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Lakers Chat: Lakers vs. Houston Rockets

--Mark Medina

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I'd love to be a fly on the airplane ride home.

Get the losing streak over with now rather than later.

Colorado loves our World Champion Lakers!

Dude...look out here come the HATERS, the night crue is BRUTAL.

WOW...anybody still think Kobe is the G.O.A.T?

What the heck is happening here?

I want to know, NOW!


It's the defense.
It's the offense.
No, it's the defense.
Sorry, it's the offense.

It's neither.

The Lakers are exhausted.
Even this early in the season, the Lakers just run out of gas.


Until AB17 gets back, Lakers games are four 10 minute periods. 40 minutes, not 48.

That was simply a weird game. One moment, the Lakers are in charge and ahead; the next moment, you can see it unraveling. Meanwhile, any other ideas?

Dispiriting loss. The Lakers gotta snap outta the funk they're in. They look a step slow and not in sync.

Fine if the Lakers cruise through some games, through some sections of the season - however they need to kick it up a gear. The speed they're trying to coast at is causing traffic to pass them up.

I can't remember a lousier set of games since the Kwame/Smush era. Queens at home on Friday then a three-day rest - hopefully the home cooking they get during that stretch will straighten them out. Either that or PJ ratcheting things up at practice - whatever works to snap them out of this rut they're currently in...


It's Miami turn to laugh at the Lakers woes

Damn... I glad the Heat didn't sign Fish, we got enough problems. To slow, no "D", can't shoot but laughs all the way to the BANK... and to think theses suckers gave him 3 that right 3 more years of CRAPOLA.

Don't blame Phil Jackson

All is does is send in the players

Don't blame Phil Jackson

All he does is send in the players

It's not like he doesn't coach

Out of gas...less than 20 games into the season...uhm...aren't these guys supposed to be athletes or something?

I'm just not buying the 'tired' excuse. Knee pain for Kobe I would buy, an un-disclosed injury to Gasol I would buy, same with Fish, but tired...nope, sorry. Not so early. Getting Bynum back isn't going to magically improve conditioning or increase the hustle of a team that feels like it felt too good about itself too early in the season.

This is a mental problem, not a physical one and it doesn't matter how tall, athletic, gritty or quick the players are if they are not:

A - Communicating on D.
B - Running a semblance of the O.
C - Taking the opposition seriously.

No doubt all the right things will be said by all parties invloved, Phil will look at the box and say, "We need to get Pau more shots." or somehting to that affect. Kobe will say something curt and to the point. Lamar will be well dressed, these are the things we can count on in the post game atmosphere.

Strange times indeed.

Mitch coming down from upstairs to coach the team now?????

What's wrong with this team?

The players? They're the same as before, except the bench is better.

Bynum out? He's been out before, and they've never been as bad as this since Pau came aboard.

Schedule? They beat down bad teams earlier in the season, and their current loses are against teams that aren't much better.

It seems to be mental. The Lakers are playing, well, really stupidly from Kobe on down right now. I don't know what the fix is, except that Phil needs to play Caracter more. What's the downside, they'll start losing games? They're doing that with Pau playing 43+ min anyways! And Buss needs to shell out the spare change for a temporary center unless he enjoys his $90+ million team play stupid-ball every night.

Phil needs to shake things up. Maybe change the starting rotation. The Kings are as horrible as ever so Friday night's a perfect time to experiment.

And Phil needs to call a time out whenever he sees his team start to play stupid-ball, and dress them down as needed. Even Kobe.

Kwame/Smush era, right on the $.

And Phil wants to comment on someone else's house, check your _hit it stinks too.


Sorry. Forgot to enable the sarcasm font. Now it should be there.

The Lakers are not focusing on defense is the number 1 problem. Down the stretch the Lakers (Kobe) is not playing smart basketball. If we are down by 3 with 45 ticks on the clock we don't need a 3 Mamba. Get a good quality 2. For the second consecutive game Kobe launches 3s no matter the distance or coverage. Maybe this is karma for Phil poking fun at Van Gundy and Spoelstra. Now is definitely the time for the Lakers to have that players only meeting to turn things around. The depressing thing is that we have not faced too many quality opponents and we are getting beat by scrub teams man. However, this may be a blessing in disguise because I was wary of my fellow Laker fans who were proclaiming an automatic 3 peat. Maybe now we can concentrate in getting through the regular season.

Anybody has a perdiction for the Christmas day game? I didn't think so.

