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Andrew Bynum goes through first full practice, reports 'no pain, no symptoms'

Bynum_400 Lakers center Andrew Bynum took part in 30 to 40 minutes of a full-court scrimmage and completed his first full practice since undergoing knee surgery in July, the latest step in a comeback that might finally be complete next week.

"No pain, no symptoms," he said Monday at the Lakers' training facility. "I just want to get a couple more practices in, keep working on timing and just come back."

Because of a glut of games and travel days this week, the Lakers won't practice again until Saturday in New York and then next Monday in Washington, D.C.

They play the Wizards a week from Tuesday, but neither Bynum nor the Lakers wanted to commit to a specific date for his first game since undergoing surgery to repair torn cartilage in his right knee.

He scrimmaged full-court five-on-five and even dunked a couple of times Monday, he said. The scrimmage was closed to the media.

"For me, it's like my first training camp," he said, smiling. "I'm excited. Everybody else is kind of like, ugh..."

Bynum says there is no swelling in the knee, though he wants to work on his "quick jumps," when he comes down after a rebound and has to jump back up again.

"That's the only thing I need to get completely back. The quickness is a little off," he said. "That's just going to come with timing, that's going to come with more work in the weight room."

Bynum, 23, averaged 15 points and 8.3 rebounds in 30.4 minutes a game last season.

"I think the surgery went well," he said. "I thank my doc for that. He said I would be OK and I am."

-- Mike Bresnahan

Photo: Andrew Bynum answers quesions courtside at Staples Center in June. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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If shaq gets a statue it should be in front of Burger King in honor of his famous double whooper combo with his signature nacho cheese fries. Now that was a great combo!

Great news!

The pieces are finally coming together...


ps: yellowfever, I think LBJ would have dibs on a Burger King statue, as it is the closest to a king he'll ever get...

@MM - I thought you were running errands today? Was that yesterday? My bad, mang, I had a sooper busy weekend. But it culminated in a good review for our latest show and a great band practice was worth it.

All Quiet on the Bynum Front. This is good news, pain free doesn't necessarily mean playing without thinking about it, though. When he's mentally uninhibited to play on the knee I am expecting him to be a solid contributor, especially on D. But any contributions he can make will just make the team that much better.

Great news on Drew! The tunnel is at the end of the light.

LMAO @ yellowfever...

GREAT update on the youngster AB...

Not only will he stabilize our team...I desperately need his production on my both my fantasy

Lakers Dynasty - The Next Generation...

#17 Coming Up!!!

Now we're talkin'! This is great news.

I love the 'ugh' comment.

Phil has to be beside himself over Pau's remarks to Rook2 (we need a nickname that sticks). Both rookies have the right attitude. I've enjoyed watching Character's play and his effort at the end of the last game was just what the coach ordered. He can control his fouls. That's something many rookies don't learn very quickly, as we've seen over the years. Ending the game as aggressively as he did without picking up his 6th was excellent progress.

So, does this make Character first off the bench in rotation once Bynum's back? I don't know if his minutes will diminish much until Theo's healthy enough to return.

Caracter had one good game, and it was against a listless DeMarcus Cousins who looked half-statue, half-zombie. Let's not get carried away. Caracter and Ebanks have the potential to be more, but for the time being, they are injury fill-ins. Nothing more.

Caracter played very well last game but I'm going to wait to see him have a performance like that against an opponent that hadn't mentally checked out of the game. Cousins was frustrated with early foul calls and simply stopped trying on either side of the floor.

While I'm with Bynum that he should get a couple more practices in before playing... let me remind of another thing....

The Lakers next 2 games are against the Wizards and the Clippers. That is practice. Someone should advise Phil and remind him of that and remind Bynum of that. If the kids is feeling good, lets get him on the floor for those "practice" games.


Are you running one of those money booths where I smear honey all over my body and run around in the windy money machine? FUN!

Let's face it. Bynum's a slow healer and he knows it. Given the recent Greg Oden situation, I am sure that Andrew wants to be completely confident that he can give it his all without any worries the first time he steps on the court in a real game. Realistically this is NOT the playoffs and the main concern we have as fans is that Gasol's hamstring doesn't worsen. Pau's bigger minutes this early in the season are not going to effect his strength in April, May or June; the concern is more of a short term concern regarding his hamstring.

