Pau on the other hand, lost his matchup against Brook Lopez. Brook ate the Spaniard up physically. Brook also played strong help defense against Kobe as Net coach Avery Johnson sent size to double Bryant. Pau did not aggressively take Lopez off the dribble although he had many chances to do so. IMO, Pau's recent struggles and failure to win his nightly matchup is one of the Lakers' biggest problems. I'm not bashing Pau and I realize the workload is taking its toll on him. But when Pau isn't playing at a high level, the team struggles.

With the score tied at 87, Kobe took over and showed why he remains the game's best closer. He created 2 dunks for Pau and Lamar and added points himself. Up close, his physicality is amazing. The man is a beast in the post.

Other notes...

Magic Johnson and Philly 1st baseman Ryan Howard were seated courtside. (I was hoping for Jay Z and that superfine Beyonce, but no such luck!!)

Marv Albert has the worst toupee. Looks like a haystack on top of his head.

Overall, I had a ton of fun and the Lakers were good enough to provide us with a victory for the ride home. In a perverse way, I'm glad it was a close game because I got the chance to see Kobe at his best down the stretch of the ballgame, instead of sitting on the bench icing his knees.

Sorry for the long post. I just had to put some of my thoughts to words.

GO LAKERS!!! Enjoy the fruits of your labors when you meet the President! I hope Kobe doesn't post Obama up. Mr. President is still recovering from a previous Bball injury!


Good shooters can't shoot this badly for an entire season. I've never seen so many Laker open looks clank.

Need to start takin' the shoot-arounds more seriously.

Posted by: VMan | December 13, 2010 at 11:07 AM

hobbit - LOL - that isn't a backdoor way to the "what are you wearing" question, is it?


I want to make it clear, that I would NEVER ask you such an inappropriate
question as to what you're wearing ....

Heaven forbid that I should ever dare to ask or find out if you wear tight
jeans and exactly how they fit or if I would have trouble staring into your
beautiful eyes because I was distracted by ... "some other attribute".

*blushing & digging my toe into the ground*


did I see a skunk? Some body call animal control and get that pest outta here!

What kinda establishment is this where mangy skunks are allowed to stink
up the joint?

I disagree, vehemently.

Bynum is not the panacea for all that ail the Lakers, but the trading of the starting five and beginning the rebuilding of the team is.

Just saying.


@hobbit - yesterday you called some "arrogant snots" and today you're provoking. I spoke out on your behalf when I felt LakerTom goaded you. Now the shoe is on the other foot.

@Justa - something's missing today...hmmm...can you think of anything?

@bronx - thanks for the recap. Glad you were able to deliver a victory in you'll have to promise the same at the Garden.

@LTLF - Nina's talent transcended the language barrier....very interesting!

@DBDH - yep I can still see that vividly as well. The Lakers had no business beating the Blazers that year....and it showed in the

KobeMVP888 & LakerTom,

don't read the following.

Posted by: hobbitmage | December 13, 2010 at 11:07 AM

What a superfluous, mean-spirited way to start a post. I don't read your Andrew Bynum Bashing Filibusters anyway and I have little regard for the vast majority of articles posted by Bleacher Report. Anyone can submit articles to the Bleacher Report for publication, and I suspect there are people who actually think like you who submit their anti-Bynum crap. I think I grasp all I need to know about Andrew by now. Unfortunately, you don't.

Don't you understand by now that I view your Lakers' fan IQ at about 75. That's actually a compliment on the IQ scale:

"Imbecile" was once applied to people with an IQ of 26-50, between "moron" (IQ of 51-70) and "idiot" (IQ of 0-25).

So I elevate you above these classifications. Be proud.

Kindly refrain from referencing my name in any of your future (waste of time) posts.


Great post!

I think it is good the shots haven't been falling. It is forcing them to step up the D! When the shots start to fall we will be blowing teams out again.

It was fun to see Kobe go off on a team. Also, great to see Lamar do the same. Pau was struggling and Kobe and Lamar stepped up and got us the W. Also, the bench played a lot better than last game. They did well in the first half, but not as well in the second. Kobe was hot, so it didn't matter.

Good job PJ getting everyone on the floor. I loved the lineup with the B's Luke, and Pau. They stretched the lead running the triangle - after the starters played the Nets fairly even. This is a lineup with a very high basketball IQ. I look forward to seeing this one with Drew instead of Pau.

It seems like Phil's patience if running thin as far as Ron Ron goes. They seemed to coexist so nicely last year. Ron still seems lost sometimes. He doesn't know where to go, so he stands around in the corner hoping someone gives him a shot at a three. Unfortunately, they haven't been going down. He is such a strong presense. He needs to move without the ball and keep the other team on their toes. He will end up with some easy shots.

I am a Lakerholic.

KobeMVP888 & LRob...

Thanks for the kind words! LRob...I don't think I'll be able to score tickets for the Lakers at MSG. That's usually a pretty tough ticket and is pretty much sold out when the schedule is announced in the summer. This year they'll be playing the much improved Knicks on the 2nd night of a back to back after playing the Celtics the night before. Not easy. But I have confidence in our squad and I'm going to predict victory in both games! Of course, I never think the Lakers are going to lose!

Lets show Obama how we do it! :)

>>>but the trading of the starting five and beginning the rebuilding of the team is.


Okay, they'll be happy to do that... after two or three more rings.



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