Send in the trolls. Gonna be a long 2 days, folks.

We signed Steve Blake to eventually take over the PG spot. It is time to execute that plan. D Fish will give us that big shot come June...but, right now, it's time for him to pass the reins to Blaker.

Sasha and/or Luke & draft picks for an insurance big. NOW!

Who are these guys?

I am a fan of Andrew The Beast Bynum but his return will not solve all of our problems. If we need Bynum to beat scrub teams like the Pacers, Grizzlies and Rockets we are in more trouble than previously imagined. Phil should not make excuse for Gasol/Odom. They are getting paid millions of dollars and when duty calls you gats to MAN the %^*( UP!! I personally work 9 hours a day and spend couple hours in the gym 4 times a week. So playing 40 minutes a game is no big deal. Gasoft get your ass in that game and perform man.


I'm not freaking out, this team deserves our support in light of it's back-to-back ways; the troubling thing is the quality of team we're losing to. .500-ish teams should be a nuisance and we're letting them hang around and feel like they can ball with us.

Which, of course, they can (it's the NB freaking A after all, most of these guys are pretty darn good) but we're losing the mental game, commiting silly turnovers, shooting ill-advised shots, not getting the little things done that make winning easier to achieve.

It'll happen, we'll get our focus and moxie back, guys who are missing easy shots will hit them, Kobe'll make a couple more 36 foot shots, Pau will shoot more than 8 times.

Just not tonight.

Jordan Farmar tonight vs OKC: 12-21, 28 points, 9 assists, 3 TOs.

Probably just a coincidence.

"support your team" doesn't mean shrug off the worst losing streak since Pau landed as a "we got this". This is frustratin' stuff and if ya can't vent here, where can ya vent?

I say screeeaaaam. Let it out or before it boils over! arrrrrrrrrrgh! Miami won, San Antonio won, Boston won, and we're on 4 Ls and counting??????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Yeah it's early, yeah, Andrew will help, but this sucks, period. If you're not at least bothered, check your pulse, you may be legally dead.

Jamie Sweet, and Justa Hater:

I think we need send Jerry to mental institute, why each year we are releasing our good players like Ariza, Jordan, and so, and we get in return trouble makers such as Artest or Brnes while we need a good point guard like Jordan. Because believe it or not Fisher can not do it anymore.


4 games losing streak, not good and these 4 teams are not even elite teams. Tired this early in the season??? Who is buying that??? Played mostly home games, wait for the east coast road trip where they will have to face Miami, Boston and Orlando. Is this Lakers just phsyched themselves to beat Miami, Boston and Orlando only? They forgot that there are other teams left. I guess the Dec. 25 game against the Heat will not be for supremacy, whoever wins will be 8th in their conference. Oh yeah, these games will not matter, these are merely practice games. Lakers will have more of these practice games that by the end of regular season they have perfected the art of losing games and will barely make the playoffs.

Laker fan-

Im sure there is nothing to worry about. Just a couple (4) of bad games.

La La Land 8- Jerry's getting BADDD advise from Mitch, Ron Ron(something wrong with me feet) DFish(I'm can't find me shot) are coming back to hurt the LakeShow. There's 4 players just getting paychecks with no return, something got's to give.

'venting' does not mean being rude.

Rick, Jamie- are the Lakers (Odom and Gasol) 'tired' because we have played too many minutes and we can't push ourselves any more? Or are they 'tired' because they know they can't play *&@#s to the wall for 45 mpg for every game between now and the playoffs, and it is costing them a psychological edge in a league where everybody is a professional and the slightest weakness can cost you a close game?

Beats me. But I'm gonna go out on a limb and say we need another C. And I think there is gonna be some pressure on the front office from some people (Kobe and Phil and Pau, if nobody else) to get one. I'm not going to put my flawless GM record on the line by going on the record willy nilly, but we can win the finals this year. If you aren't going to play your rookies, and Sasha won't bring you any help, well, beats me.

ur right fisher need to step down let blake to start..start playing sasha..we see this one last yr that fisher cant guard opposing point guard anymore...thats why mitch think 100 times if he will sign fisher..if not kobe and pj im sure his not lakers anymore..

Fire Jerry Buss? I'm not sure if you were kidding, but if you aren't, that was easily the most moronic statement i've read on the blog this year, and we've had like 8 million posts from ouchhhhh.

Anyone with Christmas day game tixs, You may want to makes some change and unload them. Enjoy the day with the family, this team will not show up.

i hated that game and the team certainly has issues right now, but i'm not ready to give up on them yet...