If this was the playoffs, Bynum would have been out there weeks ago. I concur 100% with the patient approach that has been taken by both Andrew and the Lakers, which includes the decision to have surgery on July 18th (which unfortunately got pushed back a whoop-dee-doo 10 days) and the decision not to set specific deadlines. Some fans are critical of Bynum for that and others are okay with it. Go ahead and hit me and whomever else with your criticisms of Bynum and your frustrations with him, but it is what it is and I am thankful that everything seems to be headed in the right direction. THAT direction, by the way, is a three-peat!

I want this kid HEALTHY and I don't want him back a minute before HE is ready. Period.

1-2-3 RING! #17 coming up STRONG!!

Hopefully Bynum can get through the season without anymore vaginal tears, let us pray.

Speaking of statues and zombies...

I thought Andrew Bynum WAS a statue. Seems like he's always just standing there in the same place, not moving.


Andrew Bynum comeback is unstoppable!

Good news. At last.

What do we play for? RINGS!!!

Lakers Today... Lakers Tomorrow... Lakers Forever.


Good news about Bynum, hope he plays a few minutes soon. Let him work on his timing and such against the Wizards and Clips so he's up to speed by Xmas. The Heat have won 4 in a row, are they finally beginning to come together? I know it's just one more out of 82 but would hate to see the Heat spoil our Xmas.

I noticed in Bresnahans article about the rooks he said that though Caracter is listed at 6', 9" he is actually more like 6', 7".

Is that just too small for an inside guy?
Are there any other good inside players at that size?

Is that just too small for an inside guy?
Are there any other good inside players at that size?

Posted by: Art - FL Laker Fan | December 06, 2010 at 02:42 PM

Millsap, Blair, Chuck Hayes (if you want to call him good), Chuck Smith. They can be effective, but the Lakers have never really liked these kind of players. They prefer length.

I'm with 888, Drew needs to be mentally ready for his return. Probably at this point of his rehab it's as much mental as physical in terms of building up some endurance. The Lakers have been floundering and should have buried some of these opponents early in the game earning them rest.

Speaking of which puddle, I'm sure you'll agree, those minutes that Caracter gave us were a godsend as far as them giving the bigs rest...

- - -

Caracter vs Cousins: Both came into the draft as big-men with 'problem' attitudes and both seemed to have a lot of untapped talent.

Look at the differences though. DC has quietly come in and done whatever asked with a smile, waited his turn and not griped.

Cousins has already had a number of clashes with coaches, gotten thrown out of practice and his teammates have complained about his poor attitude. Especially compared to last years lottery pick Tyreke Evans, it makes him looks even worse.

I think that illustrates the Lakers franchise & coaching staff compared to others. Not that the Lakers haven't had their problem attitude players (Cook and Smush come to mind of late) but look just look at the difference. I wonder if the Kings would want to trade their #5 pick to the Lakers for their #58 pick right now?


Gangstaslapped: I'm guessing you meant virginal tears. Actually hoping as much as guessing...


Yep I smell lots of swagger coming back to Lakerland when Drew returns. Calling all NBA teams you have three weeks left to get physical with the Lakers, drive the lane at will and have nice comfortable games. Enjoy while you can.

There's nothing like the smell of trolls... They come out of the woodwork all season long, and then they disappear quietly to that dark place once the trophy is handed, once again, to the Lakers.

For now, enjoy it while you can, trolls.

Great news on Bynum. Slow and steady, Socks. We need you healthy in April.

Go Lake Show!

Nice to have some good news from Drew; I hope it keeps up and he comes back strong and stays healthy for years to come (knock on wood), and that Pau's hammy is good too (knock on wood). Nevertheless...

...we still need to play better D! I've seen the Lakers play sucky D with Drew in AND out (there's a lot Drew CAN'T do on D, like his pick and roll movement, etc.) and we still need to get our heads right (Queens or not). Running the O better will help that as well.

It's going to take some acclimating even if Andrew comes back at full strength, and it'll be a ramp-up period where we're readjusting on the fly.

Still, the more the merrier.

And coming off the last few subjects and the women of the 80's, I had to throw one last one in because I know some many ways to be wicked:

@63 Footer – Hmmm…I think we’ve got one clue to unveil your anonymity. Note to detective. Check files for those that once dated Ms. Deb Harry.

Meant to comment on what you said about Dirk earlier. I give Dirk kudos for his Alpha dog impersonation when Dallas knocked out the defending champion Spurs in 06. Unfortunately he couldn't finish the deal and was locked up by the Heat in the finals. He hasn't been the same in the playoffs since and was downright embarrassing in that 07 implosion vs. GS.

