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Lakers Chat: Talking Lakers, Heat and Cavs

--Mark Medina

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@Jon K - This one's for you, dude,


@63 FOOTER… Pine Cone and Marshmallow? LMAO. Somehow that just doesn’t fit my stereotyped image of the Hollywood Renaissance man and baller who dances with wolves, plays with the stars, and lives a life for which most of us would need clones in order to keep up. Kids today! My son still remembers his Chinese grandfather serving up his pet chickens Bonnie and Clyde for Sunday dinner.

Of course, growing up in Chinese restaurants and on Wisconsin dairy farms, watching animals make the transition from family pet to family dinner was a pretty commonplace event. And I still remember seeing my dad take a live chicken by the neck and just twirl it around until the headless body fell off and then actually jumped up and ran around for a couple of minutes before finally dropping dead.

While Pau did play center for the Grizzlies, the outcome was not positive. He really did not reach his true potential until he was traded to the Lakers and could play his natural power forward position. But you cannot discount how much a hamstring can limit you. The fear alone is paralyzing to most athletes because they know how frustratingly long and slow recovery can be. Hamstring injuries and high ankle sprains can put guys down for months. So I’m willing to give Pau a break due to injury.

Having said that, I have to agree with the sentiment that Pau should put some time into getting into better shape and adding strength so as to better be able to handle the increased physicality that his recent soft play is likely to generate. Unlike Kobe, Pau is a little too calculating in my mind. He takes off plays more than most players is pacing himself and often deliberately does not challenge drivers because he does not want to get into foul trouble. To me, the fact that he rarely is in foul trouble pretty much confirms what your eyes see as other teams relentlessly attack the paint for layups.


Of course, where this all is leading to is …. wait for it...


Lakerholics I hear the chatter, you saw the BIG GAME as Justa called it. Come Christmas Day all through the house, the joy of the opening gifts. Everyone will gather around the TV to WITNESS the rebirth of the KING. The Heat will SPANK..THAT"S right SPANK the Lakers on national tv for the whole world to see.
Kobe will say"it's no big deal it's just another game" the home town fans will be down and out, PISSED OFF AGAIN. This blog will go HELTER SKELTER on each other AGAIN, fair weather fans will jump off the bandwagon again. Laker Tom the voice of reason will say,"It only count in the Playoffs, this is just part of the journey".

Go Heat...just saying.

google sure is messed up... I log into the Lakersblog and the first thing I see is a banner ad for NBA pass with a picture of LBJ


And maybe Pau could afford to take off a few defensive possessions here or there if the opposing PG wasn't always in the paint

I didn't watch the game, but I suppose my question is; are Heat fans happy that Lebron showed up and showed some game in beating Cleveland, or are Heat fans unhappy that princess jimmy plays better when he is motivated for personal reasons and cares, and doesn't play that well all the time?

re pfunk and criticism of Phil Jackson- pfunk has been criticizing Phil Jackson as long as this blog has been around, and Phil Jackson and the Lakers won the last two NBA Championships. I think pfunk (and a bunch of other people who post the same things when the Lakers lose, but never show up when the Lakers win) are pretty much falling neatly into the busted clock that is right twice a day category.

If you are a realistic fan who recognizes problems when they exist and aren't afraid to call your team on it, the way to show it would be to actually, you know, change what you say depending on how the team is doing, instead of (**(*(ing saying the same *()&*(& thing over and over again for five straight years and then saying "HA! THE LAKERS LOST FOUR GAMES! I WAS RIGHT!'

Jamie Sweet,
1. Thank you.
2. Never trust an oyster.
3. I shall from this day forth refer to LeCreep as "the Oyster".
4. We need a backup center.
What do we play for? RINGS!!!!
Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.

rasem- wtf are you talking about?

rasem- I think you are not clear on the identities of the various justas on the blog. I would suggestion you educate yourself before you talk again.

Justanothermambafan- one of the greatest Lakers Blog members.

JustaLakerFan- A very solid Laker fan in his own right.

JUSTA HATER- some douchebag who comes on here and causes trouble, who picked his name to upset people. I don't read his comments, so I don't know what they are about.

given the state of my remarks im sure you could figure out who that was directed at. the other justas i was not aware of. to them i obviously meant no disrespect. so next time keep you decide to suggest education try reading into it and use a little common sense.

and i dont mean that in a disrespectful way towards you..

rasem- thanks for clarifying. I think if you understood the respect that the other justas hold around here you would understand why you run the risk of angering some of us around here.

Also thank you, for allowing me to call Justa Hater a douchebag in a serious way.

Cause I think we both agree on that.

It would be worth risking a fifth loss to get Pau 5 days of rest.

Caracter starts, LO steps up... no problem.



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