The team is too old to win playing individual ball outside the triangle.

HATER- You had your chance to change your name. You said you wanted to fit in with the blog. You had your chance.

**** away, Troll. I'm through with you.




I wish Championships weren't decided in December.

Utah loss - no problem the Jazz are alway tough at home.

Indy loss - just one of those days. Can't win shooting 38%.

Memphis loss - Conley just had a career day. It happens.

Houston loss - question.

Okay this is the first loss that got my blood boiling a little. Pau must be hurting. There's no way he can play that lifeless, right? Kobe and Fish fouling 3pt shooters with the game on the line. Kobe and Fish giving away the nice double digit cushion right before halftime.

Okay I just had to vent a little. Just a hiccup in the road. Carry on!


The Sky is Falling!
The Sky is Falling!

Hey Chicken Littles, this is the best thng that could happen to this team.

Flat-Footed D & Stonehenge Offense, but still winning games early in the season, leads to the complacency we're experiencing.

You've heard the football saying "On Any Given Sunday", well with the NBA it's "On Any Given Night, Any Team Can Win in the NBA!"

Now, add to that that every team from 2 to 30 wants a piece of the NBA Back-to-Back Champs ( Not to Mention the 2nd Winningist NBA Championship Franchise in History), and even undersized, injury depleted teams are going to bring it against the Lakers.

The media may have the Lakers flying under the radar, but all of these teams have placed a target on the backs of the Lakers. They are salivating for the tipoff each and every time they play the Lakers.

Flat-footed D & No Continuity on Offense Gives Each of these Sub-500 Teams a Window of Opportunity that Translates into 4 Straight Losses!

Good! Embarrassment Early for this Team will payoff dividends.

Tired or Not, They are Playing Down to the Opposition. Eating A little Humble Pie is good for the egos that believe they can turn it on and off as needed.

If I Were PJ, I Would Have "Los Losers" sweatshirts made up for the entire team and make it mandatory attire at each practice for every losing streak of 2 or more games...

Go Lakers! Right the Ship!

Posted by: The Triangulator | December 01, 2010 at 10:10 PM

dear phred phredington,

as a member of the Lakers LA Times Blog Family i am starting to be concerned about your well being.

i know that u r living ALONE, SOMEWHERE in the middle of NOWHERE

i'm not sure if it's available in your neighborHOOD, but there is a new "Lakers Mood Check Swab". it gives u an answer in like 5 minutes


and if it is blue, i will recommend that you go back to posts for the past few days and please pay attention to posts written by: hobbitmage, pfunk36, LAKER TRUTH, yellow, VMan, Bay from LA and some others.

maybe it will CLEAR your confusion, propaganda and indoctrination infused by the "GLASS ALWAYS FULL team and supported by none other than MM.

i know that your place is not "on FORCLOSER" and we ALL hope that you get in a great place for the HOLLY DAY season



oh sorry,

nube tuber, or the Activator or "just another INDEX swish"

ps. if my 8 million PLUS hits keeps this blog running and lets you ENJOY the Lakers, i will expect a virtual polite, civil and note rude THANK YOU from MM and the LA Times team and advertisers.

Gassy had 8 points and 8 rebounds

(no double digits for the BEST BIG MAN in the NBA???????????)

he needs more 8



dear phrd phredington

did i mention that PHANTASY LEAGUE, your forte, does not apply to REAL NBA league.

wondering where is the problem?!

no, Lakers did not have Russell westbrook. they had Derek Fisher. Fisher, not related to the chess player.

waiting inmpatiently for the 5 things the Lakers take from the 109-99 loss to the Rockets.



way too many!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i will say it again fish is the problem,and kobe needto quit
covering up for will never get back to being a
good player.he cant guard anybody never could shot are lousy
cant make more than 5 asst again.

maybe the owner need to fire phil.because he dont know how
to utilize his player or motivate them

when fish is bench you will see a better laker team,might
as well let brown blake learn to be a point guard cant be any
worse than fish..i would love to play against a team that
had a pg like fish on it i will score over 20 points a game

lakers losing to below .5oo about we play above .500 or play off team are we gonna win?????ned to have team meeting i guess..i hope fish will talk but he talk about stepping down as a starter..evrytime his on the floor the opposing point guard stepping up.. i respect fish but since last yr point guard is the problem and coach agree on it...

Blake Griffin is special....He straight owned the Spurs last night.

This guy is dominant!



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