@mclyne – Only thing I can say about that Janet video is WOW. Son of a Preacher…. great song! The whole soundtrack was good. You were on a roll with all the Prince women…Shelia E, Sheena Easton.

@DBDH – good call on Ms. Matthews aka Vanity. You’re right that was a classic line by Ordell. My favorite line was.. “ Lewis you used to be beautiful, what happened to you?”

LRob - dating Ms. Harry... I wish! Though I did see a great gig with Blondie where Rockpile opened for them.

And I agree about your call on Dirk never quite being the same after the loss to the Heat. The whole organization was never the same, very gun-shy in the clutch since then.

And for everyone who picked a Prince "associate" - there was never any crush on my part, just pure unadulterated lust. That guy could pick 'em.

Praise God for healing...but I still would like to see Dr. Buss roll the luxury tax dice for another big. Just in case...

I agree, 63. There is going to be an adjustment- I just hope everyone is focused and ready to play D from here on out, even before Bynum comes back.

I too have one more:


"I think that illustrates the Lakers franchise & coaching staff compared to others. Not that the Lakers haven't had their problem attitude players (Cook and Smush come to mind of late) but look just look at the difference. I wonder if the Kings would want to trade their #5 pick to the Lakers for their #58 pick right now?"

THE DRAFT PICK must have something to do as well, #5 pick BIG BODY with polished offensive skills in the draft will always have an attitude and number #58 nobody will always have a chip in his shoulder.

Cousins was starter from game 1 for the Kings. Caracter was not even in uniform, listed as DNP. You have to teach them to walk before they can run or they will keep falling. PJ, basically is doing it with Caracter, teaching him how to walk. Cousins started running before he can walk in an NBA game.

Unless you are Blake Griffin, Lebron James or Derrick Rose you can.

@LRob - Howard Jones contribution was no way comparing him to George Michael...I was just trying to match your song...

OK my last 3 submissions on the 80s Crush...then that's it...all we are proving is what perverts we were at that age...or maybe some still are...lmao

I've thought the Mav's should have always played Dirk at the 3, putting him on the floor alongside a center and PF. He is a liability on defense, and the Mav's have always been killed by teams with interior size.

Notice how the teams with these types of perimeter-playing big-men that have played them at center/PF have generally struggled. Look at T'wolves with KG, Raptors with Bosh, Dirk and the Mav's. None of them had interior presence.

Now, look at the OKC Thunder and Durant for instance. They don't have interior presence of note, but they get by playing KD at SF & SG. They can play their marginal bigs (Cristic and Ibaka - who actually is a pretty nice prospect) alongside a more pure forward in Jeff Green, and have KD on the floor too.

I still would have jumped on the Nash/Nowtitzki for Shaq sign-and-trade had that one really been offered, but things have worked out OK since then... =)


Carcater is a legit size at PF. The good thing about DC is when needed he can play the C because of his strength. But his natural position at PF he is defitely not undersized.

Caracter can play against most starting PF and more so against back up PF.

DC against starters:

Millsap Utah.
Blair Spurs
Harrington Nuggets
Griffin Clippers
Love Wolves
Lee Warriors
West, Hornets
Green OKC
Scola Rockets
Landry Kings

Only Aldridge and Dirk are pretty much above his height. But if you look at it all the starting PF's his size are playing well.

Caracter will be a force to be reckoned with in the near future. Once he learns the little things PJ is talking about.

Kyle: True. The Lakers are very fortunate to be in a position where they don't need to play their rooks, basically the Kings suck and need to play Cousins. I would think that any lottery pick should be able to come in and start in the NBA, especially since lousy teams with holes to fill are the teams they are coming to.

The guaranteed first-round pick dollars (especially a high lottery pick), the lack of respect for the organization, the focus that fans of a small-market team like Sac-town puts on their one pro franchise, the losing climate - all those things work against drafting a questionable-background guy - but Petrie is a smart guy and looks like he struck out with Cousins. Granted, it's still early, but...

Caracter seems to have been misunderstood in the past, I don't know about Cousins but it seems that his issues are more problematic ones...


Good news for Bynum. I hope he can go all the way to #17!!!

Now we need to really careful about Gasol's hammy. We dont want another step back at this point. Get another big man wouldn't be a bad idea either. See what Mitch can do before the trade deadline. Hope for another magic!!!

Do Not Call us Bumyn Bashers Trolls!

We only want the best for the Lakers and Bumyn doesn't seem to be it!!

The question is, as always, his health or what video game he is rehabbing with!

This is the Fourth Consecutive season Bynum has missed significant chunks with injuries. In January 2008 he dislocated his kneecap and was out for the season. The following season, he tore his medial collateral ligament but returned for the playoffs with limited success. Last season, a strained Achilles’ tendon sidelined him the last four weeks of the regular season and then he tore knee cartilage during the first round of the playoffs.

Bynum limped through the knee injury, helping (Generous term) the Lakers to their second consecutive title, but he is still recovering from surgery to stitch together the tear. (Typically, torn cartilage is removed, but Bynum had the more complicated surgery with the Hope against Hope it prolongs his career.)

It is easy to argue that Bynum is unlucky or just a Wus, two of the injuries coming when other players rolled under him and another when he tripped on a video game controller. But he is also an abnormally slow healer. He was expected to be back at the end of the 2008 regular season but never came close to returning for the playoffs. This season, after he went on Safari, he was expected to be back near the start, then for Thanksgiving. Now the target is sometime before Christmas, or maybe Easter!? Who Knows?

At some point, the Lakers' decision will come down to ONE question: Is the risk (and the money) worth the reward? I will not sign anyone because I cannot pay anymore Luxury Tax(Buss)! You would think we are The Sister's of the Sacred Mercy, begging on the streets for change!

The Lakers are not the only ones to face this question. The Portland Trail Blazers have with Greg Oden, the oft-injured former No. 1 pick whose contract they decided not to extend. Oden the Next Great Bynum!

Barney Fife Mitch and Video Game Bumyn holding us Hostage, Dump them or Trade them before it's too late,


Drew seems to have the mature attitude of a champion who is focused on the championship.

Drew's extended recuperation is important. He needs to be healed, and that takes time. He needs to be VERY STRONG to avoid injury. That takes time after healing.

We don't need him yet. Would love to have him, sure! But its all about June.

And giving the rooks a chance to play is a good thing. Remember they need to be able to play hard in practice against all those above them in the depth chart. They need to really feel those challenges of real games, so they can better dish it out during practice.

I for one am very glad the Lakers did not bother to sign someone to a week deal. Skip that distraction. Improve the team that will be there in the playoffs. I trust Dr. Buss.

Wow, what a difference two posts make...

Let's just say LO Fan > Mr. Laker


Mr. "Laker"

What would you do with Bynum if you were Lakers' management and why?

Almost forgot about Belinda Carlisle. Nobody has made dancing in a corner look so good!

staples24...I hope you are right about caracter.....someetimes I see him boxing out and he resembles adrian dantly....usings strength and leverage...

MVP888 ... i agree about the patience , we want health in the spring....I think drew looks real good so far....he might just explode onto the scene

kobe is looking like his lateral is finally arriving

lakers firing on all cylinders....look out now!!!!

Am I the only who thinks that after the 1st game in which great expectations and adrenalin will play a part...that the lakers will actually go through a period of adjustment in which they will not actually look very good. I believe the aforementioned sentiment is taken from the history lessons of the past. However, over the long run, Andrew Bynum's is a very good thing. In regards to Drew Character in comparison to Cousin's...let me put it this way. Character might be a minus five over all...Cousin is a +8 in ability..but his presence subtracts one point for every other member on his team...thus overall...he is about a -10. I think under the tutelage of Kobe, Fisher, Gasol, and now even a Blake..he will be an assest for many years to come. I hope he will actually change to a Power Forward postion

888: I really hope that his answer is better than the one KB Blitz gave a couple months back when asked, wanting to trade him for a 'healthy center and maybe also a point guard'

hmmm.... Rasho Nesterovic and Jerryd Bayless?


I for one am very glad the Lakers did not bother to sign someone to a week deal. Skip that distraction. Improve the team that will be there in the playoffs. I trust Dr. Buss.

Posted by: LO Fan | December 06, 2010 at 04:05 PM

In that regard, think about the fact that while everyone was making these mega deals at the trade deadline, the Lakers stood pat and were still standing at the end. In fact, the last trade deadline deal was when we acquired George McLoud from the Nets in 1997 for Joe Kleine and a #1 pick who turned out to be Anthony Parker.

This is a very deliberate, measured organization. Mitch Kupchak has taken his risks and his lumps and has evolved into one of the best GMs in the game. He has truly mastered his craft. He will tweak the team if need be, but will not press the panic buttons, especially this early in the season.

"@DBDH – good call on Ms. Matthews aka Vanity. You’re right that was a classic line by Ordell. My favorite line was.. “ Lewis you used to be beautiful, what happened to you?”"

Posted by: LRob


@ L Rob,

"Is she dead?"
"Pretty much..."


"Almost forgot about Belinda Carlisle. Nobody has made dancing in a corner look so good!"

@ mclyne,

Heaven WAS a place on Earth during the post Go-Go's years (and pre-Mrs. DBDH years, mind you)! Mad about you, Belinda? YES! YES!

What about Patti Smyth, sans Scandal. Goodbye to you? NEVER!



I would Trade Bumyn for this project, he will Anchor the Center spot for the Lakers at least the next twenty years!

At 14, 7-foot Satnam is India's and the Lakers NBA hope!

He is 7 feet tall, weighs a little over a 110 kg, and could well be the one who will make India play serious basketball. And he has time on his side. For Satnam Singh Bhamara is all of, hold your breath, 14.

The kid from a small Punjab village is making waves in the US for his potential. Spotted at a training programme for Indian students at the IMG Academy in Florida, Satnam is being talked about as a likely Bynum replacement.

Why not, Bumyn never (hardly) plays, we can wait for this guy, anyways were not signing anyone else because we Can't pay the Luxury Tax. We win or lose with or without the Video Game Addict! This teenager comes from a remote jungle village and has never played a video game. That is a Super Plus Plus in his favor, Oh yeah, and he has never been injured!!

Please trade Bumyn for this Future Hall of Famer, or else trade him for Yao Ming's Expiring Contract,


Mr. Laker just topped KB Blitz's trade scenario.

Let this go down in the Times blog annals:

Trade Andrew Bynum for Satnam Singh Bhamara. From a remote jungle village.


Mr. Laker? For today you are definitely Mr. Comedian, best laugh I've had in quite a while, thanks for that.

Oh me, oh my...........


By the way, I've heard of this prospect, much like I had heard of Gheorge Muresan or Manute Bol (god rest his soul)...

Lordy, lordy, lordy.........

Some good highlights of the rooks vs Sac. most of their footage is towards the end.

Lakers / Sac


He gets my vote for Mr. Comedian or Mr. Poser. ROFLMFAO!!

Is there any doubt that he should get the Friedman tomorrow? Or maybe THIS Friedman:

CyberCosmiX - actually, I know of a better trade with even more "possible" upside: Drew for the soon-to-be-cloned-once-the-US government-allows-it cross fertilization of the DNA of Wilt Chamberlain and an Alpine ibex, to be henceforth known as the Wibex, a seven foot one horned monstrosity that rebounds like crazy, dunks and finger rolls with authority, and can jump so high, it can block a Steve Kerr jumper at the very top of its arc.

That's the trade I wanna see.

888: So that's what Kinky does when he's not running for governor of Texas. lol

Wow, this blog is a howl at times, my goodness. I've gotta say though that answer right there was one of the all-time highlights (or lowlights). Wow is all I can think of. Just wow...

Andrew Bynum for a 14 year old Punjab boy from a remote jungle village......


sorry i posted the wrong link.

63 footer

While I confess to laughing so hard that I cried from your trade proposal, Mr. Laker's trade proposal made me laugh so hard that I shot vomit through my nostrils.

Nice try though!

888 - well blow your dang nose!

63: I think that your trade scenario would be more the more likely one. I wonder if it will be as surly as Wilt was, and how good it's off-court game would be. Now, it might be able to rebound and dunk like Wilt, but would it be able to bag 30k?

I know something, you probably just gave Mr. Laker his next acquisition target...


The best trade scenario is:

Andrew Bynum for a 100% healthy Bynumite...

I think that's what we did in the beginning of the season...

Looking for some Laker's Tickets?????
Check out the SAG Awards Auction for your chance to get some good deals on great seats!!!

Caracters problem is that he is too interested in offense. He needs to work on the little things, box out, rebound. The offense will come with time. He needs to copy from Blair.

@Jamie Sweet - That was yesterday. It's all good though

Well, that's encouraging news regarding Drew. HOPEFULLY, he'll have no setbacks and will go on to have a completely healthy, breakout season that so many LOYAL Ls fans have been waiting for...despite all the criticism from certain quarters.:-)


@LRob: Glad you enjoyed Julie Dexter, I had almost forgotten about her but, she's one of my favorite artists.I don't have time to post any musical selections right now coz it's quitin' time and I gotta go but, I'll post some tomorrow.


Let's go Ls...all the way to a 3-peat!!!!!

hope fisher will play hard tomorrow against young and energetic Wall...get early foul trouble fish so that u can limit ur min below 20mins...go lakers..lakers by 20points



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